Off the Rails 3D

Off the Rails 3D

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  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kwalee Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Off the Rails 3D App

Off the Rails 3D is a fun and addictive game where you have to time everything correctly to win. Make sure you conserve your fuel when going down hill and watch your speed so that you don't go flying off the track. Upgrade your fuel to make sure you can reach the next station! Off the Rails 3D features: - Simple and fun gameplay - Increasingly difficult levels - Colorful graphics

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Off the Rails 3D app reviews

  • I like it, I have a suggestion 5/5

    By Doomerstor
    Add a first person camera to the trains for more action! They look really fast and a first person camera will make it cooler.
  • Why does this game need Internet 2/5

    By flying fugu
    This is a great game you don’t get me wrong but when you don’t have Internet you can play it so what’s the point of a game
  • Do not bother buying ad free version 3/5

    By adehbut
    The game is fun in itself but don’t waste your money purchasing the ad free version. There are still ADs!!
  • Ads 1/5

    By nickname#24601
  • Ok- why? 2/5

    By fake reveiw
    First- you shouldn’t need WiFi to play this, it’s not even “WiFi” because I can play on data. Plenty of other games run without either of those. The only reason you ask for WiFi is for all of the stupid ads! You can ease up on ads, that shouldn’t be your priority. Second- levels are repetitive and buying gas and power does absolutely nothing! I don’t even think you’ve added any, all your updates are just bug fixes, but I haven’t ever gotten bugs in my game except for gas and power- but that’s still a problem!
  • ADDS! 1/5

    By 🍕🍕🍕🍕🥓
    You can’t play without internet connection and there are WAY TO MANY ADDS!!!!!!!
  • don’t week had it for a week and week see week 5/5

    By Vyacheslav67
  • Forced to watch ads 1/5

    By Eldoon02
    Every semi-entertaining game like this is always packed with ads but the key is that if you actually enjoy it, you can always disconnect from wifi and just play the game without ads. This game won’t let you do that, and for that, I wouldn’t consider playing it
  • Why do I need wifi 1/5

    By Daniel (a child)
    Why does this app NEED wifi? This is so stupid. I am in a house with poor wifi and wanted to play a game that didnt need wifi, but you can’t even play a single level without a good connection. And even if you do have a good wifi signal, there’s an ad every level you play. DO NOT BUY.
  • This app is the most amazing game 5/5

    By coomosm
    I love this game
  • We’re epicccccvv 5/5

    By were epiiccicixixi
    This game is epicccccc
  • I’ve seen better 1/5

    By Freezblade
    Honestly I like the gameplay but really hate the adds every five seconds if I go to upgrade anything or even just go to my other trains I have I get an add and it really ticks me off cuz I just wanna play the game if I sit there and turn my WiFi and data off then I get blocked and I have a few friends who don’t have WiFi and data luxury so if u could just either remove most of the adds and even make it offline compatible then I will raise it up to a four star and I say four because u could do something more with the game maybe more detail or offline gaining or maybe vip people or even newer more exciting tracks cuz I played a game like this and it is so much better cuz there is not a lot of adds and it has different tracks and u can customize ur train a little bit it is still better then this one to be honest but remove a lot of the ads or even make it offline compatible and I will change my rating
  • Addictive & Repetitive 2/5

    By AlexEast93
    You get sucked into this game just like the description says.. and around level 30 you think “hmm, these levels seem familiar.” By level 50 you realize you’re just playing the same levels over and over again. It gets annoying and never ends. I’m at level 100 in less than a day and a half, and I’m over it.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By donavn lastat sampson
    You can’t hear sound who the F*&$ makes A game without sound
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By V8991
    The app would be great if you could play it without a cell connection, and if didn’t have so many adds. You literally can’t pass to another level without seeing an ad.
  • Best game 5/5

    By love❤️🤘😍😜🌷🌈😘lol
    This game is the best game ever.
  • Disgusting level of ads 1/5

    Greedy much?
  • I Love It. 5/5

    By westumom
    When I first got it I fell in love with it. Every single day I use it. It Is the best game I ever had.
  • Way too much advertisements 1/5

    By _austinb
    See title, don’t waste time.
  • Too Many Ads 1/5

    By KRE1552
    Cool game and fun to play but why do I have to watch a 30 second add after EVERY level? By my calculation, I’m getting 8 seconds of play time for every 30 seconds of ad time. That’s a horrendous ratio that makes this game unplayable.
  • Fun but annoying 2/5

    By fnenej dhe
    This game was all fun and good until you get to level 59 then you can’t even pass it. I have upgraded the gas and power so much and still don’t get any farther. So, i paid the 2.99 to get rid of the ads but now I’m so annoying because i wasn’t 3 bucks on this stupid game. I bought the no ads thing before i got to this level, but it’s annoying. You can buy as much gas and power as you want and still can’t get anywhere! This game needs to update and do something better than this!!!
  • How am I supposed to play? 1/5

    By Kk185
    So me and my family lives in a RV. We stop at hotels once a month or so. So when we go to these hotels, I download a bunch of games and stuff. We can’t afford data and can barely afford parking tickets for overnight parking fees. So I downloaded this game thinking I could play it without wifi. So I was excited to play the game in the RV but then I learned I needed wifi in order to play. I played a little at the hotel and nothing looked like it needed wifi besides the ads. So I am just so confused on why I can’t play this game. So I guess I can only play this game once a month. So that’s not fun. Kind of stupid
  • Bad Game, Good Time Waster 1/5

    By MagicGuti
    There is not much of a game at all. The levels repeats themselves a lot and unless you buy the ad free version you’re going to see so many ads. Not worth wasting your time and this “game”
  • Great idea,terrible game 2/5

    By Apf2018
    The concept of this game is simple and fun,but somehow it’s not.There is ads every 2 seconds and they don’t give you enough “fuel” to pass the level.I do not recommend this app.
  • Can’t play without Internet connection 1/5

    By PortlandFireman
    Can’t play without Internet connection. 0 stars if I could rate that low.
  • No 1/5

    By Taylor Swift number one fan!
  • Horrid 1/5

    By Sksksk and I whoop- XD
    First of all the adds, really I’m shocked how EVERY time I lose, An ad pops up, really? And you have to pay for no adds greedy as hell. U need a reality check hun, and the WiFi cmon I have another we’re u don’t need WiFi no wonder ppl hate this game. Disgusting, I’m definitely deleting, have a as nice life u greedy hoe.
  • No 1/5

    By just payton
    You can’t play the game without internet connection. I turn off my WiFi so there’s not an add every 10 seconds but this game says it needs it to play. Ridiculous, I was enjoying this game until then. hopefully it’s fixed.
  • repetitive 2/5

    By CJ Day
    this game is ok but once you get to a certain point around like level 50 it just starts giving u all the levels over again with a different number
  • Upgrade do not do the actual upgrade 1/5

    By Dracumus72
    Specifically one route. Always fail even I upgrade the gas and power. The result is always same. Bogus game.
  • Ads upon ads 1/5

    By 2oreos1cup
    First off let me start by saying I understand a app creator needs to make money. But I don’t believe their should be an ad after every attempt, as well as ads on upgrades. This would be a much better game if the ad rate was turned down just a little. Would not recommend until then, the only reason I believe the ad rate is so high is to produce extra income on short term users and to force in app purchases to remove ads.
  • Waste of time. Do not get!! 1/5

    By Dobro Dave
    No matter how much Fuel or Power you add, some levels are impassable. I’ve increased both by two fold and it’s made no difference. This might be a good game, but I’m deleting it. It’s zero stares
  • Good game but too many ads 4/5

    By Vallellin Johnson
    I really enjoyed this game but it just has way too many ads!
  • It could be a good game, but it’s not. 1/5

    By Bruris
    Concept is good but the game is filled with ads. Literally unplayable. Do anything and you get an ad. If there was no ads or you could play without internet it would be good, but it’s not. I would give this a -10 if I could it’s that bad
  • Its suckssss you can’t play without internet 1/5

    By thtonedud
    They need to let us play without internet
  • Ads Much 2/5

    By bdjdjcc
    Would you like some game with your ads??
  • can you even play the game without ads 1/5

    By ldjfhcnfhf
    you pretty much can’t play the without ads
  • Good game, few problems 1/5

    By bob the bUiLdErRrRrRrR 😳✌️😗
    The game is pretty good, but the ads are CRAZY. there are way too many of them.
  • Ads too many ads ! Horrible 1/5

    By Beast Nola
    Game is fun to play but after each level you have to watch at least 5 to 10 seconds of ads before the game lets you move on to the next level. It’s nothing but greed to ruin a fun game and shove ads in ur face.
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By payten 145
    It is horrible I with I could give it 0 stars because the fuel thing is so annoying not how it is in the add I literally would put this on a list for worst apps sorry but I hate this so much and this is coming from someone who is a game lover BOOOOO BOOOOO
  • Not a game, just a billboard 1/5

    By Cr00sh L00sh
    Rigged game setup to make you fail and watch endless ads without making any real progress in the game itself. Don’t bother there are far better games out there to play without this kind of hassle right now.
  • Choo choo 5/5

    By mira royal detective
    Mira Royal detective is eight years old
  • The add game 1/5

    By sci-4
    So the game itself is ok, all though the amount of adds is borderline insane. This game is also very buggy or is rigged to make you watch a crap load of adds. You get to a point where no matter how many times you upgrade fuel or power you can never get past the level, your train only makes it to the same spot every time. So if you love watching adds then this is the perfect game for you.
  • Losing interest 1/5

    By brtnopal
    My son love this game but has been stuck on level 16 for 3 days now because no matter how many times he updates everything it won’t go up the second hill. Not to mention it needs internet to play and we shut off our data since we have a limit. To bad. My son really liked this game and just lost interest since he’s updated everything about 60 to try to get up this hill. He found another game that is consistent and enjoys it very much.
  • Nice try 1/5

    By philsal51
    Can’t play unless you have WiFi so you can view the ads. More ads than gameplay.
  • No 3/5

    By wt no
    It is so slow and bad 😤 plus so many adds and who is going to pay 💰 to have no adds 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Good Concept, Poor Development 1/5

    By Danny2333toon
    The game has a good concept but the game is poorly developed, just for the ad. A way to fix it and make it better. Add some sound and music to it, another is add some customization, like different trains. Add a Daily play bonus that can only be used with internet connection. But this will most likely not happen because the game is designed to get ads. One way to tell is the game won’t let you play it without internet connection. No offline play. This app could be better.
  • Trick to watch ads 3/5

    By SneakerStank
    I’m on level 59 and it seems no matter how many times I watch ads to get more fuel I always end up at the same place right before the end. Even when I play conservative I still end up at the same place no matter how many ads I watch to advance. I was stupid enough to pay for no ads and yet I find myself watching more ads then I would without selecting ‘no ads’. The game was fun but now I feel all I’m doing is giving Kwalee money by watching these stupid ads. Deleting this app.
  • Why ads after every single run? 1/5

    By Hebert1ka
    I understand the point behind ads, but come on, do you really need to have an ad after every attempt. You would still make tons of money if there was an ad every 5 or so runs. These game developers have become beyond greedy.

Off the Rails 3D app comments

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