OCEARCH Shark Tracker

OCEARCH Shark Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.5.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: OCEARCH
  • Compatibility: Android
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OCEARCH Shark Tracker App

The new OCEARCH Shark Tracker lets you explore the migrations of sharks and other marine animals that have been tagged with state of the art satellite tracking technology. OCEARCH is on a mission to ensure abundant oceans for future generations and you’re invited to learn alongside our science team through our OCEARCH Shark Tracker! Sharks are the balance keepers of the ocean and the path to healthy, abundant oceans goes through them. It is critical that we understand the complete life history of these apex predators so that responsible management policies can be enacted to protect them. OCEARCH facilitates unprecedented research by supporting leading researchers and institutions seeking to attain groundbreaking data on the biology and health of sharks, in conjunction with basic research on shark life history and migration. Data gathered from each animal on the Tracker is being used by scientists and institutions around the world to help protect each species and our oceans as a whole - and now you can track your favorite sharks.

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OCEARCH Shark Tracker app reviews

  • Must Set Up An Account And Sign In?? 1/5

    By Hugusdamoos
    Give me a break. No, thanks. What a pain. Deleted. Using Sharktivity instead.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Golddlox718
    Where is Caroline ????
  • Great app 5/5

    By jr851212
    Great app being able to look at the migration paths the sharks take. You guys should try to conduct research and tagging in the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of massive shark sightings including Hammerheads

    By ElPresident3
    Fellow shark stan here and I stand by the community in this comment section requesting please please please bring back the comment section!! Please
  • Fascinating! 5/5

    By FlyFishDiva
    Love this app, checking up on the sharks and getting updates. Very cool!
  • American East coast Only 1/5

    By 808Kamaka
    Only showed sharks in the East coast of the American continent
  • RIP comments section 2/5

    By Donnabee511
    Why would you get rid of the one thing that put this app over the top? You’ll get a 5 star rating when the comments section returns.
  • ITS SO GOOD 5/5

    By snakeplay512
    i keep the app to track Ironbound
  • Super cool app, could be improved 3/5

    By FOLLOW MY INSTA @hailey_budach
    Firstly, i love this app. it’s so cool to be able to see where these sharks are going and have been. but i do have a few critiques that could definitely improve it: - i think we should have an option to receive a notification when one of our favorited animals pings. i don’t usually check the app several times a day and there’s some pings i’ve completely missed. so getting a notification would definitely keep me more active on the app and overall more excited to know who’s pinging and when! - we need a variety of animals! i’ve noticed that there’s a lot of different animal categories, but the only animals we can currently track are sharks and 1 turtle. it seems like there just hasn’t been any new animals tagged recently. being able to track more turtles, dolphins, seals, etc would be so exciting.
  • bring comments back NOW 2/5

    By nagito hope komaeda
    the comment section was 80% of the reason i used this app please for the love of god bring it back ill give you 5 stars ill give you my firstborn child ill give you anything just bring it back let me comment please.
  • Can’t sign in! Errrr 1/5

    By Deboray Kieckhefer
    Never a problem with their billing department though
  • Comments 5/5

    By kwhet101
    Bring back the comments 😭
  • Entertaining 5/5

    By teen titans go.
    I love looking at the shark information.however i think the data is sometimes inaccurate.
  • Add more fish and animals 5/5

    By ryland scott
    Please add more fish and make it have ships and whales please it’s a great app add more animals please
  • Why would you do this? 3/5

    By Snapnation
    Why would you remove the comments? We were a community.
  • Whales? 5/5

    By Billy digital
    Will you be adding whales at all? I saw the thing for it and I was wondering if you’ll ever add whales
  • So my phone died 1/5

    By Sgbrvyhvfhffg
    So my phone died and My apps were all closed and it’s back to the sign on screen I can’t read the text at the bottom it’s squished together I didn’t get much time on the app So I can only give a 1 star out
  • SeaWorld 1/5

    By joseantoniotrueba
    Partnered with SeaWorld? That’s incongruent.
  • Entertaining and educational! 5/5

    By Add11sd
    Love the app! Easy to use and great info. Would love to see more turtles. Was shocked the first time I logged on to discover a sizable shark at a mouth of a river quite some way in the Chesapeake Bay!
  • Comments are gone? Lame! 2/5

    By Melanie R.W
    This app is super fun, informative, and helps keep my mind at ease. When I first downloaded it, I loved looking at the comments under each shark because they were always so funny and made the app distinctly enjoyable. Checked the app again and saw that they removed the comment section for no apparent reason. Sadly I have no incentive to use this app anymore so I’m just going to delete it. RIP Shark Tracker comments🙏🏻
  • No landscape mode? 3/5

    By CO Diver
    Just installed on my iPad but it appears it doesn’t support landscape view. Since I have a keyboard case this isn’t very convenient. Any chance you have landscape plans in a future release? 🤞
  • Doesn’t even let me make an account 1/5

    By claudeyt
    Tried to download it and when I did it gave me 3 options to make a account threw a email Facebook and Apple ID I tried all of them multiple times didn’t work a single time
  • Comment Section 5/5

    By Annabelleisweird
    The comment section was such a positive addition to the app. It was so much fun seeing a community of people comment on the sharks and leave funny or kind messages to the sharks. Please bring back the comment section.
  • 🤩 amazing 5/5

    By Mightdnight 262031
    This is the best app for tracking sharks and I makes me really happy to know if I’m near a shark and It is very convenient!
  • Comments :( 1/5

    By Ashbloem
    I came back on after a few months off for a good cheer up. Unfortunately I was just bummed out because the comments were gone. Then via the reviews I see you are in partnership with Seaworld too?! Now I’m even more bummed. Time to uninstall. Thanks for the great memories in lockdown though, it really cheered me up. ☹️
  • Please bring back the comment section 3/5

    By Jacksonmarie
    This app used to be a solid 10/5 stars, but after they got rid of the comment section it’s lost it’s magic. I miss Bu-cee’s comment section the most. The love we all had for the animals. The sense of community. It’s all gone now. It used to make me so happy to be with my fellow shark lovers. Now it’s… just not the same.
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By jybz37
    The only areas this app predominantly shows pings in is the east coast USA, Gulf of Mexico and Australia. It’s very hard to believe no where else has tracked activity.
  • Sad day 1/5

    By katakool
    I’m finally deleting this app. After over half a year of the comments disappearing and being unavailable, I am no longer interested. Peoples comments made this app 2x as enjoyable as the default version of it. I like tracking the sharks, sure, but there are other apps and websites where I can do that. What was special about this one was the comments. And that is obviously gone forever. I’m sad because at one point this was my favorite app. Goodbye and good luck
  • I LOVE this app 5/5

    By acience 1
    I absolutely love this app. It’s great and I completely understand on why some pings are all the way back in 2017. Honestly there is no complaints about this app. The only thing I would like to add is that when there is a new ping I can get a notification. Other than that I love this because it brings out my shark lovingness.
  • Comment Section Made this App Human 5/5

    By SharksAreLikeDogs
    Love this app so much but deleting the human interaction part of the app was detrimental- this was the part of the app the people loved. Please add the comments back ASAP!

    By bumbl3beebs
    like many others I love checking my shark tracker app, it’s super cool and interesting to see their movement! I miss the comments a lot though. I love sharks & their one of the things I hyper fixated on learning about, and it was awesome to see other people comment on the shark pages so I knew other people liked looking at this kind of things too :) I miss the comments, please bring them back if you can
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Peppermintlollipop
    Downloaded app, unable to create an account to use it. Tried several times, continue to receive an error message.
  • Partners with animal abusers 1/5

    By penelopeporter
    If silence is complicity, what is it when a company like Ocearch that is supposed to be for animals is partners with known animal abuser Sea World? I can’t justify giving money to a group that not only condones such behavior but seems proud to be partnered and associated with it by proudly displaying the Sea World name. Heartbreaking and disappointing that I can no longer seem to find a worthy charity to support.
  • Comments section 2/5

    By Alice53
    I redownloaded this app once I got a phone with more storage and was sad to see the comments section gone. This was a weirdly satisfying social media and I hope you guys consider bringing it back so we can cheer on these sharks together!!!
  • Where did the comments go? 4/5

    By AlphaCloud6
    I got this app a while back and I had forgotten about it but I came back to it the other day and I have some things I want to mention. I used to love checking on certain sharks and seing the comments people left so when I checked the app again and saw the comment section gone I was really surprised. As far as I can tell, the comment section was a well loved feature so I don’t understand why you would remove it and would love to have it back and I am sure other people would too. Another thing I noticed is the fact that though you can search for many different types of sea creatures, The only ones you can actually see are several sharks and one single turtle. I understand that you cannot track ever animal in the ocean and that with covid-19 it is probably much harder to track animals but I would love to see at least a bit more variety. Other than these this is quite a good app and its quite enjoyable so I would love to see my recommendations added to the app.
  • Please bring back the comments section 2/5

    By SharkTrackerCommentsPls
    I really love this app, but so much of the fun was the comments section. Would you consider bringing it back? I don’t think i’ve ever left a review for an app before, but that’s how much I hope you take into consideration this input—and from the other user reviews, I know I’m not alone.

    By RachelRoons
    I was absolutely heartbroken to learn the comment section was removed. It was one of the few good things on the Internet these days and it brought us all together. Please please restore it. My heart can’t take missing out on such a positive part of my day. Thank you.
  • excited when updates b/c comments might return 5/5

    By old bro toe bee 130
    I have never in my life left a review on ANYTHING, but this was too important to me. I love this app. I love these sharks. I love getting excited about the sharks. And I loved getting to see so many others also get excited over the sharks. The day I updated the app to find the update removed the comments section was an incredibly upsetting day. Sure, I could still check on my beloved sharks, but I could no longer share my enthusiasm for them with others who were also enthusiastic about them. It became so lonely on the app. In a time where I have lost contact with many people, it was incredibly difficult to also lose the interaction with fellow shark enthused strangers. I come back to the App Store every now and then to check if there is an update, hoping it will bring the comments back. I get so excited every time I see “update” instead of “open”, only to be disappointed to find the app still has no comments section. I love a lot of the other changes that have been made, such as having the ability to favorite sharks (because, let’s be honest, we all have our favorites; mine are Fast Ball, Slinger, and Perla), but it just isn’t the same without the comments. In all honesty, the comments were one of the biggest motivators on the app to learn more about the sharks. It is much harder to get enthused in solitude. I love this app, and I thank you for making it, but I must implore you to consider bringing the comments section back, especially during a time when we all feel so lonely and overwhelmed by chaos.
  • How can you support Sea World??? 1/5

    By Rchlnlsn
    I love keeping up with the sharks. But nothing good ever comes from Sea World but dead animals. I can’t support this.
  • Love this app but 5/5

    By ColeyBoo22
    Love this app and keep tracking of all the sharks along my coast but really miss the comment section! I enjoyed reading them, please bring them back! :(
  • Removed comments 3/5

    By UsPrairieChicken
    Great app but comments were removed
  • Bring Back Comment Section 4/5

    By AllyTheGreatest
    Cool app with interesting details about individual sharks and their paths. I’m disappointed that the comment section has been removed though. It was always fun and entertaining to check that feature. I referred several friends to the app because of the comment section. It was just a fun little bonus area that should be brought back.

    By sharkbaithooooo
    I never leave reviews. But this app really helped me out during a dark time in my life this year. I checked on these sharks everyday but I knew a big contributor to that was from the comment section. The internet is powerful and this app / research organization was able to bring a community of strangers -young and old -together to a place where we could all share the same thoughts and enthusiasm for these beautiful creatures. It was so fun to read all the various comments people would leave. For example one comment would read something like “Mary is a runner, she a track staaaaar” to the next comment saying “wow, Mary is bigger than most of the sharks in her species ( insert smart quote about shark here)”. VARIETY WE LOVE IT. I’m not sure if this comment will change your mind at all. But I have never been so upset over an app update before. I really hope my first review of an app will pay off ! Thanks.
  • Comments 1/5

    By angry1736291047
    Bring back the comment section you fascists
  • <\3 1/5

    By GrimmieFan
    bring back the comments, I am so heartbroken
  • :( 1/5

    By Lydiababyyy
    Bring back the comment section!!! It was the best part of the app to see everyone commenting on the sharks travels
  • >:( 1/5

    By takeaspinonthecyclone
    Bring back the comments section ;(
  • Awsome 5/5

    By Kdjdjjsofofo
    I can see some of my favorite sharks! Not only that, I can also see turtles and more!
  • the comments :(( 1/5

    By pansexuowl
    Listen I love these sharks dearly but half of the fun was the comments feature. I miss reading the insane amount of people referring to their favorite sharks as “bestie”