Notion - notes, docs, tasks

Notion - notes, docs, tasks

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  • Current Version: 1.7.82
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Notion Labs, Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Android
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Notion - notes, docs, tasks App

Write, plan & get organized in one place. Customize Notion to work the way you do. Free for personal use - Never hit a storage limit — add as much content as you want - Just drag and drop to craft the dashboard, website, doc, or system you need Free to try with your team - Invite your team members and start getting organized with a free trial - 90% of Forbes Cloud 100 companies use Notion to get work done NOTES, DOCS, TASKS Drag & drop anything. Organize everything. COLLABORATE IN REAL-TIME Easily share pages. Add comments and @mention teammates. RICH MEDIA Create beautiful docs with images, to-do's, and 20+ more content types. ORGANIZE INFORMATION Nest pages inside pages. No more messy folders. PUBLISH TO THE WEB Turn any Notion page into a website in just two taps. SYNC WITH BROWSER, MAC AND WINDOWS APPS Pick up on desktop where you left off on mobile.

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Notion - notes, docs, tasks app reviews

  • Amazing app, just wish it wouldn’t log out randomly 4/5

    By dnjdnjdnjdnj
    I love Notion and have never stuck with any organization system as long as I’ve used this one. My one complaint is that every now and then the app randomly signs me out. I only keep my passwords written on paper so if I’m out and about, I have to wait until I’m home to log back in.
  • I like it, don’t love 3/5

    By Shap08
    The format isn’t phone friendly. In most cases, far too much left to right movement required.
  • Honestly 10/10 5/5

    By AxelSkyz__
    This app has honestly been the best and most used app I’ve gotten, I use it for everything, to keep my life on track, to write stories, just general organization. I highly recommend this app for anything, it’s easy to use and learn how to use.
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By SlayQueenTikTokSucks
    When I first came across Notion on the App Store, I didn’t think much of it, but I needed a good app to keep me productive, since I was losing track of work and the such. I created an account, played around with the app a bit, and started to write up some notes. I was amazed by the vast yet simple app. I like minimalistic apps, and this one was absolutely solid. Notion has really kept me productive lately. I can group notes together, link pages to other pages, collaborate in workspaces, etc. It’s just full of stuff, yet it’s easy to use. If you are struggling with keeping on track, I highly suggest you download this app. It’ll change your life. Only problems I’m having is the fact that you can’t delete workspaces on mobile. Even opening a webpage on mobile won’t work. You can only do it on PC, so those of you without PC’s, be aware. Devs, please make it more mobile-friendly. Otherwise, I give this a solids 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Absolutely incredible.
  • deleted my account 1/5

    By manatee 😪
    i don't even know what happened honestly. my phone didn't update or anything, i just went to ned and when i woke up... my account had been logged out (tried to open one of my documents and got a notice that said i basically didn't have access to it, then booted me to the sign in page) and when i tried to log back in using the same email, password, etc i got put through the tutorial as if i had just made a new account, and all my documents were gone. a shame really, since i thought this service was pretty decent up until now. i wouldn't bother using it, and i definitely wouldn't spend money on it.
  • Sharing stopped after the update 1/5

    By Sa3ad.G
    This is a great app that has been working wonderfully. However, sharing a content with Notion from other sources was one of the greatest features that has now stopped after the last update for iPhone users. The Notion icon doesn’t show when I try to share a content. I hope this feature gets back to work as it’s the main reason I’m using it in my iPhone.
  • Note taking 4/5

    By Jack Castellanos
    I love this app a lot and it does amazing for note taking, writing things, and a todo list, I wish this app was available for the Apple Watch just so we could add a quick note or just be able to look at our notes just by our wrist it’s something I would love to have for this app
  • Backslide 2/5

    By JB_1234
    The caching and speed of this app has somehow gotten worse over the last year-six months.
  • Writing with Apple Pencil 4/5

    By JohnnySky
    Please add Writing capabilities with Apple Pencil. Thank you. ~ Jon
  • Great App but… 4/5

    By Rorstark340
    Notion is a really good notes app. I use it for everything. But my one problem with it is that it always logs me out. I know it has like a 90-day log in time and then you have sign back in or whatever. But I put a password on it, and it’s still doing it. And it’s so annoying. It just recently did it again and so I signed back in but now all my stuff is gone. I’m hoping I can fix it.
  • Truly game-changing 5/5

    By indumania
    I use this app every day, countless times a day. I regularly wonder what would happen to my brain if the internet was out for a prolonged period and I couldn’t access Notion. I started out using basic pages for note-taking, but it quickly became clear that I could create templates for my weekly work tasks and personal projects in almost no time at all, customized to how I work. Now all my crap lives in this app, and it honestly gives me so much peace of mind knowing if I need to remember to do something or want to look something up, I just have to jot it down in Notion or do a search, and I can find it without a second thought. I will say, though, after years of using this app, the thing that prompted me to write this looong thing is that Notion inexplicably changed the color of their checkboxes. To a normal person this wouldn’t be a big deal, but their original sky blue is one of my favorite colors and I have come to associate it with the calm you feel when crossing things off your list. Now, the new checkbox blue is more harsh, and the vibe is *decidedly* different. Take it from an over-user — y’all should change it back, please!
  • Filters keep being removed 1/5

    By cecisanchez
    I can’t even use this app because all of the filters in my data tables get removed and it reflects on my entire Notion, so it’s not just a viewing issue. Once I open the app, it’s like clicking “delete all filters” button, and then I have to go back in and fix it again. So really, I can’t even use this app at all.
  • New update 1/5

    By Ijustwanthelp123
    I hate the new update
  • One the best app 🤝🙂 in the appstore 5/5

    By LuisF1989
    i use Notion with my team everyday and sincerily gratefull whit all the changes and constantly updates 🙌🏻... i recommend 100%
  • Love Notion but issue with iPad 3/5

    By xochristine01
    When viewing an embedded link in full screen, there isn’t a way to exit full screen in notion. I’ve tried different gestures and all sorts of swiping motions but had to close the app to get out of full screen. Other than that, love using Notion but wish it was a little more convenient without a keyboard.
  • 2nd generation Apple Pencil not compatible 1/5

    By This App >>>>>>
    The 2nd generation Apple Pencil almost not compatible with notion. There are no spaces when writing and you are unable to select or delete. Also when wanting to write on lower lines the text will go to the next line down instead of where the cursor is.
  • This thing is amazing 5/5

    By Caithsit
    I basically replaced MANY apps (Evernote, task tracking, habit tracking, etc…)with just this one app. I love it!!!!
  • Love it but don’t love being logged out! 5/5

    By Emily🙂
    Notion is the perfect app for me to write down my opinions on dramas or movies, in an organized way in which I can understand and see everything the way I imagine it. The sad thing about Notion, which is the only thing I dislike about Notion, is that I’m always logged out if I don’t use the app after months. I forget which account I have all my organized notes in, so I keep having to delete the app entirely and redownloading it again. It would be great if that error was fixed. Then Notion would be a perfect 10. I still rate the app 5 stars because it has so many nice options to keep my notes organized. The app itself deserves 5 stars but of course minimal errors still matter and should be better!
  • No cursor 3/5

    By H.B.531
    My cursor has disappeared and it’s very frustrating to edit and type blind. All I can do is tap in an area and hope when I type or edit it’ll go there.
  • Avoid subscription plans 1/5

    By mauricio-amaya
    In general, app is slow and unreliable. If you decide to work in a team you will have to pay and it will be very difficult to opt-out from the plan, so you will be overcharged. So, avoid any subscription. On top of that, worse cuatomer service ever. If you can avoid the platform at all, do it, way better options aroudn.
  • Great app. But 3/5

    By somebody._.
    Great app however every time I add a photo the screen goes gray afterwards 😕
  • Love the app just needs to address isssues 3/5

    By irsnake
    The issues of adding photos to pages seems to break the app sometimes. Ive been using notion for sometime now and love the app for how useful it is and to avoid having multiple note taking apps. But i feel like with the last update or two I noticed adding photos to a page seems to lag and doesn't upload to the page. Please fix . Thank you!
  • No data, and app won't launch 1/5

    By badkitty_
    I guess they decide to turn off the faucet and not even allow their app to launch? My data is gone, and when the app launches I get a blank white page with nothing.
  • Update: I don't know what I'd do without this app 5/5

    By JGibbard
    My first review of Notion came when I was still knee-deep in the Evernote world. After giving Notion another look, it only took me an hour to realize the power of this tool. I hope to never have to live my life without Notion. It is the everything tool. once Notion has a consistent offline mode, it will be the most unstoppable tool/app ever.
  • Super Buggy 1/5

    By Max 👻🎅🎃🎇🎓🎍🎏🎑🎌🎁
    When making an account, i clicked the buisness thing, and now I can’t do anything but use a link that my friend sent me and i bookmarked. The app keeps taking me to “tips and tricks,” but it won’t let me click “get started” at the end, so I’m stuck there too. Are back buttons not modern anymore? I’m so confused by this app when it shouldn’t be this buggy at all. Great app and website, but unusable because of bugs that gatekeep the entire platform.
  • Great for iPad & iPhone 5/5

    By GKO093
    I mainly use the iPad and iPhone apps to lookup information/ reference pages during meetings. It’s very easy to navigate & the widget allows me to jump directly to my commonly used pages quickly. I mainly use the desktop app for creating pages, but frequently use my iPad or iPhone to update pages with pictures and quick notes. Occasionally I’ll have to re-login on the iPad app (once every 3-4 months) but have never had issues related to it.
  • The iPad side cannot log in 2/5

    By Error 404 QAQ
    The login button appeared for a few seconds and then disappeared instantly, making it impossible for me to log in.
  • Fix fix fix 1/5

    By fermentsforever
    I love Notion but for an enterprise level tool, this iPhone app needs a lot of work. I’m in product myself and can’t believe the disappointment of this app. Please get some PMs who can get this fixed. It is way too buggy to use. Please!
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By teushsu
    As title, selecting login will jump to a help page
  • Allow Creating Multiple Windows On The APP 5/5

    By Amber Domingo
    I would love a feature that allows users to create multiple windows on the iPad app to avoid breaking productivity flow.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Yusufpd2
    Watched a video by Hamza Ahmed (the YouTuber) where he recommended this app for journaling and mental health as well as for keeping track of books and a daily gratitude list. I’ve been using it and I love it!
  • Godawful onboarding 2/5

    By ChanceRosenthal
    Opening to that prepopulated board is annoying for an experienced user of second brains and zettelkasten, and just an overwhelming pile of data for anyone else. Button labeling is obtuse and frankly I want the designers’ names so I can blacklist them.
  • Good App but ??? 5/5

    By Queen748
    NOTION please let a sister zoom in and out with their fingers the zoom shortcut don’t work on my keyboard
  • I waited for an hour for their marketing event 1/5

    By buckethat2022
    And didn’t even get a bucket hat
  • Amazing For Any Type of Note Taking 5/5

    By Christie56557
    I'm a college student and aspiring software engineer. So, I take a lot of different kinds of notes! I love how they thought of just about anything, whether you need it for professional or personal purposes. The interface is very intuitive. It makes all the features ready and easy to navigate. I love that you can make tables, lists, boards, and blogs. You can import documents and images as well. The only thing I think would request is getting to customize the background color of the side panel. It just for personal style. It's so good that that's all I'd request lol.
  • notion mobile app is way too buggy 1/5

    By Naitreey
    can you image people continue using this buggy mobile app if not because its desktop equivalent is relatively decent?
  • Hate the new update 3/5

    By 🌟TeaStar07🌟
    I love notion and use it to organize scripts for my dr but I absolutely hate the new update and the new layout. It’s more difficult to use and move/organize things when you need to
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By Bossladyshark
    It looks slick. It was frustrating beyond belief. Look, it shouldn’t be a complete mystery how to get a file to import. None of the help or FAQs were useful—just a presentation of options not available—and web searches were also useless. Fix this.
  • What my business brain needed 5/5

    By mrpercocet
    I’ve been looking for an app similar to google drive, but simplified without loosing potential. This app has accomplished that. Easy to use, quick edits, clean, reliable, syncs well.
  • My goldfish ate a pineapple but… 4/5

    By Ptenarian
    Ok, so usually people (myself included) write like an entire book about the app and on how they would do it better, Im not gonna do that. This app is almost perfect but I think custom Notion Emojis would really add to the experience If you agree, copy this review & repost it
  • Love it 5/5

    By ashley.grace
    Love love love this app! The only thing I would like to see is being able to add sections where you can hand-write notes for iPad/apple pencil (or other stylus/tablet options) users.

    By hwt37
    My phone had an update! Now I trusted Notion and had a ton of documents saved on there! Then Notion asked me to sign in to my account! Then Notion said that my account doesn’t exist! I am very unhappy! I advise against entrusting Notion! I also would say that Notion was a great app and I loved using it. I would continue to use it but I am still so upset months after adding this paragraph on. I hope Notion fixes this problem! Tell me when that happens and I will retry using Notion
  • Can’t use on mobile or iPad 5/5

    By Kalyn K
    The desktop version works great inside a browser like Chrome, but I downloaded the app on my iPad and iPhone and can’t sign in to either. I click “continue with email” after entering my email and nothing happens. So I can’t even use the app at all. So frustrating as many people love it.
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By Farah244
    They just need to improve Arabic RTL
  • Glitchy and annoying 3/5

    By Bruh stop......
    The pictures won’t load when I add them, videos won’t load, tried deleting and logging in again still not working
  • I never write reviews but... 4/5

    By rosefitzgerald
    Love it
  • love the app hate the new layout 2/5

    By switchingfandoms444
    I love the app and have been using it for a while but i hate this new update layout. it used to be so much easier to get from one page to another or move sub-pages to somewhere else and ‘turn the pages’ but now there’s a whole process to do all of that - it’s really annoying. and my app glitches and lags way more because of it
  • Feature Request! 5/5

    By JimmyLinXi
    Hello Developers, I am Jimmy. I wish I could have password protection(4-6 digit pin or face id lock) before entering a page. So that other people won't see the content if my main password was hacked or my phone was stolen. Also, please add Chinese to Notion, we really need it! Thanks for your time and effort in making this great app!👍 Jimmy
  • Misleading. 4/5

    By SonicPrincess
    I’ve gotten used to the app and I appreciate adding the feature that computers have always had: having columns. But the app doesn’t look nearly as clean as the pictures here in the showcasing of the app. On all my images and embedded stuff it says ‘view original’ in the top right. Every. Single. One. It’s unfortunate because this place has the potential to be so clean and sleek. Another thing: I hate how my embedded soundcloud song/playlist asks me to play in browser, another thing that weights down on the sleekness of design this whole app is going for. It’s so clunky. You’ve all fixed things before so I definitely have hope, but please fix these basic things before bothering to add new stuff!