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NPR One App

NPR One is a whole new way to listen to stories, shows, and podcasts from NPR and your local public radio station. It’s public radio made personal. "By connecting to audio content from other suppliers, including podcasts and locally sourced news programs, NPR One is now a one-stop shop for all sorts of fascinating audio."- NYTimes "NPR One makes the listening experience smarter and more engaging, and plenty of people will want to tune in." - Re/code *A handcrafted experience.* NPR One starts with the latest headlines then moves to a flow of stories that matter - narratives that increase your understanding, create connections, enrich your life and enliven your mind. All thoughtfully curated by hand, every day. *Always learning from you.* Just pop in your ear buds, tap your phone and NPR One starts flowing. And NPR One gets to know you. Skip what you don't want, or tap the lightbulb to say a story is interesting. We'll turn NPR One into your own personal radio station. *Personal, not prescriptive.* Though your stream is personalized to deliver the stories you want, you’ll still hear the top news of the day and the stories you had no idea would captivate you. *Connected locally.* Even with the breadth of public radio at your fingertips, you won’t lose touch at home. Local news and podcast episodes are woven seamlessly into your listening experience. Local stories, locally reported, are delivered daily. Community is everything. *Features* ° A personalized stream of NPR and local station news and stories ° Skip, rewind, pause and share ° Swipe over to Explore to find stories and podcasts recommended for you ° Dive into your local newscast, stories and podcasts by tapping on your Home station logo ° International, national, regional and local content ° A simple, intuitive interface ° Sleep timer with five presets It’s simple. It’s intuitive. It’s there for you. (Wherever ‘there’ is.) As fast as the world is changing the way it listens to public radio, NPR One is changing the way we deliver it. NPR is here to deliver the public radio experience wherever you are. Whenever you can connect. Love to listen on the go? Get the most out of NPR One with Apple Watch. Control your playback at a glance without touching your phone. Here we go. It’s NPR One.


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NPR One app reviews

  • Battery Killer 2/5

    By Saunterie
    On the whole I like this app despite NPR News becoming increasingly one sided and at times downright cynical in their choice of morning news program hosts. That said I’ve stopped using the app as it’s destroying my battery life. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it and running it only on WiFi but nothing helps. My iPhone 8 is generally still at 70% at the end of the day without the app. If I install the app and allow it to run normally my phone hits 70% by about noon.
  • Can’t find my shows:\ glitchy 3/5

    By Jwang94
    I love Up First but it almost NEVER shows up on my followed shows and the search feature is always glitchy and doesnt work most of the time so I cant even get to it that way. The rare times that it DOES appear, i have to make sure it stays in my “Recently Heard” so i can actually hope to find it again🙄🙄
  • When is iPhone X support coming? 3/5

    By Raydmak
    I love NPR news and the way the network gives access to its programs with different platforms. I would give this app a 5 star rating if there was support for my iPhone X.
  • It’s 2018 and the app still locks up 3/5

    By HI Monk Seal
    Hope you can find some better app designers soon to solve the ongoing problems - for years. The sponsorship ads start, stop, start again, over and over and over. Why can’t the app know it is rebooting itself and stop with the ads. Once is enough. Often first few minutes the audio is garbled and just have to wait until it straightens out. Often the audio just stops for several seconds to a minute. Often have to close and reopen app to get it to play again. Look at other public radio apps for guidance. I do not have these problems with several of other local public radio apps. Hope someone from KQED will read these reviews and address the many issues.
  • Need to add 15 sec skip 3/5

    By Kurtray
    It's not possible to skip sections of longer podcasts like Up First. Also, would love to see a history list so I can easily review & return to podcasts I’ve already listened to. And, it should pick up where it left off if I skip to another podcast and later return to it.
  • My favorite app. Period. 5/5

    By The Swiss.
    Love NPR. Love NPR One. Thank you.
  • Raging data hog 2/5

    By hoover411
    I was excited to see this app with a lot of interesting NPR programming on demand. Thinking this was going to be my road trip audio, I tried it for 2 hours. Later, I received a notification from my carrier that I was running out of data. It consumed 1GB of my plan! For streaming audio, that’s outrageous. I turned off cellular data for this app until it’s fixed.
  • Great App 5/5

    By pangelboy
    I’ve loved NPR since I was a kid listening to it while on car trips with my family. I’m so grateful that NPR is keeping up with the times and released this app. Since I no longer listen to the radio much and mainly listen to podcasts or Spotify, this app has brought NPR back into my life. I use it all the time. The Wake Up podcast is like ~2mins long and perfect while I’m getting ready in the morning. It also plays some of my local NPR programs as well. These are great to listen to while I cook. I’ve also been introduced to some programs I probably would’ve never been exposed to without this app suggesting them. The app experience is pretty intuitive. I haven’t run into any show stopping bugs and I appreciate how straight forward, simple and clean the interface is. Really, an A+ job all around!
  • I honestly hate saying so... 2/5

    By Hugoponders
    But the app is crap. I love NPR, but not enough to willingly endure bugs, glitches, poor performance and unexplainable design, that make this thing not endearing or quirky or a “diamond in the rough”, but an absolute chore. I don’t even think it can be salvaged at this point. They need to just start over.
  • Commie Scum 1/5

    By Janyyia
    commie scum
  • iPhone X update 5/5

    By gonzo9610
    I love this app (and public radio)!! However please please please optimize for iPhone X
  • NPR is A National Treasure. NPR ONE is a gem. 5/5

    By Chaostopher
    NPR is A National Treasure. NPR ONE is a gem. It gives you easy access to the best news, and intelligent entertainment available, 24-7, and it plays in the background while you are multitasking and even when your screen is turned off. Love it.
  • Optimized Experience 5/5

    By Char-maniac
    So pleased to see this vital-to-society non-profit optimize and evolve its user experience to include all the separate podcasts and live news into one natural stream. Smart, necessary, successful. Thank you.
  • disappointing 3/5

    By LucyluZekeyblu
    i love npr and everything it has to offer but a lot of the time when i try to play an episode or just listen to whatever i'm presented with when not focused on a certain episode it just won't load and it's rlly inconvenient
  • Not working at all lately 1/5

    By pakiguy
    Please fix
  • Too much local content and stories repeat 3/5

    By Purduepilot87
    I hear too many local stories, not enough national, and frequently if I listen for a long period of time I will start hearing the local stories repeat.
  • Love / Hate Relationship 2/5

    By ed zachary
    I love this app because it’s the best way to listen to NPR. It’s the best way to explore stories and skip the ones you’re not interested in. But I also hate it because it’s very buggy. It will spontaneously start playing from a paused and background state for no reason whatsoever. And it will frequently resume playing from the beginning of an hour long story that you were more than halfway through, so you have to scroll / fast-forward to find where you actually were when you last left off.
  • Recommendations to improve 4/5

    By RebeccahAnne
    I love NPR. I love what NPR One could be. But there are a couple things I think need to be done to improve the experience. 1. Alright, the app randomly turns on. Sometimes when I’m at work, sometimes at play, and recently when I was asleep, my phone is locked and the app will start loudly “This is NPR” (because when I listen in the mornings I have it on high). Why and how does the app decide to randomly play itself?? 2. When I’m logged into my NPR One account, why would stories/programs replay the same one? Seems like the app should know I’ve heard this one and find a new one to play. Keep improving and NPR One could be the best app ever. I’m very happy with the updates that have been made so far!
  • Resume feature needs work 4/5

    By Lucasmt
    Why does the app hide what you are listening to when asking to resume or continue? Please also the user to see what we are resuming. Also please add a 15 second forward button as well. Sometimes you just don’t want to hear the last story about a politicians latest tweet and move onto to the next story!
  • Love content, but not very user-friendly 3/5

    By Nybum
    I thoroughly enjoy the variety of news and podcasts I’ve listened to, particularly because I keep stumbling across new things. It’s irritating, however, that when I go back to something I had to pause, it starts at the very beginning of the podcast. Particularly infuriating as I really only listen in my car, so not easy to scroll back to where I left off. Please fix that!
  • Meh 3/5

    By HPRer
    I live in a place where my regular radio reception to the nearest station doesn’t work. (That’s another story). This app plays me some news, then an ad for another show. Then some short story. Then an ad for another show. Then some short story. Then an ad for another show. I understand how it’s cool to personalize this app, but I’m driving, and I’m not tapping my screen to listen to more of your story. Also, the NPR is nice and loud and clear. But when it switches to my local broadcast it’s very quiet and muffled sounding. So I turn it up to listen, and have to be very diligent to turn it down before the national broadcast comes on and blows my brains out. Lol. If anyone has suggestions to make this a better experience, I’d love to hear them!
  • Algorithms? Personalized news? Nooo! 2/5

    By Ella-bella12345678910
    Why is NPR One now requiring me to sign in (in order to provide news that will be of greater personal interest, per algorithms)?! I do not want NPR to feed me the news it thinks I want to hear!! I listen to NPR for the comprehensive coverage, so I can learn more about the world around me. I want NPR to pop bubbles, not create or fortify them.
  • Battery drain 3/5

    By LEMM0N
    The interface is fine, and the content is obviously great, but chews up way more power than any other streaming app. Listening to this during my 25 minute walk to work takes the battery from 90% to zero.
  • The app I use most 5/5

    By emily413
    I love this app. It allows me to listen to my favorite NPR podcasts mixed amongst news. And the algorithm is so good that I’m discovering new podcasts/news pieces I would’ve otherwise not heard of.
  • Who is this app for, exactly? 3/5

    By Molly23
    I really wish this app was usable, and I tried very hard to work it into my routine. It’s just clumsy to navigate, it’s lacking in usability features, and I don’t know what kind of listener it is designed for. It’s just an awkward, unintuitive thing. There’s no queue / up next feature (there is a Listen Later list, but it has a hard cap of 20 items & can only be found in the interface immediately after you add something to it). You’d be better off listening on their website, or through a third party like Stitcher or Overcast.
  • NPR is great 4/5

    By Timmy light pockets
    The news is great. And the shows interesting. I love “wait wait ...” it is hysterical.
  • Not a podcast app 1/5

    By Ozzburne
    - No way to reliably listen to podcasts in sequence (want to listen to car talk from the beginning? Have fun scrolling for 5 minutes every hour) since there’s no back button once you select your podcast, and after each episode it throws you into a badly normalized generic news bulletin. -Eats through battery life and data for no real reason. It’s audio data there should be minimal data usage. -There are no organizational options for anything, the app just tries to guess what you want, usually badly. -just uninstall it and go use your browser
  • Good but glitches 3/5

    By SignWays
    I love NPR & have been a devoted listener & supporter for over 30 years. Listened to podcasts via local station’s website prior to this app. One thing that bugs me tremendously is if the screen is touched inadvertently while playing a podcast, you are pushed into a news program & there is no way to go back to where you were in the podcast without re-locating the podcast program & forwarding to where you lost the program. This happens frequently because it is common to need to pick up the phone while listening to a program.
  • Data Usage is killing this app! 2/5

    By audioeric
    Somehow this app has chewed through 1.3GB of cellular data in the last 2 weeks while listening a handful of times on a 30 minute drive home. I want to love this app, but I’ve had to uninstall to save my cellular data!! I’ll stick to the Apple podcasts app for now.
  • Basic functionality locked behind signing in. 2/5

    By MHD2T
    Shouldn’t have to sign in just to do basic things like select a local station.
  • Crashes CarPlay every time 2/5

    By Sohl
    I only really want to use this app for CarPlay. It isn’t maintained well. Crashes CarPlay every time I try to use it.
  • All you need to start your day 5/5

    By Sarita
    I use this to get a sane look at the headlines and pending news before my day starts. Great highlight show without glibness or “takes.”
  • Personalized to the listener 5/5

    By ACE161989
    NPR one greatly exceeded my expectations. I have no clue why there are 1, 2, or 3 star reviews! It is personalized to the listener, and has introduced me to incredibly interesting and informative podcasts.
  • Excellent content 5/5

    By Mik52whigus
    NPR’s effort to communicate important information and opinions is an excellent way to support American democracy and values. It is so important that all citizens is USA and the world be aware of the threats to democracy coming from many fronts (including dictatorship, governments or regimes). To be aware is important, but even more is to defend this values in any way each citizen may do so.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kash17
    Use this app on a daily basis. Love it!
  • Apple TV version non-functional 1/5

    By Phil in Colorado
    Sorry to post the Apple TV version’s review here, but there seems to be only an option within Apple TV App Store to apply a star rating. Home Station stuck on KERA in north Texas. App doesn’t pull in info from my iOS version, though I’m signed in on both with the same login info. Searching for Home Stations within the Apple TV NPR One yields zero results. Now Playing, Explore tabs are blank. Apple TV version of NPR One is non-functional
  • Allow privacy 2/5

    By WA skiier
    Why is sign in required? I understand I am sacrificing ‘taylored’ content, but it allows me to keep one more aspect of my life less tracked and catalogued. Take a note from “Note to Self” from WNYC and allow for people to opt for a non tracking (non signed in) option.
  • Some bugs still but love it 4/5

    By Rasho.
    The app will randomly switch on and begin playing, and it is impossible to undo an “interesting” designation
  • Random starts embarrassing!!!!! 2/5

    By rpfaffmann
    After leaving car it starts up usuall about 15 minutes later ... in a public meeting... never touched the phone!!! Doesn’t matter whether you unplug before or after turning off the ignition! Often the reverse happens when it won’t start CarPlay... VW blames Apple
  • I Love NPR ❤️ 4/5

    By Jennie*o1
    Love NPR! The NPRONE app is great, however lately (and more frequently) the app freezes on me. I’ve had to go as far as deleting the app & re downloading it. It will act like it’s ‘loading’ but nothing happens. Not sure why it does it now, but it didn’t do it before. NEVERTHELESS the app is STILL WORTH DOWNLOADING! I love the app! It connects me to everything that is important... “Everything I know, I’ve learned from NPR ONE” 😆🤘🏼
  • Data Hog! 2/5

    By joayton87
    The app itself is a nice idea but I can’t use it anymore as it’s an unbelievable data hog. I’ve listened to entire seasons of NPR podcasts, using about 500mgs total in the process- yet 30 minutes of using the NPR One app and it’s already sucked up 2GB?! I reset my cellular data counter on my iPhone and tested it again, after 25 minutes it used another 1.5GB. This app is either extremely poorly designed or had some major bugs.
  • Can’t go back to the last story 4/5

    By student Daynea
    It needs a previous story button, or some way to get back to the last story that played. Or even a list of previously played stories. It’s super annoying to miss the end of a story and not be able to go back to it once the next one starts.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Lendos
    Plays the first 15 seconds of a story and then skips to the next story. Over and over again.
  • oops! We goofed, bear with us... 3/5

    By DBirdMcG
    First off I love and support NPR. I do for the most part love this app and use it almost daily, National Newscasts, Radiowest, love it. BUT. I constantly get the error “oops! We goofed, bear with us...” Pausing and playing from the lock screen or with headphones often won’t work and will cause the error. Sometimes the only way to fix it is to quit the app and skip the story I was enjoying. Sometimes I pause it briefly then it will not play again without hitting play from the app itself. Another error. NPR One will randomly play. If I hadn’t listened to it for a few hours, iPhone locked inside my pocket, and all of sudden it just starts playing. It will do this over and over again. Hit pause from the lock screen and a few moments later it starts playing. Quitting the app is the only fix to this. Although this has happened when the app has already been quit but it was the last app I had used for audio. So in that case launch the app then quit it again. I love the content, and greatly appreciate NPR, but this app is full of bugs.
  • Good, but not great 3/5

    By Capmgn
    Overall, pretty decent. I like the variety, etc. One of my biggest complaints is that I’ll pause the audio for a moment, sometimes less than a minute, and when I hit play, the app takes me to another story. I’d really like to be able to pause and play without missing out on a story that I may have been halfway through listening to.
  • Perfect way to access EVERYTHING NPR!!! 5/5

    By sortaswell
    Love it so much, it’s so convenient and user friendly. Thank you NPR! And as always please support your local public broadcasters!!!
  • Frustrating and difficult to use 2/5

    By Still entering by hand
    After using the simple and straightforward KQED app for a number of years this seems to be a real step backwards. Can’t seem to find a way to perform simple tasks like choose a podcast series (not an episode) and then choose an episode to listen to.
  • Nice attempt but too rigid. 3/5

    By ahmadster
    How do I undo “interesting”? I clicked by mistake. How do I go back to the story I was just listening to? It jumped from politics to health and I wanted to go back to the thing I just heard. No not the 15 sec replay, I mean the previous story. I have to navigate to the main screen and look at recent? Why is it hard to build a TiVo for radio?
  • Great app but something is broken! 3/5

    By Edulse
    I love NPR One. It's my primary source to catch up on the world every day during my commutes to and from work! I love that I can also catch up on many of my favorite podcasts and discover new ones all through the app. This new update however, along with subtle UI changes, has brought along some bugs that are making my experience unpleasant. First, even if I pause the app, if I temporarily switch to another app, when I go back to NPR One, it refreshes and I lose my place in the story I was listening to. It takes me to NPR ads and plays a new story. Sometimes I can't even find the story I was listening to in the Recently Played section...very frustrating! Second, even though I am always logged into my social media apps, when I try to share a story now, I keep getting a pop-up message stating I must be logged in to my social media app in order to share. No bueno! Please fix ASAP! UPDATE: It seems NPR developers are slacking off, it doesn’t seem updates come too often to this app. When will iPhone X support be made available?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Eaglepowers1
    Great content, however I’ve been trying to play a podcast for the past 20 minutes and it just sits there and loads. All other apps work so it’s not a service issue

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