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NEWSWEEK packs a month’s worth of news, culture, and ideas into a weekly magazine. Our award-winning reporting and commentary from some of the world’s best writers give you an in-depth take on the week’s events, bringing high-quality journalism to millions of readers around the globe. Download and subscribe now: • 1-month subscription for $2.99 (automatically renewed until canceled) • 1-year subscription for $24.99 (automatically renewed until canceled with a 30-day FREE trial) • Single issues for $4.99 (non-subscription) SUBSCRIBERS: Download the Newsweek app, tap the icon on the top left and select "Account". Web subscribers can Sign In using their credentials. Subscribers via iTunes can restore their previous iTunes purchases by tapping "Restore iTunes Purchases". SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. CONTACT: To send us comments or suggestions, please use the contact page on our website: Privacy policy: Terms of use:

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  • Latest update is very flawed 1/5

    By Havenrock
    The latest update is flawed. If it actually opened, 2017 issues were displayed. I have tried opening this app several times. Only once did my 2019 issues display. But the app crashed immediately afterwards. Please fix this app and restore my previous issues. Thanks. Update. Now I cannot login. I have tried for several days.
  • Disappointed and frustrated 1/5

    By California wine lover
    This new app does not work for me. I have tried restarting my iPad, performing a forced restart and even deleting the app and downloading again. And yet I still cannot access any of the issues. Newsweek needs to fix this problem. Update: I have been using the Newsweek app update (6.0.1) for a few weeks. It still stinks. How can Newsweek say this is an update? It takes a long time for EACH page to load. In the past, an entire issue could be downloaded in the same amount of time it now takes to load one short article. I will not renew my subscription if this problem is not fixed.
  • You ruined a good app 1/5

    By RichBoulder
    The latest app (6.x) is terrible. How can you ship such a piece of junk? I read Newsweek almost 100% offline. With the new app, downloads are slow and unreliable and the offline viewing experience is poor. I keep getting flashes of white (are these supposed to be advertisements?). I never know if an issue has really downloaded and often get on an airplane and don’t have content. If you don’t fix this I will not renew.
  • Can’t login, deletes saved your saved issues 1/5

    By Beanfield77
    Version 6.0.1 is one big mess. The app loads, shows issues only from this year and appears only to allow access to individual story’s. No downloading of full issues. Login does not work, it can’t find the sever. Worst of all, it deletes any saved issues in your library. I would give a zero rating if you could.
  • Latest version doesn't work 1/5

    By Trannyfierce1
    The App doesn't work on my iPad Pro. It just says "Preparing Newsweek" indefinitely. I am completely unable to read a magazine I am still paying for!
  • Not working at all 1/5

    By fdm069
    6.0 release not working at all. 6.0.1 patch is not much better. Cannot download complete magazine any more. Each article loads separately, so nothing can be read offline. No access to table of contents. Subscriber for over 20 years, not any more. 5 years of electronic back issues gone. No response from Newsweek customer service, other than to tell me that if I bought it on the iTunes Store, it was Apple’s problem.
  • Still broken 1/5

    By cris0912
    Great! Latest update allows you to download the issues... PAGE BY PAGE! Fix this please!
  • Update made app not work 1/5

    By lcopes
    Just downloaded latest update and now I cannot get anything but a dark screen with circle labeled downloading update. I cannot get past this so my subscription is gone. I have tried deleting the app and download again but same thing happens. Please fix this immediately! I can’t justify giving any stars for an unusable app. I have been a subscriber for many years.
  • Doesn’t work, tech support won’t respond 1/5

    By trasum
    I have had a digital subscription for years, every so often, there’s a problem, usually when I just renew. My Newsweek app just keeps searching and won’t open. I contacted Apple, they said to contact tech support. I’ve written two different times and no one will respond. It’s been several days and the app still isn’t fixed. I can’t access my old issues. So Disappointed! What a rip off!
  • What happened 1/5

    By NiceMess
    I have had Newsweek functioning electronically since it stopped the print edition the first time. I suddenly wasn’t able to get any downloads, it couldn’t find the server. Support said to get the new app and try again. I did. I agree with Tomlo 222 who’s review I just read. The new app doesn’t work, it’s very slow, it loads every page. Not the kind of update I would expect and not the functionality that would keep me reading Newsweek after more than 30 years as a subscriber
  • App will not load 1/5

    By kirwin1999
    New update does not work, I have the same problem as others with each page loading separately taking forever, on my phone. I can not get anything to load on my iPad.
  • Login suddenly doesn’t work 1/5

    By Gizmo&Gremlin
    Since Saturday when I open the app on my iPad as well as iPhone, it’s says preparing Newsweek and a circle just keeps spinning. Is this going to be fixed. I’m paying trough iTunes for a magazine I can’t read.
  • Version 6.0 will not load on iPad 1/5

    By newsweek digital reader
    The new update does not launch on my iPad. It displays Preparing Newsweek indefinitely and the app never actually launches. A fix is urgently needed.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By A nickname to post a revoew?
    Updates the app and now it’s just a blank screen with the message preparing Newsweek. Great that we pay for a subscription we can no longer use.
  • No longer loads new or old magazines 1/5

    By RonUki1943
    The app loads then just sits and spins. Left it running for 20 min. Uninstalled it and reinstalled but did not help. Rebooting did not help. I hope you get a new update to fix it.. I’m using an iPad Air 9/7 still not working
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By Quizmaster152
    I can no longer access anything in the app after updating.
  • No longer downloads latest edition 1/5

    By Roholla
    Suddenly the app doesn’t download or open the latest edition. I just get a blank screen with a message about preparing Newsweek!
  • Version 6.0 is not working on iPad or iPhone. 1/5

    By PhillyScienceGuy
    I reported this to Newsweek support and got no response
  • Not working at all 1/5

    By globaltraveljunkie
    I had been reading the latest issue online and later in the day when I returned to continue reading I’m stuck in a loop that never resolves loading the magazine. I think I had installed a patch that day but now don’t see it listed among recent updates. I can’t get to the library or any issues. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but to no avail. Very unhappy.
  • New update has big problems. 1/5

    By Tomlo222
    My Newsweek app was just updated and has major problems. On my full sized iPad it does work but downloads each page separately (instead of downloading the entire magazine at once like it used to). So you have to wait for one page to very slowly download and when you go to the next page you have to wait again for it to very slowly download. Very painful to try and read taking much longer than before to read the entire magazine. On my iPad mini, it doesn’t even get to the main library. It just gets a spinning wheel saving that Newsweek is updating. Net result is it only works at all on 1/2 of my devices and way too slow to tolerate. Unfortunately I just renewed through iTunes and unless this gets fixed I won’t renew. Best that can be done would be given a choice to revert back to the last version that actually worked.
  • No Longer Opens 1/5

    By a5s3n0
    The words “Preparing Newsweek” is all I get on a black screen when I attempt to open this app—even after deleting the app from my iPad and reinstalling. A week or so ago I was able to use it. What’s happened? I’ve paid for the subscription and should be able to access it.
  • Stuck on 'preparing newsweek' 1/5

    By SailorAugust
    Just installed the update to v6.0. Mistake! The app now just shows a circle spinner and the words 'preparing newsweek'. It’s been doing that for 30 minutes. It’s stuck, with no sign of progress.
  • From worst to unusable 1/5

    By PochitNYC
    I can longer see Newsweek with the updated version. All issues don’t load. SHAME!!!!
  • Still needs some work but can get there 3/5

    By podmaster45
    The app still has no search functionality— Layout, look—all good
  • Rip off !! Do not buy 1/5

    By Leo MBA
    They changed the app and now I cannot get my issues. Customer service is unavailable. Really bad service!!! Terrible app!!! Total ripoff!!! I was robbed by a forunte 500 company, unbelievable!!
  • Paid for but won’t open or respond. 1/5

    By Belgravia on Delaware
    Subscription department has serious problem. Please fix it. Ted Todd
  • Can no longer login to my account 3/5

    By BAK0294
    Luckily I can still download issues that I paid for but the error message is misleading.
  • Login doesn't work 1/5

    By Zpeg
    I am experincing the same problem as gremlin
  • fix your app 1/5

    By I don't want a nickname jerks
    sometimes the library icon comes up sometimes not and then you get stuck in one magazine and have to erase the app and download again to get to the other editions. useless. fix it. someone there should be able to do it.
  • Need improvement 3/5

    By camichuba
    I always have a hard time to go back to my list. The bottom just doesn’t appear at all. So frustrating
  • Bug 1/5

    By 如你妈逼
    The 5-12 2018 issue can't go back to the library
  • Can’t get back to library 1/5

    By Stanigan13
    I like these articles a lot, but every time I finish an issue, I have to delete the app and redownload to get back to the library to see other issues. What’s up with that? Edit: Not only was this problem never resolved, but now I can’t access my account. Newsweek app requires a sign in with a username and password. It tells me this cannot be authenticated. I have reset my password, and it still doesn’t work. I am now paying for something I can’t use. Also, Newsweek has been completely unresponsive to this problem - it does not appear I will be able to use the app.
  • Excellent magazine delivery 5/5

    By Port of the Plains
    Th Newsweek app is working very well for me. I learned how o navigate it quickly.
  • Dumb & Dumber 1/5

    By mhpdfp
    Story on how Hillary could still be president was hilarious! Fortunately it is pure fiction, just read the constitution and see for yourself.
  • Issues on iPhone X 1/5

    By Jim Binder
    Real issues on iPhone X - can’t get back to library one a mag is selected. Have to delete the app and redone load to get back to library page
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By John cooperfhgfurfh
    Terrible app. Slow. Articles have typos. Uses up my data. Images won't load properly.
  • Very good 4/5

    By Babamowa
    This app works well for me but I haven't used it extensively. I just gave it four stars for that reason. It may well rate five.
  • Excellent app 1/5

    By ECPNJ
    No problems with the app, fast download and nice navigation of the magazine. Excellent magazine content as well.
  • Taken over by Fake News 1/5

    By Gw4k
    I used to respect this publication but since the recent presidential race, the quality has truly gone downhill. Everything is a hit piece which reflects the limited intelligence of the writers. Imagine if Americans actually believed this garbage.
  • Good but not Great 3/5

    By Elsenborn
    This app is good in that it is reliable and is a convenient way for me to read Newsweek. The reason I can't say that it is great is because you can't zoom in on photos or text. That makes it hard on my eyes and fatiguing to read.
  • Um, no thanks 3/5

    By Seeeker55
    Not sure why I would pay $4.99 per issue of a condensed Newsweek in tiny app form, when I can get all this news for free everywhere else. Apparently Newsweek is still clinging to the old world.
  • Worse app 1/5

    By HatesValet
    I've paid my subscription, I set up my account ID and password, and now they won't accept my ID/PW,. The PW reset feature doesn't work. I've done the reset process 20 times - they are supposed to send reset instructions to my email. They have not sent a single reset email. I haven't seen an app this bad in over 10 years.
  • Decent app with one major flaw 3/5

    By Nick Anderegg
    The "share" functionality of the app doesn't work even remotely correctly. If I want to share an article with someone, I have to go to the Newsweek website and find the link there. If I were able to share articles normally, this app would definitely have 5 stars
  • Crashes 1/5

    By FunkyViolin
    Locks up my phone consistently. So frustrating
  • Love the convenience 4/5

    By margaretcanty
    This is a great app! It navigates thru the pages very well. I love the convenience of having an app that really works! You can go back to previous copies-which is a bonus for me!
  • Great app for reliable news source 4/5

    By KDPeffley
    It took me just a short while to navigate this new Newsweek app and now I really like it. There are quick links from the table of contents to quickly take you to the articles you want to read. I've always enjoyed Newsweek as a reliable news source.
  • Writer 5/5

    By Joshfromalaska
    Excellent app. Convenient access to lots of important and insightful news.
  • Update doesn't work 1/5

    By Dallas Laux
    Since doing the update I now can not get my new issue
  • Great magazine 5/5

    By ReallyLucky
    Really love that I can read it on my phone. Good visuals.

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