Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nintendo Switch Online App

The Nintendo Switch Online app enhances your online gameplay experience on your Nintendo Switch™ system. You can use voice chat while playing compatible games—and check game-specific services even when you're not playing with your Nintendo Switch. ◆ Use voice chat during online play Now even more software supports voice chat! You can enjoy voice chat in different ways depending on the type of game you're playing. Chat with everyone in your room, or split voice chat into teams and have it out head-to-head! In games that support the Online Lounge feature, you can invite friends to play with you via social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you can easily invite your Nintendo Switch friends too! Note: To use these services, you will need Nintendo Switch software that is compatible with this app. You can check the current list of voice-chat-compatible software within the app. (Even more software will be added in the future!) ◆ Access game-specific services You can use these services to view vital information related to the supported software! You will also have access to a variety of features that will help take your online gameplay experience to the next level. ・ Software with game-specific services:  ・ Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate    ・ View posted videos and images    ・ Queue up user-created stages for download to your game    ・ View notifications about upcoming events    ...And more!  ・ Splatoon™ 2    ・ Check rankings and stage schedules    ・ View detailed results from battles or Salmon Run    ...And more! Attention: ● Nintendo Account age 13+ required to access online features. ● Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) required to use certain features. ● Nintendo Switch system and compatible Nintendo Switch software required to use voice chat and other features. ● Compatible smartphone required. ● Persistent Internet connection required. ● Data charges may apply. ● May include advertising. Nintendo Switch Online is not available in all countries. Terms apply. Visit for more information.

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Nintendo Switch Online app reviews

  • Why are the features not built into the switch itself? 1/5

    By :Dawson
    Why are the features not built into the switch itself?
  • Age limit 1/5

    By The Rock787878
    Why must you be 13 to order things off splatter, kind of unfair tbh
  • Trash 1/5

    By Doctor cowman
    U need an online membership to do literally anything. Nintendo ur a multibillion dollar company stop leeching of the consumer at every turn.
  • Nook link QR Code Scanner Does NOT Work 1/5

    By fr4nksumatra
    I’m paying for this service and the QR code scanner does not work at all. Please fix this.
  • Quick Question! 5/5

    By Pusheengirl22
    On my app, I have signed in at it says ‘This Service cannot he used with your nintendo account’ what does that mean?
  • Thanks but, no thanks 3/5

    By kitten lover1928627
    First off, This app by no means is bad. The quality is fine! It’s just the accessibility. The new Animal Crossing game obviously doesn’t have access to a built in camera to scan QR codes, (QR codes are for player made designs to be easily transported into the game), and this app solves this problem. Besides the fact that a large portion of the audience isn’t able to use the app. Please allow children to use a watered down version so they can use QR codes. Besides that, great app!
  • No Friends 1/5

    By Charlie8227
    Where can I add new friends? I should be able to do this just like in the PlayStation app.
  • I can’t get in 1/5

    By nickrockster
    I did my account and it said the service cannot be used with your Nintendo Account😡why?
  • Please fix the app 1/5

    By BentaiBills
    The app does not open on my iPhone 6s
  • The sign in is not working 4/5

    By Myy8
    Hey guys at Nintendo. I’ve been trying to log in today March 26 but it’s not going so great. I typed in my login and password and when it went back to the other screen, it said something like this: “This service cannot be used with your Nintendo Account.” I tried again and it’s not working. If you guys can fix this, I’ll give this app 5 stars.
  • How do I do this ? 2/5

    By Kawaiikitty6353
    I try to login with my Nintendo account but it keeps saying this service can not be used or something like that how do I fix it ?
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons NookLink 2/5

    By MirandaCarlo5us
    deleted my old save and made a new one. already linked my new save but cant delete my old save on the nooklink app. add a feature to delete it?
  • Needs some adjustments. 2/5

    By CoffeeAndChess
    Up until Animal Crossing New Horizons came out last week I rarely used this app at all. I just recently started using it to import designs from QR code’s into the game. The frustrating thing is that my son cannot use this feature to import designs into his game due to him being under 13. I find this very frustrating. Something as innocent as importing custom designs into Animal Crossing should not be age restricted on this app. Fix it.
  • Costs money 1/5

    By tea10001
    Before you buy this app, it should say if it has in app purchases in it telling you that you have to pay money for something. It doesn’t say that there are any in app purchases so you assume that it is free. Sadly, it isn’t. You have to pay money for an account which is very sad.
  • Tried to use 1/5

    By randomperson838
    I tried to use this app to connect to my switch, but I couldn’t get past the initial three slides when you first launch the app. It just crashes, and then does not let me back into the app.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By samgator
    Crashes every single time I open it, therefore rendering the app useless. Thanks Nintendo, should’ve just put voice chat on the console itself.
  • It good for funny smash 5/5

    By thatperson ok
    Funny moments in smash
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Rockstar0709
    App is inconsistent. Can’t use it for Rocket League :(
  • Animal crossing voice chat not working for iPhone 4/5

    By sadiufh23
    Apparently the application is broken for iphone X's - I don’t have a voice chat option available for the Nook link - only text and my app also has permission to use my mic
  • Couldn’t sign in to app 1/5

    By gengyuyin
    I have hard time on signing in to the app even the safari is sign in. However, when it back to app, it is still not working.
  • Weird after restarting animal crossing save 3/5

    By EchoGecko22
    I downloaded the app to use with animal crossing, but ended up disliking my original island, so I deleted my save data and started again. However, despite linking my new island through the in game settings, the app is also still listing my deleted character. I guess it’s not too big of a deal since I can use the app with my new character, but my old one really should be removed since that save file is gone forever.... Hope that gets fixed eventually.
  • Why? 1/5

    By 719993
    I didn’t have to pay just to scan qr code’s with the ds this is just a waste of money and even when i got the free trial to upload designs from qr code’s it wouldn’t even scan
  • I can’t log in 2/5

    By No Pokemon no
    I try to log in but it says it doesn’t work with this Nintendo account even though I just got it renewed and my switch is also linked
  • So dumb 1/5

    By Basedfallyfall
    Can you please tell me why on earth we have to use an app to important custom designs in new horizons, when that was NEVER needed with TWO previous animal crossing games? Ridiculous, annoying, and unnecessary.
  • Unusable app 1/5

    By quietcatlady
    Can’t even log in.
  • Voice chat not good 1/5

    By Gov't doesn't need to know
    Voice chat kicks me out and I can’t get back in when I play Animal Crossing New Horizons.
  • Made a new island 2/5

    By Maizii at
    I made a new Island in AC and now my app is stuck on my old one so I can’t even use the pro design
  • Nintendo should be ashamed 1/5

    By militiamedic
    This app is an absolute embarrassment. Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves. Constantly crashes while using it. The sad truth is it should not even be needed, you should be able to chat directly on the switch.
  • I can’t use voice chat 1/5

    By SleepySammy😴😴
    It only tells me how to use voice chat, but it won’t let me use it
  • Correct Password Not Accepted 1/5

    By I_Hate_Apple_Now
    Unacceptable. I log into my switch. I log into a web browser. I use the exact same credentials. This app? Doesn’t work. Broken. Critical bug that will not allow you to sign in EVEN WHEN YOU USE THE RIGHT CORRECT (CORRECT) CREDENTIALS STOP TELLING ME TO RESET MY PASSWORD MY PASSWORD IS CORRECT

    By Luke11amsok2002
  • You got 20 bones to spare? 1/5

    By Joeyy1024
    Ya this is if you have Nintendo’s horrible online service.
  • ok 3/5

    By kugipunch
    It’s fine but like today the voice chat for animal crossing just stopped and then kept saying my app was in use on a different device and I only have one device with this on it... I deleted the app and re-downloaded and it still said I was in the chat already...
  • Subscription to animal crossing 1/5

    By Solar flare is (◠‿◠✿)
    Why must you pay $4 on a membership for one month to go to other islands and receive codes for designs? Shouldn’t it be part of the game? And yearly it’s $20 so you’d be paying up to $80 for everything. So what’s really the point of Dodo Airlines if you have to pay real money to travel ?
  • Doesn’t even work on my phone 1/5

    By EdgeCraft1
    App literally crashes after the “tutorial” on how to use the app
  • communication error even though my wifi is good, this app‘s features are riddled buggy 2/5

    By Teka2011
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By mrgnbrown
    The app won’t let me sign in to my nintendo account. It directs me to the sign in page but once I put in my info and click the sign in button, nothing happens. I’ve tried multiple times.
  • Bugggyyyy 1/5

    By deniashenstar
    Can’t even log in because it keeps making the keyboard disappear halfway through my password.
  • it won’t even let me login 1/5

    By atwlz
    i downloaded the app, but when i go to sign in it sits on a blank page forever
  • Where did Splatnet 2 go??? 1/5

    By SincrosGaming
    I can’t access Splatnet 2 on the app anymore. Why?
  • Airpods? Hello?? 1/5

    By Xine🧚🏽‍♀️
    I’m really confused why this is ranked so high when it doesn’t even work with bluetooth headphones, I barely use my wired headphones. Also, majority of people would be using this with headphones anyway unless you’re in a personal space where you can use your phone speakers. Please fix this.
  • App is trash 1/5

    By ThePress35
    Won’t let me sign in. It’s broken
  • Not working... 4/5

    By unown pokemon
    I get on, see the tutorial thing where it tells you what you can do, click link a Nintendo account, go and link it, and then it says the service not compatible with a Nintendo account. Why? I just wanna use voice chat on smash
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Foxehtrotter28
    Please add to the iNook and allow us to upload photos to scan as QR code’s I wanna upload my designs from new leaf but don’t have a second screen to scan from
  • Wrong save file 2/5

    By Mansonchic
    So I deleted my first save file of animal crossing new horizons bc the date and time were wrong, and I noticed the app never updated this and still shows my old save file on the app. I can’t figure out how to change this. Please help.
  • Add chat history on screen? 4/5

    By 🐱😘😜😸💗💋
    When using this while playing animal crossing, it’s great and all until the chatting area, i have to go to the chat history log in game to see what i missed as i’m typing away on my phone. it would be way more helpful if at least 1 or 2 messages show up as a history on ur phone screen so you don’t miss a message while you’re typing one yourself. A bit tedious importing qr codes in one at a time but it works nonetheless. Everything else works great.
  • I can’t even sign in 1/5

    By Joseph Burgos
    I can’t sign in to upload a qr code to animal crossing. Every time i open the app it instantly crashes.
  • PLEASE Add Landscape Support for iPad and iPad Pro! 1/5

    By GuyNamedNathan
    I actually LOVE this app, but I don’t know how else to make a genuine recommendation of adding support for landscape orientation for iPad. I’ve got an iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard Folio and would love for nothing more than to message back and forth to friends using NookLink for New Horizons, but it’s stuck in portrait. I hope that this isn’t too much to ask and would honestly be a game changer for using an iPad alongside the Switch for in-game communication.
  • Doesnt even work 1/5

    By Kailey Senpai
    I literally cant even link my account because the app spazzes out and none of the buttons are real buttons and when I deleted and reinstalled it was somehow even worse, not even letting my type my login info because the keyboard was cut off and in a weird spot

Nintendo Switch Online app comments

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