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Newsmax TV is a “news powerhouse” -- says Forbes. It is America’s new cable news channel in 70 million homes – now FREE via your iPhone app. No fees, and no paywall -- get breaking news in politics, world events, finance and health. Watch Newsmax TV 24/7 live from our studios in New York, Washington, and around the globe. See hit shows with Greg Kelly, Sean Spicer, Chris Salcedo, Nancy Brinker and more! Watch Newsmax TV anytime, anywhere in the world! The app also includes easy access to, the popular news website Americans turn to for Real News for Real People.

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Newsmax TV & Web app reviews

  • Real news 5/5

    By Mer Young Money
    100% support from the young Latino south texas and Dallas base population
  • App needs work 4/5

    By TexanDoctor
    Please make the video feed so I can turn my phone in either direction and still see the image right side up. That’s annoying.
  • I don’t want ads in news flashes 1/5

    By Next Action Hero
    Too often I’ll see a news flash push notification that isn’t news, but turns out to be an ad. If you want to have ads in your app, that’s fine. But don’t try to lure me into your app with something that I believe to be news. That is completely unacceptable. Also, iPhones and android phones now have dark mode. The blinding white app needs to get a dark mode.
  • Like that it’s free and accessible on TV 3/5

    By GranniesmithM
    Like that it’s free and accessible on TV. Although it does occasionally freeze. Usually watch in evenings 5 - 8 pm. Sean Spicer & Co? Why isn’t Lindsey’s name included in the title?……….
  • Love the site but App needs improvement 3/5

    By RonBaranski
    The app would be much better if the video would play full screen once iPhone is held horizontally. And when reading news on the app there is no way to just advance to next story. You have to go back then again click on “” then select the next article to read.
  • Good, but turn off notifications 3/5

    By Flucheaux
    Good for watching the Newsmax shows. But, notifications are useless. My biggest complaint is that the notifications don’t take you to the stories, and sometimes take you to ads. Don’t expect breaking news alerts.
  • Black screen 1/5

    By Virginia_N
    Downloaded app, blank black screen every time I click on app; can see nothing
  • Very Disappointed in this channel 3/5

    By Jan Ellen
    You showed the viewing of the GOP North Carolina State Convention on Saturday June 6,2021 but you DIDNOT keep it up for those of us who beyond our control, could not watch it at 7:00 p.m E.S.T. to watch it on another day ! So I guess Newsmax you have become the Rhino NEWS station too like the other ones. Shame Shame on YOU!
  • Great news 5/5

    By 620allpi
    I love newsmax especially at work, in car, where ever I go. All your star anchors Kelly , Al, Rob Schmidt, Greg all of them are informative. Keep it up
  • Speech 5/5

    By lapacka
    Love newsmax. I watch it all day long.,, was disappointed last night when trump ‘s speech got cut off. Only got to see 1/2 hour of it. What did I miss????? Linda Falk…..
  • ads kill the enjoyment 2/5

    By Treemancfg
    The content is great conservative news but at a price of aggravation due to ads. Push notifications are sent then you click to read the article in the notification but it’s not there? Could be a great app with some improvements
  • WTH? 3/5

    By chef Efraim
    The app needs major improvement before I use it regularly. I love conservative content. What I don't love is that the app will not continue to play while I do other things. If the Blaze, and the Apple podcast app will play the content I like to listen too while I do other necessary things on my phone, why the heck can't Newsmax?
  • Real news 5/5

    By titedofit
    Real news for real people.
  • Latest update fail 1/5

    By Nyancatisfun🐱
    Since the last update: audio from ads bleed over broadcast audio, even after skip. Ads lockup requiring app restart.
  • Sheep 1/5

    By Ferg1320
    Seriously NewsMax.. you’ve resorted to consumer fear tactics with savings and 401Ks to click-bait market Gold and Silver?!? Be ashamed. Consumer/citizens are looking for no nonsense news that we can trust. The covert, smoke and mirrors approach tactics with your subscribers is nauseating. Next.
  • Finally a place where the left can’t silence truth 5/5

    By AndytheAndyAndy
    The left has been silencing anyone brave enough to stand for truth and this app allows as a way to hear some common sense in an age of Communist News Network propaganda.
  • Deleted 1/5

    By Penninoe
    Need I say more than mistreatment of Mike Lindell. No backbone to stand up to lawsuit and what is right! Caved.
  • Newsmax is Deleted and Fired - Caved to Dominion Left 1/5

    By Annaluvs1D:)
    Newsmax you foolish company, I would give you zero stars.... You will find yourself on the wrong side of history by caving to Dominion on your lawsuit settlement and the radical left commie Dems. You are more fake news garbage like the MSM spitting out election lies and propaganda. Newmax made a deal with the devil and has evil vile $$ on its head by settling with Dominion. Move to CCP China who owns election cheating Dominion and you'll fit right in. I used to watch your app as an alternative to Fox News, but you made same mistakes as they did. Too bad...... Patriots say you are fired and deleted! Byeeeee!
  • Why the one star🤨 1/5

    By rjfdube
    I downloaded the Newsmax app and using for about two or three months I give it to one star because they still haven’t figured out how to take the play and pause button out of the middle of the screen once the video starts playing now I got ti watch Newsmax on my phone in the Compaq mode with a face of every commentator with a big pause button in their face
  • Nope 1/5

    By Patriot74737374
    No longer support this company! Folded to Dominion!
  • Cowards 1/5

    By Cj0813
    News max almost lost me at first when they insulted mike lindell. Now the have cowardly caved to dominion and settled their claim. Never watching this app again.
  • Shame on Newsmax 1/5

    By curlytopgal
    This news company caved to the left! Don’t trust anything they say. Stick with OAN and Gab. They’ve let the American people down!!!! Shame on them. I deleted them and will longer watch them or Fox News.
  • NewsMax Hypocrites! Boycott NewsMax! 1/5

    By jlamarca
    NewsMax’s censors on this app (through the use of “Insticator”) are out of control and NewsMax is NO BETTER than Twitter or CNN. The censoring is despicable and NewsMax’s refusal to fix it is equally reprehensible. The censoring makes NewsMax worse the Fox News and they’ve now joined the ranks of CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the fake news media. Until NewsMax decides stop feigning horror at the censorship by the fake news media, big tech, Twitter, etc. and STOPS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING, I’m done with these hypocrites. I’ve just deleted their app.
  • Joe Pinion is the best! 5/5

    By dlevens
    Newsmax please give Joe Pinion a featured listing when I click TV Shows. The only way to find his Saturday Agenda show is by search.
  • Newsmax 5/5

    By dancinghunter
    A breath of fresh air, real news station without an agenda. Even the opinion section strives for the truth and the reality of what is happening when most stations won’t even cover the story because it does not fit their agenda. It is great to hear what I have bean thinking, for example Americans are not racist, America is the melting pot, and has been sense the beginning.
  • Good content, app needs improving 5/5

    By FitzFitz33
    Definitely some growing pains but I’d consider revamping your app. I find it frustrating to use at times & the video freezes a lot of a call comes in or if you click out / back into the app. When reading the news, the back button at the top is typically to flip back from the article to the stream of articles but it takes you out of the news section completely.
  • Great news 5/5

    By ✋❤️🌞
    Good job guys, svk.
  • Awesome but NEEDS PICTURE IN PICTURE! 4/5

    By Lizsd619
    I love watching Newsmax. The only problem is i have to stay on the app. Can y’all do Picture in Picture improvement? Many of us would like to use our smartphone WHILE watching Newsmax. I would probably watch ALL DAY if I didn’t have to get out of the app each time I need to use my phone.
  • Needs serious help 3/5

    By Varinia B.
    Love this program but in the past week it does not work half the time. Tried to delete and reinstall nothing changed still doesn’t work most of the time, audio from ads play over the program that is being watched. Very disappointing because this and Oan are the only two that are even remotely close to real information.
  • Media Player Could Use upgrades 4/5

    By Tonitiger7
    It would be nice to have a fast forward or rewind. This app only allows videos in landscape mode. When you try to move forward or back, the Apple phone thinks you are trying to close the app and make it nearly impossible to go forward or backwards.
  • Update the App 2/5

    By chorobe
    As others have said, the app itself needs more development. It is just not as refined as other news apps. One thing I would really like to see is the ability to still listen to it even when the app is in the background. Also please do better in terms of advertisement audio being so much louder than the actual content.
  • YouTube censorship of your news feed 5/5

    By Redneck Bible thumper
    I and many others would love your news feed except for the fact that YouTube censor all your news casts. It’s disgusting and madding.
  • App Suddenly Disappears! 4/5

    By Frenchietoo
    After adding NM app to iPad 2 months ago & using it, I went in today to watch JBs first press conference, and it was GONE!??? Not sure if I should try downloading again...
  • Love Love Love NEWSMAX 5/5

    By TexPiano2
    Finally a new source I can trust. Great shows, Great hosts, journalist and reporters. True news.
  • Misleading Notifications 1/5

    By MeRichard
    Loved the content but deleted the app cause they send out news notifications but when you open them they want to know who your tv provider is and do they have “NewsMax”.
  • John Ganbino 5/5

    By Samola
    Newsmax is the only station I listen to. Excellent news!!!
  • If so meeting is newsworthy NewsMax does just that. 5/5

    By Eliana562
    Quoting Brian Tracy: he spoke about not to read newspapers from cover to cover on Sunday mornings back in the 1990’s...He mentioned that; “If it is newsworthy someone would keep you informed.” NewsMax does just that. We watch what fake news say, often they regurgitate the same words by the AP and later we find out it is fake news. I stopped watching CNN ON ELECTION Day 2008 and stopped watching Fox on Election Day 2020. Local news is only about the weather I am not going to feel offended and angry watching lies. May God open the eyes and ears of the population!
  • Best news apps out there 5/5

    By Yumataz
    App works good and you get real news not fake news the only thing is it needs To have where you can just play the audio so you don’t have to play the video all the time
  • Decent news app. 4/5

    By Spankinme
    I usually switch back, and forth between Newsmax, and Oann. This app does what it’s supposed to do. Don’t pay attention to the fake reviews here. Yes it’s more of a conservative news outlet, but it’s no different than what you get from leftist news outlets like cnn, and msdnc.
  • atta Boy NEWSMAX! 5/5

    By miss judyju
    Keep saying get the app...just got it and I am back on track. Just got my phones Loaded... so refreshing, love it-love you!! Miss Judy
  • Functionality is Poor 2/5

    By Paula's Shuffle
    They concept of having an “app on the go” for Newsmax sounds great in theory but the reality is that the app rarely works. It goes in and out and typically takes several minutes before the signal communicates with the app. This forces me to listen to FOX news in the car through my Sirius account. I hate FOX but have basically no other choice 75% of the time.
  • I Love This App! 5/5

    By Night Lion
    Not only do I love this App, but I love my Diamond and Silk! Check out their show on this Newsmax App. That is just one of the many incredible shows you will find here! Best of’s Free!
  • Great news site 5/5

    By jameshalmanII
    It is refreshing finding a news source that doesn’t hide news from the people and actually let’s people see what’s really happening in the world
  • Love Newsmax 5/5

    By We stand with Alex Jones
    After election I cut my cable fox’s news is a joke
  • Junk App That Fails To Work More Often Than It Works 1/5

    By OneOfTheThreWiseMen
    This app is a pitiful excuse for an app. The designers should be fired. This app rarely works for more than a minute or two before needing to be restarted. I’ve deleted it and re-installed it, to no good end. It’s just a garbage app—and hopefully just a sorry starting point that will eventually lead to a first class app. As it is today, it is virtually worthless and very frustrating. Not recommended. Very flakey and unstable.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By XTCBE
    I have to watch recorded shows. Unfortunately, the controls for fast forward or rewind only work on X2 even though X4 and X8 are offered. Also, there is no way to move a cursor to specific parts of the episode.
  • Ooops!! 1/5

    By johnbr100
    Just got the Newsmax app and listened to the first news report. This is so one sided and fake that I’m already done with it...... what a waste of time.
  • Rating 5/5

    By trixxx gold
    I especially want to congratulate Greg Kelly! I enjoy the way he delivers the current news items. Even if there’s a guest that spews the garbage that is the Democratic mantra, Greg retains his composure and is careful to make constructive comments! Thank you Newsmax for finally reporting the real news.
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By Anon2024
    Can’t argue with an app that you can download and have news is seconds. No account, no paywall. You don’t block screen recording. But can you please do me a favor? Add a 10-30sec fast forward and rewind button to your video player for past broadcasts. It’s a pain in the butt trying to fast forward through a video on. When you try too it switches apps with the way iOS is set up without a home button. Just a suggestion to the devs. Thanks again for a great free app!