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Watch high school sports live on the NFHS Network Live App. Stream Live, Follow Your High School, and Watch Regular Season and Postseason Games. STREAM GAMES LIVE Watch high school games in over 30 different sports from all 50 states. In addition to regular season games, the NFHS Network allows fans to watch state playoff and championship games for 44+ State High School Associations in the United States. FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITE SCHOOL Find and follow your favorite high schools so you never miss a game. Get notified when the school(s) you follow have a game. WATCH REGULAR SEASON GAMES Schools that are part of the NFHS Network School Broadcast Program produce their own broadcasts of regular season games so their fans can keep up with their team even when they can’t be at the game. Other top regular season games are also featured throughout each season. WATCH POSTSEASON COMPETITIONS The NFHS Network produces and streams playoff and state championship games for over 44 National Federation of State High Schools member state associations. Watch state championships live for fall, winter, and spring competitions. WHAT SPORTS CAN YOU WATCH? · Basketball · Football · Wrestling · Volleyball · Soccer · Cheerleading and Dance · Ice Hockey · Baseball · And more – 30+ different competition events WHAT STATE PLAYOFFS CAN YOU WATCH? · UIL (TX) · IHSA (IL) · NYSPHSAA (NY) · GHSA (GA) · MHSAA (MI) · MPA (ME) · AHSAA (AL) · CIF Sections (CA) · And more – over 44 state associations & sections NFHS NETWORK SUBSCRIPTIONS Access to watch unlimited NFHS Network events live requires a subscription of either $10.99 monthly or $69.99 annually. Your subscription will automatically renew each Month/Year for its listed price. In-app purchases will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions can be managed by the user by going to the Account Settings after purchase. Cancellations will take effect at the end of the current subscription period. ABOUT THE NFHS NETWORK High school sports wherever, whenever. The NFHS Network is the leader in streaming Live and On Demand high school sports. The NFHS Network covers over 27 different regular season and postseason sports, as well as other high school activities, celebrating the accomplishments of student-athletes, student broadcasters, and high schools across the country. Partnered with the National Federation of State High School Associations (, 44+ high school state athletic/activities associations, and PlayOn! Sports, the NFHS Network is a joint venture created to provide fans with the ability to stream high school sports on any device, from wherever they are. NFHS Network events are available to watch online at and through the NFHS Network Live App. Watching high school sports has never been easier. Privacy Policy – Terms of Use –

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NFHS Network app reviews

  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By Emily & Brian Hart
    Camera angles are bad. It drops non stop! Most of the time the football game is blurry because they won’t focus the camera! Just another company trying to profit off Covid.
  • come on 1/5

    By hfhcnej
    is there anyway of watching it without having to pay or wait till the game is over???
  • Terrible cameras and worse customer service 1/5

    By Caroline52
    I watched one game on here so far and it missed 3-4 touchdowns and would follow small kids playing on the sideline. I would like to use this and not have to go to the games during covid but this isn’t it. And I tried contacting customer service. 3 weeks later and still no response.
  • Score 3/5

    By janiemaul
    I like watching from home. Not a bad experience but the scores are never posted and when they are they put the points on the wrong team. It has happened every time I watch. Please get it hard can that be
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By not rghit wno
    It only works 50% of the time and we missed the football play off game because of it. Don’t trust this app or download it worst app I have ever used.
  • Great idea, if only it worked for lacrosse 1/5

    By Bubbathan
    Used the app for the first time to watch my son’s lacrosse game (Blue Ridge School vs St Alban’s on April 3). The camera had no idea what to follow, so I spent most of my time watching the near corner of the field. Once or twice some players even came into view, which was thrilling. Also, the website would not let me pay monthly (nothing happened when I clicked “pay”, “submit”, or whatever the last step was, so I had to buy the $70 annual plan.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ragu80
    This app is terrible. The fact they charge a subscription makes it even worse. But even free it would be disappointing and frustrating. You click on a show and you get a black screen repeatedly. It freezes on a regular basis. Rewind and fast forward just doesn’t work much at all.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By fgdatiy
    About half the time. Try to watch my sons game. Cuts out, camera work awful.
  • Highly Disappointed 1/5

    By PatriotsStandUp!!!
    I guess it was dumb to pay for a whole year without trying this service. I have not been able to actually watch one whole event. If it is not constantly buffering I get a warning that I can not stream from 2 devices and it closes. I have never shared my password (not even my husband knows). I have emailed customer service and not got a response.
  • So frustrating!! 2/5

    By J.Crocker
    I should give a 1 star but convent is great. Clarity is extremely blurry, cannot even see numbers on jerseys. More than half the time game I paid to watch is unavailable. Customer support is not helpful and very delayed. Don’t waste your time or money. Cancelling subscription.
  • Trash 1/5

    By jacobuckets
    This app is garbage, terrible quality, super slow. We pay money for this, and the play back is terrible, we struggle to watch one game because it glitches so much.
  • The worst 1/5

    By Jh1891
    Feed is grainy and always - i mean always - cuts out at crucial parts of the game. Shoddy, cut rate service
  • Didn’t work at all 1/5

    By CDuncanH
    I have screaming fast internet and this app did not work at all to stream a game. And that is after subscribing for $10/month. And when I contacted customer service be phone got a message saying they were inundated with calls and could take my call and that I had to e mail. Emailed and got an automated reply that said they were to busy and get to my request when they could. When I wrote back for a refund they said I had to go through the App Store because I bought the subscription through the app. Did I mention that they said on the website that I needed to buy the app to live stream? Garbage and a scam preying on parents who can’t attend games in person in the pandemic.
  • Worst app ever crooks! 1/5

    By Jafo1370
    This is without a doubt one of the worst apps I have ever used! It constantly freezes, restarts and won’t work at all sometimes. Plus we have to pay $11 per month for the pleasure as we still can’t go watch our kids play in person due to COVID. The only redeeming fact is it is better than nothing! Update I updated my iPad with the bug fixes now it doesn’t work at all!
  • Poor 1/5

    By Mcalisll
    We had a very abbreviated season based on COVID. Coverage of games was terrible. Now we are in playoffs. All other teams have games streaming except ours. Count this as a donation to a corporate pocket... don’t count on watching your kid play unless you can be at the game.
  • Very nice but so bad 2/5

    By Ghrrrrrrmmm
    The concept is great, but the buffering is horrendous. The watching on the app and website, both are terrible on buffers. Doesn’t matter how much you wait or refresh, it will always buffer
  • Don’t waste your money. 1/5

    By yaornduane
    The feed always cuts in and out. Plus who calls teenage girls the “N” word. Most videos the sound doesn’t even work.
  • Junk 1/5

    By tgmos
    Again junk. It’s not my service or the stream, it’s always buffering.
  • Screen freezes ongoingly 2/5

    By jan nurse
    We live in country outside Farmington area. Our internet is slow by some standards. Yet I’m able to watch Netflix or Amazon prime. Then what doesn’t NFHS have ability to let us stream games smoothly? Screen constantly freezes and not able yo see even updated scoreboard. Disappointing to say least. Sadly I paid for annual membership but know now I threw my money to the wind. 😕

    By Wyo Cyn
    Don’t even bother with this app OR THEIR SERVICE unless you love watching BUFFERING and being stopped from streaming because supposedly you’re LOGGED IN somewhere else WHEN YOU ARE NOT. ITS THE WORST SERVICE ON THE PLANET!
  • Not good quality 1/5

    By Docmomofboys
    Now we are just starting to watch HS games on this app but so far have been completely disappointed. The quality of the film is horrible. No commentary- at least on what we have seen. Blurry and small even when broadcasted onto a big TV screen. Not worth it at this time but since it is one of the ways my state has said I get to watch my kids play sports then that is what it is. Have seen parents live stream Facebook and do a better job!!!
  • Picture is terrible! 1/5

    By runner1917
    Our school also stream YouTube and is way clearer. Save your $ and have the kids steam it on YouTube. NFHS is like watching it on rabbit ears on a 40 year old TV. If I could of preview it before I purchase it, I wouldn’t have.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jenn899
    You would think for paying Netflix fees in the middle of covid when nobody could watch their could they would have better service!!! Nope buffering constantly and getting stuck in a loop the repeats itself!!! I reset my wifi and shut everything else off from the inter and refreshed this and it still did it!!! Making bank for nothing very very unhappy
  • Not Recommended 1/5

    By Sillytl
    I would not recommend NFHS to anyone! Video quality is poor, audio quality is poor, scoring sometimes works but most often doesn’t. Customer service is also practically non-existent. My school district went with NFHS prior to COVID but at that time it didn’t make a difference to me because I was always physically at my child’s games but now that I can’t be, I’m deeply disappointed in their decision.
  • Absolutely Terrible Camera Work 1/5

    By NCSailing
    But for COVID restrictions, I would toss this service out today. The camera angles are too wide or too narrow. You can barely make out the images of the players on the field. Image quality is terrible. Embarrassing service. After COVID is over, we will be cancelling. The kids putting on their own programs were 100x better than the broadcast junk we are watching.
  • Criminal Extortion 1/5

    By Enn_8
    It would help if NFHS didn’t promise scorekeeping or anything beyond a camera posted in the general direction of a field, immobile without context or the ability to see anything of consequence. But expert implementation extorting money from parents held hostage by the CV19 restrictions. Seeing the unanimous perception of your quality in such low ratings across platforms, it may be time for you to shut down your service and let someone who cares about tangible products have a stab at it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By capitalism leads inovention
    The fact that I can’t watch school sports in person is bad enough, but now I have to pay for a service that is glitchy and blurry down the middle 90+ % of the time. If it was only that it would be nice but it’s not. The stats on the bottom are not accurate all the time either. The sound quality is not good either. Our tv has to be turned up to 70 just to hear the announcer.
  • Not worth $ - better off with FaceTime! 1/5

    By Katchy73
    Yeah... subscribed so my parents and I could watch my nephew play his football and baseball games for his senior year - game is started and almost through the 1st quarter and I’m getting better stats and info from my sister who is freezing at the game than this!! Error !!! Game delayed !!! Check back later!!! Bologna!! Game is started no game televised and you can’t even get customer support to respond! I paid $70 for this! Nothing for the whole game and suddenly - game disappears from the site totally and no chance of getting to see him play- we are 350 miles away- sorry I just can’t just drive up a buy a ticket ! Thanks for nothing!
  • Worst service ever 1/5

    By suckerwhopaysforthis
    I can’t believe they can get away with charging for this. My 10 year old could do better filming. The stream is so unreliable, you can’t even follow the action.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Funsize_78
    Tried to watch them for years and it never gets better. I’d give zero stars if I could.
  • Should be zero stars 1/5

    By adpjunk
    These folks are thieves. Not only are they charging me to watch my own kid play high school sports, it never works! Like getting sucker punched twice !!
  • Don’t purchase for soccer games 1/5

    By phxpaul69
    The camera is supposed to follow the action. It doesn’t do as advertised. Most of the time the real action was on the other side of the field, but it was capturing a goalkeeper moving on the other side. Also the auto pan in and out was horrible. It was like watching tiny ants running around. It was always zoomed out too much. Definitely not a good system for soccer games. I do better filming the team on an iPad on a tripod. Cancelled subscription after the first month.
  • Dogwater 3/5

    By Jt 09 45
    Camera is low quality and quite frequently pans to a whole different side of the field whenever a ref walks by or something. You would think for $10.99/month it would be better but nope. I use NFHS to get film from games that aren’t recorded anywhere else and I’m pretty sure the camera had missed some highlight plays. Over all needs to increase camera quality and recording quality.
  • What a steaming pile! 1/5

    By kev.oh
    How can this have 4-stars? If you want to watch the same 40-seconds of the game over and over I would say it would rate a 2. And what is up with the score and timers? It is like watching a slot machine while stuck in a time warp. I have excellent bandwidth and have had major problems with multiple schools as have other parents. Apple TV 4 and iPhone both are a similar crap experience. A total dumpster fire. I feel robbed. Update-after a few decent games, again total crap. I feel like I am on an acid trip. Just billed again for a whole month so that I can watch the last game and I am missing most of it. Pieces of game intermixed with warm-up and gym cleaning shots.
  • Score clock 3/5

    By stand-down
    Need to have better and accurate info.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By valerielynn_13
    If you want to spend your money to click a ton of links and not get to what you’re looking for, than this is great! Missed my nephews senior matches for state wrestling. So upset and disappointed. Before you release an app that will impact thousands of users, think about doing some usability testing. I’m not technology ignorant and this app was very flawed.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Shanmomof5
    This app is a piece of garbage. Never works.
  • This app is an abomination! 1/5

    By --dan2c--
    This application is an abomination. For what you charge you should be embarrassed. How hard is it to stream a game- really. Without exception, I have not been able watch a full game without buffering and audio problems. and no it is not a bandwidth issue, as it is universal for all parents on our team (and similar issues for the handful of aau games we were forced to watch o your network) today was my daughters last game of her senior year and it froze or buffered the ENTIRE FIRST HALF. Second half it worked sporadically, but the audio was from first half. Not sure how you sell this service with this kind of reviews.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By MoSoKo
    Reception was choppy, even streaming on 5G device... we tried via website, this app, and Roku. All around not worth the $10.99 a month... video quality is also terrible... poor quality, fuzzy... can’t tell what numbers the players are, and sometimes the videographer isn’t following the play so you miss the play.The announcers are the worst... get some glasses so you can see who the players are! Can’t wait for COVID is over so can get back to real games... if this was better quality might consider keeping it to watch games/replays. Definitely not worth it. Plus, you can’t stream on more than one device. It will kick you off both until you turn one off.
  • Horrendous app & service 1/5

    By Solomon29710
    The resolution is circa 2003, and if you dare try to “fast forward” to any part of the video, have plenty of time to watch the never-ending spinning wheel of buffering....that will not ultimately let you see the footage you’re seeking. The only reason i gave it one star, is because zero stars wasn’t an option. Save your time and money (for the subscription) is more headache than it is worth.
  • NFHS 3/5

    By B2BHicks
    Clarity is awful. Gave me a serious migraine. No scores or times kept for any football games. Waste of money.
  • Good start, but... 1/5

    Glad this app is available to allow parents to watch their kids compete during COVID. However, the streaming resolution is beyond poor. The other alternatives I viewed, YouTube and Facebook, are much higher quality and free!
  • Score Ticker Not Working 1/5

    By kjo7886
    As a parent that is being forced to watch my daughters basketball games from home on this app, and pay for it, I would really appreciate the score ticker to work. 2 games in a row now it’s not working at all.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By agc222
    I’ve never had to restart an app over 25 times! For our home games, our athletic department streams the game through YouTube without an issue. Try to watch an away game that uses NFHS and it’s a nightmare ... constant loops, freezing and restarting - not worth it!
  • Lawsuit pending 2/5

    By Micky653
    They are taking advantage of people in these tough times. Nothing but fraudulent app
  • Review 3/5

    By alureiufjnfeurde
    On Friday and Saturdays the feed is so unreliable...its as if there are too many games streaming and the site can’t handle it. It freezes and you can’t even go back and watch the game because the recording is of the frozen shot....SO frustrating and my subscription is too expensive for the unreliable service
  • I want to Cancel 1/5

    By ssjscarberry
    I have been trying to cancel this stupid app for two months. But is there anywhere on this stupid app that allows you to cancel, nooooooooooo! The app was horrible the whole time I got it so I could watch my grandkids play. But I never got to see a game because it would not stream!!!!! I want to cancel!!!!!!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lalonde59
    Worst app ever for watching a game. Games freeze and can barely string together 5 seconds. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are connected to WiFi or running off data.
  • Live stream not reliable 1/5

    By jbarico
    Way too expensive for an app that works 1/2 the time. Unacceptable.

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