Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Nintendo Switch Online App

The Nintendo Switch Online app enhances your online gameplay experience on your Nintendo Switch™ system. You can use voice chat while playing compatible games—and check game-specific services even when you're not playing with your Nintendo Switch. ◆ Use voice chat during online play A number of games support voice chat! You can enjoy voice chat in different ways depending on the type of game you're playing. Chat with everyone in your room, or split voice chat into teams and have it out head-to-head! Note: To use these services, you will need Nintendo Switch software that is compatible with this app. You can check the current list of voice-chat-compatible software within the app. (Even more software will be added in the future!) ◆ Access game-specific services You can use these services to view helpful information related to the supported software! You will also have access to a variety of features that will help take your online gameplay experience to the next level. ・ Software with game-specific services:  ・ Animal Crossing™: New Horizons    ・ Send custom designs made in Animal Crossing     titles for the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems to     Animal Crossing: New Horizons.    ・ Use your smartphone to input chat messages     for in-game communication.    ・ Check whether your Best Friends are online.    ...And more!  ・ Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate    ・ View posted videos and images    ・ Queue up user-created stages for download to your game    ・ View notifications about upcoming events    ...And more!  ・ Splatoon™ 2    ・ Check rankings and stage schedules    ・ View detailed results from battles or Salmon Run    ...And more! Important Information: ● Nintendo Account age 13+ required to access some online features, including voice chat. ● Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) required to use certain features. ● Nintendo Switch system and compatible Nintendo Switch software required to use voice chat and other features. ● Compatible smartphone required. ● Persistent Internet connection required. ● Data charges may apply. ● May include advertising. Nintendo Switch Online is not available in all countries. Terms apply. Visit for more information.

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Nintendo Switch Online app reviews

  • Why 4/5

    By 𝕜𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕟シ
    I’m connected to the internet and it still doesn’t let me send reactions through the app
  • The service is a joke and you are the clown 1/5

    By brunosoaress
    The service for what it offers is pretty barebones at best. And you have to deal with laggy online play. Moving forward I will just stop paying for online and hope they get the message
  • Bad review 1/5

    By @Andymunoz2009
    The app keeps buffering and won’t let me download it please fix this I deleted it by accident and I need it back now and it’s been buffering for 5 hours now
  • Problem With The App 1/5

    By OctoSpeedy
    My App For The Switch Has Been Buffering For Days And Days And Its Really Annoying Me Nintendo Please Help Me Because I’ve Been Wanting To Have This!!!
  • Password labyrinth 1/5

    By NinjaKitty132
    Can’t sign in, and I KNOW my password is correct. But it will never let me log in because my password is still somehow wrong. I just wanna play
  • This is the best thing ever. 5/5

    By Lemjimgrl
    It finnaly works. Because when I used to try the app it never worked. It even wouldn’t work when I had a Nintendo online membership active. Well now it works!!
  • App doesn’t even want to start 1/5

    By LetsSetSail
    When I download the app and sign into my account the app gets stuck into an infinite loop. I have tried restarting my phone and deleting the app but nothing seems to work.
  • good app… but it could be better 3/5

    By minecraft_and_roblox_lover
    pros: quick access to smash bros online shared content. specific clothing for your splatoon characters. cons: voice chat isn’t very good. we can only use it for three games. just use discord for voice chat gaming.
  • literally useless 1/5

    By Aneela16
    i just want my friend code nothing in the app is useful
  • What’s the point of this app? 1/5

    By AndytheAndyAndy
    There seems to be literally no purpose for this app’s existence.
  • Good but needs to add a mii maker 3/5

    By Jakooky
  • Didn’t work! 1/5

    By Master_Juin
    Wanted to try the Nooklink features. However the app didn’t even launch after multiple tries.
  • Great! 5/5

    By nobodyhere421
    Please continue Nintendo even tho we need to remember our Nintendo account we get to speak to people playing from far away and fun to have company and I enjoy it!
  • Animal crossing glitch 2/5

    By timmyaroundit
    I use this for animal crossing but when I restart my island when I look at the change character menu it Doesn’t give me then option for the character I’m using
  • Works fine 4/5

    By kiddywiddy1
    I got this app not too long ago for animal crossing. I love it. The rewards for animal crossing for nook points is nice and it makes chatting with my friends really easy. The one thing that frustrates me is that on my other switch it won’t let me send reactions too because it says I’m not connected to the internet when I am. This app requires you to have an online subscription so if you do you should get this app if you have animal crossing to get special rewards.
  • Needs major improvements 3/5

    By I wanna keep my info private
    I love my Nintendo Switch, but the whole switch online thing is crazy. This app (if you can use voice chat) is only compatible with 4 games. 4 GAMES. That’s not enough for the money. For Switch online, you have to pay 20 bucks a year for yourself and 35 bucks a year for multiple people. You get this, online play, and NES and SNES games. The 20 dollars isn’t worth it. Also, if you have Switch online, I definitely would download this. That’s why this isn’t a 1 star review. But still, this isn’t really worth it.
  • This has to be a joke…..! 1/5

    By Laurennn
    I have all my passwords saved in my apple keychain and when I used it to sign it didn’t work and no my password isn’t changed because I use it to sign in too other apps.
  • Login issues 1/5

    By nickinjay
    I’ve had issues with logging with this app ever since downloading it. I’ve even changed my password and have not issues signing in anywhere but this app. It continues telling me that the info is incorrect.
  • Potential 3/5

    By marcelloapp
    It would be nice if it had more use for the actual switch than games. Like being able to see which friends are online and to be able to shop from app. Voice chat works fine, though obviously stupid.
  • Great, can be better 5/5

    By Lloyd5514
    I like to go straight to the point. Good app, great services. 20$ for a year, while Sony is like 60$, great. But, add better features for the online play and more rewards. While the NES games are great, we can also have perks. Like, maybe a new shirt for BOTW, or new mii outfit, or discounts on some games. Apart from that, really great app.
  • Landscape Mode Needed 3/5

    By GuyNamedNathan
    I primarily use iPad and a keyboard for in-game chat in Animal Crossing. It would be extremely beneficial to have support for landscape mode when you’re connected to a keyboard.
  • Visually impaired avoid 1/5

    By Fire Bringer 77
    iPhone 12 Pro iOS 14.6 centrally blind cannot get past first screen using voiceover. And this was supposed to give access to the visually impaired??? Nope no go here so looks like it’s time to remind y’all about the 21st century CVAA
  • Cannot access your nintendo account 1/5

    By Dorthie1
    I keep getting wrong password or email when trying getting into my nintendo account. I keep changing my password. Don't use this app. Use discord if you have discord account.
  • WHY 13+ 1/5

    By cools54321
    bro I just want splat net
  • Horrible !!!! 1/5

    By Fun lol with Faelyn
    This app is the worst it makes NO SENCE AND IT should BE DELETED FROM THE APP STORE!!!!! I tried it and it’s nothing like Nintendo
  • Maybe Change the age? 4/5

    By Pedaonn
    I’ve heard the pros and cons of this app and I would like to experience it myself but I can’t. That it I can’t. I am 12 years old and you have to be 13 years old to use this app even tho the age says 12+ please chang this
  • Animal crossing new horizons 4/5

    By keykihbxx
    So overall I think for its purpose it’s fine it could be better however the voice chat isn’t great like qr codes sometimes take awhile to load up too just an opinion
  • One thing 1/5

    By Ali1225
    The one thing that Nintendo switch online app needs is to not hsve to update. I bet mo one really likes to try and do voice chat amd see they need to update
  • Nintendo needs to start caring 1/5

    By Blayzikan
    I’ve been unable to use any Nintendo app for MONTHS because they either instantly crash or have a permanent grey loading screen like this one. I’ve called and online chatted with Nintendo about half a dozen times. They run me though the “delete the app and reinstall. Make sure the app is up to date. Make sure the phone is up to date” I have. For months. They’re now chalking it up to be an issue with my device. No. It’s a NINTENDO issue that so many people are having. FIX IT.
  • nintendo online is bull. 1/5

    By Boiiii👏🏽
    there’s really no point is doing this. why can’t i just enjoy splatoon without having to download an app. this is stupid. you just need to admit you’re cheap and want more money. it’s DISGUSTING how i have to pay to play the game i already PAYED FOR!!! ridiculous , 1 star.
  • i can’t login? 1/5

    By uhlisuhbogel
    i know my password, but the app won’t let me login. i reset my password too (just to make sure), but it keeps telling me that either my email/ID or password is incorrect. please fix this :( i just want to upload some custom designs on animal crossing.
  • ACNH Connection Failed bug 3/5

    By Elijah Malanao
    I keep trying to connect so I can use reactions, but it keeps saying my game isn’t connected to the internet, when it is. Can you fix this?
  • 0 stars. 1/5

    By Bkrenfro
    Has absolutely no use. Should be a full Switch catalogue with everything in one. However the website is better.
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Koluxion
    The app doesn’t even load, I have no problem paying for online but the app is just stuck on the loading screen on iOS 14.6.
  • Your membership thing is a joke 1/5

    By cheyenne917
    So. Back in 2017 (back when you released this stupid thing) I thought it would be super cool bec you get bonus features and there’s and app for it. But me seeing online play it’s just a waste of everyone’s time and money, like what the heck is wrong with you guys? Why can’t you agree with your fans for once in like 100 years or something like that. Xbox does an online membership but at least it’s worth it. Sony does the same thing but it’s great like the Xbox membership. But YOU on the other hand don’t listen to your fans when they say “NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE IS A JOKE!” Or “SEGA IS BETTER THAN NINTENDO AND THEY NEED TO GET RID IF THE MEMBERSHIP” they’ve been begging that for YEAARRRSS but you still don’t listen bec you guys are so bad. And you smart enough to make CPU’s in Super Smash Bro’s. Ultimate but your not smart enough to make CPU’s in Splatoon 2 (besides the enemy CPU’s). But this membership needs to stop or your so called “fans” will just stop playing your games. You guys never listen to your fans that’s just so stupid.
  • Nintendo is about 20 years behind 1/5

    By GameNut1811
    Can’t message friends, can’t invite friends, shoot can’t even look at my friends. It’s laughable at this point how much they’ve made it impossible to communicate with your friends. Knowing them, they’ll release a purchasable app on the switch in the future that finally implements a messaging service. Just ridiculous
  • Idk how to use it 1/5

    By jazzydog3456
    I can’t scan pictures for animal crossing or anything it just shows the accounts and it’s not good at all do not download
  • Best company ever I just bought a 1 year online account and then I got a free splatoon game 5/5

    By john and harold
    I don’t even know if people can hate them
  • Great app! 👍🏻 5/5

    By Oh my god this game on iPad
    It’s a great app! I like how you don’t need to be 13 to play anymore (although I was a month away from my 13th b-day) I have a suggestion though. On nooklink you should have a map that updates in real time so you don’t have to stop every 5 seconds to check. Also add all the apps the nook phone has (but only the ones you have unlocked!) so for example brag to your friends about that giant shark you caught without loading the game. Or check DIY recipes you’ve unlocked! Also do you have to wait to unlock voice chat to use Mario kart 8 deluxe feature? Thanks for reading this I don’t understand why people hate this app. Ok byeeeeeeeeee (AND GIVE US SPLATOON 3 RIGHT NOW!!!)
  • Unusable - login impossible 1/5

    By milkofhoney
    Just as the title suggests, this app is unusable. I cannot login into my account. I know the passwords were correct. I mention plural because I reset it just to make sure it wasn’t an error on my behalf. Alas, the app is a flunk. I can’t even rate it on it’s features because I can’t even get past trying to login. Membership is not the issue. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro & running the latest update. Figured this info might be useful to some who may or may not fall into the same issue.
  • Still won't log in 1/5

    By Sark-kun
    For the last few versions I've been unable to use the app at all. After the login screen it just sits at a grey screen with a loading icon. It's stupid to lock these essential game features like voice chat behind a smartphone app that doesn't work. Just make these features part of the actual games and ditch the app. Thank god I'm not using parental controls or else this bug would completely negate all of those features.
  • 任天堂は、このゲームを 5/5

    By Brodie Libbra
  • I Agree 1/5

    By Tinky Winky YT
    I Agree Free Online Should Be Added Back I Want To Play Online For Free On Switch Please Nintendo Please Add It Back
  • Multi billion dollar company btw 1/5

    By Nat8hquhs
    I can only speak for smash but anyone who says this app is higher then two stars is cappin. The app couldn’t recognize my mic, the interface for when you in a chat with someone is awful. Your icons are little bubbles that move around the screen and it reconnects every time you start a match. All you hear is a noise telling you that you’ve reconnected. If they wanted voice chat they should added it to the games themselves. It’s already a weird idea to have a separate app especially when most people use Discord. It’s absolutely unacceptable for Nintendo to have such a awful product.
  • idk 3/5

    By angela gonzalez🖤
    I love Nintendo but I would love if the app would let us see our recordings on games so we could download it to our phones etc, and share.
  • ._. 1/5

    By isabelatsunset
    I have to be 13 to use it. AHHHHHHHH!!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Whitezye
    I already own 16 of the nes and 15 of the snes games on the switch online service, thanks for charging me 20$ to play them. This app can only be used on 3 games and only does voice chat. Very disappointed why can’t I view games and have them start downloading or even see my points.
  • I’m literally a year away and I’ve been wanting to do this for so long. 3/5

    Just read the title. I’m 12 years old and I feel like it should be restricted to that. If you see this Nintendo, please consider this.
  • My honest opinion 5/5

    By Dominic Profeta
    People who are giving it a one star don’t have online I do personally and it’s amazing defo recommend if you have online especially if you have animal crossing