Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP

Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP

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Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP App

The Nurx app is the most convenient and affordable way to take care of your everyday healthcare needs. We prescribe and deliver birth control (100+ formulas), herpes treatment, PrEP for HIV prevention (along with home testing), home testing for STI and HPV, and emergency contraception—safely, securely, and on your schedule. HOW IT WORKS 1.Tell us a bit about your health history 2.Nurx medical team reviews & prescribes, if appropriate 3.We deliver to your door for free, in discreet packaging WHAT IT COSTS • Get birth control starting at $0 with insurance or $15 without insurance. • 99% of our PrEP patients pay $0 for the medication. PrEP is often covered by insurance, and if you don’t have insurance our PrEP team will help you find a payment assistance program. • Herpes treatment and home test kits are covered by many insurance plans, and we offer affordable pricing for those who pay out-of-pocket. • Medical consultation fee of $15 includes unlimited follow-up messaging with our medical team about your medication or test. • Delivery is always free. IN THE NEWS “Nurx is like your sexual health fairy godmother.” -InStyle “A game-changer for birth control”-ELLE “The first to offer an at-home lab test for PrEP”-Business Insider “These days, you can get just about anything delivered to your doorstep...and now you can get an at-home HPV screening kit.”-Bustle BIRTH CONTROL Get a birth control prescription any time, anywhere. Our medical team prescribes online, then we deliver to your door. Refills are automatic and delivery is free. Choose from 50+ brands—pill, ring, patch, or shot—or our providers will guide you. PrEP FOR HIV PREVENTION Nurx is the most convenient way to order PrEP. Do the required testing from home, no lab visit required. We make PrEP affordable — 99% of Nurx patients pay $0 for the medication. HERPES TREATMENT We prescribe and deliver the highly effective antiviral medication valacyclovir to people with oral or genital herpes who have already received a diagnosis. We offer prescriptions for outbreaks (to lessen the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the outbreak) or for daily prevention (to reduce the chance of an outbreak occurring). STI TESTS Test yourself for common sexually transmitted infections including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and Hep C, in multiple areas of the body, with STI Home Test Kits. Collect your samples at home and return by mail using a prepaid label. Once results are in, a member of our medical team will be in touch to walk you through them. If you test positive they’ll either prescribe treatment or connect you with in-person care. HPV TESTS Skip the stirrups while protecting your health. Our home HPV test assesses your risk for cervical cancer, no appointment required. Collect your samples and return by mail using a prepaid label. Once results are in, a member of our medical team will walk you through them. EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION The “morning-after pill” prevents pregnancy when taken up to 5 days after sex. We’ll help you get emergency contraception — Plan B or Ella — delivered by mail or fulfilled at a nearby pharmacy. PRIVATE MESSAGING WITH TOP PROVIDERS Everyone on the Nurx medical team is certified and licensed in your state, and undergoes a rigorous vetting process. You’ll receive judgment-free care and health recommendations from the very best sources. Nurx is HIPAA compliant and encrypts every transaction and conversation you have with us so there is no risk of breach of privacy. Nurx is currently available in these states: AL, CA, CO, FL, GA, KY, IA, IL, IN, MA, ME, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, District of Columbia, and to the Armed Forces. Nurx is only available to people age 13 and older.

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Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP app reviews

  • Do not use! 1/5

    By Asdfgh12!$
    This app will not only steal your info but even if you try to cancel (witch you can not do without calling them) they will continue to charge your card (the app will not let you delete you payment info either). I even tried putting a fake name and they still wrote a person for Bob and charged me for it! This is just junk!
  • The App is fine, the service and co. Is awful 1/5

    By SeattleCece
    Here’s the thing, I haven’t taken BC in 10 years. Signed up with NURX because of all the “good reviews.” Their service is horrible. The doctors don’t actually care, they give you blanket and generic responses and can take up to a full week to respond. They continuously tell you how it’s not a live chat service, regardless it doesn’t take you 7 days to respond. This happened to me multiple times! Where I had concerns I wanted addressed with a thoughtful and thorough response but I did not get that. I got a doctor in a hurry to tell me “it’s fine.” Thanks for the reassurance. Just a terrible experience for online BC and lack of communication and bedside manner and customer service. Will not recommend, to anyone. So disappointed in this company.
  • Life changing 5/5

    By samanthaprairie
    This app has changed my life for the better and made it so much easier to get the medication I need without having to physically see a doctor!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Eliza2003:
    In the beginning of may I placed an order for birth control which I needed immediately but it was taking to long for my prescription to be processed because I forgot to put my apartment number. So I asked for my money back which took forever I only recently got my money back and it’s the end of may. But when I got my money back they charged me AGAIN and started the process of shipping birth control I called them and asked them to cancel it but they never did. I don’t work right now and I can’t afforded $45 dollar taken out of my account. I already currently supplied for birth control until I get my self together so I wasn’t worried about that factor . But yet they charged me birth control without my permission. I would not recommend Nurx at all .
  • Great convenient customer service 5/5

    By asatkins
    Worth the read: I was weary about this app because of some of the negative reviews on here. But I had been suffering from hormonal imbalance and all of its side effects and I really needed to get back on the pill, as it has regulated this for me for many years. With all of the COVID-19 policies set in place. I thought I’d try this out instead of paying a visit to my doctor. My main concerns were 1. I wanted to know what bran and type of birth control I would be receiving so that I can do a little research on it before my prescription 2. I needed something that my insurance would cover. 3. I needed something that regulated hormonal acne and PMDD symptoms. I simply made it a point to express all of these concerns to my NUREX physician, and she worked with me on all of them. She gave me options and explained the benefits of each option I had and let me choose between 3 different methods. She also made sure to hold my order until I had chosen the birth control I found best fit for me. I received my first pack in the mail within a couple of days and they sent me the generic version of my prescription so that it would be 100% covered by my insurance. This was a great, timely and convenient experience. And saved me a good amount of money when compared to what I would have to have paid for a doctors visit. Although I’ll continue to see my gyno regularly. I will continue to use NURX for my birth control prescription.
  • Good and bad 2/5

    By Jen316
    First the bad. I thought with this app/service we would have access to a doctor to answer questions and provide recommendations. I’ve sent a message using the message feature on the app, about whether or not it would be safe for me to skip the placebo week so that I won’t have a monthly period and they have ignored my message. The good thing is, it’s easy to get birth control, mine is free through my insurance & it’s great being able to receive 3 months worth at a time through the mail. The downside to that is that they will change the brand without notice, I was on Microgestin fe 1/20 for the first 3 months and now they just sent me Junel fe 1/20 which has the same active ingredients. This is on me though because at the end of the 2nd pack of Microgestin, I started experiencing bad nausea and put off contacting the Dr through Nurx to see about switching to something else & before I knew it they had already refilled my prescription with Junel which is the same as Microgestin. I am really disappointed Over the inability to get questions answered in a timely manner and will probably discontinue using this app.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Peterhsjdjfidi
    It takes a very long time for anything, it’s seems like they either don’t know what they are talking about or they just don’t care to talk to you. On top of that there just seem to be unclear what you’re getting charged for. A co-pay every time and random bills from testing places, which weren’t upfront in the charges.
  • Read carefully before you submit anything. 2/5

    By Chodeb
    The site is very misleading. Said it delivered to my state, but after I put in all my information and credit card was charged they tell me they don’t deliver to my state. Also flout having this great and quick communication yet took 6 days to respond to a message they initiated... kind you it took less than 24 hours to be charged for “service fee” for them to process my application that I wasn’t able to complete due to misleading information. Can’t say anything towards their actual function of getting meds and all that since I never made it that far. Just read everything BEFORE you press submit.

    By 152738392744
    They don’t communicate at all ! I specifically told them I didn’t want a certain type of birth control and they still sent it to me. They are horrible.
  • Loving my experience 5/5

    By mikayla7x
    I have been using this app to get the pill for 5 months now. In the beginning, I had requested the birth control I was on in the past. One of the doctors messaged me recommending a single hormone (progesterone only) pill due to me mentioning I had high blood pressure and a kidney disease. She mentioned excess estrogen isn’t good for those two things. I have never been informed this in the past from other OBGYNs BUT I did my research and it’s perfectly logical. So I agreed to try the new pill, which was the same price as the one I wanted ($45 for 3 months supply—no insurance) and the pill has been fine and the customer service response was amazing. They explained to me everything you need to know when taking the pill (when you start, when to be concerned, what to do if you miss a pill, etc) and ensured me I could reach out anytime with problems or questions. My first shipment took about a week to arrive, and my auto refill was perfectly on time. I would recommend atleast giving them a try! I’ve not had any problems so far and I have friends who are also having good experiences using this app!
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By drew6theman1
    Company has not responded for over a week. Prescription is now over and can’t get a hold of anyone. Would never recommend anyone to use this app.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By SamSaysDontUseThisApp
    I have been using Nurx and I have found that they will miscommunicate with you, which leaves you without your birth control, and they take multiple days to reply to messages. I was told I had one prescription refill left, and had an issue getting it at the pharmacy due to restrictions on my account, I tried asking them for help in the matter so I would not go without my birth control, and they misinformed me and have left me without my birth control for a week, just for them to tell me I have to renew my prescription, but that’s not what I was told at the beginning of the conversations (which went on for days because I got no responses)
  • Good idea poor execution 1/5

    By AvoidNurx
    I’ve been using Nurx for 2 years and I renewed my 3rd prescription from them. Each year they mess up at least 3 times. They either forgot to ship the pills (2 months late until I contact them), or completely mess up the prescription. I renewed my most recent one in March 2020, and picked up the first refill in March. Two and half months later when the renew date came up, pharmacy told me they can’t refill because there’s no refill left and they didn’t get approved from the doctor. In the app the system shows expired 04/2020, but when I click to open the prescription it states it’s good until 03/2021. Customer service took 3 days to reach back with no solutions whatsoever. Now I can’t even go to a local doctor to get a solid prescription because the one Nurx gave me is good until 2021 and I’ll be considered doctor shopping. No pills for 10 months.
  • I LOVE this app!! 5/5

    By M0nk3yp1rate
    I am so happy I saw the commercial for this. It has been a lifesaver and such a relief to be able to handle my BC needs without having to physically go to a doctor. The cost of birth control is way less than what traditional doctors offices charge as well!
  • Bad app, cluttered and confusing test kit 1/5

    By 26333333
    Unfortunately they cut corners on convenience and clarity…From the usability of the app, to the casual, vague way they convey test results, Nurx falls short of what I assume is their goal to improve upon the shortcomings of the traditional healthcare system.
  • bad customer service 2/5

    By fhwodnwl
    Just really crappy customer service. Took three days to get a reply.
  • Absolutely horrible service 1/5

    By Riv1996
    I’ve been a customer for 3 years and have never had an issue but this recent order somehow they’re allowing for pharmacy to substitute as necessary. This was never a thing. I’m terribly frustrated bc I’ve told them NUMEROUS times to change it. My history has always been this medication so it made absolutely no sense to change it. The nurse Jorge was trying to sway me for whatever reason honestly it’s probably bc they already made the mistake of sending the WRONG medication and just wanted me to take it. If I could honestly give them no stars I would.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Thatgirlkelseyy
    I asked for my regular birth control and was sent something different that what I requested. I started having side effects, and they cancelled my script and told me to go get bloodwork done or they would not prescribe another medication. ALL I WANTED was the script I’ve gotten for a year now and had zero issues with and now they are trying to force me to get bloodwork. The whole point was to save on a doctors visit and get my regular medication but NO, These people do not work with you. If you have side effects - beware. They will force a doctors visit anyways.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ellaaa1208
    When I didn’t have a dr and couldn’t get into see one Nurx was there for me when I needed birth control. It is so easy and convenient to be able to have this company around to help us.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By princess.p🥰
    This app is so beneficial in many things! I don’t have to buy the birth control pills on the pharmacy no more because now they come to my door and it’s paid my my insurance and I just see it really beneficial! Everyone should try it out, best app out there! Thank you!

    By 420bri96
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Bellaaa1213
    My Dr wouldn’t refill my valacyclovir unless I went in. Signed up for Nurx and it was so fast and easy. Only had to pay $15 plus my co-pay and got a 3 month supply in about a week.
  • I don’t know what people are talking about 5/5

    My experience was INCREDIBLY EASY!! I was apprehensive when I read the reviews on the app, but I had already signed up. My OBGYN could not get me in due to Covid-19. It was really frustrating and wanted to cancel, but then I got a message from Kelsey, a PA, who asked me some questions and I got my prescription in that day. It was so easy. I checked my prescription and everything was correct. She even went the extra mile and got me the exact one I asked for. She replied to me very quickly! I’m so grateful for this company!
  • So happy 4/5

    By bookworm292
    I am so happy to have found this app! I was able to get the birth control pills that I normally use without the hassle of trying to make an appointment with my doctor. The whole process was quick and easy and my pills came in only a couple of days!
  • I’ve been using Nurx for 3 years!! 5/5

    By vandel95
    I didn’t have a car for a year so it wasn’t always easy to go to the pharmacy. This service really helped me and I’m extremely grateful I was able to get my birth control delivered to me. I always had it delivered the last week of each month (my period week).
  • Poor communication and customer service 1/5

    By JdjdndjcklZhcidks
    This is more a review of the service than the app. I used to do this through Planned Parenthood app which was great. Prescriptions went out automatically every three months, messages sent to alert you, etc. I switched because Nurx takes my insurance so I’m saving $25 a month. I’ve had several instances where I’ve sent messages with no reply. There is no communication about refills so each time I’ve had to reach out. I’m still not clear if the refills were going to ship automatically or only shipped because I reminded them. If you read through the reviews (here and on social media) this lack of communication is clearly a chronic issue that they are either unable or unwilling to address.
  • Very important and dangerous side left out! 1/5

    By Kiara1995*
    Ok so typically I don’t write reviews on here but this is a very important issues and seeing that it could have very well been life threatening I wanted to post my experience. When I first started taking mines I would get headaches and feel sick everyday so I messaged them about this and I know it’s one of the side effects they mention but I was sick all day everyday for a month and they told me it was normal so I toughed it out. I finally got used to it but after a month and a half two weeks ago I woke up from a terrible pain in my back as the day went on it got worse and spread to my side and stomach I had to leave work and go to the hospital immediately. They saw pneumonia from a ct scan and sent me home with meds and told me to come back a week later to check progress. A few days later it was even worse my breathing had gotten bad and I was bed ridden the whole week that’s how bad it hurt and I couldn’t move , I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself or lift my arm to eat my family had to help take care of me and luckily I had a bunch of pto now more than ever I needed to be working, so when I went back they did every test including covid 19 (2nd test two weeks apart) after a couple of days and test they discovered that the birth control is what had caused a blood clot to form in my lungs. Out of all the warnings they gave me when I signed up this wasn’t one so I messaged them about what happened after I unsubscribed but they never responded. I didn’t want my money back but I want them to know I’m very healthy it’s not something in my family history and I went to a professional to see what happened I didn’t diagnose myself. I doubt other people are being warned about this and with this being my first experience to try it out I had no way of knowing but the doctors told me any oral birth control can give you blood clots so I would be very careful and maybe talk with a doctor about the different birth control options and asking the side effects for those because I feel they will tell you everything you need to know. For now I’m stuck taking 500 dollar a month blood thinners for who knows how long. Hopefully this is helpful to someone who can avoid going through what I am currently dealing with on the bright side the pain is almost non existent now. But I have to continue taking blood thinners until they tell me I’m completely safe.
  • Too much of a hassle 1/5

    By Sghs she bags
    I created an account and then it kept telling me I didn’t have the sufficient permission to access my own account. So I created another account, and then The NURX team deleted the second one I created and now I don’t have access to either accounts. I haven’t even ordered anything on my first account, and so now I don’t have access to see my ordered. They also charged the wrong debit card. They kept sending me the same link over and over, and I couldn’t even reset my password because their web sight only allows me to enter my email but it’s just a cycle of entering in an email. This has created so much stress, and is NOT WORTH IT.
  • Their website is a lie 1/5

    By klb753
    The app claims to have cheap birth control options. But the only cheap birth control is the pill. The other options are not cheaper that going somewhere else they are more expensive. I wanted to get the shot when I tried signing up it didn’t even give the option for the shot and then the only thing the recommended was pills. Since I didn’t want the pill and they don’t recommend anything else i still was charged $15 even though their website showed they had multiple kinds of birth control other than pills. I don’t suggest this company at all they did absolutely nothing to help and then charged me $15.
  • Scam, run away 1/5

    By BeccaK.
    this app is just trying to make easy money; they charge for basic medical testing and prescription that are covered under medical. I tried to call customer service and the representative hung up on me and never gave me a call back. Their messages in the app are randomly responsive, the reply days later and without the information you asked for. Nothing to see here unless you like paying for services that are free elsewhere.
  • Love it but there’s one problem I had 3/5

    By claudia101lol
    I knew I was about to end my prescription on BC from my OB, but I can’t afford to go see them. So I took to Nurx, love that they were able to send me three months worth of BC, but..... I was trying to stay on the same birth control that I was already on, and well.... I got a generic version of a generic version. So I’m starting a new birth control altogether.... I don’t mind but would had loved to be on the same that I knew worked for me, and it’s still too soon to tell if the one prescribed will be ok. So here we go.
  • Terrible customer service 2/5

    By Jencollins5
    Not usually one to right a review but the customer service is not so great. Takes on average 8 hours for someone to respond to you
  • Awful 1/5

    By Raybk8
    Tried this app and the service. I put all my info in and texted customer service in the app. Here was no response. It said my order was in review but nothing. I called and cancelled. Waste of time.
  • Easy process 4/5

    By Melissacnc
    The process was extremely easy and the shipping arrived quickly. The only issue was paying for the prescription when I never have before, but overall it like the process
  • A scam 1/5

    By emailleeeyy
    Makes you enter all your insurance, id, and credit card info before they decide to tell you it’s $15 for an “online consultation” plus a copay and they’ll charge your card wo asking if your insurance is denied. There’s a ton of other apps like this that I’ll use instead. Or planned parenthood will give you a years supply of birth control for free even if you don’t have insurance. What a waste of time Update: you enter all of your information before you get to the order screen, which then displays the cost that is previously unmentioned anywhere. Thanks for reiterating what I already said. My copay through my insurance is $0 and the cost of all medications is $0. Getting birth control through this app will cost you at the very least $25 if the birth control you choose is free itself. It doesn’t mention how often it requires the $15 consultation and copay either.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By KaiaRubin
    I don’t really review stuff but I saw this app had low reviews and I don’t know why. I’ve used it before and I’m not using it again for birth control, that’s free with my insurance. No joke, this app saves lives
  • Liars! 1/5

    By Hugdrg
    So, let’s get one thing straight. Their advertising is completely a lie. They state for their average cost of birth control pills to be $15 and yet when you pay out of pocket, the cheapest one they can offer is $20/month. Either they don’t know how to calculate averages, basic math, or they are liars. I think the second option applies.
  • Its okay 2/5

    By loser 4321
    The app is alright but it makes me log in every single time. And they say the prescription will arrive a few days before you run out but mine is almost two weeks late now.
  • Be Patient and you won’t be disappointed 4/5

    By Geminidragon3
    Before I signed up for Nurx I read reviews and I saw a lot the same complaints come up. I was a little hesitant because of these complaints, but ultimately decided to just try it and see. I will say, especially at this time, that it does take a day to two between responses, but they warned me when I signed up that it would be that way—quite understandable considering the pandemic. What people need to realize is that Nurx has a process and they have stop gaps in place to help you. You just need to trust them. They’ll take care of you. The number one thing I noticed is that the messaging feature is a little slower than the profile/managing subscription feature. I think this is the main cause for people getting upset. This freaked me out a little too when I opted to have them automatically bill my credit card if my insurance had a complication—fully trusting in my insurance company. When lo and behold, my insurance denied the prescription. I received the message that the coverage was denied and that they would bill my credit card like I had selected. Then I freaked out further when I saw on the manage subscription page that there was a banner proclaiming my prescription for Yaz was going to cost $580+ and that the order was processing. 😳 I thought, “oh great, everything I read that was negative is now happening to me!” I sent a few messages to their customer support and was anxiously awaiting a reply—Now my one complaint with Nurx was that a number was not easy to find, which made me panic more. I wanted to talk to someone so I could put my anxiety to rest and didn’t want to wait for the chat reply. But I decided to just wait and see because I remembered them marketing that anything over $40 gets your consent prior to shipment and charge. It took a lot, but I remained mostly calm... A day or two later I saw that they were “processing” an order of a birth control name I did not recognize, Nikki. The only generic for Yaz I had heard of was Loryna. Anxiety started to rise...But then, came the glorious message—their stop gap. The message stated that even though my insurance denied the prescription, they had a generic option, Nikki! They asked for me approve of the switch, and also asked if the charge of $60 was okay because it was more than the standard $40. They also listed a number to call if I had questions—someone must have read my mind. I ended up not needing to call because they had resolved everything and did not charge or ship my order without my consent. Hope this helps of you are on the fence. Give it a shot and trust in their procedure.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Yale16
    I signed up for this app maybe 2 weeks ago. Initially everything was fine and responsive. I paid $100+ for the birth control and testing kit. The first thing it told me for the testing kit was that it would need my blood pressure but if I couldn’t get it due to COVID-19 then that was okay. However I went to check because I kept getting notifications that I couldn’t get the test without my BP. I went to my local CVS and the area was closed off. I notified them and it took them a 4-5 days to get back to me. Mind you I ordered the birth control and test at the exact same time. It said that my birth control prescription was being reviewed by a doctor which took 2 weeks and when it got approved I got a email telling me to go to the app to approve everything in my messages. I go to my messages in the app and there’s nothing regarding my prescription except that it was still being reviewed. There’s not even a help button I’m the app and if you try to get help through messages they don’t answer. I don’t know what to do at this point. I want my money back and I’m very frustrated.
  • A great service 5/5

    By ijustwantappstoworm
    Nurx is a great service. Getting BC was always such a pain in the ass and doctors are difficult. Being able to have a prescription and supply from Nurx has been amazing and makes my life so much easier.
  • Awful 2/5

    By ht4432
    Completely f***ed me over and left me without any BC for over a month. If you try to reach customer service they dont reply and are incompetent. Only get 2 stars because it was easy enough to get a script in the first place. This is unacceptable when its messing with your hormones and they just dont ship extremely important medicine.
  • They don’t read your profile 1/5

    By natallysilva
    The application asks several questions about your medical history, but it does not take it into account. I put the problems with a medication that I had previously and even then they sent me one with the same composition. Before the medication was shipped I sent a message saying that I did not accept that medication and my message was ignored. I sent a message requesting another medication and a medical team sent an email saying that I was wrong and with the medications they serve. I asked for cancellation and refund and was again ignored. Thei canceled my account, but I have not received a refund or return from the NURX team. Do not use this app if you want something specific or had some problems with pill previously because they won’t read your form or your medical history.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By vivaladiva4110
    This app is such a blessing, I don’t have to go to the doctor just to get birth control. Nurx gives me the privacy and freedom to order birth control and not be at the mercy of my former OBGYN who made me come in every 6 months and pay $200 just to get my prescription refilled. I feel OBGYNs hold your birth control script hostage to force you to come in and pay; not to mention the appointment is usually at an inconvenient day/time. Thank you so much for inventing this app.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Katielucille
    Got the app, got my birth control, and it gave me intense side effects!! I tried to contact the prescribing doctor through Nurx several times. Nobody responded to any of my messages! Not the doctor or Nurx. Then they ignored all of my messages and cancelled my birth control subscription! So unprofessional! So if you want to get birth control on your own and never have to talk to anyone again, go ahead and download this app. If you want actual medical care, don’t waste your time.
  • Billing has been a nightmare 1/5

    By misses lovejoy
    I’ve been using Nurx since last July, and since I can’t afford to pay for three months at a time, I am always having to watch this account to make sure I don’t get charged at the wrong time - they always try to send me another pack of pills when I’m only about seven days into the new one. So every month I have to go on and push the subscription date back. I have also been recently charged twice for a single refill.
  • Thanks for Nothing 1/5

    By Kayleigh LP
    I would only recommend this app under the strict conditions that you are happy with your current birth control and would like to continue with the BC and method of payment you’re currently using not requiring any assistance from customer service or any sort of “professional”. Consider this an online terminal without any form of conscientious customer service.
  • Quick Customer Service 5/5

    By Honest Olive ;)
    After doing some research, I decided to switch to a different app so I messaged them asking for a refund because my medicine had not yet been processed. They got back to me in less than an hour and are going to refund my money. They seem like great customer service contrary to what people have written below. However, their app is not for me.
  • Super Slow to Respond AND not helpful 1/5

    By LW957
    It took the doctor a full day to respond to an on going conversation. They also do not bother to check the medical history you provided such as allergies. You can most certainly get your prescription faster and a more credible recommendation from your GP or Teladoc.

Nurx - Birth Control and PrEP app comments

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