News Break: Local & Breaking

News Break: Local & Breaking

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News Break: Local & Breaking App

Stay up-to-date on global and local news while saving time with the newly designed News Break app powered by Interest Engine®. Reading news on an old-school app like Yahoo, AOL, Google News? Stop app flipping and have your news tailored to you with News Break. News Break is the only news app that combines 10,000 trusted sources like CNN, NBC, Fox News and more to provide the best content as fast as possible! Follow news stories on your favorite topics with our artificial intelligence algorithm. Filter out millions of news articles & radio broadcasts daily to find stories that are most relevant and breaking to you. You are what you read, so be selective and read the news with News Break. NEWS BREAK FEATURES: Stay Informed - Never Miss Breaking News + News Break brings you the news on big events like the Election or local events. + Stay informed on world news, national news, local news, celebrity news and weather news. + You’ll always have today’s breaking news delivered directly to your phone. Stay Focused – News content tailored to your personal interests + Our artificial intelligence Interests Engine discovers the best news for you daily. + Select news about anything from gardening to cooking with News Break’s premium content. Local Weather & News – Know Ahead of Time + Up-to-date local news, weather reports and forecast for every city and town. + Find local restaurants, deals, shop openings and more ahead of time from one app. NEW: Radio – Listen to Your Favorite Stations & Broadcasts + Choose from over 80,000 local radio stations across the country + Listen to News, Talk Radio, Sports, Music & More! Video & Gif – Enjoy Watching More Content + Bored of just reading and want see what viral video is trending? Find it with News Break! + Checkout hot trending videos and watch a video for all your interests. Trusted Sources – Only the Best Content for Our Readers + We’ve reinvented the reading experience and give you content on topics you care about. + Patented news content discovery engine aggregates content from more than 10,000 trusted sources. Explore breaking news, viral videos and enjoy a reading experience fully customized to your interests! Subscribe to every niche interest you have and enjoy personalized news from News Break! Download today and stay informed on world and local news! APPLE WATCH FEATURES: + Get the latest local breaking news instantly on your watch screen. + Use to text-to-speech article and read it later from your iPhone. TODAY WIDGET FEATURES: + Get the latest nearby breaking news without unlocking the phone. CHANNEL SHOWCASE: + News Break works directly with high-profile media publishers to present to you our featured channels. + Home & Garden: Design, Decor & Shopping tips to make your home better. + Food & Recipes: Hand-picked high quality content from Pinterest, Allrecipes, Buzzfeed, New York Times(NYT). + Technology & Science: Geeky news everyday! Inspiring ideas and entrepreneurship stories from TechCrunch. Hacking news and gadgets from Engadget and trending software from cnet, wired and gizmodo. + Dealnews: Best deals from dealnews, slick deals, amazon, eBay and more Q&A: How do I make my reading experience more personalized? News Break is powered by IP protected Interest Engine®. Your reading experience is fully tailored to your personal interests. Just Search and Subscribe to start reading. Can I block certain publishers from showing up? You bet! You can always block websites or news sources that you don’t like. For every article, you can find the ‘minus’ sign on the bottom right corner. NOTE: If you are representing a publisher and want to show your articles to our fans. Please contact us: [email protected]

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News Break: Local & Breaking app reviews

  • so insensitive, i have never been more disgusted. 1/5

    By I am anonymous.
    In who’s mind was it ever okay to use the tragic death of a 17 year old, not even 8 weeks ago, to promote your freaking app? I am completely disgusted. There is nothing more horrible than using the picture of his car to promote your awful app. This is terrible.
  • Has some fake news 3/5

    By trafficstad
    For the most part , its like every other news app. Local stories are good and up to date. However there is fake news and articles from time to time.
  • Dark mode 4/5

    By bddawn3
    This app is great and all but if you are reading news at night, adding night mode is better so people that wants it can enjoy their time instead of their eyes burning.
  • False reporting! 1/5

    By bigmama82gabby
    Your app posted that local man has been charged with rape ! Even used his mugshot it is false !!! That is not right or fair!
  • Does not give local news 1/5

    By Zacs iPhone
    I live in Austin Tx and when I go to local news it gives me headlines that have the word Austin in it.
  • High Volume Ads First? 2/5

    By Itsameinvi
    No thanks. I like to check the news first thing in the morning. Cool app but I don’t need an ad with some goof ball screaming at me about some lame video game at 6 AM. I get you need to make money but sorry. I can’t hang with this. Had to delete app. Better luck next time.
  • How can I remove app from phone!!!!! 1/5

    By nynicknottaken
    How can I remove app from phone!!!!!
  • News is yours, NOT MINE 1/5

    By trumplady
    This is my second complaint. What is with all the “black news?” It’s nothing but crap about the hip hop, basketball crime ridden woman beating black men. STOP ✋ STOP 🛑Not interested and block features do NOT WORK !!!!! You’re sitting on your tailgate up there in California sending everything we do not wait on our newsfeed. Dirty Demo craps !!! App deleted 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
  • News Break is biased and racist 1/5

    By Try being honest NB
    Every time I like someone’s comment on NB when I go back to see if others have also liked the same thing I liked GUESS WHAT my like is GONE as if I never hit the like button. NB is a fraud! They push the lefts agenda only! This app is racist And biased! I will be deleting it as soon as some people have a chance to read my review. If you are a conservative test it out for yourself! See if doesn’t happen to you as well.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By -Avniel-
    This news service features articles from extreme sources. Be prepared for fringe reporting and by no means read the comments. The comments section is populated by trolls from both sides of the swamp.
  • Fake false news 1/5

    By Frostybluemusic
    I downloaded this app for the local news. I was checking out the national headlines. All were false, fake and not factual. Stating a celebrity was dead when actually they were not and on and on... more Republican biased alternate fact fake news. I deleted the app!
  • Not what I was hoping for 1/5

    By Radio Gals
    Was looking for news without a slant. This isn’t it.
  • Newbreak 1/5

    By md79l6678
    I got this app for local news. Since getting it I never read so much racist spewed hatred in my life on every article they post it’s ashame. I deleted it.
  • Some Real News, Some Fake News 2/5

    By AmberB from CT
    I used to really like this app. It gave me my local news as well as news from around the globe. Lately I have seen a lot of satire articles. Satire articles are spoof (fake news). Time to delete this app for spreading fake news
  • Potential but needs major editorial work 1/5

    By Bill1687
    App layout is great and functional but lacks ability to weed out the fake stuff. So much nonsense on here from crazy right wing sites just blended in with regular news. You can report the fake stuff but that obviously does nothing as long as the creator is getting ad revenue. You can block sources but they will reappear the next day, not to mention there are millions of fake news sites and this app lacks any type of filtering.
  • Perfect lunch 5/5

    By generoo
  • Accurate but late 2/5

    By Mykell-Ryan
    What the app does well: aggregate your local and national news sources in to one location. And, while a little odd, their layout is pretty simple to figure out. The catch: don’t expect to catch things as they happen, it usually takes several hours before breaking news shows up, meaning that you tend to trail events by about a day if this is your only news source.
  • love it 4/5

    By Mom1225
    love the has alot of local news but also some of them you click on and spam for amazon pops up and you cant read the article really annoying
  • Seems a little one sided on some reporting 2/5

    By Big daddy Glenn w
    Some of the reporting seems a little one sided on so issues. Other local reports are two or more days old.
  • Bad Ad Support 1/5

    By moonski
    I have the sound turned off on my phone yet every time this app runs it plays a loud ad. It has burned me twice. Definitely not worth the little bit of local news that I can get from apps that don’t play sound when my sound is off.
  • Explicit Images 1/5

    By mount2007
    Explicit Images came up on a story about the Seattle Seahawks. I’m very angry. What if my children opened this app and saw that...super disappointed.
  • Not for me. 2/5

    By Shadedleaf
    1. Very “gossipy” and sensationalistic. 2. They don’t seem to really know what ‘Local’ means. I get headlines for irrelevant events that occurred in other areas, some more than 50 miles away. 3. Biased. 4. Many HIGHLY questionable and/or inappropriate ads.
  • The Best News app 5/5

    By Donzxzxzxz12z
    I like the idea that it shows all the related news that I’m reading.
  • Better than Fox 1/5

    By Harold Glenn
    Great source for the fake news I crave. Even better than Fox!

    By KatherineRix
  • Fake 1/5

    By inhytg2
    I keep getting fooled into thinking all these news articles are factual! They are all fake! What’s the point, man? There’s even an add on here showing how “not pregnant” a pregnant woman can look.
  • Block doesn’t block 3/5

    By Bartr
    Blocking doesn’t work. This app continues to show me crap stories from sources I blocked.
  • Worst news app ever 1/5

    By posionYss
    Fake news app. If you like fake new then you will love this app. yesterday it said 50-Cent was shot. Almost implying that it was rapper 50 Cent. Who cares about a guy nicknamed 50-Cent?! Not me.
  • A day behind 1/5

    By stacy6637
    News reported is a day late. I already read all of these news stories yesterday.
  • Plenty of Click Bait. 😡 1/5

    By Randy Forbes
    50-Cent dies (yeah, not that 50 Cent) Trump rants (left) Barack rants (right) So on and so forth The only positive...local news was at least legit. Uninstalled the app.
  • Ridiculous app 1/5

    By 123FakeSt
    Don’t bother please. This says it’s local news, but it’s not. That doesn’t stop it from implying that the news happened in your town. Then when you go to read the article, you can’t. I just deleted it after telling everyone 50 Cent was shot and killed, something that isn’t true. I should have double checked, but didn’t so that’s on me. But I’d rather not have to research news myself after my news source presents it to see if it’s correct or not. Click bait 100%
  • The App 5/5

    By Clara Attlee1K
    Great app on a daily basis.
  • Love Newsbreak 5/5

    By Alva BillymW
    Ive been using this app for a few months now and I love it. Gives a wide range of news sources that are personalized to my interests.
  • Make a new feature 5/5

    By Sheila YaleCgbZ9H
    A new feature that we can combine two folders
  • Was the best 5/5

    By Hubery IV.uMGISY
    Ive been a Newsbreak evangelist from the beginning. I cannot tell you how many people Ive turned on to you. Im sad to say I can no longer. Good bye Newsbreak Im sorry it had to end. It was great while it lasted.
  • My first app review ever 5/5

    By Archer WallisiJ
    This is my first app review and for good reason. I have never felt so strongly about how awesome an app was until now. This app saves time entering urls and searching for relevant content you are interested in. It also exposes you to many great new sites/writers. The user experience is also incredible. Been using this for about an hour and Im already in love!!!
  • The best news app 5/5

    By Yedda RobbinszUaAry
    Its awesome, good things to read, and also it has some entertainment on it.
  • Best 5/5

    By Kelly OwenxpGSg8
    Works as advertised love my Newsbreak in the morning with my cup of favorite joe!!!!!
  • A delight 5/5

    By Roy BeckB
    The app is now the first place I go for news.
  • I love Newsbreak! 5/5

    By Mavis BrookG
    Newsbreak is fantastic...from the design, articles, broad interest topics & real time news updates.
  • Like a candy store 5/5

    By Poppy StoweN
    The vast amount of sources of information Newsbreak pulls from goes beyond my capabilities. I feel glutinous with articles; spilling out my mouth and all over my face.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Eleanore BessE
    Clean, easy to use. Content is engaging.
  • Wonderful News Curation 5/5

    By Gabrielle Flynnd
    This is the only news curation app I use and it is consistently updated with great new features. I recommend this to everyone!
  • Would give less stars if I could 1/5

    By WyoBeth
    Pop up ads are ferocious not worth the effort to read the news
  • Local news clutter 2/5

    By Rog1957
    Easy to use but local news feature is seriously flawed because it doesn’t distinguish between cities with the same name. I live in Columbus Ohio but the local news tab includes Columbus Georgia and Columbus Indiana. Local news is therefore useless
  • Need some improvements... 5/5

    By Hyman HartetDWTLf
    This is the Best rss reader! But, a Mark or other way to show if a article already ready is welcome!
  • Best news app for great magicians young and old alike 5/5

    By Albert Brightdr
    The best to keep yourself buddy any updated with current events and tasty recipes
  • Love it 5/5

    By Bess Sapirny
    Love the app..pretty much addicted to it. Just wish it would better mix the topics i choose to follow and feed them to me.
  • Good 5/5

    By Steven DupontJHnsGO
    Best news app

News Break: Local & Breaking app comments

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