Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release

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  • Current Version: 4.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nike, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release App

YOUR ULTIMATE SNEAKER SOURCE Explore, buy and unlock the best of Nike sneakers. SNKRS provides insider access to the latest launches, hottest events and exclusive releases that Nike has to offer. GET THE STORY Learn about the inspiration and heritage behind your favorite pairs, the untold tales from top athletes and the style secrets from the SNKRS community. STAY A STEP AHEAD See what’s dropping next and set notifications for the pairs you want most. UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE EVENTS AND RELEASES Get access to the most coveted drops and one-of-a-kind experiences. RESERVE AT NEARBY STORES Secure your pair in SNKRS and pick it up at your nearest retailer for a seamless launch day experience.

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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release app reviews

  • Keeps me lit up 5/5

    By Trappo$
    Fire good looks on them t Scott’s!
  • First Time 5/5

    By mdmsunluvr
    Very excited I was picked to get Travis Scott shoes! It was a smooth very easy process.
  • Disappointing and stupid 1/5

    By maijabee
    I was really looking forward to buying a new shoe on the reales day. I waited for weeks and weeks wanting the shoes so bad. So then reales day finally comes an I have all of my information in ready to go. I click the purchase button and it says you will enter a draft for the shoe. What?! I waited for so long to have the shoe and I had the money ready to go and everything, and I get put in a draft where if I not get picked I don’t even have a chance of getting the shoe! Thats just so stupid in my opinion. If you have someone that wants a shoe that is waiting for the drop for weeks, why would you taunt them with a raffle and then not allow them to buy the shoe. That’s just so stupid in my opinion.
  • What’s the point 1/5

    By toolateudie
    I’ve never gotten picked for a pair of sneakers... you can’t win against the people using bots. And Nike does absolutely nothing about it. I mean other people can get multiple pairs while actual people who want special edition shoes to wear get none. I won’t be using this app anymore until Nike corrects this issue
  • Not worth it, WHY this app has 4.8 rating ??? 1/5

    By kasad78
    “Apparently” you can get access to exclusive shoes and clothes releases but as soon as they drop you get to submit payment thinking you got them but then you find out that you didnt it... Its a scam, probably a marketing strategy to see how much of a product will have a high demand. Dont waste your time or energy on this!!! Nike 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • garbage app 1/5

    By jamea111
    garbage app
  • You can’t win 1/5

    By hypdgrails
    Never won a release in years from this app.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Djdaikey
    Most amazing app ever. Thank you
  • If I Could choose No Stars 1/5

    By CoolCeaser
    Y’all Keep Handing Me L’s and now I don’t find anything funny about it.😡(update) I got another L lol.
  • Don’t Bother 1/5

    By Gabeiscool.
    This app is trash. Completely overrun by bots and Nike does nothing about it. I’ve signed up for every AJ1, Off White, and Cactus Jack release in 2019 and 2020 and have had zero success. My Apple Pay is linked to my SNKRS Profile and there is ALWAYS “an error with payment”
  • Piss off 3/5

    By Kevvvv544544
    Never can win a drawing, ridiculous
  • Absolute GARBAGE 1/5

    By Zed_V
    Don’t download this sorry excuse for a app. You’re better off going to your local mall fighting off hypebeasts to get your shoes. This app is bogus. Don’t download
  • Aimbots have taken over this app 1/5

    They need to design something where you have to verify the purchase with your phone number like put in text code or something. I’m sure Nike got some smart people that can do this.
  • Bot protection 1/5

    By A$ian $avage
    Nike please invest some money and time to install bot protection so that is normal people who don’t spend thousands on bots can get a chance to buy a sneaker we truly love. All of these selfish bot users want to buy 30+ pairs just to sell them to us who actually want to wear the shoe
  • Total disappointment from a loyalist 1/5

    By CC35178
    The best thing about this app is catching L’s and let the bots take all the merchandise, I’m tired of this BS app haven’t being able to cope anything from this app for two years now, I have a better chance at finish line that I do here
  • Raffle 2/5

    By Loso305
    Is it me but it seem as if no one gets pick for the raffles make me think certain people get the shoes! Have a lot friends that enter the Raffles for the exclusive shoes but never seem to get pick!!! At times I want to delete but I keep hoping!!! I’m giving the app 2 stars just because of the updates they give us but I mostly get my shoe gossip from Kicks On Fire!!!
  • Why 1/5

    By PercNowitzki
    Always L’s
  • Don’t even try going for hype SNKRS 1/5

    By rockthered99
    I’ve been using this app for 3 years, attempting to purchase limited releases LEGITIMATELY every time. As of the time of this review, I still have not successfully purchased a single product from this app. I understand the draw process for sneaker releases are a raffle, but it is nothing short of sheer frustration to try raffles for 3 years straight with nothing to show for it. However the draw system is currently working, it needs to be fixed. I’m tired of seeing extremely limited and special shoes going to accounts just looking to resell the product, or ones who do not understand the passion behind said sneakers and may be bottling them. SNKRS app, you're about to lose my business, but I guess that won’t matter since I’ve never actually been able to spend my money on your app anyway.
  • Get rid of the bots! 1/5

    By fbfjglflsnabbama
    The app only freezes on big drops, and there's a few other signs that bots are infesting your app. Get rid of the bots! They ruin the industry. They only do it to sell it resale for astronomical prices. I might as well go back to designer shoes instead of sneakers. I get your base is predominately the adolescence, but that doesn't mean your business practices have to be as well. I will never buy another jordan, or any other nike product not just shoes. The constant allowed use of bots has tarnished the view I had towards your company. Don't be surprised when the looting goes national if you guys are the first in line. From looking at the reviews you're greed has made you a lot enemies.
  • Unfair 1/5

    By ty1249
    When this app was first released it was great getting shoes was easy, assesible and fast. Now it's behind hard. At points, it shows draw closed, and it barely the time the draw opened and like others have stated it closes out when your submitting payment. It's unfair because most of the people that do get the ”DRAW” are reselling the shoes for hundreds sometimes thousands. And the shoes that are not so excited all of a sudden there is no draw for them or if there is they are still available. There needs to be a better system, but in place.
  • The worst 1/5

    By topgun8674
    Absolutely terrible now, the past few drops I’ve been in I don’t even get notifications for once I’ve entered if I win or lose I just look and it says sold out. Or it even puts me out of line for no reason so unless I watch the screen constantly I won’t know if I’m actually in line or not. I think the draw system is unfair too after 6 attempts I’ve got nothing but pushed out of line. I’ll keep trying but something is clearly up
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Harry Kooder
    Nike doesn’t care who pays them as long as they get their money, and that’s why they’ll never fix the bot issue. Step your game up like adidas.
  • man man man 1/5

    By Xipe428
    my friend brad works there and he just backdoors pairs for people and i don’t think that’s fair for drawings cause barely any pairs for us so i think we should air snkrs facilities out and cause riots
  • Wouldn’t let me submit my order 1/5

    By Supreme Weeb
    It wouldn’t let me submit my order and I got mad and I tried numerous times and it wouldn’t work👎🏾👎🏾
  • Trash app 1/5

    By 781G
    This app is a waste of time. Don't bother trying to win these drawings. I’ve tried for years. You will not win. Ever.
  • Sold out to bots and can’t win draws 2/5

    By Peanutbrian
    Pointless app
  • Full of bots and it always bugs on big releases 1/5

    By Saaim23
    Garbage app that costs us valuable shoes because of bugs and bots
  • Wooooo! 5/5

    By JcHOU713
    Best shoe app ever!! Woooo!
  • They don’t give the Average American a fighting chance. 1/5

    By EasyMoneyUSMC
    Draws are based on luck. This country wasn’t found on luck. It’s un American. How about you do first come first serve. If people want the shoe, they’ll have to work on it. I just missed out on the Travis Scott Air max 270s. I’ve been waiting all month for those and all I get is “Sorry your Entry wasn’t selected.” Thats ridiculous. I’m very disappointed in the SNKRS app. I would much rather take my money some where else.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Miladocookies
    Always buggy, raffles are rigged, it’s a pointless app just save your money!
  • RIGGED 1/5

    By ThaTruth450
    If your looking for shoes that are not sought after this is your app, but otherwise if your planning on getting some heat off this app think again. Raffles are rigged from people with bots and you’ll never win.
  • Bots always win 1/5

    By Juzz B
    This app is only good is you want to buy regular releases.. Something needs to be done to ensure everyone has a fair chance to win a release for sneakers that require a draw .. The bots always win.. I’ve had this app for 3+ years and never won on a draw yet
  • Trash 1/5

    By vickfre
    This app is only good when you want to know what’s being released soon. Good luck actually purchasing anything unless it’s still in stock. The app is super flawed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bubbwrap
    You just won’t get the shoe you want ever better chances winning the lotto
  • Trash 1/5

    By DC JayMoney
    Out of 15 raffles on different shoes I’ve put in, I haven’t won 1 them. I’d rather take my chances standing In like for a week than take my chances on the app
  • What can you say!!!! 5/5

    By Imrchris
    You win some you lose some but you always have a chance to be happy no matter what you just gottta have faith
  • Need to fix the speed. 5/5

    By Sinccsj
    Things could be worse but the randomness and amount of time it takes and network issue you have to deal with doesn’t make any sense.
  • Great products 5/5

    By cardenazjuan
    Love it when I see it say “got em”
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By GOD1836381926
    So many bots, never get the chance to get an item. App is very unorganized and a waste of time. Will be deleting
  • Sneaker app 5/5

    By A&d cruz
    sneaker sneakers
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By vile0310101010
    I love this app so much.! The app help me enjoy and i wish everything will be good to Nike and every body working there! Love all!
  • Can’t open app 3/5

    By M6758
    Hello I have an iPhone 11 Pro. Iv has the app for a couple of months and it was working fine. However all the sudden when I try to open the app it just closes out. Deleted the app and was able to open it once then after that it doesn’t let me open it.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By makeabeat
    Not worth it bots take up the pool
  • Nike is aware of the situation but just doesn’t care enough to fix it 1/5

    By Braeden Max
    It’s been said a million times in the reviews here but I’ll reiterate. There are services out there that shamelessly offer, for sale, multiple SNKRS accounts for people willing to pay. On top of that there are bots that resellers and cook groups use making it statistically impossible for an individual user to win on any exclusive release. I’ve contacted Nike customer service to raise this concern but there’s a disconnect on what they really understand about what’s going on in their very own app or there’s a limit on what they will do to prevent it. Their ‘rules’ are being blatantly violated but they couldn’t care less, so long as their shoes sell. I was under the impression Nike stood for something but it seems they only stand for themselves.
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By project pappy
    The worst site ever to order something I order my jordan 1s Ona 9th and they never came and charged my card twice
  • Hit or miss A lot more miss 5/5

    By CBT414
    But I understand! Awesome App great Smooth and easy to Guide through Very hard to get shoe but nice app overall
  • Good and bad 5/5

    By Ducemontana
    I like the app it’s cool but every time the draw opens I’m like in it in 2 sec and I never get the exclusive SNKRS
  • SNKRS🔥 5/5

    By Nali346
    Only fair site for drops, bots don’t eat here.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Jessortease
    This process is so easy and fast! The App is a MUST!

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release app comments

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