Noom: Healthy Weight Loss

Noom: Healthy Weight Loss

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Noom: Healthy Weight Loss App

Looking to get healthy for the long term? Any program can tell you to eat less and move more. Noom is different. Noom believes in making preventative health available to everyone — to help as many people as possible live healthy lives. The key to lasting behavior change starts with you, and the quality of our lives hinges on the quality of our choices. So, through a powerful combination of psychology, technology, and human coaching, Noom empowers you to make healthier choices by better understanding yourself and your brain. We understand that no two health journeys are alike, which is why Noom provides as much (or as little) guidance as you need in order to create a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are looking to manage your weight or manage your stress, Noom offers the tools you need to take back control of your health. With Noom Weight, you’ll have access to the following features: -- Food logging with over 1 million food items in our food database -- A recommended calorie zone dependent on your weight loss goals -- Over 1,000 interactive lessons that move at your own pace discussing topics like the psychology of weight loss, mindful eating, goal setting, and so much more -- Thousands of simple, healthy recipes -- Circles of community members who share your interests -- Water tracking feature to help you stay hydrated -- Connect with Health App to help yourself stay on top of trends in your activity progress -- Maintenance Mode for those who have reached their goal weight but want to maintain it On average, Noom Weight users lose 15.5 pounds over 16 weeks. Noom has been featured in The New York Times, PEOPLE, Shape, Forbes, and more. Sign up today and join millions of Noom users on their journey toward a healthy, sustainable life! For CCPA: "Do Not Sell" Policy for California Residents, please see

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Noom: Healthy Weight Loss app reviews

  • Needs work 1/5

    By Riva_isms
    App is inconsistent. Customer service is robotic, scripted and ineffectual. Apparently changes to the program recently have cut down on customer service, changed their business model, eliminated one on one coaching, which it seems was the real gold vein of the program. When word gets out that this is nothing more than a chat bot with somewhat empty encouragement, it’s not going to be good for business. What was initially a breakthrough approach to weight loss has become a bit of a bust. With all their expertise in psychology you’d think they’d do a better job.
  • Seniors 4/5

    By Retired Amy
    Most of the lessons are for working people. I’m 66 and retired, but don’t see anything for us Seniors. Other than that, I look forward to my daily lessons. Lots of good information.
  • Honesty 3/5

    By Larry taz
    This program offers some benefits to those that really want to lose. The phsycology aspects are solid but you have to be in the right headspace to begin with. The food logger is good but has a few small issues in calorie numbers as compared to labels. So yes it is one of the better programs but the cost really isn’t worth the value received.
  • Not loosing pounds 2/5

    By Betty’s journey
    There are some good ideas but the scale is not budging. I am drinking more water and trying to follow the food categories.
  • A new lifestyle 5/5

    By Lady Lynbrook
    What I like most about this plan is the privacy it allows. I don’t like programs where you have to weigh in with a coach or team. I know for some that’s a great motivator but it doesn’t work for me. I also like that I can choose a food & enjoy it in moderation. I’ve done diets that are extremely restrictive & as a result, I feel deprived & then cheat. This plans allows me to have a little cheese or wine or even a dessert, just to use moderation in the portion. It makes a huge difference learning mindful eating too.
  • Selling Subscriptions with major bugs 1/5

    By Michelle B Chang
    This is my second time with Noom and when I signed up today was informed that meal tracking feature is not working, which is a major component to the app. There is no known date for when this bug will corrected and because it’s my first day the agent dismissed my complaint as not qualifying because meal tracking is not included until the second day (so I can get used to the app, which I clearly already am and my past info from the first time around is saved in the app). I asked that the start date of my subscription be moved to whenever there is a full functioning app and she said no, check in tomorrow. I was then dismissed with copy to send an email or call. Really it’s a shame. They must be overloaded with agent and supervisor requests because of this major bug but the right thing to do would be to pause or adjust start dates. Instead the company has shown itself willing to take advantage of its customers.
  • Noom is the diet buddy always at your side 5/5

    By Museplease
    It has been an off an on week, but so has every time I’ve tried to lose weight. But Noom quietly helps me get back at it.
  • Scam 1/5

    By mromanenko1991
    Your are scammers, hiding and outlining buttons to force people pay you in full in advance, not knowing what are you buying!!!! Disgusting
  • App updated 2 days ago and now it’s crashing 2/5

    By LMWags
    I love this app… but only when it’s working! Ever since the app update from 3/16/23 I can’t get the app to open, it crashes while “accessing my account information.” Since this is a service I’ve paid for, I’d really like it to work!!
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Auntsuzabelle
    Noom is an educational lifeline for me. I’ve lost weight before on my own or with weight watchers , but the Noom approach is so different. Checking in each day to log my meals and read the “lessons” is helpful. I lost 8 pounds in my first month and I’m happy with that. I realize I probably can’t keep that up for each month so I just try to be consistent and know that I’m in good hands.
  • Feeling better 5/5

    By lynda Bird
    I like to weigh in my foods and I also like to hear others having the same problem as myself. I’m over 70. My counselor put me on the right track and now I count calories. I’m always full eating the right foods. Love the laughter of the day. I’ve lost 9 lbs so far. I’m feeling good which is the main thing.
  • Maybe it works? 2/5

    By Thatdudewiththatgirl
    I don’t know if it works, I never got to try it. My wife and I signed up and paid to add me on the family plan so we could both have accounts. I signed up through the link and it said I had no subscription. We tried tech support, but there is either a language barrier or a knowledge barrier, because they were not helpful and kept answering questions I didn’t ask and stating solutions I said I already tried. Eventually, I just had to cancel because they didn’t seem to understand my issue or couldn’t figure it out. A very confusing process that negatively impacted our view of the app, the program and the people behind it. Immediately lost trust, and I worried about dealing with any potential issues in the future.
  • Very easy 4/5

    By Mwahpp
    Weight loss had been slow so I reached out for some help and got an immediate response from a person who helped me find where my problem was and gave me the info I needed 😀
  • Diet culture in a different form 1/5

    By kels11506987
    They say you can eat whatever and that they re teach you how to not hate food. Yet they break food up into 3 categories and things like raw almonds, chia seeds, go into the worst category. And things like salad mix goes into the medium category and they shame you with big exclamation points when you eat too much in a category even in your caloric zone. Gave me more anxiety over good than I began with.
  • Good for beginners, not good for seasoned trackers 2/5

    By Hannaspangy
    I used the trial version of this app and won’t be moving forward with a membership. It’s a great option for people who have no knowledge of nutrition or have never tracked food before, but the fact that I can’t view the macro content of the food I’m inputting and they only use a color scale to tell you what’s good or bad (protein-rich foods should not be bad…), I’m going back to the free version of MyFitnessPal. I also didn’t like that I can’t just type in the oz since I weigh my food. The sliding bar UX is hard to comprehend. The daily lessons felt like a waste of time and a rehash of things I was already aware of, but that’s personal. I also don’t feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars for a daily meme. I’d like to note that some people don’t like weighing in daily, and are focused on non-scale victories, like fitting into clothes. I understand the concept of tracking weight, but every day is a bit much. The coaching offered is lackluster. If you have knowledge of nutrition and health already, I’d save your money, but if you’re new to eating mindfully, this may be a great option for you!
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By JamieQF
    This app definitely needs improvement when it comes to tracking fitness and syncing with other fitness apps. It always doubles the amount of calories burned from a workout which is a deceiving glitch. It also is annoying to always have to go back into the log food tab after you just logged a meal. It should always take you back to the log page, NOT the Home Screen.
  • Stay Focused 5/5

    By Harmony83’
    Noom helps me stay focused and on track without any guilt no matter what I choose to eat. It’s teaching me that I am in control, and that my choices have consequences (good and not always good). The choice is up to me.
  • So easy and helpful! 5/5

    By girlcruise
    I’m loving this app and program. I’ve learned a lot too and it helps to be knowledgeable. I’m losing weight consistently each week. 😍
  • Halfway 5/5

    By lecker suchen
    Every year I’ve put on a pound or five. Nothing kept it off. I lost 5 lbs on my own, miserably. I was tired, depressed, and giving up. Using the Noom app I have had the structure to lose 10 more lbs and counting. It is pleasant, and easy to follow. I’m eating more, have more energy, more confident, and more comfortable in my clothes than I have been for years.
  • Good app… great program 4/5

    By oihvtyjnyg
    This is a very good app as a part of the Noom program. The only thing that stops this from being five stars in my book is the integration of more fitness trackers, and the ability to search foods easily. Other than that, I have had great success using the app and program.
  • Good app, just not for me 5/5

    By warmrasins
    I started Noom as a new year’s resolution but I am in college so I don’t have a kitchen. Because of my busy schedule and the fact that my diet is limited to the dining hall on campus, I was not able to lose any weight while using Noom. My only complaint is that I wish I could get a refund since I only used it for a month and I didn't lose any weight, but they said no. This was a little annoying, especially because money is tight for me as a student. Update: Noom has now issued a partial refund, and the customer service was great :)
  • Noom is working for me, down 10 lbs in a month. 5/5

    By Evanston realtor
  • Auto renewal scam 1/5

    By AC-4454
    The customer support and refund policy is absolutely atrocious. I reached out one day after being charged $150 for a renewal fee and they would not provide a refund. I had deleted the app and stopped using it when I noticed I had been billed. Shame on a company like this for taking advantage of a customer, definitely do not download/subscribe.
  • Not worth the money anymore 1/5

    By AllBadIdeas
    When I first started noom back in 2020, it was fantastic. The app was very basic, but the system was really effective and the coaches were helpful, responsive, and proactive. They've made some good changes to the app, but they've made significant changes to the human interaction. Originally they connected you with a relatively small group of fellow boomers shortly after starting. This meant that you had an ongoing group of similar people who you could come to for support and motivation, while also having a group coach encouraging conversation. It wasn't perfect, but it was definitely helpful. Now they have 'circles' which is just a social media platform within the app. There's more to see and interact with, but it's drastically less personal. They're also phasing out coaching entirely (unless you pay extra). Before I had a coach who would check in regularly and help me set attainable goals. It was the best part of noom, and definitely one of the biggest contributers to my weight loss. Now it's 'guides', which is really just customer service. You message them and they respond a day or two later with a canned response that almost always ends with a question rather than a solution. There's no dedicated coach, it's just whoever is available. No possibility for personal connection or support. Keep in mind that their lessons have not been properly updated to reflect these changes so you're left confused and disappointed. I came back because I had lost a lot of weight before but gained it all back within a year of stopping. Now I'm struggling to lose more than a few pounds because the program is no longer built to motivate you or provide accountability. It's become clear that they have chosen to now prioritize profit over service, and have cut costs accordingly. It feels like I got duped into paying a premium price for a calorie tracker.
  • Problematic 1/5

    By tneyman
    I signed up o line & provided credit card information. I received no confirmation and when I attempted to fill in food information there was no library of gge simple goods I logged - am I expected to provide all nutritional I formation & serving sizes do not allow for calculations if smaller portions. Unless there is a blip in this particular sign in the platform is far worse than mediocre.
  • I want to like it and I want it to work 2/5

    By k8nice
    This is my second time trying Noom. In theory it should work. It is time consuming and guidance seems minimal. Features are buried in the app and I never received and “delivered meal guides” When I asked about the series of charges on credit card the support center mentioned Premium Subscription but I never figured out what those features were nor had I approved the charges. Seems like you can get the calorie logging for free and that is their big game. Learn how to eat lower density food so you feel full on less calories. I think I need a gym membership more than an app. Definitely more active time and less time on the device. Hope it works for you.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By frustrated31623
    The educational aspect is great. But I’m almost a month in with zero progress despite making big changes in my food intake (exercise was never a problem, I have always exercised 6 days/week). In reaching out to the support team for help with my frustrations, it was obvious that whoever is responding does not read previous messages, so needless to say that was not helpful. Will update if anything changes.
  • Useful app 4/5

    By WWOLuser
    Since starting my Noom journey in mid October, I have taken off over 25 pounds and I’m very happy with these results. However, I am very frustrated by the inability to log food for the next day. Since planning is a huge factor in nutrition and weight management, I need to log the breakfast and lunch items that I pack before going to bed each night. It is inconvenient to have to log them the next day, when I do not have access to the barcodes and measuring tools that I’ve used. Please, please add this feature. Every other food logging app I’ve ever used has this so it cannot be difficult.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By spat14
    Save your money. I love Noom and the substance of the app, but after buying a new phone, I got locked out of my account that I have a yearly subscription with (2 months in) and Noom says that, even though that account somehow got deleted (not by me as it’s still showing as active in my phone subscriptions), they can’t process a refund. They told me to open a new account and reach out to apple to get the refund. Apple says that Noom has to process the refund. I’m being led in circles and have been on the phone with Noom for over an hour with no results. Now, not only am I out $200, but if I were to rejoin, I have to restart the whole Noom program and repeat all the lessons.
  • App don’t work on iPhone 14 1/5

    By Soul Touched
    Noom did not transfer to the iPhone 14. After trying multiple time the app didn’t work on my updated iPhone. Can you correct this.
  • Terrible Customer Support 1/5

    By 💩💩💩; )
    Full disclosure, when I first joined Noom, I loved it! And the program does work. However, a couple of months into it they change the platform and the personalize support that I felt helped so much. The one on one coaching went away and more. I wrote a complaint and I think a bot answered me. So I responded and I think a boy answered me again. If they weren’t bots, they were templated responses and I could easily tell they were not listening to my issue. Without the personalization, I decided to try using my Fitbit app, which is free, to see if I could continue losing weight. I discovered without the personalize support, the free app served me just as well. While Noom got me started toward my goal. The Fitbit app helped me achieve it. The customer support I got from Noom was very poor in the following days in weeks. I tried to explain my issue and even told them I felt like I was being responded to off a template. They gave me a $20 credit for my inconvenience. But only one month into my subscription and with the platform, changing so drastically, I wanted a refund for my remaining time. The bummer was that I don’t think I ever actually was able to reach a real person because even after I explained that not once, not twice, but three times… the canned response was still the same. The funny thing is that twice they actually asked me if I wanted a refund on my subscription, and I said yes, only to be responded to that they thought my case was closed. The final time they actually did close my subscription. I still have two months left, but now I can’t access the app. I don’t want to anyway, but I can’t ever recommend this app to anyone again based on the terrible customer support I received.
  • Great … until it wasn’t 2/5

    By Marimargene
    Bought the app and worked the program, made great progress and was quite happy. About six months in, all of my progress data was lost and unable to be retrieved so I was reset. I was assigned to several coaches and was basically ghosted and there was no coach assigned when I reset, all group info lost, as was my high opinion of noom. Very disappointing to be so invested in a program and then basically ignored when problems arose. I hope others have better luck than I did.

    By nicoleeeeerichhhhhhh
    I loved this app at first. I decided to cancel my subscription and deleted the app then out of the blue they charged my account $160+ for a subscription and additional services. When I contacted them they would ask for information to verify my account but they always needed something else. I sent screen shot after screen shot proving I didn’t purchase a subscription but they stopped responding and refused to refund me. I’ve sent three follow up emails and still no response. Beware of them charging your account without your permission!!!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By G-Celi
    Very balanced approach to not JUST weight loss, but making it sustainable!!
  • Keep with the simple plan- it works! 5/5

    By Mopar Collector
    It works! Simple to follow, just stick with the plan and you WILL reduce weight while learning a thing or to about yourself and food!
  • Reserving judgment 2/5

    By Hobbitbp
    Noom has definitely helped me improve my eating habits but I am not seeing that kind of weight loss they originally predicted I would experience. I initially gained weight on the calorie allowance they recommended, and when I cut back I lost a couple of pounds and now I am on a plateau. It’s progress, but not the kind of progress expected.
  • Noom 5/5

    By jlfgm7
    Try it. It’s worth it. Join a group. Loose the weight in an enjoyable way. Go for it!!! You got this!!!
  • Great program 5/5

    By BRRRam
    I’m only in my 3rd week and I have only lost one pound , but it has made me more aware of what I eat . I am finding that I no longer want processed foods . Potato chips are not pleasant to eat anymore ?! The program holds to accountable to yourself for what you put in your mouth . Also for me it’s one thing that I do for myself …the articles to read , the quizzes, etc . My work life is way too busy , then family and friends and normal everyday life errands, etc . Before you know it there is little time just for me . Love this program for many reasons and hopefully the 15 lbs I want to lose will come off ! Highly recommend!!!!
  • Useless customer service and deceptive sign up 1/5

    By mocca827
    Auto converts your trial to an entire year subscription … then can’t fix it. Combination with Apple Store evil. Do y’all really need more money than we’ve already given you?
  • Love/Hate Relationship 3/5

    By hosewives
    I hold tremendous disdain for the newer feature when logging my weight. I hate being forced to read some quasi-positive platitude and take a “note”. This doesn’t help on days that I plateau or fluctuate. I don’t want to be reminded of it, I just want to log my weight and move on. Love Noom as I’ve successfully lost weight but PLEASE remove this hindrance to my growth.
  • No excuses 5/5

    By St Jan
    Noom doesn’t let you kid yourself…but doesn’t blame you either. There are often slips when you simply accept your choice and learn from it. Those are “oh well” days. We move on to better choices. Learning to balance is key, and a lifelong gift. St Jan
  • Waste of Time and Money 1/5

    By Fat and Unhappy
    Complete waste of time and money!! If you are considering canceling, do it within the two weeks. The app makes you take a long time to get through the lessons. If you are eager to get going, it will stop you… SCAM! You are better off tracking your calories through a free app, like MyFitnessPal. You could use Noom to understand your calories and then cancel, buy a book on macros (or search the internet). Oh, and if you are beyond the two week period, they will grant refunds to select people. Guess I’m not one! Not a fan of the up front payment without results for this exact reason. Disappointing NOOM!!!
  • i can’t tell you 🤷‍♀️ 3/5

    By ake7912
    i saw an ad for this on youtube and thought this is great. i really want to lose some weight and it looked like a great app so i downloaded it. i spent at least 45 minutes doing the quiz thing and got exited until it was the end and it FINALLY told me i had to pay. i had no idea considering the ad said nothing about paying. honestly it’s probably a great program just think y’all should put that into the ads and in the beginning of the app before you start answering questions.
  • A little hypocritical 3/5

    By Krista117
    While parts of this are good, the parts I fail to understand is how they can again and again say no foods are bad foods, but in the same breath, give you method after method on how to avoid all “orange” foods.
  • Customer Support is Disappointing 2/5

    By 349641
    When signing up initially I forgot to remove the Mental Well Course Pack before checking out. I tried multiple times to cancel this add on but was told that I had to call back after my trial period. Once my trial period was ending, I again tried to cancel the Mental Well Course Pack but was told that they would charge my account anyway but I could call again about requesting a refund. Ultimately it left me with no other option but to cancel my entire subscription. Find it unbelievable that Noom would rather lose a customer completely rather than just cancelling the $50 add on product.
  • Sue C 5/5

    By lajollasuesd
    When I first started Noom I didn’t weigh myself. I Just couldn’t face those horrible scale numbers. After some time I finally got out my scale cleaned it off. Put new batteries in it and used it. Wholly guacamole!!!! I had lost about 4 pounds since I had weighed myself on my doctors scale just two weeks earlier. I thought “oh this scale is off”. So I continued to weigh myself every morning and to my surprise my weight was doing a downward trend. So now my scale is beautiful to me. I now have my blood pressure in check as well as blood glucose. I added breakfast to my routine. And now I am feeling a lot better. Thanks Noom!😎 PS. I started my dogs on a noom diet too, For dogs of course. Prepared home made “Sue’s dog paella”. They too are happy.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Jaws :3
    Not working for me. I’m staying under the calorie budget every day minus maybe 2 total out of 3 weeks. I haven’t lost a pound. I was looking forward to this, and I’m not giving up, but so far I haven’t seen any deference. So disappointed.
  • Charged Fee Even After Cancellation 1/5

    By CustomerLastYear
    I was just charged after canceling this service more than a year ago. Not ethical!
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By kjh ak
    This app is okay for people who have the time and money for it. If you’re at all unsure about committing to this, I would recommend you don’t. It’s very difficult to cancel and you have to jump through a lot of hoops only to find that they charge you after saying you won’t be charged. Customer service is a joke.