ofo - Smart Bike Sharing

ofo - Smart Bike Sharing

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  • Current Version: 2.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bikelock Technology CO., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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ofo - Smart Bike Sharing App

ofo is a bike-sharing service provider that is making short city trips more convenient than ever before. Our yellow bikes are available for riding anytime, anywhere. They do not require a specified docking station, which means you may park the bike anywhere permitted by local law. Please ensure other riders can easily locate the bike after you park and secure it. Hop on an ofo & soar to your next destination! Curious how ofo works? It's easy! 1) Find a bike 2) Tap & scan 3) Enjoy the ride 4) Park and lock We hope you enjoy your ride!


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ofo - Smart Bike Sharing app reviews

  • Don't show bikes that need to be repaired!!! 3/5

    By Cheque159
    App shows bikes on the road despite needing repairs, remove these from the "Available" bikes
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By all.around_trash
    Today was my first time using a bike share app and it was awesome! The bike was a bit hard to use at first due to my short legs, but it was very nice! I like how inexpensive it is! I was easily able to use it to go get groceries! It’s a lot cheaper than the LimeBike. Will definitely be using more often! Thanks Ofo!
  • ZERO STARs!!! This app is a SCAM!!!! 1/5

    By thecyclist90210
    I’ve been scammed by this app.. tried it w/free trial but the bikes didn’t work & when I tried to cancel though the app there’s no option & user guide is “down” in app... & NO CUSTOMER SERIVE PHONE #!!! & they WILL NOT respond to my emails asking them to cancel it because The place where they say you can cancel it in the app does not exist in my app!! They say it’s under wallet, “manage” which I DO NOT HAVE in my app!!!!! Now I am gettin charged & will have to dispute it as a scam with my credit card company!! Do yourself a favor & Use the other bike shares THAT HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVicE PHONE NUMBER!!! THIS ONE IS A SCAM IN MAy 2018!! I have no idea how other ppl have had any type of positive experience!!! Horrible scam of a company!! I have evidence and screen shots of all this!!
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Olivberr
    My store front looks tacky because of these bikes
  • Well done, but cannot cancel monthly pas s renewal without contacting support 2/5

    By Opiate2002
    The app is good, and I generally like the service, but when I went to cancel my monthly membership recently I was unable to do so. Neither their app nor their website provides an option to cancel, but they tell you when you signup that you have that ability.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Mrs. Patete
    Easy to find! I am new to San Diego and it makes getting around/not having to find parking so convenient! When I need to take a quick trip to the grocery store boom hope on and go. So happy you guys are here in San Diego
  • Love the idea of bike during lunch hour 1/5

    By JadeStar001
    I got a text this morning saying they put 3 point on my ofo account. I had no idea about the “operational area” since it was my first time since the bike was parked outside of my work. I should have gotten a warning before hand. The gears didn’t even work. Easy to use but won’t give you any warnings that you need to know about the bike. By the way, how can you read the operational map when you can’t see the borders on the map.
  • Great system, not for tall people 3/5

    By stumblebug
    I'm a cyclist and almost 6' tall. The Ofo app and overall system works great but but the bikes' seats only raise a little bit. If you're tall, your knees are not going to be happy on the Ofo bikes. Why they have nice adjustable seatposts that only come up high enough for a 5"8' person is kind of a mystery to me. I still use the bikes, but standing up the whole time I'm pedaling.
  • Free bikes!!! 2/5

    By Dexmach
    Apparently everyone is San Diego got the memo that read “finders, keepers”. I went to a park where one bike shows up on the map. But I saw 5. The one on the map, someone put a padlock on the chain. Another, the back tire was frozen in space, on other was missing the lock used with the app (stolen), another one was spray painted blue. We did finally find one that worked as predicted, thought is was pretty banged up. For a subscription service at $25 a month, then the inventory needs to be available. Also, I am thinking San Diego is not ready for this level of community sharing; we just can’t have nice things here.
  • Easy to get on, terrible bike 2/5

    By dcbd18
    If you are taller, this bike is super uncomfortable. The app is great, and getting started works well, but there are better bikes in the D.C. Region, dockless or not. I will not be using this service again.
  • Bikes too small 1/5

    By citchemdude
    At 6 feet, I am not extraordinarily tall by American standards. The highest setting on the seats is too low, and the handlebars are too narrow for the width of my hands. The basket on the front of the bike is much too small to be useful.
  • Bikes too small 2/5

    By Kanepjk
    App works great, easy to use, bikes are very inexpensive to use. However the bikes are obviously sized for the Chinese market. Im 5’11” and even with the seat full up it’s still about 3 inches too short for my legs. Makes for an uncomfortable ride.
  • 押金 3/5

    By 匿名评论的用户
  • Great Service! 5/5

    By Puffdacatmeow
    This helps get me around AND save’s me money. Great app! Only complaint is that many people don’t respect the bikes and damage them. I find a bike and want to ride it but it doesn’t have working brakes or has the gears messed up. There’s should be an accountability feature 1st and 2nd they should try to repair them as faster.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By fjwnmne
    Inter case is stupid, I don’t understand what. I have to do with they pin
  • Nice 5/5

    By Yoowner
    Awsome becuz it ain’t even make me pay anything it says I have free rides i haven’t been charged and used it thousands of times
  • Worst experience ever!! 1/5

    By MexicanGirl_93
    I followed the GPS where the bikes are located at but there were no bikes it showed 7 of them but there was none! And are first time trying to use them and can’t even find one!!
  • App is good system needs some work. 3/5

    By HigginsRandalR
    Quite a few times it shows a bike is there on the map but it’s not physically there. Also over half the bikes Ive tried are broken. Like the idea just needs some work. Ability to report bike not at location would be nice.

    By Kris_Toor
    Terrible terrible TERROIBLE!!!!! I have been using them in Singapore, the app has millions of glitch, and if there is any problem, first you still need to pay the fee, coz other way your account is blocked, and then after their "investigation" you get the money back. Got ridiculous situation twice within a month: first they charged me for 4hrs ride, when i rode only 10 mins, when I paid the amount the ride dissapeard from the hotrod of my ride, so I got refund ONLY because I have been charge the money from my account, then despite of having a pass that gives you free rides for 120 mins after 30 mins I was charged and again needed to pay the amount in order to use the app. Then I had to wait like 2 days for an answer from their facebook site. there is an immediate answer but it is automatically generate. So not very helpful. Now the prices are ridiculous. DO NOT USE OFO IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The competition has much better customer service and prices! I mean just look at the amount of their 1 star reviews on Facebook.
  • Use Limebike Instead! 1/5

    By JSM12345
    I’m very disappointed with Ofo’s customer service. I recently signed up for a 7 day free trial as I was on vacation in a city that has Ofo but my hometown does not. I couldn’t unlock the bike and when I went into the app to cancel there was no easy way to do so. When i finally got in touch with customer service their cancellation process took so long that I was charged for the monthly fee. Do NOT use Ofo- use Limebike instead!
  • Show me where the bikes are 3/5

    By Tar happy
    Just signed up with the app but don’t want to give you my credit card until I can see if there are bikes nearby. Sign in was clunky, too. Great idea - love to try it if UX was more seamless.
  • Can’t use all all of a sudden 2/5

    By Farside Bound
    Won’t let me unlock a bike because I “have outstanding orders” Can’t find anything about “orders” in the app and rides have been “free until end of month.” Using LimeBike until I see a reason to change again.
  • Great bikes, poor app 1/5

    By Bludlock
    The no-dock concept is fantastic and I have no problems with the oFo bikes. The App, however, is abysmal. It hangs every time you lock the bikes and you have no option but to delete and reinstall. Sort it out, oFo!
  • Overcharged and horrible customer service 1/5

    By Ithxayana
    I really enjoyed using the bikes and thought what a great idea this bike service was. But then I noticed that I was being charged for 48 hours for a bike service I did not use. And a bike would not unlock and was still charged for it. There is NO way to reach anyone. You have to ask to be emailed. So I did that and it’s been well over a week. I keep emailing the customer service representative but he doesn't email me. I just want my mo ey back. I will NEVER use this service again. Be warned and keep a VERY close eye to make sure you aren’t being overcharged.
  • Good idea, bad execution 1/5

    By nros87
    The idea is great - the bikes are all over the city and very easy to unlock and start riding in seconds. Unfortunately the bikes themselves are dreadful. The bikes are tiny (like child size) and the tires are so uncomfortable. You feel every bump in the road. Because the bikes are teeny tiny, it is incredibly difficult to peddle at any speed. After 10 minutes I was drilling in sweat. I usually use the DC Capital bikeshare bikes and find them to be far superior.
  • Not what it seems. 1/5

    By fabimdo402
    Idea seems great at first until there’s an issue with the bike. I got to a broken bike and when I submitted that it needed fixing, the company charged ME for it even though I didn’t break it. No wonder I’m starting to see more broken bikes just being left. Bogus.
  • No SMS code 1/5

    By GonzoHere
    How I supposed to sign up if I never receive the SMS verification code. Uninstalling, lime bike it is
  • Good concept, weak app. 2/5

    By INeedNoNickname
    I ride ofos every time i get the chance. However, I’m getting frustrated with the glitches in the app. 1 it shows bikes where bikes are not at. there needs to be a feature to report ghost bikes. 2 i continue to get messages about parking outside the geo fence when i absolutely have not. usually nothing happens but most recently i lost 5 points for it. 3 the directions to find bikes are atrocious. all buildings should have names on them so they can be used as a point of reference. if possible, add an arrow on the dot for the user location so that we can see if we’re even going on the right direction. unrelated to issues, it would be cool to add a component where you compete with friends to get the most miles/calories burned. or even if ofo paired up with fitbit so the two apps could use data from each other and do challenges or track calories or whatever.
  • Good idea, but it doesn’t work 1/5

    By PTC man
    Sounds like a good concept, but the app won’t let me sign up.
  • It seems to be broken 1/5

    By Frazhna
    It takes me at least 45 min. to commute by bike and ofo has hour long rides instead of 30 min. rides like other bike share companies, so I would really like to try using ofo, but the app won’t let me sign up. After I put in the required info and tap next, nothing happens. I can’t get any farther in the sign up process.
  • Unable to Sign up! 3/5

    By supkv
    The app is not allowing me to register on IphoneX. It just keeps showing the next button after entering the data
  • Sign up not responding 1/5

    By Willguocantreplydontknowwhy
    Hi, your sign up is not responding, both Facebook/email signup. Also I won’t receive any text message verification number. Maybe your server is down, but you need to at least pop an error view in failure callback. Seriously, I feel bad for these good looking bikes have to put up with this.
  • Ofo App has issues 1/5

    By th37th
    First off, I am FAR from tech/app illiterate, I am no idiot. I’m quite savvy actually. I just downloaded the app several (after many attempted failed) times to install and register (on an updated iPhone, the latest version of the app available). I had been trying to signup on their app for an hour - it stalls every time at the second step for a phone verification. Every single time. I clicked onto their link for terms and conditions, and when you go there it tells you the site is busy, try again later. Clearly they have problems. I googled “issues with ofo app” and the only thing that came up was FAQ from the ofo website that suggests if the app isn’t working to uninstall and reinstall. Hence my multiple attempts to install and register. FYI - This doesn’t fix the problem. I finally sent a detailed email of their issue with a screenshot of the app, to the address they list on their website - the next day I got a response to send the email to ANOTHER address. In my mind that is bad CS and bad form. Why would the person take that much time to respond to direct my email somewhere else, when it’s the email listed in THEIR site - and I followed THEIR DIRECTION?? Good CS would have just FORWARDED MY EMAIL to the department that would fix the issue and respond that I could follow up there. It’s not ME with the issue - it’s your app and your website info that’s the issue. I really wanted to use their service, but instead I went with a competitor bike share program. The (lack of) CS is to blame. If you have time and/or patience to be tossed around before getting real help, good luck to you.
  • Great Service & Technology 5/5

    By Local so-cal
    Great experience! So easy and the bikes are great quality. The only thing that could make it better would be if I could unlock multiple bikes with my account to ride with a friend or a family member.
  • Useless Map & Broken Bikes 1/5

    By PurpleMod
    Been using ofo for over a month and 50% of the bikes will have something on the Broken. Sometimes it’s minor like the gears not working properly but some are so severe like brakes not working or handle bars detaching from wheel. Reported many bikes and nothing has ever come of it. Poor customer service no phone number to call like other bike shares offer. Also you can report a bike Broken and unusable but it will still show up on the map for people to use and get hurt using. The map on ofo is also pretty inaccurate and often flat out wrong about the bikes location. I’ve used plenty of bike share apps and this is by far the worst, although the cheapest.
  • Bad bad app 1/5

    By ofoisabadapp
    Horrible app I tried to log in and it just kept doing nothing when I tried to leave the app it would not let me leave just said would like to log into Facebook so I went to just restart app and it was still stuck went to power off couldn’t even do that very poor app.
  • App is horrible. 1/5

    By YachtSurfMikey
    Try logging in with phone number creates error. Doesn't recognize email. Settings have become unavailable. Latest version is garbage.
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By Dwm35
    I have seen these bikes around town and was curious to see how they work. Found one and downloaded the app but...it doesn’t work! App keeps asking me to sign up by providing my email and phone...which I have done a dozen times now...and nothing! App continues to recycle asking me to sign up again. Better get your tech together if you want to have a business that works!!
  • Not supported on this version 1/5

    By Hgalore
    New update ruined it, don't update
  • Smooth ride, app works well 5/5

    By squidsheep
    Tried Ofo for the first time and I was pretty impressed. Fuss-free setup. I had a smooth, easy ride despite some steering issues. The bike felt sturdy and I didn't feel any bumps along the way. Unlike certain competitors, Ofo app is quick to start and located the nearest bikes via GPS within seconds. You can scan the code without using Bluetooth although it's recommended that you do. Bike-sharing gets a bad rep sometimes but that's mainly due to some inconsiderate users who exist everywhere. The concept itself is a good, eco-friendly way to serve the community. No complaints, really.
  • Ofo 4/5

    By AuxWolf
    Super convenient and most the bikes are in good shape. Just make sure they are working before going on a long ride. Seats and gears are sometimes not adjustable. Otherwise go Ofo, I dig it!
  • Not bad so far! 5/5

    By JonnyCue
    Did my first ride and it was pretty convenient! They are all over where I work, so biking to and from lunch is really nice! If anyone wants to use my promo code it’s Y94FBz
  • Dangerous 2/5

    By JulianG6
    Overall, it’s a great idea. But they have to keep an eye on their bikes way more. I signed up and the first bike the chain broke as soon as I started pedaling. I noticed there was another bike nearby so I went to it. As soon as I got on it some homeless man starting running really fast telling me to “come here” so I had to ditch the bike and run. I sent them a message and they still haven’t responded.
  • Wow 1/5

    By Babshageg
    Awesome concept, great platform HOWEVER!!!! 1. I invited someone and never got the free rides coupons :( 2. Tried it on three different bikes and they all had problems with the key pad buttons not working and they started the ride and I wasn’t even on the bike!!! Fix this system and It will be a great experience
  • Ofo rocks. 5/5

    By Rhia Funke
    I lurve ofo. It is super useful, inexpensive and convenient. Easy access to bikes wherever and whenever I need them in downtown Seattle.
  • Student 3/5

    By brent_vandy
    I loved using the app at first but then I noticed they started charging me for short trips on campus. I wasn't traveling far just using the bikes for convenient fast transportation but recently started getting charged for every trip. I Definitely wish I could see the measurement on how I am charged not just a random usage charge.
  • Everyone likes my YELLOW ‘ they keep taking it ! 5/5

    I like this idea because I was tired of replacing bikes that would get stolen . My doggies love the basket rides around the HOOD’ and I get a lot of Big Smiles ‘ and AWW’ . we love Ofo
  • Sunshine and good times 5/5

    By IvanD13
    Great experience, no hitches
  • Overcharged 15 dollars 1/5

    By maxgruenberg
    This app stayed running on my phone for 55 hours and charged me. There is no place for me to even contest this on the app. What a scam!!!
  • Already dead 1/5

    By let the haters hate
    This app has been live in San Diego less than a month. We went on a bike ride and so far we have had three phantom bike markers (I assume people stole them and stored them in their house so they can use them whenever they want) I have also found 4 bikes that either wouldn’t unlock because they think they are broken (but still show on the map) or unlock but are totally broken. This company is fun and cheap but unreliable. I will not use again.

ofo - Smart Bike Sharing app comments


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