Olive Garden Italian Kitchen

Olive Garden Italian Kitchen

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Darden Restaurants, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Olive Garden Italian Kitchen App

The all-new Olive Garden app conveniently brings your favorites to your fingertips. Find real-time directions to your nearest Olive Garden, browse the menu, place and save ToGo orders, save your spot on the Wait List and more, all within a few taps. Join the Wait List: - Check the current wait times for your Olive Garden - See your estimated wait based on your party size - Quickly add your name to the Wait List in less than five seconds, and see your real-time place in line Quickly Order & Reorder ToGo: - Easily order your favorites ToGo - Save your order in the app for later - Reorder your favorites with just a few taps Find Your Olive Garden: - Easily find your closest restaurant - Check to see what hours we are open - Get real-time drive time to any location Payments & Gift Cards: - Order faster and save your preferred payment - Use, save and reload gift cards to your profile With the Olive Garden App, we're all family here! (TM) Legal: Must be 13+. Prices and participation may vary. View our online privacy notice at http://www.olivegarden.com/privacy-policy. © Darden Concepts, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Olive Garden Italian Kitchen app reviews

  • Can't use saved gift cards to pay like the app says you can 1/5

    By Elsalvador6969
    Giving 1 star cause at least I was able to to get on the waitlist with the app. I have 3 gift cards saved on the app, totaling $100. I don't have the cards anymore cause the app says I can store and use my gift cards. Went with the family today to eat and was so embarrassed cause I couldn't use the gift cards. There is no way to redeem any of my stored gift cards. I had 2 waiters and 2 managers trying to figure out how to redeem. They said if I had the full number they could redeem, but the app doesn't show the number. I ended up paying cash that I couldn't afford to use at the time. Now I'm out $100. Thanks Olive Garden! On a good note though. The food was excellent
  • Great food 5/5

    By Lucille K
    The food is great, the value of the food is higher than restaurants of the same size. Servers are friendly and helpful. I love the new chicken pizza fritta appetizers.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Nikay241513
    Mobile is orders allow you to utilize your time and others more wisely. Nothing is human error free. However, this not only cuts down on time but also allows you to get most out of a restaurants menu, but overlooking and deciding on different menu options on your watch.
  • Yum! 5/5

    By ilovefood74
    I have been a fan of the Olive Garden since the 1990s. Always a good time and good food!
  • Nice app 5/5

    By jacksonmom2
    The app is very easy to use and covers all the bases. Food is always ready on time and pickup is quick and easy.
  • Can’t even open or update 1/5

    By kkalloverthecountry
    The worst restaurant app. Will not open. Will not update. Can’t even order on website anymore, as it just routes to an unusable app.
  • Now it’s worthless 1/5

    By Punkinlynnie
    I loved this app until the last update. It’s cold here in the Midwest and I always have my baby with me. So I love being able to order carside pickup and pay through the app. Now I suddenly can’t pay and I’m just the jerk making employees run back and forth in the frozen tundra. Please fix this soon.
  • Menu change 1/5

    By mollyollymc
    Big mistake taking the Braised Beef Tortelloni off the menu. Literally the only edible thing at Olive Garden. Will not be using the app nor returning to the restaurant again.
  • Don’t waste your time getting this app 1/5

    By Alysota87
    I downloaded this app for the purpose of being able to be put on the waitlist ahead of time and then I show up too be told well we put your name on hold and then once you show up it puts you down at the bottom of the list once you come check in so obviously why have the features to be put on a waitlist if when you walk in to check in they barely add your name to it this is very disappointing
  • Can’t pay through the app even though it has your credit card info 1/5

    By This name taken lol
    Can’t pay through the app even though it has your credit card info
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By Katzack
    What bugs me about the app is the wait time isn’t accurate. The app says no wait but you get there and there is a wait of over 30 minutes most times.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By perlavpumas
    This is an awesome app. I was always calling Olive Garden to see if they could sing me on the waiting list but they didn’t do that anymore and this app let’s you sing in!!!! We only waited like 5 minutes before they called us!!! Awesome!!!
  • Unable to order 1/5

    By Impossible to work with
    The way that the app auto populates the billing address makes it impossible to place an order I type in the zip code and it auto fills in the city, which the app then tells me is not a valid city, despite being the city the billing address is in. When I change the city, it deletes the zip code. It’s works like a catch 22, making it impossible to place an order.
  • Good, but missing a feature 5/5

    By Derryls
    I like the iPhone app but why must I go to the web site in order to get my rewards status? You can join the club but no information in the app once you join.

    By strawberriecuddles
    Not satisfied with Olive Garden, I got me a kids meal cheese pizza and it had all of this cheese on it DONT get me wrong I love the grapes but also the tea wasn’t sweet 😑 so disappointed ☹️ ALSO NO SAUCE 😡😭
  • Great!! 5/5

    By Gromlis
    I love this app! It makes ordering to go so much easier!!
  • Payment option irregularity 3/5

    By JimmyjamesB
    I recently found the Olive Garden app and attempted to place a ToGo order. However, the zip code for my city would put a hyphen in the city’s name and then the app would not accept the city as a valid city. When I would take the hyphen out of the city name, it would take away my zip. Out of curiosity, I entered a different zip code for the same city and the hyphen was not added and the app accepted it. It was entertaining at first, but became annoying. Please pass this to the tech team for this to be adjusted.
  • Useless app for waitlist 1/5

    By r chawla
    It’s useless app for waitlist. Apps says 15-20min, and when we reached the restaurant the host says 45-50 minutes wait. When asked the host says the app does not account for walk ins. Pretty useless
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Delcast43
    I love Olive Garden but this app does not work. I tried to use it several times but every time I would just get an error message that the time had been changed. The time had not changed so I figured that I should change the time which I did several times and it still did not work. So I just gave up. Just stick to the traditional way and call them on the phone.
  • Would be awesome if it would take their own gift card for payment 1/5

    By Oakislemama
    App needs work on payment with gift card. Can’t verify card number. Too busy making you count cars and bridges. Try counting customers deleting the app...
  • Waiting 3/5

    By nice tey
    Get rid of the wait indicator, does not work well.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Fatrobot97
    This app refuses to find the closest Olive Garden next to me and won’t create a new account. iPhone XS Max.
  • Website and app are trash 1/5

    By spellAMO
    Both the website and app did not work. Just trying to order a Togo desert. And the app won’t display menu. The website asks you 10 times what you want to do before going to the menu. Deleting this app. Not worth the hassle.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By ugholivegarden
    I can’t even get a location to show up ANYWHERE in the US. When I try to search my town, I’m presented with a map of the us and no restaurant locations. What a waste of time. Garbage.
  • Beyond Frustrated 1/5

    By a hungry og lover
    I just spent AN HOUR trying to order online. In that time I could have dined in! So to spare you you the tip.. PLEASE modify this app. It is beyond slow (my other apps run smoothly so it’s definitely the app) has me create a new account EVERY TIME i use the app, and usually ends up freezing on me. When the menu doesn’t show up blank, it only lists a fraction of what offer. I love Olive Garden’s food but when it comes to their app, g’bye! You are a major brand, please get it together.
  • When will it load???? 1/5

    By 1997SJ
    This app seemed great when it says you can “join the wait list” but how can I when the app won’t load??? It took 10 minutes to load the start menu, then when I went to join, it couldn’t even find me! I had location services on and it still couldn’t load. I searched for the location, and it STILL didn’t load. Don’t waste your time. It’s easier to drive and put your name in than use this waste of an app. *is there a way to rate this lower than 1 star?
  • Wait list 1/5

    By smviolinfan95
    I love Olive Garden, love the food, always love the service whenever I go. That being said... Valentine’s Day. Fiancé and I are looking forward to a date at a restaurant we haven’t been to in half a year. App comes up, saying “41-50 minute wait time,” so I try to put us on the waitlist. Not only would it not let us, but the restaurant wouldn’t even come up after pressing the “join waitlist” button. Nothing like getting discouraged before you even step out the door.
  • Complete Trash 1/5

    By Choate_6
    Olive Garden, Your app is utter garbage. I have tried to create an account 10 times and all I get is the loading pinwheel then nothing. I also tried to join the wait list and same results. Pathetic
  • Awful 2/5

    By A.Judd
    This app is crap honestly
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By College Prof in GA
    This app is garbage. I’m literally sitting in an OG as I type this, and the app says we have no app in my town. What a waste of a download.
  • Eh 1/5

    By george96521
    App won’t let me load any locations, won’t let me look at a menu. It also won’t let me make an account.
  • App needs work 1/5

    By jamesman2120
    I’ve been on here for about 15 minutes setting up an account because it keeps wanting to load for 5 min every time I click one thing when I’m just trying to look at the menu to see if I even wanna eat here tonight. Please fix.
  • App won’t open after upgrade 1/5

    By miniartcreator
    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the app won’t open so I can get on the waiting list.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By dizzylizard
    Trying to order the Valentines Dinner to go and I keep getting an error message when I try to check out. It won’t let me pay at the restaurant and it won’t let me pay by card. Just keep getting the same error message. What a waste of time.
  • Can’t edit birthday 2/5

    By Thedeadpool14
    Downloaded the app and cannot change my birth date. Just keeps defaulting to today’s day and the year 2006. Definitely not 13. That needs to be fixed.
  • App fail 1/5

    By McPhelan
    We had gone to Olive Garden in Middleburg Hts, assured by your app that there was no wait time. On arrival we were told there was at least 25-30 minutes wait. The waiting area was full with all seats occupied and eight people standing. We checked the app again while standing there, and it still showed no wait. Three other locations also showed zero wait time; I assume these were also wrong. We will no longer use your app as it is clearly so inaccurate as to be useless. There are many other restaurants in the area; we went to one of them instead. I doubt we will return to yours.
  • Such a dumb app 1/5

    By whocaresanymore6172
    This app is useless. The manager of the restaurant told me the app does not take into account the people who are dining in the restaurant. So when it says no wait that only means no other app users are ahead of you. What’s the point?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By LolaBlonde
    Tried ordering today. It just kept saying error with order. Waste of time. Don’t download it. There’s no upside to it like specials or coupons anyways. Laaaaaame.
  • Not a very smooth app, waitlist times not accurate 1/5

    By Peelage
    I was told that it was a 3-6 minutes wait upon checking into the waitlist in the app. 40 minutes later still waiting at the entrance to be seated. Lots of improvements could be made here.
  • Invalid CC 2/5

    By jesswells74
    When trying to add my CC info in for future use, I always get an error. I have tried about 20 times. It is ridiculous that I have to go to my wallet each time and enter it and then it does not even work. I have to go back and say pay at restaurant!!!
  • Calamaris were small and a bunch of fried dough 2/5

    By Yeshua #1 Lord
    They definitely give u less food when u order to go. Fettuccini was kinda dry too. I picked up my food right on time so it shouldn’t have been that dry
  • Not happy 3/5

    By Y2K1306
    No issues with the app besides one thing I’d like to speak to someone on the phone about this issue on the phone to find out why . If there’s a number I can reach I’d appreciate the help thank you
  • Pick up time has changed 1/5

    By Some chick in Philly
    Every time I try to order an item I get a pop up saying the pick up time has changed. Can never place anything on order because the pop up always comes up. I changed the time to hours out and still get the same message. After clearing the pop up the items never appear in my cart. Have deleted and reinstalled several times with the same issue happening.
  • Wait time is garbage 1/5

    By LoninRDU
    Checked in with the App and it said 1-5 minute wait time, took 3 minutes to get there and the hostess told me 20-25 minutes. How does that happen. I could have checked in earlier when there was no wait time on the app but didn’t see the need. Sort that crap out.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By OG7777
    Terrible app. Wait list doesn’t work. We were waiting at home to be closer in line. When we got there they had no record of us. Manager didn’t do anything about it. Will never go to OG ever again! Ridiculous, they weren’t even busy!
  • Can’t put in my birthday 1/5

    Can’t put in my birthday
  • I am very Leary... 2/5

    By Allic0222
    Why is it when I went to the one in Southern Indiana, I went home & threw it all up. The next day, I ensured I recooked the food and I had no problems. They were packed, but undercooked food should not be the norm. (My daughter had food from the same restaurant at her job 2 days later & she was talking about it messing with her stomach!!)
  • Love the food, but ... 1/5

    By VoiceOver user.
    I echo Ryanrain2’s review. When VoiceOver users try to open the app for the first time, we are greeted with what I presume is a welcome page consisting of nothing but graphics. We can’t even _get to the menu or anything else. We are just told that there are four pages, and nothing else. I will be deleting the app, and using the website; after all, my main concern is accessing the menu.
  • San Luis Obispo 1/5

    By jerkmanager
    The male manager that was on the night of Jan 27 is a complete JERK! The day before I had bought 2 gallons of soup they were out of gallon containers so used quart instead and when they gave me only 3 quarts for each gallon I ask why not four and was told the three held a gallon but when I got home I measured it which was not true so went back the next day to get 2 more pints to make up the difference and the waitress confirmed what I said but the jerk manager all but called me a liar!! Should mention I love O G soup and purchased 2 more gallon in the regular container to the tune of $53.83 so wasn’t like I was trying to cheat the jerk!

Olive Garden Italian Kitchen app comments

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