NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure

NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure

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  • Current Version: 5.7.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tefincom S.A.
  • Compatibility: Android
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NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure App

Download the NordVPN app to enjoy fast, private, and secure internet in an instant. That’s an easy-to-use VPN for iPhone and iPad, trusted by millions of users worldwide. NordVPN service shields your online activity from nosy third parties, malicious actors, and intrusive advertisers. How? By encrypting your internet traffic. Why NordVPN? IDEAL FOR PRIVACY We don’t track your activity online. To prove our words, we performed an industry-first audit of our no-log policy by independent auditors. FAST AS LIGHTNING NordLynx, our modern solution based on the WireGuard® protocol, gives you VPN connection speeds that are hard to beat. POWERFUL ONLINE SECURITY NordVPN secures your data with next-generation encryption complemented with top-notch VPN protocols – NordLynx based on Wireguard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2/IPsec. AS EASY AS ONE TAP Just a tap – and you’re connected! Or, set VPN to connect automatically and enjoy full peace of mind. GET HELP 24/7 Our award-winning customer support team is ready to assist you all day, every day. OTHER FEATURES OUR USERS LOVE Unlimited data Protection of 6 devices with one account 5300+ VPN servers worldwide Hide your IP address and location. Stay safe when hopping on public Wi-Fi or any other network. Browse the internet without the fear of being watched and tracked. It’s easy. Oh, did we mention? The first 7 days are on us. Start your free trial now and experience the better internet. WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld. For more information, visit: For Terms of Service, visit: For Privacy Policy, visit:

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NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure app reviews

  • You have to constantly log in... 2/5

    By Mr. G.P.
    I’d like to sign in once and then forget about my vpn. Nord requires constant sign ins on my phone - about once a week. I wish I’d picked another vpn service.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By Class 80
    I live in Manhattan and I chooses a New York server. Well, it doesn’t work. I can not even open a newspaper web page. I I use Twitter I can not download anything. This is a scam. Nobody help. No customer support.
  • Worst vpn just waisting my time 1/5

    By mwz3223
  • Lag lag lag 1/5

    45 latency without vpn but 115 -800 latency with it. Awful.
  • A shame you do not support Free Speech 1/5

    By th-scott
    A shame NordVPN does not support free speech!
  • Good overall. Has issues. 4/5

    By AndyKD
    I love the VPN service but after the most recent update, I’m being constantly disconnected AND logged out. Additionally I need to re-allow VPN permissions/profile through iOS every time this happens. What’s going on there? Is a fix in the works?
  • Buggy on iPhone 11, never connects half the time 1/5

    By jfresh330
    At my work WiFi, I will use the VPN and half the time it will say “connecting...” but I will wait a few minutes and it asks me to retry. I’ve tried different countries, removing the app from RAM and restarting, turning on/off WiFi, “forgetting” the network, and restarting my phone. Nothing seems to work so I’ll just try again in 15 minutes and then sometimes it will work. Very annoying as this happened daily.
  • Wow! This is a great tool! 5/5

    By tmeers
    My VPN is a good tool, because NordVPN provides a good service. This is a great app and it’s not really that easy to understand how much effort the developers have done. I am going to give it a 5 star review, because they are doing their jobs, and they are highly competent at what they’re doing, and they have a vision for their business. Keep up the good work.
  • Don’t download this VPN 1/5

    By Youtube CEO.
    Ok I know you give a trial but when I buy it it demands my $90 like what I just downloaded
  • Most terrible app 1/5

    By jishsubdudh
    This is the most terrible app I have ever paid, late they turn to be inaccessible, terrible connection and bad service ,most of the good comments I believe are from internet writers this company paid to.
  • Best vpn service available 5/5

    By bludspray
    Easily accessible vpn at fingertips disposal
  • If you need to change your email address, forget it! 1/5

    By Archangel899
    A simple request to change my email address was met with the worst most unreasonable request. This is 9 months after beginning service and they requested specific info from a receipt that is impossible to download! Was it amazon pay ? Pay pal ? Date ? Amount ? Credit or debit? Don’t remember? Send bank statement. Terrible service. Go anywhere else. How the hell do they expect anyone to remember specifics like that? And you can’t even download a copy of the receipt.
  • Troubles occurred sometimes, but good service! 4/5

    By ***_***_
    I’m currently living in China, which has crazy network restrictions. Therefore once in a while I would be unable to connect to the servers, which was really annoying. But the good thing is the agents are really patient and helpful, and the speed of NordVPN in terms of streaming and torrenting is much faster than ExpressVPN, the one most of my friends are using. So it is kinda bitter sweet when using this app.
  • Easy to install, fast secure connection, work great. No disconnect or crash 5/5

    By peeta68
  • Keep dropping 1/5

    Not reliable vpn, it shows that you’re connected but not all the time it drops connection without letting member know
  • Good 5/5

    By h80sh
    Very very good
  • Very worst in dubai 1/5

    By azam29
    I bought a year plan subscription.even one Minutes I didn’t use fully.the connection is very poor in uae.tried with lot of servers till no use
  • Lynx keeps disconnecting 3/5

    By Carb counter extraordinaire
    With the old version, my VPN was on all the time, no problem. Since I switched to Lynx, it keeps disconnecting. What’s up?
  • Let’s traffic through unencrypted 1/5

    By everydayisnew
    They got rid of the kill switch that doesn’t allow any network traffic through if the vpn isn’t connected. Now they just have what is called auto connect. But if for some reason the vpn loses connection, it allows your traffic to keep going unencrypted. Not safe at all.
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By AN8U
    I got booted offline on Xbox and it instantly fixed the problem!! 5 Stars!!!
  • Constantly fails 2/5

    By vafanculostronzo
    Service will work for 2 or 3 weeks and the inevitably fails, requiring a repetition of the mind numbingly excrutiating experience of dealing with “customer service” to resolve the problem, only to have it re-occur over and over and over. It’s also quite slow (even after the recent upgrade which was advertised as providing considerably more speed than the previous version; I have seen zero difference).
  • hello 5/5

    By Stephen46666
    I am a Chinese student,is it supported in China?
  • Remark 5/5

    By Pressp
  • Help 1/5

    By nkatie1
    I always have problem connecting please try to fix it for me ....
  • Logs you out ALL THE TIME 2/5

    By rin_lynn
    I have never been so frustrated with an app before. I use this VPN and get logged out ALL the time, nothing is more infuriating than being unable to connect to anything because the VPN won’t work and then you go to check the app to see what’s up, and you get logged out. Several times a week. Was never this bad before the last couple of updates. Please fix this before I find a different one to use.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By 🤫🤥
    Every time I try to connect to a country it always say it doesn’t respond.
  • Used to great 3/5

    By Chloetheunivorn?
    I’ve had this app for years and it to worked great until recently. It logged me out twice in the past two days and as several other reviewers have pointed it has constant problems with WiFi connection especially when using it on my phone. My automatic subscription renewal is up in less than a month, but I’m considering switching to another VPN app unless these problems can be fixed.
  • Recently changed 3/5

    By DRK-47
    Keeps dropping out recently. Changed?
  • Slows down connection to the crawl. 3/5

    By plutonium fallacy
    I have reconnect 3-4 times a day using this app. Especially if I’m using unsecured public WiFi. If I do any banking, online shopping related i have to turn off this. App often turns off private browser option without notice. This maybe harsh to say, but few times this reminds me using a old dial in phone modem going through its buzz, crackle, pops. When everything works the way it should. This is a good service.
  • App Updates forget your password 1/5

    By Cleatus99
    The only App I seem to have that forgets my login information every time I update the app. My prior VPN provider’s app did. OT have this annoyance.
  • We need split tunneling 1/5

    By Francis Rodrígues
    Split tunneling!
  • Request 4/5

    By _k3ilo
    We need the double VPN option on IOS like the Android version, however it’s great
  • Almost never works 3/5

    By qtip772
    I’ve used Nord for over two years, and it’s continuously improved over time. There are two issues I hope they fix soon. 1. When sorting servers by “best” there is no clear reason other than speed of what makes a server better than another. Distance almost always translates to speed, and load translates to speed. So why when you use “auto connect to best” does it not connect to the server on the top of the list? If the server on top isn’t the “best” server, why is it on top? 2. With the latest update (mid-May 2020), the app now crashes when you try to make a server a favorite.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Delaware Teacher
    This app works, now with NordLynx, everything is Blazing around here. :)
  • Best VPN our there. 5/5

    By JMD63
    I had a a vpn as part of a McAfee program. It didn’t even work. It was leaking my IP all over the place. I went back to NordVPN, it works perfectly. I appreciate what they do to keep us safe.
  • Best VPN on the market! 5/5

    By Gdwood
    I have tried just about all of the top ten VPN services and continued to have major buffering problems! My last resort was to try Nord VPN and I have to say that this program has resolved 99% of buffering issues! I recommend this over all of the rest! I am one happy customer!
  • Not for regular users. 2/5

    By dbxdevil
    Servers fill up without warning, causing a slower connection. “Quick Connect” just connects to the nearest physical server (thought the point of a VPN was to do something other than what your ISP would do normally). App dumps favorites and VPN profile within IOS occasionally, requiring you to re-add it and disconnecting you. The “specialty” servers listed on their website aren’t there, just P2P only, yikes. Kinda stuck with this for the next 3 years. Hopefully others have more luck, I may just go back to unsecured connections for speed. Nerfed my own internet connection for no obvious benefit.
  • unstable connection 1/5

    By Pris.Ch
    started using this APP two weeks ago, the connection was unstable for the first week, for the second week, can't connect at all. sent emails to the supporting team, no solutions yet!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Brandan B
    On the latest version of iOS and the app crashes every time I attempt to open it.
  • read the message plz 1/5

    By Houariraschis
    there is no israel on the world, why you put israël on the place of palestine !!!???😑😑👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Fast 3/5

    By nknemo5
    Ok will do
  • #fastest and signing in every other day 2/5

    By jsisnebtidiwkebrndjixis
    No longer can you select what IP address you want and keep it in your recents. Only the fasted by country in recent servers. Cant select a server in the same country without removing vpn security. #fastest was the worst update that could have happened. Reconnection won’t establish most nights on mobile. Wont try to connect unless you manually fix. Having to sign in again and again is the opposite of secure. Why cant you have an option to remember me?
  • thhhhhanx 5/5

    By DwœssŠ
    your the beast app for network
  • CyberSec needs developments 1/5

    By بي بي سي سيس
    Private internet access vpn cyber ghosts vpn Perfect privacy vpn New vpn called surfshark vpn Are blocks tracking like google-analytics Graph.facebol So why NordVPN Cypersec doesn't block Tracker company domains ? I concert privacy so I think leave Nord soon
  • Useful but inconsistent 3/5

    By Krruell
    For the most part it’s useful. At least once a week the app crashes and forgets vpn settings. A reinstall hasn't fixed the issue. Brought up to customer support and they haven’t offered any other solutions.
  • Straightforward 5/5

    By Snorangel
    Very easy to set up
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By straightupdeliciousfunk
    Sometimes if I’m too quick to unlock my phone and open Firefox/Snapchat/etc, it’ll just hang and not load. No amount of waiting will do anything. If I then exit out of the app, I’ll finally see the VPN icon appear in the top right of my screen. Everything works fine after that. It feels like I can create some contention between competing network requests or iPhone utilities if I try to use the network while NordVPN is also trying to autoconnect. Hopefully their NordLynx protocol will be faster than the Apple’s native IKEv2 implementation and I’ll see this happen a bit less.
  • Best app 5/5

    By sammy juamp
    This is good for watching Netflix
  • Gets worse after every “update” 1/5

    By Jim Lipsey
    Connection reliability has been steadily going downhill. A frustrating number of websites seem to be blacklisting Nord’s servers. App takes far longer to load than any other service I’ve tried. And after today’s update, the app simply hangs on startup.

NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure app comments

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