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Nextdoor - Neighborhood App

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Nextdoor - Neighborhood App App

Nextdoor is the free, private social network for your neighborhood. It is the best way for you and your neighbors to hear what’s happening in your local community. Whether you’re looking to get to know the people on your street, hire a local babysitter, find garage sale deals, or sell your unwanted household items, Nextdoor makes it easy to talk with neighbors about what matters most to you. People are using Nextdoor in over 180,000 neighborhoods around the world to: • Track down a trustworthy babysitter • Quickly get the word out about crime and safety • Get a recommendation for a great deal on house painters • Hire a pro to help walk your dog • Share information during a natural disaster • Sell an outgrown bicycle • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name What neighbors are saying: “Before Nextdoor, I didn’t know there were several qualified babysitters living nearby and looking for work. It was easy to feel comfortable hiring my neighbor’s daughter to watch my son after school.” - Patrick, Mission East “This year for Spring Cleaning, we wanted to sell old appliances, tools, clothing, and electronics on Nextdoor’s For Sale & Free section. In no time, our neighbors stopped by to make a deal and take things off our hands. It was easier than anything else, and it feels good knowing our household items have found a new home in the neighborhood.” - Dan, Hayes Valley Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Nextdoor doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require it.

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Nextdoor - Neighborhood App app reviews

  • Outs LGBT people 1/5

    By Voxcorvi
    Unfortunately, all the interests you follow can be seen by everyone. That means anyone can see if you follow the LGBT group, forcing you out of the closet or forcing you to have no easy access with your local LGBT group. It was really a thoughtless decision. LGBT people need to connect, and not allowing for that privacy is very dangerous to us. People will literally harm us or our families. I’m glad I noticed it, but others might not be so lucky. You should have to join this group in order to see if anyone is in it.
  • Probe to censorship 1/5

    By Trkpdx
    Your opinion only matters if “they” approve your content.
  • Hoping ND Developers see this 4/5

    By Minneapolis J
    Great app. However the notifications are not working properly. If I acknowledge/dismiss the badge notifications they disappear but only temporarily. Force quitting is also a temporary solution. Otherwise app is great. I can turn off all notifications for the app but that doesn’t solve my problem. Thanks
  • Lost and found dog 5/5

    By CaroleLeigh
    This wonderful site is the site that a lady called me to tell me she saw my little pug who had run away last night from 1030 until 4 PM today. I am so thankful and grateful. Praise God and I am thankful for all those who have prayed And who use this site.
  • Recommendations 5/5

    By petbre
    I am amazed at how quickly someone responded to my post. It feels like a real neighborhood.
  • Want a headache? Download this app. 4/5

    By ashley trav
    The app works great hence the 4 stars. One star less since they wanted to delete my post for being a dog walker in the community. They were upset I was promoting my “business.” Anyway. If you’ve ever wanted to hear the worlds most first world problems, download this app. All the Susan’s Karen’s and Bill’s complaining about the dumbest things. If you think every loud noise is a gunshot, this app is for you.
  • Don’t download unless you enjoy getting many spam calls 1/5

    By Rebecca02
    I don’t really write reviews but I really regret downloading this app. Ever since I got it, I get a lot of spam calls every day. I’ve asked others in my community and they said the same thing happened to them. The amount of spam calls they get has increased tremendously. It’s nice to have some neighborhood engagement but it’s just not worth the issues. I do not recommend downloading this app if you want to save yourself from some aggravation.
  • Cluttered 1/5

    By Zoesmom13
    You have to scroll thru too many “sponsored” posts to get to the info you need. I’d rather pay for legit content than waste my time scrolling thru crap.
  • UX big after composing a message 1/5

    By rus_sel
    Perhaps this is only on the iPhone X/XS/Max, but after composing a private message you can’t leave the private message module. The only buttons are archive and compose, nothing else. The navigation bar is MIA, only way out is to force quit the app.
  • Rate app 5 5/5

    By michelestock
    Love that people help people!! The way it should be!💕💕💕💕
  • App doesn’t work on my phone 1/5

    By 1Shelle
    I have tried several times to get app to work on my phone- it says not available. I’ve tried 2 different emails and still nothing, a friend sent me an invite in hopes of getting an invite code and nothing.
  • Neighbors 5/5

    By Divabarbie 55
    Good to know we have good concerned neighbors that care. I’m not always aware of my neighbors. Thank you NEXTDOOR
  • Neighbors 5/5

    By Bren PBG, FL
    In our very busy world, we don’t have the time or meeting place to get to know our neighbors, for all neighborly help, advice and friendship. This is very helpful! Brenda
  • Really unfortunate 1/5

    By csj0csj
    I had used this app for a while. Then started getting harassing emails from their team claiming I wasn’t complying with their policies of listing my real name and address.. but I did.. for the entire time I’ve had the app. Then they wanted my passport to prove it. I don’t like harassing emails and I don’t like wasting my time on something so simple so, ciao nd
  • Cool app 4/5

    By Page_95
    But, we need iPad version Thanks Great idea neighborhood connection. 😊 We need landscape and portrait version.
  • Just a pet project 2/5

    By Nicky nick the nickster
    This app is great in theory. The biggest downfall is that someone must have created it in their garage and just doesn’t care about customer service. This pet project could have been really useful instead of a wasted opportunity
  • Pic 1/5

    By jojo,Taco,coco and toto
    Hard to post pictures
  • Reset password help? 3/5

    By tunzobunz
    I try rating my password, but it just looks me back to the sign in page every time I follow the rest link?
  • Great page 5/5

    By Ricomiller
    Love nextdoor. I lost my dog and my neighbor put a post here and I could get it back safely. You guys rock
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By cjmast
    Because of this app my lost phone was found and returned!
  • Glitchy and not up-to-date! 2/5

    By M.K. Smithson
    I get delayed notifications from this app and while posts will display saying they are from 10 minutes ago, if I click on them, it will say it was actually post several hours or even days ago!
  • Ok 3/5

    By Soitsme
    - The app seems to work well enough. Can you creat a dark/night mode? That glaring whiteness is obnoxious. - I can see it being most important when something large scale might be happening in the area but in the meantime you get meaningless emails. Why ask for interest list to fine toon your notification.... - I find the delineation of neighborhoods odd. I'm in a far edge corner of one. Where three neighborhood zones meet. My actual physical immediate neighborhood is divided into three parts. I should be able to, in addition, join adjoining areas that I relate to most or more. Or create overlapping neighborhood areas. And who comes up with the names...
  • Scam artists 4/5

    While I like this neighborhood app, I wish this site would do a better job at removing scam artists like the one I experienced last week. Someone had pretended to sell a car in SW DC for their brother-in-law. Not only could I not reply back to the original person who had posted that ad, but it turned out the person was not selling a car at all. He was trying to take anyone's $1,800 in return for a Jeep Rubicon that would have never ended up in the buyers hands. If this site will be turning like Craigslist, full of scams, then I'm not going to use it.
  • Why can’t I remove interests??? 1/5

    By heybtswreckedme
    Why am I unable to remove interests????? I’ve been trying to remove interests that I’m no longer interested in and the app won’t let me
  • Update please 1/5

    By Frogntoads2
    The app has been performing subpar for several weeks
  • Headache 1/5

    By Corey163857261
    I get the same services and notifications from my neighborhood Facebook group... and it was an extreme hassle in order to change my address.... my phone number would not “verify”. I’m not putting up with crap like this. Deleted right after.
  • Love it! 3/5

    By SeMoore70
    Then all the Trump people started screaming about Trump. Bye Bye!
  • Love it 5/5

    By nise1116
    I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I love it. I’ve purchased a couple of things from my neighbors at very reasonable prices. You can pick what Neighborhood content you want and mute the ones that might not be as near to you. Plus you get to know about all the town events and all the mom and pop shops you probably wouldn’t have known about.
  • Godsend 5/5

    By Listen N
    Man! What a great app to be able to ask your neighbors if they’ve seen something you lost! Back in MY day you just chalked it up for a loss. But with this app you can find information, your lost pet or even just an iPhone case LOL LOVE IT
  • Can’t sign in and this says it can’t find my address 1/5

    By Nicole Carreno
    This app isn’t all that great. It’s not easy to navigate and it can’t find me anywhere. I’d been using this app for months. I’ve been in my community for over 15 years lol and I’m trying to get back on by to no prevail, it’s very frustrating
  • Can’t even make an account 1/5

    By Djo2000
    I’ve tried verifying my address several different ways in order to finish making my account, and it keeps saying it cannot verify. My friend tried and had the same problem. Hopefully they can fix the bug.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By ascr85
    This app keeps telling me my address doesn’t exist. Weird! What house I’m at leaving in then?
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Adsrhetwon
    Nextdoor is very useful when advertising locally, looking for help, sharing something exciting, without seeing any invalid things that are old or not useful. There are surprisingly a lot of neighbors in my neighborhood and I didn’t not expect to have 120+ because I live in a small community and I had never heard of it until I came across it in the App Store. The only thing I would recommend is letting people set their own radius instead of giving them only two choices. This isn’t really a problem that is essential to making this app better, but it’s really the only thing I could think of! All in all, nextdoor is great!
  • Delete 5/5

    By celeste Iaderosa
    Would Love to be able to delete old news though is there a way we can do that ?
  • Horrible app. 1/5

    By son of the south71
    If your aren’t a Democrat they will make sure to run you off and if someone else cussed you out they will let them stay and boot you off. This is a democratic agenda app.
  • Is there tech support? 1/5

    By tripel doubel
    I have a cabin in addition to my primary home and would like to use neighborhood for both locations. It says I can add a vacation home but now neither works. I only get messages for one neighborhood but can’t reply. What’s up?
  • Thankful for this app and wonderful neighbors 5/5

    By hope4leo
    My family is truly grateful for this app and wonderful neighbors who kept an eye out for our lost dog. He found his way home early this morning but because of those on this app reported seeing him. That helped us tremendously.
  • A Place for Powertrippers 1/5

    By C L L Gar
    They can suspend your account for basically anything. They won’t even send you a notice. I posted once looking for models for my waxing business, and I did mention by business name so people know I’m legitimate, and got reported. Ok whatever I guess I shouldn’t mention my business name so people don’t think it’s a round about way to get my name out there. So I posted again, this time no business name mentioned, just that I was looking for models for specific services and people can message me if they’re interested. This got my suspended. People are so ridiculous. The leads on this site are clearly on some sick power trip. The rules are so strict and stupid. If you like reading posts about lost pets and people wondering, “were those gunshots?” Then this app is for you. I’m going to deactivate my account because it’s obviously worthless.
  • Used to like app 1/5

    By Sickle v
    Since the last few updates this app has been terrible. It crashes as you scroll half way through a page EVERYTIME! Then I tried to contact support from your support page and got the run around. When an individual uses the contact us link it routes you back to the help page and provides no email, no phone number, normally when a company has a contact us link it allows a person to contact the company. This app needs some work!!
  • A great way to connect with your neighbors! 5/5

    By Da Will
    I just joined and have already started planning a bike ride with other locals near me. This is a good way to get to know more people near you who you’d not get to know other wise. It also helps alerts neighbors of any crimes or criminal activities to watch out for.
  • The + for the deferent section is gone 5/5

    By 👉👀👈
    You just disconnect the most important feature. Add crime and safety + Add Recomendación + Add Lost and found + Add General + Add Documents + Fix it the soon as possible please.
  • Constantly freezes 3/5

    By composinkid
    Works great but recently it just completely freezes. I’ve tried restarting phone, reinstalling app etc but as soon as it loads up it just completely freezes and I’m unable to check notifications, scroll, or post anything.
  • Useful, but Flawed 3/5

    By Lgh98t
    This is the second “neighborhood” I’ve lived in that somewhat uses this app. My current neighborhood, though sparsely populated, seems to use it quite a bit, and mostly people are considerate and post useful friendly information. That being said, my issue is with the app itself. 1. Why does the app not display in “landscape” mode on the iPad? Very annoying. 2. Where is the contact information for the developers? Perhaps someone would like to suggest an enhancement for the app. 3. It seems that most people post into the “General” category when they really want, say, the “Home Improvement,” “Safety,” “Sales” or some other category. Having to search for information in both the “General” category some other more specific category is a great time-waster. It would be nice if there were a way to migrate those into the appropriate category. We can’t change the people, surely. So, can we change the way the app works for this? I look forward to these suggested upgrades.
  • New Member 5/5

    By lynnsey55
    It seems a struggle to become a member when you move from another Nest Door neighborhood. I had trouble when we moved and my new neighbors are having the same issue.
  • Allow people to TURN OFF notifications for a single post 1/5

    By the0nly0ne
    The only options you give people to stop notifications are to completely mute a user or to disable all notifications from the app. There are several posts that just never end and people continue to post every few minutes for months! I want these shut off! If this isn’t fixed in 10 days then I am deleting my account.
  • Enjoying Next Door 4/5

    By Karengumdrop
    Love this information site. I belonged to one in Fort Worth Texas. Only qualm is wish more people here were on this site.
  • Landscape View 2/5

    By SVTII
    How can you not allow landscape view of this app for tablets by now?
  • Discontinue Service 1/5

    By Mrkt
    Started out as a well meaning app, but now serves as bill board for advertising. So much so that I no idea what my neighbor’s interest or conserve are. Thought this app was for the neighborhood no longer useful if I’m constantly bombard with unwanted messages. Bye!!!!
  • Targeted Ads. No opt-out. 1/5

    By Bee-Ten
    “Unfortunately, we currently don't have any options for members to disable the Targeted ads on Nextdoor.”

Nextdoor - Neighborhood App app comments

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