Olive Garden Italian Kitchen

Olive Garden Italian Kitchen

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Darden Restaurants, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Olive Garden Italian Kitchen App

The Olive Garden app conveniently brings your favorites to your fingertips. Find real-time directions to your nearest Olive Garden, browse the menu, place and save ToGo orders, save your spot on the Wait List and more, all within a few taps. Join the Wait List: - Check the current wait times for your Olive Garden - See your estimated wait based on your party size - Quickly add your name to the Wait List in less than five seconds, and see your real-time place in line Quickly Order & Reorder ToGo: - Easily order your favorites ToGo - Save your order in the app for later - Reorder your favorites with just a few taps Find Your Olive Garden: - Easily find your closest restaurant - Check to see what hours we are open - Get real-time drive time to any location Payments & Gift Cards: - Order faster and save your preferred payment - Use, save and reload gift cards to your profile With the Olive Garden App, we're all family here! (TM) Legal: Must be 13+. Prices and participation may vary. View our online privacy notice at http://www.olivegarden.com/privacy-policy. © Darden Concepts, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Olive Garden Italian Kitchen app reviews

  • Love Olive Garden 5/5

    By Girasolesy
    The best Italian meal!!! The best Italian meal!!!!
  • Service was excellent! 5/5

    By RindyDDM
    Logan was our server tonight and we couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience. Thank you, Logan!
  • Wait List is a joke! 2/5

    By AK-mak
    We were on our way to the restaurant & the app said 0 min wait list (we were 20 -25 min away from restaurant). I checked periodically while on our way & it said 0 min. I checked at 10 min out & it said 1-15 min wait so I put us (2) on the wait list & it said we were #8 on the list!! We got there in 5-10 min , checked in (lobby was full & people waiting outside) & was told it would be 20 min, my husband commented ‘so much for the app’ & the Manager(?) asked what the app said, told her ‘1-15 min’ & she said ‘that’s wrong!’ Fortunately we’re over 21 & there was a table available in the bar after about 10 min. So it all worked out, but the wait list is a joke!!! The functionality of the app seems good, if it was only accurate!!
  • What’s the point of the waitlist??? 1/5

    By Beth01123
    Why have an online waitlist if it doesn’t actually save you a place in line? I joined the waitlist at 5:52 with a wait time of 40-50 minutes. We showed up at the restaurant at 6:32 and were told we would have to wait at least another hour and that we had to physically be in the restaurant to be placed on the waitlist. If that is your policy, then you should at least make it clear when people sign up to the waitlist online that it is completely pointless.
  • What’s with the salad..? 4/5

    By Lou C S
    I generally love the salad… today both bowls we ordered were wilted..
  • Can’t set home restaurant as Honolulu… 2/5

    By weaver0
    I can find Honolulu to check in, but not so save as the default location. Can do other locations across the country no problem. What gives?
  • Restaurant host didn’t honor waiting list 1/5

    By Lexi116
    Said the app doesn’t notify them at the restaurant on their waiting list. Waste of time since we had to rejoin the list at the restaurant
  • Couldn’t complete the order! 1/5

    By BJS43
    It doesn’t even offer the option to pay cash when I got there, which is what I wanted to do. So I chose Paypal. Went to Paypal, chose the credit card I wanted it to use, completed that & it sent me back to the OG app. By then 5 min. had passed so the app notified me that me pickup time had changed to 5 min. later. I hit “ok”—& that pickup time popup disappeared & I was back on the payment page! It didn’t say completed—even tho I had a notification from Paypal of a $1 charge (which I know is just verification that the card is good). So I didn’t know if the payment was going to go thru, or if the order had gone thru. Since it didn’t say Order Completed, I hit the Paypal button again—& went thru the SAME. EXACT. PROCESS. Everything. Including the change of pickup time & a 2nd $1 charge from Paypal. Since the phones in the restaurant have never worked well, I WENT TO the restaurant to ask if they had my order. They didn’t. I had to redo the order in person. I hope the two $1 charges get reversed & there won’t be any others, but I have my receipt proving I paid in cash. Oh! Also, I only got that far by signing in with Apple, because when I tried to sign in with Facebook, it kept insisting that I create a user name & password ALSO. I chose “sign in with fb” & it said “you’ve signed in with fb before” (on the site) & filled in my name & email. But the asterisked user name & password fields were still there! The whole point of signing in with fb is to not have to create another user name & pw! As soon as I changed my choice to signing in with Apple, the user name & pw fields were not on the next screen & I was able to proceed (to the next problem!). I will be deleting the app & ordering via the site or the phone or in person from now on.
  • Cannot sign in 1/5

    By tadkins1
    I have tried multiple times to use the app. It will not let me sign in with my email & password. Website works fine using same info. I deleted the app.
  • Does not accept Apple Pay payment 1/5

    By Selmer9
    I have been trying to use this app for more than 6 months and every time not able to use Apple Pay payment.
  • Absolutely horrible service! 1/5

    By Sueredwolf
    The service here was just horrible , our appetizer was brought by a person other than the waitress, so that worked. The waitress brought all 3 of our drinks separately, and it took quite a while. Brought our salad, no breadsticks yet, it took 45 minutes to get breadsticks!!! and we had to ask for them, also we ordered 5 cheese marinara , but it was plain marinara. We all ordered all you can eat soup and salad, the soup bowls were only filled a quarter of the way. We repeatedly asked for more salad but NOPE , she never brought it. We had been in there an hour at this point , so we just up and left and NO TIP!!
  • I can’t log into my account for an unknown reason. 3/5

    By Halliemj Esidia
    So, I’m a huge fan of Olive Garden. This is why my review is 3-star. The problem is that I can’t log into my account and I can’t seem to find a phone number for customer support. Please, please fix this. I would appreciate it.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By WDSM 😡
    Went to the app to get in the wait list, it said 35-40. Yay, we were excited since we live 35 minutes away!! Got to the restaurant with 5 minutes to go! Checked in and we were told it would be another 35 minutes. I explained we were in the wait list. “Sorry!” It ended up being another 45 minutes!! 80 minutes total… so much for the wait list 😡
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Olive Garbage
    We checked in and had a place in the queue and they didn’t call us. When I went to ask why, they had no clue even after I showed them my #1 spot on the app. This is app is garbage.
  • Opens in the background 1/5

    By Rainicorn123
    For some reason this app opens itself in the background. Every now and then I’ll notice the blue clock indicating an app is open with location on and sure enough, there’s this app in the background. It’ll just appear while I’m using other apps. It’s so weird and annoying!
  • No Delivery, Wonderful Food 4/5

    By RainbowDreamer11
    I love Olive Garden, I get it every time for my birthday but the most disappointing thing about this food chain is their lack of delivery. Some people can’t drive, such as myself and the fees are pricy. It would save me time and plenty of other people in the same boat if the company branched out more instead of doing just pickup. It’s one of the many restaurants that I look forward to eat their food from just that lack of service makes me not feel welcome as a customer.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tony Eeeeeee
    We have gone several times to this location & so far we love the service & food .. we have gone in a party of 24 to a party of two great service every time…
  • It’ll error but charge your card anyway 1/5

    By Antonove
    Don’t use this app, it’ll fail to place the order (saying there was an “error” sending your order to the restaurant) but charge your card anyway. Of course it doesn’t send any confirmation email nor have any trace at the resultant. Now you have a charge on your credit card with absolutely no proof of any sort of purchase.
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By Marnanin
    We always enjoy , Olive Garden!
  • They lie 1/5

    By app wont accept one star
    Put ourselves on the app and it reported 1-15 minutes. Get to the place five minutes later and the host says 30 to 35 minutes. I tell her I listed on the app and she told us it never works. We walked out and went to a place that sat us right away. My question why have something that doesn’t work
  • The Smiths 5/5

    By Go Terry
    Good food we love it
  • Deleted App 1/5

    By brianpita
    Installed, tried to set up account but was constantly hit with pops up messages telling me to turn on my cellular so they can track my location. No thanks. Goodbye
  • Problem with a “request” 1/5

    By Alex Price 04
    I just downloaded the app to see the menu, but it keeps saying that there is a problem with my request, and wont let me pick a restaurant, says there are none available. I just want to view the soups.
  • Wait list 1/5

    By AllyHall99
    You can’t use the join wait list if there is no wait, but the restaurant actually has a wait. Hostess says app doesn’t work
  • Service 1/5

    By Fair pay
    Hosts not helpful or generally polite.
  • Bug won’t process order with app 1/5

    By Great game :-)(-:
    Good food, useless app!
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By PreciousSynt
    Too many challenges. Couldn’t order food because app would not accept information. Crazy. I gave up. Will not be eating here.
  • Brier creek NC Olive Garden - Deception 1/5

    By Glo4327
    Instead of telling customer they did not have the soup that was ordered, they served me a different soup. I noticed the soup did not look the same as usual, tasted it and knew right away it was the wrong soup. I inquired and the waiter admitted to substituting the soup without my permission. I asked to speak to the manager and instead of making it right, she tried to justify it by saying they never had the soup that evening. This was 6 PM on a Monday….Really. I had to ask her to remove the soup from my soup. She reluctantly did so. Learned from my nephew the same thing happened to him two weeks ago. At least the manager on duty on his night immediately gave him the whole meal free that included an entree and a gift certificate. I only had soup and salad.
  • App doesn’t allow special instructions 1/5

    By SwankyEggplant
    You can’t leave special instructions like “No cheese on salad”. Useless.
  • Server was awesome 5/5

    By Crater59$
    I liked their chicken Alfredo
  • Can’t order 4/5

    By bowdn1
    Something is wrong with the app because it won’t let me order?
  • Tracking 2/5

    By Rgaller6
    I have to restart my phone after I order. The app still tracks my location and it's been two days.
  • Need a way to order more than one additional item 3/5

    By IJJL
    Your app doesn’t allow a person to add to an order more than one meatball - or any other item for that matter. Please fix this.
  • Need to update 1/5

    By No Longer Hungry For Here
    We have 2 Olive Garden in our state, the app show no Olive Garden near where we live. Going on line, there’s no way we can pay with a gift card. It’s asking only for credit card. Need to update both app an online orders.
  • No Tech support 1/5

    By Maverick100
    Support on both the app and especially your account is worthless. Unable to account fixed, unable to delete account, unable to fix password. UNABLE TO GET ACCOUNT SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!
  • Exact Location required 1/5

    By Tjdryed
    Although the app feels sluggish even on the latest iPad Air, I don’t understand why it won’t let you pick your restaurant?? Without location services turned on, the app runs in a loop This makes the app useless. I see no reason the app requires your exact location if you were able to restaurant to order from
  • Dinner on June 20th 5/5

    By Bubba J-Dub
    My wife, Janet, and I went early to enjoy some soup, salad, and fresh breadsticks which were fantastic and yummy! However, the best part of our night was our waiter, Julian! He gets rave reviews on his courtesy and prompt awareness of the perfect time to come check on us! Because of Julian, we brought home chocolate mousse dessert! Great experience all around! We highly recommend Julian for great service from start to finish 💯👍💯👍👌🏻
  • Thank You for the Great App!! 5/5

    By Cowboy Vsnh
    Easy to Use and Access!! Wonderful!!
  • Customer service 5/5

    By Yummy🍝
    Great 😊👍🏾🎉🎊👏🏾
  • Broken App 1/5

    By NuNu814
    Can’t log in so I gotta use the website, pretty annoying
  • Very bad app. Payment does not work 1/5

    By hungry davec
    I was able to pay with 4 different ways. None worked. Anyone tested this app?
  • No help from anyone! 1/5

    By Zlexis
    My order wouldn’t go through because this app wouldn’t process payment. I Tried 7 times on 2 credit cards and PayPal. I have 2 pending changes on 1 credit card and $1.00 pending on PayPal and no one can help me cancel the charges! The restaurant has no record of my order so I have no food! I called my credit card, they can’t help. I called the restaurant, they can’t help. There’s no way to get ahold of anyone on the app for help.
  • Noiiice 5/5

    By ++[Jose]++
    stamped 💯
  • Great, when it works… 2/5

    By JSQRDinFL
    Twice now in the past six months the app has quit working. It starts with my not being able to check in for curbside pickup, then it progresses to where I can’t use it at all because it keeps stopping saying, “ Sorry there is a problem and your order cannot be completed “. It’s been like this for the past two weeks now. Previously, it continued till it seemed like someone finally did a full system reboot. Very frustrating!
  • Waitlist messages conflicted 1/5

    By hiyajill
    Said the waitlist was 16 to 20 minutes so I signed up. I am mediately got an email saying there was no waitlist and my table would be held for 10 minutes past the estimated wait time.So I wasn’t sure if that meant I had to go in right away or if it was still 16 to 20 minutes. It said I was fifth on waitlist so I just went in closer to the 15 minute mark. But that text message was very confusing.
  • H 5/5

    By MrHbomb1
    EXCEPTIONAL Service from AJ @ the Dover, DE Restaurant!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Yitz01
    Why have an app or website with an incomplete menu I can’t customize any of the dishes (I just want to add chicken). If I had the time to go into the restaurant I would not need the app.
  • Doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By oldfarmer523
    Deleted and reinstalled. Doesn't work, shows error message. Please fix.
  • Pay in store option not available 1/5

    By hunter112352
    There is no option to pay for your carry out order in the store.
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