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Workout with a wide selection of workouts and Programs, get motivated with our Nike Trainers and gain tips for complete wellness. From home workouts to healthy recipes — strengthen both your mind and body with world-class personal trainers and wellness experts. Easily find the perfect workout for staying active at home, from low intensity to high, including: • YOGA: Essential Yoga Flows for Every Day • CORE & STRENGTH: Best of Abs, Arms, and Glutes • HOME WORKOUTS: Big Workouts for Small Spaces • QUICK FITNESS: Done in Under 20 Min • ALL ATHLETES: Exercises for all levels NTC is here to help you stay strong in more ways than one - download today. WORKOUTS FOR ATHLETES OF ALL LEVELS • HIT workouts, strength training, ab and core workouts, full body workouts, yoga, stretch and more - all available straight from your phone • Home fitness is easier than ever with free workouts you can do with minimal to no equipment • No matter how you get your sweat on, start with an inspiring trainer to get you started • Workout by body part: target your abs and core, arms and shoulders, and glutes and legs • New workouts every week with the trainers you love, with new in-class music curated for every workout • Exercise & healthy habits are built with workout scheduling - schedule your workouts and receive reminders beforehand WELLNESS & NUTRITION • Training extends past the physical: receive guidance on mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery and sleep • Begin your  wellness journey with experts, trainers and athletes • NTC TV: healthy recipes, guided meditations and mindfulness techniques in quick, easy videos*** WORKOUT LIVE & ON DEMAND • Trainer-led Video On Demand classes available for all disciplines - HIT, yoga, core, cardio and more • Exclusive livestreams with Nike Trainers, experts and athletes for training and guidance** • Engage in Programs led by Nike Trainers - designed to be flexible and fit into your busy life • Wellness Q&As, guided meditations and healthy cook-alongs can shift your mindset to mindfulness • Video On Demand Premiere Workouts are the movements you’ve been waiting for with special athlete and musical guests* MOTIVATIONAL FEED • Find everything you need, all in one place • Latest workouts and wellness content, from inspirational to educational • Check out the newest items from Nike Training including tips, guidance and more Nike Training Club - Your Holistic Training Guide. -- APPLE WATCH SUPPORT Focus more on your workout and less on your phone when you connect your Apple Watch with NTC. Easily advance to the next drill, pause, skip drills and more, all while monitoring your heart rate and calories right from your wrist. ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES COUNT Enter any other daily workouts in the Activity tab to keep an accurate account of your fitness journey. If you use the Nike Run Club app, your runs will be automatically recorded in your activity history. Nike Training Club works with Apple Health to sync workouts and record heart-rate data. Apple Music: used to access music library to play music during workouts. *VOD (Video-On Demand) available in the US, UK, BR, JP, CN, FR, DE, RU, IT, ES, MX and KR. **NTC Live currently available in the US, UK and select countries. ***NTC TV available only in the US.

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  • Deleted All my Favorite Workouts 2/5

    By J kina
    Why can’t i see all my saved workouts? Since the update it shows me my saved workouts but i can’t access them. Only the new ones with the new trainers will open up. Can someone help me?????!!!
  • .. 1/5

    By ……727
    I was trying to log in and it said I’m not eligible enough but it says this app is for 4+ so I should be fine and I’m in middle school so I should be old enough to work out
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By CarlieArt
    I’ve never been able to motivate myself to get to the gym. And YouTube videos never seem to work for me either. This app has motivated me to create a daily workout and yoga habit. I love the short workouts. They get me going, and once I get going I keep going. I’m truly grateful that this app exists. It’s been life-changin.
  • I recommend this to everyone 5/5

    By cap_sol
    I’ve been using NTC since 2014, but since the pandemic it’s become essential to my fitness routine. I recommend this to anyone and everyone who asks me how I stay in such great shape! One improvement I would love to see is filtering for the recipes. Thanks again for developing such a fantastic app.
  • “Unable update inbox” 4/5

    By nowmaria
    The app overall is good (I really enjoyed the old NTC app), but one thing I’ve encountered is that I’ll get a notification badge on the app, go to see why, guess that it’s my inbox, and when I check it, I’m always met with a black banner on top of my messages that says “Unable to update inbox”. The banner hides the first message on the page and when I push the screen down, the page contents update to most recent messages but the black banner is still there. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, updated so many times and have even changed phones and iOS versions and have no idea what could be the cause. I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue before. Wish I knew how to fix it.

    By aries2222222
    The ultimate strength Yoga and full body strength yoga workouts were 2 of my favorite Yoga routines on the NTC. Not only have those and a few other of my favorite yoga routines been removed but also this classroom setting with every workout is unwarranted. At least have the option for both class room and individual paced workouts. The update which removed being able to go at your own pace and see the workouts before hand has downgraded the NTC app and has led me to uninstall the app. I’m very disappointed as I’ve had over 3k minutes of workout history with all of my favorite workouts removed from the app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By CheshireCat2009
    I wanted an app to track gym workouts when lifting weights, and to create a plan for said workouts. Description mentions ”plans” but it cannot actually create a workout plan. You cannot track your sets and reps and exercises either. At least I didn’t find how. In a nutshell, it seems like this app’s sole purpose is to just make you watch old women on yoga mats stretching their 30+ yo bodies. No thanks. This app is useless to me.
  • It’s so cool, complete and totally free. 5/5

    By Daza 1283
    I mean it’s great! You get healthy meals, workouts, advice from pros, even smoothies lol. This one and Nike Running Club are great tools if you need the motivation/guidance and don’t like crowded gyms or bro-science.
  • Great but could be better 4/5

    By Frank Trisky
    I've been using the app for years now and I recommend it to everyone. The filters and variety is great. I do use it on an ipad but it's disappointing that there's no ipad-specific interface yet. I would also appreciate a more personalized experience like the option to save workouts into different groups/lists (instead of just having one "saved" list). It would also be nice to write some notes for myself about what the workout involved, my personal experience/reflection of it which I could look back at when deciding which workout to do. Something interesting in keeping up a workout routine could also be the option of a customized program, one where I set which workouts to do and when. Or maybe also a more automated one that recommends which workouts to do based off which I've already done. What about downloading/saving certain videos for offline use for when internet is bad/inaccessible in the gym or workout space.
  • App crashes often 3/5

    By ______ab
    Great workouts and programs I’ve been using this app for years but it does crash mid workout and erase the workout data. I’d also like an option to leave notes after the workout to track my own progress. And it turns down my music.
  • Worse over time 3/5

    By Güleç
    I used to love and recommend this app to everyone. But now that all the workouts are videos this app isn’t as good. You used to be able to preview every workout and see exactly what you’d be doing. Even preview a move. You can’t do that anymore in video format. I don’t want to listen to an instructor every time. I want a list of workouts I can do while listening to my own music. Might as well just watch YouTube videos for workouts now. It’s the same thing.
  • Нет русского языка 1/5

    By kerdrklm
    Нет русского языка. Даже если ты находишься не в России.. все равно нет возможности поставить русский. Я понимаю, что санкции, но даже если ты регионально не в России, то русский нельзя поставить. Это не нормально
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By itsmegabrielle
    App is awesome... everything is free. All the trainers keep you motivated every step of the way!
  • HATEEEEE the updates :( 2/5

    By Curly Sage
    Been using this app since 2016, so I have a ton of experience with this app and have seen many changes. I don’t mind the mix of class workouts and normal workouts that you do on your own. HOWEVER, I don’t like that even the non-class workouts are in a weird video format instead of the old list format where you can see all of the exercises beforehand and you just tap when you’re done to move on to the next exercise. If you need to go back at all, you have to try to rewind to find where you were instead of just a simple tap back. Also, I like to look at the workouts beforehand to decide if I want to do it. But with this video format, I have no idea what each workout consists of.
  • Awesome Fitness App! I love it! 5/5

    By Suz3_
    I love the NTC!!! It’s perfect for everyone, beginners-Advancers! I don’t have anything negative to say about it! The only concern I’m having could be only me! Lately I have been experiencing some issues, when a workout link is share, when I click on it, it opens the ap but the workout that was shared does not come up! Is anyone else experiencing this or just me?
  • Miss the older version, ngl 1/5

    By kittysavvy
    This new one’s kind of a mess but still giving it a try.
  • Waste of Phone Storage 2/5

    By thelittlethingsgetme
    Workouts are okay and if you repeat some of them you can get a decent routine in. Accessibility for ppl with no access to weights or machines for sure, certainly better than nothing. The fact that this app has constant notifications that take forever to load and get rid of is the reason I will be deleting it. So annoying and CONSTANT.
  • Videos won’t play 1/5

    By tottower21
    This app used to work well but now none of the workout videos will play. They all have the play arrow with a slash through it. Not very helpful.
  • New format is a use case misfit 3/5

    By NotoriousIND
    NTC had a really good thing going when the app offered both class formats, whiteboard workouts, and structured workout lists. This app started doing something well, which was cater to the inevitable diversity in tastes which exists in the consumer fitness market. But instead of going the “Spotify for fitness route” the latest update has tried to converge all workout formats in the app to class-based. For me, a long time NTC user and someone currently coming back to a longtime fitness habit, I am disappointed. This app used to be a trusted companion for my strength workouts, but now most of my favorite workouts and seemingly all of my alternative options are in a format I truly hate. Class style. This makes it harder to preview, see what’s coming and adapt the workout for my injuries for one. Progress isn’t just about making constant changes to your app, it’s about understanding your users and making the experience better for your “fit” and “on the fence” consumers. Right now, NTC is signaling that this app was not made for me. Maybe… sure, but I imagine a lot of people feel that way now. Please return the app to a multi-format platform.
  • NTC User since 2012, Downloaded Addidas 1/5

    By HaylVilla
    I began using NTC religiously in highschool as a highschool athlete during off season & am now a post university graduate at 28. Nike Training Club’s format of video & user design has became so annoying & not user friendly to the point where I started looking for better apps that are somewhat similar to Nike’s old interface. It’s almost as though once they made premium “free”, Nike no longer cared to cater to the athletes.. and thing is… the amazing things they offered were already free & not part of their premiums. They began taking those amazing things away (workouts/personalized planned workouts/ previews). I had downloaded Adidas in the past & it wasn’t great.. just downloaded it again to check out any improvements. And literally, WOW! I may not pay for Adidas premium for more of their pre-ppanned workouts but their ability to make a plan for you based on your choosing of focus/time/equipment is something that Nike got rid of. If you’re looking for & missing how great NTC used to be. To be honest, just download the adidas training app!
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By thegorgeouz
    The last time I used the app was 2/7/23, and today 2/9/23 I opened the app, the home page looks the same except none of the video plays… none. Can someone look into it? Thanks
  • Only female workouts 1/5

    By Rm robot
    I put I’m a man and all I get are women’s workouts. Deleting this.
  • Videos No Longer Play 3/5

    By APointofView
    I really liked the app but it doesn’t work at all at the moment. Every video has the play button with a slash through it…I’m not very good at working out because I don’t know what to do, I really hope this is fixed soon so I can continue hitting my goals.
  • Missing feature? 2/5

    By NachoLibre3
    Ideally I would give this app a 2.5 stars. It is missing what I would think is a pretty key feature and the is the ability to cast the work out onto other devices like a TV. If the website (when loaded on a laptop or PC) had the same programs as the phone app and didn’t have only sales links this would be a 3.5 or 4 review. Otherwise the app has a fairly diverse lot of exercise with a wide selection of skill levels and equipment.
  • Great app, a couple fixes needed 4/5

    By brenbo_
    This app doesnt “write” heartbeat data (but NRC does) so at the end of workouts I get a blank heartbeat on Apple Watch. Confirmed in Health settings. Sometimes also, a NTC workout causes an overriding duplicate in Apple Fitness. i.e. a 10m Nike Yoga workout may be recorded as two workouts = Yoga (NTC) 1m + Yoga (Fitness) 9m
  • Laggy and buggy 3/5

    By Caberun
    The app, its design and workouts are nice and all, but the browsing experience in the menu and pages is laggy most of the time. And it’s happening on 13 pro max not legacy iPhone models
  • Bring Back Workout Previews 3/5

    By cdoug91
    The workouts in this app are GREAT! Wide variations of workouts, and easily understood instructions show how to do each exercise. I would like to see a preview of the workout for every workout. I’m not sure when NTC got rid of the ability to look through the different exercises in each workout, I’ve had a much harder time deciding what to choose on a given day. I know the preview videos are supposed to give an idea of what to expect, but most of the time those videos don’t work even when I do update the app. Bring that ability to fully preview the workout, and I’m 100% back on board with NTC!
  • Doesn’t save workout progress 2/5

    By samanthalaryn
    For some reason, if I choose to do my own workout/physical activity and try to enter the details manually, it’ll briefly show up on my activity log, but will have disappeared by the next time I open the app. This is upsetting because my activity log doesn’t accurately reflect my workouts. Why allow people to input their own workouts if it’s not even going to save? The workouts themselves are nice, but there is now no option to turn off the instruction voiceover. Before, you could change the settings so that each workout only featured the drill sound so you knew when each drill was starting and ending. But now, you either have to choose no sound at all or be forced to listen to the voiceover. You can choose to have your music playing in the background, but that’s just it — it’s in the background. Your music volume will be much lower while the voiceover and drill sounds will be loud as ever. You can choose to listen to music only by touching the mute button on the workout, but your music will still be much lower than usual and you won’t be able to hear when the drill is ending/next one is starting. I do enjoy the workouts, I just wish they offered more options when it comes to the audio. AND I wish my manually uploaded physical activity was saved in my workout log.
  • App stopped working after recent firmware update 1/5

    By CJJK0707
    Please make it work
  • Don’t like the new format 1/5

    By Dot.roxie
    But still awesome app. Also, bring back old workouts and the whiteboard or whatever the name is. 👏Where. 👏Is. 👏Better. 👏Basics. Workout?👏
  • The app has sunk to the bottom 🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By aleshaujay
    The app has sunk to a deep bottom‼️ I deleted it because it is impossible to use it comfortably 🤬🤬🤬 I've been using this app for 5 years, before it was possible to download a workout to your phone and comfortably practice or meditate, but now you are dependent on the Internet (that you can only be tied to the house and can't practice outside / in the park / in the fresh air) I've been trying to put up with these for a long time, but this 😡😡😡 unbearable!! You are so stuck in a pose and your workout is paused, because the Internet has dropped or its speed has decreased and you have to get up and go to the phone to start the workout again or continue meditation!! In general, return the download to the app‼️ it was MUCH BETTER with it, but for now I'm going to the Fitness + app from Apple Nike is my favorite sneaker company and I only buy them, I HOPE you will hear me and return the function of uploading a workout to OFFLINE training apps 😉
  • Great workouts but unusable with music 3/5

    By jimmyobomsawin
    I love the Nike Training app. The workouts are great, the instructors are wonderful, and I appreciate that the warmups and cooldowns are much longer than most other apps. But… I find it impossible to listen to music in most workouts with this app. The volume on their videos is so low that I cannot hear the instruction over my own music. I don’t use the app as much as I would like because it’s just not as fun doing the workout with some background music. This app would be perfect if they rebalanced their audio or allowed you to adjust video volume independently. If it makes any difference, I use Apple Music and AirPods Pro.
  • Not helpful 3/5

    By dr toyota rav4
    It didn’t really bring me results even after 8 months 😐
  • This is the workout app to get 5/5

    By anmabu111234
    I don’t usually write reviews but I love this app so much I’m suggesting it to everyone I know. I’ve done a couple workout apps and this is by far my favorite. It covers everything from full body workouts, postpartum workouts, yoga, healthy recipes and so so much more! You can easily sort between muscle groups and workout focus. I love that is has long workouts and shorter ones as well for when you have a spare minute in a busy day.I haven’t had any problems with the videos at all. you can play your own music at the same time as the workout audio.
  • Best workout app! 5/5

    By Yaz812
    So far this is the best app for training. Wether I need a 5 minute stretching guidance, or a 30 minute burnout! I can modify every single type of workout or stretch I need daily. Thank you Nike Training group!
  • sloppy editing and production 1/5

    By seafree123
    1. Turn the music up 2. If your instructor messes up a phrase, maybe re-record the workout? 3. Why would you start explaining how an exercise is done after the timer for that exercise starts?
  • Hate the update. 3/5

    By Laydilex
    This was my favorite app until the update. Now I can’t download workouts. Sometimes I don’t have the best service and I want to still be able to workout. It also doesn’t allow you to preview so that you can be prepared for the moves and equipment you need. It’s annoying and I need it to go back. I was just starting workouts and putting my phone down so I could focus, now I have to keep going back to my phone which is hella annoying. I also don’t want to sit through an instructor. 😕😫
  • Bring back previews of exercises!! 3/5

    By pete1049
    I’ve used this app for the last 3 years and done almost 8000 minutes of exercise with it…literally no need for a gym. Review was 5 stars until I recently “updated” and now everything is a class based format and I can’t preview the exercises that are in the workout to see what I’ll be doing and in what order! PLEASE bring that feature back and the old format of the time based workouts!
  • Second to none. 5/5

    By Čimi
    NTC is the deal! I usually don’t do reviews, but this is an exception. This app is AWESOME! I’ve used it since 2017 and will surely use it in the future. My only complaint is that there are glitches for some reason, whenever I start the app it freezes for 3-4 seconds. Other than that, everything works perfectly. I also think that achievements could use and update and redesign. NRC has that figured out in my humble opinion. Try to connect more!
  • Great content, buggy app 3/5

    By mrm0024
    I have consistently used this app for the past few years but I am always hoping the next update will clear out some of the glitches, and it doesn’t. There are awesome workouts on here so I trudge through it, but I am often having to close the app, re-open and pray to the phone gods to keep everything smooth. I have an iPhone 13 with up to date software and unlimited data so I don’t think it’s a me problem. I also wish it was easier to download to your phone workouts to help with the glitches/ using it a the gym which often has bad service.
  • Great at home workout app 5/5

    By loddyb
    Loving this app so far.
  • Bring the old workouts back!!! 2/5

    By Jv9 (ozno4)
    You guys f’ed up on the new update, not everyone wants to go through a class. You could easily tap back and forth with the old workout you were doing and majority of the old workouts were really good. If you have to make the size of the app bigger that’s fine but this new workouts ain’t it.
  • Apple Watch issues 5/5

    By Jefeto
    1/10/23 New issues where all workouts show up in Apple Fitness app as Sunday with thousands more calories than could have possibly be burned
  • Great but not customizable 2/5

    By Blaagah
    Please remove the music in the background of the trainer guided workout videos. I’d prefer to listen to my own music instead of some generic pop beat
  • My favorite app on the App Store 5/5

    By AceSolver
    KG has the best core tuning class
  • This app used to be easier to use 1/5

    By Nekovt
    You used to be able to scroll through the workouts to help you decide which workout is best for you. Now you have to wait for the video to Download scroll through the choppy video to find it’s not for you.
  • Love it but need a iPad version 4/5

    By JenesisA
    I absolutely love this app however will it ever be iPad compatible? I use Apple fitness + because I like to use the bigger screen but this app I can only use on my phone to use with my watch. Will there be a Version for the iPad soon? I know I can download on my iPad but it’s the size of my iPhone so I deleted it! PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS IPAD COMPATIBLE
  • I love it. 5/5

    By vanb657
    I love how simple it is to navigate through the app. The trainers are so motivating. I started with what I’m comfortable. I follow along the best I can and now I’m starting to see results. No excuses. Just Do It. Thanks
  • Good workouts, but fix your notifications! 3/5

    By Mystic Sheep
    Great app for stretching and yoga exercises, but the notifications are infuriating. I constantly have new notifications showing up in the app, and they’re virtually impossible to find and remove. Bad user experience.