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OneBusAway App

Real-time transit information for the Puget Sound region and beyond. Never miss the bus again! OneBusAway serves up fresh, real-time transit information in the following regions: * Rogue Valley, OR * San Diego, CA * Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound, WA * Tampa, FL * Washington, D.C. * York, Canada Features include: * Real-time arrival information for public transit where available. * Receive departure alerts for selected vehicles. * View your favorite bookmarks from the new Today View widget, which gives you fast and easy access to the routes you use most. * Map display of stops and routes. * Nearby stops search for location-aware devices. * Bookmarks and recent stop history. * Search for stops by route, address, and stop number. For more information about OneBusAway, including feedback and support for this application, visit us on the web at


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  • Great when it works. Awful when inconsistent 2/5

    By Mchong94
    This app is virtually useless if you’re in the city. I rely on this everyday and it usually lets me down 60% of the time. The interface has not improved since I first downloaded it years ago. Needs improvement.
  • Absolutely HORRIBLE & such an inconvenience 1/5

    By S.Adane
    I HATE this app. It has never been 100% accurate. The schedules on the poles at the bus stops are more accurate than this app. I have missed my busses and been late to work MULTIPLE times because I check the schedule before I leave and it says a certain time, and after I leave AHEAD of time to get to my bus stop on time, the bus has already left. But the app says that it’s either still arriving or it’s been delayed by 10 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. This is absolutely ridiculous. What is the point of this app if it tells us that the bus comes at a certain time but it’s already gone? I’m done with this app, already deleted. Never downloading it again. I’d rather check the websites than use this CHEAP USELESS app.
  • Ridiculous. 1/5

    By Kayprince
    This app was one I used at least twice a day and was super reliable...until a few months ago. Now it’s so bad I’m deleting it. I can time my bus timing better than OneBusAway these days. If you have anywhere to be, say work, school, or an appointment, this app has become a downright joke.
  • Unreliable 3/5

    By Rubylilygirl
    I don’t know what happened to this app, but it has been soooo inaccurate these last few months. It’ll say a bus is coming and passed when it doesn’t but is late. Or it’ll say the next bus is much later than it really is. And this has been with the routes I’ve taken within the city and from Kirkland. It might even update a few times with completely different results every other minute or so. Basically, I never know what’s happening when I look at it. Hope it gets better soon.
  • Frustratingly inaccurate. 2/5

    By Astral Honey
    Used to work well but it no longer does. In no longer seems to update in real time and instead offers nothing more than the “scheduled arrival” which is usually wrong. I’ve missed many busses and also waited an excessively long time for busses that never show.
  • Awful Update 1/5

    By Cretin7Detroit
    Either a Metro or OneBusAway problem but I’ve waited hours for buses that never show up. 6 will be scheduled to come by and they’ll all no show. Bus’s will just disappear on the app, delay times will reach the 50 minute mark, or the times will just be completely inaccurate. Been late to multiple arrangements because of this app - even when I give myself an hour in advance for a trip the OneBusAway will say only takes 15 minutes. Terrible. Worked fine a year ago.
  • What happened!? Used to be great! 2/5

    By Soaked Seattleite
    This app used to be consistently helpful and correct. The time shown for a bus' arrival was when it arrived. Now this app constantly shows a bus about to arrive and then, mysteriously, that bus is gone - the app either showing it arrived and departed while we were all standing there, or it simply evaporates from One Bus' list - never there at all. Is it possible to reverse updates? Maybe that would help. One Bus Away stopped being remotely accurate about a year and a half ago, I think. That buses don't come close to showing up as scheduled is not this app's fault, but it's the problem that One Bus Away attempts to, and used to succeed in, solving. I hope this app can be fixed!
  • Bad times 1/5

    By Ncjfbdhcbnc
    always says the bus is late but its not so i miss it
  • Wrong 1/5

    By Ultimatefrizzplaya
    This app is rarely accurate I have had to rush for buses that turned out to be 15 minutes after what this app says. I have also had to wait for buses that didn't end up coming at all. If you want to wait around for a bus that this app says exist but doesn't, then go ahead and get it.
  • Rollback update would be better 1/5

    By Bed hacker
    Aside from introduce new bugs and made UX less performant, the new update made bug reporting more difficult if not impossible. I guess that means less bugs to fix.
  • Update the bus schedule 3/5

    By LKHDN73839303
    I used to love this app, it used to be so accurate, but since the king county metro transit changed the schedule this app has been very wrong! Please update it to the times the buses come now
  • Great and much needed app, but lots of room for improvement 3/5

    By Sinbu
    It’s hard to write a review for this app; I love and rely on it, but I’m also very frustrated with its ui and accuracy. I know it’s using an api to query the metro busses, but there’s a couple of places where the stops aren’t correct (3rd and Marion doesn’t have the 2) Im also baffled how the ui still has buttons that surprise me every time I tap them, and I find that I can never get the screen that I want intuitively. Some suggestions: Allow persisted routes, and easily let you know when the next bus on that route arrives. For example, my use case is that I wake up in the morning, know I want to take the 2 or 3 to work. I would love to get a time table for just those two busses at the nearest stop (different stops). I rely on google maps for that type of information now, but i would love for the app to just know 2 or 3’s schedule at first glance Finally there is so much opportunity on push notifications, especially on delays etc
  • Newest update a mess 1/5

    By Jesperss
    With the newest update there’s a change to show if the displayed arrival time is based on the schedule or the actual time. My bus says it’s “arriving on time”, I get to the stop and it changes from “arriving on time” to a 12 minute delay. This app gets worse by the month
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By mendozavr
    The one thing this app does well is to be consistently unreliable.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By From DCcc
    Ghost buses galore and inaccurate timing mean this app will provide only a vague idea of your bus’s impending arrival.
  • Improved schedule almost real time 4/5

    By Niknag83
    Timetable has improved significantly but please create an app for the Apple Watch this would be a huge timesaver and would be worth paying for! Thanks again
  • Bus disappeared ?? 2/5

    By Send me to hell already
    The app showed what time my bus would arrive, then the bus just disappeared from the route on the app altogether.
  • Great App 4/5

    By oatmealsquarez
    It’s a great app, however it won’t let me delete an alarm and update it. Hope this gets fixed.
  • Confusing, inaccurate, and hard to use 2/5

    By godofthebasement
    Often totally wrong, keeps randomly reordering my bookmarks and how buses appear at stops, and is generally unreliable. They say it’s because I’m changing the settings, but that is not true, they’re just blaming me the user for their bad programming. This used to be a good app, but now it is merely better than nothing.
  • Bus locator not at all accurate 1/5

    By Killjoy21
    Can’t tell if you missed the bus or not. It showed my bus a mile past my stop, then 5 minutes later it showed up. How hard is this? Make it work please. This is no better than a paper schedule w/O real-time updates.
  • Not real time 😏 scheduled time 3/5

    By Itsmejenn
    During peak hours timing is way off. Faster to walk than wait for late transit. Irritating
  • Loving this! 5/5

    By bellevucollege
    Great app for those who are commuting with bus, very handy and easy to use. I’ve been using this since I was in college when my friend refer the app to me. I love it because the arrival time are most likely accurate compare to the schedule issued at the bus stop. They aren’t reliable.
  • Extremely Inaccurate 1/5

    By youngrrrr
    The app reports that a bus will come in 5 minutes and sometimes it shows up in 1 minute and other times it will show up in 15. Some buses will just miss their stop entirely — as you follow it on GPS. I know it’s not exactly the fault of the developer and more that of the API but the developer does not handle these frustrating cases well.
  • No Live Updates for 2 days 2/5

    By Jl310118392
    The app hasn’t provided live tracking status for two days now, only scheduled departures. Open source so only way to get issues examined is through Github.
  • Ghost buses flying by 1/5

    By JaundicedEye
    I have used this app for a year in my work commute, and on a weekly basis I am fooled by it. While it is better than a printed timetable, it promises much more than it can deliver. “Real time bus transit information” is not a reality using this app, the most common problem is thinking I have missed a bus when I haven’t. The map purports to show the real-time GPS location of the bus; I have dozens of screenshots of my location at a stop and my bus passing by, while the physical ‘real’ bus rattles by a few minutes later. I’ve switched to google maps, its more reliable.
  • Badly Needs UI update 3/5

    By Mr.Arf!Arf!
    This app is great for what it does, finding the next bus time, but the UI/UX is stuck in iOS 5, it desperately needs some love, I think it’s made by UW now, I’m sure there has got to be at least one designer student who can assist for experience! Please make it so!
  • You end up missing the bus more often 1/5

    By no im up
    This app is very rarely accurate. I miss more busses using this app than I used to just reading the timetable at the stop. When this app first came out it was dead accurate, but that was years ago. They apparently only kept it up to sell it then gave up on it. It’s a potty because it used to be so useful.
  • Useless 1/5

    By tmd917
    Always saying bus will be there on time, but it is getting delay every minute when I check it.
  • Inaccurate but still somewhat useful 2/5

    By Mircakes
    This app is useful for getting very rough estimates of when a bus will arrive. The “live tracking” of bus locations is completely inaccurate, however, and often the reported times are very off. So if you want to now if a bus is arriving somewhere near 1:30, for example, then you can look and see, but arrive at least 3 minutes before the scheduled time and expect to wait at least 10 mins after the scheduled time. The bus is almost always later than the app’s timing, but one rare occasions it’ll be early and then you’re screwed.
  • Invaluable 5/5

    By KanjiLizzard
    Avoid waiting for buses. Walk right up the moment it arrives. The only way to bus. No other app gives me the same information. I use normal maps apps to figure out my route, but I use this app to actually catch the bus at the right time.
  • Misinformation App 2/5

    By Mr. Helpful
    The app is generally inaccurate and provides misinformation. I especially love the Asterisk beside the bus number that tells you no map location is available for the bus. Even though the app map shows a location on the map for the bus. Genius! If you can’t provide valuable information, just make it up.
  • Essential app 5/5

    By 79383
    I take the bus to work every day and this app is a lifesaver. I don’t understand all the negative reviews.
  • GPS synchronization is off 3/5

    By BrooklynScoop
    *** It was a solid 5 before the update *** I use this app for Intercity Transit and Pierce Transit. Since the last update the syncing of the GPS has been off. It shows the bus is about 5 stops away when it’s in front of me. I’ve missed multiple buses before I realized it was the app. PLEASE fix, because a lot of people rely on this app being accurate. Thanks
  • Works good 5/5

    By Gsjvghj
    I really like this app. It helps me get across the puget sound.
  • Doesn’t load times 2/5

    By Mr Hades
    Since last update it doesn’t load times anymore. Basically worthless after the update. Hope it gets sorted soon.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Helloitsmechloe
    Even one star is too much for this app. Bus schedule is frequently inaccurate. Sometimes it says the bus already came by when I stood at the stop a way before the schedule. Today I was waiting for 578 on 2nd&Pike in Seattle. Bus didn’t came and I thought its just being late as usually but that stop was actually closed and there was no notification for that neither on this app or at the stop.
  • Failed to show detour 1/5

    By Poohsje
    I really liked the app except it failed to show a detour and this created a very big problem for me. Absolutely ridiculous that I can’t rely on the app and have to check on a computer instead. I hope this is resolved because until then, I certainly won’t be using the app.
  • App is broken!!! 1/5

    By Freddi
    What happened?! This app used to show the actual arrival times, now it's only showing scheduled arrivals!!! HELP!!!
  • Tolerated out of necessity 2/5

    By strawberrymachine
    I use Intercity Transit and the times for the buses are frequently inaccurate. I’ve waited at a stop for 10 minutes only for the app to suddenly decide the bus left without me. I opened up the GPS tracker and the bus was less than a minute away, waiting at an intersection. Once the bus started moving again, it refreshed its status back to being a minute away. 🤔 This kind of nonsense is more common than it should be. One Bus Away is still better than nothing, but it isn’t something I can rely on.
  • ok 3/5

    By Mehlobeyou
    helpful trying to find stops. but shows that a bus has already passed by a stop before it actually does. fix it
  • Watch App 4/5

    By Lewis619
    It would be nice to have an app for the Apple Watch... at least just to show our bookmarked stops.
  • Good, but one small thing that REALLY could use fixing 4/5

    By CalmVinny
    Great app, Love it. Works good for Puget sound region. Only problem is that Sunday schedules for King County Metro Bus Service are different but not implemented in this app (Shows bus times like a weekday). I tried to bus home late at night after work on a Sunday and the app’s bus times had me thinking I could make it home (when the buses actually stopped running), basically I ended up sleeping outside in the cold, then got a horrible fever... Small little fix like that could help prevent something like what I put myself through...
  • Apple watch and quick view widget please 4/5

    By gj diego
    Very accurate here in San Diego, and it's the app recommended by the MTS. User interface still needs improvement. An apple watch app and a widget for IOS would be very helpful
  • Must have app in Puget Sound region! 5/5

    By Seattlemkp
    I use this app all the time to get around Seattle. Lack of data and Ghost buses other people complain about are a result of foot dragging on the part of local transit agencies. If Sound Transit, Pierce Transit, Community Transit, and King County Metro were to release real-time GPS data, this app would work even better.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Robo Steve 9000
    This app is never accurate for bus times
  • Bus schedules 1/5

    By App0010
    Not accurate at all.
  • If I could do no stars I would 1/5

    By Kitty litter Hallie
    This app is horrible and does not work.
  • Phantom buses 1/5

    By PDX Review
    You can't count on this app because it shows buses that seem to be right around the corner but never show up.
  • Almost never accurate 2/5

    By IslandCowgirl
    It's fine if you want a general idea of what buses might be where and when but it's rarely accurate. Often says bus is arriving NOW then 4 minutes later no bus and it says arriving 2 minutes late.
  • Don't update it! 2/5

    By Livininseattle
    I just updated it and regret it. I used to always use the bookmarks but the boockmarks do not work in this new update. If you use your bookmarks don't update it.

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