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Get the FREE NOOK Reading App for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to start enjoying Barnes & Noble’s award-winning eBook discovery and digital reading experience. Access our vast online library of over 4 million eBooks, graphic novels, comics, and magazines; plus, enjoy recommendations just for you curated by our expert booksellers. Customize your experience with multiple font and page styles and powerful organization and social sharing tools. Put down your reading and pick up where you left off—even as you jump from one screen to another. Barnes & Noble at Your Fingertips • Browse Bookstore for the latest new releases, bestsellers, and expert recommendations just for you! The more you use NOOK, the better our suggestions. • Purchases completed on Barnes & Noble’s website will automatically appear on your device. • Over 75,000 FREE titles! Try a new author or start a new series risk-free. Download free eBooks directly from Bookstore. • Download free book samples and add favorites to your Wishlist. Rich, Customizable Reading • Adjustable font styles, line spacing, margins, page animations, and screen brightness for more comfortable reading. Use our Day, Night, and Evening themes or create your own background and text color combinations. • Add notes, bookmarks and highlights as you read. • Organize your Library with custom stacks of eBooks, magazines and your own files. • Search inside the book and look up words with the downloadable in-app dictionary. • Accessible to blind and low vision users leveraging Apple assistive technology, including screen magnification and VoiceOver. Create Your Own Quote Cards • Found an inspiring or beautiful sentence in your book? Highlight and tap on ‘Share’ to launch the quote editor and create a custom Quote Card. • Choose your favorite background and share with friends on social networks, email, and text message. Discovery Delivered Daily • Visit B&N Readouts for daily streams of free book excerpts, magazine articles, and all kinds of bookish news—including reviews from our community. Share on social, email, and other apps.  • Join the thousands of NOOK readers on Serial Reads, Barnes & Noble’s latest free reading program. Enjoy a book every month, delivered FREE in daily chapters directly to your device. Titles are hand-picked by B&N editors across genres. • Enjoy our Free Fridays eBook selection every week.

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NOOK app reviews

  • Latest Update 1/5

    By SamIAm151
    I can’t open any of my books or magazines since the latest update. Everything worked great before this. Disgusting!
  • My books aren’t loading, so... 1/5

    By bradnf
    No, I’m not loving it
  • Can no longer view archived multiple books by same author 1/5

    By kjm1997
    Tap the stack of books and it starts to open, and immediately closes again. Why do most updates break necessary functions? 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 9/17/19 I don’t know when I wrote the above review, but this problem STILL exists. That is why I now buy ALL my ebooks from Amazon, but I have many many Nook books that I cannot access! Not acceptable. 😡 9/17/19 Finally figured out that I can “unstack” the books in order to find them! Yes, this works but when you have hundreds of books it is very difficult to scroll through them. Still not happy with this app.
  • Book enthusiast 5/5

    By PaigeSturrup
    Great selection of free books, magazines and articles. I am always able to find the most up to date version of whichever book I’m looking for. A confident paper free option to reading on the go.
  • Very good but missing a little 4/5

    By BobbaLynn
    I love that they put books together from a series, but when they miss one there is no way to add a book to the series or change the order of the books when it is put in wrong. Fix that and this would be a 5star review.
  • Latest update to "fix bugs" has fallen short. 1/5

    By J&E13
    I had no issue with the Nook app before the most recent update in 09/2019. Now the app takes quite awhile to open, to load the books in my library (there aren't very many as I archive most after they've been read a few times), and it's an even longer wait to access the ebook I'm currently reading. This update has created problems which need to be addressed, please, as I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing these newest "bugs". Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • Font changes ignored 3/5

    By famiclone
    The option to change the font would be nicer if it worked on the body text and not just the chapter titles.
  • Buggy (without a horse) 1/5

    By Derek+Dominos
    The store and most other non-reading functions are completely unusable. I just get the “try it again” message, which does nothing. Needs major work.
  • Loses my place too easily and frequently 1/5

    By Kishjtk
    See title
  • Awful 1/5

    By spottedpig
    Awful. Shuts down. Doesn’t allow access to holders account can’t purchase books gets stuck on pages, page then won’t turn. Have to shut app down. Turn off iPad and then restart and app might work then.
  • Angela 5/5

    By rob crosby fan
    I love this app. I can easily find all the books I love. Thank you
  • Can’t get books to open with app 1/5

    By Brenda 942
    It’s not bad enough that I can’t get my Nook Color to work, and now I can’t even open a book in the Nook App. Thank Hod for Kindle. Regretting wasting my money on Nook years ago.
  • Completely annoying 1/5

    By Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh
    Why can’t you buy a book through the app?
  • Nook Books 5/5

    By Go Million
    This mode of reading is delightful for me. Fast and thorough.
  • I’m having problems 1/5

    By 123857483
    There is something wrong. First, for some reason there is one book that I can not open. Every time I try it closes the app. When I tried to send feedback and report the issue, I couldn’t send it. The send button wouldn’t work! I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried signing out and signing back in, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it just won’t work. And it’s only the one book and only on the app. I’m frustrated.
  • Review 5/5

    By Deeps56
  • Crashes. Please fix! 1/5

    By Looey234
    Super disappointed that I can’t even open the app. My nook is so hard to carry around with me, so I’ve always really like the app but I haven’t been able to use it for a few months now. Every time I open it it crashes before it finishes loading. Please fix!
  • Does not work. 5/5

    By Uuuyyytttrrmmiii
    When I tap a book to read it opens up I see the book cover then it closes and it goes to the page where all my apps apps are.
  • Apps works great for my need except it crashes 4/5

    By King tarzan!
    I was looking for an app that work great for my needs, which i found in NOOk, but i notice while using the app its crashes every 5- 10 min. I hope the developers can fix this issue soon.
  • Why so clunky? 3/5

    By Dshan851492
    I would engage with this app if it was a bit more seamless. Why is it three steps from purchase to reading? Let me shop for books within the app. Prompt me to buy it after I finish a sample and then make reading continuous.
  • Missing some functionality 3/5

    By 817Balu
    I have been using this app for years but it is missing some basic functionality. I should be able to choose a book and do a download. This is supposed to happen automatically but if it doesn’t there is no way to cause the download to start manually. Also while I can browse the Barnes & Noble website from the app I cannot purchase a new book through it. These should be basic parts off the app that have been overlooked. Also needs a support number added to the help file area.
  • Bookstore 4/5

    By alimusa77
    Unable to buy books from app is cumbersome
  • Love it 5/5

    Love it!
  • Love my Nook!! 5/5

    By Cozycc
    I travel often, and being able to carry all of my books with me is so convenient!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Happy monkey from outer space
    I love this app. Although I just downloaded the app. I'm a thirteen year old book nerd. I can't wait to start reading before school tomorrow. It has a lot of free books anyone of any age could read.!
  • Love My Nook Books! 5/5

    By Macmelody
    The last update on the Nook App will not download books. The “Check Internet Connection”. Every app works. Internet works. Text is texting. Nook is not connecting. I had five stars because I could always rely on this app working and I loved it. The app isn’t working correctly as of August 2019. Beware of updating. I’ve also turned off my iPad several times to fix problem. Problem is not fixed.
  • The a 4/5

    By snxhxhakmwjd
  • All of her books 5/5

    By ahryjjj
    JD Robb
  • Bug needs fixed! 1/5

    By MeredithRen
    I can’t I archive all items anymore - super frustrating! Just goes right back to the screen where I choose it but it won’t load!!
  • Purchase Book 1/5

    By Rrtes
    Added item to wishlist, but cannot find way on B&N site to order!
  • Unreadable! 1/5

    By Zydronus
    I have no clue how this app has positive reviews. I am attempting to read a textbook for graduate school and it’s proving quite difficult. Every time I turn the page the next page is scrambled. The book has finished downloading. If I change the orientation on my phone the page will fix itself. So I have to change orientation every time I turn the page. I had no clue creating an app that displays text could be so hard. I look forward to a semester with this garbage.
  • Nook Review 5/5

    By Naenaluv
    I love Nook! I can store and read at my on speed. I can go back too read again.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Jonibugs
    I love my NOOK! A great way to read anything. I love the free NOOK books. You can search any book easily, and authors. I also love that I can share books with other NOOK owners. LOVE
  • Latest update is a space hog 2/5

    By Ken in Arlington
    The latest version tries to download everything in your library until space runs out. Awful! I have to delete the app and all content each time Apple needs to update the OS. Hey B&N - let US decide which books to download and whichbto keep in the cloud!
  • What’s Not To Like! 5/5

    By Noshoppingforme
    I love my Nook! I also have my Nook on my iPad Mini. I always ha e one or the other with me.
  • Best E-reading App out there 5/5

    By jojov2005
    I have downloaded this app and I love the layout and the way I read my books. The color is rich and the letter size is just right for my eyes (it is adjustable) I had nothing but a great experience with the Barnes & Nobles employees and I can’t tell you enough to choose this platform. Love you guys! ❤️
  • Nook 4/5

    By moparmomma9
    I love the way the series of books are all grouped together! I would like to see the next book in the series come up and link to the store to purchase it right from the app. That is my favorite part about iBooks the next book is right there all I have to do is click and buy. With this I have to go to site and search for it before I can buy it. Please, please, please fix this.
  • give back the page numbers 2/5

    By awaketoolate
    I’ve had the nook app for a few years now, and for most of that time I’ve felt that it wasn’t quite as good as the nook device because the device felt more like reading a real book than the app did. In the past few months, it felt like the app was closing that gap, especially by making page numbers visible all the time. I’m no longer abruptly jerked out of a story because I wasn’t aware that I was at the end of a book. Today they took the page numbers away and replaced them with the percentage of the book that I’ve read, and I just ..... I hate it. I know it’s not logical, an ebook doesn’t have physical pages, and with the various settings for page layout and fonts, representing reading progress as a percentage is more accurate than page numbers, but I just want to feel like I’m reading a book. I don’t know if anyone will read this through, but please, at the very least, create a setting to see progress as page numbers instead of percent completed.
  • Archive 2/5

    By sam0127
    I have tried just about every setting and followed every suggestion but I can open archived books. Please fix!
  • Nook 5/5

    By guggjf
    I got a iPad and I have the nook app on here. I have signed in but the sign in thing is staying on the there so I can’t look at nothing.
  • Can’t open books 1/5

    By Cajungrits
    After the last update, I noticed when opening some books, it instantly closes the app. I downloaded a whole series by an author, and can only read them on my old nook color. Until recently I was able to read them on my iPhone but now that is not an option either. Opening the book closes he app. I reported this to nook support, followed their instructions more than once to no avail. I even deleted the book and purchased them again but same problem still occurred. Go back to the previous version please! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
  • Books 5/5

    By @Ms.Lily
    It’s the best!!!🦋
  • Absolute HATE for this update 1/5

    By pookerella
    I used to love this app, so easy to use, separated my magazines from my books. I don’t know why they needed to update it, an awkward, rather ugly layout, difficult to use, unintuitive. I guess someone got a job and felt he had to prove himself? Major, major fail. I may just return this iPad to factory settings so I never have to use this hideous monstrosity again. Bye.
  • So clumsy! 2/5

    By SugarWillow
    This app is cumbersome! I hate not being able to purchase books within the app. I hate the way the touch controls are set up. It’s a nuisance to get to the “details” (publication information, overview, reviews and price). It’s hard to find books in a series listed in order. It’s a lengthy process to delete samples of books if you decide not to purchase. And the shop doesn’t have filters that correspond to the divisions of genres that you actually use in a bookstore. Having said all that, I actually use my Nook all the time. The format of the pages on the screen is better than the Kindle. And it’s the experience of reading that determines which I use. So, B&N, please fit the app! I have lots I want to read!!!
  • Books 5/5

    By Bated aggravate
    I was wrong I got books 1 & 3 mixed up and was thinking things that happened in the 3rd book happened in the 1st and am terribly sorry about that. On the plus side I discovered I can use it offline and am really happy about it because I’ll be doing so traveling long distance soon and am excited because I love my books and I get super bored in the car/plane very easy
  • Nook App 5/5

    By Not lovin' the update
    Love the app! Would be awesome if you could make purchases from it!
  • PDF Files Not Supported 2/5

    By Tseg
    Since the recent update with the Nook app, I am unable to read my pdf files. Will there be a solution to solve this problem soon.
  • Nook 4/5

    By Samarias
    It would be awesome if you could shop for books within the app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jay Robarge
    Love it!

NOOK app comments

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