Olive Garden Italian Kitchen

Olive Garden Italian Kitchen

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  • Current Version: 2.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Darden Restaurants, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Olive Garden Italian Kitchen App

The all-new Olive Garden app conveniently brings your favorites to your fingertips. Find real-time directions to your nearest Olive Garden, browse the menu, place and save ToGo orders, save your spot on the Wait List and more, all within a few taps. Join the Wait List: - Check the current wait times for your Olive Garden - See your estimated wait based on your party size - Quickly add your name to the Wait List in less than five seconds, and see your real-time place in line Quickly Order & Reorder ToGo: - Easily order your favorites ToGo - Save your order in the app for later - Reorder your favorites with just a few taps Find Your Olive Garden: - Easily find your closest restaurant - Check to see what hours we are open - Get real-time drive time to any location Payments & Gift Cards: - Order faster and save your preferred payment - Use, save and reload gift cards to your profile With the Olive Garden App, we're all family here! (TM) Legal: Must be 13+. Prices and participation may vary. View our online privacy notice at http://www.olivegarden.com/privacy-policy. © Darden Concepts, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Olive Garden Italian Kitchen app reviews

  • Olive Garden app 1/5

    By Angiekil
    It keeps saying upgrade and won’t let me use it??????
  • Application needs serious Accessability improvements 2/5

    By Shaunteckno
    I am blind, and I use the built-in screen reader on all iPhones called voice over. First off, there are some unlabeled buttons. The tabs are not even labeled. Please fix accessibility bugs.
  • I’ll be back..... 5/5

    By JBVHL
    I do a lot of take out. I like the promptness I get when I order online, also like the options I have in paying for my order. (paying at the restaurant )Never been unhappy with my food. The help is very pleasant and make me feel special, ya see I’m a single customer. Adore your specials. Keep up with the Great Food and Service.
  • App prevents ordering 1/5

    By Prettyshells
    Total fail. App thinks it’s always lunchtime so cannot order at dinnertime even when setting the pickup time.
  • Wait list feature is a joke 2/5

    By topherMario33
    Don’t bother with the wait list feature. I just tried it and it gave me a number in line and approximate wait time. Arrived and checked in and was basically told it did nothing. I was given a longer wait time than the app told me and I waited 20 minutes before arriving to the restaurant on a supposed 40 minute wait.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Richie Hollywood
    Don't even waste your time getting this app the wait times are not even accurate. Checked the app before leaving the house and it said 1-5 minutes for wait time. Arrived at the restaurant and it was 45 minutes. When I questioned the hostess she said "oh those aren't accurate". Really?! Then why post it on there?!
  • App 1/5

    By jtcss
    Horrible - only lets me see Florida
  • Olive Garden App 1/5

    By Bug hugy
    It only gives me the location for Orlando FL it will not let me change it at all. I don’t even live in FL. I Live In Illinois. So joining a wait list by my house is totally impossible.
  • OG Online & Pickup Order 5/5

    By M$P
    I’ve used this app many times at my local Monroe, NC OG. I’m pleased to say I never had an issue of wait time or my order being incorrect. Ordering online with the app is very easy. I’m given a time which let’s me know when my order will be ready. The hostess checked my order against the receipt and read aloud each item as it was taken out of the bag for accuracy. Thanks for an awesome app!!!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By TRS761
    When setting up my account on this app it requested my birthday but we’re only allow me to enter today’s date. When I go into my account to edit it I am unable to edit the date to the correct birthdate. This app is so buggy I have no confidence in ever entering any credit card information.
  • Update 1/5

    By d3171891
    Says I need update, keep clicking link nothing happens ..so can’t use app to order our lunch now...
  • Wrong DOB 1/5

    By tammy295
    I tried to make an account, but it wouldn’t let me choose my birthdate. It gave me 4/29/2006. I’m 49, so this birthdate would make me only 13. I couldn’t even edit the DOB. Ridiculous!! I
  • Pickup ordering lacking 2/5

    By Big_Bub
    App fast but could use more features. I abandoned shopping cart and called in my order. There was no place to put in ‘special instructions’ or requests. I wanted to add extra meat sauce and red sauce for my entrees and there was no obvious way to do this. I abandoned the cart and called it in. Will continue doing this until a feature is added. Also does not appear to offer a loyalty program in exchange for my personal al info.
  • Add Additional Meatballs 😐 4/5

    By AW Bugs
    This is a great app, with one major flaw. When creating a custom spaghetti/meatballs pasta bowl, I need the option to add additional meatballs to a pasta bowl (in addition to the standard 3 meatballs option). Please add an “Additional Meatballs” pasta bowl topping item with a quantity count option. Currently, there’s no way to get 5 meatballs with the custom pasta bowl... only 3. So right now, we can’t use the app and must call-in our order to get the extra meatballs. Please add this option... thank you!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Kimseewald
    Save your favorites for quicker ordering. Use the location icon when traveling to find one close by.
  • What’s the point with the waitlist? 1/5

    By Engineering student
    First time using the app -“no wait” can’t join waitlist, get to the restaurant with a full lobby quoted 15 mins minimum.
  • Waitlist 1/5

    By Nick34678955
    Waitlist function is useless and does not explain that you need to go into the restaurant after you’ve checked in on the app.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By 12 tj
    Love Olive Garden the online order was ready the app is great and convenient way to order instead of calling love the app
  • Pam 3/5

    By Daveman20078
    Was really excited to order and then pick up but the app experience was not good. Instead of all chicken options or anything else being together some were under different locations so what I was looking for I couldn’t find until after I ordered, I found it under a difference option. And meals for 4-6 r under cater rather than family style. Finally, I wanted to pay online so someone else could pick up and set up a credit card but it would not let me pay. As time was passing I finally gave up and clicked on the pay when picking up. This app needs to be cleaner and, well, work correctly.
  • Number of Guests not Right 3/5

    By Teej36
    Overall this app is okay, but why don’t you have the option to add 7 guests to the “join wait list” when you indicate you only have to call if there are 8 or more guests?
  • Waiting list 1/5

    By waynezo
    I checked the waiting list right before we left to go to the Olive Garden in Goodyear, AZ. The app said the wait was approximately 15min. We arrived 11min later, and were told at check in that we would have a 30-40 min wait, because the App Waitlist doesn’t guarantee actual wait time. Why have this feature on the app if it doesn’t work or apply? I’m getting rid of the app, as I don’t need to know the menu to a place I won’t be going to anymore.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Monkeyboy344253
    How is it that I can't join the waitlist when I'm still between the hours of 11am and 9:30pm? Absolutely terrible! Highly disappointed.
  • Melene 1/5

    By Keen Melene
    I live in California and the app has Florida
  • No wait time at the restaurants but... 1/5

    By Akira Jade
    An hour and a half default wait to pickup a to go order? If it’s taking OLIVE GARDEN an hour and a half to make two orders of pasta, there’s something going terribly awry.
  • Disappointed 4/5

    By MKH-M
    This would be a great app if they’d give me an option to choose what dressing I want my salad. I have to phone in my order to get the dressing I want.
  • Not working AT ALL. 1/5

    By Cassie Collier
    My boyfriend, my parents and I are planning to go to Olive Garden tomorrow and I was downloading the app for to be able to join the waitlist tomorrow, and receive a free appetizer. I downloaded it and I have tried to make an account several times, I have deleted the app and re downloaded it, I have reset my phone with nothing helping. I have tried to do any and every thing in the app and it will do NOTHING. I can’t make an account, I cannot attempt to join the wait list, I cannot try to order on to-go. NOTHING. WILL. WORK. Very upset. If I could give no starts I would.
  • Almost perfect! 4/5

    By gughby
    I love Olive Garden and I love the fact they there are pictures of everything on the menu!! It’s great that you can add yourself to the line from the app it’s very convenient. The only thing is I wish we had was the option to edit our order with special requests
  • can’t open 2/5

    By hwhittt97
    i cant even open this app. tells me an upgrade is available but there isn’t one.
  • Upgrade the app 1/5

    By Hyuinvfdg
    I don’t typically order to go. I usually dine in but I had surgery and wanted some soup I could have picked up. Well the app tells me to update it. When I go to the App Store there’s no update. Vicious cycle of annoying. On top of already feeling ill.
  • Gift cards remain on account after use 2/5

    By DynamicHispanic
    I have the app installed on my phone and IPad. I ordered some food. The app on my phone said I had two $25 dollar gift cards. The app allowed the payment to proceed with the gift card. I got to the restaurant to pick up my order only to find that the gift card didn’t process on the restaurant’s end. I checked my phone, it processed fine. They checked their system and saw that the gift card was no longer valid. After paying cash, I came home and checked my iPad with the same app....there were no gift cards on my account, but showed different on my phone. Only after signing out and back in on my phone did the app update. A few things: 1. No ability to combine gift cards with different balances. The gift cards only show the purchased amount. This would be a welcome fix 2. The app processes an order with a gift card that had little or no remaining funds...in my case, an old gift card that was used, but remained on my account. This app needs to be prevented from doing this. 3. The gift cards that are uploaded to a user account only shows the last 4 digits of the card number and the original card amount...no remaining balance and no way to check remaining balance without the full 16 digits. If I uploaded a gift card to my account, I should have full access to it on said account at anytime. You cannot click it or anything. This also needs to be addressed. 4. The app only updates the user account when logged out and in. I had different information on two devices and one account. Only when I logged out and on did both update. Again, needs to be fixed. Do better, App Administrators.
  • alfredo SAUCY 5/5

    By jolene please dont take my man
    i have had this app for about 10 minutes but i feel connected to it on a spiritual level. i love scrolling through the menu and just wanting to drown in the alfredo sauce. i am enthralled!!!!!! i love this app more than anything in the whole world! (sorry joey bb love you). PLEASE, i’m begging you, BUY THIS APP!!
  • No Room for Special Requests 1/5

    By pash4hash
    When it comes to ordering online or over the telephone, I always prefer online as there are less mistakes made in translation. However, first thing I wanted to order, I noticed was that there is no room to write anything in. Added it to my cart, and no room there either. 😔 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ⚠️ When one could just call their order in, online ordering should always be easier than making a phone call. And just as thorough. Here is where this app could use some improvements: ✅ Let me customize anything; remove things AND add extra. Customizations for salad are available when ordering an entree, but I cannot move the button to extra, I can only remove the ingredient. Plus, I cannot customize a salad on its own-why allow me to customize the salad I get with a meal, but not a salad I order à la carte? ✅ I should be able to ask for extra or remove specific ingredients from every dish that comes with something more than just pasta and sauce. For example, Grilled Salmon comes with salmon, sauce, tomatoes, and capers. Using this app, I should be able to specify that I want extra sauce, no capers. ✅ I should be able to write-in requests. For every single menu item, AND maybe also during checkout too so I can request a cup of marinara, the cold items and hot items in separate bags, things like that. Like the Lasagna Fritta Appetizer, I should be able to type, even with a limited number of characters, that I’d like the Marinara on the side as dip, and not on top. (Per my other suggestions, I would also be able to uncheck the boxes: 🔲 Alfredo 🔲 Marinara Special Instructions: Marinara ON SIDE pls? Since I will be driving this home, and don’t want it to get soggy by the time I get there.) ✅ For an entree like Five Cheese Ziti al Forno, I am offered a ‘topping’ (such as 1 Meatball, 1 Sausage, Grilled Chicken, Sautéed Shrimp). Please allow me to add multiple toppings, such as chicken AND shrimp. Perhaps add a counter arrows, so I could get, say, 4 meatballs instead of only 1... ✅ I should ALWAYS be able to customize the type of pasta I want. Even something like the Fettuccine Alfredo dish that seemingly should come with fettuccine. If I was in the restaurant, I’d be able to choose this. ✅ For every meal that comes with a ‘Side’, allow me swap the side between all the sides currently available, even if there’s an up charge. ✅ New Menu Section Idea-Sides. (Let me order all available ‘Sides’ on their own.) ✅ New Menu Section Idea-Toppings. (For all of the sauces & toppings that can come with a meal, after the reasonable amount allotted for your actual order, OR if they don’t come with the meal you ordered but you still want them with your meal. Here you can order extra cups of Marinaras, Alfredo, Meatballs, Sausage, etc. And for Salads; Italian Dressing, Bottle of Italian Dressing, Packets of Cheese, Croutons. ✅ Extra Cheese option. For every menu item that has cheese on top: Chicken Parmesan, Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Margherita, etc. ✅ A, “Would you like Freshly Grated Parmesan on that?”, check box for every. menu. item. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🛑 Some of these things it seems like you’re already trying to do, but they’re not available for everything. Like, I can choose to keep or remove the peppers or onions from the Chicken Scampi dinner, but I cannot decide to remove the Asparagus or Tomatoes from the Shrimp Scampi dinner. I can substitute the side I get with the Chicken Margherita, but not the side that comes with Herb-Grilled Salmon. I can choose the type of pasta I want with Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara, but not with the Seafood Alfredo. It’s really unfortunate, because for just one of these reasons, this app is useless to me, so I will be deleting it, just for now. 🍝 It’s not so much being particular as it is I like what I like (I don’t like angel hair pasta, I prefer sauces on the side so fried things don’t get soggy, & I want a little extra of my favorite toppings), which are just small requests that in-restaurant wouldn’t even be issues. 💐 In conclusion, I will check out this app again in the future. It is a beautiful app design, though. Beauuuutiful.
  • Had to delete 2/5

    By RavenRose2
    Had to delete the app because it won’t let me order anything. Everytime I tried to add something to my order the app tells me the item “is unavailable” at the time. But it will let me order on the website and I called the restaurant to make sure they had the food and they did. It’s a new app and has bugs to work out, so u think I’ll stick to ordering through the website for now.
  • Can't use saved gift cards to pay like the app says you can 1/5

    By Elsalvador6969
    Giving 1 star cause at least I was able to to get on the waitlist with the app. I have 3 gift cards saved on the app, totaling $100. I don't have the cards anymore cause the app says I can store and use my gift cards. Went with the family today to eat and was so embarrassed cause I couldn't use the gift cards. There is no way to redeem any of my stored gift cards. I had 2 waiters and 2 managers trying to figure out how to redeem. They said if I had the full number they could redeem, but the app doesn't show the number. I ended up paying cash that I couldn't afford to use at the time. Now I'm out $100. Thanks Olive Garden! On a good note though. The food was excellent
  • Great food 5/5

    By Lucille K
    The food is great, the value of the food is higher than restaurants of the same size. Servers are friendly and helpful. I love the new chicken pizza fritta appetizers.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Nikay241513
    Mobile is orders allow you to utilize your time and others more wisely. Nothing is human error free. However, this not only cuts down on time but also allows you to get most out of a restaurants menu, but overlooking and deciding on different menu options on your watch.
  • Yum! 5/5

    By ilovefood74
    I have been a fan of the Olive Garden since the 1990s. Always a good time and good food!
  • Nice app 5/5

    By jacksonmom2
    The app is very easy to use and covers all the bases. Food is always ready on time and pickup is quick and easy.
  • Can’t even open or update 1/5

    By kkalloverthecountry
    The worst restaurant app. Will not open. Will not update. Can’t even order on website anymore, as it just routes to an unusable app.
  • Now it’s worthless 1/5

    By Punkinlynnie
    I loved this app until the last update. It’s cold here in the Midwest and I always have my baby with me. So I love being able to order carside pickup and pay through the app. Now I suddenly can’t pay and I’m just the jerk making employees run back and forth in the frozen tundra. Please fix this soon.
  • Menu change 1/5

    By mollyollymc
    Big mistake taking the Braised Beef Tortelloni off the menu. Literally the only edible thing at Olive Garden. Will not be using the app nor returning to the restaurant again.
  • Don’t waste your time getting this app 1/5

    By Alysota87
    I downloaded this app for the purpose of being able to be put on the waitlist ahead of time and then I show up too be told well we put your name on hold and then once you show up it puts you down at the bottom of the list once you come check in so obviously why have the features to be put on a waitlist if when you walk in to check in they barely add your name to it this is very disappointing
  • Can’t pay through the app even though it has your credit card info 1/5

    By This name taken lol
    Can’t pay through the app even though it has your credit card info
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By Katzack
    What bugs me about the app is the wait time isn’t accurate. The app says no wait but you get there and there is a wait of over 30 minutes most times.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By perlavpumas
    This is an awesome app. I was always calling Olive Garden to see if they could sing me on the waiting list but they didn’t do that anymore and this app let’s you sing in!!!! We only waited like 5 minutes before they called us!!! Awesome!!!
  • Unable to order 1/5

    By Impossible to work with
    The way that the app auto populates the billing address makes it impossible to place an order I type in the zip code and it auto fills in the city, which the app then tells me is not a valid city, despite being the city the billing address is in. When I change the city, it deletes the zip code. It’s works like a catch 22, making it impossible to place an order.
  • Good, but missing a feature 5/5

    By Derryls
    I like the iPhone app but why must I go to the web site in order to get my rewards status? You can join the club but no information in the app once you join.

    By strawberriecuddles
    Not satisfied with Olive Garden, I got me a kids meal cheese pizza and it had all of this cheese on it DONT get me wrong I love the grapes but also the tea wasn’t sweet 😑 so disappointed ☹️ ALSO NO SAUCE 😡😭
  • Great!! 5/5

    By Gromlis
    I love this app! It makes ordering to go so much easier!!

Olive Garden Italian Kitchen app comments

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