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The Adapt App gives you exclusive access to the latest and greatest features of your Nike Adapt footwear. CONTROL THE FIT FROM YOUR PHONE OR WATCH Tighten, loosen and fine-tune the fit of each shoe using the Adapt App, or connect your Apple Watch to easily make adjustments from your wrist. ADJUST WITH GESTURES, HANDS FREE Change your fit when you're on the go using the Gestures feature. It's as easy as tapping your heel and doesn't require a phone, so you can stay focused on your activity. PRESET AND CUSTOM MODES The first time you put on your shoes, the app will create two modes; one tuned for activity and the other relaxing. You can also create personalized fits with custom modes. ADD SIRI SHORTCUTS Instantly adjust your shoes using only your voice with five different Siri Shortcuts. THEMED INTERFACE Every detail within the app matches the look and feel of the shoes you're connected to. CUSTOMIZE THE COLORS & LIGHT EFFECTS Light packs combine iconic Nike colors with pulsing, strobe and gradient light effects. Set how long you want your shoes to glow, or turn off the lights completely. CHECK YOUR CHARGE Know exactly how much power you have left, and get notified when you need to charge your shoes. SECURELY CONNECT YOUR SHOES The Adapt App gives you a secure connection to your Nike Adapt shoes. Once your shoes are paired, only you can control your fit. The Adapt App allows you to remotely adjust the fit of your Nike Adapt shoes and requires data like current fit, LED color and battery level to be transmitted from the shoes to the app. For more information, go to

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  • This app don’t work 1/5

    By ,jzfvgvg
    Nike why you posting this app is not working for iPhone your app is don’t even do anything not even try to login to my account b4 the pairing the shoes ? This app doesn’t not connect the phone no movement at all is not about the shoes is about this app not even do the first step idk how ppl are going to use this app at all why I say is not the shoes is about the apps curse after 3day trying and trying to pairing it still not even show any Bluetooth connection in the iphone app or phone but I can sure see the Bluetooth in my computer so I can tell the iPhone is not picking up the adapt Bluetooth Signal !! Ok this is what I do I use my computers, Bluetooth connect the adapt Bluetooth in the Computer go to Drive management look up the adapt L and adapt R Bluetooth that is connected to the computer and delete all or both shoes Driver and do not connect them back to the computer an now remove the Bluetooth connection from the iPhone if is connected after delete the app dont install back yet now find a Android phone and download the adapt app in play store and connect after the app install and update it to the latest device you should have both shoes connect b4 you app promp in the update after everything is back to normal now you can remove everything from the android app delete the apps and reinstall back from i phone side now everything works Ps make sure to remove Account in android app b4 going to the iPhone app thank you
  • Pretty Dope 5/5

    By Sadamie KazeKage
    Cool Idea keep it going Nike you are on to something
  • I’m very upset 2/5

    By serenity vrooman
    I got a new phone and wanted to control my shoes and it’s not compatible I think it should be comparable with everyone because no matter what kind I phone you have you should still be able to use the app if you have the shoes you know just really upset I am a sneaker collector and I’m very upset with this.
  • Not enough light features 3/5

    By jackson rw
    It is super limited and we should get a color wheel and longer durations and not pulsing but solid like it stays
  • Doesn’t want to pair no matter what 1/5

    By Kinzeryy
    I’ve been trying to pair for weeks and it doesn’t work plz do something I’m a paying costumer and this sht ain’t cheap fix it
  • Very happy 5/5

    By Riverton Remodeling
    I love these shoes. Hope you guys keep making them. Would love to see some in spring colors
  • 1 issue 5/5

    By Broloney
    I having used my Adapts in a while so I tried to use them again and well I can’t login to the app XD. I TRY AND IT SAY “connect a shoe” I say cancel and it takes me back to the home page I login in again AND IT DOES THE SAME THING!! The worse part of this is I CANT continue with the shoes I own because it’s already connected to the app. Long story short I try to connect my shoes it won’t let me but I can’t connect my shoes because they are already connect. :D
  • Dopest Shoe Ever 5/5

    By Bmorri13
    Can’t lie they were definitely worth every penny
  • Shoes broke??? 1/5

    By Jahvel S
    Didn’t use them for a while came back right one is not charging waste of money
  • The best and coolest shoes I have ever bought 5/5

    By Farm Boi 08
    I recently got the Nike adapt huarache and they are extremely comfortable plus the sleekness and easy usage of the app that it comes with is incredible
  • Adapt 1/5

    By josh🐅🧡
    Not letting me sign in my account the both just stays grey and it’s not letting me use another account to pair my shoes
  • Shoes unreliable 1/5

    By Bsalent
    Here to tell Nike corporate that the warranty they normally use on shoes should not extend to this tech product. As a customer you have zero clue how long of a warranty you have on these shoes as the 2 years starts from manufacture date. Well guess what, morons, that’s not good enough for a tech product. Not only that but customer service will process your request for return, hold onto your shoes for 1.5 months then return them because the manufacture date was more than 2 years ago even though you bought them less than 2 years ago. That’s right- Nike corporate does not even record the warranty lapse date when ordering directly from Nike, leading you on an extended wild goose chase only to be informed your warranty has lapsed. I will be stealing heavily from your corporate owned stores from here on out due to this horrible experience I’ve had.
  • App is TRASH 1/5

    By ebay is the best!
    The features within the app are FANTASTIC. But that’s the only good thing about it. Too often the app loses communication with the Adapt shoes and I have to delete it, reinstall it, unpair the shoes. I have three pairs of these and it’s a miserable experience to get them all to connect to the app again. I hav called Nike multiple times about this and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Very disappointed in the technology and support aspect for the Adapts. Would not recommend anyone purchase the next iteration of these unless the app is fixed. Nike is better than this.
  • It’s just fun 5/5

    By RaymJay
    shoes that can
  • • Bluetooth menu name customization 5/5

    By Radu_74656
    - Greetings, I personally believe a lot of other people and I just myself would appreciate the option in the Bluetooth menu on iPhone devices to have the ability to customize the shoe name left or right rather than the default option to however the individual chooses 😉👌🏻 - Thank you ✅
  • You know the Vibes 5/5

    By OneBall314
    Or naw
  • Fantastic and most comfortable sneakers ever! 5/5

    By BMVP
    By far the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn! I have over 200 sneakers and In my life I’ve most of had over 500 pairs! The Nike adapt is number 1! They light up in almost every color!! The thing that makes these sneakers is the level of comfort and movability is on another level that I’ve never felt before!!!!!
  • Coolest app ever 5/5

    By liamsherbunr
    This app is amazing I had these shows for a year now and it hasn’t Malfunction on me
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Actionjackzon
    Works well simple to use doesn’t crash really smooth !
  • Lights 1/5

    By denimWayne
    Since the app update I can’t choose any light packs for my shoes.
  • BB Lights 3/5

    By Sam Allebach
    I would rate it a 5/5 but the light feature isn’t working and I just an empty circle. The lights are one of the coolest features in my opinion.
  • Producto inservible 1/5

    By papa papuff
    No sirven comienzan a ajustarse solos y las luces se activan solas realmente son unas basuras
  • Cool when they work 5/5

    By LitePod
    As others have noted, the shoes are cool - when they work. However, they often don’t because the app on the phone or the watch won’t connect to the shoes. So then you find yourself fiddling with force quitting the app, uninstalling the app from the watch etc. The watch app especially is troublesome. The watch app will simply say cannot connect, make sure Bluetooth is turned on etc and won’t work on the first few tries then will suddenly start working with nothing having changed on the shoes, the phone or the watch. Bluetooth is probably the main issue but until Bluetooth becomes more robust or Nike develops another wireless method then these shoes and the app are only for people who like to troubleshoot why their shoes aren’t working.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By unammused consumer
    These were great until my left shoe wouldn’t turn on and now I can’t connect them back on my phone

    By 366352 uurur
    I have been wereing these to school and for fun
  • App loses connection Tooooo Frequently!!! 5/5

    By monument colorado Pappa Johns
    It took me 3 hours of reset, reconnect, reset, reconnect….it wouldn’t recognize the left shoe….terrible technology. I am returning this $450 investment for something without an App! Bad choice…Nike support chat was worthless too. Now have to drive over 2 hours to step foot in the store I bought these at.
  • Updates 5/5

    By kvtimex19
    Yo , thought my BB were boring but after the updates with the lights and others I am pleased!!!!
  • Best shoes 5/5

    By Beast warriors
    I just got the adapt auto max and they are the best shoes on my feet. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn I have worn ultra boost, and lots of other Nikes.
  • Jordan Adapt 5/5

    By Michael D.C
    I rate 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Light Clean Different Thank you ,Nike Jordan Adapt From ,Michael Crawford
  • No longer has app support don’t buy theses shoes 1/5

    By DjTyga
    Nike has dropped the ball on this update the app no longer is able to control the lights on the shoes, I’ve contacted Nike support on several occasions on this matter, all they end up doing is sending me back to the main phone assistant menu, Thanks never by 400$ shoes from Nike Current iOS 15 will not work for lights
  • Great! 5/5

    By Gluudxjxkdkr
  • Quick Unlace 4/5

    By morgansantana
    The new “Quick Unlace” feature doesn’t seem to work on Adapt BB 2.0?
  • Shoe game on lock! 5/5

    By therealbigdawg
    Shoes of the future here now!
  • Cool! 5/5

    By T.O. fa real
    Sitting on the couch playing with these shoes is a lot more fun than I’d imagined.
  • The color wheel on the app doesn’t work 3/5

    By stinkmeener73
    I recently updated my app and that color wheel doesn’t work. I was told they got rid of it and you now can only use Siri to change color
  • Freaking awesome 5/5

    By kingalex😎
    This app and the shoes are awesome thanks to Nike we now have shoes that tie themselves, I also love that u can keep the lights on and change their colors, thanks Nike for bringing this sci fi dream to life!!!
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By skateboardssuck
    I would give the shoes zero stars if I could I’ve had them for one day and the left one already broke it won’t turn on
  • Adapt App not working on my Apple Watch. 3/5

    By TripleX35
    When I first got my Apple Watch, the Adapt App worked fine. I could control my Adapts from my watch. But now it don’t work. It keeps telling me to make sure my Watch’s and iPhone’s Bluetooth is on and Airplane mode is off even though my Iphone and Watch is already set that way. Is this a common issue? Please fix!
  • Not consistent enough to showcase shoes 2/5

    By idomtwannapickaname
    I always look like an idiot cause im like “check it, my shoes lace themselves!” Followed by five minutes of me opening and closing the app trying to get it to work. It works almost 1/3 of the time so pretty good. Sometimes like twice a week i cant get my shoes off and it tightens really tight and it actually hurts, and also it ALWAYS has trouble connecting, BUT when it does work its really cool!
  • App no longer pairing with shoes 1/5

    I have two pair of adapts and now both are basically bricked and not pairing to my phone. I have tried all the suggested resets and pairing technical support and still get message that shoes are already paired with another device. This happens even trying on my android device. I’m not sure what the Latest firmware did but it’s messed up both shoes. Nike Support acted like this was a new thing. I looked back at reviews dating back to January with people having the same issue. Still not fixed??? Unacceptable for shoes this expensive!! Really surprised at the level of service on this. Not at all like the service I am used to getting with Nike.
  • Firmware stops at 99% 2/5

    By FJM23
    Firmware stops downloading at 99%. I have deleted app, logged off and removed pair of shoes from my phone countless times and stops downing at 99%. Can some help me?
  • Trash 1/5

    By Shox40
    Airmax constantly won’t pair with app. Have done a hard reset and it still says shoes are already paired!
  • My Nike Auto Max 5/5

    By Be Mo' Frank
    These shoes are awesome!
  • Auto Max 5/5

    By TinyDaPanda
    Love my new shoes and this app is so awesome! I want more shoes now haha.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By ShaneFlannery
    When you buy a $500 shoe like the Adapt Jordan 11, you expect it to work. Everytime I try to pair my shoes to the app, they pair to my phone but the app says “already paired to device”. Ya you’re right, it’s my device idiot. So it won’t let me access the app because it’s paired to my phone? Terrible service. I cant access the app at all.
  • My shoes will not connect 1/5

    By Jelouis
    I have the bb 2.0 and they will not connect through the app have hard reset and system reset multiple times very annoyed.
  • Unboxing 5/5

    By jjszcar
    This is the future for sure!!! High quality units. Waiting on open gym to practice in. Thanks Nike!!!
  • I’m so glad! 5/5

    By DoubleDJackhammer
    Best shoe ever. Fun, stylish, different and so comfortable. Thank you NIKE!
  • Idk 2/5

    By Caleb629
    Shortcuts don’t work, i add them then try them and Siri doesn’t know what I’m talking about . It worked once for one of my shoes but now it doesn’t at all and they’re both charged