NYC Transit: Subway Tracker

NYC Transit: Subway Tracker

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  • Current Version: 4.12.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Transit Now ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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NYC Transit: Subway Tracker App

Need to know when buses and trains are coming, and where they're going? This is the app for you. See instantly when your bus or train is going to arrive – and find the quickest way around town with live journey planning. MAIN FEATURES • Countdown boards for buses and trains • Tap on an arrival time to see how far away the vehicle is in real-time • Full seven-day timetables • Quickly see the last train or bus arriving tonight • See every nearby route and where they go • A-to-B directions – takes traffic delays into account and shows you alternative routes • One-tap ‘get me home’ journey planning • Save your favourite stops and stations • Customise a stop's arrivals board so you only see the routes you want to see. • The best-designed transport app out there - simple and clean, showing you only the information you need The app works best with an active data connection and GPS. Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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NYC Transit: Subway Tracker app reviews

  • So awesome 😃 5/5

    By Zenith450
    It shows me where the bus is at
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By tazz381
    I had this app, for a couple of days. It worked fine, once I updated it, it was completely wrong. It didn't recognize any of the stops, it showed the map of the United States. It is a complete waste of time
  • mtasucks 1/5

    By mtabuster
    where’s realtime option?!?!?!?!?????
  • Never Accurate 1/5

    By seufhgaeodugeaduog
    Been using it a while now and it never seems to be accurate. Says Due, but nothing shows up. Says 2 minutes and resets to 15 minutes.
  • Useless for Handicapped or Walking Challenged 1/5

    By EKossick
    Directs one as though your driving a car, even with BUS only selected ! Can’t store the route actually taken. Doesn’t take into account walking terrain- steep hills Doesn’t show station elevators!
  • Better than the MTA 4/5

    By klnyc11214
    i have been using this app over 4 months and it has been working great. Compared to NYC official MTA Subway which is soo bad i deleted after one use. I give 4 stars cause it seem the train gps movement is gone it doesn’t show it no more. Doesn’t matter to much but would be nice if i can see where is the train. Over all i’m satisfied.
  • Bus numbers 5/5

    By Graylin Fox
    *** Update: this issue was addressed within 24 hours. Thank you very much. This app would be absolutely amazing if I could read the numbers of the busses when I plan a trip. Unfortunately, it looks like the numbers are written in the same color as the highlight and you can’t see the numbers.
  • Skip it 1/5

    By Livin' On da Phone
    No value; doesn’t do anything helpful.
  • False information!!!! 1/5

    By Capillary Action Hero
    The weather was bad yesterday. This app shows the location of buses on a map. It showed a bus almost to my location every ten minutes. The whole time the buses were not really running. So their map is fake.
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By Trustedreviewer69
    Amazing app, always accurate. saves me so many headaches.
  • Tremendous help! 5/5

    By Texanna33
    Very accurate! Saved us so much on taxis.
  • Never on time 1/5

    By Tinyken
    Those buses never come on time, this app is useless!!!
  • I Like this app 4/5

    By DL Exploring
    In my opinion the app is user friendly & easily navigated. I tap into the app when leaving a destination - it’s great to get immediate travel info. I even use the app while I’m in transit, this helps because if they’re delays I can see possible so I can connect to another train line to reach my destination. I really enjoy the ‘take me home’ button; I get an immediate estimate on when I’ll arrive home.
  • No hay mejor app que este 5/5

    By ese siniko
    Buenísimo este app recomendable
  • Could use live tone update 4/5

    By yellled
    Nice app. Really does a good job of tracing the routs around tried state area. Still real time updated on the delays and so on would b much better?
  • So happy with this app 5/5

    By tomoyixx
    Good & excellent app
  • Bus time doesn’t show up 2/5

    By Javad83
    Been using for a few months an. Wen working well. Since Labor Day weekend no bus time shows up. Love this app was very useful.
  • Where’s the bus and subway map 2/5

    By scowls
    Downloaded subway and bus maps are too small to see clearly. And no alerts.
  • Worst for buses 1/5

    By hatetheupdate33
    Times are not accurate. Extremely hard to use and see results. Buses disappear. Clearly not tied to MTA.
  • Good needs fixing 4/5

    By Patricia!!!!
    Good app but needs user experience testing and tweaking
  • No stars 1/5

    By babsjagger
    The app used to be so helpful. Now it takes a long time to find a simple arrival time for a bus! Not an improvement
  • Would use again :)) 4/5

    By christinej36
    I visited NYC for about three days with my family, and this app definitely saved our lives. Coming from California, we never take the train or bus to go places, so taking the subway would be a huge issue. But this app made traveling so much easier. We knew exactly which train to get on, what stops were being taken, and when we had to get off to either our destination or to transfer to another train. Of course, I can’t give it five stars because sometimes the times are inaccurate, but the times are usually off by a couple minutes. To get an accurate time, the signs in the subway do give better times of when a train is arriving (i.e. 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc.). Also, the service does cut off when the train is in motion, so the app doesn’t work and doesn’t show us our exact location, but once the train stops for the next flow of people, you are able to see exactly which station and street you’re on if the train itself doesn’t provide a sign or you cannot hear the conductor. If I ever go back to NYC, I will definitely be using this app again :)
  • Clearly made by someone who doesn’t live in NYC 1/5

    By Muktibhukti
    Doesn’t understand that there are multiple stations with the same name on completely different lines and even in different boroughs.. We need to be able to clearly choose destination by location and line, e.g. “86th St and Lex / 4-5”, or “86th and Broadway / 1-2”, not a long list of stops all with the same name and no way to distinguish between them. Chaotic and Useless
  • Not complete. 2/5

    By WTCMEDIC911
    Really needs a status tab so people can check the different lines and see what’s running. Delayed or as every friggin weekend is shut down!!!
  • Bad train info 2/5

    By lamenickname79
    Gives the plan a trip feature but was completely wrong about weekend service. Added 10 stops to the trip because of it’s inaccuracy. No way we could get to our destination on time with the route provided in the app. Plus you have to download the subway map every single time you use which is not user- friendly.
  • As accurate if not more than Live schs 5/5

    By galafuzeapps
    Best transit app for NYC that I've used and I've used many. Yes, I recommend.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By nycbusrider8724
    Ran smoothly and then now after the 5th day every stop has “no upcoming departures”
  • Accurate and reliable 1/5

    By Fabogalarza
    Regardless the lateness and messes with trains specifically 7 train, this app is very accurate with information and timing. Not a problem when looking for buses and scheduling a trip. Great app after all.
  • good but missing parts of the line 3/5

    By hphxmm
    I use stops on the M line that don’t show up in the app. For some reason the entire part which connects the M to the JMZ lines in Brooklyn and Manhattan don’t show up. (Central Ave, Knickerbocker Ave, etc) Another issue is that the feedback section within the app doesn’t work.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By special62863
    I’m loving this map
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Gp-06
    My fault for not leaving on time, missed my flight . how ever this app is not accurate at all the route for M60 leaves u to walk 20mins from the airport if u follow its route unless u already know the bus had a different stop or ask!!!
  • Best one so far! 5/5

    By Gamerchik2
    So easy to use and better options.
  • Great, but with a few flaws 4/5

    By TheHammer610
    I tried this app and ‘NYC Subway’. This is a far better app. I was visiting from out of town and had visited many years earlier. I like the NYC subway. It is easy to get around. But some things are confusing and this app just does not get it right. We were staying at a hotel near the 33rd street, green, #6 line. During most of the day, only the #6 train stops there, it this app’s map says that the 4 also stops there. It does, but only late at night. It took me a day to figure out this error in these maps. But the route directions to get from one place to another were fine most of the time. We wanted to go to Yankees stadium. The app sent us south on #6 to 14th street to change to the #4. We ended up going north on #6 to Grand Central Station, then switch trains there. That seemed far more logical. Still, I could not have found my way around the NYC subway without this app.
  • Too busy 1/5

    By b_mcintyre
    When you quickly need a refresher on where exactly the q train stops as it’s pulling into the station, there is no simple way to find that out on this app. Every screen is just inundated with information, user experience is visually frustrating and just stressful to attempt to navigate. There shouldn’t be a learning curve.
  • Great 5/5

    By experienced concert goer
    Very helpful app
  • Really useful 5/5

    By Andyx143
    Easy to use and 95% accurate
  • Great UX, unreliable bus times 2/5

    By Hypolite Petovan
    This app is very confortable to use, but the consistently unreliable bus times makes it unusable in practice. I thought it was using the official MTA times but I’ve been getting different times from other transit apps.
  • Most updated app 5/5

    By rsdofny
    All other apps either fail to provide updated subway map or give wrong arrival time. This app is the best at this point.
  • Basura 1/5

    By Lastsamuraymx
  • The worst app. 1/5

    By upset crew member
    Cost me $35. And 2 hours of my time making me late for my flight. Yes. I am a flight attendant. Uuugh. Do not trust this app.
  • UI could use some tweaks 4/5

    By Boborina
    Found it the most helpful in planning my trip but there are some affordances and UX that could be improved upon to make this even better. What it doesn’t take into account is the travel time between lines and real time delays fm trains that could mess up the travel sequence. I know, a lot to ask for but that would be super.
  • Wrong language 1/5

    By Is there a worse service
    Downloaded in German. Cannot figure out how to get it in English
  • Subway 5/5

    By ChrisJowers
    The app is great for directing you to the correct subway entrance and train number however it could be a little more informative on the direction you need to take the train, as the same trains run both directions and not being familiar with the city we got on the train going the wrong direction. The app still made it much easier.
  • Slow in comprehensive and sadly the best app out there for MTA 2/5

    By larsMtA
    Not sure why anything related to the MTA has to be substandard. It lacks basic things like simple all-day schedules - I particularly for the outer regions.
  • Difficult 1/5

    By Tutuiwa
    I want to know where bus’ location and how long I have to wait ...I had to app two days trying to figure it out ... I’m done 😡
  • Time is way off 1/5

    By Saddiq Abdul
    The time is way off even though the mta has moved to live countdowns clocks. Download something else
  • Good but Interface is poor 4/5

    By Avbo
    This app has a lot of potential. The best thing about it is it's reasonably accurate display of subway arrival times. But there are at least four things about the app that are annoying. 1) Certain multi line subway stops, like W. 4th St., only show the information for the blue lines, not the orange lines. 2). The subway arrival time display for each station often displays at the top of the screen where you can't see it without resuming your screen. 3) the app should remember the zoom state when switching between bus and subway. 4) you should be able to turn on or off bus/subway info in preferences so that the display is cleaner and tailored to ones main use.
  • Awkward to use — which direction? 3/5

    By J.R .
    App is Awkward to use — which direction is bus going? Uptown or downtown? Also listings not easy to scroll yo specific route or location
  • App is totally inaccurate 1/5

    By Video caption
    Don’t waste the download. The App says buses are at location and are no where to be seen. Completely inaccurate. I know nyc buses have tracking systems I have emailed the app and never heard back.

NYC Transit: Subway Tracker app comments

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