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  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 4.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Noodles & Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Noodles-World Kitchen App

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Noodles-World Kitchen app reviews

  • Nothing works 1/5

    By Me2..........
    App won’t work at all keeps getting stuck on home screen
  • App doesn’t start 1/5

    By bigetan
    Complete garbage. App doesn’t even load past the start screen on iPhone 7
  • Not clear 2/5

    By tweetia33
    Not sure how many points I have or how many I need. App not clear and easy to use
  • Please make it better as I want to eat your food 1/5

    By Mooneeio
    This app is painful to use. A few quick updates and you’ll be in a little better shape. *accept Apple Pay. Btw the credit card scan doesn’t work at all for me *tell the user upfront if the store cannot accept the order because too busy. Not after I get to the absolute final step *on multiple occasions at different locations it will not accept order because location is too busy. Never heard of a place rejecting orders because they are busy. Probably want to look into *you can only enter 10 characters on order special instructions. Why? Do you guys run on a mainframe? Probably more but these are the main issues that have caused me to not eat at noodles. Probably lost 5 or 6 of my orders in last year. Extrapolate that out to the greater user base as I’m sure I’m not the only one with these issues.
  • App doesn’t work for me 1/5

    By sobugged
    I need customer service to help me...I can’t find help...the store referred me to the website and there’s no one to call. I can’t get this app to’s just a yellow screen that doesn’t function
  • Uses advertising trackers 1/5

    By syn_ack
    The app uses advertising trackers to share your information with third parties. If you block those trackers, the app doesn’t work.
  • Awful App 1/5

    By WI63reviewer
    Worst App ever!! Great food, no way to redeem rewards 👎
  • Yasssss, Noodles. 5/5

    By lindzbee5
    This app consistently gives you new freebies or offers. I’ve gotten way more out of this than I have any other food app I have. Also, noodles ❤️
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Yyytttrrrrkkk
    If I eat there for lunch and dinner it will not allow me to scan in both receipts. So essentially I do not get credit for all my meals. And it does not allow me to use a $2 off reward and a free crispy reward on two different orders...again only allowing one per day. Feel like you get cheated out of stuff sometimes because they are trying to be cheap with their rewards.
  • Rewards not clear 2/5

    By metsaiga09
    Redeeming rewards should be more clear as “once per visit” is actually once per day. We stopped in and I used my birthday crispy at the shop in our mall. Came back several hours later to use a different coupon for dinner and couldn’t. The lady working the cashier said we could only use one per day.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    I got up to the register to order, launched the app and it required an update. I started the app update and I’m holding up the line now. I asked the cashier if the app supports scanning the receipt afterwards (all restaurant apps are created differently) and he gives me a puzzled look and starts looking around for someone to ask. Finally the update finishes and I launch the app. It just sits there at the splash screen, doing nothing. At this point, I’m ready to just free up the register so I swipe my card and the transaction goes through. He kept my receipt and then I didn’t get it back with my delivered food, so I guess those are some points I’ll never get. I got the app working finally, but only after deleting and reinstalling. Poor experience all around.
  • DONT update 1/5

    By vian_ky
    Would not load after updating the app👎🏻
  • Completely broken. 1/5

    By Trollingemu
    Won't go past loading screen, I'm on iPhone XR.
  • Stuck 1/5

    By L5664333
    It just sits at the noodle rewards screen and never moves. Used to work fine
  • Not great rewards 2/5

    By Maisie55
    I’ve always loved going to Noodles, and was excited they had a rewards app - but it pretty much does nothing. Like others have said, your “deals” don’t even rely on how much you buy. They are random and very rare. I cant remember the last time they offered me a decent deal. For about a month, every week they’d offer me (just on Fridays) 2 dollars of the Penne Rosa only if I got it with shrimp (3 dollars.) completely ridiculous. Sometimes they offer a meager free fountain drink but that has happened once. I really hope they can fix this issue and actually reward their customers who visit them often, or people will not be as motivated to buy anymore.
  • Pay at store option 3/5

    By Kid1232
    PLEASE add a pay at restaurant option! I hate putting my card on everything 😒
  • Horrible app 2/5

    Titles are all on top of each other. Hard to use. The food is not cheap; they should be able to offer a better app.
  • App won’t even open 1/5

    By Sharon D.
    App won’t open
  • The last update didn’t work 2/5

    By emejota98
    The app was pretty good but now the update from two days ago seems to have killed it. My app won’t advance past the opening screen :(
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Shiekee
    Will not let me order the items I want. I have no use for the app.
  • Not very welcoming 2/5

    By Big Fish/Word Ace
    As a new user, I see no record of the receipt I just scanned, nor the promised welcome bonus. No security step by sending email or text for confirmation of my identity. Rewards are not defined that I can see. The only description I could find is entirely vague. Please add security steps and define the rewards program.
  • Online ordering doesn't work 1/5

    By lkvahgoihang
    A new low...
  • Why even bother 1/5

    By Hiiiiieeeeeeee
    I’ve scanned receipts etc and gotten very little for any online orders or the like. Thanks for the coupon on a catering order 🙄 now I read that rewards are “random” and not based off of # or $ of purchases. Again, why even bother.
  • Never able to add my rewards while ordering through the app. 3/5

    By I don't pay for free apps.
    It gives me an error that’s say the award is not eligible for my order. I could use it in person but that defeats the purpose of ordering ahead. Not very happy.
  • K 1/5

    By Sjfkakxksxn Mimi
    Stupid app. Tried logging in to my account and forgot the password. Asked to have an email set to reset. I ended up requesting 5 emails. Didn’t get a single one. Then tried to register with Facebook and it told me my phone was already registered and ended up not being able get in.
  • No feedback allowed 3/5

    By Onijitsu
    First order made and they missed something. Being able to say something about that in the app after pickup seems a no-brainer? Did Noodles & Co. skip that because they don't want to deal with customer issues?
  • Guest Checkout and Apple Pay please 3/5

    By whiskeypirate356$
    Also, I had to get the app because the website didn’t actually work on my phone. So, another thing to consider.
  • Worst app I’ve ever used for a restaurant 1/5

    By LouiseMinnie
    The app is highly faulted and not user friendly. I bought gifts cards but won’t be returning after they are used.
  • Not great-others do it better 2/5

    By _1234567_
    Requires you to create a profile, but you only find this out after you’ve already created an order. Doesn’t accept Apple Pay. You can save a favorite location to your profile, but it doesn’t default to that location when ordering. Only 16 characters for ‘special instructions’ is laughably small. Take a hint from Panera’s app which doesn’t require creating an account, takes Apple Pay, and gives you a decent amount of space for instructions.
  • Great food, lousy app 2/5

    By 222IndyGirl
    Poorly designed ordering algorithm. I find it very hard to find the dish I want to order, as the categories are arbitrary (which is fine when you’re in a restaurant and can see all the items under each category at a glance but is bad design when the user has to click each category to see what you all decided to put there — why not allow users to enter the name of the dish in a search box)? The method of building out customizations for a dish is also terrible design: for some customizations you get taken to another screen where you make a selection and then click a button to return, but for other customizations you’re supposed to just click multiple items on the main screen and then click the button at the bottom when you’re completely done. I’ve gotten so frustrated when I’ve clicked the button on the main screen prematurely (thinking it’s like the other screen where you click the button after one customization), and then can’t edit the dish in the cart but instead have to start over, that I’ve on more than one occasion just skipped Noodles altogether and ordered from a different restaurant that doesn’t force me through such bad design.
  • iPad fail 1/5

    By TJSynkral
    Crashes immediately at startup on iPad.
  • Default option 2/5

    By Skitch23
    The default option on the main dishes should be NO MEAT. I shouldn’t have to uncheck a box if all I want is Noodles.
  • Broken app 1/5

    By sclynthesizers
    Incorrect delivery times (1,221 hour eta). Can’t enter address correctly or accurately. All around broken app.
  • Not enough rewards 1/5

    By Animallove95
    Bad design and no rewards
  • Notification but nothing there. 3/5

    By Theshopteacher
    This app shows a notification every once in a while when it hasn’t been opened. One would think there is a coupon or message, but there is nothing. It just tricks you into being used. Maybe just to get you thinking about their restaurant. Otherwise ordering with the app is easy and sometimes there are coupons, but not too often unless you visit often.
  • Broken 1/5

    By p0pinjay
    Running on an iPhone 6s iOS 12.2 and the app refuses to open. Waste of time even trying to order from Noodles to use rewards anymore.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By vogelblick
    No way to enable location
  • Don’t download! 1/5

    By Youguysaretheworst412
    Wow I have never left an app review before but I felt obligated after the time I wasted trying to get this app to work. When you try to add a card or any payment info, there is no button to enter your info. You literally cannot checkout on the app in any way, shape, or form. Completely pointless.
  • Phone number required 1/5

    By J.W. Clark
    App says enter a 10 digit phone number for delivery address. I tried 3 times and it won’t take. Can’t edit address either - only create new address and delete old address works. Phone number won’t take however.
  • Needs a complete redesign and Apple Pay 1/5

    By cfanaic
    Companies need to understand that forcing a unique design for the sake of uniqueness always comes at the expense of user experience. This app violates so many guidelines of good UI, just to look “different”. Go back and redesign it from scratch to make it look and feel like a true, native iOS app. Also, the lack of Apple Pay integration in an iOS app in 2019 is inexcusable and shows a complete lack of disregard for the security and privacy of your customers’ financial information.
  • Delays app ordering when busy 3/5

    By T1453
    One of the really annoying features of this app is the way it blocks you from placing an immediate order or order for a soon time when the store is busy. There's no reason customers using the app should be deprioritized like that. Just take the order and put it in queue with everyone else. When I'm five minutes from the store, I shouldn't have to wait 45 minutes for my order time just because I'm ordering through the app.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Zeuslax
    Good app. Does the job.
  • Uuuuuu 5/5

    By noodletit
    Uuuuuuuuuuu Uuuuuuuuuuu nooooooooddddlleleeee
  • says location is closed when it is not 1/5

    By Steelers fan 5467
    When clicking last step error message saying store has closed when it in fact is not even close to closing. Not able to place order online. Even with updated version.
  • Reward? 1/5

    By Jjjjjjuuuuuulllllliiiiaaaaaa
    I’m really disappointed in this app. Every time I go to scan the barcode at the bottom of my receipt I never get a reward. I hope this is something they can fix :\
  • Poor app design! 2/5

    By Pohotu7
    As a customer, there’s one thing I want to do order food. The app should be focused on that rather than opening up to the rewards page. The UI is terribly ugly and a blatant eye sore. Whoever decided an unleveled “quick access bar” or “menu” must’ve been hit by a bus. It genuinely hurts to look at. It’s not edgy, not hip, not modern, it’s disgusting and I don’t see myself ordering via mobile anymore purely because of that. Very very confused as well as to why, after placing and picking up one order I had 5 notifications come my way that same day. It’s too busy. I want to order food. Maybe look at a coupon and come back if it’s a good one. Keep it simple! There’s too much going on. I beg you to update your user interface. It’s ugly and you’re losing business because of it
  • Rewards Are Useless 2/5

    By TripodKat
    They give you $2 off dishes you have no interest in eating. Useless reward system that doesn’t pay off in any meaningful way.
  • DELETE! 1/5

    By Minks12
    This app is pointless. One time I tried to place an order through the app and it gave me an error message twice, order was not placed, by my card was charged twice!!! Then another time, I couldn’t even get that far!
  • Convenient 1/5

    By kesicup
    Conveniently the app never works when noodles is running a promotion that requires the order be placed online... this has been an ongoing issues in the store an their staff apologizes but won’t offer you the promotion horrible customer service I’d rather spend my money elsewhere

Noodles-World Kitchen app comments

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