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Campfire is a new social app that helps Niantic Explorers discover new people, places and experiences around them! Discover in-game activities, plan your next meetup, send a DM, and manage your friends list, all within a single app. Campfire will be available to all Niantic games and players around the world soon. We are starting with select groups of Pokémon GO players throughout the summer. Please stay tuned to our social channels to learn about availability in your region. Features GET TOGETHER Scroll around the map to discover and share content, coordinate at any gym or raid, and connect with your nearby Communities. FIND A COMMUNITY Open the discover page in your Communities tab to join new communities, coordinate events, and meet new players. STAY IN TOUCH Instantly share where you’re going, drop your live location, post photos, and chat with your friends across any Niantic game. MANAGE NIANTIC FRIENDS & PROFILE Easily add to and manage your Friends list across all Niantic titles.

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Niantic Campfire app reviews

  • Worthless 1/5

    By Timboubou
    The worst implementation of an app I have ever seen.
  • invite 5/5

    By Ángel Dlg
    Can some one invite me to enter the app please
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Adnan Melhem
    Such an amazing app, I dont know why it has all these bad reviews since its still in early development and not fully released yet. I love the idea of a raid map, you should also add pokestops and the community day map to the app.
  • Can’t create account 1/5

    By Alude904
    Just downloaded the app and already having issues right from the start. Can’t create an account and getting the error “sorry, something went wrong, please try again” On iPhone 14 pro and iOS 16.0.2. Seems like Niantic loves testing in prod. No dev/uac environment? Error message is useless. Try throwing in some try/catch statements with errors codes at least.
  • I have so many questions. 1/5

    By saint13harrop
    When I heard this was something that would be coming to Pokémon go I was stoked! Then I heard it will be a separate app instead of directly part of pogo. I was still excited because I wanted the features... now I download it and it tells me that it's on a limited basis... I have so many questions for Niantic right now. Why are we rolling out an app if it needs to be done on a limited basis? If it needs to be tested, test it before you send it out! Why is this a separate app instead of part of pokemon go? Why on earth do I have friends on that app if I can't even talk with them? For a company that says they want to promote community within the game, it seems they only want to promote community as long as they can profit from it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By steelmanbwk
    Let’s finally create an app everyone has been asking for but not allow access to all. Ridiculous
  • Terrible 1/5

    By hhhhhhhhhhyer
    I downloaded nearly a month ago, tried to log in, didn’t work. Updated app today, tried to log in, didn’t work. Very disappointing.
  • Limited Access is not helping 1/5

    By Thex1b2
    Well, I can’t use it so idk. Could be good, could be bad. All I know is you guys need to take it out of limited access already.
  • Public image limited 1/5

    By Carter exoh
    Access to the app's functionality is still limited from the general public; app developer does not respond with usable information about when this will be made available despite recent press release and advertising in Pokemon go...
  • Still not working 1/5

    By kindredlaugh
    1.38 still not working if you have accessed via Ingress
  • Frustrated with the wait 1/5

    By Creadus69
    I have gone from excited to meh to active hate for this app. Looks interesting with some great features but when an app - that has been asked for years - is announced and downloadable, and then not useable for months makes me vow to never use it. I’ll just continue to check nearby gyms manually and boycott this app.

    By colten58
  • Useless 1/5

    By itsmarky10
    I was trying to sign in to this account, but nothing worked at all.
  • Can’t create an account 1/5

    By tinab5
    Looking forward to this app but so far I can’t get past the create an account screen.
  • I cant sign in with my gmail 1/5

    By elvis come down from heven
    Ive been trying so hard to log in but nooo its so dumb fix this!
  • GREAT JoB for a non working app 1/5

    By oompa lumpa
    GOOD JOB NIANTICS Let’s release an app that barely or never works Just how like Pokémon was in 2016. Nothing worked than too thanks!!!
  • Bunch of crybabies 5/5

    By Ghostx02
    Everyone in the reviews complaining they can’t make an account. It’s limited yet you think you deserve to get access. Just sit down kids and wait.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Hemminger90
    Fun works great Been using it since lunch
  • Unsurprisingly incompetent app rollout from the most predatory company in mobile gaming 1/5

    By poke👎🏽👍🏽
    In desperate need of a way to agitate your entire audience and user base in one quick go? Drop a supplemental app for your main games with limited access under the guise of free access for all users upon release! Concurrently, have select groups of your players test the supplemental app out for you after they’ve travelled across the country/globe for events in the main game! They can be your free guinea pigs! The way you treat your player base like mindless drones tasked only with lining your pockets is horrifying and just plain tragic. You all deserve to go down. Begin treating your players with a modicum of respect. 0/5.
  • LIMITED ACCESS - You can download it, but you can’t use it 1/5

    By Trumpet444
    NIANTIC - “Hey, everyone! Come try our great new product!”………wait, we didn’t actually mean everyone”
  • Finally 3/5

    By Uhhftijde
    Got an invite from a friend and was able to invite three more. Haven’t fully explored it yet, but all I’m really interested in is the map. It’s a bit laggy, but it does the trick. For everything else, discord is better
  • Can’t even use the app 1/5

    By Crowe828
    Why have it in the store if it’s not globally released. Just regular niantic things
  • On the App Store but still in limited release. 1/5

    By morganisms
    No transparency or communication about when accounts can be created.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By why cant apps work
    Terrible app, had access for the beta and now I can’t log in. If 0 stars was option I’d rate that
  • Terrible Beta 1/5

    By Tallgreenfrog
    Why not roll it out sooner? This is ridiculous.
  • Appy no worky 1/5

    By CStan64
    Can’t create an account, “something went wrong”
  • Cannot sign in 1/5

    By Dommyboy537
    The app won’t allow me to sign in, saying access is limited. It has been this way for over 2 months. Just release it to everybody already.
  • I can’t even use it yet… 1/5

    By m888888888888888888888
    Why release an app that still has limited access almost a month after it initially released…? edit: still not accessible… you’re a billion dollar company, do better.
  • Awful rollout 1/5

    By EarthlingC137
    Should have not been released to the masses and encourage download if it can't be used by everyone. If access is limited (beta testing) it should have not been released much less encourage people to download it.
  • Useless. 1/5

    By ItsThisGuyAgain
    I’ve had this downloaded for months and still can’t make an account. No communication from Niantic about when it’ll be usable, even though it was advertised months ago. I’m over level 40 in Pokémon Go, and I’ve been playing since day one, but I guess that doesn’t matter. Don’t even waste the space on your phone.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Atemlover8605
    It doesn’t work
  • It won’t let me create an account 1/5

    By kikilittle
    It wont let me do anything create account sign in using google Sign In with Apple nothing i have given up i have done 3 updates i was so excited for this too
  • Some feature ideas 1/5

    By Laylakinz
    Let us have a profile on campfire since we don’t have one in Pokémon go that we can edit such as about me,etc
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By GracefulSniper32
    Don’t waste your time
  • Usable when?? 1/5

    By time out of my day
    Have now updated this app countless times through the App Store and every time I go in to use it it’s still “limited access” would love to be able to use the features advertised but I am no longer going to keep this app and update it every week just to be unable to use it.
  • Still can’t use 1/5

    By Xxmetalhead89zz
    Get a message telling me to have friends invite me, have a friend who has it and he can’t even invite me.
  • Pogo 1/5

    By Rikcster1
    I like the idea of being able to reach out to people that play Pokémon go but it’s kinda hard when your not able to actually make an account to do that I’ve been trying and trying and there’s been a couple updates but still won’t let me make an account when will we be able to make an account?
  • Can’t even create an account 1/5

    By Disappointed weather buff
    Downloaded, butI can’t even create an account. It acknowledges the sign in email, but doesn’t access the app, and when I come back, it suggests I am new to the app. Is this really even an app? Has it actually been created?
  • Basura 1/5

    By xavier omar
    Basura nisiquiera se puede entrar a la App cuando te registras solo sale cancelar basura
  • Flopped 1/5

    By callmechris101
    This app isn’t worth it. No one used it at go fest and those YouTubers who did mention using it literally talk about it for 10 seconds. Niantic might up there in the AR business, but they are being laughed at right now and people walking away from all there games. THIS APP IS A FAIL. Stick to Discord
  • Why is this even in the App Store? 1/5

    By Violinknitter
    This is access limited, so it’s completely unusable for most people. Niantic, if the app is in beta just admit that it’s in beta and don’t put it in the App Store!!!
  • Why release an app that isn’t available to everyone 1/5

    By FlutterBlue
    Pretty much unusable. Tried creating an account and it keeps saying access limited. Better to release it when access is available to everyone
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By SniperNoSniping69
    Gave it a chance, can’t even sign in because access limited. Deleting app.
  • Why is this even here 1/5

    By Mills Xi
    If this is in a closed beta or something it shouldn’t even be available to the public like this. Still can’t sign up and Pokémon GO is get parts of this integrated so it feels pointless.
  • Nearly useless 1/5

    By RayRobert
    We've waited years for something like this, and Niantic released the worst possible version of what it could be. I hope they fix this mistake before their sales take a hit.
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By KingKristoffer
    I hate this app and I hate Niantic.
  • Limited access 1/5

    By Dannyh1212
    Who releases an app that’s limited?
  • A joke 1/5

    By InstinctTrainer91
    Access is limited can’t even get in the app.
  • What’s even the point? 1/5

    By Ozziepez88
    Why advertise or push and app that isn’t even open yet?