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The famous OmeTV goes dating! Now, you can meet new people in the video chat and stay in touch with your friends on our new social network. Dating and making friends in the OmeTV network is a snap: - Sign up and create a profile — in less than a minute. Upload your best selfie! - Start meeting people in the video chat — in less than a second. We have no time limits for video calls! - Browse tons of profiles. Make sure to star those you like, and they will wait for you in the favorites section! - Send and receive messages. Say 'hello' to your new dates and keep in touch with old friends! As always — ads-free! Try out our VIP LOUNGE* — with premium features for higher visibility: Text up to 30 new users daily. Texting is addictive because texting is fun! Send 10x more messages per day to anyone new you like. Follow up to 30 users daily. The more people you follow, the greater is the chance that people will follow you back! Be top-ranked in your country. By becoming a top-ranked user in your country, you will get more views and more new followers. Stay on top in search results. Let your profile shine on top positions and get the attention you deserve! Find out who favorited you. Connect with people who added your profile to their favorites! Follow us on social media: We respect your privacy. Please respect our rules: Rules: Guidelines: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: * Your 30-day trial period will begin when you confirm your payment. No money will be charged or held in your iTunes account before the end of your trial period. The subscription automatically renews until cancelled at least 24-hours before each renewal date. You can manage your subscriptions, and turn off the auto-renewal by going to your iTunes account subscription settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to that publication.

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  • Una completa basura 1/5

    By ravo gordo
    La idea suena bien y sería muy entretenida, pero lamentablemente siempre estoy bloqueado ya que por lo más mínimo te bloquean por 720 horas, caguense en su madre hijos de puta
  • Review 3/5

    By mondo1208
    Honestly this app is fun I would give it a 5 but the banning is dumb on this app you can get banned for whatever reason so this app is a 3 however if you fix this it would be a five also it bans your for like 2 weeks at this point I think you guys don’t fix this because people pay to get unbanned
  • لايعمل 1/5

    By tbijpke
    التطبيق معلق فاتح على البث فقط وبلوك
  • Baneo 5/5

    By Addireljdinlnmmmdpns nsnnsns
  • Banned for no reason 1/5

    By Joshuafraire
    ID: 117336116 please un ban
  • Not for kids to much nudity to many young kids on here 1/5

    By self alabama
    There are to many young kids on this site ages starting from 10 years old and this in not for kids and if this doesn’t stop and get fixed there will be a investigation and site will be shut down
  • Please fix this bug 2/5

    By gshaw5166
    Everytime I use this app it freezes when I’m scrolling through people please fix this and thank you!
  • Got banned for no reason 1/5

    By college football player
    Got banned for simply showing a video on my phone for a few seconds because I wanted to share it not. The video was on Science. Yet there are perverts and underaged children on here who record other people. Please unbanned me I enjoy chatting with normal people and not creeps so please fix those issues as well no reason there should be 12 year olds on here
  • BAN 5/5

    By lead the elf
    Dude i got banned for no reason i was showing i was watching a show and then i got banned please unban me amazing app tho other than people like that
  • Not working 5/5

    By Hishejeinebfej
    It’s not working on my iPhone no more
  • So Buggy Camera Freeze after few minutes 3/5

    By C0oll MähäD
    Please Update it ASAP.
  • Very mediocore 1/5

    By wiifus
    I got banned for no reason. All I did was stand up, and I assume it thought I was doing something innapropriate.
  • Overheating 4/5

    By Solrac〆
    I like using this app but the problem is that the phone gets too hot when I use it. You guys should do something about it
  • Good app but bans are a little too long 4/5

    By TopMoparMan68
    I’ve been banned twice within the past week and I think it’s a little too much that a ban is two weeks long or requires a $10 pay, I apologize for my bad language but the bans are so long that last time I got banned I forgot about the app for nearly a year, not good for business my guys, also I think you’d get more attention if you were to do a free “speak to (insert gender here)” thing as opposed to apps that make you pay for it
  • Unfair bans 1/5

    By Whyyoudothis?
    I think this app bans people unfairly to get money, that said some people deserved to get banned BUT the ban time is RIDICULOUS. Id say if the developers wanna keep people using it then shorten that or come up with a new system because after seeing that ban time I promptly deleted the app.
  • Whatever 1/5

    By kitttyyyyykattttttttttt
    IT ALWAYS SAYS, “no internet connection.” When I full on know my internet is just fine, this bugs me.
  • Banned ,why? 1/5

    By G4A4L4
    This app has so much potential that it can reach but The banning System is so broken So I was in a call with someone that said “I will report you just because you’re black” and I told him Why would they ban me because I’m black Anyways a couple minutes later I got banned for nothing this just shows that if you report someone (even if he does nothing wrong) he will get banned Second thing before you write that “if you think that you got banned unfairly send us an email” just know that I already sent you an email but got no reply on it So please look into my case and fix your rules because some people be traumatizing kids out there by showing their generals and me a person who did nothing wrong gets banned and those people don’t (By the way my ban ID is 90115391) In the ban picture it shows a white hand that’s literally not me
  • I got ban for no reason 1/5

    By lanehunt
    I got ban for showing my legs for 2 seconds because I was sitting down and this isn’t the first time I got for no reason I got ban again for showing half my face I’ll be sure to tell my friends to not download this app because you will get ban for no reason
  • Probably the best Omegle on the AppStore. 5/5

    By Sugar Sprinkles
    I’ve used this on and off when I’m bored or with friends and it’s REALLY good, surprisingly. There’s video chat and quality thats good, you can text chat while in video chat if you don’t like to talk, and there’s every language PLUS automatic translations! No boundaries for who you’re talking to!
  • Banned 1/5

    By AndySavka
    I was banned just for showing my face, I will no longer use the application, since before that I had already paid 10 times for $ 10.99
  • Ban you for stupid reasons 1/5

    By ałly
    They banned me for showing my toilet. nothing else i was showing but my toilet. I read the chat rules and nowhere does it say it’s against the rules to show your toilet. This is seriously rediculous I want an unban i am NOT paying 11 dollars because i got banned for showing my toilet
  • I got banned for nothing 1/5

    By jack lucas the third
    I typed my name in the chat and got banned for nothing and the only way to get back on it is to pay??? And the website don’t ever answers emails.
  • Messages 3/5

    By vUndyingv
    So I would receive notifications that i got messaged by people but i go to check and they wont pop up
  • This app is no longer available in the us? 2/5

    By bobby lupire
  • They ban you over nothing 1/5

    By A Bag Of Weed
    They have a simple method to make money of this app, they ban you for no reason and expect you to pay 11 dollars.
  • Band for no reason? 1/5

    By Aimż
    I was banned for showing an action figure called peppa pig. There are old mans showing of there pipi’s and i’m here getting banned for showing peppa? I want to be unbanned without paying a $10 fee. If not i will just wait. I find this super funny btw.
  • I got banned no reason 3/5

    By Ghosts74
    So I got banned for no reason my screen was on a show so people can see what I’m watching and I just got banned there was no nudity at all can u pls take me ban off there was nothing bad on the screen
  • Banned 1/5

    By Iamagoat23450
    I have been banned from this app for something that I have not done. The security in this app has to be improved. I would like to be unbanned from this app.
  • I got banned 1/5

    By evvvvvvvvvevvvvv
    I should have probably read the rules before I started using Omegle because I’ve been banned twice for things I didn’t know you would get banned for, I am currently banned for showing a tv screen, but I did not know that you would get banned for that. I was just videoing my cousin playing a game. My ID is 72739846, If I can be unbanned I would really appreciate it and I will make Sure never to do that again.
  • Banning 2/5

    By Ronaldo is awesome
    The app is great overall, but please update your banning system. Too many people are getting banned for absolutely nothing. You shouldn’t get banned for not having your face in the camera, or showing text for example. Because with those kinds of restrictions it opens the door for people to get banned for no reason. So I’d suggest lightning the banning requirements some, so people can have a better time. Also you don’t help us either, we email you complaining that we got banned and all you say is do better next time and put a ban for over 2 months so we can’t use the app until the ban is over. because this banning system is causing a lot of people to lose interest in this app, when it could be so much better!
  • Great app but 3/5

    By SeanRowen
    There should be appeals to admins when you get banned, and also when I try using my Bluetooth earphones whenever I try to connect to my phone and go on Omegle it disconnects. Everything else is good
  • Mad asl 1/5

    By tgoerdt
    I got banned for flipping someone off after they used racial slurs against me. That makes a lot of since🙄
  • I can’t download it again 1/5

    By RADCghosts
    I deleted it because my AirPods weren’t working on it and now it’s unavailable to download in the app store... deserve no stars
  • I got banned for absolutely no reason 3/5

    By ayden-gray153
    The app is good but you get banned for the dumbest reasons when there’s people exposing themselves on this app! But I’m banned for pointing at my friend’s shoes!
  • I should not have banned 2/5

    By skinprick
    So I get banned for having my shirt off when these other people are jerking off just putting there di**s right up to the camera then there will be a naked girl or boy and I get fuc**ng banned for have my shirt off that’s just amazing

    By slothboii
    i was drawing people on stream and i got banned for 335 hours ! WHAT !!! i was doing nice little drawings and asked for permission first THIS IS RIDICULOUS
  • Band for no reason 1/5

    By asdffhuhj
    It shows a pic of me fully clothed. I got band for nothing. I see people with there stuff out and I got band.
  • I was banned for doing nothing 3/5

    By Max Kaminoff
    I was minding my own business having fun talking to people and all of a sudden I got banned for an entire year. I was able to meet people from all over on this app but now I can’t because I’m banned. The only way I can get it back is by paying 10 dollars and I just want to be able to talk to people.
  • Banned for nothing😡 1/5

    By I need unbanned plz
    I was banned for a YEAR for showing a tv screen of me playing video games. If you get this app beware of pervs that show there dicks and don’t show a screen idk if it thought i was showing pornography or something but I’m very annoyed.
  • Hate this app. Got banned for no reason 1/5

    By noooioooooiooiiiiii uuuuuuuu
    Hate this app got banned for no reason
  • I got banned for no reason 1/5

    By taha212222
    I got banned for no reason and I’m going to have to pay 11 dollars if I want to get back or wait 2 weeks plz developers fix this problem
  • Banned for no reason 1/5

    By preston712
    Why is it that I got banned for showing my legs the only other reason I could’ve got banned was playing music in the background but it wasn’t even that bulb out why do I get banned for being myself
  • Baned 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 1/5

    By Prastoy
    Попросили что за клип смотрю и сразу забанили ..из-за того что заснял телевизор!!!
  • Yo really? 3/5

    By Ozone602
    You could get banned from this for the dumbest things I got banned just because I was showing a music video to someone I was talking to and it had no type of graphic content like seriously it was just a bunch of regular dudes shooting a video smh they gotta fix that cuz now I’m banned for 332 HOURS! Like bruh y’all trippin fr
  • banned 4 nothing! 1/5

    By sardor070
    do not pay stoopid 11$ for this stoopid application! u will be banned again!
  • 2 types of people on here 2/5

    By Lindsdasvage
    1. Pedophiles 2. Not pedophiles There is no in between
  • Rip off Ban 1/5

    By I only review bs apps
    Bans are ruining the app. I barely did anything and got banned. $11? Come on now!
  • I got banned? 1/5

    By oh okay k
    I got banned for 300 days for no reason
  • WTH it just froze and I can’t do anything 2/5

    By fightn58
    It was good for the first two days then it just froze it only shows my cam the chat box and the symbol I tried to reset but it still isn’t working I deleted the app redownloaded it twice and reset my phone it just isn’t working so I am just gonna give it a two star for now
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