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  • Current Version: 5.25.1
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Nike Run Club App

Nike Run Club: Your Perfect Running Partner Nike Run Club has the tools you need to run better, including GPS run tracking; audio guided runs; weekly, monthly and custom distance challenges; customized coaching plans for your goals; and nonstop motivation from your friends. Reach your goals and have fun along the way with Nike Run Club. - FULL APPLE WATCH SERIES 4 SUPPORT - TRACK AND STORE RUNS - AUDIO GUIDED RUNS WITH NIKE COACHES AND ATHLETES - GLOBAL AND CUSTOM CHALLENGES - PERSONALIZED COACHING PLANS - TROPHIES AND BADGES TO CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS - COMPETE ON LEADERBOARDS - IN-RUN CHEERS FROM FRIENDS - SHARE RUNS WITH ANYONE SUPPORT FOR APPLE WATCH and APPLE WATCH NIKE+ Get a perfect running partner on your wrist. The Nike Run Club app is optimized for every generation of Apple Watch. Scroll on the main screen to select a goal or start an Audio Guided Run; swipe left to customize a run or activate in-run Cheers from friends; or check out Activity History for details from recent runs. Note: GPS support is not available for the Apple Watch Series 1. TRACK AND STORE RUNS Get the details you need, including pace, distance, GPS route, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits, complete with audio feedback to keep on track. AUDIO GUIDED RUNS WITH NIKE COACHES AND ATHLETES Get guidance, motivation and inspiration through in-ear audio from Nike coaches, elite athletes and entertainers like Mo Farah and Kevin Hart. AGRs are a fun way to help runners improve strength, speed and endurance. Because the intervals are automatically marked, all you have to do is tap start and go. Each run is paired with a specific playlist, so connect to Apple Music or Spotify for the best experience. MOTIVATE YOURSELF WITH CHALLENGES Join the Nike global community of runners in weekly and monthly distance Challenges or create a Challenge and invite your Friends. Reach goals, earn achievements and go the distance. COACHING PLANS PERSONALIZED FOR YOU Whether you want to get started, get fitter or get race-ready, NRC has adaptive plans for your goals and fitness level. CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS WITH TROPHIES AND BADGES Earn milestone badges and trophies for smashing personal bests like your fastest 5K or longest run. COMPARE AND COMPETE WITH LEADERBOARDS Easily compare and compete with friends on the distance leaderboard. GET IN-RUN CHEERS FROM FRIENDS Receive motivating in-run audio cheers from friends and send them support with cheers of your own. CUSTOMIZABLE POST-RUN SHARING Personalize activity posts by adding photos, stats and stickers and tailor who sees them, from everyone to only your close friends. Nike Run Club works with Apple Health to sync workouts and record heart-rate data. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

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Nike Run Club app reviews


    By cameron anne
    ok so this app is THE BEST app i’ve ever downloaded and honestly changed my life. i’ve been using this app for a month now and let me tell you i keep discovering new features and have yet to find a SINGLE FLAW. the app is super easy to use, and has a ton of extra features i’m sure you didn’t know you needed. it has lots of motivating factors, such as the run levels, which are a great initiative to keep going on regular runs. everyone loves to level up right? the guided runs (narrated by coach bennett my king) make it super easy to start and finish runs, with coach bennett cheering you on (and sometimes andy my other main man) and with the predetermined distance or duration, you know what to expect. you can also join in weekly or monthly challenges with the whole nike run club community and the in app shopping feature makes it easy to find and purchase shoes and other gear. i highly HIGHLY recommend this app if ur starting to run more seriously or just looking for a good tracking app for ur runs. GET THIS APP it’ll blow you away with all its extra features, layout, and accessibility. 10/10!!!
  • App Fails on the watch on 10 mile runs 1/5

    By dotflw
    The watch app is super slow and clunky while you are actually running. If you run over ~9ish miles it will tend to freeze up or forget your run once you finish. I have the app on the watch specifically designed for the Nike Run Club.
  • Pushing me to run on a regular basis. 5/5

    By TrevWILL79
    Getting ready to turn 40 in a few months, I need all the motivation and drive I can get.
  • Great Motivator 4/5

    By Insurance Claim
    I love this app and all it can offer while in training or simply just running for the sake of it. I only wish they would make the Coach runs available on the Apple Watch. I got the watch so I could leave my phone at home and this feature feels like it should be an easy fix for the NRC team. (Please and Thank You)
  • Ghosted 4/5

    By MissFinigan
    This is really a great app and it has helped me improve on my runs a lot cause I can see the progress over time. I would give it a five star except for the fact that the app ghosts me several times lately when I’m in an active run. The routes are recorded with straight lines and I constantly have to restart the recording of a run cause the app has either crushed or stopped recording despite the fact that I lock the screen so that it doesn’t get interrupted while I’m running. For someone who is taking part in challenges this is really frustrating cause the app is not dependable. Hopefully they can fix this problem soon
  • Figure out how to work with Fitbit 3/5

    By goatfad
    I would give this app a 5 star rating if it worked with fit bit and they brought back all the trophies from the older version
  • No coach! 2/5

    By MLK624
    I set up my own person running plan on my coach thinking it link to my Apple 3+ and it doesn’t! Seems pointless to me. If Nike can change that with an update I will change this review to 5 stars.
  • The best 5/5

    By cocodlsg
    Great app
  • My go-to Running App 5/5

    By Papi-Jr
    My right-hand-man while I'm running.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Cris0069
    Very good app and very helpful
  • Lacks ability to edit runs 3/5

    By Zichmeister
    I recently ran 4x400 intervals for a training run using my Apple Watch without my phone. After the watch sun he’d with the phone I forgot to apply the run towards a training run. When I went back to apply the run later in the day I wasn’t able to assign it. I reset the app and the phone and still no luck. There is no option to assign the run or edit past runs. The “My Coach” needs some updates for editing.
  • One song pace station 1/5

    By sage--advice
    Connected to my Spotify premium and pace stations only play one song on repeat. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling both NRC and Spotify - issue persists. Any resolution?
  • Apple Watch help 1/5

    By browncoat34
    No longer shows up on my Apple Watch when I start a run from my phone
  • Runs NOT recorded 1/5

    By tiwyakr
    I downloaded this app to encourage a friend and ended up getting discouraged myself. This app worked the first two days and proceeded to crash every time after that. I ran a total of 12mi in 3 days for the app to tell me it only recorded a total of .55mi in all. Nike do better, please. You're discouraging ppl who actually want to track their progression.
  • Shuffle my playlist 5/5

    By Raloralo2323
    Shuffle my playlist
  • The best running app 5/5

    By AleMojica
    This is a perfect app to track your runs and see your progress over time. I like that it tells you when you start your run, reach each mile, and stops when you have to wait on a traffic light. 10 out 10 would recommend.
  • Not just physically great but mentally too 5/5

    By Ltsmovies
    The Guided Runs are fantastic to get you into and keep you in a positive mindset👍🏻
  • Does the job 5/5

    By PhrankB
    Simple with informative details on your run.
  • Needs work on the speed runs (ie 6 x 200) 4/5

    By Gdjub
    Wish the app would tell me when I’m at my distance and tell to take a 30 second break and then give me the count down when to start up again
  • Can’t start a training run from my Apple Watch 2/5

    By DShafar
    What good is it to have the Apple Watch Nike version if I can’t start a training run from the watch. I’m trying to get away from running with my phone. I would hope this is in development.
  • Great to mediocre 2/5

    By Hankins
    The app used to be much better. Now it missed runs synced from the Apple Watch and access to the stats online are either not available or impossible to find. Also the awards and levels and things used to be good motivators.
  • Please add Walking and Pushing a Stroller mode! 4/5

    By JoeJots
    I don’t have the leisure to go for a run, but I do take the baby for long walks in the Stroller. In order to keep the workout from pausing, I have to keep my watch arm moving. I’m not able to push the stroller with 2 hands. Love the app, love the Nike series watch, love my Nike sneakers! Please add a walking/stroller mode. Thank you!
  • Average Mile...How about last Mile? 3/5

    By runnjngfootdoc
    I’m thinking of leaving ASAP because I can’t figure out how to get it tell me how fast my last mile was, I need to know what I’m doing mile per mile, please help!!! This is one last request to please have a voice feedback of what the last mile split was, is this possible? I really do not want to leave this app And as a physician recommended it quite often
  • Only running app I use 5/5

    By iEatTacos
    Great app, lots of data from runs are stored to analyze later
  • Stopped syncing with watch 1/5

    By cbgb13$$
    If I start a run on my phone it no longer starts on my Apple watch.
  • Deleting my runs 2/5

    By Apparrentlyevernameistaken
    This app has several times just deleted my runs. I have no idea why but it has been 4 times in two weeks. Very frustrating.
  • Hit and Miss ... 3/5

    By Chicoartist
    I downloaded this app a few years ago, and at first it was perfect - then as the app ‘grew’ in the last couple of years it became cumbersome and slightly buggy, but mostly useable. Lately my main beef is that the most recent couple of updates really screwed it up. I use an updated app and newest iOS iPhone XS and about 80% of the time the distance is laughably way off (I wish I could run that far that fast!). And yes, I have everything turned on for the app - Motion & Fitness, Background App Refresh, and everything else I could find researching the issue on the ‘net. I am just about to start looking elsewhere.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Caesar Agustas
    App will not pair with Apple Watch, loses runs. Terrible App if you want to keep track of how much you run weekly and monthly.
  • Daniel 5/5

    By jacathelegend
    Coach’s you guys awesome!
  • Constantly crashing, not saving runs, lag time. 1/5

    By Michaeladiraimo
    I wanted to love this app because I love Nike and their products, however, this app is ALWAYS crashing on me. I have an IPhone X and a fairly new Apple Watch, and somehow there is always some sort of delay/glitch/crash with this app and it’s very frustrating. This morning was the last straw, when I ran my BEST pace since I started running and after I paused the run to stop it and save it, it crashed and didn’t save my run! This is not the first time, as it always lags when going to pause/stop/resume a run. You need to get it together and fix this because I am serious about tracking my runs and every mile counts, and there are so many unrecorded miles that I have because of how poorly designed this app is. I am thoroughly annoyed and disappointed in Nike for this terrible product.
  • Great except for one thing 4/5

    By Rascal1997
    I started training for a half marathon and saw online this is a great app to use for training. I love the personalized plan based on individualized questions. My big issue is that you can only edit within the weeks not within the whole plan. I got ahead since, I was going to need to take a week off, but couldn’t edit the whole plan or start a run in a different week. While I could do this on my own my progress wasn’t logged so I couldn’t see how I was doing overall. I would love it if you could customize within the weeks not just add a “other run”
  • Usually gets the job done with the basics on Apple Watch. 2/5

    By bigredmac
    Occasionally it will delete runs completed on the Apple Watch after syncing with phone. I can’t give an app that logs runs higher than two stars with an issue like that.
  • Thankful For NRC! 5/5

    By OJ Campos
    Thankful for the motivation!!! Just having the app helps motivate me to get up and go! #JustDoIt #GettingBetterTeam 💪🦁
  • Big Problems 5/5

    By @Neek617
    The app on the new series 4 Apple Watch does not track runs properly at all‼️‼️‼️
  • Doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By jmedran
    Doesn't track my miles accurately. Tracks only 0.1 miles when I've been running for five minutes

    By Crazystarburst
    Why tf would i want someone complaining about their run so much that it brings my own run down SMHH
  • Good App wish they get rid of all the ads 3/5

    By TLKent
    I like this app and have used the Nike+ system for a long time. I just dislike how this app is also a store. I don’t like messages about new shoes or unlocked deals. I don’t even wear nike shooed for running. Wish they’d just go back to a running app.
  • Holy God with the feedback requests!! 1/5

    By EvanH86
    The app itself is fine but it asks me to submit feedback or a review after EVERY. SINGLE. RUN. I’m very confident that this is an App Store TOS violation and it needs to stop. Doesn’t matter how I respond to the pop up, I’ll get it again the next time I run. Which is usually the next day.
  • Needs some work. 3/5

    By tmbartlett
    I have been using this app for years. I have been using the Apple Watch app for about a year. The watch app is hard to stop and end the run I hit and hold once. I tap it once. I tap it twice. Nothing seems to work. I will literally sit there for about 4 minutes trying to end my run and the app doesn’t respond. VERY FRUSTRATING. Now it doesn’t seem to save my runs so at the end of the day or the next day I want to look at my run and it isn’t there. I am using the app for a reason. To track my runs but if it doesn’t save them the. It is a waste of time.
  • My Coach Speed Runs need to be fixed 4/5

    By Esmincito
    If you build a running plan using “My Coach” option, you will eventually have to do some runs called “Speed Runs” which have no voice guidance and you will look stupid looking at your phone while sprinting.
  • Great for tracking runs 5/5

    By dman_6
    It tracks runs really well and it helps you understand how and we’re to improve
  • No Syncing With Watch App 2/5

    By zpkirk
    I have used this app ever since I started running back when you had to have the little sensor attached to your shoe. I have never run without it. I was excited to get the apple watch series 4 so I could finally go for a run without my phone strapped to my arm. But, not being able to sync my runs form the workout app with Nike Run Club is extremely disappointing.
  • Worked well, until it randomly didn’t 3/5

    By afeenstra
    I’ve been using this app for many years and never had an issue. Then, in the past week, there have been two instances where, without any warning or notification, the app randomly just stopped tracking in the middle of my run. I only realized the app had stopped logging my miles when I finished my run and realized the app hadn’t been tracking since about midway through, or when I hit what I knew to be a mile mark and didn’t hear the app tracking tell me what mile I was on. The main reason I use the app is to track the length of my runs as I marathon train and if this issue is not addressed I will be transitioning to a different run tracking app.
  • Music feature is TERRIBLE 2/5

    By Bill1234826
    Good app besides the dam music feature. I can control my own music on my phone, I don’t need your janky music interface trying to control it. It’s perpetually pausing my run, my music and heaven forbid you open the photo app while you are listening to your own music. It’s stops your run every time. Extremely frustrating at least give me the ability to turn your stupid “feature” off
  • 5stars! 5/5

    By Hawtree86
    This app is great. It helps motivate me to stick with it as a new runner.
  • Loved guided run 5/5

    By Chris ramsue
    Just did the 2 mile guided run. Fantastic it made me think about things i never thought of while running.
  • Motivación 5/5

    By lipira
    Es la primera vez que uso la app Nike Club y me ha agradado, hace que me motive para mis prácticas en el deporte. Gracias!
  • Most recent update. 4/5

    By Ninja Bruce
    Last update will not allow my Apple Watch 3 to sync with my iPhone when I begin a run. First time this has ever happed. Reloaded app but still nothing new.
  • No iWatch 1/5

    By apenag01
    Tried in many ways to have my Apple Watch to work with my iPhone, but since 2 updates it won’t start. Getting worser than ever.

Nike Run Club app comments

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