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NPR One App

NPR One is a whole new way to listen to stories, shows, and podcasts from NPR and your local public radio station. It’s public radio made personal. "By connecting to audio content from other suppliers, including podcasts and locally sourced news programs, NPR One is now a one-stop shop for all sorts of fascinating audio."- NYTimes "NPR One makes the listening experience smarter and more engaging, and plenty of people will want to tune in." - Re/code *A handcrafted experience.* NPR One starts with the latest headlines then moves to a flow of stories that matter - narratives that increase your understanding, create connections, enrich your life and enliven your mind. All thoughtfully curated by hand, every day. *Always learning from you.* Just pop in your ear buds, tap your phone and NPR One starts flowing. And NPR One gets to know you. Skip what you don't want, or tap the lightbulb to say a story is interesting. We'll turn NPR One into your own personal radio station. *Personal, not prescriptive.* Though your stream is personalized to deliver the stories you want, you’ll still hear the top news of the day and the stories you had no idea would captivate you. *Connected locally.* Even with the breadth of public radio at your fingertips, you won’t lose touch at home. Local news and podcast episodes are woven seamlessly into your listening experience. Local stories, locally reported, are delivered daily. Community is everything. *Features* ° A personalized stream of NPR and local station news and stories ° Skip, rewind, pause and share ° Swipe over to Explore to find stories and podcasts recommended for you ° Dive into your local newscast, stories and podcasts by tapping on your Home station logo ° International, national, regional and local content ° A simple, intuitive interface ° Sleep timer with five presets It’s simple. It’s intuitive. It’s there for you. (Wherever ‘there’ is.) As fast as the world is changing the way it listens to public radio, NPR One is changing the way we deliver it. NPR is here to deliver the public radio experience wherever you are. Whenever you can connect. Love to listen on the go? Get the most out of NPR One with Apple Watch. Control your playback at a glance without touching your phone. Here we go. It’s NPR One. Data Protection Choices At NPR, we understand how important privacy is to you, and we are committed to transparency about how we collect, use and share your information. Please take a moment to read our privacy policy: By downloading this app: ° You agree to NPR’s terms of use, available at ° You acknowledge that NPR may process your personal data as described in NPR’s privacy policy, available at ° You agree that NPR uses devices identifiers, tracking technologies, and information about the device you use to access NPR’s apps to enhance your viewing, listening, and user experience, personalize content, personalize messages from NPR’s sponsors, provide social media features, and analyze NPR’s traffic. This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics, and other third-party service providers. See details in NPR’s privacy policy.

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NPR One app reviews

  • Wont work with chromecast 2/5

    By ljchen415
    Just bought and setup chrome cast successfully after several attempts. (Reboot the google home app) now npr one can connect to the chromecast but no audio plays. When disconnecting from the chromecast npr one displays an error oops. Pls look and fix
  • Drains batteries 3/5

    By rushamy
    I live in Europe and use NPR One to keep up with American news. I used to use this app when living in New York and would listen on the go. For more than a year, I have noticed that the app drains my brand new iPhone battery at a rate of about 2% every 5 minutes. That's not ok. That's not normal. That should be fixed. If lived in America, I, sadly, would not use this app. And I am so tired of hearing about Indeed.
  • Great well it’s working 3/5

    By leexstar
    I really enjoyed the selection that’s on NPR One. However it just freezes up sometimes after 20 minutes sometimes after a number of hours. Really frustrating how about fix that glitch
  • disappointed 2/5

    By neo49
    It’s obvious at this point that development has been abandoned. Which, as an avid NPR supporter, is a letdown. The concept behind NPR One is worthwhile but unless they refactor and start over, it’s hard to recommend the app. The battery drain is the severe and most pressing issue. It easily guzzles down energy more than even watching a video or playing a graphics intensive game. I imagine NPR doesn’t see a cost-benefit from fixing this issue. If support isn’t going to be there, they’re better off pulling the app. More recently, I’ve noticed that the app will replay a program I’ve already listened to - sometimes in multiple instances, and will often not be able to resume a program from where I left off (forcing me to scan forward to where it should resume).
  • Needs a refresh 2/5

    By AndreNY
    It is not designed for a iPhone Xs and uses black bars on the top and bottom of the display The sign in process does not use the iOS password feature when signing in with an email address, so a password cannot be easily filled in from a password safe
  • One stop for all media 5/5

    By Kerry d t
    The podcasts, news, and anything npr is never over. This app is the next step for radio.
  • Confusing interface. 1/5

    By Applesucks998762
    Did the people who wrote this piece of crap actually try to use it? It’s not intuitive at all. SAD. FAILING NPR
  • Fix battery drain 3/5

    By brosephus_josephus
    NPR One drains my battery more quickly than YouTube. Please go in the backend and fix whatever protocol that demands all that juice.
  • I LOVE NPR!!!!! Just not this app... 2/5

    By gen qzak
    I absolutely love npr and listen to many programs every day, I have also been a monthly donor since I got my first job out of college. However, this app is clunky! Some recommendations for new features I have would be: 1. Have an alphabetized list somewhere of all the programs offered on the app. Currently to find new programs I have to rely on the recommended and featured shows, but there are so many out there that are available but only come up in a manual search. This means that I and many others are completely unaware of some of the awesome programs available to us. I frequently search npr podcasts on Spotify just to find what I want to listen to on the npr one app :( 2. Have an auto play feature (maybe even playlists) where the app jumps to the next I played episode after finishing the one I am currently listening to. Another awesome feature would be the ability to create playlists. I could perhaps have a bunch of finance and economics podcasts in there that would auto play one after the other. 3. Lastly I want to point out that these features might be available in the app, but my last problem is that it is not intuitive to use at all so even if these are available they are hard to find :( I will go back to using Spotify to listen to npr. To be honest I would rather that the budgeting get put into more great content rather than fixing the app. Thanks for trying
  • Love NPR, Hate this App 1/5

    By kdamgaard
    I listen to NPR everyday and it’s part of my daily morning routine. When I’m on the road I used to depend on NPRs app. The new version of NPR One does not work, ever, and is very frustrating. Fix please!
  • Can’t send feedback, can’t find morning edition 2/5

    By Dissatisfiedpi
    I just clicked through every menu and view in the app about 6 times each and can’t figure out how to add all today’s morning edition and yesterday’s all things considered stories to my playlist. Also tried clicking the help and feedback links and ended up at a dead link error page hosted by salesforce. Ugh.
  • My local station auto defaults to Washington DC when I’ve never been to that part of the country. 1/5

    By MarcusTheMartin
    Why do all NPR apps know my location but refuse to let me access the local news? Every time I switch the location it defaults back to some random station on the coast even though the GPS KNOWS WHERE I AM.
  • iPhone XS Max user. 3/5

    By araoww21
    Please update the apps layout. Great source of information though.
  • Awesome, but destroys my battery 3/5

    By t0ny m0n
    I love this app, but my phone drains from 100% to 50% in 45 minutes. Listening over headphones. No other app I listen to does this! Streaming spotify over the phone speaker at full volume drains much slower. Please fix!!
  • Great content but crashes my Apple CarPlay. Every single time. 2/5

    By Wizardgraphics
    Great content but crashes my Apple CarPlay. Every single time. Desperately needs an update.
  • Love NPR One! 5/5

    By Pippo-65
    I listen all the time on my phone and smart speakers. It has learned what I am interested in. A great addition would be an alarm: wake up to the latest news!
  • Oh, how I hate this app. 1/5

    By fbeagle
    What have we done to make NPR so mad at us that they would continue to make the crappiest app out there? I love NPR but this app is making me miss my favorite shows and spend an incredible amount of energy finding what I want. Plus, if I even look at it the wrong way it switches shows and has no back button. I’m not a stupid person, but this app makes me feel like I am. So long Hidden Brain, On Point, and pretty much every other show I love. It’s so hard to find you that I am giving up.
  • Worst, most unnavigable app ever. 1/5

    By vslist
    Can’t go back to previous story, live radio kicks you out to website, and much much more wrong. They really don’t want you to listen to NPR.
  • Google Home Casting - No Go - 1/5

    By patcap96
    I listen to my local NPR station all the time in the car. I discovered this in the google home app and it said I could stream to my home audio network. That didn’t work at all. It says that it’s currently playing to the device but there is no audio. Also if I would like to stream my local NPR station it makes me go to the physical station webpage and I can’t cast from there to google home.
  • Keeps crashing... 2/5

    By Malu2626262
    Love this app but I can’t use it anymore. It’s been crashing in the first 10 seconds of the stories for the last five months....
  • Doesn’t work on CarPlay 1/5

    By traveller1980
    There is a whole thread on reddit about this so it isn’t just me. No problems with any of the other CarPlay supported apps I have.
  • Where is the play list!? 2/5

    By Anycas
    I like that i can listen to my fav shows and podcast, and the update of the news on the hour; that being said is an annoying app that does not let you navigate the playlist you built to listen to specific news, also if i wanted to listed to the entire weekend edition Saturday, i have to add each little piece of reporting i stead of the block broadcast. Please, PLEASE fix this! Let us navigate and SEE the playlist we built!
  • Almost a good app 2/5

    By Avesnovuelan
    This would be a great app if it would only allow me to create a playlist of the things I want to listen to in what order. When I am driving it really isn’t safe for me to have to grab my phone and search or scroll for what I want to hear next. Without that feature I think I am better off using Apple Podcasts or Spotify.
  • Won’t remember my follows 2/5

    By Yarnboy
    Works pretty ok but I like to start each day with Up First. I followed the show in the app but the app itself inconsistently rememberers that I’ve done it. For weeks it has told me I haven’t followed any shows, even after I re-followed them. Dumped for a podcast aggregator that also lets me play things at different speeds and download podcasts to my phone.
  • Very disappointing - privacy down the drain 1/5

    By Tom17xx
    I love NPR - I donate regularly. But I absolutely loathe this app, and in particular it's basic premise : you have to login to access content. I used to browse the npr Music app for interesting stations, all across the country, and would find new and eclectic stuff left and right. Now things are 'curated', my media consumption is tracked and 'shared' with sponsors, of course only in the interest of 'enhancing my experience'. Common NPR folks - are you serious? This doesn't pass the laugh test.
  • 1 yr later - Problem w/Google Home STILL not Fixed 1/5

    By CyberValen
    I thought I would download this app since NPR advertises its compatibility with Google Home. I attempted unsuccessfully for about an hour to get NPR One to work on Google Home. And I did some research and discovered that NPR one I did not been working on Google Home since the beginning of 2018. This problem was reported almost 1yr ago and it still has not been fixed despite repeated requests to do so by multiple users. NPR One – please fix compatibility problem with Google Home or stop advertising NPR one as an option to use on Google Home!
  • NPR One stinks 1/5

    By NPR lifer
    Worst app ever invented.
  • Requires login 1/5

    By Michael Critz
    Completely broken because requires a login but no way to sign up.
  • How does this app even work??? 1/5

    By jmoney865
    This is literally the worst app ive ever downloaded and tried to use. Keyword: tried. I cannot figure out how to use it, i think, or its the just really that terrible. Why cant i just browse stations by genre? How can i search for things i dont know exist? How can i just keep a list of shows or stations or whatever just to click on and listen to while driving? Horrible unusable app. Like hilariously difficult and aggravating. Deleted even though i really want to listen to npr. This is actually the second time ive deleted it, i had to leave a review this time.
  • App remained active 1/5

    By O.S. Miller
    I uninstalled this app after iOS 12.1.4 upgrade. Prior the app would not let CarPlay play if the app was opened and not active. I had to closed the window manually. After iOS upgrade the app would remain playing ever after I closed the app.
  • A great app that needs an iPhone X view 3/5

    By Jdksndkskdjd
    What the title says. The app needs to be updated to support a fullscreen view on iPhone X/XS/XR models.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mecapow
    This app is terrible. It’s near impossible to find what you are looking for. Please put your content back on the the regular NPR app. Quit trying to shove it down my throat!!!
  • I used to love it… 1/5

    By iynque
    …but now it very quickly makes my phone very hot and runs down the battery. Number one battery-consuming app by far in the table available in Settings—even playing games with full 3D graphics won’t generate as much heat or drain the battery as fast. Obviously a bug was added and needs fixing. It used to be my daily routine, but now it’s unusable. I only turn it on from time to time now, hoping it has been fixed, but I have to make sure not to use it for too long. Usually the heat I feel in my pocket cues me to force-quit the app—even running in the background playing nothing causes crazy amounts of heat and power drain. I honestly don’t understand how Apple allows this app in the App Store at all anymore.
  • Rename to "Battery Discharge App" 1/5

    By daustind
    Seriously, NPR!? After 2 hours of listening, my phone is dead and hot. What is this terrible garbage??
  • Good content; poor app design 1/5

    By Michiganhxc
    I can never just go back to what I was browsing. Also, not optimized for new iPhones.
  • Data hog 3/5

    By zombi3g
    This app used up a gig of cellular data for about 20 minutes of listening. Not sure what compression settings are being used, but maybe that needs to be revisited.
  • Good organization, but poor app 2/5

    By Thomas Bates
    This app is missing many modern features for others like Overcast, like sleep timers and dark mode. However, my main problem is that it still doesn’t support full size on iPhone X.
  • Needs to be better 1/5

    By Justin Carter D
    There’s a need for this app, but this app doesn’t meet it. Collecting all the NPR podcasts in one place could be very useful, but NPR isn’t just podcasts, it’s a world-class news presenter. So when I want news, this app hands me... a weblink to the front page of my affiliate station...?! embarrassing.
  • Battery Drainer 1/5

    By MJWBoise
    Installed the app and experienced rapid battery usage. After three days I deleted the app and the problem with rapid battery drain disappeared.
  • Good 4/5

    By Thomas Phifer
    We need the ability to go back to the previous story!!!! Also need an easy way to get to the hourly newscast.
  • Disappearing Listening History 3/5

    By Will Mackay
    I love this app. However, sometimes when I’m listening to an episode and then pause it in the middle and leave the app, if I come back a few minutes later it’ll be showing me the National Newscast. That would be fine if the episode I had paused was in my listening history, but it isn’t- this is especially annoying when I’m listening to old episodes (say, of CarTalk) and have to scroll down 500 listings to get to the oldest ones I’m listening to now. If you fixed this, it’d be a 5-star review from me, because otherwise I can’t find any fault in it and have always loved it.
  • Data hog 2/5

    By Alcyone91
    Used 2GB of data in 2 weeks from occasional listening.
  • Please update this app 2/5

    By Peterintexas
    Are use this app every day but it’s frustrating and out of date. The screen size needs to be updated for iPhone X and above and the app has a lot of bugs. Content is great. App is not.
  • “Sign in required” - This app just got worse 1/5

    By Pastudan
    They really push you through their sign in flow every time you open the app, even though it’s totally not required if you tap around enough. I find that dishonest. I also don’t think sign in should be required to listen to public radio. I use this app every day to catch up on the national newscast first, then a few local stories. They make this so difficult to find, and I don’t understand why. If you click the explore tab, the national newscast should be front and center. The “catch up, or continue” prompt that they ask is also not clear. Should not be an interstitial modal, just keep playing and show a banner that lets you start over from the latest news if desired.
  • Slow updates but I use it daily 4/5

    By Troo06
    It’s old, but it works. Hopefully some folks are hard at work on an updated version.
  • Cut out the sponsored “news” stories 3/5

    By Oge Vader
    Update: the most annoying bug this app has, currently, is that it will not restart audio when an AirPod is put back in the ear. This feature works for every other audio app on iPhone. I just heard one of your sponsored “news” stories - a very serious sounding British accent speaking very authoritatively about about ‘TOR’ and “The Dark Web” and “having your information bought and sold” - I know enough about this stuff to realize it was the worst aspects of journalism - fear-mongering, overstating risk, over-simplifying - in order to try to sell a product - in this case, credit monitoring/financial services. But it was all packaged up to sound like another NPR piece. Don’t let these sponsors degrade your credibility. Get this garbage OFF of NPR.
  • Still Crashes CarPlay 1/5

    By Cpt. M. Reynolds
    You’d think they would finally put the proper resources into an app that represents what some call a highly reputable American news source. I’ve even contacted them - to which their response was, the are aware of the issues and will eventually get to correcting them. If you’re not listening on CarPlay you’ll have a rest experience. If you are using CarPlay, I suppose you’ll mark this review as helpful.
  • Randomly starts playing. Needs a more features 3/5

    By Christofury
    Problems: 1) the app sometimes randomly starts playing in the background. I don’t have the app on my Apple Watch as some thought that was the cause. Mildly annoying but livable. 2) my followed shows do not always appear in “shows you like”. I’m assuming they only show up when a new podcast is available, but I would refer them to be always accessible. Annoying that I have to search for them each time they don’t appear on the list. Developers please add these features: Live radio- I would like to stream my local station as it’s broadcasting. Helpful when I’m out of town, or getting terrible reception. Or when you want to hear marketplace at broadcast vs waiting for the podcast to be uploaded. More buttons: Skip forward 10 or 15 seconds Back button. Why do you have a forward but not a back?
  • Thanks NPR! 5/5

    By Blū
    I live in WA outside of good range of the local NPR station, but strangely enough, I do have LTE on our land (wifi is a different story, however). I love catching up with the three minute national and local coverage each morning and have incorporated it into my day, primarily while I’m waiting for the water to boil. I haven’t had any hang-ups with the app so far, my only reservation would simply be that I wish there was more content and a better way to explore it. Shows with hundreds of episodes don’t really offer a good way to drop-in aside from just picking an episode and going for it, and shows that I know and love, like All Things Considered or Freakonomics don’t show up on here. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong areas, though. Anyway, thanks NPR!

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