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Just tap into the NFL App for free live local and primetime games, exciting highlights, and replays of every game with NFL Game Pass (subscription required). iPhone and iPad Features: • NFL Network 24/7 with authentication • Up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts • Free live local and primetime games • Live Playoffs and Super Bowl LIV • NFL Combine and Draft Coverage • Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL • Access to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone from NFL Network with authentication NFL Game Pass is a subscription product with features that vary based on location**. Learn more at Learn more about the NFL's digital offerings:,, and The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone from NFL Network or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions. The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. To opt out of Nielsen measurement go into your iOS settings. Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking. Please visit: to learn more about the Nielsen digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them. *Data usage applies for app download and use. **Certain restrictions apply. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:

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NFL app reviews

  • Absolute garbage 1/5

    By spamb0t
    Who the hell creates a video app that doesn’t cast? NFL that’s who. Oh yeah, you can’t pause or rewind when watching a game. I heard a developer’s 4yo suggested that “feature”. So anyway, some local channels don’t receive in the basement entertainment room and if the game is on one of those, too bad. Can’t cast. Missed a play? Too bad, can’t rewind.
  • Screen cast 1/5

    By J-ROCK87
    Why would you get rid of the ability to share to my tv so I don’t have to watch on a tiny screen. Ruined the app in this last update. Tell the developers to put back in.
  • Please make it possible to stop auto play of videos 3/5

    By sbosch95
    Good app. Can be slow loading sometimes. Great to be able to watch live games. But frustrating that there seems to be no way to disable auto play of videos in the app.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By This can't b happening !!!!!!
    It used to work well but now it just keeps on crashing. Can’t be used at all
  • Good but buggy and getting worse 2/5

    By krs123
    Used to be buggy but tolerable. Now I stopped using it because when opening the page showing Scores, the video auto plays with sound. I see no way to auto play as muted which it used to do. I now use ESPN app for scores. Second big disappointment is the options for watching live games no longer accurately reflect my local broadcast games.
  • Can’t open... 1/5

    By fish killr
    Have an iPhone 6plus and the app opens and shuts...doesn’t work anymore....deleted the app reinstalled it and same thing...
  • Sound is lagging by a few seconds 3/5

    By DJDG80
    Hi guys. Sound is lagging in the videos. Also, watching on iPhone makes it so that every time I swipe away from the app, it moves the placement of where you’re watching. Please fix.
  • Casting 1/5

    By Byrdgang MOBster
    Where is the casting feature??? It’s 2020. Catch up!
  • Get with it NFL 2/5

    By packergene
    It’s time to get some people working on this app that understand streaming services. This could be a really nice app if would remember where you left off watching a game. Amazon, Netflix, Disney all have that feature. Next make sure the audio matches up with the video on the replay of games both full and condensed.
  • Good App 5/5

    I love This!
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By DavisOhio
    You’ll watch more ads vs actual game time. Total ads vs Game time is tremendously heavier. Trash app.
  • Poor attempt 1/5

    By calihockey
    App is slow to load. Impossible to look up individual stats. You can see league leaders or team leader, but not full league. Cant flag more than one team to follow. The only good thing about the app is the video content, but most of that is available through other providers and not unique.
  • Rewind & fast forward 1/5

    By theeblaze
    The appletv app doesn’t allow your to rewind or fast forward incrementally. The mobile apps let you rewind or fast forward incrementally. So, I use airplay from iPad to appletv so I then I have the abilty to rewind or fast forward incrementally. I’ve been doing this for years. It just amazes me this issue hasn’t been fixed. I know developers know about this issue because I’ve read several comments about this. So, it hasn’t been fixed on purpose then. NFL doesn't care about the fans. Sad
  • Load times are unbearable. Free games are high quality. 3/5

    By TheStrayGay
    If it wasn’t for the free games, this review would be one star. First of all, the worst part of the app, the article load times. Quick warning: this aspect may just be my experience, because I know people who don’t have issues. Some articles will not be able to be read. You will press on it and it will just never load. And if it does, it will take several minutes to do so. It’s such a shame because I love this app otherwise. The articles are high quality a lot of the times. It’s just that I can’t read many of the because of terrible load times. Besides that, the app is great. Free local games are such a pleasant gift that the NFL doesn’t really have to give. You do have to either log into your tv provider or be on cellular connection. The ads for the video are a little obnoxious, just because they can be like 30 seconds long even if the video is only 15 seconds. But, overall, it’s a middle of the road quality app until they fix the terrible article load times. Would be 4.5-5 stars if this issue was resolved.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By priceybaebee
    I try to watch live games every week and ends up freezing during big plays. Hate this app
  • It’s slow ... 1/5

    By pgp
    So slow it hurts; just use the website ... Seems like most of the app is web views embedded in an app anyway.
  • Worthless....keeps crashing. Won’t even load on iPhone 1/5

    By LifetimeSkier
    Worthless....keeps crashing. Won’t even load on iPhone
  • Crashtacular 1/5

    By kauffmanx
    This app has been failing for the last few weeks. It launches, then appears to crash but doesn’t because I’m still able to see it in the task manager and kill it. Super disappointing.
  • Keeps crashing, removed, installed again, crash 1/5

    By Steeler_Fan
    Tried to open the app to listen to game pass, crashed. Closed, tried to open again, crashed. Removed app, restarted iPhone and installed app. Went through a few questions, shut down again. Working fine on iPad, does not have the latest iOS.
  • I have a to delete and reinstall every week to get my Redzone to work 1/5

    By Big dawggy
    Just like the title says. Such a terrible experience. Have to do the same thing on my AppleTV app frequently as well.
  • Red zone fail 1/5

    By Bethisho
    Purchased redzone marketed as allowing me to watch every touchdown of every game except that it’s just not true and “redzone” is actually just one channel switching between B level games and will not show the Steelers game which is the whole reason I just paid 20$
  • What’s the point of this app? 2/5

    By brakiavelli
    It’s just showing me the same games that are on my tv. Asking us to favorite a team is pointless if it isn’t a local team. You’re not gonna see them play if they’re not local. Do we favorite them to read news about them? Can do that on bleacher. Can do that on the team app. You should offer a pay-per-view option for ppl who favorite teams not in their local markets. Sunday ticket is crazy expensive. I just want to see my team play. I would pay a discounted Sunday ticket price that just shows me my favorited team play. I would pay. So would tons of other ppl.
  • Drew Brees 5/5

    By gilgros
    In the name of common sense Brees should retire NOW! I speak as a now retiredThoracic surgeon! Anyone sustaining all those cracked ribs plus a pneumothorax....punctured at a high risk of potential reinjury which in turn could jeapordizehis future health. If money is a question, forget it, he made enough.if it’s his reputation,he like Joe Theismann has earned a great legacy. .i also played college ball, so there’s that! With respect, John M. Keshishian....(I’m 97, dammit)
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By KoreanKowboy
    Doesn’t load and just hangs forever. The NFL just wants your money and couldn’t care less about it’s fans. Well, it just lost another one.
  • Didn’t even install it yet 5/5

    By Tactical FC
    Go football
  • Not good enough if free 1/5

    By Min4me
    No fast forward, OK you have to make $billions somehow. But not reverse. And if I do scroll back after - or 2 times the app stops with an error that says too ma y concurrent sessions. I am about ready to go back to radio.
  • Crashes Non-Stop 1/5

    By Dump Truck_05
    The app won’t even open. It crashes EVERY time I try to open it. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded multiple times with the same negative results. iPhone 12 Pro
  • Logos 5/5

    By ACTom1701
    When is the NFL app going to let the user have the logo of their favorite team for the app like the MLB & NHL apps did?
  • Does not provide the basics 2/5

    By mec_stl
    Weird app. Non-intuitive content and layout. By the way, I can’t stand apps that decide on their to use landscape mode on my iPad. Also, I can’t even find the season schedule for my team. Why on earth would you not provide that?
  • Fails to work 1/5

    By edlubbers
    As a Gamepass subscriber I should get a refund. The app worked on my Apple devices until the beginning of this season 2020, now I cannot sign into gamepass. So previously worked now does not on iPad, and Apple TV. Half a season gone and no fix.
  • Free Football 5/5

    By [Cavs]Knotdrew360
    I used to go over to my grandparents to watch every Cleveland game but since COVID 19 hit I haven’t been able to go over there. But I get every Cleveland game on my phone now which is soooo awesome. 5stars from me!
  • Raiders Broncos game 1/5

    By Shelalalove
    This app has Broncos on every possession so the play by play is completely messed up. Raiders just scored and shows Broncos scored. Game almost over and no one has noticed.
  • Lot of bugs 2/5

    By maujj28
    Good app but lots of bugs and certain matches freeze at times
  • Play-by-play needs life support 2/5

    By Me1234567890me1234567890
    The play-by-play has always left something to be desired. However, within the last year it has gotten worse instead of better. I am out of market for my team and try to follow it using that. I miss entire drives before it updates.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Breeze122
    This is the slowest app ever. Don’t waste your time .
  • Don’t waste your time or money. 1/5

    By Submitter ire
    This app is a scam. It’s very complicated to use. And it’s not as easy to watch the games as they advertise. You can only watch live games in your area. All the other games are only available after they are played. The NFL is just trying to nickel and dime you for all they money they can get. Red zone cost extra as well. I’d give it 0 stars if possible.
  • Streaming video no longer works 1/5

    By Kep408
    After some update, the streaming video no longer works. It's just a black screen.
  • App it’s not opening 1/5

    By football11115
    It’s not working at all!!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Alexmac392
    Forced to do an update, now it immediately crashes upon opening.
  • This is the NFL 5/5

    By Ejcejtbsst
    This is how i find out who everyone plays
  • Can’t even open 1/5

    By rajon Rondo the goat
    I’ve deleted and redownloaded dozens of times and I still can’t open the app
  • NFL should refund Apple TV users the money for game pass! 1/5

    By WFT1981
    Absolutely the worst app I’ve ever used. I pay for a subscription to game pass, and I can’t watch the games on Apple TV,. The app simply doesn’t work. When opened it shows the NFL logo and then goes to a blank screen and just stays there! How does a billion dollar league get away with this. You should be ashamed of yourself! I’m a veteran for crying loud.
  • How to make it better 4/5

    By Yatusabess
    The app is definitely amazing ! Combine it with the NFL REDZONE, and it is absolutely perfect, besides INE little remark. The REDZONE portion of the app should be made available for devices such as Xbox and PlayStation or at least on the smart TVs.
  • My opinion 3/5

    By fufhjn
    It’s good
  • Life line 5/5

    By Dwaynem62
    It’s hard being homeless. But at least I get to watch the games on your app. I watched the super bowl last year using this app. I appreciate it.
  • The NFL app! 5/5

    By kenzieisfunny
    This is so much better than any other app you get to watch any NFL game you missed🤤🙂😮😎
  • Night mode 1/5

    By Blackpigeon7
    Glitchy glitchy glitchy.... It crashes a lot and doesn’t work randomly. It’s sometimes very slow for no reason. Articles are sometimes unreadable in night mode
  • Leave it alone 5/5

    By hut hut hut!
    There’s nothing wrong with this NFL app leave it alone let’s watch football! Thanks
  • Red zone 5/5

    By Solaman3311
    How do I get red zone if I subscribe from my tv provider on this app