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NJ TRANSIT Mobile App App

Using the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App, it’s easier than ever to travel throughout New Jersey to New York and Philadelphia. NJ TRANSIT information is conveniently available to you. Buy and display passes or tickets securely and get transit options on your mobile device. • MyTix® mobile ticketing • My Transit Alert notifications; real time rail and bus arrival/departure information • Trip planning for rail, bus and light rail service Features: • MyTix – Buy and display your pass or ticket securely on your mobile device • My Transit Alerts – Receive push notifications of NJ TRANSIT Rail, Bus & Light Rail travel alerts • Trip Planner – Receive suggested options for travel to your destination • Schedules – Make travel plans using quick station-to-station schedule for rail, bus & light rail • DepartureVision® – Get real time train status for your selected station • MyBus® – View bus arrivals for your stop • Contact Us – Provide feedback on your travel experience

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NJ TRANSIT Mobile App app reviews

  • Best Transit App 5/5

    By AlEX2116135
    Allows you to purchase bus tickets and shows you when your bus is coming to me it’s extremely useful and I use it everyday!!! For busses it is awesome not sure about anything else so #1 app of day here😁😁😁
  • Can’t be trusted 1/5

    By Ab2qj
    It sometimes gives an error message when you try to access your purchased tickets, usually an “SSL ERROR”. I always carry a spare paper ticket Of course there is no help desk to call, continuing NJT’s policy of contempt for its passengers.
  • Mixed feelings 3/5

    By Lina9419
    App is often convenient since the bus does not take care but I rarely ever works
  • Barely usable 1/5

    By JeromeG1971
    This app gets worse over time. It can’t even remember CC details. Have to type in CCV every time. Your designer should be fired.
  • Alerts 1/5

    By zebrahero
    Please add a clear button for the notification badge for alerts. It’s so infuriating having to click into each one to remove the badge.
  • Just like NJ transit service - expect the app to be trash. 1/5

    By n4th41i3
  • Not useful 1/5

    By emma victoria סיון
    This app is not accurate.
  • Awful 1/5

    By DanicaAndTeddy
    There are very few parts of the app that work properly - does not recognize the fact that there is internet connection properly, does not always store favorite stations... It simply does not work. For an app used by so many people I would have expected at least something of average quality. This is the worst app I have ever used
  • Alerts broken and frustrating 2/5

    By user5144
    Travel alerts are very broken. Repeated alerts are sent including ones for trains that left hours ago
  • Invalid response... 1/5

    By M_J_S
    ... was the only thing the app would tell me today when logging in. It’s no good having infra and an app that does not work reliably for commuting. And if this can happen have a system status page on the app or notification to tell people there are issues logging in and using tickets. It’s a basic courtesy to the customer.
  • Cannot log in app 1/5

    By TzuAmyTai
    After new update, cannot log In anymore. It says “invalid response “ when I try to log in. So cannot use my monthly pass and need to pay by cash.
  • Crashed After Update 1/5

    By PinkyT
    I updated this and now I can’t access my 2 tickets for my morning commute. It will not even allow me to log in. Screen reads “invalid”. Should’ve never updated it. Now, what am I supposed to do?...
  • Log in situation 1/5

    By cindayt
    The app doesnt let you sign in sometimes. Extremely inconvenient.
  • Absolute garbage app 1/5

    By leo7324799
    Won’t let me sign in even though I’ve used it everyday for two months now.

    By mahjr
    tried to sign in this morning to show my pass. I get the above error. Very lucky the driver let me on. I hope this is fixed by the time I have to go home! PLEASE FIX!
  • Awful for Commuters 1/5

    By JazHunt
    The app constantly requires log on, it doesn’t remember the credit card security code, which are bad for the commuters on the move. Not to mention the clumsy navigation of the app... who approved and tested such application?
  • Not helpful at all 1/5

    By LKK from NY
    we bought three round trip child tickets for 3 kids (under 18). On the way there, we tried to activate the ticket on the train, and they app wouldn’t let me activate them. Then, on the way back, the conductor told us that child tickets were only ages 5-11, which is not disclosed on the app. I had to buy 3 more child tickets to make it the price of an adult. You are better off getting physical tickets
  • The App Only Works on Wifi 2/5

    By WillKate Fan
    It’s a good app, and I like that it takes ApplePay. Unfortunately, for me at least, it requires wifi in order to work - super annoying!
  • Hit and miss. Mostly miss. 2/5

    By Noli Timere
    For some confounding reason it requires you to sign in every day, even though I have a monthly.
  • Mixed bag 3/5

    By DrHockey
    There’s a lot of useful functionality in this app: departure vision, ticketing, alerts, etc. Two things are problematic: 1) The UX/UI is a tragedy. It’s inconsistent throughout the app, navigation is confusing, and certain features are buried too deep. 2) Push alerts are helpful but the app doesn’t adhere to the notification settings. I have it set to give me alerts on 4 specific trains but I get alerts for the entire Morris & Essex line. So I’m inundated with alerts.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By MBeamer6
    Difficult to use. I deleted it, it’s not worth the hassle.
  • Useful 3/5

    By MzLottie67
    Could be better if you could use the same account on other devices!!! Why lock you into one device
  • Flabbergasted 1/5

    By Thispersonguy
    This app is extremely buggy and averages one crash about every two uses. To reiterate, this means that this app will crash on you roughly 50% of the time. It’s 2019 and I think NJT can afford to invest some money into some decent software. It’s really not that difficult. Please consider the amount of paper and overhead this will save for you in the long-run . Think of the environment. Think of the kids. Have you no soul, NJT?
  • Latest Update Corrupted App - Does Not Work! 1/5

    By Llewis96
    Rarely works from inside Port Authority Bus Terminal, on or off WiFi, exactly where it needs to work! Need to power off phone, reload the app and close WiFi to get tickets to activate!! Quite annoying!
  • DV view more useful on website. 2/5

    By Mg5thAve
    Departure View on the website is immensely useful to see expected departure and arrival times of (the very often) delayed trains. However, DV on the app doesn’t let you see this information for trains that have already departed. So... if you want to find out when you’ll actually arrive at the destination once the train is in motion, since the timetables are obviously not accurate, you have to go out to the DV website and manually enter train numbers into the query parameters on the URL. Needless to say, this is not an optimal workflow. Also, not going to pile on with the other comments here, but really, this app is horrible. Glitchy. Slow. Constantly logs you out at the worst opportunity. Can’t log you back in because you’re usually in transit and don’t have service. Conductors get angry waiting for you to pull up your ticket. It’s honestly baffling how bad it is being that it mostly just displays timetables and tickets. NJ transit, please source development of this out to a capable developer.
  • Not working on my iPhone X 1/5

    By cifuNYC
  • Departure Vision a joke 1/5

    The Departure Vision feature of this app is worthless ESPECIALLY when there are actual service disruptions and you need to get real-time information. Departure Vision does not report trains delayed even though I am hearing the announcement (after waiting 20-odd minutes) for my train. In fact, many times the delayed train rolls off Departure Vision as if it had arrived and departed. Many times Departure Vision displays ‘All Aboard’ minutes before the train has even arrived. In short, Departure Vision, like NJT in general, is in dire need of overhaul.
  • DOESN’T WORK!!!!! 1/5

    By (I)lem
    I used to buy an interstate monthly pass using the app. This worked for YEARS!!! After latest update the multi payment won’t accept my transit subsidy visa from my employer! Multiple contacts with NJTransit and their tech support and I’m told ..” Oh well- I don’t know what to tell you.” Garbage company. Garbage App....
  • Not good 1/5

    By flaoxkxkx
    This app doesn’t work before was bus not anymore 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Is this 2010? 1/5

    By Lexlexorellana
    This app’s user interface is awful. Everything is clunky and slow, very hard to figure out, and has no useful features except to buy tickets, and not even that works every time. I hope this “engage” program makes this app easier to use and makes things ACTUALLY functional
  • Monthly pass page should open without internet 1/5

    By AshishSamant
    Monthly Pass should open without internet connectivity. While boarding bus from, Port authority bus terminal-Gate 202, for the bus NJ154. The mobile pass page does not open due to lack of internet signal strength on mobiles.
  • good and bad 2/5

    By Jeisonp
    The app does have some good features but then need fixing elsewhere. I use the where’s my bus feature to track my bus. However after I “favorite” stops it only last a day or two before the favorites are no longer favorites and you have to re add them all over again. Frustrating! I’ve tried to update the home screen layout to feature the my bus tile and it continues to revert back to the original setting after a day or two. Even more frustrating! The payment method seems to ask me for my card security code every time I buy tickets nowadays.
  • Schedules 1/5

    By babyblue2997
    Bus stop info never matches My Trip schedules. Many times this app has let me to wait, unnecessarily, for a bus that does not show up. This app is as dysfunctional as the administration at NJ Transit.
  • No Apple Pay 4/5

    By O.A.R. IS KING
    Wish the updates would stop saying Apple Pay has been added....it hasn’t. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it to make sure the update took, yet still no Apple Pay. Simply ridiculous that you would advertise something for three straight updates and not even have it. UPDATE: Apple Pay is finally available...increased rating by one star to 4 total. The app isn’t perfect, but it works
  • The trains are not accurate sometimes 1/5

    By Sophia hates imovie
    The train numbers didn’t match the ones we were taking, we also got to a connecting station and our connecting train didn’t exist. Not accurate sometimes but departure times are usually correct
  • Garbage 1/5

    By a123kjo
    The CCV entry form for the credit card screen doesn’t stay open. The user interface is poorly designed. I’m really thinking of going back to paper tickets. It is a terrible app - please rewrite
  • Horrible 1/5

    By a.dias92
    App no app no transit must be the most unorganized train service in the United States and mamyne the whole world no one has answers and when you ask to speak to a manager it’s like speaking to a janitor the people in power they have speaking to costumers are never in any position to make change from the people in office at penn station to the yellow jacket guys on floor and conductors themselves all of them are extremely unprofessional when the commute goes bad it’s like they find the closest hole to hide in I’m calling the lost and found phone number no one is picking up why offer a service and not provide the assistance you offer trains running 1 hour late and they still punch your ticket instead of being reimbursed for the extreme inconvenience they charge you for it the system is not professional and extremely inconsiderate to the costumers that pay your salaries at the end of the day a lot of them need to be taught manners respect and appreciation to the clients if I worked the way these people and there sorry additudes do is be out of my job
  • As bad a NJ Transit itself 1/5

    By Chris Pearson
    This is among the most shoddy apps I’ve ever seen. It requires a ton of bandwidth to display simple information and transact. Crashes all the time. Can’t consistently save credit card information. How is it ~5 steps to buy a ticket for a train I take every day? Also, why do trains that are still here roll off Departure Vision? How is there no system in place to track where a train is and when it will be leaving?
  • Nonfunctional, except as a schedule check 1/5

    By creamyCanonical
    The app won’t let you buy tickets or log into the server. It’s only good to check scheduling, and even then it is simply easier and much less frustrating to use the desktop site.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Dougmiester
    Unlike others I don’t have problems connecting BUT the ticket randomly slides off the screen. This always happens when getting ready to present it to the bus driver. That is all I need, a reliable display of my ticket. This app needs a re-write by a pro. The only reason I gave it more than one star is because the purchase process is easy and I no longer have to wait in a line.
  • Apple Pay? 3/5

    By robotmlg
    For the past three updates, the release notes have said you added Apple Pay to the app, but alas, there is no Apple Pay to be found in the app. It’s frankly embarrassing for you guys that you can’t even copy edit your release notes. Other than that, app works fine. Not great, just fine.
  • Pretty good app when it works. Glitch with latest update. 3/5

    By hrizacos
    App worked great for a while then I must have updated and now when I go to purchase a ticket and get to the credit card screen it asks me for the 3 digit number on the back. Never used to ask but now it does. Problem is that when I click the box to enter the keyboard comes up and instantly goes away before I can type. I usually have to try about 10 times to get it to work. I’m running iOS 12.1.2 on a 6s.
  • Still not optimized for current screen formats 2/5

    By BeyondtheTech
    How does this even pass Apple’s guidelines that state that it’s supposed to accommodate the screen size and formats of the current generation iPhones? Also, app keeps logging me out, so my ticket is never ready to be displayed until I log back in first.
  • Buggy - Still 2/5

    By Dibdin
    It repeatedly asks for your credit card CVV number, which is bad enough. But when you tap the field to enter it the keyboard pops up and then disappears immediately.
  • Much needed but poorly implemented 2/5

    By Daisyisabird
    This app is much needed and has made commuting much easier. However it’s been poorly implemented and I constantly find myself working around bugs in the app. For example - the app’s CVV field on the payment screen has focus problems. Clicking it makes the keyboard pop up and immediately close again. Only clicking and holding or double clicking makes the keyboard come up and stay up so that you can actually process a purchase. The app also relies heavily on internet connectivity. This is stupid considering most of the major transport hubs have signal problems. I always have to remember to activate my ticket before entering PABT or I won’t be able to. The app also doesn’t have a method for requesting refunds in the event of service changes. Combined with the problem of having to activate tickets ahead of time because of the app’s connectivity requirements this becomes more of a problem. This app is a great idea but the implantation needs a lot of work.
  • Nice 5/5

    By kk01072019
    Easy to use.
  • Screwed up login process 1/5

    By jmondo123
    “Forgot password” on mobile app doesn’t recognize my email, while desktop does
  • App written by an org that doesn’t know how to write an app 1/5

    By daveledangeroux
    This is an alarmingly amateur app. The user experience is poor in the extreme; the design shows zero understanding of the basic tropes and affordances expected on a modern mobile platform like iOS. The user interface is buggy in unconscionable ways: for instance, with the version current as of January 2019, when you tap to enter in a ZIP for your credit card, the app helpfully moves the focus to an unrelated text field — you can’t type in your ZIP code! This is, to put it mildly, a problem: the ZIP code is a required field. All of this raises my Spidey Sense that something darker lurks beneath. Not that I have any specific evidence for it, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that customer passwords — or worse, customer credit card numbers — are mismanaged in a way that risks their exposure. An app this bad is usually bad to the core.
  • Can’t sign in without WiFi 1/5

    By WG1266
    Bot tkt on app. Activated before return. No WiFi on train so unable to sign in to my acct & show tkt. Tried several times while conductor watched. Made me purchase one way trip. Then helpfully suggested that I purchase pink tickets since I know app won’t work for me. Also asked what provider I use. The very exotic and unfamiliar AT&T. App always works for my children, rarely for me. So frustrating.

NJ TRANSIT Mobile App app comments

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