News Break: Local & Breaking

News Break: Local & Breaking

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  • Current Version: 3.0.6
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  • Developer: Particle Media Inc.
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News Break: Local & Breaking App

Stay up-to-date on global and local news while saving time with the newly designed News Break app powered by Interest Engine®. Reading news on an old-school app like Yahoo, AOL, Google News? Stop app flipping and have your news tailored to you with News Break. News Break is the only news app that combines 10,000 trusted sources like CNN, NBC, Fox News and more to provide the best content as fast as possible! Follow news stories on your favorite topics with our artificial intelligence algorithm. Filter out millions of news articles & radio broadcasts daily to find stories that are most relevant and breaking to you. You are what you read, so be selective and read the news with News Break. NEWS BREAK FEATURES: Stay Informed - Never Miss Breaking News + News Break brings you the news on big events like the Election or local events. + Stay informed on world news, national news, local news, celebrity news and weather news. + You’ll always have today’s breaking news delivered directly to your phone. Stay Focused – News content tailored to your personal interests + Our artificial intelligence Interests Engine discovers the best news for you daily. + Select news about anything from gardening to cooking with News Break’s premium content. Local Weather & News – Know Ahead of Time + Up-to-date local news, weather reports and forecast for every city and town. + Find local restaurants, deals, shop openings and more ahead of time from one app. NEW: Radio – Listen to Your Favorite Stations & Broadcasts + Choose from over 80,000 local radio stations across the country + Listen to News, Talk Radio, Sports, Music & More! Video & Gif – Enjoy Watching More Content + Bored of just reading and want see what viral video is trending? Find it with News Break! + Checkout hot trending videos and watch a video for all your interests. Trusted Sources – Only the Best Content for Our Readers + We’ve reinvented the reading experience and give you content on topics you care about. + Patented news content discovery engine aggregates content from more than 10,000 trusted sources. Explore breaking news, viral videos and enjoy a reading experience fully customized to your interests! Subscribe to every niche interest you have and enjoy personalized news from News Break! Download today and stay informed on world and local news! APPLE WATCH FEATURES: + Get the latest local breaking news instantly on your watch screen. + Use to text-to-speech article and read it later from your iPhone. TODAY WIDGET FEATURES: + Get the latest nearby breaking news without unlocking the phone. CHANNEL SHOWCASE: + News Break works directly with high-profile media publishers to present to you our featured channels. + Home & Garden: Design, Decor & Shopping tips to make your home better. + Food & Recipes: Hand-picked high quality content from Pinterest, Allrecipes, Buzzfeed, New York Times(NYT). + Technology & Science: Geeky news everyday! Inspiring ideas and entrepreneurship stories from TechCrunch. Hacking news and gadgets from Engadget and trending software from cnet, wired and gizmodo. + Dealnews: Best deals from dealnews, slick deals, amazon, eBay and more Q&A: How do I make my reading experience more personalized? News Break is powered by IP protected Interest Engine®. Your reading experience is fully tailored to your personal interests. Just Search and Subscribe to start reading. Can I block certain publishers from showing up? You bet! You can always block websites or news sources that you don’t like. For every article, you can find the ‘minus’ sign on the bottom right corner. NOTE: If you are representing a publisher and want to show your articles to our fans. Please contact us: [email protected]

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News Break: Local & Breaking app reviews

  • Ads are really an irritating thing to see 2/5

    By Side ways
    Blows my mind that they push ads about stuff and people retaliate by not buying the junk, at least that’s the way I push back besides I’m broke anyways! Ya gotta feel sorry for the sponsors Hahahahahhaha!!!! Suckers!
  • I just deleted this app 1/5

    By Picture Elegance
    News Break was once a really good informative application. Now, the app designers have decided to allow the app to be overrun by advertisements. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the developer needs to make money; however, the ads now overtake the app upon opening it, what a shame. I’ve moved on to the Breaking News app instead.
  • Problem with finding local news 1/5

    By dwduck49
    It works fine on my iPhone but not iPad!
  • Running 4/5

    By Mariokris
    So your app is going crazy you try to read a story and it flips to the bottom after a a couple of minutes
  • needs ipad app 3/5

    By DudeSuperior
    needs ipad app
  • Local News is good 3/5

    By Hanz76
    Good for local news updates but other then that they seem to take a hard left. Not that I agree or disagree but don’t need it from this app. If that’s what I wanted I’d download CNN
  • Fake reviews 1/5

    By Oisact
    I've never seen an app with so many fake reviews that are copy / pastes of each other. 1 star to help offset the fake reviews a little.
  • Ok but could be better 2/5

    By Liz1109
    The good, the app uses local news sources such as local papers. The bad, one of the newspapers will only let you read the full story if you subscribe. A majority of users like to read the full story not a few lines under the picture.
  • I just want to read the articles.... 1/5

    By Hope3683
    I am so disappointed in this app. The majority of the news articles that it shows me I can not read without a subscription! I understand that the app may not have control over how the local papers do business but do not include them in your local news. I live right between Flint MI and Lansing MI so both cities are of interest to me. Both cities’ papers are accessible but the small town Arguss Press will only allow me to read three sentences before it takes me to a page to pay $99 for an online subscription!!!!!! Stop showing me these stories!!!
  • Landscape? 3/5

    By Trinity 3810
    Great news app but there are a lot of us with iPads that would like to view in landscape. Can this App be updated to add this feature?
  • Rating News App 1/5

    By RFigved
    Stories are often incomplete! I feel like I’m not getting the whole story and am ready to delete this app. Totally disappointed.
  • Timing 1/5

    By pegandhar
    It would be nice to know when this was posted ie: “posted 2 hours ago” We can’t gauge accidents and clean up times if we don’t know when. Thanks
  • Great idea 1/5

    By roughridertampa
    Have biased reporters write stories and call it news! I guess that why they call it “Fake News”.
  • Nice in some ways 2/5

    By srlaudio
    I like getting the local stories but when I get the national news it is all negative Trump. I must tell you that I am one of the deplorables so I do not like this one sided aspect of the news. I am considering deleting it if this trend continues.
  • Please 5/5

    By juniorguzman123
    Necesito esté programa en español
  • Was My Go To 1/5

    By obama's#1fan
    Loved this app until it directed me to a racist article about the Jasmine Barnes situation. Deleted
  • Interesting concept but overly aggressive notifications 3/5

    By m0nsoon
    I like the hyper local news that this app provides. However, I disabled notifications and now I am getting bombarded on every article and app screen to re-enable notifications. It is too aggressive and off-putting. The developers should rethink their engagement tactics.
  • Too Many of The Same Stores In One Day 2/5

    By Beckyy2
    Although it is suppose to be current news, I noticed sometime I’ve heard about the news on TV two days before News Alerts puts it out. Regarding the news about the shooting in (Torrance, California) on Sunday, the news was repeated on News Alert eight times (the same story one after another; basically). Don’t know why you have to repeat the story from eight different sources on the same day.... ONCE IS ENOUGH. The story had already been TV.. This is a wasted news app if you’re going to repeat news over and over when we already know what happen days earlier.
  • Slander and lies 1/5

    By wickedwild87
    I give this app 0 starts!!! My family is being slandered on this app and they do not have the facts right about my sisters missing husband!! Where ever they get their information from they are not checking facts! And if they do not remove the report of Dan Teddy saying it’s false he is not missing then legal actions will be taken! When trying to find away to contact this company it shows no customer service information to contact them🤬😡
  • Deceptive ads 3/5

    By quiteaclown
    While the local news content is good, as you flip through you see a picture of Terry Bradshaw with a leading tag line that leads you to believe he is dead. Then you are taken to an ad or to a political entity. Is this a Russian troll as this is their strategy? Very poor monitoring
  • Wash brand new clothes b/4 wearing them 4/5

    By 999nevaumind
    I have never washed anything that I bought in a store b/4 wearing it, & nothing ever happened 2 me.
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By HarrySatchel
    When 98% of the national content is biased against one side of an equation, I find it hard to stomach. It’s this type of reporting that convinces people that fake news is a reality. A good news report should tell the FACTS and leave the reader informed without showing a bias. This service failed to deliver unbiased information.
  • Upset 1/5

    By candypop12
    After I write some thing that some people not going like are love u delete my comment u all can go to hell 😡😡😡😡😡
  • Liberal bias everywhere.. isn’t there a fair news app out there?? 1/5

    By indyiceman
    Always left sources... I guess balance has left the media everywhere
  • Has potential, but news is stale 3/5

    By GetteJones
    Breaking news is not 16 hours old, especially if it’s weather-related. Sorry.
  • Fake News 1/5

    By LotusOH
    Hard left leaning liberal bias news. The first time I launched the app, the first 3 reports were bashing Trump. He’s YOUR President - time to get over it and report balanced news. App deleted.
  • No iPad App 1/5

    By scubaturtlej
    No iPad app. Only made for iPhone.
  • News are OLD 1/5

    By Alberttexas79
    It would be nice if the news arrived as they happen or at least the same day. News alerts of things that happened 5 hours ago are OLD, much more are news that are 1 or 2 days OLD. I really liked the app, gave it a chance , but it’s off my phone now.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By digustedguy
    Another news site leaning to the left and anti Trump
  • Inappropriate Ads and No Way To Fix It 1/5

    By pkl4444
    I would like this app if I had some control over the ads that pop into my news feed.
  • They publish fake news 1/5

    By Dan3ab
    Be careful, if you fact check their sources they publish a lot of untrue articles.
  • Working great 4/5

    By Horsey6
    Love the app
  • News app 1/5

    By insaneutp
    This app promotes racism and the racist use it to vent on every story just sad.
  • Mine is obsessed with horoscopes 3/5

    By Spazyone
    Seriously, you supposedly can tell it you don’t like something and it will stop showing you that. Ha! Instead, it now, instead of small articles interspersed, not only headlines it at the top of my page twice as large as any other articles, I get pop up notifications on my phone! I sent feedback about it and never heard back and the problem continues. I wouldn’t leave this kind of feedback without contacting the devs first. I guess I’ll try reverse psychology on this insane app. Maybe that will work. I really want to like this app and keep it. It’s a good design and very useful. I love the local news and national news. I really like the more objective perspective. If they can fix this issue and the repeating articles it would be a favorite. I’m even going to hang in there a while hoping for a fix; but I will turn off notifications for now.
  • Fake News 1/5

    By TiredbullshitNws
    Why would u say bill o’rillys dead?
  • Wrong Melbourne! 2/5

    By BeatTheDevilOutOfIt
    I live in Melbourne FL and I know more about current events happening in Melbourne Australia than in my own backyard!
  • Ads galore 2/5

    By Raeriggs
    Way too many ads, every-time you move or click on the screen a new add pops up. Cant even be opened without an ad. Maybe if the ads made sense...but they really don’t.
  • Typical Biased Reporting 1/5

    By Rjv69
    Yet another overly biased op-ed type news aggregator.
  • Old , out of date news 2/5

    By lurnch
    Just pulls news from other sites. Several news stories are 2-3 weeks old. Not impressed.
  • Love It ! ! ! 5/5

    By Love It ! !
    Love It ! ! !
  • Video that was posted 5/5

    By cyamz100
    I’m a owner of one of the videos that was posted is there going to be a check cut to me for useing my video on this app
  • Stupid, late and petty 1/5

    By White non white
    News is old. It’s racist in general. It’s small in mindfulness and tact. It’s basically Jerry Springer as an app. Deleted it after two weeks.
  • Pretty Dang Neat 4/5

    By Sunshine 73
    I really like how it lets me know what all these crazy folks gets into when they think no one else is watchin.
  • Old news 1/5

    By Pete1132
    For some reason this app puts last years news near the top of the headlines. I don’t care to read an article from spring in December, thanks.
  • Update 1/5

    By momcurl
    Since I did your update the news feed opens up but disappears immediately and I can’t read the stories it was fine until the update this morning 12/8/18
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Kelcoppage
    I love this app but it is now consistently crashing every single time it boots up. I have the latest update as well so I’m hoping it’s just a bug. I tried to give feedback as well but that’s not working either
  • Listen 4/5

    By MET-II
    Just listen to all these right wing nutball hypocrites writing reviews, complaining about this app’s supposed liberal media bias. No one is bigger in the bias department than republicans. Fox News is the worst. But otherwise, I find that my app continues to shutdown after I open it. After a mere two or three seconds. I am attempting deletion and reinstallation.
  • False information 1/5

    By Brad D Nolan
    This app give you false information for you or you live it wanted to give you what’s going on for hundred miles away Nobody provides support but they continued to give you false information Especially since there’s no support
  • My rating 2/5

    By Samantha16
    I like the local portion of this app a lot. I hate the national news because it’s pushing a far right agenda and I don’t appreciate any kind of agenda pushing in my news! Give me the facts I am intelligent enough to form my own opinions!

News Break: Local & Breaking app comments

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