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$ 0 | Nursing & NCLEX App (formerly NRSNG) is the best place to learn nursing. Take your nursing school studies and NCLEX® prep anywhere with the mobile app. NCLEX® mastery is just one click away. is your best friend through nursing school and your must-have study tool for NCLEX®. When you become a member, you get full access to the mobile app, with video lesson viewing, cheatsheets, and Nursing Practice Questions rationales to help you learn! • 2000+ HD Video Lessons (viewable from your mobile phone) • 135+ Nursing Care Plan Lessons • 300+ Full Color Nursing Cheatsheets and Pathocharts™ • 215+ Nursing Mnemonics Lessons • 300+ High-Quality MP3 Audio Lectures • 6000+ NCLEX® Style Practice Questions Ideal for the nurse and nursing students on the go (all of us, right). You can finally study anytime -- anywhere. Find out why over 1,000,000 nurses and nursing students love and why,,, and more all recommend with 5 stars. is your All-In-One, secret weapon for dominating nursing school and the NCLEX® exam. "I've seen my grades shoot through the roof and the time I've spent studying has literally cut in half." - MurseClyde The app is free to active members with your online login information. Not a member? No worries you can signup at our website for access. Happy Nursing! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Formerly NRSNG and NRSNG Academy | Nursing & NCLEX app screenshots | Nursing & NCLEX app reviews

  • I’m a believer !!! 5/5

    By LPRevilla
    I was super doubtful about buying this app/membership. However I have not regretted it not one but. My grades have improved and I has my level of comprehension!
  • Love love love 5/5

    By candy fax
    I do love that Jon and his crew care about me. Im struggling and Im just in my first semester of school. This app is all that I use because the book is an online book and Im old school. I hate opening my computer to read the 100 pg chapters. I read a comment that said customer service is not good. Well I can attest that every single time that I sent an email, it was answered that same day. I really think that was an old review. Thank you Jon for all of your dedication! You ROCK!!!
  • Really good clear information. 5/5

    By Andasta
    I really enjoy the overview of what is going on with each specialty. Started this during OB rotation. Highly recommend maybe flash cards for each major nursing rotation. For example ob, peds, psych, critical care, etc. for quick on the go refreshers. If I may suggest landscape/horizontal view for iPad?
  • Cannot live without it 5/5

    By Happy Fisher
    I don’t use it for every course but when I do use it it has been a lifesaver.
  • Video bug 4/5

    By Kennont777
    Would be 5 star, but if I make videos full screen in my iPhone 11, I lose control and am not able to pull up the menu to pause, fast forward etc.. I have to restart the app every time. Please fix. Otherwise great app and learning material.
  • Love this app, love the teaching concepts! 5/5

    By ChollowayFutureRN
    This app has proven to be very valuable to me as a nursing student!
  • Good, not great 3/5

    By nursingstudentstruggle
    I wrestled with the idea of paying $40/month for a awhile and finally decided to give it a shot. PROS: there are plenty of NCLEX questions to practice before tour exams. The app is convenient to have, but has bugs. CONS: It is EXPENSIVE! I love the practice questions, but I may have to discontinue because it’s too pricey. I know the rest of my classmates won’t pay that much. I think it would be worth it in the long run if you made it cheaper because more students could afford to use it. Sometimes when I’m taking a quiz it tells me that I got it wrong, but the rational says the one that I chose is correct. Probably happens to 3-5 questions per quiz.
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By Egné gni noua
    This is crazily expensive. Also it’s just dumb you can’t sign up with the app , you have to look for them on google then go on the website, create an account , pay for it and come back into the app to login ....
  • Best study tool 5/5

    By Lostinms 86
    I a pretty good student as is. But this app brought me to another level.
  • Best ever !!! 5/5

    By juuogomes
    I never, ever let review for any apps. But for NRSNG I needed. Seriously This is the best app for nursing school or preparing for the Nclex. I finish nursing school in Brazil and worked as a nurse for about 3 years over there. After move to USA I need to do my certification. learning everything you studied at the nursing school in English is not easy. In addition to helping me answering all my questions, and reviewing various materials, Watching the videos helped me a lot to learn an English pronunciation and terms. Thanks to the NRSNG I passed my certification exam (transfer nurse from Brazil to EUA) and I’m now preparing for The NCLEX.
  • Super expensive 1/5

    By Rayrayyyyy5433466
    I thought I was in a free trial period... turns out they had been charging my card. Had over $164 taken out of my account for the app... very unhappy with the service. No one has responded to my emails and there is no contact phone number that I can find.
  • LOVE THE APP...BUT 4/5

    By Ashleyreed9103
    Love everything in the app, but I do wish that it would turn horizontally on the iPad, as this is the device that I use daily to study, take notes in class, etc. So it is hard to do a double screen when it does not do the horizontal. It also makes it incapable to be able to view it and type on the keyboard at the same time.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By tindersucksmassive
    Great app, lots of useful content but please enable a landscape format!
  • Price increase is ridiculous 1/5

    By cam4522
    This went from $15 a month to $40! Not even a gradual increase! That is just ridiculous. I was eyeing it to purchase at $15, but not anymore!
  • Too much money $40/month 1/5

    By May378392
    It’s a great App! But after 3rd day free trial you are force to pay 39$ a month! My gym memebership is cheaper btw! I think the concept of the app is very knowledgeable but greedy with the payments of 40$ a month if you sum that up it’s ridiculous. Especially with college students who have to pay out of pocket, most importantly are financially unstable to pay $40 a month. As a previous customer I would lower down my price to more of understanding. The pharmacology section is awful review btw. The women professor voice is great very enthusiastic when she teach courses. But other than that the PRICE IS TOO MUCH. Not paying $500 a year !!!!
  • Love the app! Love the service! But.... 4/5

    By Boza24
    I’m a third semester nursing student and I love the app and the courses, but I wish that it was optimized for the iPad. I use my iPad a lot in landscape mode and NRSNG does not rotate. Also if it had a option to control the speed the app would be perfect.
  • Really good resource 3/5

    By AlexD.I.
    It’s an amazing resource for all the main courses of nursing school. The quizzes you can test yourself on make the app definitely worth it. I’m giving it three stars because there’s couple of things that bug me about the app. First: when you watch the videos, it doesn’t adjust the full screen. You’re still staring at the small slides regardless if it’s full screen or not. Second, if you’re 20% battery notice comes up, a text message, or anything disrupts the screen, the screen turns black but the audio keeps going. There’s no way to go back from full screen and no way to pause it or go back. You have to close the app, reopen it, and then find where you were in the video. This gets frustrating after the third time when you’re reviewing material. Again, the material is amazing and I recommend it to classmates all the time. I bought the subscription because I saw a ten point difference in exam grades after using it. It’s just really hard to utilize the material on the app.
  • Thank you NRSNG 5/5

    By mischa333
    I found out I passed my NCLEX today, and I passed it in 75 questions! I’m so grateful for finding NRSNG , I only wish I had found it earlier in my nursing program. The lectures are short but packed with valuable information, not long and boring like in Nursing school 😅 The Simclex was amazing and it was very similar to Nclex. Can’t thank you enough NRSNG.
  • Brilliant app. 5/5

    By GetKatia
    Just started my Health Assessment course this summer, and this app has taught me more than my current instructors have. Smh I’m recommending to my classmates. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I’m so grateful for the hearts of the app developers. You all truly have a HUGE HEART!
  • I really appreciate the app 5/5

    By Stinabugggg
    I love this app. I am a nurse already but I use to review things that I may not see everyday.
  • Great info! But some bugs.. 3/5

    By RAEkb
    This app is amazing. The content is so helpful and has really helped me learn the more difficult topics through nursing school. However I have a lot of bugs when using the app. I’ve never been able to view the courses, I just see a blank screen and have to search for topics. And when I watch videos the screen goes black sometimes and I have to close the app and restart the video. But if you can get past the bugs I highly recommend this as a study tool.
  • awesome nursing app 5/5

    By Great app for video
    It’s a great nursing app and has a lot of content. perfect for a nursing student or a person preparing for the nclex.
  • 0235 4/5

    By 02;6
    Cannot get more than ten minutes each day, even though I was charged $14.98 for a month. This app is VERY helpful but I cannot do much with ten minutes. Did not use it yet, I’m afraid nothing would change so I am hesitant to purchase.
  • For paramedics too 5/5

    By jjr6
    I am taking a paramedic class, and there are a lot of gaps. This app fills in those gaps and more! They make this information very understandable. I am super grateful for this app. I have told everyone else in my paramedic class :-)
  • Love it, but.. 3/5

    By usnayyy
    I love the app, it really does help me in school. But I hate that I have to always restore my purchase every time I close out of the app. It gets very annoying after a while, and a few of my friends are having the same issue.
  • Great content but 2/5

    By chickee22
    Questions from quizzes are consistently marked wrong even though the rationale states it’s correct. Really frustrating!! Out of a 20 question quiz, 4 are incorrectly scored.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By PrisaStar
    This app provides relevant info but in a more concise manner. The videos are easy to understand and help bring things down. The cheat sheets are great to take additional notes as you could add extra details from your class. Definitely helps to cut down on study time, easy to pull up a video or one of the study tools when you’re out and about.
  • Upgrade problems 3/5

    By why bow
    I have paid for an upgrade and am unable to utilize what I purchased. Once that issue is solved...5 stars because the app does seem very helpful
  • A must have application for every nursing student! 5/5

    By fer146876
    This is so far the best study program I’ve used. I enrolled in Kaplan, Uworld, Klimek, even using Saunder’s book but combined all these and you got NRSNG. This app and the concept of creating NRSNG is AMAZING! So high tech! It’s like having a school in your pocket, at home, at work, while driving, everywhere. What’s really impressed me is that you can log in everywhere and use it, even in iPad, phones, laptop or desktop devices. You can even use your TV to watch the video if you have Apple TV. You can go to library to study in a quiet place and create your environment as if you are actually taking NCLEX. One thing that I recommend, though is that, I hope they can include assessment like adding NCLEX style question at the end of every video lesson so that we can apply what we have learn and improve memory and critical thinking. Other than that, this app is highly recommended. I love it! Thank you to NRSNG team. You all did an excellent work!!!
  • Started off great 2/5

    By Reece Douglass 88
    I love the website and program and the app worked fine initially. Unfortunately the quizzes, lessons, and lectures haven’t loaded for me for the last month. Please fix this issue so I can give you the five stars you deserve!
  • NRSNG app 4/5

    By ECA5
    Love the app. Just hate to use it on my iPad Pro. Can only look at it case has the iPad set horizontally & well I cannot look at it in that mode. Lol! Hoping there will be options to rotate to suit viewing modes.
  • NRSNG 5/5

    By Bear62+
    Great information all worth the price.Thanks
  • So Far so Good 5/5

    By VeroSoontobeRN
    Studying for my comprehensive exams and love it . 💕💕💕
  • Cannot view your study plans on the app 3/5

    By LPNgirl
    I love NRSNG academy! It has helped so much with nursing school! I was excited when I heard there was an app for the website because it would be more convenient than logging on through the internet every time. However, you cannot view your customized study plans on the app, which is disappointing and frustrating..
  • Best app for studying classes and nclex! 5/5

    By FarDow
    Very good easy to understand and I like their videos lessons so helpful.. great team that working hard to help us all nursing students. Definitely will continue to use until end of May for my nclex. You won’t regret this app best of all the other apps out there. They have nice videos to watch for different topics even you can listen to it while driving.
  • Love, but keeps crashing 5/5

    By Cnya
    I’ve been using the app and every feature has been working fine up until the point where I did the free Play Under practice questions and I went to choose the categories pharmacology and prioritizing and delegation with 10 practice questions before bed right now and the app suddenly closes out I tried the exact same thing again and it crashed again.
  • NRSNG makes great content! 5/5

    By R.Alexander.Nichols
    NRSNG is fantastic! It is a great help to understand health concepts while in nursing school. The questions are great and help prepare me for the exams in nursing school and give me confidence that I understand the material. The video quality is awesome and not too long. I have really enjoyed this resource as a tool to help reinforce my education! Thanks NRSNG!
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Froggirl112288
    I love this app. It is absolutely amazing. It has been so helpful.
  • BSN, RN, AGACNP Student 5/5

    By A stump
    I am a nurse. I love this app. I find it helpful with my AGAC-NP classes as well. This is an investment in your future as a nurse. I wish I had this app when I was in nursing school. I use this app to review for my Masters program classes.
  • Wow but.... 5/5

    By wong_d3
    This app. Is actually pretty cool but I keep having this one keeps force closing on me. Please please please fix
  • Great refresher 5/5

    By desrob50
    Great refresher
  • Outstanding resources for nursing school 5/5

    By Anothervietguy
    I just started using the app a few weeks ago but I already learned a lot of useful information. I actually did well on my fluid and electrolytes test because of NRSNG. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what's in store for the March update.
  • JJGrammy 23 5/5

    Love it, I purchased the lifetime package last year for Nursing school. Love that I can listen to the audio while driving or waiting at appointments
  • Great Application 4/5

    By TSMuhler
    This is a great application in portrait mode, but I would like the ability to use the application in landscape mode on the iPad. Landscape is the orientation I usually use with my iPad, because it is more ergonomic, and more balanced.
  • Dragonfly777 5/5

    By Daisy1202
    Great for on the go when you are waiting for an oil change or at the Dr. office when you do not have access to a laptop
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By AbundanceOfBeauty
    Best 30.00 ever spent! Will proudly pay 30.00 a month. Information is easy to understand. Focuses on the need to know info. I’m absolutely in love. I actually want to study!
  • Better than any other NCLEX prep 5/5

    By uahnurse33
    I love this app, and the online version is even better. I love how I can listen to this while I drive, workout, or go to the store. I recently failed my NCLEX (I used HURST review before that obviously did not help), so a friend referred me to NRSNG and now I am hooked. I wish I had NRSNG academy in nursing school, the content is explained so much better than my instructors had ever taught. This app has thousands of questions on each nursing concept, disease process, labs, medications, management of care...etc. There are cheat sheets, pictures (drawings/real life pictures), and patient stories (which I think is the best, it helps you remember the impact that these disease processes have on people). Lastly, the online content has the SIMCLEX (simulation NCLEX). It is EXACTLY like the real thing. The questions are adaptive to how you answer, just like the NCLEX. Try this before you start to see where you're at and then after you complete all the lessons to see where you're at!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Radio lover367
    This app has truly been nursing school a lot easier. My grades went up and my study time went down. NRSNG knows the material that you need to study and excludes all the material that is not on the exams. Me passing nursing school is hugely accreted to NRSNG. The care plans and study guides made it easier to study while the videos were great to solidify the material I read. I also listened to many of the podcasts on my way to clinical. Thank NRSNG for helping me through nursing and helping now study for the NCLEX!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Emlw
    Amazing website and app! Has helped me tremendously in nursing school!! | Nursing & NCLEX app comments

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