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Norton Security

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  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Symantec
  • Compatibility: Android
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Norton Security App

Norton has an all-new iOS app for Norton Security subscribers which helps deliver powerful, effective protection against cyber threats and online scams. Brought to you by Symantec, it’s the security app you need on your iPhone and iPad. Wi-Fi Security - Connecting to public Wi-Fi can be a cost-effective way to save data and bandwidth, but it may come with risks. The Wi-Fi Security feature helps alert you if an unknown party on the same network is spying on your online activity, known as a “man-in-the-middle” attack. With this type of attack, a cybercriminal is able to read, insert and modify communications between two users or systems. These cybercriminals may steal your passwords, bank account information, and other personal information. New Norton Security protection for iOS devices allows you to connect to public Wi-Fi with more peace of mind by helping to detect threats, then warning you if your connection is not secure, or if cybercriminals are intercepting your communications. Our warnings are: ► Wi-Fi Security Green: No suspicious activity or man-in-the-middle is detected. ► Wi-Fi Security Orange: You’re connecting to an unsafe or unsecured network. We recommend using a VPN service like Norton Wi-Fi Privacy to ensure your data stays private. ► Wi-Fi Security Red: The network you’re connecting to is under a man-in-the-middle attack. We highly recommend that you disconnect. ► Norton notifies you when it’s time to take action. Help stop cybercriminals from stealing your passwords, bank account number or other personal information. …………………………… Web Protection. Helps protect your device against online scams by alerting you about websites and links detected as unsafe before you visit them. Web-based attacks target users who are browsing online. By clicking on an unsafe link, you could be tricked by cyber attackers who may attempt to deceive you and steal your personal information. Rest assured with Norton Web Protection in the Norton Security iOS app that helps you safely navigate the web. Device Security. Norton Security iOS monitors your device to check that the operating system is up-to-date. By notifying you of the latest security patches and iOS updates, Norton Security iOS helps you keep your personal data safe while online. …………………………… NORTON SUPPORT For help with Norton Security for iOS, please visit the support forum: PRIVACY POLICY Symantec respects your privacy and is dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. See for more information.

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Norton Security app reviews

  • Website for Dollar Tree website 5/5

    By bonnieblue89
    It saved me from a phishing site!
  • The best service 5/5

    By lane 490
    I use Norton on everything all my devices are on Norton and I feel safe
  • I have used Norton for years 5/5

    By seaspindle
    I have used Norton for years, on all computers I have had. I will recommend Norton to anyone who is wanting good safe coverage for their computer. When I got my first computer in the nineties I dealt with crashes and hacks and viruses. Once I put Norton on my computer and kept it updated I no longer had crashes. And it has kept it running smoothly. I am a life time user of Norton.
  • Cloud front 1/5

    By Huitzilopotchl1
    Apparently “cloud Front” a piece of malware is blocking my ability to install a piece of software that’s supposed to help me encrypt my passwords, so I’ve tried everything, including erasing my iPad & installing this app, but apparently cloud front is still in my iPad blocking installation (I’m getting the same error message, installation blocked by cloud front, even though this app says everything is secure. What else can I do?
  • Do not download!! 1/5

    By Misskiss75
    I thought since I had Norton’s on my computer, I could trust this app. NO!! This made my phone go crazy rebooting and draining the battery AND I just had to have the internet guy here because after turning on the VPN I didn’t have any bandwidth left to open pages on my phone or run my firestick! This is bad!! The tech guy said it was running everything down like crazy. As soon as I deleted it, my internet speed came back up and I could stream back on my tv and my phone and he could on his phone. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!
  • Unsafe sites? 1/5

    By djcmd
    Your site keeps calling sites unsafe that I know to be completely safe. It seems to be politically motivated.
  • Significant Battery Drain 1/5

    By Satisfied User 99,999
    Caution - A major resource hog. Since being forced to migrate to the new app, my available battery capability has declined considerably. The battery utilization function available in “Settings” on my iPhone consistently shows that approximately half of my battery usage is being consumed by this app.
  • Excellent product Prrfect 5/5

    By Harry the forgetter
    Excellent service protection. Outstanding. Stops websites I shouldn’t open super
  • Uses a TON of data and does interferes with data and WiFi 1/5

    By KenAdamsinFL
    When I’m not on WiFi it uses a TON of data. It’s used over 11 GB of data in less than 2 weeks draining my battery, slowing my device and connectivity. It interferes with my home WiFi having to turn my WiFi connection off and on again to get it connected repeatedly and it interferes with and slows down my data connection and downloads when not on WiFi. Plus the VPN offers no actual protection on public WiFi’s, just warnings. That’s not a VPN, a VPN would offer true protection. Without that I just don’t connect to public or unfamiliar WiFi. Just common sense.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By PavQT
    It even working! Keeps saying connect to WiFi. I am connected!
  • Working and playing IPhone on the web is safer 5/5

    By H L Hartford
    Before Norton I used others that were in no way close at finding and removing virus, issues as Norton. Now for over 20-years I use Norton for so much VPN, password protection, Core, Norton Security and many other products by Norton. Have made my life so nice. IP protection, Norton has a wide range of products and a 24/7 helpful staff always ready to help with any Norton Security fix, repairs or general help on an install. Truly Norton is their to keep you from making the next space debris your computer. You will come to know and learn Norton is always ready to help you with any of their many Norton Security online products. “Norton is worthy of your trust”
  • Battery Killer 1/5

    By TrapOfFools
    Responsible for 75% of battery use.
  • Horrible for your battery 1/5

    By JacobPerez2013
    I only had that app for a day a realized a significant drop in my battery life. I had thought it was due to a little extra usage then normal by me but looked it up in the battery menu and the Norton app was sitting on top as the app using most of the battery. Even just leaving my phone in standby overnight the app ate 30% of my battery. Im definitely not going to be using this app if it’s just going to destroy my battery life.
  • Battery drain 2/5

    By jemash91
    Tried it out and had no problems with how it functions until I discovered it really drained my battery. The battery health checker in ios was a great help in discovering this. Will delete the app.
  • Security Norton VPN 5/5

    By hcuba44
    VPN Norton Lifelock is a good security app for your phone
  • Total useless trash. 1/5

    By OCGH Ministry
    They will not refund your money either. This is financial rape by a top money laundering company. Stop wasting your time and money on predators of fear. They love to attack fear based users.
  • Battery life 1/5

    By Ed K-3
    I ended up disabling this app because it would drain a fully charged (new) battery in about five hours. Problem started with the update to iOS 12.1.4.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ajdean28
  • Norton VPN 1/5

    By Randall W
    Can’t get it to download and when it is on it flashes back and forth between on and off
  • Great 5/5

    By 1bolo
    It’s always checking for you.
  • Norton protection 5/5

    By corey72
    Will always use Norton they always have my back
  • Works but turns on VPN when I don’t want! 3/5

    By Wheaton Ron
    Norton makes good security software, but this app needs help. It turns on the VPN and I can’t turn it off. Because of this, will probably delete from my iPad and iPhone.
  • Security 5/5

    By Hdc1945
    Excellent program. It warns you about a site that you shouldn’t enter.
  • Repeated warnings without block option 3/5

    By ccounts 1
    I get repeated recommendations to not use a site I am not using. What do I need to do about this? I want Norton to block it if it’s not a safe site. If they are constantly trying to break into my phone or computer, I want the site to be blocked once and for all. There is no option on this recommendation to block the site. There is only an option to allow it. There should be an option to block it so I don’t keep getting the message over and over many times a day. Please fix this right away, thanks.
  • Norton 5/5

    By Misd Rob
    Norton internet security is ggreat!
  • Another disappointed user 1/5

    By lansen
    Okay, I download the app and try to login. Don’t know me. Okay, maybe I used my old school email now no longer active. Try to login with service provider. Tells me to use my service provider “partner name.” Fine except I don’t have one and no instructions on what to do. Maybe I “image of an inverted wood fastener” (which I used to draw on the chalkboard in class when my proper upbringing kept me from saying “screwed up”) but give me a break.
  • Web protection bug fixed 5/5

    By Miws Nimrag
    I am no longer receiving warnings when I open known secure websites.
  • Battery drain faaaaaast 1/5

    By flor1anp
    I have iphone 7 and the battery went from 50% to 20% in 20-30min. On video streaming 20% in 4 min battery drop. NOT WORTH IT. I wasted a license
  • Drains battery 1/5

    By Rosie1270
    Disappointed! Drains my iPhone 7 battery super quick. Phone takes forever to charge! I will uninstall!
  • One small thing 5/5

    By Master of Wind
    Great app, but needs one more thing, allow to remove sites we allowed access too that were deemed unsafe by this app,
  • Tremendous Battery Drain 1/5

    By xtherapist
    After installing this app it is draining my batter way too quickly. 90 percent usage on my phone and over 60 percent on my iPad I was shocked last evening when my battery was at ten percent. Normally can use devices for a couple of days before I have to recharge my battery. Why is it draining it so fast?
  • Not good for iPad Pro... 1/5

    By MoronicScribe
    ... unless you like having everything sideways. I will probably dump it before the trial period is over, unless I can get it to work horizontally on my iPad Pro. As a disabled veteran with problems holding things with my right hand I must use a keyboard case which only positions the unit in a horizontal position.
  • Battery Drain 2/5

    By Ciro Vargas
    This app is draining my battery. If you enable the Web Protection the app uses a lot of the battery.
  • Peace of mind at a great price 5/5

    By brooklyn568
    This app does a great job providing security across all our family’s devices with no effort on our part.
  • Norton Secure VPN No Longer Works 1/5

    By Gendln
    With your most recent update, Norton Secure VPN no longer works. I deleted and added the app and it still does not work.
  • Drain battery issue 1/5

    By tdtest
    I had to uninstall it from my iPhone8 because it drains half of battery in 4 hours.
  • Will not install 1/5

    By pwdoooo
    Version 1.1 has taken 90 minutes trying to install on an iPhone 8. It is still trying to install. I'll delete it and start over again.
  • Questionable worth 1/5

    By 33roper748
    When NORTON updated their mobile security for iPhones they did no one any favors. The new version at noted by another reviewer often does not recognize my Wi-Fi network and says I am not connected when in fact I am. And the I have to disconnect and and reconnect in order for the Norton app to recognize the network. The other main problem, and this is even far more aggravating in my opinion is the amount of battery that this app use while running in the background. Upon checking I find that over a 10 day period the Norton app had taken up 32% of the battery usage. Over the next 10 days it had eaten up 36% of the battery usage. I got one have better things to do than continually worry about keeping my phone charged because an app is eating up all the battery life. I have removed the app from my phone. I might check at some point in the future to see if Norton has addressed and fixed these issues.
  • Wi-Fi Security 5/5

    By BC285
    Additional information is always great to have, especially as it relates to Wi-Fi security sites, etc. GREAT JOB, THANKS...
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By berniess1
    The previous product worked, this version doesn’t. Can’t connect on any networks out of the house. When home constantly connects and disconnects. Obviously was not tested and made to work with iOS
  • Won’t Work 1/5

    By 843c
    Doesn’t show a price but requires a license. No offer to buy the app.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Scott Cates
    I can have full WiFi strength and it would switch me over to data. I’m very disappointed in the product.
  • No Server Connection 1/5

    By Lkajim
    Spent my money, downloaded the product... Used Cellular Data and then WiFi, error message Told me to check my Settings. Now what do I do?
  • Norton is a great Security Organization 5/5

    By cw2jhg
    Review I have been using Norton Security Programs since the 1990’s when I was introduced to their Security Programs in a Federal Government Security Course. I have used and trusted it ever since. I have Norton Wi-Fi Core and it’s great when I hit a site the Core stops me from going to it. The core does give me the option to override but knowing Norton they are way ahead of me in Computer Security.
  • Interferes with my phone 2/5

    By 5591rjab
    I had to remove it from my IPhone 6. It would Bloch my phone from operating. Could not make or receive calls.
  • VPN Issues with WiFi Connection 2/5

    By JettRink1
    When will you correct the VPN issues with WiFi connections? I have an iPhone 7 running on the latest system update. Occasionally, when returning home to my WiFi, my iPhone will not connect to the WiFi when VPN is on unless I turn off VPN and then turn it back on. This is true for both my 5G and 3G WiFi networks. I have called Norton for help and the only thing they told me that my WiFi networks may unstable. This is not the case. Please fix this issue with the VPN.
  • Just installed 5/5

    By Pjordison
    Just installed on my iPhone 6 & it was quick & easy. Haven’t seen it in operation yet but feel better knowing there is some security. I’ve been using it for about 8 years on my laptop & had no problems & no breaches.
  • LTE when home and unable to stay on my WiFi 3/5

    By Crissyb429
    This has happened a few times however I was always able to reconnect to my WiFi until today. I removed the app and boom I’m back on my WiFi instead of burning data.
  • Settings 4/5

    By Aldin4
    I feel very safe now using my iPhone no matter where I am. I have just one problem. Why can’t I get into my “Settings” anymore? I can’t look at any of my programs from inside iPhone’s “Settings”. I feel as if I have completely lost control of my phone! I don’t like that feeling but will live with it a few days to see if I get more comfortable. If not, I’m not really sure what I will do. But, I don’t think I can work my phone this way. Deano4

Norton Security app comments

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