Offline Music Cloud Pop Player

Offline Music Cloud Pop Player

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: CONG WANG
  • Compatibility: Android
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Offline Music Cloud Pop Player App

With, you could search and listen to millions of songs for free! lets you stream and organize millions of music, build playlists, share music with friends, etc. SEAMLESS LISTENING TO MILLIONS OF SONGS FOR FREE! Δ Full featured in app media player: repeat one/all, shuffle. Δ Enjoy watching music video for every single song. ONE DAY ONE SONG Δ Recommend one song for one day. SEARCH ALL SONGS Δ Search for any song, artist, track, etc. BACKGROUND PLAY MODE Δ Listen to music on Background Mode & Lock Screen. Enjoy music while using other apps or with your screen off. Δ Background playback control & track info - use it with headphones and speakers! Δ Music is displayed and can be controlled on the lock screen. MUSIC GENRES Δ Discover new music every day in genres, channels and user playlists! MANAGE YOUR OWN PLAYLISTS Δ Create & Manage Playlists - Easy to Add/Remove any song. Unlimited Playlist! Δ Add songs to your playlist and enjoy listening to the songs anytime, anywhere! SYNC ALL PLAYLISTS IN DIFFERENT DEVICES Δ You could sync all your playlists in different devices while signing in with your account. CHOOSE DIFFERENT THEMES EVERY MOMENT Δ We’d selected several playlist themes for you. Such as Happy, Relax, Gym, Chill, Reading, Dancing, Party, etc. TIMER Δ You could set a timer while listen to music. It's automatically stop the playing while reaching the setting time. It's useful especially when you use this app before go to sleep.

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Offline Music Cloud Pop Player app reviews

  • 😬 1/5

    By nathanguevara
    nothing seems to be available that i want to listen to so there is no purpose in using this app
  • Ok 5/5

    By jimmie babolson
  • Yeeeeeeeet 5/5

    By Person in need of refund
    Amazing app! Only problem: too many ads. I don’t rlly care tho.
  • Why Update out of nowhere. 1/5

    By Sky Hurt
    It was an okay app then it updated out of nowhere and it has the screen of the app and thats all it does I cant play music or anything. And thats stupid and makes me frustrated.
  • bad app 1/5

    By skjsrjoeisdh
    would be a cool app if it actually worked offline
  • “Video not available” 2/5

    By Hyprid-Genius
    This isn’t a very good music app because half the songs that I wanna listen to say “Video is not available” and that bothers me, Not to mention there are multiple ads for other music apps.
  • “Video is not available” 2/5

    By Donuts and Coffee,
    Hi! I like, but the only thing is that when you play a song, it sometimes says “video is not available”. I wanted to listen to Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, and it said “video is not available”. I don’t know why this happens because this is supposed to be “offline” but you need to fix it. Otherwise, I really like it. Thanks for reading my review!
  • Meh. 2/5

    By pinkunicorn468
    When I tried to log in, it has a limit for password characters, so I couldn’t log in. Takes forever to load, and I couldn’t care less about this app. If I was able to download Spotify or Pandora, I would have done it a long time ago. I am not satisfied.
  • Uhhhhhhh 2/5

    By activ_bean
    It works wonderfully online but like it just stops offline idk if it’s my phone problem or the apps problem
  • It’s amazing 5/5

    By cattyboii1540
    I like that you don’t have to download anything
  • Bts 5/5

    By dhszjfgis
    It has all of the bts songs and it’s the only app I’ve found so far that does so thanksss
  • Ok? 5/5

    By Puppy$$22Hi Hi Hi
    WELL I like the app it's free and really easy to make playlists.

    By MoonMagicFox
    After you updated this app I lost all of my music which took me a long time to find it all I’m very disappointed now I CANT USE NIGHT CORE. ANYMORE
  • It’s great but,....... 4/5

    By #livlovespigs
    I love this app but the only problem is that they don’t have some songs that I was looking for.
  • Seriously?! 1/5

    By Rilogram
    You just had to go and delete playlists. Plus it was way simpler back then. Now I can’t enjoy my music properly.
  • Really nice 5/5

    By Jaliaa marie
    I love it. All music I'm in love. Thanks so much
  • It was so good... before the update 2/5

    By strawberry.0720
    I can't get any of my songs back and when I try to add a song to my playlist it just keeps crashing, they really should've fixed the bugs before they tried to COMPLETELY change the app
  • After The Update 1/5

    By TheRealBlaqKyat
    It deleted my whole playlist, and won’t even let me download or add songs now. It’s glitchy and slow. Before the update it was perfectly fine
  • App 5/5

    By aydenmhsms
    App is great
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Juke humming
    It has most songs and can make playlists like and favorite
  • My songs got deleted 1/5

    By Bree01346
    I was so confused & I thought my music app waa gone but it just got updated , & now all my songs are gone :(
  • Lost my playlists 1/5

    By suprisedpigeon0
    When the update came, I saw there was a different app on my phone and I was confused. I launch and I remember what app this is and I thought, “oh lemme see how they changed the look of playlists”. My playlists are gone. Once I find out how to get them back, it gonna be 1 star. Please fix!
  • Good and bad 4/5

    By shelexmyballs
    The good is that has a way better improvement and look amazing the way it has been sit up and music videos are great and furthermore it’s fantastic that things saved from last before updating it and the bad thing is it keeps crashing when I try to add things to my Library I did 5 times we’re I rest my phone but still did not work hope you fix a problem in this wonderful app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By amahd washington
    This is a really good app for music it’s for real ad free and with the other music apps this one is online and you don’t have to pay for anything
  • Deleted all my saved songs! 2/5

    By NewMoney_420
    Whenever you guys updated this, all my music/beats was deleted, and it really disappointed me a lot! Now I have to go through and download my 500+ songs back... thanks!
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By Username09866
    I was enjoying the app before the update with lots of playlists and then when it got updated I lost all of them. The original version was way better!

    By anna_is_
    Ok I really love this app one of my favorites!!! BUTTTT TIIS UPDATE IS THE WORST I had so many songs as my favorite but now I DONT why?????? Please do something about it. Thank u.
  • Gyjffhb 2/5

    By hjnvhkb
  • New Update 2/5

    By Realtor878
    The new update is confusing to work and is also not as open as the old version. I would like the new version back in order for me to download it back. Now you have to have the whole music video? I just want to listen to the song not have to listen to every little sound in the music video.
  • What have to the old Offline Music app? 1/5

    By VictoriaSilvis
    I haven’t listen to music for a while, but I notice different app on my phone I haven’t use the Offline Music app in a while. But when I try to use the app it look longer to launch the app. And why did you have to change everything especially the icon of the app? I don’t feel happy because all my old playlists are gone I don’t feel satisfied. Please fix this because I am not pleased what the developer has done to change the app especially its icon.
  • Why the change? 1/5

    By fhjxjdnchdn
    Okay I originally downloaded this app because I remember I used to have it. I had gotten something that took me HOURS to find. Just sitting there scrolling along because I was bored. And I hadvit in one of my playlists. Well the newest STUPID UPDATE CAME ALONG!!!! I at first though. Oh this is cool, I guess this is gonna be something new to it. I make my account and get ready but to my shock. I see EVERY SINGLE SONG MISSING. But when I saw I had the opportunity to get them back.... Let’s just say I celebrated too early. I attempted to bring them back. It DIDN’T. DO. ANYTHING. I saw the message and was furious. I decided to give your stupid app a second chance and decided to get the rest of my songs back because I remembered most of the names. I search and it just brought more problems. Most of the songs I had I can’t get back because when the stupid plus sign doesn’t load it says that you can’t listen. Believe me this gets worse. But I’m not gonna go any further cause your concerns for your customers (last time I checked) are TERRIBLE so I’m doubtful anyone working 4 the company is reading this anyway. If you are, I’m sorry because I could just be overreacting because of my temper. But I don’t think there is anything you could do to make me download this app again. UNACCEPTABLE! Full of anger and sadness- a really big undertale fan...
  • Greatest update! 5/5

    By #MousantCrosauntBabr
    The app before one is just called online music what is actually really really bad in my opinion sorry guys. But the new update has really been a great improvement and is much much better than what it used to be before for me most songs the majority of songs anyway would only play for some reason 29 seconds a few songs played the full version but mainly only 29 seconds now the song but it’s not play I’ve tried and they work and they also have music videos now for the songs and much more features that they didn’t have they have genres and and much more things that they didn’t have before I am very impressed and also Don’t look at the reviews before 7 10 2019Because that was before the new update
  • I want the old one! 1/5

    By Nightcore fan!
    This app is nice and all but I miss the older version. In the newer version you can't listen to the song you want to hear if it doesn't have a video to go with it. Also the playlists can only have five songs on it but on the older version the playlist could have fifty three + songs on it.
  • I’m sorry, I must take away three stars due to your update.. 2/5

    By nevaehgachadarker
    “ when you were, Offline music, (when not updated,my Feedback to you, was,) I’ve been looking for free music apps for a while ever since my mom restricted to website YouTube, Cloud music, nope, not free. Didn’t have my songs. Pandora? Nope. Mom restricted it, Offline music! FREE! Has my songs, Dynasty and colors, yep! FIVE STARTS ! XD, now as, “Offline Music Cloud Pop Player,” my Feedback to you, now.. Change it back! “I don’t like this update, I liked it better before!” Please... Change It Back.
  • heck yes 5/5

    By bh4900
  • I want a downgrade 1/5

    By memelord3019
    I hate this update because when I search caravan palace panic there is one that shows 1 profile picture and there are more but it saids video is unavailable and I need to sigh up to make a playlist I hate this update I would want the old version thank you 😡😡😡😡😡
  • Love thisss 5/5

    By J72859383
    Heyyy first off LOVE THE UPDATE OML it’s so nice to see the videos along with the music. But could you also add videos from YouTube like, Reaction Time videos or like Dangmattsmith? Not hating just wondering
  • don’t download to listen offline 1/5

    By kj.ros
    I needed an app to listen to music offline while in a plane. but once i tried the actual app out, it says “no internet connection” and did not load anything. this app is extremely misleading as it litteraly says “OFFLINE” in the title. but other than that, it was convenient and easy to use.
  • Oof 1/5

    By otakugal5
    The update is awful
  • WHAT. 1/5

    By Kokichi Rat Ouma
  • Incredibly disappointed 2/5

    By vvvdisappointed!!
    The app was amazing! I loved it and used it all day, everyday! But this new update ruined it. First of all, I lost all of my old songs and playlists. Then, I couldn’t import anything. And third, I couldn’t download any of my old songs! Nothing! All there is now is mainstream Billboard Top 100. I’m very disappointed, and I’m deleting this app immediately.
  • I'm pretty sad 3/5

    By Scarlet_R_T
    I lost all my previous songs and I’m pretty sad about it. I don’t know what happened but it won’t let me import them or let me listen to the like it used to. It won't let me listen to music it keeps saying video is not available for every song.
  • I like it 5/5

    By samara446
    My fav app
  • Ads 3/5

    By GoodGuyRick
    The update is great and all but the ads are just way way too much, I click and a ad pops up then click a song and then another pops up, please fix this and have less ads because it gets really annoying when you try to put a song and a ad pops up every 5 seconds
  • Best app ever for music 5/5

    By Evelyn yanez
    I love the app you can listen to every different song!
  • Feedback 1/5

    By Bhaaad
    What a terrible update. It’s either hard or impossible to find old music and instrumental beats. And that’s not even including the annoying adds that always pop up every other minute.
  • Buggy and nonsensical 1/5

    By SweetNerds
    First of all, when I got this app it was before this update. The app worked perfectly fine before this. Once the update came it updated itself and in turn deleted all my previous playlists and songs. Even when i tried to get them back it said it was unsuccessful. Along with that every-time i try to go back into the app after opening it, i have to manually force close the app to open it again, turning off my music completely. When it comes to the music itself, this is supposed to be a music app, I’m not understanding why we need to use videos to listen to music. Even though all the songs usually come from videos turned into mp3s it still doesn’t let me listen to the music i want to. It does not make any sense as to why we need videos to listen to songs. I hope that these issues are resolved and we can import the songs properly without having to deal with this stuff. And listen to any music we want without videos.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Theman23003
  • Personal things that I don’t like 3/5

    By dumb fixes
    I do not like the new update because every time I try to add a new song to my playlist it exits me out of the app and I have to go back in and it does the exact same thing so please fix that or put it back to the way it was before please

Offline Music Cloud Pop Player app comments

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