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OneBusAway App

Real-time transit information for the Puget Sound region and beyond. Never miss the bus again! OneBusAway serves up fresh, real-time transit information in the following regions: * Rogue Valley, OR * San Diego, CA * Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound, WA * Tampa, FL * Washington, D.C. * York, Canada Features include: * Real-time arrival information for public transit where available. * Receive departure alerts for selected vehicles. * View your favorite bookmarks from the new Today View widget, which gives you fast and easy access to the routes you use most. * Map display of stops and routes. * Nearby stops search for location-aware devices. * Bookmarks and recent stop history. * Search for stops by route, address, and stop number. For more information about OneBusAway, including feedback and support for this application, visit us on the web at

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OneBusAway app reviews

  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Aranae74
    This app seems to go off schedule times, not real time tracking, and anyone who has ridden the bus sat all knows that the schedules mean nothing. Truth in advertising people, I can get your services and more through the king county trip planner.
  • URL? 1/5

    By Gerdabel
    Why do you need a URL? -
  • It’s good 4/5

    By ShadowStorm2583
    It’s a good app but I wish it would show the bus schedules for Sunday’s. Or is that only a issue on my phone??
  • App is great... when it works correctly 2/5

    By Iamkinggil
    I missed my bus because it will say that my bus has already passed.... when it actually was late. And yeah it’s a big deal because this bus only goes that route until a certain time
  • Great data, UI still rough 4/5

    By Kokubu
    I’m torn. This app has the best real-time bus data, but the user interface is still pretty rough. It can be downright difficult to find or select the bus stop — even when you’re standing at it! Another example: the built in map doesn’t support the standard double-tap-and-swipe, to zoom in and out. That means it takes two hands to zoom out, unlike every other map. Awkward, but not unusable. Still, when you need to know when the bus is coming, this app will tell you. Ultimately, that’s what it’s for, and it accomplishes that.

    By seacomm
    This app is great if you have unlimited amount of time on your hand and don’t care about being late. Absolutely the most inconsistent wait times. I understand arrival times are constantly changing but sometimes, buses will not show up. I don’t mean late- I mean they do not show up. I’m not sure if this is a Seattle public transportation issue or an app issue but either way, do NOT trust the wait times.
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By Art1oo1
    I use the app routinely and find it very helpful. I have both iOS and Android versions. Android has a significantly different GUI which I like better. I would suggest adopting some of those differences such as: 1. Don’t use the different colors indicating bus is early, late, on time and scheduled as text color. Instead change the background color of the listing to match. It would be easier to see outdoors. 2. Use much bigger and bolder font for the bus status. 3. Bus stop icons are too busy looking. Simplify them or use pins similar to map apps. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
  • Nags me about service alerts that don’t interest me needs to be more accessible with voiceover 1/5

    By HawkEye2015
    This app is harder to use over the years with voiceover. The nearby stops is harder to find than it used to be. We can’t just hit a button as we used to. And furthermore we are cluttered with service alerts that don’t interest you when you’re not traveling in that city. As this system is mainly to give you the stops you need, there’s no reason to worry about the Seattle tunnel on the bus route 28 in Tacoma. And if I was looking for a trip in Seattle, it would make sense. But there’sIf there’s no tunnel in Tacoma. If I’m going to see that, I would like to have a preference to not see that. But the geo-fence a little farther around your service alert, so we can get those. Or at least let us know how to customize the app so we don’t get the Seattle alerts for Tacoma.
  • Feature Request 3/5

    By kaizersoze
    Love this App. Would be great if you could add functionality to set more than one alarm. For instance, set one for 10 minutes out and another for 5 minutes. Add custom time too. Another request would be to add ability to track arrival by seeing an watch on Bus arriving.
  • One Bus away App 5/5

    By Shasta 3
    I love using the One Bus away app a lot the only issue I’m having is the route reminder that alerts me 5 to 15 minutes before the bus comes and it doesn’t alert me that’s the only minor thing that needs to get fixed, other than that it’s a great App to use. I’ve been using the One Bus Away App for over 7yrs that’s how much I enjoy it.
  • Reliable app 4/5

    By lucyfathead
    I've been using this for daily bus commuting for about a month, and it's been super useful. I find it most effective to bookmark specific stops and routes, then check/refresh these to see my best options. Never had an issue with inaccurate times. Using the GPS to locate nearby stops/routes is also handy when I'm trying to seek different options.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By jfkeiznejwkqpowje
    Missed more buses with this app than without. It frequently will say a bus is 10 minutes late that is on time or early. I felt obligated to write this review because I am currently on a bus that I had to run to catch, and the app still says it’s 8 minutes away from my stop. You’ll be better off looking at the scheduled time your bus will come than missing the bus because of this app’s egregious errors.
  • Miss this app 5/5

    By bq28
    I used this app daily while I moving in Seattle. While not always exactly right, they were rare enough occurrences to easily overlook. I live in LA now and sorely miss this app. Nothing here that I’ve found yet comes close to this app. Please partner with LA soon!!!!!
  • Bad app 2/5

    By idolized253
    I recently switched from android to iPhone and I was super disappointed to see that my iPhone doesn’t have the feature where it shows the exact minute a bus comes, just the posted time on the route. This app is inaccurate as hell anyways on the iPhone in general.
  • My Dog Red 1/5

    By MyDogRed7
    After my dog Red died in a house fire, I went into a dark spiral and started to spend most of my time at the casino. I played the only game I knew well, roulette. In honor of Red, I bet on red 7 - the age he lived to. Day in and day out, $100 on red 7. I did this for over a year, and as if God curses me, it never hit and I went through my entire life savings. So now I sit here in a tent, thinking about the loss of my best friend, Red. Why is this relevant? Because I hit red 7 just as many times as this app has correctly predicted the arrival of my bus.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Tiptoe you'll eat souls
    Set a reminder for 10 minutes. I got a message from the app that said “we will alert you ten minutes before this vehicle departs”. The app never gave me any sort of notification, and I know because I was on my phone the whole time waiting in a coffee shop for my bus. I missed my bus, and am writing this as I walk home.
  • Deceptive when common bus problems occur 2/5

    By NewsInfoReader
    The biggest problem I have with this app is it keeps you guessing. Half the time the bus never shows up or it’s so late you’re now late to work. And best of all - they rarely (if ever) update the app to let you know the next 2 busses aren’t gonna arrive either. Using this app to catch a bus on time is a game of luck. Very poorly managed system.
  • It was good and then it wasn’t 2/5

    By DebbsDebbington
    I used to love this app to death and it saved me a lot of time and stress when I first started tracking my buses with it. However, with this latest update, I’ve found that all the buses I’ve taken tend to be running multiple minutes earlier or later than what the app says. The algorithm has gotten altogether inaccurate over the last year or so. This wouldn’t be as frustrating to me, except that with the latest update the dev team removed the in-app reporting system for issues with bus arrival. I don’t know about you, but I neither want to write an email every time I ride a bus because it was ten or more minutes off OBA’s schedule, nor do I want to continue using an app that’s inaccurate where there’s nothing being done to fix it. Sad to say I’ll be moving to a different transit app.
  • Completely unreliable 1/5

    By cimke83
    This app is completely unreliable and does not provide real-time info.
  • It is never accurate 1/5

    By Kw1818181qi
    It faked the arrivaing time so I waited 1 hour for a suspended bus!!! If the bus is not working, how is it possible the app still telling you "20 mins late".........just say information unavailable will be good enough. DON'T LIE!!!
  • Get your times on time 1/5

    By catb09
    This app will let me know if a bus is coming late or early, but it will let me know at the last minute. I have a life. I have to go to school. I stay in my house in the mornings until 4 minutes before the bus comes because it’s cold. But then it will switch at the last minute and all of a sudden says it’s coming “NOW”. I don’t have that much time to get to the bus at that point, and in turn will miss it and have to wait another 30 minutes for the next bus, by which point my class will be over. Get your app together. These are people’s lives you're dealing with. I have an education to attend to. GET. YOUR. APP. TOGETHER.
  • Best bus app I've seen 5/5

    By riverrat92121
    This app does sensible, useful things, and has a vastly better interface the other transit apps I've seen. It has a developer that apparently cares about making it better, which is practically unheard of. It even has good iPad functionality, and takes advantage of the larger format! I'm from San Diego; when I visited LA recently, I sorely missed this app. Trust me, the alternatives are all much worse. Sure, it's sometimes a little off on the timing estimates between stops. It doesn't handle layovers well, assuming the bus will leave early because it's present before the time it's scheduled to leave. And when a bus stops at the same stop when going in two different directions, I wish it would separate them out into different listings. But if you want to find, with reasonable accuracy, when a bus will be somewhere, and even filter by routes or bookmark frequently used stops, this is a solid and functional app, and if your local transit company makes use of it, believe me, it's way better than anything they would've come out with themselves. I use it often and am frequently pleased at how not-impossible it is to use, which is high praise for an app of this nature. I rarely encounter bugs, and updates actually bring useful improvements. It's a rare thing: a free app I'd actually be willing to pay for.
  • Works 30% of the Time 2/5

    By Seanthree
    It is a great thought but just not reliable. The app will show phantom busses come and go while you are waiting at the stop. It must be showing the anticipated schedule and not the actual bus location. Do not rely on the information.
  • Enhanced UI 1/5

    By Randy R Robbins
    Some major suggestions 1. Provide an enhanced user interface it’s 2019 and I’m sure the detail that can be provided today is much greater than when the app first launched for instance the app can be built into google maps as a tracking standard when when google maps one bus away would get more utilized by transit patrons pedestrians or bicyclists any information in google maps would come from one bus away 2. Maybe a new app logo redesign or just different color scheme instead of lime green maybe a darker green like jade or teal I’d like to see a view of local transit authority map/grids so I know all the busses near me the lines where they run and what routes for instance in the Tampa Metro we have HART and PSTA as major transit authorities we also have the smaller but surrounding transit authorities of PCPT RIDECITRUS MCAT SCAT and THEBUS the 7 transit authorities operate in the surrounding counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Manatee, Sarasota, and Hernando in Florida (for an example look at Ride Lynx Orlando’s app) 3. An app for Apple Watch optimized for the bigger series 4 screens 4. A dark mode or even better a mode that coordinates as the day progresses Early Morning Morning Afternoon Evening Midnight hours that would be nice if that could be implemented 5. More accessibility features for the disabled riders an enhanced contrast mode 6. Show the routes as we zoom out as we continue zooming out further the app should display more routes so at a glance you can see how densely connected transit is in the area you are in cannot display or no routes found would mean an area with no transit around for several miles or more and a warning would be great to display the county you are in has no public transit services 7. Transit agency contact details such as name of agency with listing of phone number email and physical address of the main hub These features could help so much
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By HappyMexicann
    Stayed in the snow for a hour just to tell me thy all arrived 5 mins ago
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Pher2
    Not worth having this app. It’s always wrong with every detail
  • Tracks ghost buses 1/5

    By Xingtao
    The app would show the buses moving towards but never shows up. Pls fix this problem. If the bus is cancelled why is it pretending to move on the map?
  • Came late 2/5

    By nuggetsssssssssss
    The app said the bus would come in 5 min so as soon as I came out of my house i had 5 min to walk to the bus stop and while I was walking down the street the bus passed by me and it hasent been 5 min yet
  • Perfect for what it’s for 5/5

    By D-Bag Danny
    Can’t plan out a route yet, but always was much more accurate and easy to use for specific bus/bus stop status & information than Gmaps or Apple Maps.
  • Don’t count on this 1/5

    By tylkew
    Worst tracking ever. Never tells you if a bus is coming early until it’s too late. Also never says if it will be late until you’ve been waiting in the cold for 20 minutes
  • 🤔 1/5

    By mendozavr
    Constant UX tinkering.
  • Lynjdbdhsjskdkdmnfbfbbfnjf 1/5

    By bsbamsmhfbff f
    App is horrible I’m late every day
  • Wildly inaccurate 1/5

    By Christopher9999999999999
    You’re better off just going off the scheduled departures. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I got to the bus stop 2-3 minutes before the app said the bus was arriving and then missed it because the app was wrong. A lot of busses don’t even have live times, and a lot of those that do are completely inaccurate. If the times were more in line with reality this app would be useful, but as it stands it’s garbage.
  • Needs improvement on real-time tracking 3/5

    By Speedingtickets
    Often my bus line is not tracked accurately. In my living room it stated the bus was on time 10 minutes away When I got to the stop it said on time and 23 minutes away but showed up 3 minutes later. If a bus is truly 23 minutes away I would choose to walk the 15 minutes it takes me to wait for the second bus I need to take. When decisions are made based on inaccurate information it can be frustrating to watch a bus drive by you didn’t expect to be coming on time. However it’s the only app available and still better than nothing.
  • Needs work! 2/5

    By walkekove
    This app is ok for letting you know when to leave for the bus but the thing is It will tell me I have 10 mins and the bus be not even 1min away I have miss the bus a few times cause of this app. Fix it or just delete it cause that’s not right for people who really depends on the bus system.
  • A few too many minutes off 3/5

    By 2018.11.30
    One bus away used to be almost 100% accurate. It’s over the last six months to a year that it has faltered. It will show a bus being a couple of minutes away and then a few minutes later, show that it has passed by 2 min ago. Ghosts!!! As well, it seems to be 2-4 min min off, no thanks.
  • Unreliable as hell 1/5

    By comethazinehoeimpipedtfup
    Yo this app is so trash, you’ll be waiting an extra 30 minutes for ghost busses, it’ll tell you busses have already come and gone when they are no where near being close to the bus stop, and god forbid you actually need to be somewhere on time. Busses will never come at all if you use this app for a reference of when it’ll arrive. Instead of dealing with the disappointment of this app lying to your face, you’re better off leaving an hour early.
  • Ghost Bus 3/5

    By Besides just
    This app has a lot of ghost buses they show up on the map but not in real life. Or it says the bus is late but it never shows up please fix.
  • Newest version of app keeps crashing when I zoom in 2/5

    By LizzieC
    The newest version of this app keeps crashing when I zoom in on the map view of see business names. I have to resort to having Google Maps and this app open at the same time to see bus stop locations and the business I am looking for.
  • Usually great but super slow lately. 2/5

    By oh my god can this just send
    Honestly usually this app is great but lately it’s been so laggy lately that I have to say it needs to be updated or something. It’s ridiculous how slow it takes to even load the app.
  • Bad 1/5

    By 82838457744747
    It’s not very accurate on the time but sometime it is or sometime it dosent even tell u the time
  • Puts peace of mind into public transit commuting 5/5

    By add26r
    Its not often I go out of my way to leave a review but this app warrants it. As a relatively new public transit commuter, its easy to get confused about which bus and when and all that. “Am i late? Did i miss my bus or is it just running late?” Etc. this app takes away the guesswork and allows you to feel confident while commuting on the public transit. Thank you to the developers for making this intuitive, incredibly helpful app for us commuters.
  • Not accurate at all 1/5

    By kenclem7
    I love watching the GPS signal of the bus I am waiting for pass by me. In reality that bus did not.
  • Less accurate over time 3/5

    By a;lskdfjdasuif
    I used to love this app because it was the only transit app I could rely on to consistently provide accurate information about when a bus was coming (even if the bus was late or early). Now, not so much. The app will tell me a bus is coming, came and went, all while I was waiting at the bus stop and saw no bus. I hope they continue working on this app to maintain the standard they initially set.
  • This is not real time tracking 3/5

    By EMH52
    The app said the bus was 3 stops away when it was at my stop. My location services were on. The entire ride to work, the app was inaccurate by multiple stops. This is nice for a general idea, but it's tracking algorithm is clearly not accurate when it comes to how long busses take to get from one stop to the next/can't account for when busses don't stop. Fairly disappointing considering the app boasts real time tracking, which I took to mean their is a gps in the bus tracking it. This is not real time tracking. It's "within 5 minutes tracking". Not good enough for commuting to work and minimizing time at a bus stop.
  • Best app for Seattle transit 4/5

    By Jzaw
    I’m an international student living in Seattle and this is one of those must have apps if you are using the city transit system while being in the city. It helps me to get ready for classes and and when to wait for which buses right after classes as well. I would like to see Siri shortcut integration as it’s competitors are doing so. This would be a nice feature to have.
  • Darn good 5/5

    By dolguin
    It’s not always right on bus arrival times, but it usually is and it shows route maps and lets you save stops/routes. Better than anything else on the market in puget sound
  • Not getting better 2/5

    By EndymionNomad
    The MOST important part of this app should be accuracy. Unfortunately, it’s become LESS accurate over time. Don’t know how that could be, but it’s suffering.
  • Works really well in Seattle area 5/5

    By AlixMoralix
    Spot on every time. Sometimes I wonder if the bus is ever coming, then check this app and sure enough, it is running 5 minutes late.

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