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The official app of the NFL is the best, pure football app for any fan, with live local and primetime games, exciting videos and highlights, and replays of every game with NFL Game Pass (subscription required). The NFL app is packed with more video than ever. The NFL app keeps fans fully updated all off-season long, with breaking NFL news, highlights, stats & more. It doesn't matter where you are, the NFL app has you covered. iPhone features: • Live Local and Primetime Games • Live Playoffs and Super Bowl LIII • NFL Combine and Draft Coverage iPhone and iPad features: • All New Game Center with up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts • NFL Network 24/7/365 with authentication • Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL • Access to NFL Game Pass, NFL RedZone, NFL Shop, and more iPad-only features • NFL Network 24/7/365 and NFL RedZone are available for eligible subscribers of AT&T U-verse, Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Optimum, Verizon FiOS and many more providers. All fans can access NFL Game Pass subscription content within the NFL app. NFL Game Pass is a subscription product with features that vary based on location**. Learn more at Learn more about the NFL's digital offerings:,, and The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content, including all content within the NFL Game Pass offering. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions. *Data usage applies for app download and use. **Certain restrictions apply. ***NFL RedZone subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account and auto-renew every month unless it is turned off from your iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:


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NFL app reviews

  • Horrid Mess of a Non-usable App 1/5

    By AlanButler
    Most recent updates have made this unusable. Constant crashes, always 5 minutes behind. Game halfway over and the app says it hasn’t started yet. They tried to add so much and make it so fancy that it has zero usability and even less functionality. It’s so cluttered, convoluted, and crammed full of attempts to do “more more more” that the app can’t handle all that they’re trying to make it do, and thus can’t even run itself. Disappointed in the developers for this horrid mess.
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By keegdad
    This new update is just plain terrible. It is extremely difficult to navigate to say he least. The last version was so much more user friendly and the best part was that your selected team would remain at the top of he screen, making it easy to check the game results, now I have to scroll to nearly the bottom of the page just to get the results from my favorite team. Please revert back to previous version.
  • Just Plain Terrible 1/5

    By dgttx74
    Whoever NFL hired to do the coding needs to be fired. Terrible layout. Terrible responsiveness on an iPad Pro. Terrible navigation. Worst of all I can’t use my Game Pass because the video feed dies after about a half a second. I’m running the latest version and even reinstalled and it’s still terrible. This is a mobile app people. Write it like mobile users are going to be using it.
  • Sir Ben 1/5

    By Rootsofone
    I would like to use my Verizon phone to stream the game to the tv for my friends to see. Verizon would get more business for the neat feature but instead I sit staring at a 2.5*6” screen. Wish the Avi out would work. I spend enough going to games for the nfl to be this cheap!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By MarkWhiteLotus
    Streaming quality is low rez and choppy. Can’t maintain connection. Went back to Chrome browser and watched the game without any issues. This app is crap.
  • So glitchy. 2/5

    By djsteink
    This app has been so glitchy. I'm newer to iPhone, but it was NEVER this bad on Android. Borderline unusable with the amount of times button and/or links cease to work. Please fix this.
  • Fix Hide Scores!!! 1/5

    By bLiTz2kX
    Whoever the geniuses were that decided to merge the NFL app with Game Pass didn’t give it much thought at all. When you set Hide Scores it only applies to the game pass tab..but the app opens with the weeks highlights and scores making it completely impossible to use the app without spoiling the results. Absolutely massive oversight. GO BACK TO TWO APPS!
  • Come on NFL 2/5

    By DAA1964
    It would be hard to imagine a more poorly designed way to provide NFL fans mobile access to their favorite teams, in game play by play, and other relevant information. The NFL should look no further than the MLB if they want a lesson in how to make a great fan oriented app. This thing makes it hard to follow games, and it’s slow to load (lose the animated graphics) and buggy, frequently crashing, on those rare occasions you’re able to actually get to the game you want to follow. Charge me money if you want, so that I can watch the games, just like I do on my MLB app.
  • Poor video 1/5

    By I am glad the NFL has $
    About every five minutes, the video “fumbles”. How can you watch football when the video feed is inconsistent? Just terrible. I have used this app for fours and this is the first time I have experienced any issues. I just updated my app and it looks like they need another update! Garbage!!
  • Get it together... 1/5

    By Husbeast1369
    I have used this app for the last couple years, as well as GamePass, and have been happy... This year I can watch far less games then in the past! Last year I could stream all preseason games and this year it’s only a select few... For the same price?? And now there are 3 games on and every single one has “Fumble! There is a problem playing this video!” when I try to watch... Come on! I paid for a subscription and have been severely disappointed so far! Get it fixed or I want a refund... (LOL! Like THAT’LL happen!)
  • Horrible design 1/5

    By JVizzle86
    Not sure how a major corporation can create such a poor app. Nothing works quite right. Game pass isn’t easy to find, you have to click more? Seriously? Not sure how this got through design but it’s just a joke

    The new update to this app is atrocious. Those of us willing to dish out $100 for Game Pass to watch or listen to preseason games on phones have been suckered. You can no longer listen to continuous audio via mobile device. You must keep the app open?! Bonus can’t use your bluetooth headphones or speakers either?! The press on week 1 games were un watchable via mobile as well. You can’t even watch old games in the Game Pass library via LTE, it only allows me to do it on a wi-fi connection. When you open the desired game the screen will immediately go black. The new layout is also confusing to navigate to find out how to watch / listen to a game via mobile as well. The Game Pass feature works fine on a computer but for those of us that use our phones to watch or listen to games are frustrated! Fix it NFL or your going to lose tons of Game Pass business.
  • Need to scale up their streaming capabilities 2/5

    By rstrs802
    First season using GamePass through AppleTV (NFL Ticket subscriber through DirecTV for years prior) and so far watching preseason games is painful...constant “sorry, we’re having trouble playing the video right now”. All other streaming over my gigabit fiber connection is running flawlessly. Hope this improves or this will be my last season using this package.
  • Why ruin a good thing?? 1/5

    By G Double Yuu
    This app used to work great last season. As a Verizon user I though I would be able to watch the games that I wanted, not just whichever game the app decided I should watch. The ads are out of control and the video quality isn’t that great. Especially when I try and turn my phone horizontal. It used to work flawless before this big update. Way to ruin a good thing.
  • Dislike this app now. 1/5

    By crashromano
    I’ve been using this app for 3 years or so now and it was always easy to navigate now it has become confusing, and as a Verizon customer I was always able to watch preseason games had red zone etc. for the price, now I have none of that can’t seem to access anything but now need to pay 99.99$ for a subscription and it tells me I can’t even watch games ? Changes shouldn’t have been made to how it was before this update
  • Can’t use headphones? 1/5

    By Dik blz
    If you are trying to use Bluetooth headphone the app stops video playback. Good job boys considering a lot of phone don’t even have regular headphone jacks anymore.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Neils55876
    This app never works and constantly shuts down. Verizon claims you get to watch games but that’s not true since the app never works.
  • Can’t even access content 1/5

    By Mattydfisher
    This new app is simply horrible- you pay good money and can’t even access old replay games ..forget about their so called live preseason games, it gives you a black screen -they tell you to delete and reinstall -did that a million times—they are forever updating it which crashes the whole thing again-whoever is in charge needs to be fired. it’s a horrible experience.customer service is an email you hope they reply to. They take your money and give you nothing— FIX THE APP or refund my money please
  • Awful! 2/5

    By Ca530
    Crashes pretty regularly. Navigation is cumbersome, for example if I want to look at games I have to actually select what week’s games I want to look at instead of it just being current like the app has previously been. Cc won’t turn off no matter how many times try to do so.
  • Maybe you need to split up this app 2/5

    By The Mainsplice
    Way too bulky to just watch gamepass. I have to click through multiple screens. Last years version was much easier. I really don’t care about NFL network reporting or stories, just allow me to get to the games I’m paying for. How about an app just for gamepass? This NFL app is too much.
  • Frustrating Update 1/5

    By DylanG1997
    I used to get on this app multiple times a day because I loved the content on the app, but this update has led me to delete the app and move on to a new NFL news app. The update has everything in a confusing order and is annoying to sort through. Unsure of why you can now only select one favorite team as I enjoy following three different franchises. The video previews are unnecessarily big and then the article tittles are all smashed together and cut off half of the title. Very confused on why the layout was messed with. I hope the app changes back to a similar UI to the one beforehand.
  • new update is terrible 2/5

    By Prophet2204
    i’ve been using this app for years now, but i have to say this new interface is terrible. there are just so many features and small little details that are literally gone now. the app itself just has constant lag skips. please change this, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.
  • What happened!? Disappointment 1/5

    By RaiderNation ATX
    The quality of this app was much better than the most recent major upgrade. I’m not able to stream GMFB, or watch videos on my team. You need to get this fixed ASAP!
  • Tristan Reese 5/5

    By sugar ray/ little tristan
    This app is great in all but can you please go back to the nfl app from before? I just like that one better and it’s less confusing.
  • Horrific Update 1/5

    By Bysket
    How does this app still have a 4.7 rating? It’s now complete garbage after the update. Crashes consistently. Every time I use the app it crashes at least twice. Not to mention they just completely destroyed a system that worked great and have replaced it with utter crap. I just really hate the changes they’ve made to the app that I used to love and was so convenient.
  • I got reset 3/5

    By john jkg
    The new update completely reset my Game Center account even tho I logged in as a existing user. Can I please get my old account back Thanks
  • Bluetooth headphones 1/5

    By Aj Garcia Jr
    The NFL is so scared that you’ll stream to a bigger screen they disabled the ability to watch the game and listen to it on your headphones connected by Bluetooth
  • Inconvenient and confusing 2/5

    By allynicole4
    I have had NFL Mobile for a few years now and have always enjoyed the layout and format of the app; however, the newest version/change is very inconvenient and confusing. Although all of the information is there about your “favorite team”, it requires lots of scrolling and searching to simply find the news stories. The older version was more colorful and organized which made it more enjoyable. Before, if I had read a news story, there would be a check saying I had read it which was very useful. I also can no longer select multiple favorite teams to get updates. I used to have three teams favorited, but thats not possible any more. Lastly, I found a glitch. Two days ago, (Monday) I finally received the final scoring and game score updates on the Ravens preseason game which was Thursday night. It took 4 days for my phone to receive the game notifications. The current version is functional and works, but the old version was much better in my opinion, I don’t find the app as enjoyable anymore.
  • This app used to be good 1/5

    By Bill the Overcranky
    This app used to be awesome, but now it crashes almost every time I use it. So frustrating, just bring back what you had last season, your updates have ruined a good app.
  • Get some RAID this apps got bugs 1/5

    By Dpstyle75
    I am a die hard football fan and have used this app since its inception. So having gone through all the updates why does it seem like the developers try to overhaul it right before the start of the season?! Im not in love with the new layout but will get used to it. What’s completely annoying is when watching videos the close or minimize icons disappear on my Apple devices and I am stuck in autoplay hell without force closing the app. True there are worse places to be and that is using the new Game Pass which I paid $100 for and cannot even watch games. It just shows a .5sec clip and then goes black no matter what option you choose. If they can’t fix this update soon I will be getting my $ back.
  • Update to last year’s review - it’s even worse 1/5

    By JimboDev
    Now it won’t even play the videos from the stories. Does the NFL even care? Must not...
  • 1 -Star 1/5

    By Basskillertwo
    The old app was so freaking friendly and it showed news first. I don’t like how they have the app’ really it doesn’t matter’ because I didn’t watch any NFL last year’ because of their Bullspit about not standing and saluting The Flag... why did I and many others risk our LIVES, combating overseas.. for our Nation! Pee Wee’s do so up to Collage Teams! I’ve always been a collage football nut.... That’s All I got to say, ✌️to all.... semper Fi
  • Bring back Chromecast 3/5

    By RICHDAWG1014
    Great app but the new update doesn’t allow me to watch it on my tv with the Chromecast! Please bring it back
  • Horrible 1/5

    By L-DOG3000
    I can not listen to the streams through my Bluetooth headsets😡😡😡
  • New update is awful 1/5

    By Jeff TN
    Can’t watch nfl network anymore, it glitches all the time now and if your connected to Bluetooth kiss watching nflnetwork goodbye, doesn’t work screen stays black.. Bout to delete this app
  • Not good 2/5

    By Howk26
    This app doesn’t work very well, nfl network barely works
  • Runs after shutdown 1/5

    By Yyyyyyyaboi
    Videos continue to play, won't stop. Even after phone is turned off the audio keeps playing. Has been this way for several years. Obviously the NFL isn’t interested in fixing the bug. iPhone, iPad, or updates. Doesn’t stop. Boo!
  • Delayed notifications 2/5

    By Jawood5
    Got a score notification 4 days after the game was over. No issues with other apps sending notifications on time.
  • NFL, take your money and fail to deliver on promised service 1/5

    By Will Huepenbecker
    Literally can’t watch any games after paying...screen goes black and I have to kill the app to start over. How is it possible that the league with the most money can’t develop an app that works? Shameless and pathetic.
  • Warning Bluetooth Audio Bug 1/5

    By Tony the Focus Troll
    If you are a Game Pass subscriber of attempt to watch NFL network through the app, you may encounter the same bug I am experiencing. If your iPhone audio is connected to a Bluetooth device, the selected Game Pass or NFL network stream will fail to load. I’ve been getting a blank screen with no audio. As soon as I tell the iPhone audio to play through the iPhone speaker, the stream works correctly. I’ve been a Game Pass subscriber for 3 years and this is the first time it has happened.
  • If you look at the score on the pregame 3/5

    By TSkyBlue
    Some of them right side by side for like 28 but then some of them are first and second line so it’s out of sync somebody could fix this thank you
  • Please update 4/5

    By Ravens1217
    I like the new style of the app but it crashes every time I open it. Please update
  • Layout 3/5

    By Nutter Butter7373
    I miss the old layout of the app, Everything seems to be loading slower too :(
  • Terrible redesign, STEER CLEAR! 1/5

    By Paul808ly
    This app was so great last year, but now it is basically unusable. Nothing about it is intuitive now. Not only that, but the app lags constantly, even when connected to WiFi. Some of the worst design changes are as follows: - You can no long swipe right to left to see up coming games. In stead the opted to put a drop down menu at the very top center of the screen. So good bye one-handed use. - They removed the ability to see the stats of teams from previous years. No reason to remove that, but they did. - All of the fonts and pictures are now significantly smaller now. If you are outside in the sun at all it’s a pain to read. - You used to be able to control your news feed on the app to display info for several teams you follow. Now you can only pick a single team. As someone who has at least 4 teams I keep up with, I found this extremely disappointing. All in all, I would strongly avoid this app. It is essentially broken now and there are simply better resources out there. It’s sad though, because it was so great last year.
  • Confusing 1/5

    By jrinhouston
    Got the updated and not happy with it..the words and numbers tend to run together, hard to use and follow..liked the old one better...going to delete the app. Maybe I wil try it again later on.
  • Stop!! 1/5

    By Vikingqb7
    I played 15 years of football, I’ve always enjoyed watching football on Sundays; now I can’t stand to even see an NFL football jersey in publicly because of these ridiculous protests and kneeling for our anthem. I will boycott the nfl this year just like I did last year until your racist players stop the kneeling! Handle the boycott like men and kick these jerks out of the NFL!!! #boycottthenfl
  • What happened? 1/5

    By cardzchamps
    The app is so slow now and having flash screens. Every time there is an interruption like a phone call or low battery the video would start from the beginning or crashed. The ads doesn’t have when it switched between ad and videos, it took way too long. For multi billion and possibly trillion dollars company to put an app like this out is not right. Either don’t do it or do it right.
  • Not a good update 2/5

    By Dcentz
    Since the apps update it has wording over wording and is very hard to read. WHY???
  • Totally confusing and a rip off 1/5

    By Tbootle
    This app doesn’t work and it doesn’t let you cancel on a mobil device but you can set it up on one... what a joke
  • Games 3/5

    By jensabroncofan
    Please put it back where my team shows at the very top of each week’s list of games. It was nice not to have to scroll down to find my team and time for the game. The news feed is busy but I haven’t looked at it much.

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