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One of Apple's Favorite "Great Free iPhone Apps" The ultimate NPR experience for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Follow local and national news and listen to your favorite NPR stations wherever you are and whenever you want to. With the NPR News iPhone app, NPR is always on. Highlights: LISTEN - Listen to NPR’s hourly news updates - Create a playlist of stories - Hear public radio podcasts on demand READ - Read stories while listening to live stations or on demand audio STATIONS - Bookmark your favorite stations - Find stations by location (GPS) or zip code PROGRAMS - Our program guide tells you where your favorite programs are playing live now - Listen to Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Planet Money, Fresh Air, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and more – anytime, anywhere Thank you, as always, for supporting public radio.


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  • Good but can be better 4/5

    By Loathian
    Generally I like that the app works well. Two improvements needed: Every time an audio notification takes place, like an alarm going off, when the stream starts again I hear the sponsorship message. I can end up hearing the sponsorship message like three times in ten minutes. It should remember if it played recently and not constantly delay my listening. Clearly I already have too many interruptions in my morning routine. Second, it takes too many clicks (four) to play KQED which is marked as a favorite. It should be one click on station and one click to play the live feed. I should not need to select which stream every time and why do I need to click play after selecting the stream? Why would I select a favorite stream if not to play it? Hope you can improve these two usability issues and get back to being a five star app for me. Thanks!
  • Please add +/- 15 seconds button 4/5

    By Ern78545789
    Except for the lack if this feature, it’s a great app.
  • Fix it! 2/5

    By fefl3
    Great content but app is highly unstable when streaming content, even on wifi ! It has to be updated all the time and it never gets any better, only worse! With my other apps that stream content - even video - I have no problems. But this one stops all the time. Garbage.
  • Push notifications are broken 3/5

    By Lolrustrapper
    Swiping on a notification from the lock screen opens the app, but doesn’t open the story. Oftentimes the story isn’t even in Top Stories and I have no idea where to find it.
  • NPR App! Largely Great 5/5

    By cobftw
    Love this app. Largely works. Only snag is listening to stations live constantly freezes, has to re-buffer. Even when in WiFi and especially when leaving a wireless network. Pretty frustrating.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Roanoke Joe
    This app continually hangs. It has to be restarted to work. The app is seldom updated.
  • App is very good, but no longer listening 1/5

    By elam-c
    Updated review. Used to love NPR, used to donate, but taking a break because it seems like they’re trying to normalize current events. Will listen again when the reporters begin asking the tough follow-up questions and challenging the “spin”.
  • The app requires manual updating 3/5

    And sometimes (again last night) despite manually updating it falls back to 2-3 day old news and date☹️☹️ Some news stories stay around for a week or so. I love NPR but we only get internet 2-3 hrs twice a day and this app is the only news I can get off line. I WANT BETTER.
  • The ‘News’ tab freeze constantly. 1/5

    By zac.d
    When I stay on a story-page for too long, then go back to the News tab, the UI will freeze causing me to force quit the app and reopen. Incredibly annoying. Someone is missing an asnyc call, or is otherwise blocking the Main Queue.
  • Superb 5/5

    By Dfpm77
    Great app for a great resource of news and informed dialogue
  • I like it 5/5

    By Chaosgeneralofinsanity
    I have an older phone, as such I still have to go with the older version of the app, as my phone doesn't exactly have the capacity to keep up with all the updates. Either way though, I find npr to be a very reliable news source.
  • Broken by recent IOS update I think 2/5

    By BBooDoc
    Like the description says. As of 2/15, app seems froze on screen, unresponsive to tapping on it. Reinstalling did not help. Unfortunate as I like to listen
  • An Outstanding App 5/5

    By XxinfinitybaconxX
    If you need your News on time and interesting this is the Ap for you!!!!
  • Biased news 1/5

    By Superkid0078548487
    I’m a long time listener/reader of NPR. It is so extremely frustrating to be reading news so apparently biased in favor of liberals.
  • Crashes and commercials 2/5

    By altmuzik
    App freezes when transitioning from wireless to cellular coverage or back. And every reboot treats the listener to an advertisement before the app will start. Why should app listeners hears more ads than radio listeners?
  • Outdated 3/5

    By MarcAllan
    Once the NPR app gets updated and modernized (to also support iPhone X) my rating will go back up to five stars. Design is outdated. Functionality is just fine. Would prefer to choose which screen/page/tab or default action occurs when I open the app. I’d rather open to my favorite station page than the news story page.
  • Much better than NPR One 5/5

    By Denaldi371
    Intuitive & easy NPR app. It’s a million times better than their impossibly convoluted “NPR One” app.
  • Great app but nasty unfixed bug 3/5

    By Jensen G
    Over the past several months I continue running into the same bug. NPR one will often spontaneously start playing even when it is in the background. The only way to prevent this from happening is to force quit the app whenever I feel like pausing it which of course has its drawbacks. I have submitted the bug multiple times to NPR and never heard anything back.
  • All things considered... 5/5

    By Todogeorge
    ... it's a pretty amazing app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Manuara
    The main source I go to for my information.
  • Please update user interface 2/5

    By iwhoppock
    Apps on phones are supposed to be used because they are better formatted than the website on a mobile platform. This is simply not the case: articles lack readability and the formatting of the main screen is clunky, to name two massive issues. I find myself never opening the app. Instead, I simply go to the homepage on my browser.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Auditu255
    Easy to use, comprehensive, reliable. Can read stories or listen to them. Search extensive archive of NPR programming. Notifications are timely and relevant. Well done!
  • often disconnecting 3/5

    By NYCCuban
    Unlike Spotify or the iHeartRadio app, NPR is often disconnecting midstream. It happens consistently when moving from wifi to LTE and sometimes happens out of the blue. Please work on improving play.
  • Very biased and one sided 1/5

    By Hicks81
    Very biased and one sided
  • Please update this app! 5/5

    By njones11
    iPhone X support, modern UI.
  • Constantly drops feed 2/5

    By Ickle Nickl
    I really like the app, but...Maybe it's just me, but no matter where I am, if the phone is in my pocket it will drop the feed and just display the loading icon. Every station. Other apps like radio apps I don't have this problem with. Who knows.
  • These best app. Always works. Great Quality. 5/5

    By Dylan Repsher
    These best app. Always works. Great Quality.
  • great 5/5

    By semblables
  • NPR NEWS! 5/5

    By Wrbellsugar
    Love the updated NPR News APP! NPR is my favorite source for news! However not all streams for a given station can be reached. I now have both apps now.
  • Meh 5/5

    By Dsggrdx
    Essential to my day. 5/5. I didn't like the nprone app. However, this app crashes more than any other app I've ever had. I have high hopes for the version of this that's in beta.
  • The quality of news has become too polarized 2/5

    By Jm5799
    The app itself works fine but the quality of the news has suffered. NPR used to be a wonderful source of news which held little bias. In the last few years it's has become more and more polarized to the left to the point that when listening there is a clear bias. I personally sit in the middle of right and left and avoid many major news networks strictly because of the heavy right or left bias and NPR used to be my go to for un bias news. I hope they get back to the non partisal reporting in the future.
  • Great news, great app 5/5

    By ((none))
    Thumbs up!
  • Kill the Ellipsis 2/5

    By Firedriver741
    I’m a news junky and I listen to NPR almost daily. It makes perfect sense that I would have the NPR app along with the dozen or so others I have. However, it is easily the most inconvenient app of the major news sources I trust. Why, you ask? Because of the dreaded ellipsis on almost every headline. It looks like an entire page of click bait. Keep it classy NPR, kill the ellipsis!
  • bugs 2/5

    By jlockley
    nor is wonderful, aside from Prairie Home Companion, but the app continues to crash after a few days’ use, making it necessary to delete it and reload. Some stations cut out mid stream even with good bandwidth.
  • Very Little “print”- way too much Audio 1/5

    By TropRockin
    The majority of articles / news stories are audio files. So you can’t “read” them while the family is watching tv or the radio is on in the car... or in the waiting room at the dentist, etc... to use this app, you’d have to have ear buds permanently implanted.
  • If it's not broke... 5/5

    By Jonjpbm
    Looking story short. Simple and intuitive. NPR One is not. I love this app
  • Please update for iPhone X 2/5

    By Pleasurepleazh
    The screen is really small. Please update to iPhone X. 🙏🏻
  • NPR 5/5

    By Paddyparonoid
    Great app for a source of news.
  • Love npr 5/5

    By smoothcat 6
    What a great app and news service. Love your news every day.
  • Minimal hyperlinks 5/5

    By MSH1969
    Unlike Huffpost and Fox news, there are not a lot of hyperlinks that cause you to inadvertently be redirected to some other story or ad.
  • Great news, misses functionality 3/5

    By Spikeb123
    I love how this app delivers me the news I want and need, as well as some of my other favorite programming but it seems to be missing some of the functionality as intended by the articles authors. For example there will often be text referring to a picture that is not included or text referring to a link that isn't in place. It also seems that the sub section titles appear as regular text . Hope this isn't much to address cause some of those features would be nice to have
  • Biased 1/5

    By Revenge o' the Nerd
    Completely left winged biased. Not a shred of dignity or integrity left in their reporting.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Dr. Selleck
    Love this app! Helps me catch all the stories I didn't catch while listening and then some! Keep it up!
  • solid and reliable 5/5

    By Prof. Shorthair
    The NPR One app is much more elegant, but its battery issues and unreliable streaming made it unusable. The design of this one is clunkier and less intuitive but it is much more reliable. Finally I've found a straightforward way to hear the hourly news update on demand and to stream NPR station broadcasts.
  • To the point 5/5

    By Karen the Lawyer
    Best news source for accurate and trustworthy reporting. Gets to the point without all the blah blah blah!
  • Switching from wi-fi to cell service... 3/5

    By BenjaminHartin
    I’m having an issue switching from wi-fi to cell service. Whenever I leave my apartment where my phone has been on wi-fi, the stream, for the station I listen to on this app, cuts off. This doesn’t happen with other radio streaming apps. I’m hoping you can fix this soon.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Lahcna
    The app works well and gives access to all kinds of programming, which is a treat for someone who doesn't live in the US. It also has more international coverage than apple news. A bit slow downloading the latest news sometimes, but quite manageable.
  • Problems with iOS 11 2/5

    By Bchertov
    App often comes up landscape when pho e (and other apps) are in portrait mode. Was great app before iOS 11 Now stories from the playlist don’t play one after the other sometimes. Please fix!
  • Ease of use 4/5

    By lucas426
    Use it daily, just too many steps to get to the radio station.
  • Great app. Read everyday. 5/5

    Wonderful for the daily commute. Would be nice if it loaded in the background for offline reading. Push notifications are regular but not annoyingly so.

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