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  • Compatibility: Android
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Get the FREE NOOK Reading App for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to start enjoying Barnes & Noble’s award-winning eBook discovery and digital reading experience. Access our vast online library of over 4 million eBooks, graphic novels, comics, and magazines; plus, enjoy recommendations just for you curated by our expert booksellers. Customize your experience with multiple font and page styles and powerful organization and social sharing tools. Put down your reading and pick up where you left off—even as you jump from one screen to another. Barnes & Noble at Your Fingertips • Browse Bookstore for the latest new releases, bestsellers, and expert recommendations just for you! The more you use NOOK, the better our suggestions. • Purchases completed on Barnes & Noble’s website will automatically appear on your device. • Over 75,000 FREE titles! Try a new author or start a new series risk-free. Download free eBooks directly from Bookstore. • Download free book samples and add favorites to your Wishlist. • Try any newspaper or magazine free for 14 days.* Rich, Customizable Reading • Adjustable font styles, line spacing, margins, page animations, and screen brightness for more comfortable reading. Use our Day, Night, and Evening themes or create your own background and text color combinations. • Add notes, bookmarks and highlights as you read. • Organize your Library with custom stacks of eBooks, magazines and your own files. • Search inside the book and look up words with the downloadable in-app dictionary. • Accessible to blind and low vision users leveraging Apple assistive technology, including screen magnification and VoiceOver. Create Your Own Quote Cards • Found an inspiring or beautiful sentence in your book? Highlight and tap on ‘Share’ to launch the quote editor and create a custom Quote Card. • Choose your favorite background and share with friends on social networks, email, and text message. Discovery Delivered Daily • Visit B&N Readouts for daily streams of free book excerpts, magazine articles, and all kinds of bookish news—including reviews from our community. Share on social, email, and other apps.  • Join the thousands of NOOK readers on Serial Reads, Barnes & Noble’s latest free reading program. Enjoy a book every month, delivered FREE in daily chapters directly to your device. Titles are hand-picked by B&N editors across genres. • Enjoy our Free Fridays eBook selection every week. * NOOK account and credit card registration required.

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NOOK app reviews

  • Set default font and size 4/5

    By cth976
    I love the Nook app, but I wish that I could set my preferred font and size defaults universally rather than having to change the setting for each book.
  • Can’t use it 1/5

    By RieDefine
    I don’t know what’s going on, but I open the app, it says “loading,” and kicks me out after about 10 seconds.
  • Can be a little glitchy 4/5

    By Ather87
    The app has a tendency to crash on me if it opens withs the display on shelves. Otherwise I love the newest update, especially with the ability to hide items that are already on a shelf.
  • Very unhappy with latest update! 1/5

    By kmhandville
    This is the 3rd rating I have tried to submit! Since updating the app last night, I cannot open the app at all!
  • No in-app purchases 4/5

    By bern.adette
    I really love this app and use it daily, but why do I have to go to the website to buy a book? It would be so much easier to purchase books in the app. Please add this feature.
  • Missing “Continuous Scroll” Function 2/5

    By Canitude
    I would give this 5/5 if only continuous/infinite scroll were an option! It feels archaic to have to tap to page forward every minute or so...catch up to mobile standards.
  • Won’t transfer 1/5

    By bill gary
    I got a new iPad and my books didn’t come over
  • Book format is garbled 3/5

    By treet007
    It appears whatever was the latest update on this app has caused the format in the books look garbled. Text would be blocked by figures and pictures, letters are missing in the right, etc. This occurs consistently with multiple books, so it appears to be the Nook app itself. I have tried to adjust the font size, and it does not fix the problem.
  • Nook iPad app 5/5

    By Passat Lady
    The latest update fixed many areas I had addressed and I am thrilled and thank you so much for your efforts In making this item a pleasure to utilize. One request was the archive books actually archived - so much better the instant I downloaded the update! Thank you so much for your attention to detail. Passat Lady
  • Hate the Shelves 2/5

    By MG8484
    Hate the Shelves Only way to view my library. It is stupid and very cumbersome. Shelves should be optional, I want to see all my books WITHOUT making shelves, especially if I buy a book
  • Great 5/5

    By JDourg
    Nook is a terrific e reader.
  • This App is Toxic 1/5

    By PWNtai
    Bummed I can’t give this 0 stars. This application is full of bugs and glitches detrimental to any important files that it may decide to open in the app. I had some very important, non-replaceable documents that-for whatever-reason this app decided to take ownership of. I couldnt reverse it and my phone would not open the files without the Nook app. Then when I open the file (forced to use the app view it) it suddenly disappears completely from my phone. Now may have to purchase access to those documents ONCE AGAIN. Thanks Nook! Fix your app!
  • Ability to buy from app 5/5

    By all already taken
    This app is great, haven’t used my nook in a while. Only wish I had the ability to purchase my ebooks from this app then I would be set for life. No complaints otherwise!
  • Getting there 3/5

    By snoopgirl
    Updated app is better but I can’t see all my books. Books by the same author are stacked. I really hate this view. You have to click the stack to see all the books by that author. still can’t order books through the app. What a huge miss! 1st Review: Getting the app downloaded, registering on their website, loading a gift card and ordering my first book took a ridiculous amount of time. But once I started using the app, I really like it. It completely meets my needs so far. Like how you can easily change the brightness and font size.
  • Can no longer view archived multiple books by same author 1/5

    By kjm1997
    Tap the stack of books and it starts to open, and immediately closes again. Why do most updates break necessary functions? 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Half my books will not open 1/5

    By 1847632554
    The help information was useless— I am not sure what I am going to do. Move to kindle and Amazon I guess.
  • Can Not buy books 2/5

    By *upset*
    WHY can’t we buy books with the NOOK app for APPLE!!!!!!!!!
  • No good 1/5

    By kaevancleave
    Shuts down as soon as I open it! Can’t even read one word.....very frustrating!
  • Could be better 4/5

    By Naomi Ng
    I love the Nook app, but if you can add the “continuous scrolling” option, it would be better.
  • Ok 4/5

    By kittycat8403
    Updating my below review. Nook responded within 48 hours and an update seems to have fixed the issues. I really wanted to like the nook app, but it has several major bugs 1) bad about auto syncing across devices and there is no button to force it to sync 2) if I turn my iPad 90 degrees it randomly flips backwards 10 to 15 pages 3) now it shows my latest two books as downloaded. The pages are blank except for the page number and header. To be fair maybe it’s better on a nook device, but no way I am gambling money on that after my experience with the app. Barnes and Noble please try harder, Amazon needs a competitor.
  • My B&N Experience 5/5

    By Pee Willie
    After years of membership on the BarnesandNoble eNetwork I have purchased a hundred plus ebooks and use the Nook system to access and read them. Very satisfied, you will be too!
  • Unnecessary Format Change 1/5

    By Yemee
    I am dissatisfied with this Nook app. It is no longer easy to see an entire list of my recently opened books. The app only shows you 6 recents and 6 recent purchases at any given time. The old format worked well. I have over a thousand ebooks on my nook. So, it now takes several minutes to locate a book I might use for reference because it’s not in my recents. This is unrealistic and unacceptable. It is also no longer user friendly.
  • App malfunctioning 1/5

    By C.P. 2
    App will not let me login with Facebook, also won’t let me login with my credentials. Very frustrated.
  • Not very happy! 2/5

    By NookReader619
    Why can’t I purchase books from this app? Just switched from android to iPhone & was stunned to see that I can’t purchase books. Have been buying books for years on my android app. Just one of the things making me wonder why I switched.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Johnjohnjojhh
    Ideal for reading of all sorts on iPhone. Great app for those who love to read. There is a great selection of nook books too.
  • Buy books on app 4/5

    By Nicole_40
    I love using my Nook but it’s hard carrying a bunch of devices and chargers everywhere. That’s why I like to use the app. And my nook has a bunch of problems and it won’t start because of something wrong with the button or whatever so I can’t buy books on the device so we should be able to buy books through the app. I have my phone everywhere with me so I’ll buy more books than if I just use my Nook.
  • Does not work for IOS. Help please. 1/5

    By kelllymarguerite
    My library is appears blank. The books I purchased are gone. I tried troubleshooting. It’s not working. How is this still an issue? Are you guys working on fixing this?
  • Nook 5/5

    By oomudd28
    Great choices and easy access!
  • Hustle 5/5

    By sandra4853
    Love reading the books but not just half of it or part one
  • I like to read 5/5

    By All nicknames takin
    I actually Love to read. I used to miss the feel of a book in my hand, not anymore.
  • She lies in wait 4/5

    By molly reads
    Very good read. I was tempted at times to read just Aroura’s story, but it was impatience rather than a need to skip boring writing. Nothing was over-written or long-winded. For a cast of so many characters, the development of each of them was so well done. I will miss them.
  • Don’t get ❌❌❌ 1/5

    By joeycabrera
    I hate this app right when I got to the point that I had to sign in from my barnes and my noble account it asked me for my email and password I tried everything and by that point it was going to cancel my barnes and noble account with it ,and FYI I never rate littoral anything
  • Great selection 5/5

    By lafacemire
    Enjoy the convenience and abundance of free and discount prices on a wide verity of books
  • I might have only given 3 stars but Nook is a very great reading app. 3/5

    By 🐞Ladybug Princess #1👸🏻
    I would give 5 stars but the time I’ve wasted going through and individually selecting each book to either archive or delete is absurd. Imagine the hassle to go and individually select each book (well over 100) and either archive or delete them. Overall, Nook is a great reading app and I’ve enjoyed it for over a year now with no complaints except not being able to select a multitude of books and either archive or delete them.
  • Wishlist 5/5

    By fashioncat123
    I am new to the app and I added things to the wishlist and where is the wishlist on the app? Please help!
  • New app 1/5

    By bnvdrpofdmn
    I do not like the new format that you have forced on us with the app. I can’t find anything. Your pull down menus are not helpful and it takes me hours to find my archived books.
  • Frustrating, riddled with bugs, counterintuitive 1/5

    By KA Jiang
    I used to love my nook app - it was easy to use for all ages. There have been so many unnecessary changes rolled out so poorly that no one in the family wants to use their nooks because the app keeps changing, is counterintuitive, and frustrating - they’ve all downloaded kindle instead, and have asked me to simply buy paper books. Problems include: I can’t sort my archive - while it appears as an option in another family member’s profile, my profile does not have that option. With more than 400 books in my archive, it’s extremely difficult to find the books I want to read. Even if I know the author and exact title, the search function does not call up books we know are in the archive - they appear when I scroll through the archive, but not in search. Additionally, here’s the most ironic bug: the send feedback/report a bug feature doesn’t work - you can type, but the “send” button is grayed out and unavailable. Every time there’s an update I have to spend several hours scouring the FAQs to see if they took away functions or if we’re just seeing a bug, then analyze whose profile and account works correctly, then try it figure out why some family members have x function but others don’t. EVERY update at least one family member’s account or profile has a bug; and now, to even report the sorting bug, I had to go into one of my kids’ profiles since I couldn’t!
  • Issue 2/5

    By Armysama
    The minute I open the app it close, i hope you’ll fix this
  • Excellent 4/5

    By Dr. Duck 44
    Nook offers a great variety of books at a reasonable price. I think anyone would have to go far to match, much less, beat it's value.
  • @#$&&*(() way to handle 1/5

    By Paulo in loveland
    Whoever wrote the GUI deserved an F. Why make complicated something simple? And it has been like that for a long time. Handling of commands is not consistent, and this is definitely NOT user friendly.
  • My Nook 5/5

    By s.a. gardener
    I absolutely love my nook I would be lost without it. I love to read and my nook makes it so easy to read in bed Steph Liddle
  • Very happy with the app and service. 5/5

    By hamond,ben
    I was hesitant about getting the nook and reading on a tablet. As it turns out, this has been an improvement over having a library of books in the basement office. It still bothers me a little not having the physical book as proof of ownership the trade off is that I have all of my books with me whenever I have my tablet. At my age the only thing stacks of books are really good for is burdening my kids with heavy boxes of books they would not read.
  • Improving Nook 5/5

    By Zoom Zoom Papa 350z
    The nook app keeps improving as I have had nook since early inception. The nook is easier to handle while reading, is backlit so can read in poor lighting, the regular unit not tablet can read outdoors. I have hundreds of books so nook is compact for book storage. B&N allows sampling ahead of purchase which is a terrific way to try a different type of book before purchase, hence flexibility and experiences. I am glad I bought the nook since I still go to B&N to browse books and order on line immediately which is a huge convenience.
  • Difficulty downloading 1/5

    By sleepyjean83
    Bought an old classic ( Even Cowgirls Get the Blues) and could not download. Only paid 1.99 but still, shouldn't have this problem.
  • Satisfied Nook User 5/5

    By Trixie W.
    I have been using a Nook for several years. I have no complaints. It keeps all my reading material in one compact location and right at my fingertips.
  • NOOK 5/5

    By shayshay476643663
    I love the app very easy to use and I love it so much now load the app
  • Filtering for free books doesn’t work 4/5

    By Httjvxrh
    So when I select the free filter for the books, a lot of the books pop up aren’t free. This is quite irritating and almost caused me to spend money on a book I most certainly did not want to spend money on... Anyways I hope this issue gets resolved, because it is quite frustrating to find a book you think is free, only to realize that it cost money.
  • Aggravation 3/5

    By RG's mom
    The app keeps losing my place in a book. It is frustrating to try and figure out where I was in a book when I open up the app. This has not been a problem in the past. Please fix it.
  • Frozen 1/5

    By carolcat132
    The first time I have had a problem. Won’t load a page.

NOOK app comments

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