Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP

Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP

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Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP App

The Nurx app is the most convenient and affordable way to take care of your everyday healthcare needs. Our medical team prescribes birth control (50+ brands), PrEP for HIV prevention (along with home testing), emergency contraception, and home HPV testing—safely, securely, and on your schedule. HOW IT WORKS 1.Tell us a bit about your health history 2.Nurx medical team reviews & prescribes, if appropriate 3.We deliver to your door for free, in discreet packaging WHAT IT COSTS •Get birth control starting at $0 with insurance or $15 without insurance. •99% of our PrEP patients pay $0 for the medication. PrEP is often covered by insurance, and if you don’t have insurance our PrEP team will help you find a payment assistance program. •HPV test kits are covered by many insurance plans for a $15 copay, or cost $69 without insurance. •Medical consultation fee of $12 includes follow-up messaging with our medical team, so you can request a prescription change or ask questions about your medication or test. •Delivery is always free. IN THE NEWS “A game changer for birth control”-ELLE “The first to offer an at-home lab test for PrEP”-Business Insider “These days, you can get just about anything delivered to your doorstep...and now you can get an at-home HPV screening kit.”-Bustle BIRTH CONTROL Get a birth control prescription any time, anywhere. We bill your insurance (usually a $0 copay) or you can pay by credit card (starting at just $15), then we deliver to your door. Refills are automatic and delivery is free. Choose from 50+ brands—pill, ring, patch, or shot—or our medical team will guide you. How it works: •Answer a few questions about your health history and request your brand of birth control, or our medical team will advise you on a good choice. •We prescribe and deliver to your door. •Refills are automatic. PrEP FOR HIV PREVENTION Nurx is the most convenient way to order PrEP, and the required HIV/STI tests, from home. With our home test kits you get results quickly, no lab visit required. Our medical team will review your results and prescribe PrEP if it is a healthy option for you. How it works: •Use the app to tell our medical team about your health history. •We send you a discreetly-packaged HIV/STI test kit, you return it in a prepaid envelope. •If PrEP is right for you we’ll prescribe the medication and deliver it to your door for free. HPV TESTING AT HOME Skip the stirrups while protecting your health. Our home HPV test assesses your risk for cervical cancer, no appointment required. How it works: •Answer a few questions about your health history, connect with our medical team, and request a home test kit. •Collect your samples and return by mail using a prepaid label. •Once results are in, a member of our medical team will be in touch to walk you through them. EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION The “morning after pill” prevents pregnancy when taken up to 5 days after sex. If you need it there’s no time to waste, and Nurx can help. How it works: •Answer a few questions about your health history and connect with a medical team member, so you can learn next steps. •We’ll help you get emergency contraception — Plan B One-Step or Ella — delivered by mail or fulfilled at a nearby pharmacy if you need it sooner. REAL MEDICAL PROVIDERS, PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS Everyone on the Nurx medical team is certified and licensed in your state, and undergoes a rigorous vetting process. You’ll receive judgement-free care and health recommendations from the very best sources. We take your health and privacy very seriously. Nurx is HIPAA compliant, and encrypts every transaction and conversation you have with us so there is no risk of breach of privacy. Nurx is currently available in these states: AL, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, MA, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, District of Columbia, and to the Armed Forces. Nurx is only available to people age 13 and older.

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Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP app reviews


    By keanostarsglory
    Please stay far away from this company!! I signed up about a month ago,thinking I would be able to conveniently order PreP but boy was I wrong. The process was easy at first until when it came down to order my labs, I had not heard back from anyone for over two weeks. I messaged them every day and got absolutely no response. I finally got a response from someone in their care team apologizing saying they would personally look after my order throughout the preapproval process, but that person after that 1 single message completely disappeared like the rest of them. Please do yourself a favor and do not trust your healthcare to the random people who enter the “chat” on their app. They are extremely negligent in responding to messages and to this day I have 6 messages that have gone unresponded and no longer even want to trust this company with my personal healthcare. I would not recommend this app and am now filing a consumer fraud complaint with the attorney general as I have serious allegations that this is a complete scam. DO NOT RECOMMEND.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By YamixD38
    I don’t understand why they promote for you to ask question and get their app if they can’t help you I get the pills from my doctors and I saw that they had information regarding the pills that I’m taking wich are janel fe 1/20 wich prevents pregnancy and they promote that you should ask them if you have any questions so I dood the app I call them and they can even help me unless I physically get the pills from them wich is come complet bs
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By ayecece2002
    I saw this app promoted online and they recently introduced HIV PrEP, I proceeded to ask contact them about how I would go about ordering PrEP, their customer service responses take days! All they reply with is to tell you that “someone” would be in contact with me soon. Haven’t even got to the point to submit an order..
  • Not for NuvaRing users 1/5

    By AshleySchneider89
    I decided to check into this app as I do not have insurance and it’s very expensive without. With the NuvaRing, they want you to pay for a 3 month supply up front for $190 EACH. I get this at Walgreens for $176. I thought this app would help save money. Well it doesn’t. If you have buttloads of money, then go ahead for “convenience”
  • Won’t even load 1/5

    By IAmMariahAnne
    I can’t even get the app to load
  • So simple and easy! 5/5

    By musicnessness
    I had an issue with my birth control prescription expiring so I had to schedule an appointment with a new obgyn to get a new one. They said they wouldn’t be able to see me for 3 months and couldn’t give me prescription in the meantime, but I couldn’t be off the pill for that long. Nurx came through and sent me a 3 pack of my usual and insurance covered it. When I managed to lose one of the packs, they sent me a new pack for just $15 out of pocket and I was able to continue with my insurance paying for future packs. It’s still important to go to the doctor for checkups but Nurx came through for me when I wasn’t immediately able to get an appointment. Customer service has been great as well!
  • Amazing app and service! 5/5

    By atieeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I love Nurx. It’s so easy to get birth control and have a nurse available to answer any and every question I have. Highly recommend.
  • Nurx- I am reporting you for fraud 1/5

    By Meganfetth
    Do not use this app. Do NOT give them your info.
  • Not quick to respond 2/5

    By barrettbryanna
    I've been trying to refill my prescription because i am almost done and nobody is answering my messages! It was good up until now since I cannot get an answer for my birth control to be refilled.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By leahmwood0422
    So wonderful! Nurx makes birth control easy. Their customer service is helpful and willing to make things right. I have enjoyed using nurx’s services and recommend them to all my girlfriends
  • Very great full for their services 5/5

    By PettyP69
    I’ve been getting prescription birth control from this company for over a year now. I have Medi-Cal Cal Viva. All you need is your ID and your insurance card. To add sugar to the tea ladies! They regularly update you on the process of your birth control. Shipping is paid for because I haven’t heard anything about it lol. Overall, I have zero complaints about them at all. As long as I am able to use their services I will do so, why not?
  • Terrible terrible terrible 1/5

    By Cierra28
    First experience with nurx. I added all of my insurance information, (verified that all of it was completely accurate) and nurx still found reasons to have problems verifying it. I don’t know what pharmacy connector they use but they must not be legitimate. Point being: there were too many issues within a few days period of a new service (to me) that I decided to try. So, for me that’s when it was time to just cancel. Won’t try them again. They need to get it together.
  • So convenient!! 5/5

    By Kat_nya
    I don’t always have transportation so this is so helpful for me! Plus not having insurance I was scared about the amount but it’s only $15 per pack for me! I’m so thankful for this app. they are fast and make sure you have all the info you need!
  • Made me suicidal. 1/5

    By thisisbullshitbyhannah
    So about a year ago I was recommended this and I decided to try it. I went through the process and told them I have a history of depression and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and they sent me nothodrone. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was extremely depressed. Literally one bad look and I would have tasted a bullet. Also gave me the worst anxiety attack I’ve EVER had. These so called “doctors” told me that I needed it. Bs. My ob told me they shouldn’t have given me it under any circumstances. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By faithmonique
    I love this app. Allowed me to get my birth control for free.
  • communication is horrible !!!! 1/5

    By Meg901
    I decided to message and ask about three different types of BC just to see if the had them and how much each would be without insurance. Instead of getting a response all I got was a message that they had prescribed the first BC I had asked about and that they would be charging me 111$! I freaked out and said I was only wanting to know about the three kinds, not be prescribed the first one I listed. I was also charged 1$ (???), 12$ (which is for consultation), and 45$ which had no purpose to it. I’m currently in the process of trying to get my money back and will be deleting the app ASAP!! DON’T DOWNLOAD
  • No Help 2/5

    By Jehdbdjskwjsbdndk
    This app only allows very specific locations meaning that people cannot get the help that they need.
  • Simple and Easy! 5/5

    By GiveEmHellGirl
    Super simple, great communication, my BC is free (insurance pays for it) and I don’t have to leave my house! I always have my BC on time and just in time to be safe. I’ve had to switch from the pill to an IUD through them and they helped me pick the best option.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By AlexxxahCash
    Now sucking money out of everyone using the app when it was ok billing insurance for our scripts but being charged for simplistic unnecessary survey calling it consult is robbery I don’t recommend it messed me up with my bc script as well !!
  • Don’t use this app 2/5

    By dani98-
    Is this convient? Yes but at what cost. my first order was only $28 but now that my pill keeps changing due the fact that the first batch of pills they gave me is not in “stock” my copay has been raised to $48+ which is insane because prior to using this app I never payed any more than $15 for birth control at the pharmacy. And of course they don’t tell you about the price change until AFTER they’ve charged you. There’s no communication in regards to pricing.
  • Easy and cheap way to get BC 5/5

    By ♥♦♣♠
    Even though my insurance doesn’t partner with Nurx (they require you to use their own telemedicine and prescription program - it’s less convenient though) I have found it to be amazing and worth the price - by the time it’s said and done, it’s worth it for the convenience. All I did was fill out the questions, confirm I wanted to fill the prescription prescribed, and it showed up in my mailbox a week later. So much easier, and now it’s automatically refilled when I need it
  • Unable to Add Insurance Card 2/5

    By jkhachadurian
    Finally signs up for health insurance and right when I get to the screen to add photos of my card, I tap to open the camera and the app will not load the camera nor is there any way to enter insurance information in manually. You can update the look and feel of the app but you can’t make it function properly? Fix it.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Lyfyfyltmmctdnezne
    Completed the whole survey. I downloaded this app not to purchase any birth control, but to see what my results would be based on bad past experiences with prescribed birth control pills from doctors. Would only show me which birth control pills would be right for me if I purchased them. Waste of time and a useless app
  • Love Everything About This!!! 5/5

    By APatt79
    Extremely easy to use. And the pill I’m on works great! I have had no issues. If I have questions they are fast to respond with the answer.
  • It’s good, can’t complain. 4/5

    By Itza la Pizza
    I have been on birth control for over a year now, thanks to Nurx, I have had no issues, if I have any questions pertaining to my pills or any other medical questions they have been there to answer it. I pay $45 for a pack of 3, which gets billed to me every 3 months, but you can always manage your subscriptions by just messaging them. All I would have to say for it to be cooler is, I wish they would send little cute stuff like the Pill Club.
  • Changed my life 5/5

    By Hannatics
    I’ve been using Nurx for 3 months now and it has changed my life! I was paying $42 a month before I found Nurx, now I only pay $15 a month AND have it delivered to my door on time every month. The first month, I experienced some side effects but support nurses was quick and helpful. I’ve been loving it ever since!
  • Easy and convenient! 5/5

    By kitkat3192
    I’ve been using Nurx for 2 years now without any problems the app is easy to use and i love how much more convenient it is to have my birth control delivered in the mail instead of having to remember to pick it up at the pharmacy.
  • Great company 5/5

    By Justinmicdaniel
    I first came across this app when I was trying to find other avenues for PREP other than having an uncomfortable conversation with my doctor. The process was very straight forward and it took about a month from the std panel to receiving the PREP. A lot of these bad reviews seem to come from complaints about the time it takes to process. If your patient, I don’t see a problem here. My PREP was also completely free after insurance and my gilead card. I didn’t even get a medical bill. I would highly recommend this app for PREP.
  • Turtle Speed 1/5

    By Alex Bandes
    Nurx makes bold claims about how they are a quick, convenient online pharmacy. Unfortunately, they fall short. I was looking for an alternative to having to go to my doctors office, but after experiencing nurx, it would actually be a lot faster to get my prescription and less of a headache.
  • Just irritated 2/5

    By Poison Ivy 1989
    I’ve been using Nurx for almost a year now, and didn’t have too many issues in the first few months. However, I recently got divorced and had to change my name and insurance . For some reason it kept rejecting my name change so I created a new account to my updated information. I was then told I had to use my old account, and kept running into issues of my information being reverted to my old name and insurance. My insurance was finally billed correctly, however it keeps rejecting my name change. It’s very frustrating. I don’t want it to keep affecting my future orders. If it doesn’t get fixed before my next refill I will discontinue using NURX. This was a headache. I used this app as a means of convenience and it has been anything but convenient!!!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Dayniaaa
    This app is very convenient as it saves me the time from calling my doctors everything is at the top of my fingers.
  • :( 1/5

    By kuuipojles
    No shipping to Hawaii
  • Super easy convenient and cheap 5/5

    By Maryr1621
    Love that while I haven’t had prescription coverage I was able to get my birth control mailed for only $15. The one time it got lost in the mail they replaced it!!! I didn’t have to go to the doctor. So grateful for this service!
  • Easy peasy! 5/5

    By Becs!
    My experience with this company and their service has been fantastic. Two prior orders, easily placed, speedily delivered. The communication option for me was great, and the messages are saved for your reference. Now that I have downloaded this app, I took a quick look after easily logging in with my existing credentials. Everything is there, super handy, and it’s all streamlined. I’m totally into this service, it’s really been all hits and no misses for me.

    By KaylaLovezAll
    I do not recommend this app to anyone unless u definitely and will continue to have the money to pay for monthly subscriptions of birth control pills. I had to find out the hard way that you are automatically subscribed to a monthly subscription and will automatically be charged every time they ship it to you. I was under the assumption that I could just buy one package for the month and that was it, maybe if I desired more the next month or if I wanted to actually subscribe to continuous shipments myself, I could just do that on my own within the app. A lot goes into the messaging system inside the app and it’s that immense communication that is very inconvenient at times. When you buy your first package, you are automatically given 3 packs of birth control without the option of just buying one...then there’s that risk that you don’t realize this and end up being charged for it in the have to go and message them directly about changing pretty much anything about your order and have to wait however long it takes to get a reply back. The complete inefficiency of this app is what makes me too scared to continue using it....I’d rather just talk to my doctor about birth control because of the just much easier process...
  • (updated) first bad, then good, then bad again 1/5

    By NeedingHisHelp
    UPDATED: downgraded BACK to one star. long story short they conned me into paying $15 so they can prescribe me whatever tf they want. i expected to talk to someone first to get me on something close to what i was taking before. they never talked to me and i had an allergic reaction (swollen eyelids and welts on my back) to what they gave me. i had to fight with them to get them to put me on what i was on before. they finally complied, i changed 1 star rating to 4 star “only good if you already know what you want.” i had no reaction to the new BC but when came time for my refill they sent me a completely different kind but said it was the “generic equivalent.” i expressed concern the day i got it because i only consented to receiving the one kind, but i think they deleted my message because i couldn’t see it? regardless i started the new pack anyway and all day my eye had been bugging me, and tonight i see it’s swollen again. same eye, same location, same reaction. i went back to message them again and that’s when i noticed my other message last night was missing. i sent 5 messages (so it would be more obvious if they delete them) and told them in the future i only consent to paying for 1 kind of BC i was prescribed— the kind that didn’t give me any reaction. they didn’t tell me they were sending me a different pack until it was already sent and i was already charged. i didn’t notice until i got it. very disappointed and if i start getting welts and other allergic reactions i’m considering other action against them since i did not agree to the BC pack they sent me (old review): ok so first i wrote a review with only 1 star. there were a LOT of issues. i desperately needed birth control at a reasonable cost and the RIGHT kind. they advertise you can speak to a professional to determine this but honestly, you don’t. if you don’t know exactly what you want, they prescribe you whatever they want without talking to you first, no matter what you put on your notes. they initially prescribed me something and i thought they looked at my history and notes but once i started getting welts and allergic reactions to it, i stopped taking it and complained. then upon my own research i learned what they prescribed me was NOTHING like what i’d taken before, and not even the same main ingredients. i tried to get it fixed and talk to someone but they tried to make me start a new order, it $45 for 3 packs and i went ballistic. i absolutely refused because i’d already wasted $15 on them and i wasn’t gonna allow them to do the same exact thing but with $45 and STILL not talk to me. i demanded they talk to me first to help me find the generic brand of what i’d taken in the past, BEFORE i agreed to any charges. after a while a medical professional did talk to me and came to the same conclusion i did about the generic brand. she then went above and beyond to waive the $45/3pack and continue to charge me only $15/month and even offered to help me plan it so i can have shorter lighter periods like i used to. i still never got a refund for the first pack and it took a lot of complaining and demanding before i was able to talk to someone and get a good prescription, but now that it’s been sorted out i’m happy with the convenience. and the medical professional did do me a solid with the payment and the dosing. now i’m recommending this app to my friends but ONLY if you know for sure what you want to get (there’s an option where you can choose which brand you want. i didn’t pick that option because i didn’t know which of those choices was the generic brand of what i’d taken before, and wanted to talk to a medical professional to find that out). otherwise they’ll just prescribe you whatever they want. if you know what you want, it is a good service and they send you updates on when they ship your pack and they don’t charge you until they ship. they sent a message about a week before in case you wanted to change your shipment/payment date or cancel altogether. it’s a good service it was just a pain in the beginning to get it right.
  • Love it so far! 5/5

    By cstiver16
    I got sprintec from nurx (the brand they recommended to me) and i just got 3 packs sent to me and it only took about 5 days to get here!! The 3 packs were 45$ vs if I went to Planned Parenthood they would have been 30$ a pack. The packaging they sent me was discreet and for the time being I’m a pretty happy camper:)
  • Stopped Accepting Blue Cross / Blue Shield Insurance 1/5

    By ellezhang3
    No longer accepts Blue Cross / Blue Shield insurance. Made the switch the The Pill Club, which does
  • Definitely Recommend 5/5

    By MrsJazH
    I’ve been using Nurx for about 6 or 7 months now. Not gonna lie. I was super skeptical at first but I’m glad I went for it. I get my birth control on time every time. The one time it didn’t get delivered like it was supposed to the quickly sent a replacement free of charge and I received in enough time so there wasn’t a break in my dosage. I definitely recommend. Insurance or no insurance. They make it super easy.
  • Do not be fooled. 1/5

    By ChancesUglyFace
    The reps are the phone are very friendly during sign up, but don’t be fooled. I ordered my birth control because pharmacies have closed in my area, I thought this was a good alternative. My package is lost in the mail and they will not send out replacements. They have told me to contact my insurance and request a new refill for the month. The packages are not insured for the medication amount FYI. Do not use them! Bad business and only in it for the 💰 not the costumer service.
  • Ope 1/5

    By Jessica Heller
    If you live in Kansas and want birth control, I guess you’re SOL. Waste of my time to download and signup.
  • Highly recommend! 5/5

    By klharv
    LOVE this service, so easy to use and trustworthy. I’ve had quick responses and kind interactions. I want to place a disclaimer that my body does well with a generic prescription, but I still am grateful for the ease this provides.
  • Pretty Great! 5/5

    By Ohambo
    I don’t normally write reviews, but when it comes to something like this I figured I’d let other people know how it’s worked out. Honestly I was a little skeptical at first because of all the bad reviews, but I had no other option of obtaining my birth control. I use to go to Planned Parenthood & since I’ve moved, I no longer have access to that place. So I decided to give this a shot & so far so good! I literally placed my order on a Friday, they approved it over the weekend, & it shipped on that next Monday. How awesome is that? The dr was so nice and kept me updated through the entire process. I highly recommend!
  • This app is great! 4/5

    By Dashapyy
    I was skeptical to try this, but I did it. And it is really great. The whole process was good, I ordered the pills and they arrived between 5 days. Then when I started taking I had some side effects, and I write to customer service and they were great! They answered on time and properly. I just switched because I found a cheaper service, but otherwise I would give them 5 starts.
  • Harmful ads 1/5

    By ablack148
    Their ads discourage women from seeking medical care from licensed medical professionals. With ads depicting gynaecologist offices as “scary” and “awkward”, I don’t think this company understands that gynaecologists do more then prescribe birth control. Adding anxiety to young women who may already struggle to go to a gyno, could literally stop people from receiving life saving care as well as miss out on education such as safe sex practices. This is not an app developed for women, if it were it would stop these harmful ads after online back lash. This is just a pharmaceutical app trying to rake in money by praying of women’s insecurities.
  • 5 star app💯 5/5

    By Ericadp
    This app is so convenient.😦 I work over night so it would be hard for me to go to a drs office right after I get off. 😴But before I start my review I DO NOT SEE WHY THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING🤯. It’s very easy. The communication is 100%! 👌🏿 All you have to do is put your insurance in and it gave me a option of do I want free bc or pay 15$.💰 I chose free!!! I put my information in and got approved ✅ and shipped in the same day 😱I got my birth control in two days. Very fast shipping! This is a 5 star app 💯
  • Easy, Respectful, Real. 5/5

    By znilnico102
    I’ve had nothing but fantastic experiences using Nurx. It’s such a contrast to the care I’ve received at a doctors office or clinic (judgmental, flippant, and I’ve had doctors flat out tell me my birth control side effects were “impossible” and all in my head... What could I possibly gain from making it up?) Nurx is completely different. Their staff and doctors treat me with respect, and they treat me like an intelligent person. They can provide “continuous use” prescriptions if you’d like to skip your period once in a while - WIN. When I told them I was having side effects, they took my concerns seriously and made recommendations for a different pill. My new Rx request was placed the same day! Shipping is fast and discreet, and always on time. I’m eternally grateful for this app. They’ve made my life so much easier and reduced my stress surrounding obtaining birth control. I’m busy and this app fits right into my schedule. Recommend 100%.
  • Nurx is amazing 5/5

    By thinkingamerican
    I love Nurx! They not only made it quick and easy for me to get on birth control, but have been amazing whenever I needed some additional support. For example, I was traveling and didn’t have my Rx and they were able to transfer the Rx to a pharmacy next day. Recently, I moved to a state where Nurx isn’t available (booooo) and they transferred my remaining Rxs. I love this company so much and suggest it to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to obtain birth control.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By deltajet
    They simply do not know what they are doing. Every step of the way I had issues, with the final result of them not noticing that I am on Medicare and the prescription is not available under that plan. Don’t waste your time.

Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP app comments

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