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The best of NPR’s content in your pocket: read the latest breaking news, stream your local public radio stations, and hear your favorite NPR shows and podcasts. The NPR App is in your hands, wherever you go. Tap into a world of stories with on-demand access to the best of NPR content—news, live radio streams, programs, and podcasts. Never miss a beat with hourly newscasts, breaking news alerts, and story feeds filtered by topic. With the NPR app, home feels close enough to touch. Stream your local station to hear the stories that matter in your community. HIGHLIGHTS: Get the latest stories from NPR delivered right to your phone. Hear local and national newscasts and receive breaking news alerts. Stream your local radio station from wherever you are. Listen to America’s top conversations from NPR’s award-winning news programs, Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Enjoy on-demand access to your favorite podcasts, including NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and Planet Money. You can now support the station in your community with a simple, easy tap to visit their donation page. Data Protection Choices At NPR, we understand how important privacy is to you, and we are committed to transparency about how we collect, use and share your information. Please take a moment to read our privacy policy: By downloading this app: • You agree to NPR’s terms of use, available at • You acknowledge that NPR may process your personal data as described in NPR’s privacy policy, available at • You agree that NPR uses devices identifiers, tracking technologies, and information about the device you use to access NPR’s apps to enhance your viewing, listening, and user experience, personalize content, personalize messages from NPR’s sponsors, provide social media features, and analyze NPR’s traffic. This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics, and other third-party service providers. See details in NPR’s privacy policy.

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  • Constant interruptions from sponsor announcements 2/5

    By CEO/MOMof4
    I can’t understand why the programs need to be interrupted with sponsor announcements each & every time a call comes through, or an alarm goes off. Anything that interrupts programming prompts the long announcement which causes one to miss often key content. I’ve provided this feedback directly to the app & this has not changed in years. I like Michigan Radio. And will need to find a way to listen - but it won’t be via this app anymore.
  • Was great until update 3/5

    By Ninja fruitiness
    I love listing to NPR in my way Into work but now when your phone screen “sleeps” you can no longer listen on Bluetooth. The app has to be fully open and the screen has to be “awake” to listen. Please fix this. 🙏🏻
  • Stale news 1/5

    By icefrog
    No longer able to listen to the recent news stream. Now only days old stories.
  • Can hardly be called journalism 1/5

    By TritoneJapan
    Over the past few years NPR has swung so hard to the left that I don't want to support it in any way anymore. So many of their stories are based on far left ideas which they never examine and which are just assumed to be true. Ideas taken on faith, as far as I can tell. A real shame; I was a loyal listener for most of my adult life.

    By Geneweaver
    I love and support NPR and appreciate being able to listen through the app, but it is so incredibly frustrating that each time the stream is stopped and restarted it PLAYS ANOTHER AD! If I briefly stop the stream to talk to someone, or if I go between my WiFi and cellular connection (if I walk outside my house) the stream restarts and ANOTHER AD PLAYS often in the middle of a story!! The app used to not play the ad if the stream had recently been running. PLEASE bring back that functionality! I understand that this is a First World Problem and something small, but it seems like such an easy fix. Please consider it. Thanks.
  • App crashing 2/5

    By Kate Lynn 27
    Every time I try to save a story or share it by hitting the share button in the upper right corner, the app crashes and closes.
  • what’s wrong with this app lately? 2/5

    By Dvarner3
    it’s been looping the audio stream and crashing for the past few days- makes it not worth the effort!
  • I used to Love NPR 1/5

    By LKWIV
    I have been a listener for 14yrs. But I will soon be deleting this app and hardly listen in the car any longer. It disgust me their propagated coverage. No longer the open platform news it used to be. Obvious whose funding. Very disappointing. Won’t anyone standup for truth any longer? Very sad. What happened to the voice NPR once had? It’s no different than the rest now
  • Suddenly does not work? 1/5

    By Music Fan in South Carolina
    I had this app on my iPod touch and it just stopped working. Tried to reload app and got the message it does not work on the iPod touch any more. So, guess I won’t be listening to npr in my kitchen any more.
  • Add a Favorite Button! 3/5

    By Scslckje
    I saw today’s article written about a black hole (Scientists Find Nearest-Known Black Hole, In Distressingly Fitting Metaphor by Colin Dwyer) and amidst the coronavirus panic and well really the entire fabric of reality breaking down, I found this article’s wry humor to be hilarious and I instinctively looked for that little transparent star that would allow me to save this magnificent little article so that one day in the indefinite future when we don’t have to worry about whatever in the world the next 2020 apocalyptic scenario is going to be (as you can see, I have already accepted that 2020 is going to continue to go downhill-now it's just a matter of "what" as opposed to "if"!), I can look back at this little article and laugh, reminiscing about how chaotic the supposed end times were. HOWEVER! My poor right thumb was left hovering and bewildered as its desired destination, that transparent five-pointed star, remained elusive even after a distressing scroll down and up the page. Please save the last shreds of my sanity and add the ability to favorite and save articles for later! It's the final bastion of normalcy left in this forsaken world!
  • Great app overall, needs ability to share on demand content 4/5

    By Sistah1
    Please add to share on demand content such as segments of Morning Edition
  • So sad 1/5

    By Hfbiub656&/;4guY
    This used to be my #1 go to news app. It was the first I opened and read every morning. Ever since the major update a couple a years ago I hardly ever use the app. #sad
  • What the Heck Happened? 1/5

    By Diana462
    My live radio will NOT stop buffering (and skipping) every few minutes. It was fine up until a few months ago - was there an update? Drives me nuts! I even recently increased my internet speed...
  • Audio resume now requires three clicks 2/5

    By tim012
    In order to resume audio, you need to click three times the play button in the system player. It used to “only”require two. Dear Developers, if you can’t fix things, might as well just leave it in a less bad condition.
  • Fix the commercial interruption problem! 1/5

    By travelshappily
    I really enjoy the ability to listen to NPR in places other than my car. However, this app has a frustratingly annoying glitch: When listening to a program and an app’s alarm goes off or a phone call rings, if turn turn off the alarm or tap to ignore the call, the 15 seconds worth of adds or PA announcements that play when the app is first opened interrupt the program you’re listening to, sometimes causing you to miss a point or closing for which you’ve been waiting. These announcements and commercials should play at the exact same time as they play on the air when listening to Live Radio, not interrupt to force app users to hear previously missed advertising EVERY TIME the app has a few seconds of interruption.
  • No Data Privacy Controls 1/5

    By gglrg
    App now says in order to continue to use you must agree that NPR can monetise all data about you, your device, and what you view to advertisers, etc. App has no privacy controls to limit/stop any of that. App removed from all devices.
  • Very good app 5/5

    By Apfelmaennchen
    Well-organized, and best Search feature I've seen in a while, instantly updating search results as you type.
  • Buggy and inconvenient design 2/5

    By Icecreamguy2
    First of all - every time I leave a review for this app I get a “message from developer” which I can never read and then my review and rating disappear. Anyways, trying again again. I’m a sustaining member of my local station and listen almost exclusively via this app. All i want to do is get up and listen to Morning Edition while I cook breakfast. App is incredibly slow to load, requires significant navigation even though I do the exact same thing every day (especially w weekend edition! Just give us a shortcut or a way to subscribe!), and because I don’t get wifi in my kitchen, i have to leave the phone in another room and play via Bluetooth speaker. So then when the app starts arbitrarily playing a segment in the middle or stops playing for no reason have to leave the room to go press play again or start the segment from the beginning. Please, JUST RELEASE MORNING EDITION AND ATC AS PODCASTS!!! Omg i just cannot express how frustrating it is to use this app!! I just want morning edition to download automatically like a podcast and then play straight through!! How hard is this!??! Please just quit it with the stupid middle management politics or whatever reason you have for not either improving this app or releasing as a podcast and provide a useable and convenient way to listen to the news for those of us who would like to listen to shows on our own schedule. This app does a disservice to NPR
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Seattle_ex
    App no longer opens. It just shows a blank white screen and then crashes. I LOVE npr but they really need to fire their app developers. They had a great app a couple of years ago and they “redesigned “ it. It’s useless now.
  • Good App, BUT 2/5

    By Campbellreff
    I love the app and the news. However, every time I try to share an article the app crashes. Please fix.
  • Streaming is Glitchy 3/5

    By Michelle in Georgia
    Any idea why the streaming app has these repeated moments where the dialog is frozen?? I tried reloading the change. I tried streaming from my local NPR station’s website... same glitches there. Is the system overwhelmed with too many people streaming during COVID19?? Help! I miss the news! Also, the old app was way better. You could crate a playlist of articles from syndicated shows and then pull them all up and listen. Can’t do that now.
  • Biased and subjective 1/5

    By ThorbyCorvin
    I want news not opinions
  • Heavy bias 1/5

    By Mike "Archangel"
    Editorials and opinions made to appear as news.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Previously untaken nickname
    Constantly drops the stream even if I’m standing 20’ from my wifi spot. Then the sponsor message plays again and I miss the middle of stories over and over. Infuriating. And why do I have to search and set a primary station every time I open this? And then press play over and over for it to kick in? Just makes no sense. Update: still happening just as above in April 2020, a time when I’d REALLY like to be able to have dependable news. Come on, developers.
  • Great 5/5

    By nerdranks
    Great app lots of great reads

    By LjMadeIt
    If I have to hit pause when listening, which I often do, it always plays an ad when you play the app again. Phone rings? Another ad. Trying to listen to something important like covid-19 coverage is a frustrating experience. Stop asking for money every five seconds and just charge $25 a year for ad-free listening. I may as well just listen to an old fashioned radio.
  • I’m giving up 1/5

    By Jiminybisquit
    I’ve used the NPR app to listen to news while getting ready for work. I do not have a radio so my phone is it. After months of listening and the app going dead, off and on, I cannot get a full story. It’s a waste of time. I’ll delete this and just listen in the car. Sad because I love NPR.
  • Feed gets stuck 2/5

    By cinque terre 19
    I want to love this app but once every few weeks the feed just gets stuck and won’t update. It’s Tuesday now and I’m still seeing everything from Sunday despite having refreshed and even deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing has changed. Still stuck on Sunday. Shame!
  • You’ll know when there’s an update... 1/5

    By sydneyyyyf
    ... because they’ll delete your entire playlist. Almost every month since they changed the format up has this happened (I think it has been years at this point). The lousiest.
  • Set doesn't stay set 3/5

    By Susanability
    Day after day, this app asks if I want to set my primary station. The next day, it's forgotten what I chose, and makes me start over and enter my ZIP code.
  • Poor 1/5

    By MicTimMul
    Once upon a time, this app sort of worked. Now not so much. Every update zeros out my favorite stations. Content is limited. I live in one of those in-between spaces and the radio broadcasts are very distant. We rely on NPR. Too bad we can’t rely on this app.
  • Can't post to LinkedIn or other sites 2/5

    By Thumbelin
    Doesn't help you, Npr.
  • Trash app plagued by disconnects 1/5

    By Slavikp
    Too many bugs to list, all I’ll say is don’t even bother downloading this. It’s slow, buggy, constantly loses connection.
  • Stories won’t load 1/5

    By more channels
    Full stories won’t load, just headlines. I to type in headline I saw on NPR’s app to a browser instead.
  • Are you listening, NPR? 2/5

    By Zandoren
    Please, please, please let us clear the Already Played list. Its presence is annoying and creepy. Also, we need a search function, and access to the full archives within the app. Why am I allowed to play each hourly update only once unless I find NPR News Now in “More NPR Shows & Podcasts” and select that same update from a list? Once I listen to an update, I cannot re-listen by merely tapping Play again; even closing and restarting the app doesn’t work, so I have to go to the list mentioned above, or wait until the next hourly update is posted. This was never a problem until very recently. Please fix this! PLEASE. ALSO: Please stop inserting ads (visual or otherwise) into your app. Many come to NPR to get away from ads, yet there they are. Scrolling through the home page, and I have to see an ad for a restaurant chain—disgusting! STOP THE ADS, please. Beg for more money if you must, but stop the ads.
  • 5 ⭐️ Content; 1 ⭐️ User-Friendliness 1/5

    By Karavatos
    After attempts at correspondence, the NPR app has two intentionally unresolvable issues: 1. User must search and create playlist to hear ENTIRE Weekend Edition programs. Only part of program will appear under show’s title, which also never appears as a Program listening option, followed by a condescending taunt to use NPR ONE app (which also does provide “one touch” listening of these entire News program). 2. Unlisted advertisements for NPR ONE are inserted into All Things Considered and Weekend Edition programs when listener uses “one touch” to play all news stories. Unresolvable coding errors by NPR with these adverts cause two things: 1. The show crashes once NPR ONE advert plays, and then silence; 2. This unlisted inserted advert causes the next story in the Program to be skipped, the Program continuing on without it. All my attempts at correspondence with NPR Help resulted in replies that were condescending, obfuscating form letters that sounded more like adverts for the NPR ONE app. 👍🏼HOWEVER, I encourage users to please keep listening to and reading this fine journalism.👍🏼
  • I hate it 1/5

    By UCMercedBobcatMartialArts
    I hate it
  • Broken live radio function 1/5

    By jayflowers93
    The app won’t let me listen to live radio. I tried uninstalling, and re-installing but it didn’t help. When I press the play button for my station, it’ll play the intro bit, then crash
  • Bug fix please 4/5

    By platanos1234
    I have set wnyc as my primary station about ten times in the past three days. Please fix!
  • I Deleted This App 2/5

    By TruthSetsYouFree
    The “Set as primary station” function never worked and having to type in “WSHU” every night was becoming tedious, so I downloaded the WSHU app directly, and deleted this wonky NPR one. I want to be able to access my propaganda without headaches.
  • Use it a lot 3/5

    By Renhenil
    I do use this a lot - mostly to listen live to my local station. One request: could you please fix so it will remember your primary station? You set it, but recently it asks every time you open the app to find a station and if you want to set that as primary. Thank you.
  • Please upgrade this app NPR! 2/5

    By bluecamera
    I listen to NPR daily and would love to have an app that is more user friendly. The way it is set U.K. right now is no better than going into a browser to listen. I’d also love some features that allow you to select the programs you want to listen to.
  • Ads Ads Ads. Terrible. 1/5

    By Neville Newton
    When I hit play I automatically hear an advertisement that you wouldn’t hear on the radio, because I am using an app. If the reception cuts out for a second I hear the ads again. if I turn off the app for a second accidentally I hear the ads again. Sometimes I hit play on my phone and the ads play then the radio comes in mid sentence but it’s a “word from our sponsors”. So ads to hear more ads. Have you ever seen a commercial so annoying that you decide to never buy the product. That’s me with NPR. I will NEVER donate to these people. I’ve heard enough of their commercials to drive a man mad. I’ve paid my part.
  • Apps just stops working 1/5

    By JustCritic
    [3 March 2020] The app will no longer play in the background. It just dies when the buffer is emptied. That makes it nearly useless, since it makes no sense to have to look at the screen to just listen to radio. The app effectively pushes the listener to local stations, which, however, are full of advertising and clatter. Terrible. Have we lost NPR forever?
  • Just not stable 1/5

    By Carve Consulting
    Crashes constantly. You had ONE JOB people.
  • Where I get my news! 5/5

    By NPRMelanie
    I use this app every day! It’s the best place to get breaking news, important updates, and the best stories across multiple topics. I love that I can stream my local station, easily share stories, and read or listen to segments after the fact. I geek out for NPR! 💙
  • Nonexistent refresh 2/5

    By Mara Lea
    NPR has always been a little behind in their reporting. And the scope of the reporting is narrower than some other agencies. I knew this when I downloaded the app. What I didn’t expect was a breaking news page that takes 12 hours to refresh itself, and a system which makes sharing articles difficult. If I want to find out what’s happening in the US, I must go to the National page, as the “front page” is 24 hours old. Thus, I spend a lot of time hunting down the latest news on each individual section of the app. Very frustrating!
  • Cheaply made Application 2/5

    By NegusxSaiyan
    App is terrible at continually playing a playlist. App will stop playing audio, I have to unlock my iPhone, open the app, and press play every 3-4 audio track plays. Listening to Morning Edition is a drag because of this. NPR, fire this developer and hire another, it shouldn’t take this long to fix a key feature of an audio app: continuous play.
  • Humanity Coming to Better Senses 5/5

    By nenge nenge
    I am a firm believer that we all can reach a común sense of basic human understanding of that, that we all are after, Wwhich is letting the other side know that we would like to be acknowledged and to know that we need to know that we are being understood and respected and above all let each other know that sour needs are being taken in for review and consideration not just ignored and and letting us know that our needs do not matter and that they do not have any value or base Not just the Talibán needs to be addressed there is a multitud of of issues around the world they can not be solved by just turning our faces the other way, all and each one of us must take responsibility and accountability for our own part as a faithful citizen of our won country’s a formal resident of this beautiful planet we all play a role in this wonderful world of ours. We are not jus this little people walking and residing in this beautiful, wonderful world of us, there is laws and expectations that have been plase on us when we came into this world and that is to first and forth most to be the best human being and patrias of our country. In this case the United States of America’s a country like no other in the world, there is got to be a reason as to why so many people in the world all over the world want to come to this country. It is not just to get here; it is like everything all’s we woe this beautiful lady our respect, loyalty, faithfulness, and above all the responsibility to incorporate our selfs into the culture as soon as possible and learn everything there is about my new country because it is expected of me and further more to take care of her and cherish her because she is giving me all of the opportunities that I could not get in my own country, there for I must be the best son or daughter And best student I can be because I it is my primary responsibility

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