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Nike Training Club goes way beyond the workout. Strengthen your muscles and your mindset with free guidance from your favorite trainers, athletes and wellness experts. Workout with a wide selection of workouts and Programs, get motivated with our Nike Trainers and gain tips for complete wellness. From home workouts to healthy recipes — strengthen both your mind and body with world-class personal trainers and wellness experts. Easily find the perfect workout for staying active at home, from low intensity to high, including: • YOGA: Essential Yoga Flows for Every Day • CORE & STRENGTH: Best of Abs, Arms, and Glutes • HOME WORKOUTS: Big Workouts for Small Spaces • QUICK FITNESS: Done in Under 20 Min • ALL ATHLETES: Exercises for all levels NTC is here to help you stay strong in more ways than one - download today. WORKOUTS FOR ATHLETES OF ALL LEVELS • HIT workouts, strength training, ab and core workouts, full body workouts, yoga, stretch and more - all available straight from your phone • Home fitness is easier than ever with free workouts you can do with minimal to no equipment • No matter how you get your sweat on, start with an inspiring trainer to get you started • Workout by body part: target your abs and core, arms and shoulders, and glutes and legs • New workouts every week with the trainers you love, with new in-class music curated for every workout • Exercise & healthy habits are built with workout scheduling - schedule your workouts and receive reminders beforehand WELLNESS & NUTRITION • Training extends past the physical: receive guidance on mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery and sleep • Begin your  wellness journey with experts, trainers and athletes • NTC TV: healthy recipes, guided meditations and mindfulness techniques in quick, easy videos*** WORKOUT LIVE & ON DEMAND • Trainer-led Video On Demand classes available for all disciplines - HIT, yoga, core, cardio and more • Exclusive livestreams with Nike Trainers, experts and athletes for training and guidance** • Engage in Programs led by Nike Trainers - designed to be flexible and fit into your busy life • Wellness Q&As, guided meditations and healthy cook-alongs can shift your mindset to mindfulness • Video On Demand Premiere Workouts are the movements you’ve been waiting for with special athlete and musical guests* MOTIVATIONAL FEED • Find everything you need, all in one place • Latest workouts and wellness content, from inspirational to educational • Check out the newest items from Nike Training including tips, guidance and more Nike Training Club - Your Holistic Training Guide. -- APPLE WATCH SUPPORT Focus more on your workout and less on your phone when you connect your Apple Watch with NTC. Easily advance to the next drill, pause, skip drills and more, all while monitoring your heart rate and calories right from your wrist. ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES COUNT Enter any other daily workouts in the Activity tab to keep an accurate account of your fitness journey. If you use the Nike Run Club app, your runs will be automatically recorded in your activity history. Nike Training Club works with Apple Health to sync workouts and record heart-rate data. Apple Music: used to access music library to play music during workouts. *VOD (Video-On Demand) available in the US, UK, BR, JP, CN, FR, DE, RU, IT, ES, MX and KR. **NTC Live currently available in the US, UK and select countries. ***NTC TV available only in the US.

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  • Only thing that motivated me to start 5/5

    By taydance22
    This is the best workout anything I’ve ever used! I was becoming more out of shape than I’ve ever been. I saw that this was rated highly and that it was free- the challenging videos, supportive trainers, the ability to play your own music, the different kinds of workouts (yoga, strength, cardio, stretching etc) so that I can take care of all parts of my body have encouraged me to work out more than o ever have in my life! Even more than when I was in college to get a dance degree. I am feeling so much healthier already after working out about 6 or 7 weeks- and I actually look forward to workouts because they feel so good now- where they used to be a chore that I hated. I liked Nike before but now I love them because of the power they’ve given me to take my life back. The workouts have also given me energy to get my life together- be a better wife, clean the house more, and take care of myself. Thank you Nike!!!
  • Bring back the old NTC app 1/5

    By Aaarinolami 19
    This new update is trash please No offline download,now time based
  • Great app, wish there was a version for IPad 4/5

    By Itsalrightnow
    I love this training app. I really like that I can watch the videos and play my own music over top of it. It would be even better if there was a version of this app for iPad.
  • This app is completely broken 1/5

    By null0pointer
    What happened to this app? I have been using it for 5 years. It used to be great but now it’s been made completely unusable. I have over a decade of experience in the software industry, including 8 years developing iOS apps. Please take my feedback seriously. My favourite workout, The Complete Crush, has been deleted from the app. Why?! There is no excuse for just deleting workouts. I can’t even look at it in my activity history. When I tap on those workouts it just takes me to the home screen but without a navigation bar or tab bar. Completely broken. Apple watch integration used to be great. I could check the time remaining for each exercise and use it to manually progress the workout once I’d completed the reps for a rep based exercise. Now the Apple watch integration just doesn’t work at all. It just tells me to start a workout on my apple watch while there is a workout ongoing. Completely broken. There are no rep based workouts anymore. They’re all time based. Worse than just being time based, they’re just 45 minute videos. There used to be a list of exercises you could view before starting the workout and during the workout. You could skip exercises or jump to a particular exercise. This is all gone. The video based workouts are a terrible format. Not only do I have no way to view the exercises in a workout before doing the workout, creating a full video for each workout is a waste of storage and network vs using a video for each exercise which can be reused between workouts. There is no ability to download workouts for offline use. The gym at my old apartment had no wifi or mobile signal, so downloading workouts for offline use was essential. This use case is completely broken now and the app is no doubt unusable for many in that situation. There is no possible business or technical justification for removing this feature. The video workouts don’t buffer correctly. They stop frequently from any interruption and take several seconds to restart once the play button is clicked. It is also very slow and annoying to scrub through the video to a particular point because every time you let go it becomes unresponsive for several seconds to buffer the video at that point. This is incredibly annoying. If they could be downloaded this wouldn’t be an issue… The app does not respect the users spatial audio setting. I have disabled spatial audio both in the audio settings and in the accessibility settings. Yet the NTC app still uses spatial audio. It is very distracting to have the audio flying around all over the place during a workout. Please respect the users settings, especially accessibility settings. The audio ducking does not work correctly. I can’t listen to music during a workout because, as a video, the music is permanently ducked. Even when the trainer is not speaking. There is no option to choose trainer info level anymore. You used to be able choose “full exercise pointers”, “exercise timings only”, “no trainer”. Now it’s stuck on full because it’s all embedded in the video. There is no ability to rate the workout afterwards. Now I don’t know whether the workouts are getting easier compared to months ago. Super annoying and again with no possible business or technical justification to remove this feature. I am beyond livid about these changes. You could have done absolutely nothing and it would have remained a great app. I honestly cannot fathom why you have made all these changes because every single one has made the app worse. Fortunately I have all my favourite workouts memorised because I will not be using this app again until these things are fixed. The Product Manager(s) responsible for these changes deserve to be fired because it’s absolutely clear that they don’t have the slightest clue about the product.
  • Cannot open anything 1/5

    By ysqbigapple
    My running and training logs are not accessible now.
  • Deleted All my Favorite Workouts 4/5

    By J kina
    I have had this app for about 9 years and had many saved workouts that ai would use and always produced results. But the update deleted them all and the programs that show now are the only ones I can see.Have loved this app and it’s my go to in between training and all workouts. But this update I am Not happy with. Pretty disappointed that they no longer build your own program and you can only pick from the ones the script together. And they deleted my saved workouts! please bring them back.
  • This App is Useless, And Wasn’t worth it 1/5

    By DominikGamer101
    When i download the game i was so excited to use the app. when i put my email. THEY WANT YOU TO GIVE YOU YOUR CODE. i’m like 17. how am i supposed to know my own code so i pressed Join us. the stupid game asked me to go in sign in. This is useless guys don’t download
  • They Ruined it! 1/5

    By Mike6545
    Was my favorite workout app, now I don’t want to use it. They converted everything to a boring video instead of the great step-by-step functionality that was there. If I wanted that I’d just watch YouTube videos. The Apple Watch feature never worked right and still doesn’t plus is dumb with the new video format.
  • LOVE THIS APP! 5/5

    By Lexi Alyssa
    I Adore this app. It has been integral in my fitness journey, staying active, engaged, and consistent. The workouts and trainers are high quality and everything is beautiful and well shot which makes you want to keep using it. Some of my favorite features are the achievements and scheduling because they keep you inspired and motivated, HOWEVER, I wish they would bring back the feature where you can see all of your scheduled workouts. As of now I can only see the next two on the Home Screen widget. I also wish they would make a page for every trainer. For instance, Fabian Domenech has my favorite yoga workouts but I can’t view all of his workouts anywhere and he doesn’t come up when I search. But overall this is one of my favorite apps I’ve ever had - 10/10 recommend.
  • I’m so confused 1/5

    By ____Glamour
    I just downloaded the app … it’s says to either join or sign in. I click join and it takes you right to signing in ???? No option to create an account???
  • Life changing app 5/5

    By radman khonsa
    This app is truly life-changing. I can’t be grateful enough that I get to use it for free every single day. I’d like to thank betina gozo for being the best coach ever.
  • Unable to create an account. 1/5

    By JackieBlueluck
    I would like to use the app, but when the page to create an account opens in my browser(s) (I tried 2), there is a parsing error after submitting my email address.
  • Parsing error 1/5

    By MJHayes48
    I have downloaded the app onto my iPhone and when trying to create or sign in, I receive the Error Parsing Response From Server. I also used my pc to create or sign in at and got the same message. Any suggestions?
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Terps4dayz
    Tracks everything for you and tons of different workouts. Plus you can use it anywhere
  • Meh 3/5

    By Ms. Karen
    Overall, I love Nike and it’s products, but unfortunately, this app has declined within the last two years. Every update seems to bring more glitches. I updated a few days ago and have not been able to complete a workout because they never open. This has been something I’ve experienced previously, but I would eventually be able to use the app. Please fix!
  • 로그인과 동의를 대체 몇번을 하는건가 1/5

    By 최악7777777777777
    로그인과 동의를 대체 몇번을 하는건가
  • Workout Format Changed 3/5

    By LaTeshia95
    I’ve had this app for years, long before COVID, and I miss the old format. I liked it when I could preview a workout before actually doing it so I could see what I would be doing and also make the judgement on if I would be able to complete the workout. I don’t like the videos AT ALL. You can’t even see what the moves are so you can make sure your doing them right before you start or be able to pause the workout and review the move before you resumed the workout like you could before. Also, the fact that when you connect Apple Watch you now only see estimated calories burned and heart rate compared to before where you could look at your watch in between movements and see what’s coming next along with how many more movements had to do before you were finished. This app used to be amazing now it’s just okay. The only reason I’m giving 3 stars is because the workouts are good and there are a lot of options, if not for the good workouts I would give 1 star since the formatting years ago was so good and helpful.
  • It’s not work on iPhone 7 Plus 3/5

    By east aisa gun
    The last version can’t be work in iPhone 7 plus at iOS 15.7 But it’s normal in iPhone se 3.
  • I miss the old, downloadable workouts :( 2/5

    By marzipan19
    Please please PLEASE Nike, bring back the old step-by-step, downloadable workouts!!! No other good platform that I’ve found does that format, and I really miss being able to listen to my own audio while following the steps for a workout! I work out listening to audiobooks, podcasts or music, but now NTC is all videos, so you can’t play your own audio at the same time (and even if you played your own audio in the background on a speaker or something, you would miss instructions in the coach’s *constant* talking). :( PLEASE add back the drill prompt only, music-compatible NTC workouts!!!
  • Belly dancing 5/5

    Love the app and the variety of workouts. A belly dance or Bollywood workout would be lots of fun.
  • Bug 1/5

    By khusbwwin
    So , it’s doesn’t work in China now ?
  • :(( 2/5

    By milana_unicorn
    i can’t log in!!
  • It’s alright 2/5

    By cenzontle
    Used to be better. Some of the beginner workouts seem very difficult for a beginner. After updates, lots of my favorite Yoga and strength exercises were no longer available. Some of these “class workouts” are a little boring. I hate that it turns my music down once the workout starts.
  • Entrenamientos para avanzados 5/5

    By Andrea Familiar Cervantes
    Hola....! Me gustaría que ya cambiaran los entrenamientos, llevo 2 años usando la app y siempre son los mismos, ya tengo un nivel más avanzado y sigo haciendo lo mismo . Siento que ya me estanque en mis resultados . Gracias
  • No. 2/5

    By sincerelyjacs
    Extremely confusing. Not ADHD/ADD/Neurodivergent friendly at all. Everything is jumbled together all over the place and constantly moving. No explanation for whiteboard workouts whatsoever. Just throws a bunch of exercises together with a bunch of numbers as if beginners or newbies will know what to do. More frustrating trying to understand the layout than anything. This made me not want to workout.
  • Remove the lowering of my music 1/5

    By PorshaArt
    One star because it lowers my music during any of these workouts. I don’t like the new version. Bring back the old
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Amk1969
    I used to love this app. Now, you can’t preview a workout before choosing it. I never use it anymore bc I need to know what exercises are in a workout before doing it. Not sure why that feature was taken away. I thought I was missing something but I see a lot of comments about this and no response from developer.
  • Best of the best 5/5

    By Roy710
  • Can't even log in 1/5

    By Djjc19
    I was so excited based on a blog review of this app. Even trying to log in is a pain! And judging by the latest reviews, I'm probably better off. Can only imagine how bad Ux must be if they didn't figure out a way to make login a breeze...
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Moneydevil15
    I found this app earlier 2021 and started working out with no equipment exercises my favorite was FULL CORE PRESS had a total of 99 workouts and 2982 minutes so far then early 2022 found out they took out my favorite workout without warning or whatsoever in an update for whatever reason. Luckily I memorized it because I’ve been doing it for so long, was much fun doing with the app for timing sake, points and record keeping but I guess I’m left with no choice than to do it without it. Thanks Nike that was very very rude of you!!.
  • why did you ruin an awesome app? 1/5

    By sdude1997
    This used to be the best workout app with dynamic workouts programmed into your running routine. Now everything has been converted to videos it's no better than YouTube. I used to be able to start a workout, see exercise demos, see it on my watch with timed exercise intervals, skip workouts and more. Now it's just a video. Absolutely useless and unusable. Just throw this one away and revert versions I'm sorry to the engineer's who had to run with these orders because the PMs and EMs should've spoken up.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By hsne. ejdirnnr
    And is free thanks.
  • Don’t like the new format 5/5

    By Dot.roxie
    But still awesome app. Also, bring back old workouts and the whiteboard or whatever the name is.
  • From an adult with ADHD - 11/10 5/5

    By vivimiewy
    Thanks to NTC, I finally have a routine AND a booty!
  • Please change it back to before the updates! 1/5

    By Arinifar09
    I LOVED this app and has been using it for years for times that I couldn’t go to the gym, but the new update of class format only is really frustrating!!! I loved the robot lady telling me what to do instead of having to watch a video, looking at the program and setting my own pace. I tried to do the class format and I cannot bring myself to do it before getting frustrated. Please don’t turn this into ClassPass you guys were doing great!
  • Used to be awesome 3/5

    By @FerminMondragon
    Use to be a great app, like having a trainer next to you, now it’s stressful and boring.
  • Love for NTC is Gone!!! 1/5

    By Jraw4420
    I used NTC almost daily for 4.5 years and the last update in 2022 left me lost! It was by far the best app out there! I really dislike the new class format and miss how the workout with exercises were shown with time or reps! All the workouts I used and loved are gone and not accessible. I would recommend NTC to anyone looking for a great app with great workouts at any fitness level! Now all I mention is how good it was and how I am now searching for a new app as well! Please bring back the old workouts!!!
  • Terrible user experience. 1/5

    By Julrich03
    Downloaded app, and was unable to sign in or create an account, Authentication for existing or new user failed to load sign in page and as a result I was completely unable to use the app. Unacceptable for a company as large as Nike.
  • All of my workouts are gone 1/5

    By Sara985
    All they have now are these lame video class workouts with note talking than anything. I’d like to mediate and know when I’m moving into my next move or listen to music while I do my sets. Please bring back the old workouts ☹️
  • Overall good 3/5

    By A-A-Ronnnnnn
    Would love to be able to make my own whiteboard workouts with pick and choose option. Also would like to be able to leave comment on my workout. If I didn’t finish or something was difficult to help track progress.
  • Freezes all the time!! 5/5

    By FrizziePrizzie
    Such a brilliant app But the new version seems clumsier. Always freezing.have to restart app 5 to 10 times as it's always freezing!! Especially the classes! Wish there was an offline version !
  • Archive older workouts 2/5

    By jkarp65
    I wish instead of removing workouts they went into an archive or separate space. Almost half of my bookmarked (ie: favorite) workouts are gone. Bring back The Decathlete!
  • Things that can improve this app 4/5

    By Ice_bear_Ai
    Night mode Ability to download workout Connection to Spotify iPad version Ability to remove the default song on the workout More and more programs ;D (Overall Thanks to anyone and everyone who make this possible, from programmers to trainers❤️)
  • Used to love it more 3/5

    By Kates232
    Faithful NTC user, and I know they put a lot of effort into their content. However, as others have stated, updates have taken away a lot of the features I loved, like the rep based workouts, and those where you can see the exercises coming up. Not a fan of the video “class” workouts, especially with the coaching voice in the background I can’t get rid of (the trainer led ones are still great). Please switch it back? 🙏🏻
  • Preachy 2/5

    By Mlnorto
    The first run of the 5k plan just turned into a rant about climate change. Super weird considering I just wanted to run and be coached on running. Not preached to.
  • Keep Coming Back 5/5

    By retneaemakcin
    It’s been about 6-7 years off and on that I’ve been using the NTC app. I’ve looked into a couple other apps to see if I could find ones that had everything NTC did but MORE PROGRAMS (since I already finished the ones I wanted), but alas I have yet to find it. NTC simply has what I’m looking for, and not too much of what I’m not. I REALLY appreciate having an app that offers quick non-program work outs lead by a trainer, AND full several week PROGRAMS also lead by trainers.👌 It’s simple enough that it makes it perfect- for me at least. And the cherry on top is that it’s -F R E E-! Thank you Nike and all the trainers 👊
  • What Happened!? 1/5

    By Painting Kid
    Is the app going to be obsoleted? Because that’s what it feels like is happening. I’ve used Nike Training for years, and after a short hiatus, I came back to work on some recovery routines only to find that they’re all in a single-video format. I can find training just like that on YouTube, so what’s the advantage of the Nike Training app over YouTube?
  • No more whiteboard workouts? 1/5

    By iwantmyfreedictionary
    This app has gone down hill. Why do you only have videos now? What happened to all my saved work outs? I am so lost at the gym. I have used your app religiously the past 10 years and now I have to find an alternative to all my workouts. Please bring back the old whiteboard layout.
  • Awesome, free app! 5/5

    By naenaebrune
    I’m shocked this app is so awesome and free! I really like the variety of workouts—from yoga to strength training. I’d definitely recommend!