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NJ TRANSIT Mobile App App

Using the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App, it’s easier than ever to travel throughout New Jersey to New York and Philadelphia. NJ TRANSIT information is conveniently available to you. Buy and display passes or tickets securely and get transit options on your mobile device. • MyTix® mobile ticketing • My Transit Alert notifications; real time rail and bus arrival/departure information • Trip planning for rail, bus and light rail service Features: • MyTix – Buy and display your pass or ticket securely on your mobile device • Rider Tools – Manage My Transit alerts for push notifications, check service advisories and plan trips. • My Transit Alerts – Receive push notifications of NJ TRANSIT Rail, Bus & Light Rail travel alerts • Trip Planner – Receive suggested options for travel to your destination • Schedules – Make travel plans using quick station-to-station schedule for rail, bus & light rail • DepartureVision® – Get real time train status for your selected station • MyBus® – View bus arrivals for your stop • Contact Us – Provide feedback on your travel experience

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NJ TRANSIT Mobile App app reviews

  • This is worse not better 1/5

    By AmosQ
    Where is departure vision? Where are the schedules. Please bring back NJTix.
  • Greatly improved but still some issues 4/5

    By TNewton01
    Glad that the auto-opening of my pass is more reliable now. That was the biggest issue affecting me in day-to-day use. Issues that I have are around checking bus times (My Bus). They removed the quick access to favorited bus times on the home screen. Now I have to dig through the favorites tab. I do like the fact that I can now favorite multiple buses from the same stop (good fourth places like Port Authority). However, still done issues with that. When you do favorite multiple buses from the same stop, it’s impossible to tell them apart on the favorites screen. So you basically have to tap through each one. Also, with My Bus, when you open your favorited route, it still always defaults to “All Routes”. When I have multiple buses favorited at Port Authority, seeing all buses at once is useless.. please just let it default to the bus I favorited. Or, you could let me favorite a bus OR an entire stop. Payments: Please give me the option to store my cc security code and just verify with Face ID. Re-entry can be required if I change devices or something like that. Having to enter the code every time makes last-minute purchases a hassle. All that aside though, I am glad they are at least continuing to develop this app. Oh and how about some widgets and/or Apple Watch complications for departure times.. or even publishing real-time departures to Apple Maps, etc.? (Even though those times times aren’t always reliable)
  • Crashing after update 3/5

    By aad7615
    The app is continuously crashing on the iPhone 11 since the latest update. I am unable to buy tickets or view anything. Please fix so we can access our tickets again.
  • Can’t find Newark Airport station 4/5

    By Wilson Q Luo
    Good job updating the century old app, but I couldn’t find Newark airport rail station in the schedule tab. Also still needs some aesthetic tweaks. Looks a little non-HD
  • Finally! Brightness control has been achieved! 4/5

    By Les S
    You’ll get 5 stars when the passes are available in the wallet. If you ever make the pass available on the Apple Watch I will personally petition Apple to give me the option of assigning you 6 stars!!! In all seriousness a much improved app. It’s nice seeing you guys embrace competence. And I can barely believe the words I’m about to write but … I actually enjoy using the app now as opposed to cursing the devils that put me through countless conductor eye-rolls as I would try in vain to show them my monthly pass.
  • Update is not good 1/5

    By Njtaurus
    The app was so much better before this recent update. It’s like they went backwards instead of moving up with the app. Very sad
  • New release is unstable 2/5

    By Telegrrrrrr
    New layout (Oct 2019) looks cleaner and with a better UI. But the app is now very unstable. Repeated crashes. Can’t use the ‘buy’ function at all, because the app is too unstable.
  • App stopped working and I lost my monthly 1/5

    By jittanyleggs
    My app crashes every time I open now. $150 bucks down the drain. Use at your own risk.
  • Split pay isn’t working 1/5

    By Jaymat13
    Trying to use split pay but it’s not working. How about you fix this issue so it doesn’t inconvenience me. Should have never upgraded the app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ciguapito
    You finally did it. The new update makes this app so much better. Only thing missing is add pass to wallet. Hopefully one day this will happen
  • Rotation 4/5

    By ToddFFW
    Any way you can support portrait mode monthly passes?
  • Bus schedule 1/5

    By BusExpress
    I can’t find bus schedule on new app. I liked old version much much better. How to back for the old version ? Absolutely no information about bus.
  • New design is lit 5/5

    By Sharathranga
    Finally an enhanced design and better search and great usability.
  • Bug to report 1/5

    By DanMorgan88
    Currently, app is crashing every time I attempt to open it after signing in from the Buy Tickets workflow. Please fix! Will update rating after this is fixed.
  • Njtransit app 5/5

    By gavparkour2018
    I just love this new version of this app because it makes it very easy to get to your bus, train passes. The old update made it very difficult to get to your bus, train passes. NJ transit keep improving this app for all users to use. In the future updates can you please add a feature that has dark mode like Apple smartphones, and other devices have so people can use their passes in dark mode all the time.
  • New design 5/5

    By Vicjae93
    I absolutely love the new design. The developers did an amazing job creating it. Visually pleasing and very convenient.
  • This update is awesome! 5/5

    By lyunghk
    Finally full screen support for iPhone X and beyond.. welcome to 2019 NJT
  • Amazing APP 5/5

    By Kyky183
    The new update helps you navigate the app quicker and more efficiently!
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Jdaatt
    With new times finding exactly change every time i need to take the bus is annoying but with the app i pre pay online from my card and just show the driver my ticket on my phone AMAZING!!!!
  • NJ transit 5/5

    By camilly milly
    love the new look!
  • Update is ok... some bugs 3/5

    By Aerodyno
    Newark Airport doesn’t appear in the DepartureVision list or the schedules page?!?? Usually I need that to see when I’ll make a train after I land.
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By BFD Cap
    Upgraded, signed in and it now crashes
  • Welcome to 2019! 5/5

    By ma0707
    New app is great. Two requests: Departure Vision for favorites on home screen (like before), and when you look up a train on the schedule, click on it to see stops like from DV.
  • Latest update completely broke it 1/5

    By ArcxX
    The “new and completely redesigned interface” is almost unusable. Bring the old one back!
  • Broke the trip planner 1/5

    By Groaning
    The name of stations do not show at all in iPhone 6 iOS 12.4.2. It works on iPasOS 13.1.3!! Please fix.
  • Love the new update 5/5

    By Casterwill_
    The new update is awesome and makes the app a lot easier to use!
  • Very nice! 5/5

    By Joe D - NJ
    Well done on the update! Welcome to 2019!
  • So convenient 4/5

    By AlySia AlyPop
    Not sure why this app is rated so poorly. It’s so convenient! In the long run, you may save money buying your train tickets because sometimes they are not collected but, I mostly use this app for the local bus and again, so convenient. You can also see the train schedule which is nice. The only thing that is confusing it’s choosing a zone route because there are no names just numbers. As long as you know where you are going I guess it’s irrelevant? It hasn’t personally affected me so far. (In regards to bus route) There is definitely room for improvement but otherwise, definitely utilizing this app to its fullest capacity.
  • Mind boggling my terrible 1/5

    By Relaxation seeker
    The app doesn’t even have a back button, you have to start again every time. That should tell you everything. Enough said.
  • Rarely on time 1/5

    By hollowgunpoint
    90% of the time the bus is never on time. It’s always late after 9pm. Between 9 and 10 no busses go to Bayonne to journal square or from Bayonne to New York.
  • Hate everything about it 1/5

    By jaypark1004
    The app consistently has problems and conductors are extremely unforgiving about it. My monthly pass is always hit or miss on showing up on the screen, when it should always come up. Travel alerts are also finicky, saying a train is 0 min away or boarding when it’s actually been delayed or cancelled.
  • Suddenly changed ticket display 1/5

    By Julissac17
    The display of my mobile ticket once activated changed without notice. The ticket still activated and the time stamp works, but the display in the colored block changed which caused several bus drivers to not want to let me on a bus I take everyday to work. I’ve had to argue several times just to get on the bus even though I’ve taken my time to show them that it is the correct ticket, with the correct zone, and it is properly activated. I contacted customer service and all they could tell me is that they did not change the display. Switching back to printed tickets I guess... I will not argue my way into to bus every morning.
  • Doesn’t seem to support ApplePay even though it claims it does 1/5

    By ka99jacob
    Nor larger screen of newer iPhones
  • Terrible 1/5

    By juliannymichelle
    Que pasa que no creen que las personas utilizan el bus los fines de semana o que ? 30 minutos para que llegue el autobús y cuando pasa está lleno y a esperar otros 30 minutos. Horrible la peor línea de autobús.
  • Good for buying tickets but not for alerts 2/5

    By Lllgoco
    I used this app at first when I started taking the train to get to school… But I had waited way more time than I should have to get a train because the app does not alert you or show when trains have been canceled or rescheduled. I highly recommend the NJ rails app over this one.
  • Alerts are useless 2/5

    By Katz's Itunes Accounts
    The alerts are useless. They are either too late or irrelevant. The app should use the location features of the phone to show the closest station in favorites departure vision first. It’s a no-brainer. When commuting home from NYC I always need to scroll thru all my favorite locations to get to Penn Station.
  • Mixed results 2/5

    By H.T. Glover
    App seems buggy.
  • Issues with the app 1/5

    By CatDragos
    I am having trouble with this app since last night. I have tried everything reinstalling etc but to no avail. I never have to religion in because I have selected remember me. But for some reason I am having to re inter my password and it says it’s invalid. When I try to register my account it stated mass active error to switch url. I need answers right away, this quite the inconvenience.
  • Junk - Could be much better if they tried 1/5

    By Liam and Corey Co.
    There a myriad of problems with this app. Some seem to have been fixed, others not. Here are some that remain: There are no maps. The schedules are clearly not fed from the same database as website - they direct you to the website for service changes. There are no alerts on the app. - you need to go to website for those. They display train numbers in the schedules section, it would be logical if this were a "hot link" but it's not. Some trains simply do not appear in departure vision at all (on an intermittent basis). To sum up - it feels like "they have an app. so they can say they have an app." but they don't really seem to care that it is a crap app!! Update - while cancelled trains show up as “cancelled” on Departure Vision they don’t on the Schedules. This is trivial stuff to fix. Also the customized alerts feature is really poorly thought out. Do they care - absolutely not?
  • Wouldn’t expect anything less 1/5

    By Carrieb31
    Lackluster app that lacks all the bus routes that are in my area
  • Name a worse app than this 1/5

    By rstancikas
    I’ll wait...
  • Doesn’t let you refund tickets 1/5

    By TechNickViews
    Doesn’t let you refund tickets
  • Infuriatingly bad 1/5

    By Archilocus
    For people who do not know these bus routes well, this app is impossible to use. Bus stop listings are incomplete and not searchable by most terms. Very difficult to figure out where you are supposed to go through multiple functions that don’t seem to communicate with one another. Very poor design. Not to mention that the app would not accept the login credentials that I had used on my desktop. Apparently you have to set up a different account on your phone? Ridiculous.
  • Doesn’t Work..... 1/5

    By PlowAV8
    Tried unloading and reloading, nothing matters. All attempts to pull up a schedule results in an error screen, asks you to try later. This app is a professional embarrassment for whomever is responsible for it.
  • No ApplePay 3/5

    By Westopher0
    Needs ApplePay
  • You have one job and you fail it 1/5

    By SashkaB
    Actually, this isn’t unexpected that an app for filthy service is also filthy. But what the actual heck, if you log me out randomly on launch? I launch an app to show the ticket. Why aren’t you keep me logged in all the ducking time?! Oh, don’t increase screen brightness without decreasing it when I switch away from the app.
  • Cannot buy a ticket 1/5

    By CaveAllen
    You need to have an NJ Transit account to buy a ticket, but you cannot create one within the app. I went to the NJ Transit website and created an account but the app will not accept my username and password (have tried many times over the course of several weeks). So, I'm unsure if this feature is unavailable for everyone or just me, but it's the only reason I downloaded the app and I have not been able to use it.
  • Unreliable and Crashes When I Need It 1/5

    By cocogirl_
    I bought my ticket, and right before I got on the bus, the app stopped working. I wasn’t able to access my ticket and the bus driver started harassing me, told me I was going to get arrested, and threatened to kick me off the bus for “lying about buying a ticket.” This app is not reliable at all and causes more stress than good.
  • Terrible user interface 1/5

    By WhoCares123r
    How could this be allowed through Apple Store review? Not even back buttons when you’re in the trip planner to adjust the trip!

NJ TRANSIT Mobile App app comments

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