NFL Rush Gameday

NFL Rush Gameday

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NFL Enterprises LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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NFL Rush Gameday App

Experience Gameday Together! NFL RUSH Gameday is designed for kids to play fun games, customize their own avatars, watch awesome videos, and unlock cool digital gear from their favorite teams! Kids can play as they watch real NFL games, and complete a series of challenges based on passing, running and kicking the football. Experience gameday together and enjoy NFL fun alongside your kids when you install NFL RUSH Gameday! - Compete in 6 different arcade mini-games - Unlock crazy costumes for your super fans - Watch real NFL highlights and pregame match-up videos - Play weekly challenges based on real NFL team stats - Take a selfie, and customize with your team's colors and stickers - Follow your favorite team and know exactly when their next game is Note: This app does not provide access to live NFL game broadcasts. NFL RUSH Gameday is 100% free-to-play, no microtransactions or advertisements.

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NFL Rush Gameday app reviews

  • Good game and fun to play but needs a change 4/5

    By #1 WFT fan
    This game is fun but it needs to change something. There is still the Washington Redskins logo and name and it needs to be changed to Washington Football Team.
  • Yes 5/5

    By pickle rick man
  • This kid friendly game 5/5

    By Tankdino
    It’s a great game. Thank you for making it
  • Trash 1/5

    By carla jackyy
    It’s so trash u can walk out of bounds and the play will still be there
  • Decent, but often frustrating. 4/5

    By Angel_Wise2
    I took a star off because it is often frustrating to play.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Tiffmontyj
    So I’ve bhen looking for a good fan and I LOVE Football and NFL and then downloaded this game and it was amazing.🏉
  • Trash 2/5

    By zaysoking
    The game is only fun when you’re first learning how to play. Once you actually get the hang of it and become good they start to cheat. The game only wants you to do so good. After a while you’ll start to notice they regardless how good you intend to play, they already have it programmed for how well they want you to do. The player level of ranking remains the same which makes the game very repetitive. Eventually the game starts to get boring because it’s too unrealistic.
  • WEBSITE 1/5

    By Detroitboss
    Please bring back the NFL Rush Zone website. It’s so much better than this game
  • this game is good but could be better 4/5

    By CaelBruning
    i think u can add a button to make it so u can nuke or spin move in ur control that would make the game a lot better. and a season mode were u can take ur team to the super bowl! how cool would that be, amazing! but so far the game looks good. also another cool update would be so u can pick ur plays and actually play real people 1v1. i would love this game even more than i already do, good job so far though.
  • Old stuff 3/5

    By old man 33333
    Bring back the old thing with the super powers
  • Website 1/5

    By Loudenmarsalis3333
  • It’s ok 5/5

    By FaZe H1g1sky1
    So... myself ( a 15 year old gaming addict) was browsing through the App Store, and I found this. This game is fun, it’s like madden mobile for little kids, but I thought I would give this a try. So I downloaded it, played a few hours of it, and I found it pretty good! But the only problem is that, there’s not a lot of stuff there.
  • Bring back old NFLRZ for Mobile!! 3/5

    By Bengals41116
    Bring back the old NFLRZ game from the computer to mobile devices it would be huge!
  • Great app 1/5

    By Steven in FL
    Great app
  • It’s OK 4/5

    By Evan6941
    I love the game but I wish you could play actual football with it.
  • Good needs more 3/5

    By MikeyJeca
    I love this game but it needs a better game play. The opponent should get a score and you should play bye 7 s multiplayer? NEEDS MORE other whys the game is great.
  • Okay 3/5

    By Monster lengend player
    I love the game but can you make a mode where you play an actual game. I feel like it will help it out a lot.
  • NFL rush game day review 5/5

    By Mrs201
    This game is so addictive but please make the teams faster.
  • It was great 1/5

    By the makx
    Best game ever
  • Good Game 5/5

    By Whetstone66
    This game is really fun but you guys should make the enemy players faster. Other than that I love it!!!
  • Not very good 1/5

    By Deannae4
    I hate it when whenever I’m trying to download it it always stops and I have to delete everything just but I am adding game I don’t really like it
  • Do not like the game! 1/5

    By PeasonThatDoesNotLikTheGame
    This game has cool skins in all, but they don’t do anything while you are playing. Plus, the players aren’t even fast. SUPER ANNOYING!It is also really hard to aim to another receiver.If you just download this, delete it!Please fix this!!!
  • Can’t play 1/5

    By DioRocks
    Every time I try to play this game it blacks out and go back to home
  • Opponents too fast 4/5

    By braydenMM6
    This was such a fun game to enjoy 😊 u pls6 against opponets. But worst part. There too fast and trying to make me learn to lose. Can u change gthe speed of each team except mine as the eagles so it’s way easier and more fun to enjoy?
  • The best game of all time 5/5

    By XxbarknightxL
    The game is so fun to play it’s like the best game on my iPhone and earth
  • Amazing 4/5

    They game Is awesome there’s hardly any ever ads but they should add more game modes like a real game
  • This game is fun but kid don’t git it 5/5

    By Darkninga422
    👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😅 it git’s me tired of running
  • A waste of time 1/5

    By footbol americano
    Good thing it’s free, or else it would’ve been a waste of time AND money. P.S. Tell Swagbucks to honor its offerings or stop doing business with them.
  • Can’t get off select team screen 1/5

    By Mainstreetmagic
    Downloaded and opened but couldn’t get off the screen where you select your favorite team, so I have no idea what this app is for. A waste to down load.
  • Nice AWESOME GAME 4/5

    By oxohiloljij
    This game is really awesome, it’s fun, cool and entertaining but also it take a long time to download and it stresses me lol hi
  • By Anthony Madrid 5/5

    By hatfaca
    This is a good way to get thing that u want for your ps4 or stuff
  • Good! 5/5

    By Bot642
    This is not speaking I was programmed to spam 5 stars and random ex!amar!on points!!!!!
  • To much 1/5

    By popopopopooooppopopopopopo
    I think that it takes up to much space because my tablet only has about 16 gigabytes
  • Good but add a season 4/5

    By high hopes D man
    I love your game but you should add a season because its boring with out one so add a season to it but everything else is great. So pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaassssssssss add a season
  • Uh installs back on its own.. 1/5

    By LeighLeigh911
    Enough said by the title. Only got the game for reward points in another game and this darn game installs itself back on the phone randomly. NO THANK YOU!!! STOP IT!!! WASTE OF SPACE AND HORRIBLE!!!! Buggy! Also if it can install on its own WHAT ELSE is it doing on its own??!?!?
  • 🍑 1/5

    By Om Vish
    Game is buns
  • The computer goes faster than you do!!! 1/5

    By kkdud
    I downloaded this then played for a half a hour but I noticed the cpu goes faster than so it makes totally unbalance and not fair plz if you want a kid or a person to get arrigtated don’t get this
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By treytin
    It’s blocking content please fix
  • Awesome 5/5

    By averys3770
    I never want to put down my phone
  • BIG thumbs down 1/5

    By philly chz steak
    Absolutely terrible, gameplay is slow and sets you up to fail. And every game there needs to be a intro where it’s just a fan dabbing in camera.
  • Players 3/5

    By PrinceonFleek
    Players are to fast they need to slow down
  • Lit 4/5

    By CHADT50
    Great game. Very simple and easy to play. If you want to win something with ease and have a fun time try this game. There is one thing though. The passing option needs to be fixed. The players stop on their routes and don’t after the ball unlike madden. You need to give the player the ability to choose plays or even make their own. Keep improving. Recommend to anyone.
  • Ff 5/5

    By wjehfj
    U should make a my career mode were u get to play for ur favorite team and choose ur position and play season games
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ella-fine101101
    Fun game everybody needs to have it
  • NFL rush game day sounds awesome 5/5

    By Ririaweosme
    I am downloading it but it is taking forever such a big game I am expecting I will wright another comment on this game when it is done downloading
  • Nice but should get an update, 5/5

    By Loreleii Guise
    I love the game, and as I used to love the Eagles, I had not such a big interest because I didn’t know how the game worked, but with this game, it gave me some of the experiences with it, and that’s awesome, but please, maybe add a training area or something to maybe train your football player, it would be a nice addition to the game
  • It is ok... 3/5

    By Haley muragaki
    This is a pretty decent app. It has all the things you need, but... It takes up so much storage! I had to delete many of my useful apps just to get this app. Also, it takes very long to download. I recommend this, if you are very patient.
  • Cool game 5/5

    By lilrukus
    It is sooooooooo cool
  • Pretty awesome 5/5

    By Pjawesom0809
    It’s very VERY good, but please add back fantasy football. I love fantasy football and heard from websites injury free football and HUGE prizes