Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

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  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nintendo Switch Online App

The Nintendo Switch Online app enhances your online gameplay experience on your Nintendo Switch™ system. You can use voice chat while playing compatible games—and check game-specific services even when you're not playing with your Nintendo Switch. ◆ Use voice chat during online play Now even more software supports voice chat! You can enjoy voice chat in different ways depending on the type of game you're playing. Chat with everyone in your room, or split voice chat into teams and have it out head-to-head! In games that support the Online Lounge feature, you can invite friends to play with you via social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you can easily invite your Nintendo Switch friends too! Note: To use these services, you will need Nintendo Switch software that is compatible with this app. You can check the current list of voice-chat-compatible software within the app. (Even more software will be added in the future!) ◆ Access game-specific services You can use these services to view vital information related to the supported software! You will also have access to a variety of features that will help take your online gameplay experience to the next level. ・ Software with game-specific services:  ・ Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate    ・ View posted videos and images    ・ Queue up user-created stages for download to your game    ・ View notifications about upcoming events    ...And more!  ・ Splatoon™ 2    ・ Check rankings and stage schedules    ・ View detailed results from battles or Salmon Run    ...And more! Attention: ● Nintendo Account age 13+ required to access online features. ● Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) required to use certain features. ● Nintendo Switch system and compatible Nintendo Switch software required to use voice chat and other features. ● Compatible smartphone required. ● Persistent Internet connection required. ● Data charges may apply. ● May include advertising. Nintendo Switch Online is not available in all countries. Terms apply. Visit for more information.

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Nintendo Switch Online app reviews

  • Fortnite 2/5

    By gyuuuhgf
    I wish that the developers would add FORTNITE,that is the only reason I downloaded this.
  • So trash 1/5

    By crodas2020
    Worst app ever never connects always disconnects when connect
  • Stupid. It doesn’t even work 1/5

    By iSayrup
    It doesn’t work. All it says is. Try again later. After you try again you get the same message. This just a joke, for Nintendo to make such a bad app. Don’t waste you’re time on this.
  • Why 1/5

    By braylon james
    Why do we have to pay now
  • Unsafe 1/5

    By pug Lover🐶
    Anyone your playing with can join you if your on a call you NEED to make it so only your friends can
  • Really? 1/5

    By squid tim
    I can’t even get into the app! I checked my account to see if there was a problem, but there wasn’t anything to fix! I just want to get on splatnet :(
  • This service is trash. 1/5

    By CreativeFoxDCCL
    (I got a new iPhone Xr, so new account.) Why make us pay $20 to be able to do anything on a switch? I mean, on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I need to have multiple accounts subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online Services just so I can play OFFLINE multiplayer. I wanted to get Minecraft Dungeons, but no. And it’s most likely because Nintendo Switch Online Services does NOT have automatic renewal. Instead, I have to re-subscribe to some trash service just to download Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition, which I already know that the FPS will be horrible, but it’s the only thing I have that I can play on, that or my laptop, which my laptop is slightly better than a switch. And because of the online services, I must pay $20 extra for a $30 game. It’s like Splatoon 2. The reason I don’t play it is because it requires internet for all the fun stuff, just like Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One. My Xbox One has only 12 gigabytes left on it (And it’s much older), yet still it can load everything 100 times better than the switch when you first buy it. My iPhone 8+ and my iPhone Xr are both smaller than the switch, and still they both have more memory than the Nintendo Switch. As far as I know, Xbox and Playstation gamers always had online services, even for three times the price of Nintendo Switch Online. But Nintendo Gamers never had this until 2018. And I don’t even bother playing online games, like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Mario Maker 2 because of the endless buffering due to my lag. It would instantly kick me out because my internet lags behind about a second, so that means if I jump in a game, a second later, the output to another person would show my player jumping. Honestly, I hate Apex Legends and my opinion of that game is better than my opinion of Nintendo Switch Online Services. Everyone hates the online services. I might as well just get my laptop back on and use the controls of a keyboard for Minecraft Dungeons, since I can’t download stuff without Nintendo Switch Online Services. And discounts don’t matter because the discounts are for games that nobody cares about. The games nobody plays. The games that get little to no attention. Like, what’s the point?
  • I can’t use it 2/5

    By hedgequin
    It won’t let me sign in and use the app
  • helpp 1/5

    By mishmish1993
    whenever i try to log in it shows my old account but when i log into the website it shows my current account, whenever i press animal crossing it doesn’t let me and says that i need to buy online even thought i already bought it
  • Nintendo fix this app 1/5

    By Danny 3952
    First of all the app is bad because their is so much lag in it every time I’m playing in voice chat it said that i left even though i did not even leave so Nintendo pls fix it please
  • Cant use 2/5

    By buby563
    When i log in to my account it says, “Account unable to use” FIT IT PLEASE
  • I did it for Animal crossing 5/5

    By super duper memeio
    Mostly for the QR codes in the game.
  • It won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By 🦄🦋🐼🐨🐭🐹
    Every time I try to sign in it won’t let me Thank you Nintendo 😡
  • :( 1/5

    By antony13112x
    Por obligación tenemos que tener una cuenta Nintendo switch para jugar con esta aplicación?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By oiiiiiiiiiii yes
    I deleted my progress on animal crossing but then it still had the other island, I had to type normally and I tried everything to have it on my new island but it didn’t work. It’s very angering because a lot of people restart and all have this problem.
  • Replying to @SnowWolfie 1/5

    By 88Scorpions
    It can handle vc yes it can and it will also there should be hate because for kids it lets you do nothing on the app and theres nothing else to do all you get to see is a screen saying “this account cannot be used for nintendo”
  • I can’t even use the app😡 1/5

    By jakckeon2294
    All is says is this service cannot be used with your Nintendo account 😡😡
  • Completely useless. Immediately crashes on start. 1/5

    By Celeron Hubbard
    Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Asks me to login with account then crashes. Subsequent attempts to open will immediately crash it. Iphone8 plus, iOS 13.5.
  • The best app 5/5

    By Super golie
    You can voice chat Look at stuff and have fun with your friends!
  • It’s not letting me use the app 1/5

    By fhshteh
    I signed into my account it brings up a screen saying that my Nintendo switch account is it not going to work with the app
  • Ok 5/5

    By Tdog3757422
    Ok well we now have communication that’s a step in the right detection
  • Can’t use in Landscape? Seriously?? 1/5

    By WD409
    What kind of app in 2020 can you only use in portrait orientation??? Can’t even use my keyboard because the app refuses to rotate into landscape orientation... This is ridiculous.
  • Not Good.... 2/5

    By Alissa Holla
    I was signing in with my account and did everything else and it told me that I could not use that account with it... I hope this gets fixed or someone to help me... I was super excited but... hmph...
  • Why do you have to be 13+ to use Nintendo Switch Online 😡😭 1/5

    By Cruz🌸🐳💿
    Ok so it’s literally stupid that you have to be 13+ plus to use this app it’s just ridiculous like I play Animal Crossing New Horizons and I want to be able to do QR codes but I have to be 13+ older like why? It should be 10+ for online like there’s probably million of kids out there wanting to use it but no there not 13+ and they’ll just have to waist a few more years to be 13+ and over to use Nintendo switch online like just make were it can be 10+ I feel like I just wasted 60$ on Animal Crossing New Horizons like when they game came out I was so pumped it to make clothes and scan QR codes but no you guys made were you have to be 13+ plus to use Nintendo switch online! Thank you and goodbye!
  • Not impressed nintendo 1/5

    By Rexthebrave
    Nintendo already screwed us with mario run and mario kart tour now this is starting to get ridiculous. Granted nintndo online cost less than naysay xbox and ps4 but a scummy thing nintndo does is delete the saved data thats in cloud when you subscription runs out, so that means countless hours spent and put into the cloud is gone forever. I dont know who thought it was a good idea to import this into the nintendo switch but this needs to be fixed heavily
  • Awesome App, but... 4/5

    By AwesomeCdh
    There are only THREE games to view on this app and shouldn’t it have more? And one of them I never played before. However, great app anyway.
  • Nintendo Switch Online App doesn’t connect to my Nintendo switch account. 1/5

    By i like to use this app
    I am trying to connect my Nintendo switch account to this app but it doesn’t seem to work and I’m not sure why. Basically I sign in with my account and I get a gray screen with text on it saying, “this service cannot be used with your Nintendo account.” The Nintendo switch parental controls app does not work either, and I cannot find any forums or FAQs about it. Please help me.
  • Bad online 1/5

    By justinmercury21
    I don’t know why Nintendo’s online is so bad in the modern day. They’re behind the original Xbox online that came out in the early 2000’s. I love the system but the company is very questionable and overprotective. The app is very buggy and is so limited compared to other current gen consoles. The ONLY reason why i use this app is so I can type faster for Animal Crossing. That’s it.
  • U can’t put kid for QR code bruh 1/5

    By Graytown9
    I’m 12 and I can’t put qr on the switch it not fair some adult don’t even animal crossing and you have them the chance 😤
  • Add roblox 1/5

    By Ryder Bjorhus
    I like all the games you add but what about roblox!? Roblox is one of the most popular games there is, but please add roblox🥺🥺🥺🥺👉👉👉👉🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Really good 5/5

    By Splatboy123
    If you like splatoon 2 than you have got to get this. Otherwise it is ok.

    By navop
    maneee i cant log in to my account this thing bugging bro dont buy wrd2
  • What’s the point? 2/5

    By cheekyanon
    I don’t really understand the point/function of this app. I was going to use it for Animal Crossing NH, but really, the only beneficial thing it offers is the ability to type with a phone keyboard, rather than the barely-usable in-game keyboard. Also, why isn’t there an option to view/download your screenshots?
  • Trash 1/5

    By ZeroBK6
    It doesn’t sign in on my iphoneX it keeps on crashing
  • Why 1/5

    By da fish 657
    Why, just why.
  • Communication. 1/5

    By ToeTaggin Bk
    Wow. Look what they did to us
  • We are in a Pandemic have some MERCY 1/5

    By TocaNerd
    I haven’t paid for this yet because of the reviews HOWEVER if I want to be able to have special outfit designs in MY animal crossing game that I paid basically 60 dollars for I have to pay 20 dollars a YEAR. Same thing if I want to visit other people’s islands! This is REDICULOUS this shouldn’t be paid content! This is over charging already and I have a switch LITE. Maaaaybe this would be fair if we WEREN’T in a pandemic but the harsh reality is we are! Most apps that I have downloaded have been COURTEOUS and have done sales or even given things for free! Hell even my SERVICE PROVIDER gave me free unlimited data for our time of need! So why can’t you give a discount at LEAST during the pandemic? You are a multimillion dollar company. Get off your high horse.
  • “pay to win” 1/5

    By gfdhhdxh
    I tried using this for animal crossing for paintings, clothes, and paths cause I don’t have terraforming but soon to realize nothing works and you have pay to use it my accounts didn’t even work when it had my name and right account I checked thousands of times so don’t get this unless you’re willing to pay 20 dollars if not you’re gonna get a black screen with a 7 day trial that takes so long to cancel
  • Bad 1/5

    By abo qahat ksa
    The app wouldn’t even start. every time i try to open it kicks me out.
  • I restarted my animal crossing and it dose not change acounts! :( 1/5

  • Not enough game specific services 3/5

    By fgre369
    I downloaded this app hoping for more game specific services but I was very disappointed when I found out that there were only three, this review might be looked over but I have a few suggestions. A service for Mario maker 2 that lets you grow notifications and course comments. A service for Pokemon sword/shield that lets you access wonder trade and gts A service for Mario kart 8 that lets you view all your stats, (coin collection, distance, race rating, etc...) A service for Mario and sonic that lets you view your high scores and other stats I have more ideas but I don’t want to type out to many in a review that probably won’t be read.
  • Animal crossings 1/5

    By Saint_number_1
    Don’t get me wrong but the feature where you can’t change your hemisphere in settings is garbage that is the only reason why I chose to rate this app 2 stars please fix this feature Nintendo. I beg of you. Please add a feature in settings of the app to change hemispheres. I am not used to the seasons and the weather just because I chose the wrong hemisphere by accident. Please give me an answer ASAP and I hope it’s the right decision for the better of the game. I just want to be apart of the same seasons my friends and family are witnessing in game but I can’t do that if it’s a complete opposite of seasons. PLEASE FIX THIS I BEG OF YOU!! - from my concerns and for my help to better the game for everyone
  • How do you add games that you OWN to the app??????? 1/5

    By bdeeznuts69420
    I own many games that support it but only have splatoon 2, super smash bro’s (don’t own), and animal crossing in the app. P.s. - invest in the app, Nintendo Jesus.... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Game info mess up 2/5

    By Penunoli
    This app seems like it'd be really useful for acnh players, but it wont reconize my new island. I deleted my old island over a few months ago and got this app just recently, but it only shows information for my old island not my current one and theres no place to change it :( If there is a place to change it and I just didnt look hard enough, making it easier to find would be appreciated
  • says i don’t have online? 1/5

    By Tacocatslothlover
    i know for a fact i do have nintendo online because i paid for it but whenever i try to open a game on this app it says i don’t have switch online even though i do. i’m confused because i would like to use this app.
  • It keeps crashing 2/5

    By QuPuTrO
    The app is pretty good its self but after I used it after like 2 days or something it keeps crashing me out. I tried deleting it and downloading it again, I’ve done that a lot of times and restarted my phone too. Nothing seems to work so I hope you guys find a way to fix that
  • :/ 2/5

    By hi im julia
    i got this app for animal crossing and it’s still showing my old island even though i reset the game :( is there any way i can fix it?
  • Would give 0 stars 1/5

    By your friendly communist
    I can’t believe that Nintendo made online COST MONEY I hear capitalism!
  • Landscape Support (iPad) 3/5

    By Vmiyoshi
    This application is almost useless on the iPad. Please add Landscape support - most iPad Pro users use the device with an added Apple attached keyboard.

Nintendo Switch Online app comments

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