Nighthawk (formerly Up)

Nighthawk (formerly Up)

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Nighthawk (formerly Up) App

The Nighthawk App (formerly NETGEAR Up app) makes it easy to set up and get more from your WiFi. You can quickly install your WiFi in just a few steps. A dashboard provides easy access to additional key app features: • Remote Management. Manage your router and connected devices from anywhere with Internet access. • Smart Parental Controls. Easily manage content & time online with Circle® with Disney. • Internet Speed Check. Test the broadband speeds from your service provider. • Pause Internet. Pause the Internet on any connected device. • Traffic Meter. Supervise Internet traffic usage by day, week, month, and more • Guest Network. Set up a guest WiFi network to keep your main network private and secure • and more! For more information about your router, visit

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Nighthawk (formerly Up) app reviews

  • Very good 4/5

    By faby's1
    Sometimes it won’t pause devices that are on WiFi only
  • Does not work with my router 1/5

    By Kkae4
    “This app Does not work with my router model” is the message I got after connecting my router to the app. I have netgear wndr4300v2
  • Where are the device names? 1/5

    By ImaCruisin
    This app is very limited, but at least it allowed me to take a specific device off the internet...until the latest update. Now the device names have disappeared on most of the devices, so even the one feature i found useful is now gone. What happened?
  • Cannot enter password 3/5

    By Kdogers1!$$2
    On a small device like iPhone SE the keyboard is in the way of the password on the login screen so you cannot see what you are typing or paste.
  • Have to register now 👎🏻 1/5

    By Movie buff 1
    The update apparently makes you register before being able to use it now. Very annoying. Not going to do it.
  • Easy setup 5/5

    By tony "end game" stark
    Very easy to setup
  • Awesome 5/5

    By woody45833
    Went from a EA3500 Cisco to the night hawk love it. Best decision I’ve made easy set up super fast got rid of lag on Hulu use phones or I pads security thermostat garage door printer Hulu all same time and flies. A+++
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Bob Wr
    Netgear sends you an email to update your firmware and directs you to the Netgear Nighthawk app. You go to the app, follow the instructions to update and receive a message, “Firmware Check Error” with an explanation, “There was a problem checking firmware update.” After that, you realize you don’t have a paddle and you know the name of the creek that you are stuck in! Is this the best Netgear can do? Makes you wonder about your router and the rest of their products.
  • APP 5/5

    By ChrisKing70
    The APP makes it easy to manage my WIFI. Works Great!
  • App has a bug 1/5

    By appalcarp
    This app is not working properly for the update cycle. I have software version currently installed and an email sad that was available but the software says it is ‘up to date.’ What’s up? (6400) Now I got an email saying 1.0.46 is available and it does NOT update, only gives ‘failed’ error message. Get it fixed or get this nonworking app out of the store.
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By Saint of Circumstance
    I used Netgenie for years before upgrading to Nighthawk model router. Love that this is an app, not a program on desktop. It is not perfect and sometimes it gets confused and tells me I am not on the WiFi, but restarting app fixes right away. I recommend adding each device one at a time and refreshing the app to see the new device under the 2.5, 5, or wired headers. Then you can rename and select proper icon. Some device will need to be added to each 2.5 and 5g and possibly renamed for each when you see it ( sometimes devices float to best reception and might move between both frequencies). You can pause WiFi for devices through the app, so properly identifying and labeling each device in the app is paramount to having the control. Also, can turn on guest 2.5 or 5g WiFi with touch of a button, and turn off after-no longer need to give all friends password to network if having a party or sleepover. Haven’t messed with parental controls as that we have those set on devices. App made installation of new router very easy and assigning new name and password (not default that router is factory set to) was super easy. Performance of the Nighthawk router has so far been excellent. We still have a Netgear range extender for the nether reaches, but general coverage throughout home is way better than old router. Love Netgear, hate Lynksys (don’t every buy one of those- drop out all the time-glad to see that they appear to be on way out), and I was unsure about trying/changing to High rated Asus because of historically stable service from Netgear. The app is icing on the cake and I can even control my WiFi system remotely if not in the home.
  • Fails to connect after app upgrade 1/5

    By $#@*
    This app was working very well, but after upgrading to, the app fails to connect to router. IPhone is connected to the router, but the app fails to connect. I have older version on IPad and that works without any issues. Please fix.
  • App is super slow 3/5

    By Vness21181
    WiFi is great. App takes way too long to load. Please make app faster!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jcat57126
    Love the app convenient for firmware updates much easier.
  • Local login removed in latest update 1/5

    By alexcme
    Very disappointed with latest update - local login was removed and now app require netgear account to login - why is it considered as a useful improvement? Don’t fix what use to work !!!
  • Great router 5/5

    By 9000user
    Pricey but great router. I have this router about 6 months and it never dropped the connection. Highly recommend this router.
  • Nice friendly use and secure 5/5

    By Vivaelsalvador
    Thanks a lot
  • App is fine, device is a dud 1/5

    By Challatt7
    My R7000 router goes in and out of service constantly. It’s only about 6 months old. I’ve called into customer support and they did something on the back end to make it work for a while but now it’s back to messing up all the time.
  • Why do we need a Netgear account?! 1/5

    With the latest update - Why are we now forced to create / login to a Netgear account? I refuse to do so. Using the app with a Netgear account should be a choice - not a must. I simply want to manage / update my router from my phone while on the network. Not manage it remotely, nor do I wish to share any usage data that can be marketed or sold. Disappointed. Guess I’ll just have to go back to login on to the router directly from my browser.
  • Needs Work 3/5

    By Fredrick Alton
    My main problem with this app is there's a trick to getting the routers connectivity to show up (at all) after a simple configuration change. Once you've made a change such as activating a guest connection, you MUST press the routers reset button for a moment while it's running with all white leds, otherwise you WILL NOT see any connections from the router whatsoever.
  • Version 1/5

    By Devil's Wife
    While this app works okay for some things, (like determining which devices are currently connected to your router, speed test, traffic meter), it is useless and endlessly frustrating when it comes to updating your router. Netgear says this app is the preferred way to do firmware updates, but the app always encounters a problem and can’t even confirm there is an update (“firmware check error”). Then it tells me to try again later. Really? Netgear even emailed me that there was an “important firmware security update” for my router today. This app was updated to this version just a few days ago. What a colossal waste of time! Not to mention memory space on my phone. Netgear please fix this mess. I like my router. It works well. But if it needs an update I should be able to get it easily. This app makes it hard. It’s sad that a tech company can’t make a simple app that works properly. I’m tired of playing games with this. Maybe this app should be in the gaming section instead of utility? Make it work or get rid of it. This aggravation will definitely influence my choice of new router in the future.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By MACtheYODA
    I can can use WiFi router with the default login and password, not very secure, but I cannot get this app to load the router so I cannot administrate the router. I will probably return it for another brand.
  • NightHawk X10 5/5

    By avnscubasteve
    Just pick up this router with the CM1000 modem Best stuff on the market... I’m ready for 5G
  • Nighthawk 4/5

    By Via logos
    Nice app! Works well!
  • Firmware Problem 1/5

    By HenStang
    Cannot update firmware thru this app. Have to go to update the firmware.
  • Netgear Account Required? 1/5

    By Deviant_One
    Prior to this update when connected to my network I could manage my router w/out the need for a netgear account with this app. No longer. Won’t let me by without creating one and signing in to netgear. Why? obviously this is possible as it used to be the case. I have no interest in creating another sensitive account awaiting the next breach. Or associating a web account and my router management needlessly. If there are features are missing then just inform me and let me decide. I’ve since deleted this app and I am just using the router interface for management.
  • Login issues 2/5

    By br4ntl3y
    Used to use this on the regular to access my router. Now all of a sudden I can’t login to it. Doesn’t recognize my email or password even though my email hasn’t changed and I tried resetting my password but it still won’t accept it. Worked fine before login issues.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Srmaryrichard
    Very easy to use! Updates are a breeze!
  • Kybd blocks pwd box on SE 1/5

    By MTReviewsApps
    Kybd completely covers pwd box on iPhone SE. I could not trigger paste option or could not see because kybd in the way.
  • Good improvement over prior version 3/5

    By Shakumdown
    Finally, the Netgear NightHawk App has most of the features the Netgear Genie app has had for years. The recent update achieves almost all the functionality of the Genie app. One remaining issue is that when using a Netgear Tri-band Extender, it does not allow users to view devices connected to the extender. If a user tries to view devices connected to the Netgear EX8000 WiFi Extender, they are caught in a loop indicating “Router Not Supported”, then you must force the app to stop in order to use other functioning features. If the updated app allowed users to view devices connected to the Extender, I’d certainly consider this update to be near a 5 star app!
  • I don’t want a netgear account!!!!! 1/5

    By Rjon12
    Updated my app and now can’t log in directly to my router without requiring a netgear account. Same opinion as others who don’t like this intrusion. I already gave you $200 for the router, don’t track me and collect my information. App has been deleted!
  • Can’t even create an account. 1/5

    By Kanzen10
    The app requires me to create an account. The account requires me to select a country. I select the country from the list but it does not put it on the line. When I try to continue it says I have to select a country first. I tried, but it doesn’t work. No account, no app, no bueno.
  • Crapware 1/5

    By appleappstorereviewsforme
    Collect my personal information for less functionality than the admin panel? Deleted. Their top of the line router is garbage too!
  • Nighthawk app 5/5

    By Pockerbabe666
    The app is very helpful and easy to navigate. User friendly and thorough when looking for connected devices.
  • Awesome netGEAR 5/5

    By paulj26
    Awesome gear, easy setup and easy administration. Fast equipment and range is perfect in our house.
  • I hoped it would be a good router 1/5

    By Hillsofsand
    Router worked fine when it was covered by the 30 day warranty. Now I have to reset the nighthawk nightly. Very upsetting.
  • Can’t get it to work 1/5

    By RobynnS
    Downloaded app, logged in and it can’t find my WiFi...oh wait it sees it but can’t connect to the router?! Go out of the app and back in and now all it does is spin and won’t log in. Delete...waste of time.
  • Firmware upgrades only through PC wired connection 1/5

    By Rumple74
    I just tried to update my R7000 firmware and after it failed and corrupted my router, I spent the last 2-3 hours reading online how to do it manually through TFTP protocol. I would avoid the upgrade unless absolutely necessary.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By mrgreeku2
    The app is crap to update . You always send me way around the app . Just fix this P.O.S
  • So Easy to use and understand!! 5/5

    By Schmoozz
    The software design layout and operation is so easy to use! It really makes life easy!
  • R7800 5/5

    By corbin50
    Works good
  • Direct access removed 1/5

    By 643856747337942843
    The ability to log directly into the router has been removed in an attempt to force you to create an account. I will stick to the browser interface for my needs. Uninstalled this useless app.
  • Slow 3/5

    By Vulgar demos
    Really slow. Every page in app when opened looks like it’s buffering. And I don’t get the point of it, given the existence of the genie app.
  • Can’t Even Log In 1/5

    By Bombdiggityyo
    The app was convenient and easy to use for the most part but for some reason now I can’t even log in.... I thought my password was wrong initially so I changed it..... Still won’t work. All login info is 110% correct. I have the latest version downloaded. My iPhone is updated to the latest software as well. Each time I try it just says “An error has occurred. Try again.” Please fix this and then I’ll change my rating.
  • Excellent Wi Fi Device 5/5

    By N Ravi
    I have been able to get my emails and internet connection to work much faster with XR450
  • Well worth the money. 5/5

    By Ewil485
    The nighthawk extended the range and strengthened the signal with in our house. Extremely easy to set up and allowed us to set up a guest WiFi which is great if you have children who are always entertaining friends.
  • Great app, if you have the right router 3/5

    By TuneBot76
    I had the r7000 for 3 years and it just died so I thought the r8000 was the correct choice as I had not 1 but 2 5 ghz networks. This app will not show the names of the devices like the the r8000 did making this app worthless to me. The genie app does show the names on the network app as does the web interface. It’s worth noting the web interface is also behind on the r8000. I get the r7000 is the more popular router but shouldn’t the software look and act the same?
  • Firmware update notification 3/5

    By DanS924
    Netgear notified to login to get Firmware update, but no way to even check for firmware version, much less an update.
  • Super Easy Setup!!! 5/5

    By omeeomai
    I love this new router!! It was a bit expensive but well worth the money!!! Love the user interface of the app on my phone. I was able to easily setup my router in 15 minutes. Wow! I am not a network/techie either!!

Nighthawk (formerly Up) app comments

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