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  • Current Version: 132.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Facebook Technologies, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Oculus App

Manage your Oculus VR device, explore over 1,000 apps in the Oculus Store, discover live VR events and so much more. With the Oculus app you can : -Browse and buy VR games and experiences from the Oculus Store -Remotely install VR apps to your Oculus Rift or Rift S -Reserve your virtual seat for live events, sports and concerts -Find friends in VR and share experiences together -Get notifications about other friends in VR, events you’re into, the latest content, and more -Manage and monitor your Oculus devices, accounts and notifications -Cast what you see in your VR headset to your phone or TV so nearby friends can see what you're up to

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Oculus app reviews

  • Super buggy on iPhone 13 pro newest iOS update 1/5

    By Merlinn31
    Very buggy. Credit card Input was painful, elements sliding off screen where I can’t see or edit them. All search results are always empty. Have to force quit the app and reopen to see anything. Not even usable.
  • Whoever thought doesn’t 1/5

    By Yodeadassb
    Oculus isn’t the worth the money nor getting the receipt when you buy it.
  • Customer service won’t respond 1/5

    By TBex31
    Customer service won’t respond
  • 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢 1/5

    By dgyukskstyksryk
  • My headset won’t charge and the top strap came out 5/5

    By hefejdgebdcsbesve
    VR is cool in all but I need to contact Oculus Support that my headset needs some new stuff like a strap and I charger. So how do I do that?
  • I love the oculus app but 4/5

    By fierboll454
    I love the app but I hate that you can get blades and sourcer and Minecraft on the oculus quest 2 but on the first oculus you can and it’s so annoying
  • Good or bad 5/5

    By why dx
    It good but they should add where you can see your video on oculus app
  • Mistake 5/5

    By jdkxnenn
    I made a mistake and it isn’t letting me go back no matter what I do
  • Theft - charging me reoccurring charges for one-time purchase games 1/5

    By mona_vieja
    Every game purchase I’ve made on this app have been marked as Reoccurring Charges by Oculus in my bank account. These were all one-time charge games however oculus marked them as reoccurring, therefore I will be charged monthly for each game. My bank is unable to cancel the reoccurring charges because they were created by oculus. I’ve contacted oculus and they have opened a ticket for it however it has been almost a month without any solutions. So, make sure you check your bank account for game purchases on the app.
  • Invalid zip code 1/5

    By Guitaricet
    I inserted a correct zip code for my credit card (Apple Card), but it shows me "invalid zip code" error. This is a known bug on Oculus support forums and it exists at least over a year. Oculus team is not doing anything to fix it.
  • I love checking out app lab games like sport mode gorilla tag and battle talent 5/5

    By buttsmacker917
    Very good 5 stars and I love being in marks realiaty
  • I love it but there’s a bug with payment methods 5/5

    By Sarasland
    like the title says I love the app but whenever I try to put my debit card on it won’t work I’ve tried multiple times and I’ve tried with my PayPal but it still won’t work
  • Great app but many issues 2/5

    By tknights07
    First of all, it won’t even let me log in. I used to have the app but it got deleted for certain reasons. I spent over an hour trying to get in the app but when I try to sign in with Facebook it recognizes my account and supposedly lets me sign in until it shows a loading button for over 25 mins+ and still doesn’t move off the sign in screen.
  • Please fix 3/5

    By SethTheGuy45
    I recently a problem buying a game, and it says error preforming query and I’ve done everything I can think of the fix this, but it won’t work, but everything else is wonderful
  • Oculus is good needs one thing though 4/5

    By unknownkaiaosiisksi
    Right now all the servers are down but everything else about oculus is good they need to add live streaming to other things then just Facebook because it’s complicated having to set up a pc just to live stream oculus to twitch or YouTube
  • Help 2/5

    By MissJLexKY
    Why is my oculus not wanting to work I’ve had this for over half a year now and It wants to stop working
  • It’s ok I guess 1/5

    By gaiazeyez
    It logged me out of my account for no reason and so far i haven’t found a way to fix it
  • Facebook su*cks 1/5

    By Beauuuui
    App constantly crashes since last update. Oh yea, Facebook su*ks!
  • Mostly great. 4/5

    By 2020hello
    I don’t know if this is just a problem with my headset or the app but I haven’t been able to pair my headset to the app. If this is an app problem then please fix
  • Ok 2/5

    By nsjjzhsjsus
    So I once bought a game off of my phone with an apple and iTunes gift card for the app but now I can’t do that witch makes it very stupid
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By sjjsjdjdjjske
    I have tried to log in with Facebook but it dose not work. I even made sure I had the right password and everything but it dose not work . I don’t want a Facebook account and I still had to get one only for it not to work and so I’m returning my oculus.
  • Fix my controller 1/5

    By BaSkeTbalL-ForLiFe23
    Fix my control y’all are supposed to be high grade tech now why does my right controller not work anymore it’s not the battery, it just stopped working.
  • Don’t get this game 1/5

    By cash mihalovich lacy
    Even though most people have Facebook not everyone does And I don’t get why you can’t just sign up with google it’s anoing don’t get this game but if you like 8 your not getting this game
  • Wth 2/5

    By mher1091
    Ive had this oculus for about a week now, and let me say the games are cool when they work. And i have a real issue with casting to my tv. It doesnt work at all. It keeps saying error this and error that. Its bull technology for the amount of money i paid
  • This is awesome but 1 request 5/5

    By XxSpiceCakeXx
    Can you add blade and sorcery to quest 2 without needing a pc or steam vr? I have been dying to play it.
  • Merging to a facebook 1/5

    By Blaze0450
    App is terrible. It says I need to merge to a facebook, then says I’ve already merged to a facebook? Then no matter what I do I can’t get past the login. Yes I’ve tried everything but it refuses to work.
  • WHYY?? 1/5

    By aj2735
    So I got a apple gift card to get a game on the app, and then I can’t use it! WHYY??
  • Boi 5/5

    By lolbiden
    Install no reason why not boisss!
  • Need to be able to view and share clips! 3/5

    By Alecisnotreallyanickname
    Y’all are missing out on a huge word of mouth opportunity! I can’t share with all my friends how great VR is without showing them clips! Also, we should be able to share clips through normal messages and not just fb groups. Please add that!!!
  • Login loop FIX THIS PLEASE 1/5

    By OculusUser40629
    Eveyte I try to login to my oculus account in the app it brings me through a loop that says to to sign in with oculus and then Facebook and vice versa and never lets me fully login. There is an issue with unlinking oculus accounts from Facebook accounts which means no way to login. Please fix the login system!
  • Good 5/5

    By hadto weitemybame asthis
    5 star I like monke game
  • Literally spyware 1/5

    By thickynickle666
    Look at the permissions this app has. You’re giving them all your information. Literally everything. Search history, contacts, photos and videos, your address, you’re phone usage, the list goes on. If you download this app you’re giving them all your information to sell to advertisers & probably the government. Freedom is dead. This app proves that to the highest level.
  • FIX THIS 5/5

    By gamzeroboyhayden
    So the update is the worst because NOW everything I searched is only for rift! FIX THIS UPDATE
  • Now even harder to locate your purchase history 1/5

    By Regular Banana
    Also - a fun new feature they added is regular app crashes
  • From meh to decent to meh 3/5

    By JoeDogInKC
    This app sure has gone through some changes. It originally lacked a ton of features and over the years has slowly improved to the point that it was actually pretty nice to use. This latest version that just came out basically makes it impossible to use one-handed if you have a large phone. Through the process of rearranging everything, notifications are now a tiny bell icon at the top right of the screen and you can no longer swipe right to go back to the previous screen, forcing you to click the back buttons at the top left of each screen. Seriously, please at least add the swipe to go back functionality back in! The added features with regards to casting and stuff are welcome changes, but the lack of maneuverability isn’t. Help us big phone folks out.
  • Oculus help :( ................… 5/5

    By PANDA041609
    I turned on my headset thinking I was going to play but then this thing popped up and it said Bluetooth keeps stopping please help but it’s a good headset overall
  • Not able to connect to headset 2/5

    By vidhuz
    Happened out of blue after using my headset after few days. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling app. No respite.
  • Log in 1/5

    By super fan of battle bay009
    The app wouldn’t even let me log into my account! I put in my email and password, signed into my Facebook account, then it asked me for my login information again. I thought it was a mistake, but it wasn’t. This cycle of putting in my information went on for some time until I just gave up. This isn’t the first time this happened with logging into my oculus account either. I assumed the app would be different, but I guess not. Very disappointed.
  • Buying 4/5

    By RegentRex
    The quest is a great console or VR but the problem I have with it is just buying a game I have all these money cards to buy a game but it doesn’t accept the cards it says it declined and need to update.
  • Headset not connecting to App 3/5

    By BokkiJJ
    I have two headsets under my account in case that's important, my headset won't connect to the app, I've tried uninstalling, resetting my phone (Iphone 7) and headset but nothing works, it says nearby at first but when I click on the headset and press connect nothing happens I connected successfully on another device (Iphone 6) so it's probably my phone but I don't know what to do please help
  • good 4/5

    By fortnite_gamer_575
    everything is good except the search bar for apps. every time i search a game up it is blank
  • Can’t log in to mobile app 1/5

    By Brown4442
    I bought a Quest 2 only to receive it and can’t connect.
  • Stays stuck on loading page 2/5

    By FuturePilot7
    Tried with two phones, and after going to the Facebook app to login it comes back and stays on the main page. Had to use the Oculus Developer Hub on PC for it to finally work.
  • App doesn’t function at all 1/5

    By Taken24
    I just got the oculus q2 & really thought it would be an easy setup. It has not been easy. I try logging into the app with Facebook and it just stays stuck there. There’s no possible way to create an account because as I open the app the “create an account” button disappears from the interface. Even if I clicked on it quickly and tried making an account it doesn’t let you do so. Really need to fix the bugs.
  • Can’t even sign in with Facebook.. circle of death 1/5

    By Astroblue93
    Maybe it’s good I couldn’t sign in, as I looked at all of the personal info the app collects. Surprised that it doesn’t collect how many time you go to the bathroom too. 💁🏻‍♀️
  • Inaccessible 1/5

    By chaossupreme88
    I just spent $400 on this and Facebook will not load please don’t buy this product please just save your money this is complete garbage
  • Broken junk 1/5

    By Momocat42
    Can’t even log in. Just sits there spinning forever after signing in to Facebook. How pathetic to have such great hardware hampered by such poor software and service availability.
  • Sign-up is stuck, can’t use device 1/5

    By guess vr wont happen
    Just bought a quest 2. The mobile app won’t connect to my Facebook (never ending loading). Tech support wasn’t helpful… really a pain in the butt I have to drive back and return it because it’s literally unusable. Looks like others have the same problem. Mark Zuckerberg fun fact- He built a house with 17 bathrooms on Kauai and forcibly displaced families who lived there for years. I should’ve stuck to my morals and not bought this in the first place, even if it had worked properly…
  • Doesn’t connect with my Facebook 1/5

    By cheperu
    When I try to log in with my Facebook app it just loads forever.

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