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OneTouch Reveal App

Together the OneTouch Reveal® app and the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter change the way you see your blood sugar—so you can quickly check your results and get back to your life. Download it FREE now. Timeline of Important Events View a timeline of important blood sugar events and activities highlighting when you have been repeatedly out of range - to help you consider different solutions for the future. Improved Logbook ColorSure™ technology transforms data into quick visual snapshots that allow you to dive into personalized dashboards that connect your blood sugar with food, insulin and activity. Share Data See and share your progress with your family, friends, or your trusted care network. Syncs Seamlessly Syncs data from your OneTouch Verio Flex® meter directly to your smartphone so you have the information you need when you need it. Ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist about the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter today! Made for everyone with diabetes Type 1? Type 2? On insulin or other diabetes medications? Get the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app, now! Have any questions? If you’d like to know more or have any questions about the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app, please get in touch. Call our Customer Services Team at 1 866 693-0599 or visit Note: Compatible with iOS 9 or later. Depending on your iOS device and version, screenshots in Help File may not match what you see in your app. Please note, the iPad2 does not have low-energy Bluetooth® and therefore will not pair with low-energy Bluetooth® meters or devices. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by LifeScan Scotland Ltd. is under license. iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App StoreSM is a service mark of Apple Inc. App Store Translation: English (U.S.)


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OneTouch Reveal app reviews

  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Boo in Florida
    Interface is great. Easy to manipulate. Never even read the instructions.
  • Love it but 5/5

    By Nellies paints
    I love this app because with my diabetes educator I've been able to finally get my bg to normal readings. However just tonight it has begun not remembering the Bluetooth connection and gives an error that data is not available but it is all there. I've rebooted so to speak and turned mobile phone off several times. I've had this meter close to a year. Time change is all messed up and meter is not sending BG because it is in some future time! I've tried everything I know to sync correctly and it just isn't! I'm very frustrated and about to throw it away!
  • Like app, but need more info 4/5

    By appersmere
    Would be nice if you could notate all meds taken and when, if the app (&reports) would automatically tell you what your lowest/highest reading for a time period was, and also had a place to mark your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. You know... ALL your vitals, like the doctor always wants. I have yet to find any app that allows for all this information.
  • Love this. 5/5

    By Daniella Estrada
    This little app is perfect. I love that i can go back and review my sugars, i can put in the notes what i have eaten, what medications i have taken and how much. I love i can add my exercise times. Its just great. And i wouldnt want to have it any other way.
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    By Grammapatti
    I live the app and with the meter and Bluetooth it’s a great way to keep track of your numbers!!!
  • I lost my history from my OneTouch Verio 2/5

    By LxSiPhone
    I am upset that once I was forced to get a new meter and I disconnected it and connected the new one, all my history from my old OneTouch was deleted from Apple Health before I knew to save it somewhere. This meter does the same thing. I had to disconnect it when I got a new iPhone and lost another big chunk of history. There should be a way to redownload all history since it is supposed to be synced to the account.
  • Need a little more... 4/5

    By PrayerfulPrincess
    It would be great if I could track more (medication, exercise) in this one app.
  • Everything but A1c 4/5

    By Digital Sasquatch
    It would require manual entry, but a feature to track A1c would be very helpful.
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By williefixit
    Easy to use and keeps great record on smart phone!! I learned to shoot side of finger to avoid my tough skin on finger tips where no blood flowed
  • Battery life not so great but reports are great 3/5

    By type one to type none
    We got this meter because insurance would no longer cover the test strips to our daughters meter that connects to her pump. Why on earth is an insurance company making these decisions. We attempted to get it covered and barely got coverage. With the cost of other supplies it was not doable. The battery life is extremely short. We have had this pump a month and I have changed the size 2025 battery twice. I recommend keeping fresh batteries with you. We do like the quick views and alerts when she’s experiencing highs or lows continuously. It’s helpful having on our phones. Our wish is it could send us numbers while she’s at school and we are working. That would be a blessing as she moves into junior high.
  • On One Touch meter 5/5

    By CandiceTrice
    It’s great for tracking sugar and looking for trends in your sugar levels. It makes you aware of dos and donts on foods that affect your sugar levels .
  • This is a life saver 5/5

    By OG diabetic
    I’m terrible at keeping a log and all the things I can do with this app just help make diabetes a little bit easier
  • Lose the notebook hassle 5/5

    By snrooster
    This app takes all the hassle out of monitoring and logging your sugar test results. Helps looking into patterns, times, dates, by automatically syncing results from tester. Highly recommended.
  • OneTouch is fantastic! 5/5

    By Macmelody
    I really like this app. I wish that I didn’t have to be “diabetic” to use. I do have hypoglycemia. The app works and I’ve had no issues to report other what was mentioned. Thank you for making track glucose easy.
  • Nice features when connected 2/5

    By Dbruce1112
    The app will no longer connect to my meter unless I’m continually turning Bluetooth on and off and constantly refreshing app. It’s a shame since app is real nice.
  • Where’s the auto sync? 2/5

    By gasparny
    How about fixing the sync issue!
  • Meal Tags Missing 4/5

    By JHiPhone6
    Every time I record my wife’s blood sugar reading from the Verio Flex, I record a meal tag. The readings are always taken before meals. Later on some of the readings are missing the meal tag when I scroll through the readings. All readings should show the uneaten Apple.
  • This new version stinks. 1/5

    By Etheltoff
    They changed this app without warning. Now my phone won't sync up with my One Touch Verio. I'm imputing the old way and not happy. Dec 30 2017. App once again will not sync up with meter. Every time I update my phone this goes on. Now I can’t get it to recognize the meter again!! This app does not help me!!!!! Jan 5 2018. This App is still on rare occasion syncing with my glucometer. Now I’m thinking of other meters and apps. Jan 23,2018. Got an email telling me this app is having a problem with compatibility will the IOS recent update and now I have to go into my systems and then into Bluetooth and then tap on the one touch to reconnect. It kind of works but I’m spending extra time each time to keep hitting the reconnect. And sometimes it’s so bad my daughter has to remove the device from the system and then readd it again. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. SHOULD GO BACK TO PAPER AND PENCILS. MARCH 3,2018. I now have to do a dance with Bluetooth to get this app to work and many times I sit and have to keep telling it to connect with it telling me the glucometer is not close enough. Well it’s sitting on top of the fing phone. come in people this is aggravating especially when I’m out to dinner standing in a bathroom stall!!
  • Your app stinks 1/5

    By Wagner425
    Since you added the finger print to your app, I have to refresh the app every time to get into your app so it will work. It’s a BIG pain to do all the time. It’s enough already to do a blood test. I Liked the app before you added the finger print.
  • Manual Bluetooth Connect 1/5

    By bigman606
    Update 3/2/2018 - no matter what I do I have to manually connect via Bluetooth before it will sync with my meter. It use ta be totally automatic. I’ve removed and paired the meter and still not able to sync without manual connecting the Bluetooth meter. Update - 1/15/2016 - The issue with the constant login prompt has been fixed and I no longer need to go through unnecessary changes to sync my data. Fingers crossed this bug doesn't crop up. And after requests from all that wanted the feature we get Health sync from the app. Thank you for listening and putting this feature in your app. Now I can go back to using this device.
  • Bluetooth connection STILL not working 2/5

    By TTB91
    Even with the latest update this issue is still there. Every morning I can sync with my account, but getting the error “meter not found”. I have to manually re-connect to the Bluetooth. So it keeps losing the Bluetooth connection somehow. Hope someone can fix. I have an iPhone 6.
  • Won’t connect Bluetooth 1/5

    By jdebot
    Worked good the first year .. but not keeping up with IOS changes Time to look for a new meter ... and it will NOT be One Touch
  • Easy to use. Great Bluetooth transfer 4/5

    By Wrogers331
    Bluetooth transfer at times is a little slow in synching. Wish it would create an accessible food diary that stores often used foods and their carbohydrate count. Then it would get 5 stars.
  • Fair but could improve 4/5

    By Byoung345
    I use this app daily and I have it installed on two devices. One on my iPhone X and one on my iPad Pro. I can sync my iPhone to my meter, but I cannot ever sync my iPad. I can only sync sync my iPad/to my account. I would also like to a graph display on my blood sugar readings. Right now I can only see your presentation of trends.
  • Easy an intuitive but only one gripe! 3/5

    By Playa Wookie
    Although I like my one touch glucose monitor and it’s easy to use and once linked to my iPhone. However it is annoying that every single time I log in I have to put in ( United States ) ( I agree to the terms) then log in.... Why is this necessary? My only gripe......
  • The App is great, but 2/5

    By turbolarry52
    This is the latest - my VarioSync meter- which, I agree with the review I previously read a review to - is far superior to VarioFlex. The VarioFlex, which OneTouch sent me to replace what I thought was a no longer functioning variosync, works fine. And I Believe that the version of this app is designed to work exclusively for the Verio flex. Now that mg variosyncworks again. I prefer using that meter every time. But now it takes forever to sync. Even when I connect via Bluetooth I settings, it's still agonizing. When I finally get it to sync on the app, there's often a huge discrepancy between meters, even when testing with the same droplet! Sometimes VarioFlex is higher, sometimes the VarioSync is higher. So for those of you who question the accuracy, it's baffling to see sometimes a large variance. I wish they can revert back to the original version of the app. The longer text space is handy for notes, but terrible if you're still using the VarioSync meter. I hope OneTouch fixes these issues soon, before I start searching for a new system Here's my previous report: Here is an update -as of 12-23-17. I do not know if the readings or accurate, but my glucose levels, particularly early in the morning first thing. They may be correct readings, but when I re-test immediately after the first one, the numbers come up differently. What my one complaint right now is that syncing with my meter to my iPhone for this app keeps failing. I hope as you keep updating fixes in your app that it will still sync up with my Verio Sync meter. I don't see why when you came out with the Verio flex that you did not keep the same features and characteristics of the Verio sink. I do agree with the reviews I read, including the fact that it's not backlit, that uses battery instead of recharging, that the port where you put the test strip does not light, and you need to be in a room with lighting. For people who are testing and are vision impaired who are using the Verio flex, these factors are important because it is making using that meter a bit more difficult. I also never got a case for the Verio flex, and with the Verio sync it stores everything from my lancets the meter, the control solution and the recharger, all in one handy case. I have had some issues before regarding update syncing with Daylight savings time, however it's been working fine, as long as you understand when the app ask you about right after we change the clocks and the discrepancy between the time on the meter and your phone. So now that's fine. There's been some really crazy readings when I test my blood, and went through for strips in a row and each one was extremely different from the last. When I thought my varioSync Meter had malfunctioned because I was getting some strange type E1 errors, One touch had graciously replaced it by sending me a new meter. I know it's no longer rechargeable and it's replaceable by battery. I forgot the name of it but I know it's a very old product and will mail sync with both android and iPhone, however I have to completely agree with a review I read last year about the newer meter. The fact that the meter is not rechargeable, doesn't quite bother me as much, but what I'm not crazy about is it's lack of being able to see the results unless you're in a lit room because with the new meter you cannot see it in a blue light or dark room. It also lacks the feature that the opening where you put your test stripilluminates to make it easier to find where to load the strip. That's an even more factor for people who have low and or/an impaired vision. Other than that I think the app is Great. I like the fact that you can generate reports in different formats, and either archive them as your stored readings only remain for 90 days, and I think when you store your PDFs of your readings on your computer and do it every 90 days you would get a continuing report on your daily monitoring of your blood sugar. I also like that it has a lot of information in your settings and support info, and it helps you be able to understand how the meter works a key to key words and symbols and I can show The results to my physician.
  • Good, but I could wish for a couple more things. 4/5

    By Lord Anthony Navarre
    For some reason, the program keeps logging me out. This requires me to look up the password, instead of just using the touchpad for my fingerprint. I would also really love it, if it could track the A1C tests that I get from my doctor.
  • OmeTouch App 5/5

    By AngelicWise
    I absolutely love this app. This is essential for my every day use and guides. Thank you!
  • 2 intouch verio sync & not a happy camper! 1/5

    By Jtlduke54
    It’s a pain in the but now that I have to sync manually every time I check my sugar levels. Priority should be to update software to be compatible to ios again!! I have 2 meters and not a happy camper!! It takes me 10 mins to sync either of my meters with the app on my iphone! Now I’ll be looking for replacements from a competitor. Software was updated, still the same S**t! Worst ever! Don’t buy these meters!
  • Needs account? 1/5

    By music_enthusist
    Are you for real?!?! I don’t want an account on yet another server where yet more private details of my life can be stolen. I want the data on the device stored locally. Why on earth must every data point be put into the “cloud”? Are you going to pay me for this data?
  • User friendly 4/5

    By Miss YC
    I’m just lost on the carb section
  • Can’t find new phones 1/5

    By S. Wolf
    My wife and I have been using this app with our onetouch reveal machines for over a year. We just bought an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X (was using iPhone 7’s), now the app won’t connect to our iPhones. They don’t see each other at all. I may be going back to my iHealth machine and dropping the onetouch. Insurance company making me use this but it’s not worth the hassle. I’m letting the insurance company know it’s not worth it if you can’t keep up with the tech.
  • Super in love with this app! 5/5

    By Flamenskull
    This making tracking so much easier and now I don’t have to worry about trying to print my reads to give to my doctor I can now show him on my phone!!!
  • Loving Verio Flex 5/5

    By Anthony'sMommy7411
    Just received this tiny machine earlier from my doctor. Loving all these features and all for free.
  • New glucometer 5/5

    By kanakagurl
    I just got this machine about 1-1/2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it!!!! I don’t have to carry my machine into my doctors anymore, cause it automatically loads up to my iPhone. Very easy to use! Love, love, love it!!!!
  • OneTouch Verio app 1/5

    By SparklingHope
    Why do I have to enter my country and sign in again when testing my blood glucose? Very annoying. Please fix!!
  • stanjaxsr 1/5

    By StanJaxsr
    If I could give it NO stars I would because I can’t get past the signup. It won’t allow me to sync my Verio Flex meter. As soon as I find a Bluetooth compatible meter and software our relationship will come to an END. I’ve tried for 4 years to connect my meter by syncing, bought Health2Sync smart cable HU-6401, it did not work with my android at that time and since then I’ve move to an iPhone 7plus and I can’t even get past the join setting due to antiquated alpha-numeric syncing methods. It is 2018 and you should do better to connect via Bluetooth and syncing. I’m not going to wait, someone wants my business and I will give it to them. You can do better!!! UPDATE: I’m deleting the One Touch Reveal App after I send this update, it is not usable and only takes up space on my screen. I can’t sync, I can’t connect, I can’t get past the signup page and I am in search of a new meter, GOOD BYE!!!
  • New User 5/5

    By Jmanholden
    Super easy to use. Doesn’t need hardly any blood. I really like it.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Likecvs
    This is a great app. If I could recommend anything it would be to allow the user to adjust the time frames for testing. I am retired and I get up at different times, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and go to bed after midnight. So all my testing is at a time different than registered in the app. Please allow me this one request.
  • John 5/5

    By JayAtlanta
    Great app does exactly what its supposed to do - in a well designed manner.
  • No automatic pairing with Bluetooth since update! 2/5

    By RISurfer
    The app used to automatically find and sync when ever you did a blood test but now you have to go into the Bluetooth settings and connect every time you want to get your reading to be transferred. This is an aggravation and needs to be fixed. It used to work flawlessly but since updating it does not work well at all.
  • Great meter 5/5

    By Rockgrinder
    Easy to use, love that my Health Care Professional can download my meter and I do not have to take it in!!
  • When will this app be updated!!! 1/5

    By Bostonian1485
    This app is terrible. I order to sync it with my meter I have to go in to the Bluetooth settings, connect it, go back in to the app and the it syncs... sometimes. My times I have to mess around with it before it works. They did send out a message saying this was an issue, that was months ago! When is this app going to be fixed??
  • Good, except for syncing 3/5

    By Big Maffusa
    Meter works fine, probably just as others. However I bought it for the sync feature. Hasn’t logged in for over half year, I have to do it manually every day, and yea I’ve reconnected with meter plenty of times. I would throw the app against the wall except it’s on my phone. I want a replacement meter, but no luck with that.
  • 5 Stars! Have people lost their minds ?! 1/5

    By ccarpio
    When it actually works it’s cool but that’s <20% of the time it fails to synchronize with my meter and cannot even synch with its own account on the server
  • Still broke 1/5

    By buzzkill1958
    Bluetooth sync is still hit or miss. Received and email from OneTouch that basically said sorry about your luck, buy a new meter. Still syncing account first, so if you don’t have an Internet connection, you have to wait until the account sync fails before it will sync the meter. Poor design.
  • Decent app but... 3/5

    By ToothyB65
    The app has definitely improved except for I have to sign in every single time I access it. It is truly annoying. There should be an option to “keep me signed in”.
  • Good but can still be improved. 4/5

    By Schwitters
    The app works automatically to download meter readings that are then made available to other iOS apps (apple iPhone). It also allows logging of insulin carbs and exercise but these are not automatically reported to the health kit, such that if one uses other apps for tracking and analysis one would need to re enter them. So if the app shared all entries it would be a more ideal primary logging entry method. Voice logging a la Alex or Siri would be even better
  • Sporadic 3/5

    By BigBlock70
    OneTouch used to keep track of BG levels automatically. Now, with my iPhone X, it only records them sporadically. I have to manually enter the records most of the time. I hope they get a fix soon.
  • Great meter 5/5

    By Gbsbill
    My biggest problem was getting the meter! After talking with customer service I finally ordered the correct one. Easy to use. I love the graphs and it syncing with my smart phone! The older meter I had readings on 3 index cards with little drops of blood on them not organized no graph just did not work. Now I can review with my spouse and even up load it to my doctor. Thank you it really is a meter for the 21st century.

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