Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

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  • Current Version: 2.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nintendo Switch Online App

The Nintendo Switch Online app enhances your online gameplay experience on your Nintendo Switch™ system. With this app, you can access game-specific services, view your online friends, and use voice chat during online play—all of which allow you to get even more out of online play. Note: A Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) is required to use certain features of this app. ◆ Software with game-specific services:  ・ Splatoon™ 3    ・ Check the online status of friends playing Splatoon 3    ・ View detailed results from battles or Salmon Run    ・ Check the upcoming Stage Schedule  ・ Animal Crossing™: New Horizons    ・ Send custom designs made in Animal Crossing     titles for the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems to     Animal Crossing: New Horizons    ・ Use your smartphone to input chat messages     for in-game communication    ・ Check whether your Best Friends are online  ・ Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate    ・ View posted videos and images    ・ Queue up user-created stages for downloading to your game    ・ View notifications about upcoming events  ・ Splatoon™ 2    ・ View detailed results from battles or Salmon Run    ・ Check rankings and stage schedules ◆ View your online friends You can see which of your friends are online from your smartphone—and which games they're playing. You can even send friend requests right from the app! Note: Some friend features, like adding friends, can only be accessed from a Nintendo Switch system. ◆ Use voice chat during online play From this app, you can join in on voice chat while playing supported software online. By using the app, your voice-chat status will be automatically synced with the game status—and in games that support team battles, like Splatoon 3, you can choose to chat with just the players who are on your team. Attention: ● Nintendo Account age 13+ required to access some online features, including voice chat and social-networking services. ● Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) required to use certain features. ● Nintendo Switch system and compatible Nintendo Switch software required to use voice chat and other features. ● Compatible smartphone required. ● Persistent Internet connection required. ● Data charges may apply. ● May include advertising. Nintendo Switch Online is not available in all countries. Terms apply. Visit for more information. QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in JAPAN and other countries.

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Nintendo Switch Online app reviews

  • Really? 1/5

    By Amy the good reveiwer
    I think you should make it so you can also play the games, because it appears as false advertising.
  • Where is the voice chat for Castle crashers? 2/5

    By JellyBoy43
    Seriously, where is it?
  • Splatoon 3 - Military Time! 3/5

    By CaRiNeSs
    Is there not any way to change Splatoon 3 to standard time? Military time is annoying to me personally although I know many people use it. It would be nice to be able to choose which I prefer. Splatoon 2 didn’t use 24:00 time scale! Please let us pick! Another than that I love the app to see what is open to play!
  • Baby players are always on my team in splatoon 3 1/5

    By edyaer zarate
    Mostly for the reason for like 100 defeats it’s beacuse someone’s mom decided to get their 6 year old child splatoon for Christmas I had started since the second game and now every time I play any round of splatoon 3 I can never win a match
  • it is not free 1/5

    By Bamseattle
    make it free
  • .. 2/5

    By Ashlynn Z
    on acnh ive restarted my island multiple times. it will only connect to my old island not my new so i cant use it. ive tried deleting it and re installing it but it still doesnt work.
  • Nintendo needs to hire ux designers 1/5

    By Blordzy
    Just a pain every time I go to do some particular thing. Not intuitive at all.
  • It’s ok at best 2/5

    By gillsonbeach
    For how much online is needed to fully explore most Nintendo games, requiring players to pay just to access mediocre performance is straight disappointment.
  • Not working 1/5

    By brayana04
    When I was using it I was setting it up when I did it. It told me to update so I did but when I tried it keep saying download download download and now i can’t use it
  • Bad 1/5

    By DiJoAJo
    I can not create an account. I to hard😡
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By garabe game
    Just a stupid app, you can’t do anything with this app at all. Waste of space
  • farts louder 5/5

    By stup1d.d0g
    farts quiter
  • doesn’t work 1/5

    By valeriesofia2002
    every time i click on any game under the game specific services, it just tells me what is available, but won’t actually let me access any of those things like splatnet 3. extremely frustrating considering that’s why i downloaded it
  • Liam lovos 2/5

    By sonicandtailsplays
    Do you need to be bigger for voice chat it should be for everyone
  • Why can’t I link my account to another account 1/5

    By glitchreaper
    I’ve bought really expensive games that I wanted to try but I need to link my account. Why am I not allowed to have a two count link together? No it’s taking me hours and can’t figure it out. It says it’s wrong but supposed to be correct Nintendo is the worst.
  • not presentable 2/5

    By virginscrewdriver
    small gripe but it’s never a good look when the app name is too long to fit under the icon and gets cut off. might want to look into that
  • Why just WhY!???? 1/5

    By Someone can help me
    No more switch online!!! Playing online on Nintendo used to be free now you have to pay?! I already paid for the game but now I have to pay to play again. NO MORE HAVING TO PAY FOR NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE .
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By LilArtLA
    Nintendo is diggin' they're own grave, for years…
  • Horrible Customer Support 1/5

    By Mynameismichaela
    I had an issue while attempting to use my Nintendo Online membership account in a multiplayer game. When I contacted customer support, I received copy and pasted paragraph responses that weren’t even applicable to my device. Needless to say, my issue was never resolved due to the Nintendo support team’s lack of interest, concern, and effort.
  • What's the point 3/5

    By Spacepickle3214
    I use for Smash Bros. and I must say its pretty mediocre. Nobody cares about the community hub and downloading maps from here never works. The voice chat functionality should just be built into the console so I don't have to use two 🤬sets of headphones on the go. It honestly makes just as much sense to use this as to Facetime or Discord call your friends. In short, not worth your time.
  • Need salmon run widget 3/5

    By Name.already.used
    Where’s the salmon run widget?
  • bring back miitomo 1/5

    By JujuCootie
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Djynxy
    Won’t even let me sign in.
  • Something I want to be added to Splatoon3 3/5

    By Arcticy Gaming Y
    I want Grizzco rounds to be saved instead of it only being available for Turf War.
  • Can’t log in without cookies 2/5

    By TndrOUT
    UPDATE - on iOS in order to log in to the app, you MUST enable third party cookies in Safari, log in to the Nintendo account website, then attempt to log in via app.
  • Lack of game compatibility and poor service 1/5

    By Sugarbunniesxo
    I tried using this app with several nintendo titles and they weren’t compatible. It’s better to use voice chat services such as Discord that have moderated rooms to protect kids and offers way better service than this app ever could.Nintendo needs to modernize because rival companies do this better.
  • Good job Nintendo! 5/5

    By Good job Nintendo!
    Great app because it is just great
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jdhavwvsbbzhdhd
    I can’t even sign in cause of two step verification. So frustrating.
  • Search disappeared 1/5

    By MikeWand
    I just updated my app and I don’t understand the new Home Screen at all. How do I search?
  • Ugh 1/5

    By ElmStDreams
    App force closes iOS 15.0.1 IPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Love it 4/5

    By a kid with this app
    I really like this app, but I think you should be able to actually watch your battle replays on SplatNet 3 instead of just managing them. Other than that I love the app and all of its uses. Honestly, I love what they’re done with it, but it could be a lot better. And one thing, you can’t chat with parental controls, and if you do, how many people actually use it? This is more of an in game thing, but please, more chat features without this app. I’m tired of only saying this way, booyah, and sometimes ouch.
  • 3 3/5

    By Follow @Cannibal_Haruto
    Okay so there is an issue with my Splatoon 3 service, I cannot open it- but other than that I’m okay- I just need to see my stats and I simply cannot
  • Вылитает 3/5

    By voterol
  • Privacy Violation Despite Proper Settings 1/5

    By TakenlessNickName
    I didn't want to influence my friends' splatfest decisions, so I set all my play activity and such to private, on the switch as well as the app and the website. Unfortunately, the app broadcasts your in-game decision to all of your friends, whether you like it or's nice to play with friends, but I didn't want to wind up steamrolling their decision making processes again...sigh. There should really be a setting to COMPLETELY hide ALL activity from your friends, honestly. You need to add people as friends to play with them in some games, even if you make a room code, so you're either forced to unfriend and refriend people left and right, over and over again...or you can broadcast things that you might have liked to keep private, for whatever reason. Major flaw.
  • Problem with Splatoon3 1/5

    By &'f123474)&
    3months till splat net 3 I can’t wait till splat net 3 I can’t wait. But I’m mad 😡 at you guys so frustrateing I can’t see my gear results and lockers for mercy I Will MAKE Sure YOU GIVE them what they want for the gear and lockers and results
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Snafu00911
    This app is pointless. I was hoping to look up games and other things but, nope!
  • Needs Improvements 2/5

    By Gohan
    A lot of obvious quality of life features are needed to match the competition. (Nintendo is new at this whole, app companion idea)
  • Can’t sign in. 1/5

    By ZachTWB
    I’ve changed my password three times and it still will not allow me to sign in with the new password. I have no idea what’s going on with Nintendo, but the app is useless for me.
  • It’s the best for animal crossing right???? 5/5

    By Lucas im a 5 years old
    It’s great for all lol but I don’t play splatoon 1,2, or 3.
  • i havent waifu 1/5

    By 任天堂傻逼
    because i fk nintendo everyday、
  • Honestly… 4/5

    By KirbyTheCute
    I only ever use it for Splatoon 3, as of now, and it’s pretty useful. The shop can help me get rare gear you usually don’t get elsewhere, like the Red Battlecrab Shell. Being able to see the catalog is pretty cool, and I don’t have to check my Status section in the menus. Wandercrust is ok, the Stay Crusty cap (and maybe in the future, any other gear) is ok at the very least, but it wouldn’t remove much if it were removed. This is the only time you can see more Salmon Run stats more elaborately, and it warns you better than the ingame menus, such as Wildcard Rotations. As of now, we have only had 2 Splatfests in the full game, Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun, and Grass vs. Fire vs. Water, and it’s nice you can see who won and all the points. It’s really useful that you can see what your friends are doing, especially when I’m trying to host a friend game/private battle/league battle (in the future), and they aren’t joining. Overall, this is WAY better than Splatoon 2’s, which was a more Cluttered mess. I don’t have any other games with it, but I’ll take other reviews’ word for it. It’s ok, but not perfect. Also, before you ask, I don’t really use voice chat, I have my online friends on my contacts, so I’m not sure about the quality.
  • PERFECT 5/5

    By RehmannFamily
    I love you so much is perfect. I actually had everything I expected with Splatoon three QR codes, Splatoon, and all of that like stuff that you could do that for a fun night so it’s so awesome.
  • Crashes repeatedly 1/5

    By If this name is taken...
    Won’t let me sign in. Crashes every single time. Please fix this issue.
  • A pathetic app that shouldn’t exist 1/5

    By nerdipad
    This app is pathetic. I’m pretty sure Dreamcast online had more features than this appalling excuse for a service. This app shouldn’t need to exist. Why do I need this to send invites? I can receive invites on e console, but I need this to send them? No party chat. Original Xbox Live had this and it was built in. Heck, the Wii U had Miiverse messaging and Wii U chat. They weren’t good but they were better than this. Heck, Nintendo Network didn’t have friend codes. Not only is this service worse than the competition, it’s worse than Nintendo’s own shut down services were. Take a google search and you will find out the net code is something Nintendo licensed from the very early 2000s. Heck, Splatoon 2s net code has a check to see if it’s running on Windows 98. Also, no chatting with randoms. You can only chat with friends during a game. So that means you probably know the person. So you probably communicate with them via other means. Making this pointless. Please, I beg you. DON’T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM NINTENDO. Though I know my door will now get busted down by the insane fanboys who always defend everything Nintendo does. I see you.
  • It wouldn’t let me sign in 1/5

    By yhhhhgvc
    I couldn’t sign into my Nintendo account
  • Won’t Launch 1/5

    By Ahqwaya
    the app doesn’t even launch. it just closes out every time i open it
  • downvote 2/5

    By blabberguts
    i can’t even log into the app. i have a nintendo switch account and everything but when i try to log in it says “repeat the process” or smthn. super annoying
  • Get this… if you play Splatoon 5/5

    By Why are you guys saying this?
    Splatnet is the only use for this app… they should just rename it splatnet and delete the rest of the stuff. But Splatnet works well so can’t complain!
  • Deserves a zero! 1/5

    By Calico Review
    I tried to sign in and it would not let me sign. I made sure the password was correct and everything. By entering the password so many times it locked me out of my account on my switch. I just deleted the app. Was not worth my time!