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Nicegram Messages for Telegram

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Nicegram Messages for Telegram App

Since today we spend most of our time communicating in messengers, such things as SAFETY, SECURITY, and maximum COMFORT come in the first place. NICEGRAM is an ideal solution that includes all advanced messaging features which provide safe, secure, and comfortable communication. Based on Telegram API it synchronizes with Telegram and brings you pure comfort to send messages and make calls. NICE features: - Unique possibility to have up to TEN profiles instead of three as it’s implemented in a standard Telegram app; - Fully CUSTOMIZED folders and tabs so that you are in control of whether you need to show Contacts and Calls Tabs or Folders at the app bottom bar; - ANONYMOUS forwarding: send messages without mentioning the author; - ADVANCED features for Channel Admins: restrict unwanted users' activity in one tap; - Instant TRANSLATIONS of incoming messages without additional switching to third-party translators; - 100% SECURE and OPEN: open-source code free for everyone Subscription option: Get unlimited access to premium features to enjoy the SAFEST messaging experience with No. 1 messaging app $1,99 / billed monthly Useful links: Official Telegram Channel: Official Website: Privacy Policy: EULA: Contact us: Support Team is there for you to troubleshoot whatever problem you encounter [email protected]

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  • No search and all media bar 1/5

    By stackstars
    Horrible no search bar on half the groups, No option to see al media DO NOT make the mistake of downloading this new version!
  • Can you update and optimize your spicy chicken software? 1/5

    By 福贵哈哈哈哈哈哈
    Slow opening and crashing under ios14 system
  • No work 1/5

    By Ahmed Hdyab
    Crashed after i singed it
  • This message couldn't be displayed on your device because it contains pornographic materials. 5/5

    By 您的tg版本过于陈旧.请更新到最新版tg查看消息
    This message couldn't be displayed on your device because it contains pornographic materials.
  • Nicegram issue code login with my phone located at Vietnam 3/5

    By Thanh Sang Vo
    I can't get an activation code for Nicegram.
  • iPhone 5s 1/5

    By cfbde35
    Nicegram is crashing
  • Application crashes right after start 1/5

    By iiskan
    After I found out that old Nicegram won’t let me even open it, I decided to download this one. I opened it, signed in with my number but application just crashed without any explanation. I tried to restart my phone to check if something is wrong, but it didn’t help, and now I have no possibility of using Nicegram. Just in case, iPhone X with iOS 11.3.1, the iOS which perfectly supported previous Nicegram with NO issues or crashes.
  • crashes. 2/5

    By appreviwo9
    the new version is a failure, crashes and resets my cellular network.
  • Most function works, but buggy on iPad 4/5

    By ZY.Fan
    Some times Apple Pencil can’t write directly on text area. UI elements at wrong position when back to application after put it in background. But still it’s a great alternative of official telegram app. Hope it can get more updates and improvements.
  • Forces Me To Use New App, New App Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By tukonpst
    Can’t use old app. Don’t know why they couldn’t have just updated the original. New app says it can’t connect to the internet despite being connected. Garbage
  • App is good overall 4/5

    By Edd1eC
    App is gud , can you add an feature where you can copy content from private channels, where copying or forwarding isn’t allowed. I see other clients do have this option n would love to see that on NiceGram Too!!❤️❤️
  • Can't view group lists, files, or settings 1/5

    By Unruly Reviewer
    Way to update into an inferior product, I can't view the group settings to see members, files, pictures, etc.
  • Not working 1/5

    By bsajbsb098
    Bro if I click on the group media and files not working
  • Dear Nicegram users! 1/5

    By Sahak Udom
    Bla-bla-bla. Keep it opening over and over nonstop
  • Freezes often 3/5

    By Grant Brown
    App freezes when clicking on a notification and going to Nicegram, then will crash. Please fix!
  • Not able to see media history 3/5

    By manojjain126
    For most of group chats , media history is not available now . Clicking on group name or group pic doesn’t take you to group info page anymore . So no search or anything. Please fix it .
  • Should copy logins from old app 1/5

    By Duck88abcd
    My whole purpose in having Nicegram was to have multiple accounts logged in to one app so that I wouldn’t be locked out. Now I have to go through the login process for each account again if I can find the info.
  • 5+ 5/5

    By lilmonimoni
    A pleaZure to work with.
  • Good 5/5

    By nguyendpham
  • 强制弹窗,不可取消。 1/5

    By OnNightInChangan
  • 新版本怎么恢复旧版购买的高级功能 4/5

    By maple9948
  • Get registration date 1/5

    By Linda2130
    Can you please sir work on the Nicegram it not does not show year when an account is open
  • 一键翻译很不错 5/5

    By sports99889
  • I can’t access to the media in some groups 1/5

    By joanpedreanez
    This hasn’t happened with old version, please fix it
  • Why 3/5

    By kingkongsheng
    The program cannot run in the background on IOS 15.4
  • adavance fory bug 4/5

    By lordsuperbous
    good , speed and stability incresed but adavnce forward (forward without qoute ) not work
  • Now I can call 5/5

    By salahyaser
    This app 10/10 after my live subscription back
  • A trick for future user. Good for old nicegram user. 4/5

    By joyhomony
    Notice: Contact @nicegram_premium_restore_bot in the new nicegram if you are an old nicegram user. Send a screenshot of purchase receipt($0.99 for premium) from Apple Store Purchase History. Then I got a permanent access in new Nicegram App. It is a good news for old user, however, you have to pay subscribe fee $1.99 per month if you are new user in the new Nicegram. A trick for future user.
  • doesn’t work 1/5

    By okba1334
    The new app doesn't work when I try to login to my account while other apps do it directly It says use proxy no other app even the last one asks for this
  • Like old version 1/5

    By Joe VIP
    Like old version
  • 翻译以前一步可以完成,现在要三步 2/5

    By 小飞机打啊打
  • Search 4/5

    By Fathiah454
    Latest update some group cant view search or if tap upper group name not function anymore 😞
  • 没有翻译的话没什么用了 1/5

    By 无言xec
  • Good as always 5/5

    By YoannZ
    I have used Nicegram for years, this new app fixed some minor problems that bothers me some time.
  • Forward without author 1/5

    By z z y y
    Forward without author function is not working despite paying the $1.99 premium! I don’t even understand why a new app was created?! I went back to use the old app instead! The app glitches a lot when you click the app, there is always a 10-15 seconds delay which goes away when restarting the app, but it’s extremely annoying.
  • Норм 5/5

    By Паулина Зая
  • Scammer 1/5

    By hfdgvy
    This app is a scammer. I did not allow access to my accounts after adding the account
  • Can it be added to support adding ssr vmess vess proxy 5/5

    By Shine\jun
    Can it be added to support adding ssr vmess vess proxy。
  • as 5/5

    By ....557700
    очень хорошие приложение рекомендую всем
  • Fix it 4/5

    By masoud137601
    Nicegram forward as copy its broken Please fix it!
  • Tatyana 5/5

    By TanushaHr
    Очень понравилось приложение! Пользуюсь каждый день!
  • not worth half a penny 1/5

    By quipring
    as i said
  • Good 5/5

    By Kizarutoplike
    Good app
  • Why relaunch as new? 3/5

    By gravitystorm77
    I’ve used Nicegram for almost a year and a half now. Overall it is a better platform for Telegram chat than Telegram’s native app. I gave the original app a 5 star rating and would give the new launch a 5 star but it feels like the biggest purpose of launching new was to switch to a monthly subscription for premium features. After numerous negative reviews the devs provided a bot (@Nicegram_Premium_Restore_Bot) to restore lifetime premium for people who have supported the application previously but I had to go through my purchase history and find exactly when I bought the app and provide a screenshot to do so. This was cumbersome at best. I don’t agree with the developers choices in launching a totally “new” application that is essentially the same as the old one but am glad they at least made good on honoring purchases by loyal supporters of the “old” application. Again if you are trying to get your lifetime premium back message the bot I mentioned above, it’s not simple but it does work
  • Nice app 5/5

    By altegoistt
    Bought premium years ago.
  • Good 4/5

    By kingsmartone
  • Mr Demon 1/5

    By Agwu Chi
    This is the worst app updates I have ever seen, how can you update an app and at the same time delete all the account on the app without a prior four account has just been compromised without pre information
  • nice 5/5

    By lkjhfsqq
  • Up jc civic j I 5/5

    By Zaira0220
    heyo iciciv jxjxjc j. M jckvivlvupd