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Nowait is now part of Yelp. This means that you can do everything you did on Nowait on Yelp. We are making the experience even better on Yelp. Here are six reasons to use Nowait on Yelp: 1. You will get the most up-to-date restaurant list 2. You'll find restaurants where you can make a reservation or join the waitlist 3. At select restaurants, we've added the capability for you to tell the restaurant you are on your way even when there is no wait 4. We are also investing heavily in increasing the accuracy of wait time estimates on Yelp 5. You will encounter fewer bugs on Yelp 6. All future app improvements will be on Yelp How do you use Nowait on Yelp? 1. When you open the Yelp App, search 'Waitlist' or click the 'Waitlist' icon to see all Nowait restaurants 2. Alternatively, you can just search the name of your favorite Nowait restaurant in the Yelp search bar 3. Once you are on the page of a Nowait restaurant on Yelp, you can see wait times and join the waitlist 4. After you join the waitlist, you can see your arrival time and track your place in line What does this mean for the Nowait App? You can continue to use the Nowait App to browse Nowait restaurants and see live wait times. However, when you join the waitlist on the Nowait App you will be linked to Yelp. For the most seamless experience, we recommend that you start your search for Nowait restaurants directly on the Yelp App.

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  • No privacy statement or TOS 1/5

    By Tania0924
    This app made me fill out my information then would not works. Says it no longer works and to use Yelp. I did not get this message until AFTER I had to input my phone number, email, and birthday. This app also does not have a privacy policy or TOS. This app should be removed from the App Store.
  • No longer in use 1/5

    By Soundmonkey0
    You must now use Yelp. Why is this still in the App Store if it is shut down?
  • Works great 4/5

    By fact over fiction
    Love it just wish there were more places using it
  • Yelp has ruined this app 1/5

    By Rzimmer68
    Yelp has ruined this app. I just wanted to get in line for my favorite restaurants and now I have to navigate through the commercials on the yelp app. You might as well drop this app.
  • Terrible app for First Watch 1/5

    By IrritatedK
    This is the second time that NoWait has indicated ‘no wait’ and we’ve now been waiting for over 10 min. There’s no way to get ‘in line’ if it reads no wait. Well no longer use it for this restaurant as it seem useless.
  • Why??? 1/5

    By CRAPY90210
    I loved this app at first but now you have to download yelp in order to use it! That was the worse mistake ever! Why would one have to download this app, then another one?????? Makes no sense. Please switch it back. Not everyone likes to download multiple apps to their phone in order to do one thing. Smh, terrible idea.
  • Crap 1/5

    By B_robinson101
    Worst app ever. Don’t download
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Superdave1957
    The most tedious app. There’s nothing easy about this app. Every time you pull it up you have to put in your profile and then they have to send you a code. So glad they are shutting down.
  • Does not work for all restaurants 1/5

    By Davey Joe
    Check the restaurant. The one I check in on does not use it and the app said I was in line.
  • No Wait Where? 1/5

    By Kee728
    I downloaded the app for the No Wait, I was given a wait time of 12 minutes, I went in after 4 minutes, watched 4 couples walk in after me with my now 8 minute wait time be given a 15 minute wait. I watched the four couples go ahead of me, so I told my husband to place our name on the list. Guess what? They gave him a 15 minute window also, he was called and they never called me!
  • Good to wasted app 1/5

    By jamest1971
    A couple of years ago my favorite restaurant used this app. It worked great then somewhere it changed and we would be seated before the app even knew we were waiting. Now the restaurant I frequented have all dropped this. I imagine being purchased by a [email protected]!!? yelp didn’t help. Delete.
  • Two Fails 1/5

    By ecm55
    Two times in a row this app fails to “no wait” we show up to locations and still have to wait an additional 40 minutes, UNACCEPTABLE!
  • Doesn’t help 1/5

    By greenann4
    This app apparently was malfunctioning when we tried to use it (or at least the was what the restaurant said). We arrived at the time the app suggested, after checking in 40 minutes early, which was the listed wait time. When we arrived we were told it would be another hour wait! This restaurant doesn’t take reservations and all over their website they say “use the Nowait app!” We were thinking of making backup reservations somewhere else, but decided not to because this restaurant was so confident in their process based on using this app. Big fail.
  • Completely not accurate 1/5

    By jenM124
    This worked the first couple of times I used it. Now it’s never accurate. Tonight it told us the restaurant had a 10-20 min wait. I got to the restaurant and they told me that the app told me 13-28 minutes and that is was a 30-40 minute wait. Then the hostess proceeded to tell me that she hates the app and we shouldn’t use it. So frustrating. Why do restaurants use it if this is what happens.
  • Nice if you only eat at Chili’s 1/5

    By EricK2814
    The description billed itself as an app that will let me see the wait times of restaurants near me. There are dozens of restaurants near me. It only shows wait times for On the Border and Chili’s and one or two other places. That’s not very useful.
  • Horrible App Ethics 1/5

    By Frenchie_
    You should not force people to download your app. There is a link in the SMS why can't you show our position in the queue there. By your own admission on your website you know it's enoying. If it's enoying don't do it! That being said. You decide to make force consumers to download your app. The least you can do is make sure it works with all phone numbers.
  • Great when used appropriately 5/5

    By Que Es
    We’ve been to several restaurants where the app works great and we walk and and are ready to be seated. There are some restaurants that probably are too cheap to buy the actual “Nowait” product and have limited abilities to use the app for their restaurant... those are generally the restaurants that move you onto an actual list when you check in. I’m sad that the app is moving to Yelp :(
  • Practical usage 1/5

    By Iowa Tested
    Not enough restaurants on it in Des Moines to make this meaningful
  • Track my location 1/5

    By non-ya 7
    You have to allow them to track your location, I deleted it shortly after downloading!
  • Will not use again 1/5

    By Ronted
    Checked in for Toby Keiths and app said 9-21 min wait. Upon arrival we checked in with hostess and were told the app is incorrect and there was an hour plus wait. Waste of time to use this app
  • Would have given it zero stars 1/5

    By gdhdbeucbr
    Can’t search for restaurants without permitting the app to use your location. I value my privacy Let me search by zip code. I
  • Cactus Kirkland - do not honor the line 1/5

    By Mmm123n321
    The restaurant’s suggested wait time was 15 mins when looked at the app. So we reached as suggested by the app. But the restaurant did not honor the time and we ended up waiting in line for 15-20 mins, same as if we would have just walked in instead.
  • Glitchy app, be careful! 1/5

    By soccerbaby
    The app interface is nice, but a huge issue needs to be fixed by developers. You have to completely close and re-open in order to see a refreshed wait time. Tonight we waited for dinner and thought there was no wait time so we could leave whenever. Turns out we had to restart the entire app only to learn the wait was now over an hour. This is a key feature of the app and needs to be fixed OR an alert needs to come up when you open the app telling you to completely close and reopen in order to see correct wait time.
  • Live it 5/5

    By MikePara
    I love it
  • too limited 1/5

    By JN...!
    cannot search for places outside of your immediate area.
  • More restaurants 5/5

    By helpnamesaretaken
    I wish more restaurants would use this handy app!! There are only 2 in my area.
  • No wait more (yelp :/) 1/5

    By Wishful-Thinker
    No wait was wonderful until this morning when I tried to used it at First Watch! It is now a part of Yelp and does not work! Link just circles possibly because I don’t belong to Yelp nor do I want to! Sad day.
  • So far it’s been great 4/5

    By Moose JSS
    Don’t forget to respond via text when you arrive so they count you as present
  • Dave k 5/5

    By dave kk
    I use this app constantly. I can’t tell you how much time it saves me and really determines where I choose to eat.
  • Bullsh*t 1/5

    By Claire Kwe
    I tried using this for a restaurant because that restaurant forces you to use this ridiculous app. Everything seemed fine with it telling me how many people were ahead of me and whatnot but then at some point it randomly stopped telling me that and when I got to the restaurant they said THEY HAD NO ONE BY MY NAME ON THEIR LIST. Then the hostess went on to say that sometimes the app glitches and that I could put my name on the list now and wait another hour and a half! This app is a complete disgrace not giving update notifications or anything and just glitching so people don't even show up the restaurant's list. I'm furious and will never use this app again. Complete bullsh*t
  • Why must I let you have access to my location 2/5

    By MrCognitive
    Seems like an app interested in knowing where I always am, and collecting a significant amount of data from me. I should be able to search for locations with keyboard input, rather than giving access to my location.
  • Should be called LONG WAIT. 1/5

    By Jgfidvjofg
    I have had several bad experiences with Nowait. I don’t recommend it.
  • Texas Roadhouse lied on Nowait. 1/5

    By KISS always
    Turkey Creek Knoxville location, Oct 20, 2018. Status said come right in. Actually arrived to be told 15 to 30 minute wait with line out the door. Should be able to report abuse.
  • Horrible app. DO NOT USE IT 1/5

    By xoxooxox😘
    Followed the arrival time from the app and it got us here 45 minutes before we were able to actually get a table. The hostess and wait staff said that it happens all the times. Don’t bother.
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By Jimitoofast
    It doesn’t refresh!!! Checked out the wait at a delicious place that always takes forever to sit down at and of course I showed up expecting no wait like the app said and instead found an hour long list. What’s more irritating is the staff told me about the shortcomings of the app when I arrived, why do they keep using this trash.
  • Recommended arrival time is a joke 2/5

    By HeidiHe
    That app recommended a 10:32 arrival time. I arrived at 10:30, the restaurant says I still have 25-30 minute wait. Apparently when you check unit gives you a range of 22-44 minute wait. The recommended time is based on the 22 minutes. Not worth it at all. Only good for checking to see how busy a restaurant is. From now on, if there’s a wait, I’ll go someplace else.
  • Great app 5/5

    By creativeasylum
    We’ve used the app several times, and so far it’s worked fine.
  • Search 1/5

    By the doctor953
    Need ability to just search. You do not need to know my location just let me choose the place when I search.
  • No Wait - not even close 1/5

    By BPB - MN
    Don’t use this app until they fix the restaurant refresh rate, if it even refreshes at all. I have had restaurant hosts recommend I call instead of the app. I walked into Red Rabbit in MN expecting 0 wait, turned out to be a 1 1/2 hour wait. Glad I paid 2 hours parkings for the 5 minutes I was there.
  • Annoying feature 1/5

    By joebosh
    I don’t like being forced to leave a review.
  • This app doesn’t work. Terrible experience 1/5

    By Tony163694
    I downloaded this app as a restaurant that we wanted to go to was using it. We got in line via the app, and were told our table would be ready in 40 minutes. We arrived about 35 minutes later, and were told there was 1:30 wait for dinner and that “that app doesn’t work”. We went elsewhere for dinner and I’m deleting this app.
  • PJ 5/5

    By WOW GREAT!!!!!
    1st use with friends from Illinois awesome and will definitely use again 👍🏾
  • Decent app with some head-scratching flaws 3/5

    By dayton12345
    Generally speaking a decent app. However two critical and puzzling flaws: First, if you stay ion a specific restaurant page it will not update the wait time - for instance if you are driving to the restaurant, by the time you get there a waitlist may have formed and you won’t know until you get there. Second, even if it says “come on in” there should be a way to put your name on a list to reserve a spot. If they would fix these issues, it would be a great app
  • Works great 4/5

    By bkxmnrtoo
    App works great. Look, I get that you’re excited about being connected through Yelp, but please turn off the nag screens. I don’t need a reminder about Yelp every time I go into the Nowait app. And please remove the little reminder at the top of the app.
  • It worked 4/5

    By Mcdupree
    It’s kinda limited on restaurants but it had the one I needed (Pluckers in Arlington) saved our seat almost an hour ahead and dodged a near 1 hour wait into 15 minutes when we got there. It works honestly. So a solid 4 Stars from me
  • Doesn’t always work 1/5

    By cluster [email protected]$
    Nice if it works
  • Very misleading 1/5

    By VolzGrad87
    First Watch in Hilliard showed as Come On In so we drive an additional 10 miles from Dublin to have a nice brunch. Got to First Watch only to learn that the app “was down” and it was a 20-25 minute wait. If the app isn’t working don’t list as an option much less an option with no wait. Not sure who is to blame - First Watch or Nowait but I’ve lost faith in both. Lack of customer awareness.
  • Update erased profile 1/5

    By BillC
    I’ve been using the Nowait app for years now and today when I opened it up to use it my profile was missing no name no email no history. They just did an update and it wiped everything out from my account.
  • Forced Reviews 2/5

    By Business TRV
    While this app may be a time saver, since you don’t have to wait at the location, it forces you to review every location you visit. I resist using this reservation app

Nowait Guest app comments

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