ODDS: 50/50 Anonymous Q&A

ODDS: 50/50 Anonymous Q&A

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: 113 Development LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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ODDS: 50/50 Anonymous Q&A App

Choose which one you always want to see, ask a question via Snapchat, then wait for replies and let the excitement begin. SHARE Choose if you want to always see who replied or always see their response. Do you want to always know who’s thinking of you or always know what people have to say? Think up a question; maybe something fun, risky, or juicy then add a Bitmoji to make it personal. Finally, post the question on your Snapchat story, or send it to a select group of friends. RECEIVE When your inbox is full of new messages it’s time to test your luck. Choose the message you want to open then, for the best chance to see everything, increase your odds with boosts. Once you're ready, open it up and get excited at what someone said or hope for better luck next time. Finally, you can post the responses you’ve got on your story. Thank someone for something nice they said or let everyone know you really wish you would’ve seen who sent a risky response. Either way, it’s all fun with ODDS. INCREASE YOUR ODDS Really want to know what a special someone said? Or maybe you see a noteworthy response and just have to know who sent it? Either way, give yourself the best chance with boosts. Boosts come in increments of 5% and can be used wherever you’d like. If you're opening a lot of messages in a short period of time, say from a recent question on your Snapchat story, try out time-based boosts. These increase your odds for every message by 10% or 25% for either the next hour or three hours. To maximize your chances, combine traditional and time-based boosts to increase your odds up to 90%. To get you started, every day you can claim a free boost. Use it right away to give yourself a slight edge, or save them up for one really special response. ODDS is for kind-hearted messages only. Please always be nice, it’s more fun that way anyways. Download today, and may the ODDS be ever in your favor!

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ODDS: 50/50 Anonymous Q&A app reviews

  • I want yolo! 1/5

    By No one36912
    Yolo was much better! I want it back!😩🗣
  • Slow 1/5

    By happytris55
    It’s so slow. Idk why I can’t read messages, but it’s a hassle
  • umm, horrible app & wont let me write a review… just a title 1/5

    By tittielickrr
  • horrible 1/5

    By elfgutzs
    cant even log in 🤦‍♀️ it keeps kicking me out every 5 seconds smh bring yolo back
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bycf668)3
    It glitches you get notifications of the reply but when you open it , it doesn’t work.
  • it wont let me see the messages 1/5

    By Anna loves musiclly
    cool this won’t work either
  • :( 1/5

    By some_____one______
    It won’t even let me see who has responded
  • Not innovative or quick 1/5

    By JasmineAnisaL
    Annoying to navigate. It really shouldn’t be this hard.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By 𝐸𝑚𝑦
    I get the notification that ppl respond to my post on snap for this but when I open the app it says waiting for responses
  • Can’t see messages? 1/5

    By Carissa💖
    I get notifications that I have responses and can respond it in notifications but I go to the app and it says I have no messages.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By jfh ycjfg
  • Blah 1/5

    By malikiMoore
    It won’t show my response
  • Fchnj 5/5

    By dvjfch
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By Here but not there!
    The whole idea of it is pretty cool, but I wish you would have kept YOLO. You just want us to pay to gamble who we want to see sent us a message??
  • Is this normal?! 1/5

    By hailstorm34567
    So my Snapchat settings is set to (only friends) that can see my stories. I asked a question and posted it on my story, now this is the weird part... I got a response from someone that I don’t have on Snapchat, and that I’m not friends with. I looked at my friends list to see if their name showed up and I got nothing. Like is that normal for random people to respond when you have your settings as (friends only) that can see your story?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bmoney483829
    This app is horrible I can’t answer a single question all of them say this message is hidden 🤦‍♀️
  • There’s an issue... 1/5

    By ... I don't know.
    Is there a glitch or something? Because I’ve been trying to get it to work, I posted a question and I can see the replies when the app is closed but as soon as I open it there’s nothing there and it says it’s waiting for responses.
  • trash 1/5

    By bbgchutghy
    this app is straight garbage u can’t even click on and see who texted u when you get a notification. don’t recommend
  • hi 2/5

    By yolo is better than odds
    i don’t like odds yolo was better, i can’t even see half the things ppl are sending me
  • Yolo is better 1/5

    By ._Mia_.
    This app is very confusing. I like how simple and easy yolo was. And idk if it’s just me but I don’t want to see who sends it, so idk how to make it so it’s anonymous.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By DookieBudy
    Why can’t I see the response twice
  • Where’s yolo? 1/5

    By alexis1234.
    Bring yolo back this app is stupid
  • It’s alight 4/5

    Sooo did yolo get deleted or something bc this isn’t yolo? I like it, but it’s just different so get it if you want chow.
  • Kamarei’s review 1/5

    By Ka'Marei fields
    It keeps saying messages are hidden like HOW DO YOU MAKE A APP TO REPLACE YOLO THAT DOSENT EVEN WORK
  • Confusing at first 3/5

    By agarner22
    Strange r first got confused used it wrong well not wrong but ya know
  • bad 1/5

    By yeet i like windows
    i cant see any messages but get the notifications
  • Not a great alternative 1/5

    By lxst.boy
    We want yolo back.
  • How do i look at my response? 1/5

    By lesligarcia
    How ?
  • odds 1/5

    By IloveRoblixforever34
    what happend to yolo? it was much easier and funner
  • Makes Snapchat so much more useful! 5/5

    By Coop987654321
    I can’t believe how much this has changed my Snapchat experience! All my friends and I got this app and since then I have felt so much more engaged and connected with my friends. I’d recommend this app to anyone who prioritizes being able to engage with their Snapchat friends!
  • It won’t let me see messages 1/5

    By ToT ^~^
    It says they fixed that problem but messages never show
  • … 1/5

    By cba02!
    i want yolo back
  • It don’t even work 1/5

    By bruhomgwhat
    Me and my friends was trying it out and it don’t even work and it’s useless
  • It’s alright 3/5

    By roblox is the best game to me
    I like this app I just do not know how to put it on my Snapchat story but it seems a lot like yolo so
  • . 1/5

    By ♡シ✞𓆉
    it still doesn’t work😐😐
  • Fun app!! 5/5

    By Vet tec
    Super fun and works amazing!
  • Makes Snapchat way better! 5/5

    By gracenodes
    This app is so fun to use with all my friends!!! A bunch of people on my snapchat have been using this a lot so it’s definitely the thing to get! Highly recommend, super fun.
  • ODDS is fantastic! 5/5

    By Walkerofski
    what a quality app from the team at 113 development! interactive, engaging, and masterfully crafted. well done.
  • So addicting!!! 5/5

    By Blytheleee
    SUCH a fun way to ask questions on snap, would definitely recommend downloading with your friends!!!
  • ODDS is awesome! 5/5

    By snsdjskal
    This is a very fun app that is similar to yolo but a lot more exciting. The interface is great and is smooth and I have had no technological issues with it. I have had a blast with this app so far and you will too!
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