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The best of NPR’s content in your pocket: read the latest breaking news, stream your local public radio stations, and hear your favorite NPR shows and podcasts. The NPR App is in your hands, wherever you go. Tap into a world of stories with on-demand access to the best of NPR content—news, live radio streams, programs, and podcasts. Never miss a beat with hourly newscasts, breaking news alerts, and story feeds filtered by topic. With the NPR app, home feels close enough to touch. Stream your local station to hear the stories that matter in your community. HIGHLIGHTS: Get the latest stories from NPR delivered right to your phone. Hear local and national newscasts and receive breaking news alerts. Stream your local radio station from wherever you are. Listen to America’s top conversations from NPR’s award-winning news programs, Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Enjoy on-demand access to your favorite podcasts, including NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and Planet Money. You can now support the station in your community with a simple, easy tap to visit their donation page. Data Protection Choices At NPR, we understand how important privacy is to you, and we are committed to transparency about how we collect, use and share your information. Please take a moment to read our privacy policy: By downloading this app: • You agree to NPR’s terms of use, available at • You acknowledge that NPR may process your personal data as described in NPR’s privacy policy, available at • You agree that NPR uses devices identifiers, tracking technologies, and information about the device you use to access NPR’s apps to enhance your viewing, listening, and user experience, personalize content, personalize messages from NPR’s sponsors, provide social media features, and analyze NPR’s traffic. This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics, and other third-party service providers. See details in NPR’s privacy policy.

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NPR app reviews

  • Need Alarm Clock Feature 3/5

    By ftaslueth
    I would give this app five stars if you guys could add an Alarm Clock Feature to the Live Stream. It would be nice to wake up to local NPR station while traveling.
  • Does Not Load for iPhone X 1/5

    By Msndnnll
    The app will not load on my iPhone X after deleting and reinstalling the app. Can’t see my objective news anymore!
  • Cannot use on iPad or iPhone 1/5

    By Beagrid
    The iPad app buffers and cuts out every minute or two. The iPhone app just recently started playing with an echo/feedback loop and is 100% unlistenable!! My iOS is current, I’ve deleted/readded app, still have the same problem.
  • Where are Siri shortcuts? 3/5

    By aquaosx
    The release notes mention Siri shortcuts, but there is no shortcut flow in the the NPR app and Apple’s Shortcuts app returns nothing when you search for “NPR.” What’s up? (Also please update the sister app NPR One)
  • Broken 1/5

    By tcsmithbiz
    The App has been broken and not working for scores of users for weeks now. Deleting and reloading does nothing to fix it. It shouldn’t take this long to provide a patch to fix. It’s a shame really.
  • Don’t leave your car, you may have to reset the app 1/5

    By AlbertSamano
    Why do all my other streaming apps work better than this? If stream is momentarily interrupted, I hear where it left off with the current real time stream over it. Love NPR, tired of the app.
  • Double playback 2/5

    By Qaaaate
    Lately when I play the live stream it starts playing two tracks at the same time of the same stream which creates a terrible echo. It’s really a bummer bc I just want to listen to the radio when I’m getting ready in the morning and I really can’t. I tried re downloading it and the same problem Came back right away.
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By ph437
    Could be a good app but too frustrating to use I end up closing and just use apple news. This app doesn’t load content half the time. The morning update will not play for me half the time. I have to force close the app and restart it five times and even then I still can’t get the audio to play. I know it’s not my brand new iPhone Xs or my Wifi because everything else loads fine.
  • Live stream is horrible 1/5

    By jesskasp
    I like to listen to my local npr station at work, but I can’t even get through one news segment without the app buffering or restarting. Guess I’ll have to dig out an old radio...
  • They Broke The NPR News App 1/5

    By Up_Late
    When the playlist came back I was really happy (though unbelievably you couldn’t delete your played history). But now the app won’t load ANYTHING. Just a spinning wheel on the app that locks up. No news, no programs, just an empty app. The new app looks “updated” but for listeners it is inferior to the old app in every way. Now yet another bug/poor design. NPR: time to replace your people/contractors.
  • This app is always cutting out 2/5

    By jkthinks
    I do not like this new app. It constantly drops the connection and does not do a good job of rejoining so that you have to go and reopen it. Plus you cannot erase previous played stations so that it sometimes plays the same station twice and there is no way to delete it. And you can’t listen on the go away from wireless although that was true if the old app. The old app was just so stable! I am deleting this app and will try the npr one to see if it’s any better. Very frustrating
  • Dead in the Water 1/5

    By Wander482
    The new app does not work at all on my iPhone 7. There's an interface, but it will not load any content. It will not find a member station. The home page is a frozen search wheel. It's been this way for a couple of weeks now, even though I've reinstalled the app multiple times. The app clearly has a major failure and NPR apparently can't afford even an intern to fix it. :-(
  • Where is my news 1/5

    By long time UK Sudoku fan
    Just a circling wheel that never stops
  • Why is there “already played” list that can’t be deleted? 3/5

    By Tiff227
    This is a pointless feature, totally inconsistent with normal app functionality, and is a privacy concern. Why even have this feature? It’s nice that you guys brought back a somewhat functional app but why do you insist on overthinking everything? The old NPR app worked fine, NPR One was deeply overthought (and overwrought) and barely functional and this new NPR app brings in some some of that limited functionality. It seems like it was designed by someone reviewing the corporate description of NPR - obsessive focus on repetitive news that generates local revenue for national NPR, as if it were the 90s and we weren’t able to get a news summary immediately by swiping on our phone - rather than actually providing access to the rich diversity of content available throughout the NPR network. It just doesn’t seem that hard to give people what they want and have clearly asked for for some time. It honestly seems like there are developers “guessing” at what users might want. Why not just ask them if it is so hard? Why waste all this time, money and waning good will creating limited functionality?
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By LLisaLL
    The new format struggles with the way it functions. When you choose to play a segment, it’s a lottery whether it will actually play for you. Segments are moved to playlist without making that request and removing them is cumbersome. The app will-decide on its own to jump to the next selection in sequence. Instead of the app, I find myself getting hourly hews via Alexa or going to a webpage and accessing there. I haven’t deleted it yet but almost there.
  • Bring back SEARCH!!!! 1/5

    By Martin Olaf
    The new version looks shinier, but they took key tools out: there’s no longer a search function, so you can’t find specific stories or reporters. They’ve also made it next to impossible to look up a story from a previous day’s show.
  • Good but no search feature?? 3/5

    By colorcandles
    I love using the app to listen to live radio. I like that I can save multiple stations and switch fairly easily between the two. But there's no obvious search feature that I can find which is a pretty major downfall in my opinion. I'm looking for a story that I heard live yesterday but am unable to find it on the app.
  • Go back to the old app! 3/5

    By tyreux
    An avid NPR listener, I loved the old app for its intuitive browsing capabilities and ability to easily create select playlists of stories from around the world. The new app is much more limited and full of glitches, especially if you’re listening to live radio. The app will often inexplicably double up - meaning you’re getting the same broadcast twice at the same time, being played a few seconds apart - or just shut down altogether. Please remedy! I love you NPR
  • The app never loads any news! 2/5

    By Ospina34322
    I’ve used this app before and it used to work well. Now, the app never loads any news. If I tap on any of the main articles a blank page appears. If I try to look at sections like “national”, it’s all just blank. Good thing this app is free.
  • Glad to have playlist but it’s too glitchy 2/5

    By audrabot
    - sometimes doesn’t play - whenever adding/removing items, it pauses whatever is playing - no way to remove already played items - if you miss a day of morning edition, it seems like there’s no way to find it
  • App won’t download anything 1/5

    By Longhorn Believer
    Just tried to open this app on my new iPhone 8. There’s nothing there except the circling wheel. There’s no info or anything to click on.
  • So much worse 1/5

    By D&C's Dad
    At first I just hated the way you could no longer save multiple favorite stations like the old app. Now it seems it can’t play a stream without duplicate offsetting sound. Cmon NPR!?
  • Who is leading the misinformation attack on the NPR app? 5/5

    By jesus darwin
    This NPR app is good. There are an excessive number of negative reviews. News reporters: please investigate the purposeful suppression of your public news service through negative online ratings and reviews. The People: please use caution when considering the authenticity of online ratings and reviews.
  • The Playlist is Back! 5/5

    By Hauged
    Thank you NPR! I use this app as my main source for American news (I live overseas so listening to my old home station on the radio is not an option, though I do give to it regularly). I truly appreciate you listening to your reviewers and adapting accordingly. Btw, I toured the NPR headquarters when I was last in DC and I also love that you have rooftop bees! ❤️❤️❤️. NPR, I have so much love for you!
  • Love npr...but the app 2/5

    By slugoz
    Very buggy, it would be easier to create my own content than to operate this app.
  • App no longer seem to work 1/5

    I used to use the NPR app daily for updates on the latest news but after the latest release the app no longer seems to work. I can’t connect to any local stations and my old playlists are gone. Very frustrating!
  • Why can’t we read content offline anymore? 4/5

    By Forte4004
    Listen, I’m an NPR junkie. We donated our car to NPR. You can have my firstborn. But for the love of all things holy bring back the feature that lets you download content to read when no internet connection is available on iOS.
  • Convenient but has major flaws 2/5

    By WRL1237
    Great convenient way to listen to my favorite programs in three clicks. But there are flaws that annoy me to no end. I have to look up my zip code and reset my primary station very single time I open the app! Also the stream sometimes cuts out for no reason and sometimes two streams overlap. I want to “set it and forget it” with this app but each morning I have to tweak something. Needs improvement! Do some usability testing please
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By jacobwylie
    No content loads. Blank screen no matter what you do/press.
  • Playlist! 4/5

    By Ferrous Patella
    Playlist is back! And this version crashes far less often than previous versions.
  • App not working at all 1/5

    By Pcu527
    Please help me get this back!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By s pulse
    Doesn’t load anything. After last update suddenly started getting blank screen. Reinstall doesn’t help. Why do developers break working apps like this? Why fix things that are not broken?
  • News app 1/5

    By The lady on the beach
    Does not work on my new iPhone X
  • NPR fixes a major issue —Kudos to the Project Manager 4/5

    By spinboy
    with 4.0, NPR had removed playlists and made the interface *less* intuitive. with this version they have restored playlists and initially it looks good and responds fast. i stopped using the app when playlists were removed and stopped my direct monetary contributions to NPR. for now, 4 stars for effort and may update this if it’s even better than it looks. kudos to the project managers and team for restoring the playlists.
  • App Opens but fails to load stories 1/5

    By George12345678909
    My not app opens and gives notifications for breaking stories, but when the app is opened, it fails to load any stories, and just displays an empty white home list.
  • No search function?! 1/5

    By Seattle_ex
    How can a news app not have a search function?! The support page says they’re working on it. This needed to be ironed out before launch. Bring back the old app. Why does this app get worse with every update? And really you need a 15-30 sec rewind button!!
  • Playlist is Back! 5/5

    By MickeyM10
    Playlist is Back!!!! Great!!! This is the most important usability issue for me, and what keeps me listening to NPR. Still few smaller issues 1) It would still be great to have multiple radio stations I select saved in one easy location. So still NPR station issues. 2) Still takes too long to find Weekend Edition, and Fresh Air.
  • Upgrade is broken. 1/5

    By Zinido
    Won’t connect to update stories. Podcasts don’t show. I’m iOS 12.1.2.
  • Could Be Better 4/5

    By Jack_McCoy
    This is really more of an All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, and Morning Edition app; those shows make up most of the content that constantly refreshes on the main “Topics” and “Home” tabs. There’s an ever-updating stream of articles as well. The highlight is the playlist feature, which allows you to create a custom playlist of only the segments you want to listen to. This can also include other NPR podcasts hosted thru the app, of which there were a little over 30 last I checked. If you tell the app what your local npr station is, you’ll see any podcasts they have too. Despite that, the app needs better integration with local npr news stations. You can’t read local news stories, and the 2-3 minute local news update disappears after 7pm for some reason even though I know my station does it every hour after that. I’d also like a “wire” or “just in” tab to see every story coming in as it’s published, like on the Reuters and Euronews apps. They seem to constantly be tinkering with the app; keep leaving/updating your reviews and tell them what improvements they should make.
  • Show station numbers 1/5

    By BrewRef
    I like to listen to NPR when traveling but can no longer use the app to find broadcast stations. This was, and should be a basic function of the app
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Fiddler Steve
    After the latest update (late December 2018) the app won’t connect to NPR’s servers. Deleting and reinstalling didn’t solve the issue.
  • Please allow install of previous non broken versions 1/5

    By asbzan
    Updating to latest version with playlist permanently broke news article functionality. First, all articles failed to load and summaries were stuck to the day before updating. Checking and toggling settings did nothing. Even full uninstall and reinstall did not fix: blank empty pages for news topics and summaries, with spinners never finishing. NPR does not seem to allow tho installing previous versions, so now completely blocked and stuck no longer reading any npr news at all !
  • Has bugs 1/5

    By NYCPrynne
    Unable to locate local stations. Able to use the on demand function though.
  • NPR One RIP 1/5

    By WasabiGawd
    That’s a NPR type attention grabber. This new app doesn’t live up to NPR one. It plays the same news stories twice. It’s a mix of written stories and podcast, I just came for the podcasts. It pushes the local news on you when I would like more variety. I don’t see Dianne Rehm which is a shame. I lost a lot podcasts that NPR one had handy. I lost the variety of new shows NPR One had handy. I don’t know what is wrong with NPR one please fix it it was perfect. This handles like I was accessing the podcasts straight from the website. I don’t want to work that hard. Push a button and that’s it. This app is not very good and a poor replacement for NPR one.
  • If it ain’t broke ... 1/5

    By Socalaaron
    Too bad such a great news source has screwed up a working app so badly. Done. There are other ways to tune in.
  • No RAD for me! 1/5

    By Alejandropf44
    NPR just released its surveillance format called RAD. This is my privacy and GDPR violation. Moving my business to Overcast!
  • Downgrade 1/5

    By Aloysius Parker
    This app was so much better in previous versions. Now we’ve lost ease of access in exchange for fewer choices and larger graphics. Rule one of programming - don’t go backwards. Hourly newscast was one click away, now it down in the sub menu of News. Without a search button try finding Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, it is now under “On Demand” then under “More NPR Shows & Podcasts” and then without knowing the graphic (it’s a radio show!) you have to scroll down and find it in the small text under the relatively large graphics. Sure, after you find it you understand it is sorted alphabetically etc but with all the buttons and menu choices I missed it at first try and frustration ensued. Another, minor example, where now is “Goats and Soda? The app should be easy and efficient to use above all else, seems like it has been dumbed down with graphics and in some cases less choices.
  • If it ain’t broke.... 1/5

    By TasaPNW soon will be, as soon as the geniuses who keep mucking up this app get ahold of it! Currently (12/17/18) it’s very broke. Seems like as soon as the app starts working well again, some idiot comes along and decides he/she/it knows better, and chaos ensues! Deleting and reinstalling the app solves nothing. For years this app was my most-used news app, now it’s just taking up space on my devices. No ability to properly save and return to dependably my favorite station. I listen to OPB on the radio, but here I’m constantly forced to try to turn off OPB Jazz, unsuccessfully. Choosing the main OPB channel doesn’t stick! I will have to depend on a third-party radio app from now on. GET A GRIP, NPR!
  • Not working after latest update! 1/5

    By JoBob McFly
    I have enjoyed this app for quite some time, but after this latest update it won’t load any content! Please fix it soon! 12/27/18 Per comment below: I deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times, but still having the exact same no content loading issue.

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