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Nexomon App

Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon! Assemble the ultimate Nexomon team to save your friends and save the world! Clash against legendary champions and become a hero in this epic journey! Game Features • Over 300 Nexomon to catch and train. • Evolve your Nexomon into new and powerful forms. • Universal App! Play on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. • iCloud support. Backup your data and play on all your devices! • Get exclusive Nexomon iMessage stickers! • A deep and engaging battle system. • Mighty and unique legendary Nexomon, find all eight of them! • Embark on an epic adventure to save the world from the Nexomon King! • Battle powerful and challenging foes in the Nexoworld. • Select from seven unique starters. • Explore all 10 colorful and vibrant regions. • Fully animated monsters, prepare to enjoy the most exciting battles! • High Quality gaming experience like no other! Follow us on social media for the latest news: Facebook: Instagram: nexomon_official

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  • Best Game Ever!!! 5/5

    By HadesLittlePrinces
    I’m so in love with this game! The graphics and the characters are amazing. I love how each Nexomon is unique and has its own personality built into it. I like the availability of the in app purchases , but I also love how you don’t have to get them. They help out a lot but I love how a dedicated player can grind out levels with their Nexomon. All the graphics are visually appealing and very well done! The story like in amazing as well. I found my self so invested in finding out what was going to happen next that I didn’t mind taking an hour or two to level up my dream team. The small references to modern culture made me laugh, and it added so much to the game. Moreover YOU GUYS DID AN AMAZING JOB! I will definitely be recommending this game to friends. So 110% worth it!

    By hdna
    I just started the game and I have very low levels right now and guess what I WENT TO THE BOSS BATTLE AND MY NEXOMON ARE NOT EVEN STRONG ENOUGH TO BEAT HIM PLZ MAKE THIS GAME BETTER and the reason I give this a four star is because I really love the game but the game needs to be better.
  • Very lame 1/5

    By BigAnimeTiddies89
    Cheap Pokémon knockoff. Refund please.
  • Nexomon 2 5/5

    By Austin the Daugherty
    I really love Nexomon and I heard that they are working on Nexomon 2; I’m really excited for this. Some advice from a really big fan 1. Maybe make it free at launch- more people will play it and more people will buy your micro transactions. 2. More Nexomon to catch never hurt and I hope you don’t stray too far from the catching system, 3. Things like developing rate and stuff like that probably aren’t a good idea, make it simple fun and easy like Nexomon 1 4. Keep up a good story like the first one, And of course post game content/storylines are great. 5. Keep the evolution and rarity system the same 6. I would also like it more for there to be a level cap- 100, 99 something like that I hope this gives you ideas of what some fans want and I hope this helps you make a even better game then before Thank you for reading.
  • Beautiful game and ugly bug 5/5

    By Maxwell blaze
    SPOILER WARNING!!! When I finally got to the underworld all of the grass patches glitched in there and in the real world one to. Now I can’t train my nexomon and that is a real shame considering the hours and hours I spent just leveling them up. This is one of the best games I could have asked for and I hope you fix this bug ASAP PLEEEEAAAASSSSE!!!! I really love this game so thank you very much for all of the hard work you guys ( and gals) put into this game. If you would fix this it would be very much appreciated by me and lots of others ( I assume)!☺️😀😄😃
  • Need help 1/5

    By josefuckboy
    The app won’t open !!!
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By xStarxPlatinum
    Truly amazing game just the type of game for any pokemone type fan super unique artwork and super clever nexomon names worth the buy and continued play great job.
  • 5 out of 5 5/5

    By Nuclearblade
    Great story and I really loved all the different creatures you can catch and raise.
  • Love the game 4/5

    By jdwill233343
    I love the grinding an all the mons. Very cool. In my opinion tho I’d like status conditions to last the whole battle an not just one turn. Other than that it’s a great game. Really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the second one
  • We Need Them Trades 5/5

    By Pajama Bro
    This game is awesome!!! Me and my friend have started playing, and we’ve gotten so far(if course I’m more expierenced heh heh) I really like the rarity system and all the amazing legendaries and the arena too! But there’s a problemo. We cant trade. Like trading could be a way to not only show off our exclusive nexomon but also to help out noobs who are having trouble with the storylines (like my friend) so yeah. But besides this, this game is AmAzInG and you, reader of this review, should definitely play this. :D cya there! (Lets Battle!)
  • Awesome Game!!!!!! 5/5

    By James73(9574)847)484)
    This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Pokémon this is so fun and I also have tikala Ventra fona grunda metta and arqua on Nexomon it’s awsooooooooooooooooooooooooooome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 20 5/5

    By ٧٠٠٠٣١٢
    Game Nexomon Love free

    By Unluckyrebel13
    Screw Pokémon. This is the game you should be playing. When you level up you get all your HP and PP to max. This is the best game I ever played
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Can I have Shoutmon?
    It has been a couple days since I finished the game and moved onto the post game. I absolutely loved the story and I can’t wait for the next Nexomon game
  • 5 Star Game 5/5

    By Angry Gamerrrr
    The game in general is outstanding. The developers and support team are also very responsive when it comes to game bugs. Truly worthy of the rating, 5 stars.
  • Help! Nonstop crashing! 4/5

    By AlmostEveryNicknameTaken
    So far this game has hooked me to play on and on. But in order to even play I have to save every minute and that seems to solve the issue. Until it crashed during the storyline, I cannot do anything to prevent it from happening. I am currently at the Rames (or however you spell his name) battle. Whether I try to take my time, speed it up, the result is the same. I would love to keep playing and would like to know if I could fix this problem.
  • Nexomon 2 5/5

    By thealphacoyote
    I really liked the first game I just hope that you’re able to switch over your data from the first game to the second one because of the time I am invested in the first one. Also I hope there are better skills and better attack moves that That are comparable with each Nexomon is because there are some attack that should have been Unlockabke skill for the Nexomon. Also rest mode for the Nexomon should have been a thing instead healing them all the time. But still a very enjoyable game can’t wait for the sequel. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • Stunning game 5/5

    By Vavarooks
    At first glance it looks like your run of the mill Pokémon rip off but after playing through the entire game it’s not. One thing of course is the in app purchase but you can collect gems easily by just looking around. The Nexomon themselves are designed well and the game play is smooth. Controls wise it is easy to walk around and the ability to click anywhere to bring up the walking joystick is a breath of fresh air. Definitely worth the first buy and if you want you can use money but don’t have to!
  • Recovery 2/5

    By Quentin Zoe
    Yes I’m replying to the date comment n Yes I had it uploaded to iCloud once I did that all my data was gone n what I’m upset about is I brought gems n items in game n it all gone so I waste my money buying them just to lose them
  • Very good 5/5

    By cooler dude2526
    I really enjoy this game it’s a lot of fun
  • Pokémon fan? Buy! 5/5

    By ethen.ash
    It’s exactly what you’d expect from the genre. It’s battling monsters in turn based battles ala Pokémon. At worst it’s a simplified version of Pokémon games and that might be a good thing for some people because it’s easier to jump in and out of and have fun. The story is cute and at least has a plot line (go save the world from the apocalypse instead of just winning a few tournaments ) . The game also has end game content which makes replay ability high, and you can easily get 20-30 hours of game play out of a game that costs less than $5. Buy it, buy it now
  • This game is awesome and the gems aren’t pay to win 5/5

    This game is everything I’ve wanted and more Sarcasm, 4th wall breaks (that aren’t overused to the point that the game relies on them for humor), and a nice story with a great variety of nexomon. But recently an update was implemented, which introduced a new bug where I can’t access my bag during battle, which is nice for nuzlocks but not good overall please fix this as soon as possible, also I wish this game had a finished wiki because the one that we do have isn’t complete, I know the sequel is coming, but it would still be nice to know where to find Vorapest or his pre-evolution. Other than that this game is 🔥.
  • Dj 5/5

    By Manuelboss16
    There is some thing wrong with the bag when you are in battle for some reason it’s not working for me but I’m not sure everyone else is having the same problem but I hope that gets fixed I can’t even use my items for some reason but I can use them when I’m not in battle
  • Bug after latest update 5/5

    By thegreek323
    Absolutely love the game!! But sense the update I can’t seem to use items during battle. Hope this helps!
  • Probably deserves a higher score 3/5

    By Monstevr
    But unfortunately I remember (the superior) Micromon. Better music, better premise, a little less polish. Bring THAT back!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By TrashyArtist
    Since I don’t have any device that you’ll need to play a Pokémon game, this is a great substitute! The storyline keeps you hooked, the nexomons are absolutely adorable, and the animation and art are great! But if you want in-game extras, you’ll need to pay with your own money or collect gems to get the extra bonus/buffs. Which is also great, since there’s a way where you get the bonus/buffs without paying. I honestly adore this game and would like to see more.
  • Battle Arena 3/5

    By swizzlimits
    The game is super fun but the battle arena doesn’t even work when you go on it so that needs to be fixed.
  • Evolutions 4/5

    By Bluprodigy1914
    Seriously why is it all third stage evolution monsters are all positioned backwards. That’s super annoying. Is that a glitch or just a terrible decision not thought through. Especially Nexomon on all fours. It makes me not even want them on my team.
  • Is this game worth it? 4/5

    By Swedishfish1013
    For 0.99 USD this game is worth it. I do despise the fact that you have to pay for the exp share and boots though. There is also two giant shop icons in the top right corner. These can get annoying quick. I love the darker tone and I love the final boss. It is worth your time. If there is a way to fix this game, then I would make it 5 dollars and find a way to implement the exp share, repels, and the running shoes into the game.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Beaboutit25
    Loved the game ! The only think I wish they did better was to have a harder version. Either make it harder or have an option for easy hard and insane. Thank you guys and I will be getting the next one :)
  • Better Than Nostalgic 5/5

    By yancyv8
    I’m a huge Pokémon fan and it’s unfortunate you cannot get emulators on iOS...HOWEVER! This is your next best bet and honestly, I found this to be way better. Less clutter with too many items and nexotraps. Very straight-forward game to play and the animations are spectacular. I got very excited every time a new drawing would come up during a cutscene because I felt like I was part of a movie I was playing. This is not Pokémon. It’s better, it’s different, and it brings back old memories with a new twist. Absolutely must play, thank you Jose Vemon and your team. It was wonderful. This was the first video game I’ve played since high school.
  • Struggling with screen size 3/5

    By Mackie998
    I recently purchased the iPhone 11 max/pro and the app display is too big for what I’m using. I was/am very excited to try out this game but am disappointed after spending some money just to not be able to see the whole thing. Please let me know if there’s any kind of fix
  • As close to perfect as you can get 5/5

    By Infernapefan2
    Storyline is incredible and has great continuity with Micromon. The characters are each incredibly memorable and unique, with very carefully-made designs that suit them very well. Seeing Malk again made me scream and I actually enjoyed the after-game content. The humor is also wonderful and keeps things light-hearted even in the end of the world. The premium currency is given out throughout the game, enough to actually buy things! And if you start a new game you get refunded all the gems you bought to re-disperse as you see fit. I’m absolutely in love with this game and I’m ready and waiting for Nexomon 2!
  • Excellent game! 5/5

    By roryjones81
    I like the story line and the art work.
  • Pretty good game 4/5

    By Muddkip
    It’s a good game! I love the graphics and all of the different creatures! But I caught a mega rare Nexomon and I transferred it to my storage...Except it wasn’t there...And it wasn’t in my party either...Right now I’m pretty annoyed because it took a while to catch it and it was a super rare one...Please make it so if you catch a Nexomon and you transfer it into storage ITS ACTUALLY THERE
  • Surprised and satisfied 5/5

    By theburbz
    I’ve been playing this game non-stop for 3 days after work, and I’m blown away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen generic Pokémon clones on the App Store made by two bit 3rd party companies trying to cash in on the craze, THIS IS NOT one of those embarrassments. (The worst one I found actually had you throwing baskets at monsters). The meta self-aware story and clever writing make this game so enjoyable when text would otherwise bore to tears. The monsters are charming and don’t make you feel like the designers were trying too hard. It really makes you feel the hard work the developers put into this game, and it really shows in the finished product. Probably the only thing that irritates me is how your opponent in a tamer battle gets a free attack on you right after you take out a monster regardless of their speed stat. This can be frustrating in late game, because all monsters hit like trucks, and strategy goes out the window because you can be one-shotted anytime. Even so, I deeply appreciate the fact that there is a post game story, and it’s carefully written into the main story instead of a “oh by the way there’s this”. I’m very grateful you implemented earning money from wild encounters, giving viability to playing hard instead of spending real money to support buying capture traps. I can’t thank you enough for not using the typical stamina system so prevalent in app RPG’s these days, these choices really let your audience know you are gamers true and true and that you hate the same things we would. Please keep up the good work!!
  • Good 5/5

    By robbedassasin
    I beat the game but never got a single legendary despite spending 50$ trying to get one but over all it’s a good game
  • Nexomon “review” 4/5

    By Juliannotron
    I like the game but it is frustrating when you gonna weak Nexomon.I don’t even know where to go after a Game Over. It’s just OK.
  • It’s actually good! 5/5

    By AlmondMilk🌸
    I spent over 20 hours playing the story line and just had so much fun with all the nexomon! The story line and art is amazing, I highly recommend this game! ☺️
  • Waste of money. 1/5

    By cool peep 23
    Great app! But you should really consider the fact that I SPENT money any the diamonds never once would show.

    By Nyke85
    Me and my cousin played this all Labor Day weekend And we LOVED it we beat the game when he was about to leave to go home but it was FUN.Creators please keep being great and thanks for the fun yet challenging game
  • Add Option to skip rebirth 2/5

    By clinton cici
    Good game but when You beat Omnicron you go to this realm and you’re forced to rebirth your nexomon. So basically you start the game over. I quit after that because it wasn’t right. You SHOULD be able to not rebirth your nexomon to continue. Either way the game was garbage once you had to rebirth your nexomon, other then that it’s was good.
  • A genre done right 5/5

    By Matthew Albion
    When a friend showed me Nexomon, I just figured it would be “just another Pokémon clone”, but I was, and still am amazed at the differences between the two. Nexomon shares the same core gameplay with Pokémon, but unlike Pokémon (with the exception of Black and White) Nexomon is very story driven. And I must say, I enjoyed playing Nexomon more then Pokémon (With the exception of b&w lol)! A story driven game is only entertaining if the story is good, and Nexomon has absolutely nailed the story! Having the Nexomon themselves be the villains was a great decision, as it makes you really think about your Nexomon friends, and how you use them. 10/10 The only thing I would change, is Ron. I feel like his dialogue should change, depending on the situation. It’ll make him feel more like a character, and less like a generic shop clerk (like, the first time you go to a shop after saving the world, maybe he should say something like “hey kid, glad to see you in one piece”)
  • Very good game. 5/5

    By Krulahn
    I love this game so much. It’s unique and will go far. I would love to see a 3D PC game of this caliber! Very good story line. A lot of fun!
  • One of the best games I played on mobile 5/5

    By WedRegAsian
    This game is definitely underrated and deserves more attention. It’s just as good as Pokémon only issue that I have r those extremely op speed boost and block together cuz u basically can’t get hit if u have enough coins to buy a lot of ether.
  • I’ve been searching for a game like this for years 5/5

    By Eullee
    Man when I was a kid growing up playing Pokémon on gameboy was my addiction and I so enjoyed it! Now as an adult who gets busy in life working and being a husband I always want a little Pokémon adventure game to just relax. For years I have searched and I’ve tried finding ways to download the old Pokémon games on my phone but it never worked out. I’ve tried many of the “Pokémon wanabes” and they were okay but nothing to talk about or recommend. When I found THIS game I was blown away!!! Extraordinary game great story! Incredible graphics and the moving screen is so cool! ( y’all should do more with that) I definitely recommend this game to everyone who played Pokémon. My wife never played Pokémon and doesn’t like games and she loves this game. I over train so I pretty much 2 shotted the legendaries. ( you can’t catch them in this game) so that was cool. But if you have been looking for a game to scratch your nostalgia Itch. This IS the game. Get it no regrets! Also everything in the game is free unless you want to buy random add ons which are completely not needed. If I could give this game more than 5 stars I would.
  • Nexomon is Fun!!! 5/5

    By solMiyato
    I had so much fun playing Nexomon!I wonder if Nexomon 2 is going to be released?
  • 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 5/5

    By Darrius2340
  • Amazing 5/5

    By bladeninja12
    My favorite game to play whenever im bored

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