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  • Current Version: 1.12.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ONE20 Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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ONE20 Maps App

Are you a truck driver? ONE20 MAPS is the only app you need on the road, with tools to plan your trip, find open parking, monitor weigh stations, find cheap diesel, avoid bad weather, and even get truck-safe turn-by-turn directions. LIVE UPDATES TO MAKE YOUR JOURNEY BETTER · Live traffic · Live weather radar · Parking status based on crowd-sourced updates by ONE20 and other truckers · Weigh Station status based on updates by ONE20 and other truckers TRUCK SAFE NAVIGATION - NO DOWNLOADS REQUIRED · Turn-by-turn Night Mode · Turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts · No need to download big map files that take up space on your device · Heavy Duty Truck GPS Navigation - avoid low bridges, load limits, weight limits, dangerous turns, and truck-prohibited roads · Real Time Traffic · ETA calculations · Maps are continuously updated based on road closures and community feedback THE ULTIMATE TRIP PLANNER · Saved Trips - Lets you plan, save and retrieve trips for later use · Plan your next trip with information on the places most important to truckers · Find points-of-interest for stops along your route—travel centers, truck scales, Walmart locations, and rest areas · Find the best diesel prices based on today's pricing · Find amenities like parking spots, restrooms, showers, scales, fuel and restaurants · Trucker-powered ratings and reviews VALUE ADDED SERVICES JUST FOR DOWNLOADING OUR APP ONE20 is much more than an app - it’s a growing community of professional drivers who’ve decided they want more. By using ONE20 Maps, you get a free membership that provides: · Free roadside assistance · Free Truck-Safe Navigation · Free access to health benefits · Deep discounts on commercial tires · Access to premium loads · Revolutionary factoring services · Deals and discounts along your route Note: knowing your location is key to ONE20, but please note, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We recommend using a charger while finding your 20.


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ONE20 Maps app reviews

  • Bankrupt! 1/5

    By Kikkyo
    This company is gone. If you have their eld, time to get a new one. Uninstalling
  • Bugs bugs bugs 3/5

    By Uber RVA Driver
    Need a hot fix for your ratings, reviews, and parking update. Doesn’t work. Won’t replace Trucker Path if these things wont work. Otherwise a good map program.
  • Going to miss it 4/5

    By OGdubz88
    As a newer driver this app was pretty helpful. Sad to see it go
  • Maps needs huge improvements 1/5

    By Yvy789
    I really don’t recommend it. My route ended in the middle of the highway.also map shows weight station closed and was open. I’m happy I’ve another map on on different phone because I will be in trouble.
  • Decent apps not full up to date 4/5

    By tomithy bert
    App is good but not fully up to date. Trucker path has all trucks stops almost even upcoming ones. Idk why people say can’t edit truck profile but all they have to do is look it’s there under route & truck settings
  • Maps 2/5

    By JD3500
    Need to make the voice more human like. Like google maps. If it be a trucker maps. Need to be more accurate. Instead of putting a warning sign up. Putting the blame on us if we follow your map and take us the wrong direction.
  • Old app was better 1/5

    By Goodbutbadflaw
    The new app, you can only add two stops. The truck options are wrong. The trailer length is 53’ and total weight is 80k. No options to edit these parameters. I’d much rather have the old app back
  • Extra help 4/5

    By Jd L
    It helps, has glitches sometimes but overall helps
  • Dimension 4/5

    By dipole delta futa
    Are they all there? Is 53 foot , 102 inch similar to double ?i assumed so , carefull guys when you arrive close change it to 96 inch wide or you ll get rerouted too far!and yes for some reason there is a sync issue , graphic are right on but the top text and the voice rarely match with the intended routing (I just follow blue line and ignore the rest
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By srslystop
    The most recent update made the app stupid. Now it won’t do the most basic know..navigate? I can’t get any routes anywhere.
  • Truck route failure 3/5

    By Kingpin1972
    There is an issue with the app today. It keeps saying oops can’t find truck route. Please fix.
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By Hdhudkdhxk
    Great app. Gets the job done and didn’t cost $400
  • Great but last update bad 1/5

    By Pj leith
    I am a driver on Walmart account and loved this map it right on all the time but taking Walmart icon off on last update I don’t see using alp anymore if works don’t change what’s not broken
  • Does not work 1/5

    By mrstallion
    This app does not work
  • Not My ONE20 1/5

    By 86M2R
    I downloaded this app thinking it was my ONE20. Then I found out that this the new ONE20 app. I love and trust the old app it was clear accurate and trust worthy. this app is a joke. my one20 gave you: Distance, ETA, Time Remaining, Altitude, Direction Heading, even live traffic updates, I mean it was the best. To replace it with this is flat out insane. I think all the 4&5 star ratings are clearly coming from the developer. I can’t even trust the voice navigation without having to take my eyes off the road and squint and look at the little blue line then figure out the right direction to travel. This is very dangerous to anyone who drives big trucks specially in or near any major city. They have a lot of work to do. simply bring back MY ONE20. Or at least give us the option to download and use this one or that one.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Scott_Davidson
    Says I've arrived when I am 10 miles away, yet still navigates me there.
  • Still in development??? 1/5

    By Dirtedeeds
    Downloaded the app to give it a test run. I like what the app has the potential to do. My downfall to this app is it’s supposed to provide trucking navigation, but it falls short of doing so. I would like the dev to work on the routing more. This definitely has the potential to be a great app.
  • ETA to destination 3/5

    By Jamesjacobs343
    iPhone 6 user. Will set an eta to destination but will not count down. Have to exit routing and reenter routing to update eta. Also, tells me to “ take ramp to ___” instead of “keep straight”. Otherwise routing is on point.

    By TaketheD
    It’s just not ready. Maybe charge us a one time fee and use the funds to really make this work.
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By Djamtay
    I did not realize I was using the old version of MYONE20 and was hateful with the service team. They where very polite and understanding to my issue and helped me realize the problem I was having would be resolved by simply downloading the new version of the app. Thanks ONE20 team.
  • Must have 5/5

    By Skaterboy5000
    This app has saved me a few times. My Qualcomm tried to take me down a no truck route. I noticed the sign and noticed ONE20 showing the correct route. It may not be like the $499 dollar GPS but If you don’t have the money, then this app will do the trick. Always pre plan and check your routes though never rely on technology.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Curdog83
    App has the means of a great app but the actual navagation is terrible. The voice doesn't correspond with the map. And the map and voice don't understand when you just simply traveling down a straight road
  • not bad! 4/5

    By sullixan
    gets me to my destinations safely! things to add/fix: 1. speedometer/speed limit 2. exits ON THE SCREEN. not just the voice. 3. dark mode 4. live traffic 5. recent locations aren’t showing up 6. notifications for truck stop parking, and weather alerts, would be nice to turn them off completely.
  • George,DumboMoving foreman. 3/5

    By George from dumbomoving
    It’s not bad navigation, But! Why it tells me instead of make right to make left? Can you fix this? What’s the reason that it tells me upside down? Ones again- it does same. Instead of left- right Instead of right- left.
  • Trucker Mac Maine 1/5

    By Trucker Mac Mane
    I don’t like it I want the old app back it’s way better
  • Nick 5/5

    By Banderivetzj
    One of the best free truck gps app on market, I use garmin but when I need shorter route I use one20, never take me under bridge or notruck route
  • Very satisfied ! 5/5

    great help for a Cdl truck driver. I use it for driving tractor trailer every where. Thanks a lot!!!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Makhna23
    For me it does not work. After I put the address in, I see no maps and no guided directions. Tried using it more than multiple times now.
  • Best all around app 5/5

    By Dpsandy
    This app was awesome! I’ve been following this company for a while now! This is going to be a breakout year for them. I’m all in! This app has helped my co workers with truck driving excellent and efficient routes! Better yet I noticed they even have awesome deals on tires shipped right to my door or service center. This company works great for fleets or even individuals! Better get with One20 or your missing out!
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Snider Trucking
    Can't determine a route. Wrong fuel prices, and doesn't give the user the ability to report the correct fuel prices. I haven't found a feature on this app that warrants the app being on my device. I'm running the ONE20 ELD, luckily that works better than this app.
  • Needs an update for navigation 2/5

    By Runinonu
    Needs a update does not give the right directions. When you supposed to turn right it says turn left. If it supposedly uses google maps should be on point with the actual location of the vehicle you driving. An no height an width dimensions in app what so ever not good. An when driving takes forever to recalculate directions or will not even get the route planned out. Like said need an update on the structure of this app it’s a shame would’ve been great.
  • Good but not great 3/5

    By GhettoBusa
    I’ve been using this map for a week and you definitely need to keep an eye on the highlighted route because the voice will tell you differently, for example if I need to turn right onto hwy 36 the voice will say “stay straight onto hwy 36” but the highlighted route will be correct. I also was told to “stay right to stay on I70” when The highlighted route was correct about staying to the left. I have a Apple IPhone 7+ and I listen to music on my phone through the auxiliary jack on my stereo but my music and the voice for directions from the map won’t play at the same time like other maps will, such as google. I do recommend this map for truckers as it does keep you on main highways rather than finding every shortcut through towns that will get you in a bind. I would rather use 120 than my over priced Garmin dezl. I hope these few imperfections get fixed then it will be my only GPS. Would like to see an option for a blacked out night screen.
  • Very great Application Maps 5/5

    By po_sushi
    Wonderful map.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Gerero de Dios
    Need to work on the ETA the time and some times it says you have arrived and you haven’t. But it have helped me in a lot of times good app 👍
  • Need iPad version 3/5

    By Jsn5586
    Doesn't support iPads. Please make this available
  • I’m not happy with this version 2/5

    By myersmatt39
    I understand the disclaimer at the beginning but I’m driving around Michigan and it doesn’t understand the Michigan left turns here and even the most basic of car gps’s know you can’t just make a left turn you have to u turn. Let’s get it together guys.
  • Not as good as My One20 1/5

    By Juicey_Juice
    This app needs a lot to replace My One20! I have looked and it doesn’t have the ability to drag route or change to alternate routes. Also, you should be able to download the maps so that when you don’t have cell service you still have GPS!
  • Stops YouTube playback 3/5

    By Joe Da Gogetta
    Stops my YouTube red playback on every turn. I want to navigate without having to fumble with my phone to restart my playback
  • Not like My ONE20 1/5

    By Southernsugarleaf
    I use My ONE20 and for the most part it is great! This app gives me the same routes as google maps. Weight limited bridges and all lol. No thanks!!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By LostinBangkoksawadikhap.
    This is a very good GPS map for Truckers. Helped me out a lot with a few trips my husband and I took. Will recommend this to the other truckers we know.
  • Good tool for drivers 5/5

    By Inplation Nowadays :((
    I do wish it showed state border more succinctly. Often it's hard to get your orientation. Overall, very helpful.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Hello darkness, my old gf.
    I know the developer is working very hard and I would like to thank him for the great app. He has improved this app multiple times.
  • Thanks guys for keeping me going! 5/5

    By Seasoned.beautifully+))
    It probably could use some improvements like adding none franchise restaurants to truck stops. But in general very useful tools!
  • Never leave home without WAZE 5/5

    By PleAsecallagainlateR!!!!
    My BFF shared this app with me on a trip. Found it was easy to use and quite accurate. I never leave home without ONE 20 Máp!!!!
  • Great 5/5

    By GermanyFranceItaly*.*'
    This is a great product for any truck driver to download. Excellent information and extremely reliable.
  • Nearly perfect! 5/5

    By Daniel*Wilson=))
    There are a few things it lacks, but not much! You guys have done well. Keep up the great work and thank you for the helpful tool.
  • A viable app 5/5

    By Donald.J.Trump.mylife!!!
    Useful and easy to use. I don't know what I'd do without this app; it makes my trucking life a little easier. Actually does what the advertisement purports. Thanks.
  • Great App, Always expanding an improving 5/5

    By Maruitachi(--.)1
    This app is always ahead of everyone, with always improving their product! As an owner operator, this app is a valuable tool
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Fallenangel_datenshi16
    Pretty cool app keeps me informed on what's ahead. No more surprises from idiots in scale houses.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jacksparowforever+.++
    I use the app everyday and it is always pretty accurate. Is a must have for all professional drivers.

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