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nFollowers App

-= Ever wondered who unfollowed you on Instagram? =- With nFollowers for Instagram, you can find who unfollowed you on Instagram, who is not following you back, track new followers, and more... nFollowers is more than a comprehensive followers management tool. It brings you a unique Instagram experience you'll never find in any other app! Features: - Track new Instagram followers - Track Instagram unfollowers (users who followed you and decided to not follow you anymore) - Track Instagram followers that don't follow you back - Track Instagram followers you don’t follow Back - Follow and unfollow users - User Insights - (Users You Like, not follow, users who like you and not following, and more) - Engagement Insights - Followers and non followers who like and comment on your posts the most and the least * PLEASE NOTE that you must have an Instagram account to use this app.

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nFollowers app reviews


    By jurcehki
    Purchased the Worst Followers feature and it said people who have given me likes have never given me any likes
  • One of the better apps to manage followed 5/5

    By aaaaaakakakakaka
    Very happy with this app
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By Pipitaña3476
    Downloaded it and also even paid for the upgrade. DOES NOT WORK. Tried everything and keeps saying “Unknown Error” DO NOT GET THIS APP!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By King_cody_
    Only allow me to unfollow 2 people at a time
  • Great app, does the job 4/5

    By Mferraro128
    I have one function i wish they would implement. It sorts everything alphabetically. I wish it would sort them chronologically, recent unfollowers, etc.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By ashthegamergirl
    WTH why tf we have to pay $2.99 to unfollow loads of people. This app is a scam lol don’t waste your time and money on this useless app. Like who in the right mind would pay to unfollow people like come dude, improve your app or just delete it cuz it’s not worth it 😪
  • Couldn’t not sign in 1/5

    By Mandi Ilene
    Wouldn’t let me sign in, deleted it
  • Scammer 1/5

    By iluvumammi
    Ever since I used this app to see who doesn’t follow me back, a day after my account was erased, don’t trust this app
  • Error every time 1/5

    By Timbo99
    I purchased the full version to manage a business account. Any time I attempt to follow or unfollow, it redirects to Instagram. Which makes it totally useless. $3 I’ll never get back, oh well.
  • Mediocre 3/5

    By kdaf
    I love this app and it’s accurate, but I paid for the subscription to unfollow and it only did it for 2 days and for about 15 people. The rest of the time I have to go to their IG profile and unfollow that way. It also regulate red as suspicious activity on my account and I was locked out for a bit. It also froze my account and I couldn’t follow/unfollow or like anything for 2 days on my thrifting account and my real account even though I only use this for my thrifting account.
  • Refresh 1/5

    By #dainstaaddict
    It doesn’t refresh often
  • Doesnt work at all 1/5

    By Ryder Goodwin
    Doesn’t work at all if you have a lot of followers. The developers Never returned my emails either. Also I paid for the specific extra services and they didn’t work either.
  • Fix Bug 1/5

    By La herb
    I paid $2.99 to be able to unfollow all user who aren’t following me back. I was able to unfollow a few until it stopped working and it hasn’t worked since, id like my money back.
  • DONT DO IT! 1/5

    By KimConlin
    I tried using this app to see my unfollows and Instagram permanently deleted my business account that I have had since 2013! My entire business is gone! Learn from me!!! DONT DO IT!
  • I purchased this for one reason 2/5

    By abcdd101010
    So It’s faster and easier to unfollow people who don’t follow me back. However, I’m not able to use that feature because I keep getting an error or sent directly to Instagram. It’s frustrating because I paid for it.
  • Don’t buy this app 1/5

    By Bakhogan
    When I click on the people who have unfollowed me, those people are not even real people on Instagram. What a waste. 😔
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By DuceyJ
    Doesn’t allow me to log in. Super buggy.
  • Steals your money 1/5

    By sunsetsonledges
    The in app purchases of 2.99 is a scam. You buy it and unfollow a few people and then the app crashes. Once you reopen it the number of people you are following is completely inaccurate thus the app no longer works to see who is not following you back. It’s a total scam.
  • don’t buy anything 1/5

    By ցíӏӏíɑʍʍ97
    i paid to get an engagement pack to unfollow people and it wont let me unfollow people. when i tried to contact them it said my email was invalid and it’s not
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Shaking bird
    The unfollowers tab isn’t accurate. It shows people who still follow me and doesn’t let me click on their names to check through the app. I have to exit out and go onto Instagram and manually check from there
  • Pass 1/5

    By LandonJA
    You have to pay to unfollow people pass
  • Horrible 1/5

    By alwxuss
    I bought the 2.99 to unfollow and it won’t Let me unfollow still.
  • Don’t use 1/5

    It’s trash
  • Top esse aplicativo!!! 5/5

    By San @21
  • Bad app. 1/5

    By lustfulbabe
    I downloaded your app yesterday & it’s funny I wake up today to Instagram saying “It’s likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Instagram. This attack is known as phishing.” I NEVER had this issue with unfollower apps UNTIL I downloaded yours. HACKERS!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By cydollar
    It's a bad app . I just made payment and it keeps giving me an error message . Don't use this app
  • Locked my IG Account 1/5

    By Kiki Baker
    Paid for Premium and was immediately shut out of my Instagram account. Also, data is wildly inaccurate. Waste of money & possible scam app.
  • Is not even worth it 1/5

    By jpfire147
    The app is free but you gotta pay for the other stuff it’s a waste of money it should be free because that’s the main reason we get this app to know what is happening like people who look at ur profile and the people who block you all the things you think of you have to buy it’s a total rip off it pisses me off truly does that they do this and don’t get any other app like this or similar to this because it’s the same system still gonna have to pay for the exclusive stuff so if the people who created this are seeing this make it free or else don’t make an app at all
  • I want a refund 1/5

    By Princess Rainwater
    So , I want my $2.99 because I didn’t even used it. I tried it for 5 minutes and the app didn’t even work. So I deleted the app off my phone right away and I was just charged for the app that was so unsatisfying and a waste. I hope I don’t get charged again but I would still like a refund.
  • I lost my account 1/5

    By lytebeam
    This app sold my login info to hackers and I lost it. :/
  • Always watching 👀 5/5

    By Fkngeorge
    Great for my car account
  • Is this a joke? 1/5

    By kdneofhsocbwoxn
    I just downloaded the app and just paid $2.99 to be able to use it! But turns out you need to pay $2.99 for each package??!!! Doesn’t say if it’s a one time fee or a monthly? I want my $2.99 back!
  • Can’t view followers 2/5

    By ToyosiV
    It helped me find out who doesn’t follow back but now I can no longer see who I follow.
  • issue 1/5

    By sysanlol
    the app even after deleted, made me not allowed to see my followers or anyone else’s followers.

    By Gfoatt smigly
    I downloaded this app to routinely check who has unfollowed me and It worked well for that reason. But the next day I was unable to sign into my Instagram. I had to go through burning hoops to reset everything and I eventually got it back. I was very close to losing my insta!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • Crappy app 3/5

    By 7/TH
    Not accurate at all!
  • Decent at best 2/5

    By cshea04
    The app is good for telling you who unfollowed you or who doesn’t follow you back. THATS IT. DO NOT PAY FOR THE IN-APP PURCHASE ITS A SCAM. I purchased it to see the “no likes given” and the app claimed some of these people never liked a single pic of mine and that’s 100% false. Some of the people who it said never liked my pics were in my pics and for sure liked it. So basically it showed me a list of random followers thinking i would believe these people never liked any of my pics
  • Got me hacked 1/5

    By anakskxocuuhe
    Less than 4 hours after I downloaded and signed into the app, I was locked out of my account due to suspicious login activity in Russia

    By Skykey12
    Most of the features dont even work, but after a week or so instagram said my account was compromised and told me to change my password. Then I woke up to my account disabled for “violating guidelines”. I’m still sending in appeals to get it back now😭😭😭
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Ebug925
    Crashes every time I use it and shows incorrect data
  • Use less app 1/5

    By Froggagaga1
    I entered my password and realize it didn’t take it , few hours later , I got hacked . It is not a real app , be careful out there
  • Would rate 0 if I could 1/5

    By SatActNickname42069
    Literally had it for 2 seconds and someone hacked into my account. The good reviews are fake ones haha
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Globberoo
    Doesn’t work. Lost two followers and tracker says i lost 0 followers 🙄
  • Could be better 3/5

    By MyaRosier
    The app itself is good because it’s pretty fast with loading and keeping track of following but wish you didn’t have to pay premium just to unfollow from the app very inconvenient
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Twelvesix_saiah
    Everytime I try to unfollow someone it takes me to the actual Instagram app and doesn’t even unfollow them. Pointless app. I want a refund for the premium that I paid.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Kittyj312
    Doesn’t update right & you have to pay just to unfollow someone through the app. Dumb
  • Trash 1/5

    By mynicknameistakenagain003
    It’s not free!
  • Weird not good 1/5

    By Mr6xjames
    You have to pay to unfollow someone other apps you click unfollow and that’s it it’s extra

    Show me who wasn’t following me at the beginning now since a purchase the add on the app does not work now so now I can’t even use the app anymore

nFollowers app comments

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