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NFL Fantasy Football

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NFL Fantasy Football App

This season, there's a new NFL team competing for a chance in the Super Bowl — yours! With NFL Fantasy, the official fantasy football game of the NFL, you're in control of your very own NFL team. Are you ready to build the next football dynasty? Start your season by drafting a roster of real NFL players to join your team. Then, prepare for a new head-to-head matchup every week by setting your lineup and tuning in to NFL games to watch your player's action on the field turn into fantasy points for your team. In a work league with a real hotshot? NFL Fantasy comes equipped with the tools you need to make it to the top, including NFL Fantasy-exclusive features like Next Gen Stats and all-new player comparison tools. Looking to be the next Commissioner? Start your very own league and customize the rules however you want. Invite friends and family to compete with you and start your own football tradition. Get closer to the game than ever before with the official fantasy football game of the NFL. Always 100% free. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2022: + Our brand-new draft client makes drafting easy and fun. + Track your fantasy scores while streaming the NFL Network and live local and primetime games. It's the ultimate fantasy game day experience.* + Fantasy Stories - See a ring around a player’s headshot? Click to watch exclusive player analysis, news, and sideline footage. + Use Compare Players to quickly find the best player for your roster. + Waiver Report - learn the outcome of all of your waiver claims. + A weekly Matchup Recap gives you a customized report of your and your opponent's performance. + Celebrate your league's history and achievements in Hall of Fame. Plus, all of the fantasy football features you expect from the NFL: + Create a league in minutes to start your own fantasy football tradition, or compete against other NFL fans in a public league. + Draft players live in-app. + Perfect your draft strategy by participating in a Mock Draft. + The NFL Fantasy-exclusive Optimize Lineup feature makes fantasy football approachable for players of all skill levels. + Best in class Player Profiles include all of the data and expert analysis fans need to make informed roster decisions, including NFL Fantasy-exclusive features like Next Gen Stats and game video recaps. + Catch up with official stats, news, and injury updates direct from NFL experts. + The same great features and design on your iPhone and your iPad. …and more! *Geographic and device restrictions apply. Local & primetime games only. Data charges may apply. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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NFL Fantasy Football app reviews

  • Bengals Bills 1/5

    By fes0012
    The way this game was handled was ridiculous. How are you going to take the points away that were already earned?
  • Black screen when I open players in between feed and team 1/5

    By AshtyTM
    I’m in the super bowl but can’t access the players icon, when clicked on, it pops up a black screen and nothing pops up even if I wait for awhile. Crazy thing is though, if I go into another league, it doesn’t do that which confuses me. It’s only doing it in the league that matters. I’ve restarted my phone and also deleted the app which signed me out and got it back and signed in, and it still don’t work. 😐
  • No Money No App 1/5

    By Inf0rmal
    I subscribed, paid, and cancelled renewal so I didn’t get charged a year later. Uninstalled app to try and fix a crash it was having, and when I went to install it it wants me to verify my payment options. Makes no sense.
  • Needs more management functions 4/5

    By masonash
    Definitely the best fantasy app I’ve tried but would love if I could manage the league more. They finally added some mgmt functions but it’s still a pain to have to be on my laptop to check fees. Also, the teams barely ever use the website so they never know how much they owe. That’s my only complaint though.
  • Updates stats weeks late 1/5

    By fmeraw
    Trash. First ever review. To do this in the finals after a game has been played is unacceptable.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Musichold
    I have been playing this app for a long time and it was always a good app to play with. Sometimes it might be slow but there okay.
  • Worst fantasy app 1/5

    By Vipurrr
    This is by far the worst app I’ve had to use for fantasy football.
  • Problem with the fantasy football 1/5

    By tomcruise37
    Please there is a serious issue with shutdown of choosing player and it need to be fix by you
  • Terrible and frustrating 1/5

    By jchassin
    Every time I open the app there’s a full screen ad that can’t be clicked off of. I close and re-open and a minute later the same full screen ad pops up again. Makes it impossible to make any changes. Waivers are a nightmare. It also doesn’t send the notifications I requested, but does notify for scoring plays of players that are no longer on my team. Highly advise finding a different platform.
  • Glitchy and Unable to See Playoff Weeks 1/5

    By Soon to be former nfl user
    This app has been a glitchy mess all season and it has forced us to consider changing after 10 years. Out of all the layouts, NFL really can’t figure it out? Also, I can’t believe we’re unable to see playoff weeks in the team view. The only way to see is through the individual player views, which is a ridiculous waste of time.
  • So many bugs 1/5

    By TristenQB
    You’d think after years of providing service for FF they would innovate or improve the platform? I’ve been using the app for years and it still runs like the developers made it in their basement with 1 server. The bugs prevent me from changing line-ups, it disables their own optimizations, it’ll show me playing two opponents in one week? It Also screwed up our playoffs. Please use ESPN. I’m now stuck on this god awful app. Don’t install.
  • Hmmm is this how they treat all their customers 1/5

    By Bella1802
    I’ve been paying for nfl+ for months and when they just updated I realize I haven’t been getting the service fix this I want you to rebate or refund or whatever you need to do to fix this issue please help. I use a different email for my account how do I fix
  • Scoring Update 3/5

    By Country Bumpkin 85
    I’ve been using this app for the better part of 8 years. But have noticed in the past two years on numerous occasions that it takes the app a few days to update scoring. Now as this may not seem like a big deal, when you think you have won a matchup and two or three days later the app updates scoring and you end up losing or vise versa it’s extremely frustrating. Currently as I write this post you still haven’t corrected the scoring in one of the matchups in my league. It’s looks as though your Fantasy+ and app has seen better days…this may be the last year we use this app. Thanks for the good run.
  • Solid app with some shortcomings 3/5

    By xgp233b
    This is my first year using the NFL’s official fantasy football app, in the past I have used the Yahoo and ESPN apps. Forcing advertisements before videos is an automatic loss of a star for me. If they want to monetize their app, I would be more than willing to pay an annual fee in exchange for an ad-free experience. This app is solid in terms of scouting and injury updates. It has an “RZ” indicator to show when a player is inside the opponent’s Red Zone. What would be nice would be if they would add an indication of where the team is, and what situation. 3rd & 3, 17 yard line, that kind of thing, or an indication of what the last play was, rush or pass or penalty, and what the yardage was. The ESPN app did have a feature like this the last time I used it. Their app is the best I have used in roughly 15 years of fantasy football experience. I was unable to use this app for our draft this year, and fortunately I had a laptop with me or my team would have been auto-drafted. All other players in my league reported this same frustrating error, resulting in a couple of teams being auto-drafted in a league with a cash prize. Absolutely unacceptable. Overall the app is fine, it works, but it doesn’t stand out to me as being close to best in class. It loses stars for the advertising, for limited situational information during games, and for the app’s failure during our league’s draft. I will use it again next year for one league, but with this being the official NFL Fantasy Football app it should be head and shoulders better than the other options and work smoothly in all areas. As it stands right now there are better apps for fantasy football.
  • Quality? 2/5

    By Tay_1k
    Been on this app 3 years now. Same glitches every year. Will be my last year with this one .
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By MaddenCanSuckIt
    Always updates later than every other fantasy app. Still waiting on one player to get his correct stats. Several times a season it’s down. Do yourself a favor and just use ESPN Fantasy.
  • Fantasy 2/5

    By salsagonzo
    The fantasy app is pretty good. A few bugs. Like with scoring and projections etc. My biggest gripe is I pay for nfl red zone and it kicks me out and has me restore purchases every time I use it. I’m paying decent money to be booted every week and it’s super frustrating.
  • Terrible Fantasy Football App 1/5

    By SkinnyP-01
    Literally freezes every other two seconds, do you wanna trade well then don’t use this app. It won’t ever load if you are willing to trade. The only thing this app has is an optimize button otherwise any other fantasy app is 200x better.
  • The app need 3/5

    By owendrakos
    Everything is good with the app but need a Dark Mode feature. I hope we can see the feature implemented next year. Just 3 star for me and with the Dark Mode feature would be a 5 star easy. Until then, that’s my score.
  • App not working 3/5

    By Glowz Chong
    I’ve uninstalled the app, updated to the latest version, cleared Cache but I still can’t access my league. I’m logged in but there is nothing. Please help.
  • Update is not working 1/5

    By MixedByMallen
    I download the update and now it doesn’t work
  • Embarrassingly bad 1/5

    By tSbLeCaNdLe
    Worst in class fantasy app
  • This is why I gave it three stars 3/5

    By Colin Az
    So about 3 weeks ago I clicked on nfl fantasy and imediatly it it put me back to my home screen and now it won’t let me go into nfl fantasy. Can you please fix the bug. Thnx.
  • Not good 1/5

    By BLLLLLLLLL123456
    So many bugs
  • Bugs 4/5

    By HouseSoldier97
    It’s a great app that makes Fantasy Football easier to understand for everyone. However, there is a confusing bug right now that shows certain players have zero points, and everyone on the waiver wire has “zero points.” Some of my other players also have more points than they actually scored because it takes their points from another week. Please fix this. It screws up projections and may confuse some people.
  • It’s pretty slow full of bugs 2/5

    By _PGD_
    For the official app from the NFL, this has so much room for improvement and optimization
  • App is glitchy 2/5

    By tremelle17
    For the past 4 years of using this app it has been glitchy. You would think after all this time the tech team would get it dialed in. This will be my last year using it.

    By charliecheese burger
  • Glitches 1/5

    By closdro
    They had been good past years but this year they disappointed. A lot of glitches
  • Bad 1/5

    By dieglossrfantasy
    It’s always crashing… every single season , definitely my last season using it terrible app , you’d think it be the best.
  • App always has something wrong 1/5

    By Downs63
    This app always has some kind of issues. There are much better fantasy football servers. Wish they would work harder to keep this app from glitching. Please fix this!!
  • Unhappy 3/5

    By johnsonja1982
    Too many problems with inaccurate scoring and crashes
  • Super slow 1/5

    By The guy on the phone
    Notifications are slow. Showing the wrong scores. Showing players available when they are not. All kinds of bugs. Everyone in my league experiencing the same problems.
  • Bug 1/5

    By Red deers
    Lots of bug, I’ll stick with yahoo thx
  • No Fun League 2/5

    By Dspaztec
    If you are looking for a fantasy football app that consistently fails to update scores in real time, look no further than the NFL Fantasy app.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By PacoJT
    When searching by projections week 15 and on the app crashes. Happened last year as well.
  • Great App but their are a few problems right now 4/5

    By charlie6293
    This is a great app for fantasy and It has been workin for me this whole season, but currently their are some glitches that seem to occur about players getting zero points even after they scored a touchdown or caught a deep pass.
  • Needs bug fixes 3/5

    By NKG7981
    I’m using an iPhone 12 and for whatever reason, this season I can’t get the scores from the weeks before. It’s just coming up as zeros. I didn’t have any issues last season so I know this is something new and I hope it gets corrected. I’ve used this app for at least 4 years but, I will switch if I continue to not be able to see previous scores. I’ve advocated for this app with all of my buddies, three of them stopped using it this years because of the lag in loading scores/stats. Please fix, I do really like this app. I will update my review when issue has been resolved. Thx.
  • Worst fantasy football app 1/5

    By aaronarv
    Signed into app to manage my lineup and my entire team was gone. Get this app if your tryna lose all the money you bet with your friends.
  • App account issues 1/5

    By Figadamus
    I been using the NFL/fantasy for a few years and as of late it’s been kicking me out of account and having me initiate new account and password. There have been times where I cannot even access my team or league content. I deleted and reinstalled app and still have issues. My phone is up to date with software and has no damage or been dropped. Is anyone else experiencing this? For some reason NFL/fantasy support does not have Q&A option for this issue. Any suggestions?
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By masearonie
    This does not work, when I click on it it goes back to home, I am soooo frustrated hope you text back.
  • Not good 2/5

    By GEO - BrawlStars YT
    It won’t even let me in the app. If I try to open the app, it kicks me out a second later. The projections are way off as well. And every time I try and use the website on safari, it says download on the App Store, or continue to desktop site. If I tap on desktop site, it just doesn’t do anything. If I try to open it in a new tab, it loads into the same exact page. I love the nfl but not their fantasy app.
  • Can’t load players by teams 1/5

    By Like mixing bleach and ammonia
    Horrible navigation and poor execution. I want to see stats of fantasy points in order but the app mixes them all up. The app is extremely glitchy and I was accidentally hit the watch nfl feature when I’m trying to exit from one screen to another. I often use ESPN app so I can see players by teams so I know who’s out on each team! ESPN all the way!!
  • What was once great.. 1/5

    By WeTheOnes
    This app used to be the best among all fantasy apps. Clearly it’s thriving on popularity only & name recognition. Constantly bugging & running slow. Notifications are hit or miss. They’ve done nothing to make it better. Sleeper is the new top fantasy football app. is officially the “ESPN” app. Old, comfortable and outdated.
  • Like it, but… 5/5

    By Big mike12
    Why can you trade draft picks and then the next year it doesn’t keep track so you manually have to change all the picks in your draft! Its very annoying and seems fixable
  • League chat 4/5

    By finch213
    Great app however if league chat was available while the season is active would be nice.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Nhmtbiker
    Won’t even load anymore on iPad.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By epbears
    I used this for years now I hit the app it doesn’t stay on it just flicks on then off.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By phillinho
    Used to be a great app, could watch the prime time game for free. Now this year they’re charging a monthly subscription for that feature that has free for years. Now they just completely erased my account for no reason whatsoever. I don’t chat or comment all I do is check the points and make adjustments to my team and my account is erased. Trash app. Don’t waste your time downloading. It’s sad how far this app fell off