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Oculus App

Manage your Oculus VR device, explore over 1,000 apps in the Oculus Store, discover live VR events and so much more. With the Oculus app you can : -Browse and buy VR games and experiences from the Oculus Store -Remotely install VR apps to your Oculus Rift or Rift S -Reserve your virtual seat for live events, sports and concerts -Find friends in VR and share experiences together -Get notifications about other friends in VR, events you’re into, the latest content, and more -Manage and monitor your Oculus devices, accounts and notifications -Cast what you see in your VR headset to your phone or TV so nearby friends can see what you're up to -Track your VR workouts by connecting Oculus Move to Apple Health

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Oculus app reviews

  • Don’t get 1/5

    By TrueGalaxyWolf
    I can’t find my pattern
  • Won’t let me use my VISA cash app card. 4/5

    By AwakenKey_VR
    Hey oculus my cash app Visa card won’t work it keeps saying payment something won’t be added and I’m trying to buy a game but won’t let me so if you can help me in anyway you can I will be grateful.
  • Ah 4/5

    By gaming god mania
    My controllers would not pair after update
  • Fix the payment option 3/5

    By no cheese ckae
    Oculus is fun depending on what games you buy and when you buy a game you download it and play it, but not in this case. I’ve been having issues with oculus for awhile, but the most thing that bothers me is that it’s not letting me put my card or PayPal. I’ve tried putting it on pc, quest 2, and even the app. All I’m asking is for you guys to fix this issue please and thank you. Have a wonderful day.
  • The whole F***ING APP IS GLITCHED 1/5

    By GamerX4000
    I love vr it’s fun. A while back it kicked me out of my account on the app. It would not let me sign back in. I had always used a password that is the same one I used always it did not work. After a long time I decided to try to make a new account but when I made it it signed me back in. This month I wanted a new game but it said I made a pin not remembering making a pin I clicked forget pin. It said sign in with face book so I did that it said I had to merge this with another account which I thought I did. So I did it again but then it told me to put on the password so I did and it did not work. Sooo I clicked forget password I put in my same gmail I use for every account it said I had already merged THIS ACCOUNT it told me to go sign in with Facebook leading me in a F***ING CIRCLE, BUT THEN it KICKED ME OUT AGAIN and it is now currently leading me into another circle. If they want people to be happy and play these games they should at least make it so people can be able to. FIX THIS FACEBOOK. P.S. the customer service is poor you have to use an email I’m still waiting on service for the oculus pin problem.
  • I hate Facebook 1/5

    By MaizeAnt3145500
    Tbh I hate the fact that you NEED a Facebook acc to access my acc and what if you forget the Facebook acc it’s stupid
  • It’s still good as new 5/5

    By Lariah-chan
    I had this oculus for 5+ years, and then I just stop focusing on it for 2 years straight But it is still good as new after so long and wearing it is helpful for my mom she says it entertains me well and keeps me distracted while she is doing what ever, so 5 STARS for being useful and a very entertaining and enjoyable electronic. :D
  • Sad 1/5

    By User09107
    This company is just a disappointment. It’s more disappointing I can’t rate 0 stars. I’ve had to factory reset my oculus to get my account to load again. They can update it, put a pretty looking new logo for the loading screen, how wonderful! They can’t update it so their system actually does what it’s supposed to. In a few years this company is going to the dirt. Once people realize the crap they are wasting $200 on, word will get around. I’d give my life savings to roundhouse the ceo of this embarrassing company right in the jaw. Tell your friends and family not to make this mistake.
  • Good headset Bad community 4/5

    By 6a6yy
    Good tho
  • Don’t buy a oculus quest 2!! 1/5

    By charlie negron
    This has happened to me twice when Ali go on my oculus sometimes it says I’m not logged in and the last time I used it I did not log out but then I just think it is not a big deal but then I go to Facebook and try to log in I go to the website and I have my password saved but when I put it in it says it’s wrong and sometimes it even says I didn’t put my password in but I literally did so fix Facebook,oculus quest2,and learn to make stuff correctly.
  • Not pairing 1/5

    By jennyandreas1
    I have tried to pair this so many times, nothing works. I sat next to my phone waiting for an hour, nothing happened.
  • Facebook link required 1/5

    By LucasYaBoi
    terrible that if i remove my facebook account from my quest i’ll lose my whole library. very funny to watch mark zuckerberg pigeonhold customers into having to also use his out of date social media service. rest in peace oculus, we all miss the good old days when you weren’t owned by meta.
  • It won’t fully load 2/5

    By keisjehs
    This app doesn’t work for me no matter what I do I have tried to update my phone power it off restart it and other things the app doesn’t need an update either when I try to connect it says pairing to your quest 2 for a while I waited for 30 minutes and it still said pairing to your quest 2 no matter if I moved right next to my router and my headset is updates to the latest version to no matter what I try it won’t connect to my headset
  • Pairing 1/5

    By MaleficSage
    The app will no longer pair with my headset effectively bricking my headset cause i cant open store or shop online for anything.
  • Won’t pair 1/5

    By PetterEricGriffin
    I’ve tried multiple times,watching many videos,and customer support.Still have trouble ,I’ve been trying for little over a week now but still won’t work
  • Total Garbage 1/5

    By trevboi4
    So I bought the oculus quest awhile back and I’m trying to get it to work but it’s not and I don’t think it will ever this is probably the worst vr ever period like for instants say you want to pay for a game you’ve been really wanting well you have to put in pin you most likely have already forgot well if you want to rest it you have to not use the app no no you have to use a website not the app nor the vr you bought and rest it but wait you forgot your password too well you have to find the link that will take you their and after doing so you need to send a link and either two things will happen it will send a “link” but you’ll never ever get it or it will just say something to the extend of saying you have merge with your Facebook and do nothing so if you read this don’t forget your pin because if you do you will never play a game ever no matter what also if anyone could help me I would be very happy to except it but this is still by far one of if not the worst ever vr system ever and will always be no matter it is total garbage and that is were it will belong
  • To Oculus ,Facebook 4/5

    I have my oculus quest 2 and I really enjoyed my experience with the games and stuff but I only tried the free games I can’t afford new game with PayPal or credit card I am so unhappy about games with money and would like at least 3 games to be free like GORN or FNAF VR or JOB SIMULATOR the other games that are free makes me bored and makes me wanna stop playing VR for a long while so at least make gorn for free
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By roodpood
    I love the idea of the oculus and the app. But, The videos that I take on the oculus aren’t syncing with my phone and I’ve tried every help option and every YouTube video. So make sure you can access videos before trying to make a YouTube video because it’s not working for me.
  • Unami add payment 1/5

    By EBanks33
    Can someone please help me I’m unable to buy any games it won’t let me add my payment it keeps saying unable to add payment at this time???
  • Pattern Reset 1/5

    By grrrrre543
    I’ve been trying to reset my patter, but the instructions don’t follow or work with the App layout. Please advise and fix!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kristinem8908
    Casting never connects. Always says on the app that theres a error with the oculus; and then the oculus says theres an error with the app.
  • I’m locked out of my headset! 1/5

    By unfunni idiot🐚🥀
    So, I set a password on my oculus, but I forgot it. It advised me to go to the oculus app to change to pin. Guess what? It doesn’t work! After you set your new pin, it then tried to search for your headset, which doesn’t ever work.
  • How 2/5

    By pls haep
    How do you get the 5 digit code
  • Good but can be better 4/5

    By The_FerryMan
    Wish there was a way to view achievement lists on app
  • Wouldn’t pair 1/5

    By Shadow_Boshop
    Just would not let me pair I checked to make sure everything was up to date I made sure Bluetooth was on I put them both on the same internet Connection I mean the only thing I can think of is that this is a Secondary account because the main account has the app hooked up to the app which don’t know why that would matter so I don’t know what to do I gave any help would be appreciated.
  • Pairing connection issues 2/5

    By djhotwings
  • absolutely horrible 2/5

    By fynnie:]
    i bought my headset and paired it to my phone, just because i wanted to screen cast. first off, in order to get all of the games, you need a computer. second, the headset wont pair to your phone! yeah, it makes it convenient that you can see your notifications while playing but it just isnt as good as i had hoped. i wanted so badly for this to work. skip the quest 2 and get something more expensive, its worth it.
  • Good app. One issue 4/5

    By NefariousNoob
    I have synced a video and when it is done syncing, it will not load when I try to load it in the app.
  • My oculus stop working 2/5

    By urdad_yt
    The reason I’m giving it a 2 is that when there is a update to my oculus and I can’t play it ,al there is a black screen
  • Recorded Casts are Constantly Missing 1/5

    By Ashcon321
    This app would be great, but it gets a 1 star because it randomly decides that I shouldn’t have access to ANY of the videos I’ve created with the recorded casts feature. It says “Video saved to your phone” but it is not saved to the photos app. It’s not even saved to the Files app. Where are my videos!?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hfnhlhgj
    Been trying to get into the app for 3 hrs now and everytime I create an account to link my Facebook or it says “something wrong please try again” but when I watch video I’m doing everything right and it’s not working
  • Inevitable problem (for me ) 2/5

    By hffedj
    So I go to my friends house and factory reset it because I bought it off a friend and was wiping it to obtain ownership and I go to do it and everything goes smooth up until it asks me to get the app so I do and it absolutely does not let me use my account rather instead it’s telling me to use my friends at the time I’m staying the night and I’m thinking “hm what does this has to do with him” and no he doesn’t have fb on my phone so I try it and try it but it’s not letting me put my info in and refusing to let me progress even as I weight this and I tried resetting it again and redownloading the app but nothing worked and im really upset because it’s been 2 hrs and I still have yet to figure it out pls hel.
  • Good app. but… 5/5

    By zaidin cervantes
    Can you guys like make some free like super hot and the thrill of the fight and maybe beat saber to but the app 100/100
  • Send Help 2/5

    By Profeser4
    Every time I try to pair my Oculus Quest 2 to my iPhone X, I run into issues. The app tells me to look into my headset for a 5 digit code, but I never see it. Does anybody know where I go to look for it?
  • Connection is Garbage 1/5

    By Ogsoy
    Trying to connect through Bluetooth is incredibly buggy. How does a trillion dollar company mess up Bluetooth?
  • Dangerous 1/5

    By noahbent
    When I first got it I put my credit card in and A DAY AFTER my bank reported fraudulent activity on my card relating to the app. I don’t know if this is a glitch or if I did something wrong but now it is almost unusable since almost all games on the platform cost money.
  • All of the buttons are going to the top of the screen 1/5

    By yo yo yo bigist fan
    If someone is reading this I can’t get the buttons off the top of my screen can someone help I can’t sign back in
  • Hate the current version 1/5

    By mnbobcat
    The only thing I used the app for was to see which of my friends were online. Friends used to be displayed on the top of the Home Screen. The latest update buried the online friends making the app pretty much useless. I hate it
  • Oculus pairing and Oculus App Library 5/5

    By jaydendahunter09
    How do I deal with my oculus pairing I’m on the latest IOS version and the app has no updates plus my oculus just won’t show any apps.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Boz9906
    Don’t understand why this has good ratings it’s trash only get it because you need to not for other reasons
  • I can’t get past the log in page 1/5

    By Maxx556
    I tried to log into my account but it keeps looping over and over ever since I downloaded it. If anyone can fix this please tell me because the app is so bad.
  • Updated review 3/5

    By Jayway71
    Still upset that the login doesn’t really work but the support team really helped me and without them I wouldn’t have my account right now. This support team is the best chance for Facebook currently because they are really helpful.
  • Cant Pair 2/5

    By evavthe
    This app is so stupid. The headset works just fine, but the pairing is so dumb and will never work. Ive been sitting here for 2 hours trying to make it work and it wont. im about to just delete the whole thing :/
  • Why do I need Facebook 2/5

    By 13 Fortnite kid
    Ween I trie to log in it says “continue with Facebook” or “I have a account “”witch I don’t “ So why would I need Facebook
  • Can’t log in with Facebook account + Other errors 2/5

    By gamelover~
    I have been trying to fix my oculus quest 2 for 3 hours now. Yes I have been in touch with customer support, and no it’s not helpful at all. Every time I log in with my Facebook account on the oculus app, it always says “Try again later” or “error occurred”. It never actually lets me sign up, so trust me, I will be returning this very soon. I won’t lie, the setup is pretty nice and the design over all. But not being able to login or sign up is pretty aggravating. I also was supposed to get an email confirmation and never got one. I’m going to wait until tomorrow, but so far nothing. I’ve tried it on many different accounts, I just can’t get past email verification. Please fix this or whatever the problem is, from what I’ve heard this issue started happening two years ago which says a lot. If I don’t get an email soon, I’m gonna get that 300 bucks back!!
  • Cannot add my card 1/5

    By isaiah_lil
    I could not add my card therefore I could not buy/purchase games to play it keeps say “unable to find credit card” even though I put everything in correctly now I just bought the Vr for nothing
  • It’s trash 1/5

    By japam1908
    It’s too complicated and it’s frustrating. The pairing, merging, failed chats with support is horrible!!!!!!!! I’ve paid too much.
  • great i would definitely recommend to buy one oculus is awesome 5/5

    By poopcookiemonster69
  • This is the worst app ever 1/5

    By lilahdbdbr
    Literally I just got the oculus quest 2 I go into this app then I forget to add something in my email now I can’t even get into the app.