Nexar - AI Dash cam

Nexar - AI Dash cam

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  • Current Version: 5.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nexar Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nexar - AI Dash cam App

Nexar is not your typical dash cam app. When paired with a compatible car camera, Nexar automatically starts and stops recording your drives. Videos are live-streamed to the app and important events, like hard brakes and accidents, are immediately saved to your phone and backed up to your private Nexar cloud, so you can access evidence from any device, at any time. When you join Nexar, you’re also joining a community of drivers who care about safety and the drivers’ community. The Nexar app is constantly being upgraded and we’re committed to building a service that will improve your driving experience and eventually save lives. HOW DO I GET A NEXAR-POWERED DASH CAM? You can order a dash cam right from the app or from --- FEATURES Records as you drive When paired to a compatible camera, Nexar starts recording automatically, whenever you start driving, and streams video to the app. The app works in the background so you can use other apps while driving. Detects dangerous incidents Nexar uses AI algorithms and sensors to automatically capture dangerous incidents like hard brakes, sharp turns, and fast accelerations. Provides instant evidence In case of an accident, the footage is automatically displayed on the Nexar app. Backs up to the cloud All driving incidents are automatically uploaded to your free and secure Nexar cloud account. 1-Click Report™ for insurance claims Create detailed summaries of driving incidents, including place, time, impact, and footage, to save you time, money and unnecessary stress. 360 Collision Detection Nexar’s machine learning algorithms identify (and prove) all types of collisions, even when they occur beyond the camera’s frame. View & share your videos After every drive, you'll be able to see its summary, including the route and any incident clips that were recorded. Share these clips and other data with friends, family, or your insurance provider, directly through the app. --- 6 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW Nexar saves what matters most. Your drives are saved to your phone based on available space. Dangerous incidents are automatically uploaded to your Nexar cloud, where they are never erased. Nexar lets you control how much storage the app uses. The dash cam connects to the app using its own WiFi signal. You’ll still be able to use your data plan. Nexar won’t drain your data plan. The app uses data only after an incident was detected, to backup important evidence to your Nexar cloud account. You can use Nexar to share your drives. Trim a driving clip and share it with your friends and family. You own your data. We never share any individual’s data unless they authorize it. --- 24/7 SUPPORT Need help? We're always here to assist. Reach us by email at [email protected] or by in-app chat. --- KEEP YOUR PHONE CHARGED Any app that uses GPS can deplete your phone battery faster, and Nexar is no different. That's why we recommend that you keep your phone charged while using Nexar - a charged phone is a happy phone! --- RIDESHARE PROTECT PROGRAM Nexar offers NY rideshare drivers a special subscription with premium features and an insurance discount with select NY insurance providers. Auto-renewable subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period, your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Your account will be charged at the cost of the subscription plan you chose: $8.99 - monthly plan $53.99 - 6 month plan $79.99 - 12 month plan (special offer - 20% OFF) You can cancel the auto-renew subscription at any time from your account settings on iTunes, but we won’t be able to issue refunds for any pay periods that have already been billed. Terms: Privacy:

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Nexar - AI Dash cam app reviews

  • Got you covered. 5/5

    By TMarks1894
    The Nexar camera is one of the best dash cams I’ve used to date. Starts and stops it’s self and much more. You won’t regret your purchase.
  • app Records even after engine is turned off 3/5

    By mshameemahmed
    Observed many times., nexar app on my iPhone 8 does not stop/end recording even after i turned off my car engine. It continues until i manually end the recording on app. This leads to shorten of my device battery., please fix..
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By aura6233
    Was extremely happy with this camera for a little over a month. After that the app starts randomly even when I’m sitting at home or work. The camera does not stay connected when I’m driving it freezes, glitches, and disconnects when I’m on the interstate even when my phone has full signal network connection. And of course non of these problems started till after the 30 day guarantee. The phone I use is an IPhone 8+ so I know it’s not a compatibility issue. Very very disappointed
  • Lots of functionality 5/5

    By Mr. C McKenzie
    HD video, mostly automated and beautiful app design with a ton of functionality without sacrificing quality. What else could you ask for? It’s on my daily and weekend car.
  • Customer Service 5/5

    By PopHop1
    I messaged Nexar tonight letting them know that I needed a new power cord. The process was very simple requiring little effort on my part. I input my info via the APP and literally with in seconds received a response from “RACHE” telling me she got my request and the replacement was on its way. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? From start to finish I had a new power cord on the way in the time it took me to input my personal information...30 seconds.... maybe! Outstanding Customer Service!!! By the way, the camera and it’s quality are also top notch. Looking for a dashcam and excellent support... look no further!
  • Most have. 5/5

    By ckrischer
    Great camera. Good quality and daily updates on the app so stays up to date
  • Great unit 5/5

    By Tow Truck 64
    This is by far the best dash cam I have purchased. Very easy to use, plus you can see everything on phone.
  •!!raise downloads by 10 times 5/5

    By Juli Larimer
    This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in
  • Automatic Recording Disabled 2/5

    By Mac-is-sexy
    Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Automatic Recording Disabled Every time I open the app or switch between tabs. How do I turn this off??! I don't want to use automatic recording and shouldn't be forced to use it! Pathetic!
  • Wow! What a surprise... 5/5

    By &$#%+
    I saw the Nexar camera and app advertised on Facebook and for the price it was worth the risk. Risk nothing! This is a great product. The app runs in background so everytime I start driving the camera automatically starts recording; I don’t have to do anything. When I arrive, the app stops the recording and I get notifications that the recording is ready to view. Luckily, I haven’t had any car accidents but if I did I know the Nexar camera and app would provide evidence of what happened. A+ in my book.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Will2690
    This cam is a life saver , this will save you for any kind of headaches while driving , from keep you safe to many other's benefits, i have used many others but this one it's the bests! Great Quality, stabilizer, and sound, Thank you Nexar and Sergio From INSHUR for providing me with this great camera!
  • It’s always using your camera 1/5

    By Walteco3
    The app doesn’t stop recording once you leave your vehicle. It uses your phones camera to record everything after the drive is completed.
  • Great support 5/5

    By meown4houses
    Other dashcam companies will sell their products and maybe help you with the set up and that’s it. Nexar provides answers for your every question and prompt too. They’re there to support you. I had an accident and the camera holder isn’t good anymore they’re so kind to send me another one for free. Thanks Nexar. But it’s not just the unexpected freebie, I feel secure that even if the camera and my phone gets damaged during an accident the pictures are stored in the cloud and not lost forever. The video images are high quality. Don’t believe any negative reviews until you’ve tried it.
  • Dashcam 5/5

    By T jul
    Best device ever
  • Great camera, okay app, terrible communication 1/5

    By Timmehbro
    If you don't give the app permission to access location services all the time, it will constantly badger you to turn the option on. Every time you launch the app, you have to tell it no. It will send you push notifications at random times, telling you to turn on location services. It WILL SEND YOU TEXT messages asking you to turn on location services. The explanation is that they want to more accurately turn on and off autorecordings. I see no need for this as the camera is continuously recording locally when I turn it on and I always turn on the recording in the app manually. I said NO and don’t want to be asked again. There is no need for a camera that is sitting in my car to have access to my whereabouts at any given time in the day. This is a horrible feature and serves barely any function as the app uses the phone’s accelerometer to start recordings with no issue. DO NOT DOWNLOAD if you appreciate your privacy.
  • Annoying if you don't go with automatic control 2/5

    By Ruffus Hamburger eater
    A good camera and user free unless you want to disable the automatic connection function. You will be endlessly contacted with popups and text messages that you are not set up with the auto start feature.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Kalawend
    The camera has been randomly stopping in the middle of a drive as if I’m done. Today, I had a hit and run driver that I should have been able to show on camera. What I got is a map showing a summary of my ride. I have allowed all accesses as instructed. This is a camera I’ve had less than 2 months. I should not be experiencing issues with it and I should not have to check if it’s working every time I hit the road.
  • Speed 5/5

    By Devon 19
    I would love to see the app record and keep track of speed but other then that it’s great
  • A no-brainer 5/5

    By Password miser
    This camera was simple to set up, and its sophisticated features are easy to use. Picture is excellent in all lighting conditions. No better dash cam out there.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Yasef
    Full of problems and no tech support 9 months still waiting to get help
  • Cool device 5/5

    By Kcarter9985
    Easy to install, easy to use. Great video quality.
  • Great Product 5/5

    By Alpha Medic
    Works right out of the package. Easy to plug in and installation is what you make of it (tuck cord behind interior roof line and behind door trim or just loop and secure on it’s way to the power outlet- choice is yours) . Takes under 20 seconds to pair with your phone and automatically captures your drives. Free sim card included with free cloud storage. No excuse not to give this a try. I rate this product and company 5/5 stars and highly recommend all to buy!
  • Best dash cam! 5/5

    By pinoy rocks
    I've owned this dash cam for months now & I enjoy using it whenever I'm on the road. It's user friendly & their customer support is amazing. I would highly recommend Nexar to those who are still looking for a dash cam. You won't go wrong on this product!
  • Nice Dash Cam likes the internal cam being stand-alone. The App? 4/5

    By Lash9an
    I like the camera. Especially the external and interior cams can be located at separate locations which worked out better for me. Now the app gets on my nerves. It acts like it wants to be the pack leader when you have other apps opened simultaneously. I drive Uber and Lyft when I can and the app Instead of working in the background, it opens up though be behind the one you select to be in front. Problem is, every time I try to go back and forth between Uber and Lyft apps Nexar app gets right in the middle of the action, makes me wait as it refreshes before I can access either Lyft or Uber app. I need the Nexar app to stay minimized at all times unless I manually maximized it. Another thing bothers me about the app is, it gives me notifications, a drive has started and ended. It makes me think I have a ride requests on the ride share app active behind the other. Kind of nerve wracking. I should have a choice to turn off that from popping up. When I turned the notification off in setting, app later asks me to turn it back on for auto record to work. Please fix these fixable issues, thanks.
  • Dash cam awesomeness 5/5

    By Iceangel222
    We have had a couple of cameras before but this one has exceeded expectations! The picture is so clear, so easy to set up, and the app is excellent. We love the clips that it makes for quick stops. We now have 3; one for each car and one for the motor home. I like that the camera can be reversed for watching inside the vehicle as well.
  • Love this camera 5/5

    By Jeab hoffman
    I love this camera!!No interesting by the screen awhile you driving,The pictures so cleared.
  • Best Dash Cam 5/5

    By lumpy4square
    Easy to use and excellent quality.
  • Finally it works 5/5

    By chanakyavc
    After bug fixes in app.. Now my dash cam back to normal . thank you for support
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By el mero tatanka
    Great app! Thanks Nexar!
  • Best dashcam out there!!! 5/5

    By St.Melyd
    I have owned dashcams and mirrorcams before, but this one beats them all.... Hands down!!! The clarity is totally amazing as is the sound. So many great features. I tested the hard brake feature and it worked like a charm. Came up ready to send to the issuance company or to share, or both. I live up north and the drives are incredibly scenic, I have sent clips of my drives over the mountains to friends and family all over the world. And everyone said it was like they were right there on the drives! I also love the fact it's not going to die in the heat or the cold (which has killed my previous cameras) because of the wide variants in the temperatures. Great call!! I can see me owing and enjoying this camera for many years! Now for the customer service... It can't be beat either! The team answer any questions very quickly and professionally, they are also like your new best friend! I've only had a few questions, and they were answered in no time and in full. You get to know each team member, not like other companies with so many different people. They make sure you're happy with the Nexar cam at all times and nothing is too much trouble. The best camera, the best customer service. Win-win. You won't be disappointed!!!
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By Dicksyatt
    I’m happy to say it works perfectly every time. Does exactly what is advertised. Thank you
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Msp730
    Great camera, easy to install and takes excellent video
  • Great Dashcam 5/5

    By StatFreak
    The Nexar dash cam is a needed departure from the others that rely looking at a very small screen or require removal of the memory card and inserting into another device to view the video of your driving experience. Unfortunately, this is usually at another location long after the event (i.e. crash) has occurred. To me, it is important to be able to immediately view (and show to police) my incident ON SITE on my smartphone screen while the initial police investigation is being conducted. The Nexar dash cam stores your entire drive and events on your smartphone’s internal memory as well as in the dedicated Nexar cloud storage. The video resolution is great. There are many other great features which are too numerous to list here. If you have ANY issues or questions with the cam the Nexar customer service is absolutely the best I have ever experienced. They are responsive, courteous, and provide accurate answers.
  • Best dash cam 5/5

    By Vida Loka
    I absolutely love my dash cam, very easy to setup up, I highly recommend!
  • My Nexar 5/5

    By Shawnm1012
    I’ve never had a dash cam... but I love mine! It installed quite nicely in my Sonata! *British Accent*
  • Best Dash Cam Out There 5/5

    By Sherman G.
    First ever dash cam and I am blown away. The HD video is very impressive and the auto recording when I get into my car is very convenient. I don’t ever have to remember to start recording on every drive. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks guys at NEXAR. 👍🏾👍🏾
  • User friendly mobile camera app 5/5

    By Drewski Boy
    Had the camera and the app for a few weeks and I’m very satisfied with it thus far.
  • Review 5/5

    By gowithmoviepass
    Just need reverse camera option or inside of car
  • too many bugs creating video clips 3/5

    By H.h.d
    too many bugs freezes and skip the video while recording
  • Quirky 3/5

    By Rnokes74
    You guys need to work on how well the cam works with the phone and app. Some rides turn out fine and others not so well. I like the combo but there are the few occasional times that it seems to run into some buggy stuff.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Nameismarina
    Completely stupid app! It will literally stop recordings automatically because the app has some message it needs you to review. I’ve constantly missed months of recordings because I had no clue there was a message waiting. So unless you open the app each time you begin to drive - don’t bother!!
  • Keep turn off 1/5

    By hhusain1979
    I just got this cam ..the thing I don’t like about it and it’s really bother is : keep turn off I have Samsung phone I don’t know if it make any difference on Apple phone....
  • Love it 5/5

    By addyaqueen
    I have it in my DUMPTRUCK the best camera
  • Worth the trouble 4/5

    By HelenaCohee
    When I got my nexar dash am I had tons of issues with it connecting. Luckily, they have great customer service who will help you troubleshoot every step of the way. I like how the app can create clips and how clear the video is. I told my friends about it and will show them how it all works next time I seen them. In this day and age, you NEED a dash cam. Make it this one.!
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By DrFeelgood474
    Camera will not connect to my phone, tech support is completely worthless, buy something else.
  • Very irritating 3/5

    By Steve620
    I love the camera when it works . Lately it will not connect to the main camera so I have to use my phone. It doesn’t automatically start and stop . I’ll be in my house and it connects to my camera 5 or 6 times then I have to go unplug it for it to stop. Doesn’t detect accidents . Doesn’t really do what they claim. Maybe after the update it might fix but we will see . Or maybe I have a defected device . Time will tell
  • Not connecting with Cam 5/5

    By purejudge
    Currently app can connect with Camera.
  • No contact cam, no record in the SD . 1/5

    By Nydriver 00
    Always no contact cam. The pilot lamp is good , but SD card not record anything . What should I do if there is an accident?
  • Туфта!! 1/5

    By Ddr1233566
    Never use this app. The camera is also useless (camera that works without smartphone is better). I bought nexar camera for insurance discount but a few month passed and i still have no discount, i drive 160hours a month. I sent them all they asked. Only paying $10 each month for nothing.

Nexar - AI Dash cam app comments

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