Noizz-Music Cam & Video Editor

Noizz-Music Cam & Video Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: ye qianyuan
  • Compatibility: Android
1,379 Ratings
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Noizz-Music Cam & Video Editor App

Noizz is a supreme short video editing tool. Everyone could make the amazing lit videos beyond imagination. Check it! l Personalized Camera Tools l Various Graffiti Helping you to express better meaning of your emotion to videos l Text Effect Add personalized text and empower the text with lively special effect l Import Video Import multi videos to edit from local album Oops, forget to tell you our new awesome function. We are exciting to see so many amazing videos from noizz creators so we think all of you deserved to let more people see your hyper videos! Big Move! l More people will watch your videos from home page. l Better post way and auto save your videos to your phone album. l Like and comment will enlarge your Noizz world. One more time, Noizzstars will be closer to you, download it and start to make it happen! Should you encounter any technical problem during using Noizz app, please email us at [email protected] If you are interested in joining Noizz community or want to share your funny videos, please search “Noizzspace-Hyper Music Video Community” in Facebook. Let’s make some noizz!

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Noizz-Music Cam & Video Editor app reviews

  • Won’t work 2/5

    By TaquitoYT
    This app is not working, the clips won’t even load
  • This app helps me a lot 5/5

    By ro1_woody
    This is a really good app and it helped me edit my clips
  • Cool app but 3/5

    By 10gat
    Nice app but grid effect is not coming. I want that . Please reply
  • Itz_Naya’s Review 5/5

    By bfjfhehehd
    I have had this app 1million times(well not literally). This app is great to edit your videos on! You guys should most DEFINITELY, check it out!
  • Confuuuuused 2/5

    By officialsky
    Okay so I used to use this app to do video edits. And it worked perfectly. Now the app isn’t even playing the video!! And it won’t even let me add edits. I’m highly disappointed.
  • Please remove the watermark 5/5

    By TheLonerJay
    Great app takes your videos from regular to something great just hate that he has the watermark Im willing to pay for a pro version with no watermark
  • Not appropriate 1/5

    By gdajbdhabxvs
    To many black girls twerking
  • Watermark 3/5

    By snsndbxgda
    This app would be 10x better without the watermark on it. Maybe make it where we have to pay for it and get a month with no watermark and maybe premium effects to our videos to spice up the mood. I make real and serious edits and it’s annoying seeing the “noizz” watermark pop up, it just kills the vibe.
  • Super Slow 1/5

    By JasminGarcia
    Is anyone gonna talk about how slow this app is, my WiFi is totally fine but whenever I try to download something on this app it takes so much long than regular apps, DELETE
  • Glitching. 😭 3/5

    By lorickforever
    I was using the app and it was working fine and my friend asked if I could make her one so I tried and I would hold down the transition and effects and they wouldn’t work idk what to do 👎🏽😭😭
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By idek😂🤫
    When you are trying to get fit a video and you add clips together, it literally edits almost all of it out. So so I put about five clips together and it was only 45 seconds long and it only put in the first clip and showed a flash of the last clip. It does this with all of my videos that why I deleted it. Also it’s literally the same thing as Funimate but funimate is better and it’s the same thing as tic tok but tic tok is wayyyyyy better. I mean it does have some good quality’s but there are more cons then pros 👎👎👎
  • Not that happy 1/5

    By Deo Jackson
    All though it is a very good video editor, there are way too many bugs, it crashes a lot, it won’t process and it will cut off my video.
  • Watermarks 4/5

    By Arvin_B.
    This app is good for editing montages, but is there anyway to completely remove the watermark
  • It’s good but... 4/5

    Overrall the app is really good I’m not that much of a fan of the new update but it is still one of my favorite apps to use while editing the only downside is the watermark and one question can you guys make a feature that i can upgrade to a pro version to remove the watermark? But I live the effects I love to edit my videos on it still i would give it a solid 4.5 Great Job!
  • Wow ! Thank you 5/5

    By Vj889
    Seriously , thank you for just giving us this amazing product ! Hands down the best app on here ! All other developers could learn something from you guys ! Thank you
  • You gotta fix this 2/5

    By HeyitzXD
    When I try to make a montage for Instagram the clips that I put in it don’t not show the whole clip so can you fix that
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By Zeely20
    This app is great and I love to use it. The only thing is that the quality of the video that I use Noizz to edit it comes ou not as good. Is there a way you can improve the quality of the video?
  • Does not work 1/5

    By 🐬🦕🐨🦄
    It does not even work it keeps saying no network
  • It doesn’t work on iPhone 1/5

    By oceaneyes0909
    I’ve tried using this app and it only lets me add videos and no photos I don’t understand what’s wrong, my friends say it works for them on android but it doesn’t work on iPhone. Please help...
  • Noizz 1/5

    By Giselle Lquida
    When I get on the app it goes right off. So I can’t use it.
  • Video quality 3/5

    By Froylangas
    I love the simpleness of this app and the effects are really cool, but my videos always lose quality after I save them to my phone? I’m not sure what is causing this.
  • Best app 5/5

    By LeapyDoodle
  • Great App but.... 3/5

    By Couch potato07
    I used to use Noizz a lot just to edit videos but now i don’t use it as much because every time It says “processing” and goes to the next screen, the majority of my videos have disappeared. But other than that I love this app and I hope you continue to do what your doing👌🏾
  • Plz fix 4/5

    By please help me fix it
    I love the app and it’s cool features but the upload quality is no good
  • Good app 4/5

    By madden is trash 2019
    Good app but can you plz make the video quality better and at least 1080p please. Thank you!
  • Not sure 5/5

    By nsnsgsbayd
    I was trying to make a video but it was not letting me for I made a 23 sec video and it was very fast can someone help?
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By ErinnElysse
    Love this app! Would even pay to have the watermark removed!!
  • It’s a good app but the editing stopped working 2/5

    By sry bout that
    So last night the editing part of the app stopped working, it wouldn’t load my clips and wouldn’t let me use the effects
  • not that fun 1/5

    By bannana:(
    It’s a nice app to make edits on but the app itself is not fun there’s not a lot of sound options there there is for tiktok this app it’s basically like a knock off version of tiktok
  • Nothing is working 1/5

    By kenehe
    When ever I try to put an effect it doesn’t work and the video won’t show
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By gamerbuttwrcuo
    The app deletes the photos I choose because I like to make edits and this app looked like it worked but it doesn’t allow me to choose transitions. It deleted the pictures I choose and won’t allow me to don anything I can’t post. Is it a bug? If not please fix!
  • this is copying tik tok 1/5

    By jsjjshdhdhd
    why are you copying first you have the same thong as tgem that’s copyrighted if tiktok finds this ur in huge trouble
  • Love this app but lacks in certain places 4/5

    By Cashout_Matt
    I have used your app in various videos but not too long ago I was trying to add background music to a 30 second video and your app didn’t let me trim it all the way . I was kind of annoyed and I hope that you address this problem because there is nothing I can find that matches what I need in this app so please update so the music is for longer periods of time. Love the app and I hope you see this.
  • Great effects but low quality 4/5

    By Decimate Dubstep
    Hey guys. I absolutely love this app but the thing is it really downgrades the quality of whatever video you’re trying to edit. If there was a way to retaking the resolution and quality I would use this app for everything. Please fix that issue!
  • Theres a bug that needs to be fixed 2/5

    By Storming PRO
    I start to add music or effects and the screen either cuts black or glitch and makes the video like a split second long video
  • Good app but... 4/5

    By /wow this is scary
    It says check in 3 consecutive days to remove the watermark, I did that, and there is still a watermark?... Fix this please.
  • This is a copy of tik tok 1/5

    By countrypop2
    I am EXTREMELY upset because im 12 and I got this app there is a lot of curses and porn on this app I have reported multiple times but they did nothing about it. The water mark is ugly and the people are so rude they lowered my self esteem so low! I am still upset.😭
  • I literally use this app for all my dancing videos 5/5

    By Comedian jake
    This app is raw 🔥🔥🔥 there just needs to be more effects. For example I do a dance called “Hit them folks” and sometimes we don’t always have a camera man to shake the camera every time I hit the beat so can you add like a shake effect?? And please fix the resolution problem it’s making the quality of my videos drop dramatically
  • Some useful effects, no messenger. 3/5

    By StumpedOnEffects
    Some of the video editing special effects are useful. No in app messenger. I hate having to chat with friends I make on a separate app, like Snapchat. Usernames are usually different on different apps, so unless it’s someone I interact with often, I can’t remember who’s who. I’m getting a much lower followback % than on competing apps. Probably because most accounts are inactive.
  • Great app 5/5

    By nickkashnick
    It’s a great app good for YouTube videos or instagram or whatever it a awesome app if you want to edit your videos I highly recommended it 👍
  • Help 3/5

    By XFnic
    Every time I go to make an effect it won’t let me see my video so that I can apply the effect.
  • What happened....? 1/5

    By Hey Its Me D.D
    Honestly I had this app for quite a while now, I use to edit videos and mess around with the effects, heck I even made my YouTube intro video with this app. And I loved it, But now, it turned to some Tik Tok stupid bs that I don’t like. So now it’s time to remove this app from my phone.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By tibtykn
    Whoever created this I wanna give them a applause no exaggeration it’s a amazing 👍🏾
  • Won’t work or is it just me 3/5

    By MehnNs
    When ever I try to edit it shows a gray screen
  • Bad 1/5

    By ticksotiny
    This app is bad because when I am editing it says at most 40 times and then I can’t do anything else even tho i have more editing to do
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Depresso Espresso
    Noizz is an amazing app! I always wanted to make edits about my friends and family and I tried moviestar or iMovie and everything nothing worked until I discovered Noizz! Noizz Hack: The limit of photos used is 10, so if you want to use more than 10 save the movie of the 10 photos then attach the video with more photos! And repeat until you have enough photos!
  • Audio 1/5

    By Dolllaz baby 😘.
    The audio does not Work at alll 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • It’s a great app but few problems👏🏼 5/5

    By devast4t1on
    This app is amazing I use this app for ambassador and allot of others I really recommend it. But the Noizz company can you fix the trimming bug every time I’m trimming a videos it just a black screen so pls fix this soon as possible
  • Did work... 3/5

    By ShayJay06
    So I used this app to edit vids for another app, and it was very good but, it kinda just stoped working right...?

Noizz-Music Cam & Video Editor app comments

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