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  • Current Version: 1.4
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  • Developer: Symantec
  • Compatibility: Android
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Norton Mobile Security App

Do you need security and Web protection for iOS? Yes, lookout! If you surf the web, log into email or use public Wifi, you are exposing your privacy and sensitive information (like passwords and browsing history) to online threats. Your iPhone and iPad carry a lot of information and may be at risk. Norton has an all-new security app which helps deliver powerful protection for your device and personal information against cyber threats and online scams. Norton Mobile Security notifies you when it’s time to take action. Help stop cybercriminals from stealing your passwords, bank account number or other personal information. ►Wifi Security - Uses advanced scans to help detect and notify you about unsecure Wifi networks, and those under attack by cybercriminals eavesdropping on your Wifi connection to steal or glean personal information from the web sites you visit or infecting your device with malware. ►Web Protection - Helps detect and safeguard you from navigation to scam and malicious websites when using your preferred browser, app, SMS, and Email. Helps keep your device clean from viruses and malware as well as privacy of your personal information secure by helping you avoid online scams. ►Device Security - Alerts you when your operating system (OS) is out of date, so you can take action to secure and protect your device against vulnerabilities that could allow cybercriminals to take control of it or steal your personal information. Our Wifi Security warnings are: ►Wifi Security Green: No suspicious activity detected. ►Wifi Security Orange: You’re connecting to an unsafe or unsecured network. We recommend using a VPN service like Norton Secure VPN to ensure your data privacy. ►Wifi Security Red: The network you’re connecting to is under a man-in-the-middle attack, where an unknown party on the same network is spying on your online activity. We highly recommend that you disconnect. Are there email scams for iPhone users? Yes. Your iPhone may fall victim to phishing or virus scams just like any other device. This is where you are asked to click on a link for various reasons and end up providing your personal information (like user names and passwords to your accounts) and inviting this way viruses and malware. This may occur through email or text messages. Are there risks with an outdated OS? Yes. An outdated OS can create vulnerabilities and opportunities for cybercriminals. By notifying you of the latest security patches and iOS updates, Norton Mobile Security helps you keep your operating system up to date – one of the best ways to stay secure from old vulnerabilities and exploits. ------------------------------ ►SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS •Norton Mobile Security Subscription: Delivers powerful protection against cyber threats and online scams. •30-day free trial requires activation of annual subscription. •Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. •Subscription will renew automatically at the end of the subscription term unless canceled. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment. •Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. •You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. •Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. ------------------------------ NORTON SUPPORT For help with Norton Mobile Security, please visit the support forum: PRIVACY POLICY Symantec respects your privacy and is dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. See for more information.

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Norton Mobile Security app reviews

  • Useless alerts 1/5

    By TonyMan388
    Keep getting alerts telling me about unsafe sites. I’m never going to any of those sites anyway so why the alerts? Don’t say it is to alert me to the danger of those sites! Sending me alerts about sites I would never, ever, ever visit makes me think you are trying to validate your worth. That tactic doesn’t work with me. It has the opposite effect. I am on the verge of cancelling your service because of what I feel are bogus alerts to boost your status. I say bogus because I have not, and never intend to, even visit those sites. Now if you want to prove your worth, to me, alert me “when I” actually do try to visit a site that is factually not secure. Until then stop with the worthless alerts
  • Web Protection turns off WIFI 1/5

    By Jkx1
    To repeat. After update (1.4) all works like it should. Reboot iPhone 8 and we are back where access to the internet doesn’t work with Wi-Fi when web protection is turned on. Turn it off and everything works perfectly. Ongoing problem yet to be corrected.
  • What did they do 1/5

    By MHarry
    Had to delete the app completely disabled Wi-Fi capability on my phone. Only way to get internet access is to turn off Wi-Fi and use cellular data. Tried to contact Norton but was unable to reach them. Guessing a couple thousand users were ahead of me Sad.
  • Slows load times 1/5

    By sjs0965
    The vpn function of this app significantly slows load times of programs that I use. I end up leaving it off most of the time. Looking for a better vpn.
  • Sleazy Business 1/5

    By Hosed Again
    No where in the App Store does it warn you that this app is only free for a one month trial. Then it is $15 per month unless you opt out ahead off time. The really sleazy bit is that there is no way to opt out ahead of time! I am certain that if i just kill the app, i will still get charged because that will not count as having opting out. The App store may protect you from malicious code; too bad it does not protect you from malicious business practices.
  • Help 1/5

    By Hotstuff2525
    How do you cancel a free trial subscription????
  • Moderately annoying, but comforting, I suppose...? 3/5

    By jameswilletts
    If you find your pages locking up when you get home (or to work or another friendly network), go to the “web protection” tab and disengage it. Maybe reengage it, if you like. That usually gets your phone talking to your network again.
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By stupiderur
    Won’t ever put this trash on my phone again. Well maybe one more time lol. I like this game we been playing
  • I don’t like it at all 2/5

    By animekawaiikitty🥰
    Ok so i was sure that this app won’t change anything but it did it got rid of my safari and now I can barely look up anything I want so it really doesn’t make me wanna have this anymore
  • Don’t expect to get any service from Norton!!! 1/5

    By Granddadx2
    If I could give this app ZERO stars I would!!! I downloaded the app and it installed easily. It then went on to register the license and it couldn’t register it. After 2 different chat sessions with their support staff I finally decided to just uninstall the software. The second support chat was about what I was concerned about with using the software, well I didn’t have any concerns because it won’t work! Neither of the staff could understand that I downloaded the app from the AppStore and it was the 30 day free trial!!!!! Maybe Norton should invest in new support staff. I was throughly disgusted with this company by the time I got done with their garbage support chat sessions. I did want to try it out and see if it is as good as they say but after dealing with this crap support staff is making me think twice about this company. They obviously don’t do a background check on qualifications to get this job!!!!!!!!!!
  • Battery battery battery 2/5

    By tygerm
    The performance in my perspective is fully linked to use of battery on any extend. I have an iPhone XR which the battery normally last all day meaning 24 hours no problem. After I installed the app, the phone can last between 6-12 hours. Why?! Well the more u change networks and/or change Wifis or cell connection the more it works and more battery is being sucked out of the phone. I am not sure about application besides search engines. I have been really contemplating to delete the app because it is making my new iPhone have the same problems that made me get a new one phone which it was battery life.
  • App Store Issues 1/5

    By matrixds
    Went from iPhone X to XS and cannot get passed the login screen. Reactivates payments but does nothing else. Tried restoring purchase, tried starting free trial and tried to login. NOTHING! App Store issues with this app
  • Did not work for me (sighs) 3/5

    By ABG Crazyman
    Unfortunately it did not work for me the way I thought it would, these are the problems I had to endure during the time I used it: - Battery Drain: My phone is a new iPhone 8S Plus and the amount of battery drained before and after having this app is absurd. I could have my phone without charging under normal circumstances for up to (2) days, before installing the app, and after installing it, I had to charge it at least twice a day. Not good at all. - Data consumption: Most of the data consumption after installing this app (at least 70%) came from the app itself. I never had to use up to 5 Gb in one month before installing this app and I was very surprised and annoyed that it would be this way. My normal data usage would be up to 2Gb when really busy. Outrageous! - Internet Connection Issues: Main problem that forced me to uninstall the app was the connectivity issues when I was not connected to my home or work network. I always had to turn off the VPN connection to use the internet when on the road, which cancels out the purpose of the app. Overall, it works great on my laptop, I love it for its easy-to-use approach on my computer but for my phone it was not the case, unfortunately.
  • Finally safe again 4/5

    By LadyFiberArts
    Only 4 stars because updates are incredibly difficult. I finally have control of my iOS mobile devices again by returning to Norton, so that’s great! Updating makes me nervous because it takes so long and I often have to restart my devices several times to actually update.
  • NicE product 5/5

    By jhp1435
    Easy installation and easy setup.
  • Update not working 3/5

    By pvsandee
    The update is just spinning...
  • Just updating 4/5

    By mackdylan10
    IOS already checks and notifies for update you should really add something like a a cleaner or app lock some I can’t do with an app
  • Protection is everything !!! 5/5

    By Level100000000
    Worries no more when you have a dependable Internet protection. Thank you.
  • Not good experience 1/5

    By Dee_Ram
    Don’t like it, used up all my cellular data while not connected to wi-fi. And most of the time can’t even connect to a web page or load online apps on wi-fi on my iPhone XR. Had to delete.
  • Unable to connect against AppStore 5/5

    By CAntollini
    Unable to connect against AppStore when VPN enabled.
  • This app prevents other apps from working 1/5

    By Karielle21
    This app is complete garbage. The latest update has caused other apps on my device from opening properly - and these are some of the most popular apps on the App Store! When I removed this app everything worked fine. Don’t download or pay for Norton - unless you want your internet & apps to stop working.
  • Not on iPad 1/5

    By bowersdesign
    This app does not work on iPad iOS 12.3.1
  • Norton Still Has Serious Problems 2/5

    By Psumtman
    Norton, Please fix this app so we are protected & able to use our devices. Having internet security in today’s tech environment is crucial. The problem is I can not use my device unless I sign out then sign back in repeatedly. I currently have the fastest internet service in my area, 1 gbps or 1,000 Mbps. My iPhone can utilize an estimated 350 mbps. That is more than enough for me to surf the internet while I download a movie, download a complete O.S. Etc. The problem is my service acts worse than DSL because of this situation. Norton has tried to fix the problem but every attempt has been a complete failure. Every time I see there’s a new update I cross my fingers hoping they will correct the problem. Instead we are let down. Norton is supposed to be the Standard in internet security. I prefer Norton over other products in the industry. The Norton brand is taking a hit because they cannot perform like they have in the past by correcting problems effectively & efficiently. I know you can fix this problem if you put enough of your top assets on it. At this point you have to do something. I will be happy to edit my review once the situation is handled.
  • Repeated reboot and preventing backup 1/5

    By IBeDisappointed
    The app would repeatedly reboot my iPhone when the phone was charging. At first I thought it was problems with “new” replacement phones. Apple worked with me each time to replace the phones. I deleted the app from the third phone and have not had any problems since. I contacted Norton support, but have not heard back. After a short time I reinstalled the app. It seemed to work well with my phone for a couple of months. When our temperatures hit the 90s, I noticed the phone would reboot and thought the battery might be overheating when I work outside. Today iCloud notified me my phone had not backed up in two weeks. When I tried to back up my phone to iCloud with Norton turned on, the phone would shut down and reboot about five minutes in. When I turn Norton Security off, iCloud backed up successfully. I have deleted Norton Security from my phone.
  • Doesn’t tell you this is only a link to buy the app! 2/5

    By MotoCamper
    If they don’t tell you this is only a link to purchase app, what else aren’t the telling you? Maybe it doesn’t work?
  • Norton stealing 1/5

    By CLFan1
    I have two Norton subscriptions. One is for 10 devices and the other is for one device. I had a device stolen and now that I have a new iPad I want to install Norton. We have 10 other devices in our house that all have Norton installed and running. I removed the stolen device from my Norton profile. When I attempt to login on my new iPad I receive a msg that I have no open seats. Spent 1 hour 20 minutes on the phone today with 3 different Norton tech people all in one call. They were unable to solve the issue and all gave me the same guidance on how to install, but would not listen when I told them I was already told the same thing. I hesitate to buy another Norton subscription as I feel I will be locked out and just waste my money. Looks like I will need to cancel Norton and buy one of the competitors.
  • Norton Mobile Security 1/5

    By agmr-2
    Don’t waste your time. This app no longer works on my 2018 iPad Pro. No heads up from Norton that it was no longer working. Deleted the app then downloaded again. Attempted to sign in to iTunes to reactivate the this app, attempt failed. Apple needs to pull this from the App Store. This is from a decades user of Norton Utilities. Sad.
  • Absolute trash, app will not allow me to go past the first screen 1/5

    By lahsugheidgakdb
  • Annoying updates to iOS Norton app 4/5

    By News Gorilla
    Why must I manually update your app when everyone else’s in the App Store refreshes without manually having to initiate update after all the auto updates quite easily do what is expected of app updates? Really annoying for an otherwise great app!
  • iOS Scan Worthless 1/5

    By UsArmySpecialOps
    Was hoping this app would scan my device for possible viruses or malware, but all it does according to the App itself is “Check for Outdated OS.” I don’t need an app to tell me what my other app already told me. The settings on the device shows me when there’s an update to the OS.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By dj_mandy_fresh
    Love the app! Just have one suggestion/request for a functionality either within this app, added to any of the other Norton apps and/or a included in a completely new app. I’ve been struggling with a major security breach where someone is using virtual devices that mimic my own and then since they can access my email inboxes and iCloud they are able to access all of my apps. Basically this person is signed into all of the same apps that I use on my phone using my username and password on a virtual device that is setup to mirror my iPhones, iPad, etc. I would love to see a functionality that would identify all active sessions logged into the Norton apps (and all other apps for that matter!). “Duplicate sessions” would need to be listed separately and not consolidated. There has to be something unique about these other sessions that would make them stick out!! I have literally ran into brick walls every where I have turned for help. They just keep telling me to update my passwords. Well that hasn’t helped at all. I’ve wiped my phone with a factory reset, changed all of my passwords multiple times, purchased a security token from Amazon, utilized several different authenticator apps, added 2-factor authentication where possible and even bought a whole new phone (although he somehow accessed it when I went to get some of my things!), etc. It’s been a long drawn out ordeal to be honest. This person has gained access to my Norton password manager as well and has wreaked havoc on my life. Thankfully it is not financially motivated. But still....please help! No app seems to be safe or provide any real solution for my problem 😢
  • Stay ON. Stay Connected 1/5

    By cjcjcjl
    Every day I have to completely reconnect this app. Stay connected for crying out loud. So ANNOYING! Why?????????????
  • Not working 1/5

    By Lucyta🌺
    I still have the problem that I can’t connect to internet while VPN it’s active please fix that.
  • Only Forward Looking 1/5

    By Germphobe
    This doesn’t scan your iPad for existing viruses and malware. It only tells you going forward if you are on a compromised network or website. Very disappointing.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By KabriniJoy
    After installing and updating the app, with the hopes of protecting my phone and internet connections, my phone kept crashing and restarting. I thought the problem were my other apps, but I tried to delete those too and nothing happened. So I recently decided to just try and uninstall this app, and my phone has not crashed nor restarted since. S.O.S
  • This app does not support Apple IPad! 1/5

    By WomansToolBelt
    So I provided a review on why I was upset with Norton due to you cannot use the Norton Security on any IPad. A representative from Norton commented on my negative review suggesting that I contact Norton for further assistance. What I now realize is someone from Norton is being paid to lookout for negative reviews like mine so that they can respond that, “they apologize for the inconvenience and suggest that I contact them for further support”. Well I’m one of those suckers bc I did exactly that...I spoke to Norton Customer Support and was told that I can use “Norton” on Apple IPads, so I went ahead and reinstalled everything but shame on me bc I should have listened more carefully will allow you to use the Norton VPN and Password Manager apps. However, when I began to open the security app, I was still blocked from using it. I called Norton again, was transferred to Norton IT who told me that I CANNOT use the Norton Security app on Apple IPads. She explained that IPad users already have a built in system for this purpose. I get that you do not want to antivirus programs on a device. However, how many of us IPad users accidentally download/stumble upon viruses, malware, spyware that somehow has corrupted something on your IPad and never received notification about the bug. All I ever use is my IPad so this app is useless to me.
  • Find 4 phone iPad 🤯 2/5

    By Squicker
    It works smoothly with the iPhone but the iPad you want to pull out your hair. I kept it short and sweet and to the point with no long paragraph to make that drive u nuts.
  • VPN update 2/5

    By wolfj51
    Even after update, the software is still interfering with the WiFi and app’s
  • Annoying 1/5

    By 22im finna gloty22
    I can’t go to my safari without it bringing me back automatically back to the app page. I deleted it and it still does it. I pressed the home button two times to delete the page but it doesn’t get rid of it
  • No bug fixes here 1/5

    By Atlantic Traveller
    I still have the same problem connecting to the internet when protection is turned on. Come on Norton!
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Ct99337
    Ipad or iphone will not connect to internet when vpn is activated
  • Slows or blocks legit sites 1/5

    By DrLarryHiner
    My iPhone 6s + never worked slower than after I installed Norton Security and the VPN. Slows to a crawl on legit and oft-visited websites, and even blocks many. Norton 360 is fine for my Win10 PC; not for my iPhone!
  • So many bugs 1/5

    By enteredligally
    Even as I updating the app, I got the no internet connection and I tried to turn off the app. It won’t let me update it! Also your vpn app won’t let me turn on with many tries. Android device just doesn’t have the same issue! I need the money back!!!
  • Not credible 1/5

    By Colonialflier
    Not credible for the warning
  • Still no email with web protection 1/5

    By marymar2
    The upgrade solved the iPad problem, but not the iPhone
  • Still Broke After Latest Update 1/5

    By Herkimer Henry
    Updated Review 06/11 Frankly I don’t see any difference between this update and its predecessor. Previous Review The web protection works now, but now I have new problems. If I try to turn the VPN off it kills my wireless connectivity. Worse yet it won’t let me turn the VPN off under the VPN general settings. I have to disable the VPN under the application settings to free up my wireless. Something is still screwy.
  • Watch out for Lifelock 5/5

    By Alailima
    I love my Norton on my Windows desktop, and wanted it on my Apple devices also. However what I received from this App is paired with Lifelock. I both called and chatted with Lifelock and they refuse to delete Lifelock. I chatted with Norton and they say they have nothing to do with Lifelock. Be very careful that this App does not automatically pair you with Lifelock, because Helpdesks on both Norton and Lifelock claim they have nothing to do with the other, and no control over the other.
  • Update still does not fix VPN connectivity 1/5

    By Turbocouch
    Not much, if any improvement concerning the VPN. I still have to turn off the VPN to access the internet. After a few minutes, it just stops communicating. And even when I turn off connect on demand, it turns itself back on and locks up my internet connection. No email, no notifications, nothing.
  • May updated killed my internet - does this really fix it 1/5

    By Diannora
    I had no problems using this on IOS until you released the May update. Very hesitant to try it again since it seems to have problem with Xfinity internet service.

Norton Mobile Security app comments

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