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OnDeck App

Available for FREE for all TeamUnify customers. Team administrators, coaches, and parents can download OnDeck and in real-time, access their team accounts, events, news, jobs, and more. In a matter of minutes, users will feel connected to their team’s information like never before! Every current TeamUnify (SwimOffice) swim team, family and swimmer will know more and get more done in FAR less time...with unprecedented ease. ** TO USE THIS APPLICATION, YOU MUST BE A TEAMUNIFY CUSTOMER OR REGISTERED YMCA COACH ** OnDeck’s beauty is it’s simplicity, but don’t let that fool you. OnDeck is a workhorse packed with tools, features, reporting and the smarts to help get real work accomplished and up-to-date information communicated by team administrators and families. So what’s inside OnDeck? Buckle your seatbelt: - Account & Swimmer Management - Email and text messaging tools - Billing Management & Reporting - USA Swimmer Registration Tools & Reporting - Event Management - Meet Entries Creation - Searchable Meet Results - Best Times Reporting & Course Conversion Tools - Volunteer Job Sign Up Management & Reporting - Attendance Tracking & Reporting - Team News Creation & Team Website Publishing - Team, Region and National Time Standards - Multi-Timer Stopwatch - Time Converter - Pace Calculator Not convinced? Here’s just one of countless teams that love OnDeck: TODD HOFFMEIER | HEAD COACH | GREATER TAMPA SWIM ASSOCIATION “The combination of OnDeck and SwimOffice from TeamUnify is amazing! There are so many great features in OnDeck that help our swim team run smoother than ever. Without question, I’m managing my team better with OnDeck. The need to sit in front of my computer to manage my team has almost vanished. That’s how much work I am getting done with OnDeck. I love OnDeck!”


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OnDeck app reviews

  • Useless for swimmers and parents 1/5

    By G Man 411
    You can no longer see in best times future goal information. Current time vs needed drop for JNat cut etc
  • Doesn't save race times. What is the point? 1/5

    By Seriously, get it together
    App has a built in stop watch to time your swimmers race. Supposedly you can save this (unofficial) time in the app, but once I've saved it and go to the next screen, it displays "0:00" for the race time. What is the point of having the stop watch feature if it won't save the times? How are we suppose to publish race results to social media (the latest improvement) if it displays "0:00"? Right now I'm publishing a screen shot of the time. I could do that with the built in stop watch as part of the clock app.
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By Hole444
    App downloaded but there is no way to start an account. Can’t use it if I can’t sign in.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Traveler0024
    Ios11 version crashes
  • Time standards issue...why can’t you fix it? 1/5

    By Kchang819
    App seems to always have some issues. Some features are useful, but it never “just works”. The latest is issue with time standards showing for all ages, not just my swimmer’s age group which makes it USELESS. too bad there is no other option...i guess that’s part of the reason why the app stinks
  • Incorrect time standards 1/5

    By Funforefunfore
    The time standards are combined for all age groups. Fix it please.
  • Beyond frustrating 1/5

    By Hdjfjcneicdkfjfucndu
    If I could give this app a zero rating I would. It doesn’t even deserve a 1star. So frustrating. I’m done. I can’t get what I need. My son’s times don’t even show anymore and I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong. I don’t have time for the nonsense.
  • Best Team Management app out there!!! Works great on my ios11 devices 5/5

    By dmh1026
    OnDeck is the best swim team app available. It has helped save time with meet entries, billing, account information, communications and much more. It’s a great tool that all coaches and admins should have. The best part is that it’s included with our TeamUnify website. The merging of MainSet into OnDeck is an added plus! Looking up swimmers times and data is so quick and easy. TeamFeed and texting to parents are the biggest improvements and helps tremendously with team communication. Taking attendance and athlete tracking is head and shoulders above any other software companies’ offerings. Check it out today!!!
  • Great App...everything you need in one place 5/5

    By Thoff1423
    The OnDeck app has some many features for swimmers, parents and coaches in one place. You have the ability to see your child’s attendance, sign up for a meet, best times, meet results and much more. TeamUnify keeps updating the app to make it better....we just got the TeamFeed and love how we are able to communicate with our team just by a click of a button. Thanks for providing a great app!
  • Where's the update? 1/5

    By Doc Hopper
    Everytime I open the app it states support will stop in January and to download the new one. Hit download and nothing there. Not new. ????
  • TU has jumped the shark 1/5

    By D-man2233
    They need to spend less time on programs that people aren’t buying and more time on the programs the majority of us have.
  • Overly Complicated & Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Mr.Passport
    Overly Complicated & Doesn’t Work. How an average person is supposed to get a handle on this app is beyond me. Complexity aside, the app simply doesn’t work at all.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By TsK215
    Since the most recent update for iOS11, this app crashes whenever I try to view my children’s events and upcoming meets.
  • Need update 1/5

    By DJ Rydah
    I try to log in but the app crashes. Please fix
  • iOS 11 fingerprint support 1/5

    By Andynels23
    Constant force close on fingerprint authentication in iOS 11. Removing fingerprint authentication fixed the problem.
  • Normally it’s a great app 3/5

    By abbswim
    But I recently downloaded IOS 11 & the app keeps force closing. Please help!
  • Does not work in iOS 11 3/5

    By Jethro710
    The app crashes at login on iOS 11. Please fix. Other than that I enjoyed under iOS 10.
  • iOS 11 crashes 1/5

    By Run4food
    Latest update still does not fix crash when opening the app. Disappointing that this update did not address perhaps the biggest issue.
  • Does not work with OS11.0, close at opening 1/5

    By Stock-Hunter
    As topic
  • Please Update 2/5

    By monica727
    The app always had its issues. Like another reviewer said, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for. It can also be more complicated than it needs to be. My real issue is since updating to iOS 11, it crashes. So, until they provide an update, it’s completely useless. Also, the app recently started asking for my thumbprint, authenticating as always then asking for the password. What’s the point of the thumbprint if it’s just going to require the password?
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Tita Chokochoko
    I really don't like the new update. I used to be able to see my child's best times and compare it to local standards. After the update there are numerous B, A, AA standards listed. Some are boys, some are girls and it appears to list every single age group. Before I could pick only the standard for my daughter and it wouldn't show any standards for boys. Now you can't tell what age group the standard is for nor can you tell if it's for boys or girls. I understand that the coaches need to see all the standards but as a parent I only need to see the standard for my child.
  • Crashes after updating to iOS 11 3/5

    By DarwynZ
    App crashes right after entering username and password via touchID after updating to iOS. App still accessable if you turn off touchID and enter info manually.
  • Great upgrade to the old - until ios11 1/5

    By lmlvg96
    I didn’t know there was a new version till earlier this year. I was thrilled at the updates! Until ios11 came out - now it won’t log in and keeps crashing.
  • Unusably slow 1/5

    By Dwrrtg
    This app has some things going for it, but one design decision has made it completely unusable for me. It seems that absolutely nothing is stored locally, so each screen is loaded from the team unify database. That would be fine, except the consequence in this case is that everything you click requires a wait of 20+ seconds. Doing anything more than the most basic check is so painful that I would rather go get a computer and use the website. The old app, which sync'd all data at once was blindingly fast compared to this.
  • Unusable Touch ID 1/5

    By Swimmommy75
    What is the point of having a Touch ID if you still have to enter your password? I enter my password and still have to use my fingerprint. What a waste.
  • Allow to resize and rotate PDFs in the app! 3/5

    By alex_sydney
    Dear developers, please please please allow to resize and rotate PDFs in the app! It is absolutely not usable on iPhone! And iPhone is what is usually used during swim meets!
  • Run Meet not working 1/5

    By nikwar973
    The app worked fine until the last update. Now when I select "Run Meet" I can't see the kids who are swimming, not even my own kids!! It only shows the events in the meet. Pretty useless!! Please fix!
  • Why are my time standards gone again?! 2/5

    By MFKelley
    I have tried to like this new version of On Deck. It certainly looks prettier than On Deck Parent did and sometimes it makes better use of the screen. But other than that its all negatives. Its less intuitive, much harder to use and generally seems to fail at serving two masters (Coaches and Parents). But what really irks me are the time standards disappear with every new version and sometimes at other random times. I have to reset them over and over and over. If this weren't the ONLY app that lets me access my daughters swim team information I would have deleted it for good months ago. Seriously, get the time standards issue fixed - it worked in the previous version! I'm using 4.0.17 on an iPad2 now and its gotten worse - I can't even see any National time standards (like those from USA Swimming) - I can only see the ones my LSC set up. Useful...
  • New vs old 2/5

    By Thvedt
    I'm writing this from a parent's perspective. I imagine a coach would have a different view. The new app looks much better than the old, and acts much more like a modern iOS app. Neither old nor new versions make finding things easy. There are a *lot* of features, and it usually takes me a while to find what I'm looking for. Combining parent & coach apps seemed like a reasonable idea, until I saw all of the coach features cluttering up the screen. One feature I used a lot is either missing in the new app, or else is well-hidden: keying in the heat and lane assignments for events. I'd much rather have that info on my phone than carry around a paper meet program. The new app is slower than the old. It seems to load every page on-the-fly from the cloud, which is sluggish. On the meet entries display, 3-digit event numbers are truncated, which is a pretty severe problem. Touch ID is buggy - it often requires password entry, which kind of misses the point of Touch ID. The app really needed a refresh, but this version is a swing and a miss.
  • Good attempt, but lots of work ahead 2/5

    By EYJohn
    This version is has a nice look but has a lot of issues. Touch ID doesn't work much of the time, time standards previously selected (over and over again) get reset, non-intuitive maze to find simple things like upcoming meet entries for your children it teammates, the ability to see how close your children or teammates are from state times or other milestones...I find myself opening up the old version of the app and longing. Too bad the developers rolled this out before it was in better shape. I would pay for a better app...glad this wasn't much :-)
  • Touch-ID doesn't always work 3/5

    By dbnut
    While touch-ID works when entering password, after that, it should always remember it. This is the only app I know of that forgets the password in spite of having touch-ID enabled. Please fix this functionality.
  • Fixed the crashes? NOT 2/5

    By ToniBlue1
    The last update promised to fix crashes. Can't access meet results, cause it crashes EVERY time... be a great app if it actually worked.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Mr. iPhone User
    They are activly working on the app and resolving problems. I've had several problems that I reported get fixed. To the other reviewer, not sure how someone could come in and interface to the TeamUnify back-end. Maybe specific issues listed in the review or a report to support would help?
  • Can't open 1/5

    By Bananananae
    Crashes. That's all this does. I haven't been able to take attendance in over a month now.
  • Crashes often and not responsive 3/5

    By Torem13
    The time standards were hard to get. The app crashes when looking a my kids best times. Trying to reload it now. Hope they update it soon to fix bugs.
  • Bring back the old app 1/5

    By JerzyBeacMom
    With every update the app gets worse. It's basically useless now. Would be a good time for a competitor to come up with a new useful app for swim parents.
  • Please bring back the old version!!! 1/5

    By The s1ammer
    Very few of the Time Standards we use are available now. In addition, the ones that are available do not appear to be accurate in the "Best Times" mode. Ugh! Not helpful at all.
  • Old version was better 1/5

    By aleven1
    You don't list events fully, relays are not listed at all, if you try to browse stuff, app crashes. This app is only visually an upgrade, functionally it's a major downgrade. Bring the old app back.
  • Bug fixes don't fix bugs 1/5

    By J2bone
    This new version has set the the app back in time. Gender STILL displays incorrectly and no place to update information, despite latest fix update (boy in some fields, girl in others!). Was excited to get this but now that the last version is not supported, parents are struggling...
  • Please go back to the old version 1/5

    By Helpless on deck!
    This new version is simply horrible. It loses my login information often. Moreover the time standards I selected and saved are there one day and not the next. Please spend more time working out the bugs before you release a new version and stop supporting an excellent working app.
  • Overall pretty good but still some kinks to work out 4/5

    By Allan2323
    The user interface is nicely organized. However, the "Best times" should be an icon that you can select to see which meet the "best time" was swum. The ABSOLUTE MOST annoying thing is that two parents cannot be logged in at the same time. My husband and I use the old app often and would like to be able to be remembered & logged in all the time.
  • Upcoming Meets 3/5

    By analytical swim mom
    Am I missing something or can you no longer see a list of all swimmers under the upcoming meet entries?
  • Awesome upgrade so far 5/5

    By macmediausa
    The fact that OnDeck FINALLY SUPPORTS TouchID I would give this 5 *. So frustrating with the old app having to log in every time the phone turns on. That being said, the layout is a bit more organized and looks more like an iOS app compared to the old one. There is a little bit more startup setup but after doing it one time, it's smooth. Have to use this a bit more this weekend but so far I'm loving it (don't have much of a choice since the old one doesn't work anymore)
  • Disappointed with upgrade 1/5

    By MT_Chief
    I use to be able to open this app on my iPod (iOS 9.3.5) but not anymore! Very disappointing!
  • Does not open on older iPads running iOS 9.3.5 1/5

    By PFWW
    Installed on iPhone 6 & works great. Installed on iPad running iOS 9.3.5 & does not open. Never gets into app. Just says loading profile. Epic fail not to be able run on older iOS.
  • Doesn't give the date of the best swim 4/5

    By Rachellew
    I like the new version so far except that you now can't see the date of the swimmers best time under time standards.
  • More features but doesn't work 2/5

    By Tangerine612
    I can't select standard, I am stuck with only one standard. Not very useful.
  • Bad change in attendance 1/5

    By Margining
    So the attendance has changed again and now all swimmers are marked as out! Sounds small but having to click 5 times to to say here is not time efficient in any way. Change them back to here!
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By acobb12
    The new version is difficult to use and find the information you are looking for. The old version was not pretty, however you could find what you were looking for in a click or two. The new version takes 5 to eight clicks and still is not very clear. I am now using paper and a clipboard to manage my team like I used to because it is much faster and easier than this version on ondeck. Note to the developers - please bring back the old version. It was simple and quick to find what I needed on the pool deck, this is unusable and unintuitive.
  • Touch ID wrong implementation 1/5

    By Chrisc_Austin_Tx
    Allow login with Touch ID only, once enabled, why still requiring password ? Defeats the purpose of having simplified fast login offered by Touch ID. In this version you need to re-enter the password and then use Touch ID.

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