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  • Current Version: 4.1
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OneTouch Reveal App

Get the #1 downloaded diabetes app in the U.S.* We help over one million people around the world to take a step forward in their diabetes management with the OneTouch Reveal® app.** The OneTouch Reveal® app works with the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter, automatically transforming data into quick snapshots that connect your blood sugar with food, insulin and activity. Change the way you see your blood glucose results: • Automatically sends you a notification on your smartphone when a high or low pattern or recurring pattern is detected, so you can take action to avoid them in the future • Goal Tracking functionality - set up and track personalized goals, and visualize your progress over time • The A1c comparator on the OneTouch Reveal® app lets you compare your lab A1c to the average of your blood sugar readings from the last 90 days† • Personalized dashboard that highlights patterns and allows you to see 14-day visual summaries with ColorSure™ technology • Automatic pattern finder that shows a timeline of important blood sugar events and activities, highlighting when you have been repeatedly out of range • 14, 30, and 90-Day Result summaries of your highs and lows to help you feel more prepared for doctor’s appointments‡ Questions? Or if you’d like to know more about the OneTouch Reveal® app, please call OneTouch® Customer Care at 1 866 693-0599 or visit * As reported for all diabetes management apps downloaded in the U.S. in Q2 2018 from Google Play and Apple iOS App Stores. Research2Guidance data July 2018. ** Internal worldwide Dashboard report pulled for OneTouch Reveal app, June 2018. † Must enter A1c test result provided by healthcare professional. ‡ Compared to using a meter without a blood sugar 90 day average target. Compatible with iOS 11 or later. Depending on your iOS device and version, screenshots in Help File may not match what you see in your app. Please note, the iPad2 does not have low-energy Bluetooth and therefore will not pair with low-energy Bluetooth meters or devices. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by LifeScan Scotland Ltd. is under licence. iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store(SM) is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android(TM) and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. App Store Translation: English (U.S.)

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OneTouch Reveal app reviews

  • Very easy to track your levels 5/5

    By Tommy Water Guns
    This glucose monitoring device has really made it easy for me to track my levels. The Bluetooth capabilities allow your results to link to the app using your phone. It creates easy to follow charts and even provides detailed reports you can print out. Setting it up was easy.
  • Could be better 1/5

    By HiMMS attendee
    With so many glucose apps out there I hoped this would be better, since it has the advantage of syncing with the glucose meter. To seriously care for your diabetes, you have to track more than just glucose, such as exercise, food intake, sleep, meds, etc. Tracking more than just glucose is a stretch with this app as it appears you must rely heavily on the “comment” field to track most things. Definitely not well thought out. They probably didn’t even have a diabetic on the team who developed the app. The app is also locked down with a mandatory password. Password protection should be configurable as with any other app. The Pswd an inconvenience, even with the biometrics it’s a hassle if your hands are diabetic dry so the reader can’t recognize your finger print. Yes, the data is health related, so let me decide if I want it secured. The glucose meter and app don’t sync in the background either. You have to open the app every time you take a reading. This is ridiculous at best especially having to put in the password every time. Even sending them a message through the app is a joke. You get an automated response back from them telling you “they don’t respond to emails so you have to call”. This company doesn’t seem to have their act together. Try another mfg if your insurance will cover it.
  • Excellent Tool, 5/5

    By I Hate Big Fish Web Sute
    Excellent Service, I Really Love The New One Touch, Very Helpful,!!
  • Monitor and one-touch app 4/5

    By 1leti
    It’s like having a good friend at your beckoned call. The stress that tends to add to diabetes 2 issues is diminished by this very useful tool that puts the patient in control and at ease.
  • Sharing 1/5

    By Jcastiloos
    This app does not share with my doctor. I am with Kaiser Permanente and my doctor cannot receive any of my readings from this machine
  • Needs manual meal time adding instead of automatic 4/5

    By larrym2
    I love everything about the app EXCEPT that it auto-determines which meal each reading goes under based on the time of day. Sometimes I wake up super early (cause I’m pregnant and starving!) and then my breakfast number overwrites my fasting number on the chart since I take it during the time when I’d usually do my fasting, and my fasting # looks really high! So instead I have to actually wait to eat my meals and time it so the reading goes in the right box. Super frustrating!!
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By MaryLuzM
    I have been using it for a week and it is so easy to use, very convenient and useful.
  • Error message 4/5

    By Ff301
    Great meter However the app will not work independently. I’m getting an error message that says no internet connection when I log into the app. Called and found out the problem is in one touches side. So the question is - why can’t you log into app with out internet? Should be able to open app to sync with meter and make notes.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Big City K
    The device and app are very helpful with tracking my blood sugar.
  • Reading off? 4/5

    By Lisatype2
    New to being a diabetic was at hospital last night tested my blood sugar they said my blood sugar was 200 then I tested my blood sugar with the one touch Verio flex and it said my blood sugar was 157?
  • I love this! Makes life easier 5/5

    By Funnygirllol
    I love my monitor and how it keeps track of my sugars for me. I can load a pdf right to my phone and send it to my Dr no problem. It even gives me an estimate of my A1C based off of my reading!!!!
  • OneTouch 5/5

    By Black and Gold Attack
    I was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetics and I have to check my glucose levels once a day. The meter and its equipment makes it very easy for me to track my sugars. I have the app on my phone and it records all of my information from the meter. I have the ability to send all of my results to my doctor so that can watch my sugars also. If you have diabetes, get and use the OneTouch meter it’s great to have. I give this five stars!! I really can’t say enough about this app except that it’s awesome for us diabetics to have on our phones. Thank you and keep the updates coming. I have been now using this app for a year now and it’s awesome. It really keeps me updated on how I am doing with my diabetes. Please keep up the great work and update the app often, you can only make it better. I have been using this app for about two years now and it’s wonderful to have to check my blood glucose levels before meals. I don’t know what I would do without it. Diabetes is a very hard issue to control, but so far I am doing excellent with it and this app. Still five stars!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By glee808
    Easy to use!! Simple
  • Verio Flex not accurate. 1/5

    By GlennCS
    Flex shows inconsistent reading for back to back readings by up to 10. Differs from Verio IQ by up to 20 for back to back. If you don’t press and hold the up arrow before calibration solution the reading is recorded as a regular reading totally screwing up your average. App should allow you to indicate a reading is calibration after the fact.
  • No option to log oral medications/injections 3/5

    By Matypoe
    There is nowhere in the app to add medications taken orally, nor a place to add one's taken by injection, except for insulin. Quite frustrating as some users want to see how their medications are affecting them without having to manually log every time they take non-insulin meds.
  • Works good with iPhone app 5/5

    By LJ860
    My main concern is these strips can be pricey when paying out of pocket.
  • Pregunta 4/5

    By caiserpemanente
    Cuando conectaron el medidor a la internet no mandó la memoria que ya tenía el medidor no se si sea normal o no?
  • Decent 4/5

    By artforpills
    My doc doesn’t like the print out. But I like the app... wish you could sync meters that fall off Bluetooth to reconnect then.
  • It’s missing something... 4/5

    By VCP21
    A1C tracking! I have to do that with another app. Kinda silly. Can this be fixed?
  • Diabetes 5/5

    By the wood steel curtain
    I only had the meter for a week. I am enjoying the blue tooth technology; especially what I am drinking or eating.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By mlfksh
    I’ve been using this app for several yrs. at first all I had to do was open the app and it would connect. but the last couple of yrs I have to always go to settings and make several attempts to connect be fore it does. Annoying.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By BiggyRat
    Makes it so much easier for me and my doctor.
  • Not syncing 1/5

    By Mothers1
    Should have a before and after testing
  • Beats a piece of paper 4/5

    By .-=RWW=-.
    I’m new to blood glucose meters and this is my second one. The one my doctor prescribed seems of better quality but won’t connect to either my Mac or PC. So I bought the Flex because of Bluetooth and the Reveal app., although I’d like to keep it all on my own computer rather than the cloud. The main concern about the app. is that one must remember to NOT tag the first reading of the day if one is going to test again just prior to eating breakfast. Otherwise the app. replaces the first reading with the second “before meal” reading and leaves the Upon Waking box blank. However, it sure beats trying to keep a manual entry paper log. Makes it easy to add notes about meals and exercise. And seems to chart well enough. And best of all, it makes it relatively easy to send data to the doctor’s office.
  • Made for me 5/5

    By Boulris
    I love this app 1 easy to use 2see the results quickly 3 plane the right action to take 4 cal the A1C 5 help plan meals I could go on and on this tester is one of the best to help me manage my health a lot
  • Terrific app 5/5

    By austinguy1234
    This is a great app for tracking sugar levels and going back and reviewing your history. Easy to use, syncs automatically, easy to edit for adding specifics.
  • Integration with other health and nutrition apps and no other rx logs. 3/5

    By enduser956
    See title International travel across dateline and on return does not enable readings to record on return and synchronize.
  • Great app, little buggy 3/5

    By Seltaeb1123
    Nice app for keeping track of your blood sugar. If only it didn't need to be deleted and reinstalled every few months. It has a tendency to stop syncing with the meter, and only starts syncing again once it is reinstalled.
  • Great device 5/5

    By low a1c
    Really helps you understand how food and activity effects your blood sugar.
  • Great BG tracking app 5/5

    By nwgirl
    I recently became a type 2 diabetic and had to start tracking my Blood sugars. I was lost at first trying to figure out how to bring my Numbers down and my dr kept increasing my insulin. This app However made it simple. It easily syncs with the One Touch Monitor and I can add the type and time I give myself insulin with Ease. I have been tracking myself for four months and it is nice to See my progress in the 7-14-30-90 day graphs. I also have a better Sense of what my A1c will be. This easily can send my doctor the Results and she can see everything I can when we talk about My progress or difficulties.
  • iPhone app needs work. 2/5

    By BlacqueBook Pro
    My iPhone constantly crashes and I have to renter my information. I like the app but this needs to be fixed.
  • A wish 5/5

    By GrimeyGal
    I love this but I have one wish! I wish the app would have monthly averages you can view in the app. Like the ones in the report you can email yourself. (Preferably with adjustable beginning and end dates)
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Kittymcclane
    Very useful, It helps me stay in contact with my doctors. They can see how I’m doing in between appointments. I’m a just gestational diabetic and that’s something they watch closely. This helps a lot with me being able to figure out what foods work for me and what foods to save away from.
  • One Touch Verio Flex 1/5

    By conniec78
    Unable to pair devices
  • OneTouch Verio 5/5

    By Wkgauger
    Great glucometer. Wish my Medicare insurance covered test strips.
  • App is 1/5

    By Cintirella
    They need to fix the attachment feature. The only thing you can attach via app is...PICTURES!! If you need to send your PDF file top your DR. Use the BROWSER instead. 👎 otherwise this app will not help you send info to your DR.
  • OneTouch Reveal app 1/5

    By N3smt
    Originally I felt the App was quite useful, however having recorded an inaccurate value and finding there is no way to remove an inaccurate value. Since this has a profound effect on my 3 month value which suggests my A1c.
  • iPhone XR 4/5

    By VinnieHH
    Will not maintain pairing with new iPhone XR. Updates via WiFi but will not maintain Bluetooth connection. Need a software update. IPad sync continues to work.
  • New at BGL and controlling my levels 5/5

    By Fanfayer
    As a person who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, the app has allowed me to gain control of my sugar levels. I love the weekly graphing and colors of the readings. It instantly alerts me to any trends that I need to control. I’ve been able in just three short weeks, bring my BGL down from 500 at the doctor’s office to 117. This app helped me do that.
  • Outstanding Glucose Log 5/5

    By BpaBill
    Prior to my use of this app my glucose logging was hit or miss. Mostly miss. I am very happy with this app. I have been using it continually since 2016. The app downloads glucose readings from my OneTouch Verio Flex, allows me to make notes, list intakes of carbs and insulin, exercise, meals and then saves to a database. When I visit my doctor I simply load the app and hand him the phone. No BS! He can see it all, my good days and bad. You can input your A1C numbers and the app will provide you with an approximate band of your sugars. Outstanding app! Highly recommend this system!
  • Silver 5/5

    By Silver kills
    Easy to use, Nice.
  • OneTouch 5/5

    By Glatlyn
    Very good app I showed my Dr. and he thought it was a great way to follow my readings and to share with him.
  • Why can’t I change timing in settings 2/5

    By Estafanos
    For example I sleep at 3 am my dinner is at 12 .. and it seems that the app doesn’t allow me to have any food after midnight
  • Syncing 3/5

    By Lope dudohead popohead
    I am finding it very difficult to sync my iPhone.
  • Needs help 1/5

    By SJTD3
    This app barely has the functions of a spreadsheet. Thank god I can export to excel so I can actually format the data in useful form. Not enough settings to customize anything. You used to be able to set green/red color levels, what happened to that? No way to delete readings. Take 2 readings back to back they are off as much as 50 points, I would like to delete one and edit the other to enter the average. or delete both and enter and average, but I can’t figure out how to delete anything. There needs to be more easy to denote options for tracking your health. This app fails. As a matter of fact 90% of the time it won’t even sync with the meter so it’s pretty useless all around junk software.
  • Application review 5/5

    By ljbouza
    Just started using this application to better manage my diabetes. It is very straight forward to use; it syncs well on my iPhone, and updates to Kaiser Permanente. I keep trends and gives a simple way to review your numbers.
  • Won’t connect to internet 1/5

    By Galever
    App keeps insisting that I have no internet. Well I do. App doesn’t work.
  • 👍🏽 4/5

    By Dxxd1234lol
    The app helps you in so many ways. Best in the market
  • What garbage 1/5

    By Photo_op
    Now the app refuses to sync to my cloud account thru Wireless. Previously, the unit would not sync to the iPhone app thru Bluetooth. Their response attached is for NOVEMBER 2018 Bluetooth issue. Wonder how long it’s going to take to correct this Wireless sync issue!

OneTouch Reveal app comments

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