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  • Current Version: 2.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Night Owl SP, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Night Owl X App

Night Owl X gives you peace of mind no matter where you are! With the ability to view your Night Owl security system in real-time, you’ll be able to monitor your home or business anytime, anywhere—all from the convenience of your mobile device. Night Owl X features: • Quick and easy mobile setup with Smart Auto Detection or Owl Scan™ • Live video and audio from your DVR/NVR security system on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G LTE networks • Easily configure push alerts individually for each channel from your Smart Device • Customize channel names without having to access the DVR/NVR manually • Save images directly to your Smart Device and share via text, email or social media • Now share important MP4 formatted videos via email or social media • Enhanced stability for better app connectivity and push alert retrieval • Multi-channel live feeds (4/8/16 channels) • Video playback of ANY recorded video stored on your DVR/NVR • Multiple DVR/NVR system log-on (up to 100 devices) • Create custom views and save as favorites (iPad only) Night Owl is a leader in security cameras and recording systems for both businesses and homeowners. We are committed to keeping an eye on the things you care about most. Our security products are designed and engineered for ease of use and cost-effectiveness. All of our security cameras and systems are in use by customers around the world including homeowners, retailers, dealers, distributors, integrators, federal and municipal organizations and both medium and small businesses. Visit us at for more information on our products and services! Night Owl X is ONLY compatible with the following Night Owl security systems: • WNVR Series • XHD Series • THD Series • H2THD Series (Hybrid) If you have any questions regarding compatibility, please refer to WARNING: This application uses data to connect your security system to your mobile device. When connected to a 3G or 4G LTE network, the live video feed from your system will be considered streaming data by your phone service provider and will contribute to any data or download limit your phone data plan may have. If you exceed your data plan limit, this may result in additional usage charges. It is highly recommended to contact your phone service provider to know the limits of your data plan before using this video streaming application.

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Night Owl X app reviews

  • Version 2.0.3: Time for a new update! 1/5

    By Will-BR
    The app worked for two days after the initial setup, but now it no longer recognizes the DVR and I can’t connect to view my cameras. I’m out of town and don’t have access to the DVR serial number, so I can’t uninstall/re-install the app and run the setup again.
  • App doesn’t work for me 1/5

    By Amir 2012SD
    Does anyone know their customer support number? This number 1-866-390-1303 doesn’t go through. I just bought 8 camera system and about to return it. I have been disappointed the way that app doesn’t work. I see all over 10k negative feedbacks here and thinking that I should return the cameras and buy something different. I keep getting notifications of the motions. However, my app doesn’t play them back. I can see recordings from the receiver, but i like to have access from my phone. I will change my rating if this get resolved. But as of now, I am looking to return the camera.
  • Live stream is terrible 2/5

    By Nick Hollen
    I could never watch my live stream. After 2 minutes it comes up but it works for like 2 seconds then just freezes. I cannot watch the replays only when I’m connected to the same internet router as the cameras. I wish I could return it. In general it’s a good camera, but the app need a lot-a lot of work!! (I see lots of reviews here are the same as mine, maybe it’s time to work on the app a little)
  • Fuzzy 1/5

    By hopelives10
    Since the last update which was months and months ago when I look at cameras on my iPhone 8plus the imagine is real grainy and can’t tell anything! Fixing to add another system and it will not be night owl!
  • Hashtag next level incompetency customer service 1/5

    By Yelp-E is not impressed
    OMG when will developers (and thereby their companies) stop publishing hang a$$ed incompetent app updates while expecting unknowing customers to be their unpaid crowd-sourced complaint pool to assist in streamlining said incompetent app. Just did the most recent update and now my security system doesn’t function like it did a few days ago. Nowhere in the update deets did it state you will not be able to view recorded video clips after updating. Their 800 # is either outsourced or less than incompetent. And some employees kid works their social media / media relations. It’s mind boggling!
  • Limited 1/5

    By Jeffasaur
    Had a wired 4 camera system since November and am only able to receive a limited amount of video playback via the app it won’t fetch all of the videos I need to see in a certain 24hr period how is this supposed to help if I’m away from my dvr for a long period of time
  • Issues with App 🙄 2/5

    By TheRealMalikL
    I just installed my Night owl x cameras and they work fine. Just having problems bringing my playback videos up from when their’s motion. I have 500+ videos saved but I have to keep refreshing the list in order for me to see the most recent video. Also, The clock records an hour ahead on my app but has the correct time on monitor. I received notifications about Motion and when I click on it, it doesn’t bring me to the video showing that their was motion happening. I also adjusted my sensitivity and marked the areas that I don’t want to record motion but it still seems to catch motion. Also, when I click on some of my playback videos it’s just a black screen and a messages pops up saying “the video is finished playing” when nothing played it “connection timed out, try again later.” I hope a possible update may help these problems get solved. The cameras are great just needs a lot of work on the app. Please get back with me.
  • Great Cameras Terrible App 1/5

    By Im 4given
    I just upgraded my old cameras because the IR lights burned out on them and needed a more reliable camera system. This 4K system is very nice and I’m happy with the purchase. Viewing the 4K cameras through the DVR is amazing and I love all the features that you can do WITHOUT the app. I honestly would have reconsidered buying this system because of how bad the app is. Since this is for reviewing the app only I would only be repeating every other 1 star review on here. The old camera system (Zmodo) I had was cheap but the app was amazing. If you are the developer and you are reading this please respond by fixing the app and not leaving a comment. Look at the Zmodo or meShare app to get some ideas for your new update. I will gladly change my rating once you start addressing all the problems with this app. Thank you.
  • Need an Update to fix a few Bugs!!! 3/5

    By Moes Stores
    Needs a good Update some cameras load very quick some only open one channel out of 8
  • Needs to be Addressed 1/5

    By smoovlatino
    The new update has issues - notifications can not be adjusted to be camera specific and the video quality is stuck on SD regardless of selection. PLEASE fix this.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Emx91387
    To all those doing research, stay far away from this company. This is a terrible app, basically useless. The “motion alert” setting it has is not only useless but annoying. If looking I’d suggest Wyze which has a person detection setting or VIAAS. VIAAS’s technology is 20 years ahead of night owl.
  • Upset 2/5

    By shelly5631
    The first week was great! Any movement outside it recorded! Now I can watch live feed but it’s not recording any motion detection! I spent a lot of money on this system to feel safe and now it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do!
  • Night owl 8 camera system 2/5

    By Wishihadamill
    Nice cameras. Really like that they have motion sensors and night vision. The system is great. Having issues again with this app. Y’all really need to do a major update. Works fine on wife’s phone, but I’m out of town and it quits connecting on my phone.
  • App not working!!! 1/5

    By Polly Jjj
    Takes long to load, app now says for the last couple days cannot view playback because someone else is in playback mode. It also gets stuck on old the old picture when in playback. Please fix this app.
  • Thought that I had a glitch. 5/5

    By Juanito in SF
    Works fine. There was a problem, so I thought, but turned out to be a WiFi issue. App has been a real relief since that I travel and need to check on house. Can download real-time video from afar. This was bought to replace my former God-awful Guardian security system which is very inferior to Night Owl. Happy so far for months now.
  • Not please. 3/5

    By statzelsmom
    When you get a notification it takes you to number one camera. Not to the camera that the notification came from . It doesn’t even tell you which camera the notification came from. Email option is no longer available to get .
  • Can’t watch my recordings 1/5

    By countryboyma92
    Whenever I try to open a recording it either plays then freezes three seconds in or says not available
  • Can not connect 1/5

    By RobertV49
    App will not connect to my WiFi. Has been going on for 2 weeks now. Cameras work through dvr system, as I can see them on my tv. Had I know this app was trash, I would’ve gone with a different system.
  • App has not worked in 2 weeks.... why? 1/5

    By slhemi
    App goes down for extended periods of time, and is laggy when it does work.
  • Notification 2/5

    By texno89
    No matter what i do the app sends me constant notification of motion even know I have the scheduled. The app doesn’t let you actually go by your schedule
  • Great cameras, disappointing APP! 1/5

    By ABRZ11057
    Had I know the phone app would be terrible I wouldn’t of purchased the cameras. You can’t do half the things on the app that we can do on the actual monitor. For example, it’ll be nice to continuously monitor WHILE ALSO recording any movements. It’s even more frustrating when I get alerts of movement but takes such a long time for the cameras to load and I can’t playback unless I download the whole video, so it becomes pointless. I’ve tried to download the videos on the app while connected to WiFi and it’s impossible. One time I let it sit there for 15 minutes and not 1% would download. The default setting for the cameras also is busted. I would like to see all 4 of my cameras when I open the app, but instead it always goes back to the first one. What is the point of the cameras if I can’t monitor or playback videos on the app? That’s the whole point of a security cameras, to monitor in real time. Not have to drain my battery and data just to playback some video. I’ve had the system for 2 weeks and I’m ready to return it to switch to another with a better friendlier app.
  • Playback 1/5

    By gypsyweensandtheirqueen
    Playback doesn’t work. It worked at first but now only shows videos after 2 pm. If you check before 2pm it shows playback from midnight on so I know it’s working but after 2pm can’t access. This was the main feature we got this camera for. Highly disappointed.
  • Night owl x 2/5

    By jack o lander
    My iPhone keep losing connections. I was told to delete the app and reinstall it. After deleting the app I can’t download it to my iPhone again. I can get the night owl HD but not the night owl X.
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By ggjgshnrhdgdvjjgsf
    I totally regret purchasing this app and the cameras! Terrible performance. Always a problem!
  • Remote Playback 2/5

    By The Robot Rob
    I am unable to view ANY video stored on my device. In fact the whole user interface is a huge disappointment compared to Night Owl HD. Less features! Less access! No instructions to help me solve my dilemma.
  • Never works 2/5

    By carrie.0
    I have had the cameras for about 6 months now and they work fine. The app on the other hand is awful. I debated between one and two stars and the only reason i gave it two was because I can get to the videos. The problem is ... well I should say the problems are... 1. You can’t use another WiFi source with the app. Meaning I can’t use our WiFi at work to use the app. It is straight cellular or the same WiFi source as the cameras and that is it. 2. It takes forever to load anything. Even when I am home and right next to the WiFi box it takes a good 2-3 minutes to show the live views and you have to hit refresh on the playback screen several times before it shows anything. 3. I didn’t mind all of that as much as the new issue. I haven’t gotten a single notification since lunchtime on Monday (6/17). I have done everything short of unloading and reloading the app to fix it and I still get nothing. The whole reason I got the cameras is to make sure my crazy neighbors stay away from my house. And now I have to take time and wait for the app to load to see if it recorded anything at all. I haven’t even gotten a notification when I come and go and I pass two cameras when I leave. The whole point was to catch the crazy people while they are still there so the police could cart them off but without notifications it does me no good. I like the cameras and I purchased them because I needed them quickly (they were the only thing available at my local store) and didn’t have time for amazon to deliver something else. I now wish I had just taken the risk and waited for amazon. I do like the cameras and I’ve never had a problem with them but if I could return them I would but I am well past the return date. So I guess I just have to hope if someone breaks in that they don’t find and steal the dvr.
  • What I need to do 2/5

    By 🐞 katy
    Where I need conect this thing “ conect you views camera first”
  • App needs ALOT of improvements 2/5

    By Jazzygirl66
    Overall it works but if it says I have 50 videos, it doesn’t let me see past the amount shown on the screen. Also it doesn’t allow you to see the videos for a specific camera. When you choose a specific camera the videos completely disappear. So in order to find a particular one you have to scroll through all of them. From all cameras. There’s times when there’s no audio at all. Other times it glitches and it shows the previews for the wrong cameras. It may say kitchen but it’s actually showing previews of the yard.
  • It has been very helpful!!! 5/5

    By Anie
    I’m really happy with the cameras and the upgrade has been helpful
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By Eloyaz devils
    I have the iPhone XS Max and perfect WiFi yet the apps live feed loads and glitches
  • This app is complete trash 1/5

    By TangieV
    If there was an option to give zero stars, I would. We purchased these cameras from Costco. Downloaded the app on two phones. My Husband can get in and added the cameras on his app. I could not. We tried to reset the password from the dvr monitor but the recovery email never came. Called the support desk the next day and was able to reset the password from the dvr. I then went into my app to try to add the cameras and input the username and password for the dvr and it gave me an error saying credentials not valid. Thus, I called back again and after them trying to walk me through how to add the cameras, I still was not able to get in and got the same error message. I was then told that this was happening because I was trying to create my own app account and there could only be one so I had to use my husbands. I hung up thinking “certainly, that cannot be true” but if it would allow me to see the cameras, I’ll go with it. Then, I logged into his account and because we changed the admin password, the cameras were no longer working on his app. Therefore, I deleted the device and attempted to re-add it and of course, the admin password still doesn’t work. Called back again and was told only to enter the first 8 characters of the password only. Well, my password was not 8 characters. The requirements were to create a password between 6 and 12 characters. So we reset the password again to make it exactly 8 characters. That still didn’t work. I was told to reset my Husbands password to the app but doing that will not solve the problem as we are not having issues logging into the app. The issues are adding the cameras. I deleted the app, re-added it, tried from another phone and even set up another account with a new email address. Nothing worked. As of now, I’m still on the phone with support with no solutions. They even asked for my password to make sure I was typing in the right thing. If viewing cameras is going to be this difficult with Night Owl, id rather go with another company. Update: in response to the developer ‘s response below: No, I was not attempting to log into the app with the dvr password. If you reread the information above, I stated “I then went into my app to try to add the cameras and input the username and password for the dvr and it gave me an error saying credentials not valid. “ I also stated “Then, I logged into his account and because we changed the admin password, the cameras were no longer working on his app.” Therefore, it’s clear that I was able to get into the app but was not able to add/view the cameras once inside the app.
  • App is down again. June 13 2019 1/5

    By now useless with iphone
    June 13th 2019 and the app seems to be down. Getting all sorts of motion detection but not a single camera shows up on app.Now I’m completely locked out, can’t sign in at all. App recognizes dvr but can’t sign in.
  • Problems 1/5

    By Allllii760
    I have been having issues with my app it keeps crashing on me and don’t let me lig back in I don’t know if anyone is having same issues 😡
  • Headache 1/5

    By Mrp1979
    I purchased my night owl security system in March 2019. After installation I downloaded this app. At first I thought, “easy navigation and a beautiful set up display.” I quickly learned the app does not retain motion detected videos. Every time I received a motion detection notification I would go onto the app, navigate through the play back option to view motion detected video. No videos come up! I also learned the app doesn’t allow you to download any videos onto your phone. The only way I know to get videos from the app onto your phone via your album is to record/screen record. I’m asking the app developers to fix these issues.
  • 😭😭 1/5

    By Bchejwywbeuenehwkwowm
  • Bad Experience With App and Cameras 1/5

    By Onlineg01
    I highly regret buying Nightowl cameras. I have a terrible experience with trying to watch a livefeed of the cameras. It lags too much to consider it a “livefeed”. As far as the app, I cannot get playback to work for recordings that happened more than 2 minutes ago. It simply will not load the playback. Now, 2 months later (while I’m on vacation) they disconnected completely and I have to wait until I go back home to try to reset to default and set everything back up again.
  • Horrible app can’t notification playback doesn’t work 1/5

    By jackjacktnt
    Can’t see any video after I get a notification, I will be returning cameras due to underperforming app. camera system is good and so was set up , there are too many options for camera systems to settle for this , let me know when the app catches up to the camera system.
  • The app is horrible 1/5

    By dee mat
    The app is horrible but the cameras are actually good quality!! But since the app never works the cameras end up being useless when I’m away from home and want to check on it. GET YOUR APP TOGETHER!!!
  • Great support 4/5

    By MADMatt19811999
    I really like the quality of NightOwl hardware, but the interface on the DVR and even this app having something to be desired. Overall the app does well. The app on the iPad doesn't seem to scale properly on the screen. For the playback feature, they need to add verbiage that tells you to pull down to load more recordings; initially you only see the most recent 20. Really this should be a button at the bottom of the displayed recordings to load more, or it automatically loads more when you scroll to the bottom of the recordings. The pull down feature is typically used to refresh and get newer content, not older. That being said, the video feed quality and intercom response is great.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By 12raine
    I am here again to reinstall the app. I bought the system in Nov. and installed it in March. The system and the app work occasionally. One minute the app doesn’t work, but the system does and vice versa. It is not due to my network because everything else on my network works absolutely fine. Also, the app is outdated. It really needs major enhancements.
  • Junky App 1/5

    By SavanahSpears
    90% of the time my recordings won’t display. What’s the sense of having motion cameras if I can’t see what’s going on?
  • iPhone freezing 2/5

    By NoOneB4Me
    Ever since I installed this app, my iPhone 8plus freezes on a regular basis. Have to wait a few seconds for it to start functioning normally again. I’ve noticed it happens right around the time I get notifications. App needs to be updated BAD!
  • Horrible App!!!! 1/5

    By Ponysandhorses
    Bought a great system, had it all up and working, until the app no longer will open to the cameras. Found a work around-delete the app then reload it and it will work long enough for me to see the cameras. But close it out, and it doesn’t work again. Frustrating to say the least. Now they have to go buy a whole new system. Spent hours on the phone with their customer service to no avail.
  • Terrible app for PTZ cameras, 2/5

    By John#1209
    So far this app has been perfect for viewing live feeds, but for some reason when you are viewing any other non-ptz channel and click around, it moves the ptz camera even though you are looking at a different camera. This really needs to be fixed as it makes using the app pointless since all channels on this app move the ptz camera, even when your not looking at it. Other than this app, i highly recommend the company as their system works flawlessly.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Associate101
    There should be a way to make playbacks full screen and a way to control it back and forth, it only has a pause option and it doesn’t even work. The cameras are great but the app not so much it needs tons of work
  • Worse than Night Owl HD 1/5

    By Evan-m
    There are no playback controls! If something just happened at your property, you are unable to review it - unless you just want to let a recording run straight for a hour. Cameras are slow to pop up, orientation on mobile device has poor support. A big step back. Even the desktop program only works on IE11- who still uses that? No one. How are you guys still in business in 2019?
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By Jonathan.moss
    This app is the worst of security apps. So many bugs... hard to believe Costco is selling this... hopefully the next release fixes issues since I already have hard wired the cameras and stuck with them...
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By zeeumisid
    Update 5/29/19 — even more problems. Told by 2 techs some people can’t connect with the app. I’m in the dark. No ETA of fix and told to wait... Months later and stilled not fixed.. 10 second delay/lag before live view works. UPDATE - after 4 calls I was told the lagging and freezing was due to my internet. I had my internet provider tech come out today and everything is perfect, my other devices on the same network work flawlessly. I even loaded my DVR back to defaults and set it up again. I uninstalled the APP and downloaded it again as told by the phone techs. I STILL HAVE THIS LAGGING ISSUE! If I switch to HD VIEW then the lag stops. Definitely a problem that started after this last update. Respectfully and Please fix this issue. Every month I have an issue with this app or my system. This month the update is the issue. Pictures keep freezing and was down for hours yesterday.
  • Live view is always on freeze mode 1/5

    By k7655
    Till the upgrade all was well , I could see a live feed , for the last few months all I see is a freeze mode , have to reload page to see people move for a sec . I am hoping someone is aware of this issue and is working to fix it .

Night Owl X app comments

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