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NOAA Weather

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NOAA Weather App

Get accurate and detailed weather directly from NOAA. Designed for the iPhone with a user friendly interface and the ability to get the weather information you need. What features are exclusive to NOAA Weather App? - Radar maps sourced from NOAA. - Location finder which uses your current GPS location to get nearest weather information automatically. - Exclusive 1 hourly weather forecast for next 7 days. - Exclusive 24 hour forecast graph to show visually the forecast temperature, maximum, minimum, humidity and rainfall. - Exclusive 7 day forecast graph shows visually the forecast for the week ahead. Get forecast temperature, mean monthly maximum, mean monthly minimum, humidity and rainfall. - Exclusive sun and moon information from sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset to major and minor periods information used by fishermen and hunters. - Statistical climate weather information. View the seasonal changes for all locations. RADARS: - Rain radar to predict when rainfall will reach you. NOAA Weather App is designed with an intuitive interface and fully equipped with all the weather information you need in your pocket. FINAL NOTES: - This App contains weather information only about United States of America and its territories. - Use this app information as advisory only and not critical decision making. - The data is sourced from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and was not developed or published by NOAA. Any questions, bugs or recommendations should be sent to us [email protected] or visit us at

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NOAA Weather app reviews

  • NOAA 1/5

    By Katzjeep
    The new update shows the incorrect temperatures Celsius and Fahrenheit conversions are transposed
  • Congratulations on making your app worse again 2/5

    By Talk Junkette
    Each update you do makes the app less use friendly and more annoying to use. Today I opened it to find a huge ad. And now, your "breaking news" is where I used to see the day's details. Your idea of breaking news isn't germane to the day's weather. I rarely look at your videos and now it's one of the first things I have to skip. Go back to your previous version.
  • Accurate! 4/5

    By XXtucker
    I love the app, I use it whenever I’m traveling and at home. Only gave it four stars because I get real tired of the other ads that pop up when I’m trying to view it. It really is an excellent app, I just don’t like the ads.
  • Comment 3/5

    By Combat Corpsman
    Your app is 100 percent better than TV weather and it has features to look into. Some of the weather people act like they don’t know what they are doing. It is boring to watch them.
  • New User 3/5

    By 1931Chevy$
    Having problems with setup. No easily intuitive. Trying to delete cities but see no way to do it. Accuracy to be determined but better than Accuweather.
  • Why Ads?! I paid for upgrades 1/5

    By EssexGlass
    Very frustrated to get an ad everytime I open the app. I paid for it, so I don’t expect to have to wade through ads.
  • Lacks Accuracy 1/5

    By F_2008
    Continuously indicates 79* ....but check 4 other weather apps, go outside for real feel, observe wall mounted external thermometer and they all indicate 71*. What good is it if it can’t even relay the correct temperature. Waste of money.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Shorepine
    Best weather app still available for iPhone 4.
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By pilot-4-hire
    Paid for subscription and worst app ever with no support! Does not work well with iPhone and alerts do not work. Reported.
  • Bad Info 2/5

    By AFabElite
    The app shows 0 for pressure. Bad info
  • Marine weather 2/5

    By Capt Dom
    This app is terrible. I’m a fisherman and wanted this for the marine weather for Florida’s west coast St. Petersburg to Crystal River but instead I get east coast no use for me!!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By dblefarvel
    I miss the days of getting a forecast from a real aviation weather professional. NOAA’s Aviation Forecast write-up is the next best thing! This is my go-to source for preflight weather study. Great app!
  • Ads 2/5

    By Dulcimerplayer
    I paid for the upgrade to so I wouldn’t get the ads, but I’m still getting ads with audio. It’s not appropriate to be getting loud, unwanted ads when checking the weather in a public space. If doesn’t end my next step will be to delete this app.
  • Neat idea, poor execution 2/5

    By fgwgads
    The app won’t let you do anything meaningful unless you pay for things.
  • Review 2/5

    By Russthemason
    Mediocre app. Not like the good old days. I wish they didn’t get money hungry.
  • Upset 2/5

    By Western42
    Upgraded and paid. Still being hijacked by full screen “timed” ads! NOT COOL!
  • Completely inaccurate 1/5

    By Jimilagro
    The weather information is far from accurate. The moon information is at least a week off so I’m not sure what planet the information is for but it isn’t Earth. I tried this for a couple months but it never got better. Deleted it.
  • Good Weather App for Weather Forcasts 5/5

    By Stealth1
    Traveling in an RV this is my “go to” weather App to predict/forecast weather as we travel! Knowing “tomorrows” weather is critical to our travel and our safety!
  • Great weather app! 5/5

    By dspdjp
    I use this application everywhere I go and anytime I need an accurate forecast. It’s my “go-to” weather app!!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Sheila MaRee
    This used to be a good app. Now it’s a crappy advertising vehicle... so advertisers, beware. It’s inaccurate and can’t seem to locate Kansas City. I’ve deleted it.
  • Iphone App not as accurate as the droid App 1/5

    By stockz777
    Switched over to an Iphone X a few months ago. I always liked the NOAA Apps for my past Android phones over the years. They were also very accurate for my rural area (Dale Hollow Lake). Many weather Apps imply they are giving u the local forecast when in fact they are giving u one for an area many many miles away with a totally different weather forecast. This is apparently the same with this Iphone app. Better off just monitoring radar and making my own predictions. It is wrong with precipitation much more often than being close. Sometimes it is just laughable around here what the App says versus what the weather actually is at the time.
  • Piece of junk 1/5

    By Hookerslasher69
    Wonder how they get away with using the NOAA logo. Radar is useless, grainy and wants to show Oregon when I am in AZ no matter how I try to fix it. Bought the extra crap and still get a timed ad before I can use it. Give this a pass.
  • It’s not the app it’s the accuracy 1/5

    By Lovechell69
    I got this phone new a month and a half ago. Always had noaa on three previous phones and loved it. The alerts don’t go off unless you pay them. Sure you can pick up your phone and see tornado warning but no alert sound. I took my phone to Verizon and nothing is set up wrong. I’m a programmer but I went for a second opinion. Two of my past phones i gave one to my mother one to my spouse. Their alerts stopped going off recently when I put the same version I have on their phones. I swore by NOAA being accurate but since April I was outside when the wind started picking up. I looked at my app clear mild wind. It started darkening I started grabbing my things but couldn’t make it in my house in time before my metal arbor held down with five rebars and copper led lights went flying twenty steps from me and hit the tree next to me. 60 mph wind gust and a tornado watch was put on local weather
  • Moon phases 3/5

    By fzyhgy
    Moon phases as listed on this feature are 72 hours premature to what is listed in other internet available data. I updated to “paid” status from free because I thought that would correct the info. Guess not! Disappointing 🙁👎
  • Super!! 4/5

    By M'Skeeter
    I love this app. I can find the temp instantly, check the radar anytime, have my kids’ cities loaded so I can see their weather. I can check out the entire week’s forecast with daily spots and then the cool chart. I love it and depend on it and carry it in my pocket on my phone. Go NOAA!
  • Why? 1/5

    By Tickedoffipodtouchowner
    There is information and locations that make NO sense. Are they added to add confusion to the available information?
  • Pop up video ad 2/5

    By Strix
    Open the app an got a pop up video ad. I am ok with banner ads but video ads are too much. Deleted. Can’t tell you if the app itself is any good, once you get past the ads.
  • The best 4/5

    By Mista Stan DaLone
    I always use NOAA Weather as my go to app. It’s always 100%
  • Dont buy the app....still get popup adds 1/5

    By Krs3344223
    Title says all. I am so mad at this. I feel like i was swindled.
  • FAKE WEATHER - Wrong too often 1/5

    By Dave from Rome
    Granted, weather forecasting in not always exact. You would think this being from NOAA it would be reliable. It's 8:00 am and I'm looking at a few inches of wet snow and it is nowvforecast to change straight to snow, increase accumulation with winds to 30 mph. Yesterday's forecast mentioned chance of snow with less than 3/4" accum and no mention of wind! Fake Weather! I have a two hour drive in front of me.
  • It’s Great, But..: 4/5

    By Modern_Rock_Fan
    I’m giving the NOAA app four stars, because it has way too many ads. If it wasn’t for that, maybe I’d give it the five that it deserves. Take out the ads, and it’s perfect. I mean, whenever I look at the website online, it doesn’t show ads. So, until that’s fixed, it’s going to stay at four stars for me.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By SierraSlim
    Moon phase info incorrect. Can't depend on this app.
  • Really need this app 5/5

    By Bay Area Dena
    Not sure how anyone with a cell phone doesn't need this app. It's wonderful! Recommend using it!!!
  • NOAA Weather 5/5

    By Bradley (Bubby)
    Great application for weather in the United States.
  • Best weather app. 4/5

    By lettie spaghetti
    Great app, very fast response.
  • It's alright, but frequently inaccurate 3/5

    By aconibel
    This app is good but not great. I had one similar for Android that was awesome, but switched to iPhone and couldn't find one as good. This app needs to eliminate ads for paid users, make the weather patterns easier to distinguish, and be consistent with what's actually being reported on the NOAA site for each local area. Furthermore, my app has not updated information for 3 days when NOAA updates every 24 hours by 16:00 (4 pm). It's currently saying that my area's current conditions are thunder showers with a temp. of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, when it's actually sunny with a temp. closer to 55. I spend much of my days outdoors for work and recreation, so I need to have an accurate weather report! So far, this app is not worth the money!
  • Pretty good app 4/5

    By Brian Meyette
    While this app wasn't exactly what I wanted, it is pretty good. The ads are more innocuous and much less annoying than ads on some other weather apps, so I don't know why other reviewers were complaining about them. A reviewer complained can't delete preloaded cities. Of course you can: just swipe left like any app. I like that I can save more cities as favorites than other weather apps. I like all the details, options, and extras like maps and numerous radar views. I have only 2 complaints about it. Can't drag and drop to sort the favorite cities like on the weather app built into iphone iOS. And can't swipe from one favorite city to the next while viewing current or forecasted weather as on the weather app built into iphone iOS; you have to tap on favorites and then select each one individually. I like that it uses NOAA data rather than the more erroneous Yahoo weather provided by the stock weather app. I also very much like the fact that it works with iOS versions back to 6. Most of the other weather apps require 8+. I learned long ago that updating apps or especially iOS results in seriously degraded performance, so I stay on iOS 7 and don't allow apps upgrades either.
  • Has Potential 1/5

    By LH865345788
    Looks great but often times it does not provide current forecast or observations. No response from customer service when I've notified them of the issues. And the ads are very annoying!
  • Best weather app!! 5/5

    By Glasspilot
    This is one of the best weather apps I have used. Easy to navigate. Clear, easy to read forecast. Radar equally high quality.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jotakari
    This is the most reliable weather app available! Highly recommend.
  • Worked for a week 1/5

    By Laengine
    Really want to like this app; installed it; paid to remove ads and enable other features. Loved it so much I installed it on my wife's iPhone; even though we share paid apps, NOAA made us pay twice, it was so helpful for a week, this morning no longer works, rebooted iPhone, deleted reinstalled, not working, don't have time to play the fix it game. Btw; ads still appear even though we paid!
  • Broke app 1/5

    By Kimswet
    It's broken today app won't launch
  • Ad spam 1/5

    By IPAD-Luigi
    Poor product, the app installed google ads even after I bought and paid for the app. Can't turn off the ads so I'm uninstalling the app.
  • No Customization Allowed 1/5

    By piFrog
    You can a favorite to the existing junk but apparently can delete the pre-entered junk cities. One of the worst apps I have seen.
  • Junk 1/5

    By wally48
    Stoped updating 7 days ago now wont even load contact app support never heard from them
  • Inaccurate wind and low temp reporting 2/5

    By Fish Swim Boat
    Your wind direction indicator is pointing backwards. Weather vanes always point in the direction from which the wind is coming. So, an East wind would have the wind indicator pointing East, not West as yours does. This is elementary meteorology. Also, by listing today's low temperature as the overnight low for tomorrow morning puts today's morning low in yesterday's data. Today's low usually occurs this morning, not tomorrow. Both of these anomalies in your app have me wondering why you avoid these long-standing conventions.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Treemonkey666
    I work outside and use this app every day. The radar is the best !
  • Wildly inaccurate! Will you fix this? 1/5

    By riddim
    If I could give it negative one star I would. I downloaded the NOAA app hoping it would be more accurate at forecasting current and upcoming temperatures than other apps, like wunderground. It lists the current temperature in my town (Ojai CA 93023) as 71°. It's 93°! Not bad, too low by 22°! Yesterday, if forecast a high of 81°. It hit 104! Today it's forecasting a high of 79°, which as you can see above has already long since been exceeded. I wrote to NOAA for an explanation. No response yet. If they fix it, I will change my rating. But right now this app is totally useless.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Cecil128
    Very nicely organized and a ton of official data.

NOAA Weather app comments

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