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Newsroom - News worth sharing

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Newsroom - News worth sharing App

The news is our story. See live stories develop in politics, sports, business, and entertainment with breaking news alerts. Our made-for-mobile daily video series and trending topics help you stay on top of the day’s headlines. And since our app learns your interests based off the topics and issues you follow, you get the stories you care about most. Because what happens on the news happens to us all. Get the moments that matter on Newsroom. Features: - Broaden your perspective with news from the top publishers on the web - Yahoo, ABC News, NBC News, HuffPost, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, and CNN, among others. - Watch our new video series that cover the day’s headlines to make staying informed more fun than ever - Choose from hundreds of topics to get a personalized news feed full of the news you're interested in across US and World News; get new trends in finance, health, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and much more. - Check out the Trending tab to keep up-to-date on the most shared stories on the web. - Get personalized alerts to help you stay on top of the news and conversations that are relevant to you so you don't miss out. Tips: - Tap "Explore" to find the topics that align with your passions and interests. The more vibes you follow, the more tailored the app will become to your interests. - Browse your Newsroom to read all the news that's important to you and debate and discuss with a passionate community. - Don't forget to sign in using your Yahoo account to get the stories and conversations tailored to your interests. News, Politics, Sports, Finance, Health and much more! - Follow the latest US and World news, including the latest on the Trump presidency and all the news from Washington. - Go beyond the episodes on your favorite television shows, know what to see with the latest movies coverage and get the inside scoop on celebrity gossip. - Get the latest scores and news across the NFL, College Football, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, and more, from our award winning journalists. Have feedback to make our app even better? Visit our forum at


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Newsroom - News worth sharing app reviews

  • An Utter Joke 1/5

    By Langurss
    Laughable garbage from unhinged, no-talent lunatics. Produced by idiots for idiots. Please do America a favor go out of business. You’re cowards for deleting my legitimate criticism!
  • Unreliable - Lots of Right-Wing Propaganda 1/5

    By Dan from Diamond Bar
    This app is poorly curated. It constantly presents extreme right wing claptrap as if legitimate news sources. Not trustworthy at this point.
  • Not real news, leftist propaganda machine. 1/5

    By MountainMan51
    This is not a news app at all. This is strictly a propaganda machine for the globalist left wing and their agenda. All comments not in line with their views are immediately deleted, which is what you should do with this pathetic app.
  • Every article cut off on the right. 2/5

    By Ballroom Momma
    Just once I would like to read an article. Can’t because the right side of EVERY article is chopped off. Been this way for ages with no fix. Do you guys ever look at your own work?
  • Freezes and Sensors 1/5

    By ScottyT525
    I deleted this app after having it for the past 6 years. It freezes up when clicking on a news story. Yahoo will sensor my comments when using the exact phrase used in the articles headline.
  • Last update 1/5

    By Bigfoot LOw
    The last update turned this thing into a useless icon on my phone. Constant locking up when loading a story and you can’t get to the comment section at all. Officially dead in my book.
  • Biased news app 1/5

    By Rayper7
    I love reading news. Yahoo really has a hard stance on the side of “left”. That’s ok with me because I like reading articles from both sides, however yahoo doesn’t favor both sides, only one. It’s ridiculous how one sided it is. This app was a disappointment.
  • Let me pick my preferred news providers. 2/5

    By Sdealfitz
    I am so tired of nearly a third of my feed coming from Fox News. You must have me confused with some of the other folks here, who are complaining about the news slanting to the left. I just want my news to be actual news.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By The quickest NO
    Most biased fake news. Yahoo should be ashamed. When the globalists are arrested shortly and people find out what Obama and Hillary did to children Yahoo will not be able to hide. YAHOO IS DESPICABLE. Yahoo updated this app and every update gets less intuitive. Now it has a large picture based format which only allows one or two stories on the screen at a time. Endless scrolling through useless articles to find pertinent information. I know there are much better news apps out there. I'm looking now.
  • Can’t see articles detail 1/5

    By DBAMark
    On my iPhone I can’t open any articles and I can’t see responses. This started after the last app update yesterday.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Celtic Rey
    Had the old app on my iPad and couldn't get rid of the insistent "we can give you better weather if you turn on location services" I had that turned on and it would still come up. Deleted that old one and now this is the only app for Yahoo. What a terrible idea. Yahoo you don't know your customers at all. Goodbye to you! Update 1/4/18 now you are even worse! Pages are offset so can’t read all the way to the right side of screen and when you try to go back the story freezes forcing me to close out and erase app. What’s up with you?! Update 7/11/18 now you have frozen the whole site once I touch a story on the iPad the whole site just freezes! What a bunch of morons!
  • No longer works 2/5

    By Fixit928
    The app no longer works after the recent update. Freezes when stories are clicked on.
  • Frozen 1/5

    By pepper1311
    After update app is frozen. iOS 11.1
  • Try to stay consistent and make it work 2/5

    By Mozzyaz
    Your app is sucking more and more with every change you make. Now I have some articles that open the article above when I click on it. Can’t find a way to read the one I want. Learn to do some freakin QA. You know, basic development practices.
  • Very biased. Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Hsvsusbd
    If you enjoy actual non biased news then this is not the outlet for you. This app is very one sided and the, “journalist” if you can even call them that, are terrible. Most articles are opinion and not fact and often rely on a million tweets to fill in the blanks for poor reporting. Yahoo advertises a comment section but if you do not comment based on their agenda then it will most likely be deleted. Just a horrible media app.
  • Yahoo News 4/5

    By buzzroy48
    Good content Slow slide shows Enjoy the App
  • Just the news, please. 1/5

    By colbyhouse
    I used to enjoy getting news alerts on my phone letting me know any headline stories that may be happening at the moment, but every time I feel my phone buzz now with a news story, it’s another heavily slanted story slamming the president for every little thing he does. It’s obvious what your company’s political views are, and most of the stories I read are poorly written containing a disorganized format as if the writer is writing from pure emotion and anger to the point they can’t even think clearly, Let alone report the news. If this continues I’m probably going to have to remove the app from my phone and find a more unbiased news app that actually reports news stories. I have enough stress in my life without having a bunch of whiny, poorly written opinion stories popping up constantly on my phone. I used to enjoy using this app, and it’s a shame you’ve allowed your editors to turn your company into a far left propaganda machine.
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Bandon babe
    I enjoyed commenting on other comments but trump supporters kept flagging them. Now I cannot leave a reply. Very democratic. I have deleted this app.
  • Not very current 3/5

    By Bob in FL
    Yahoo seems slow to report the news in a timely manner. What’s up with that? Are you spending too much time rehashing your “sponsored” material? And why do certain puff pieces show up again months later? With all that’s going on in the world do we really need get Dear Abby or summer hair styles as every 5th story in the feed?
  • Ads are annoying! 1/5

    By gabrielortiz04
    I liked the app, but the ads that come up and interrupt your reading are annoying. I have to close the app just to get rid of the ads. Please fix!
  • I’m tired of this app already 1/5

    By ready for real news
    For like two days every time I click an article, it goes to the top news article. Even if I’m all the way to the bottom ones. This app has so many glitches. Not to mention, I can’t stand seeing so much pop culture bs; especially Kardashian bs. I don’t mind pop culture news, but it’s usually really dumb updates.
  • Won't open 1/5

    By Blind checking
    The yahoo news app won't open.
  • Don't waste your time! 1/5

    By Mgc107
    This app is so heavily weighted down with sponsored ads and redirects that it's virtually impossible to read a full article. It's full of fluff and click-bait. There are so many other news apps out there that are much more reliable and give you more control of your news feed. Don't waste your time!
  • Steven Gabel review 5/5

    By Steve Gabel
    Excellent way you do the news and people's reactions
  • Listen and don’t speak 1/5

    By Trujil
    This app supports the far left
  • Pravda 1/5

    By fairmindedcowboy
    Yahoo newsroom is a left wing uberSocialist rag. The bias is as thick as canned Rosetta Refries.
  • Swishing Sound 1/5

    By Tea~Tea
    The yahoo newsroom app makes a swishing noise when you access the stories. It just started happening and I went to the apple store to make sure seeing how only the yahoo newsroom app was making the noises. Yahoo should look into this because now I have to find a new news app.
  • Yahoo is the enemy 1/5

    By RandyHensley
    The US Military should start doing bombing runs on the offices of Yahoo-they are the enemy of the USA, just like Germany and Japan in the ‘40s, England in the late 1700s, and Cold War Soviet Union from the 50s-90s. They are the propaganda branch of ISIS. I wouldn’t be surprised if every yahoo employee undergoes terrorist training camp in the Middle East.
  • Needs Update 2/5

    By Markg_30
    Pictures don’t load and videos play automatically even though the setting has been turned off.
  • CLICK BAIT 1/5

    By Amagnotti
    At least half of their “news stories” are adverts or click bait. What an unpleasant experience yahoo has become.
  • Broken on iPhone X 2/5

    By terence_ip
    Cannot close the Reaction page because the close button X is all the way on the left-top corner ( right next to the left of notch).
  • Great for you libtards ... 1/5

    By PartyBargeCapt
    You might think it’s cool to bash Trump, it’s your thing. Your reporting is just what the libtards and moonbats like to read. Myself I try to focus on the good.
  • Biased liberal garbage 1/5

    By Ez03
    It’s maybe even worse than Buzzfeed these days. It’s so cringeworthy sometimes. I have the app because it gives me great pleasure to see the overwhelming majority of comments on their liberally biased “news” articles are witty and hilarious conservatives. 90% of the commenters are more informed than Yahoo writers.
  • Bourdain 1/5

    By joyjoyvibes
    I’m crying me an river. I loved this man , his show , his words - the poetry . It was the best ever. Hope there is lots of food in heaven, especially great bowls of noodles with meat. Dang Anthony, no, no , no ! Why? Peace to you my friend. Xxxxx
  • STOP the lying!!! 3/5

    By snugglesbare
    We do not need to hear liberal wacktards BS and certainly do not need any of the main stream media lies and BS either. State the TRUTH and the FACTS, proven facts and either support OUR President or don't say anything at all!!
  • Miss old yahoo news! 1/5

    By nwsmn
    This app constantly freezes, doesn’t show pictures that go with articles and is just terrible!
  • News not current 1/5

    Yahoo is NOT good for current news. The same articles are presented sometimes for a week with no change. If you want current news, go elsewhere.
  • There has to be fake four and five star ratings 1/5

    By thacrankstax
    This app is horrible, the news room makes you waste bandwidth by maki g you watch a slideshow of still pictures overlaid with text instead of a simple TEXT DOCUMENT it’s ludicrous to say the least. They waste MILLIONS of dollars worth of bandwidth to make crappy videos full of text that you read anyways it takes ten times as long to read the paragraph of text sentence by sentence. Yahoo under marissa mayer is going to fail. yahoo used to be the best place on the internet to find cool stories and had a community of us that commented and followed each other and now it’s trash . Yahoo is headed the way of MySpace , excite , aol , prodigy d o w n Into the sewer .
  • Still can’t figure out how to write a simple app. 1/5

    By Pappazippy
    The app consistently displays imported articles to the right. It cut off the right part of the article leaving one to guess what those missing words are. I have reviewed this a couple of times and yet they just don’t bother to do a simple change on how imported pages display. Doesn’t anyone who writes the apps even own an iPad? Obviously not because nothing have been done to fix the issue. But I have a fix. After I finish this review I’m deleting the app. To the advertisers: I ain’t buying your stuff. If you can’t get Yahoo to fix the issue, then I’m not bothering to buy your stuff. Too bad. Bye bye Yahoo, bye bye money for advertisers, bye bye bye.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By fsu123467633
    Get it together Yahoo! Impossible to find conversations. New headlines not current. Old ones stick around forever. Can’t find some posts. Tired of how bad it is and every update I hope and every update disappoints
  • GIFF's are out of focus. 3/5

    By CrAzY_77
    The GIFF's are still out of focus. Not all of them but most of them are. Also, my key sound when I type sounds weird. Some keystrokes sounds really loud, like there is something wrong with the app when you write a comment. It’s been like this for a long time now.
  • Horrible-Dint Download 2/5

    By Egospare
    The news on the app is updated so infrequently, that it’s a waste. Plus, you are forced to have an Yahoo account if you want to comment. Comments are vile and Yahoo should monitor them better. You will see articles that are “old news” and rarely up to date news. Yahoo news also promotes and highlights meaningless (aka Click Bait) articles. Don’t download.
  • Ludicrous “news” 1/5

    By Pzyklon
    Very biased and most articles are clickbait with no story or substance to them. Far from being a premier source of news that it once was, and I grew up on Yahoo News, but now along with the mainstream media, the standards are in the socialist drain. Anyone can write and no journalist can be better than the other. So goes the Marxist thinking. We are all equal!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Chrispy137890
    Quick source for some articles that allow comments. Go right to the comments if you want to know why our society is in the state that it currently is.
  • Love this app keeps me informed 5/5

    By adansauce
    The only one thing that I don’t like is that it’s not as balance with Conservative stories or articles.
  • Like the app 4/5

    By TopRated****
    Enjoying the new interface. Looks good, and the comments are off the chain :)
  • Great 4/5

    By Thebittarman
    Great app to find multiple news
  • "Disappointed" 2/5

    By tkreeder
    Every time I go to update it barely works at all. I'll get on the app for 10-20 seconds and then it will go fade to black. It didn't use to do that.
  • Haphazardly works 1/5

    By Touch driver
    Some news articles disallow comments altogether. Some articles appear to drop historical comments only to be re started with a clean slate of comments. Within the app my “Top Reactions” has not updated in many weeks. Who is running this show??
  • Used to be pretty good, not now 1/5

    By Crc1514
    Lots of simple articles are now displayed as slideshows with only one or two sentences per page. It eats data, plays music when I'm trying to be quiet, and takes 5 times longer to watch the slideshow than it would to just read it as a simple article. I've decided to ditch this app and find a new news app.

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