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OneTouch Reveal

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  • Current Version: 4.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: LifeScan Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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OneTouch Reveal App

Get the #1 downloaded diabetes app in the U.S.* We help over one million people around the world to take a step forward in their diabetes management with the OneTouch Reveal® app.** The OneTouch Reveal® app works with the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter, automatically transforming data into quick snapshots that connect your blood sugar with food, insulin and activity. Change the way you see your blood glucose results: • Automatically sends you a notification on your smartphone when a high or low pattern or recurring pattern is detected, so you can take action to avoid them in the future • Goal Tracking functionality - set up and track personalized goals, and visualize your progress over time • The A1c comparator on the OneTouch Reveal® app lets you compare your lab A1c to the average of your blood sugar readings from the last 90 days† • Personalized dashboard that highlights patterns and allows you to see 14-day visual summaries with ColorSure™ technology • Automatic pattern finder that shows a timeline of important blood sugar events and activities, highlighting when you have been repeatedly out of range • 14, 30, and 90-Day Result summaries of your highs and lows to help you feel more prepared for doctor’s appointments‡ Questions? Or if you’d like to know more about the OneTouch Reveal® app, please call OneTouch® Customer Care at 1 866 693-0599 or visit * As reported for all diabetes management apps downloaded in the U.S. in Q2 2018 from Google Play and Apple iOS App Stores. Research2Guidance data July 2018. ** Internal worldwide Dashboard report pulled for OneTouch Reveal app, June 2018. † Must enter A1c test result provided by healthcare professional. ‡ Compared to using a meter without a blood sugar 90 day average target. Compatible with iOS 11 or later. Depending on your iOS device and version, screenshots in Help File may not match what you see in your app. Please note, the iPad2 does not have low-energy Bluetooth and therefore will not pair with low-energy Bluetooth meters or devices. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by LifeScan Scotland Ltd. is under licence. iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store(SM) is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android(TM) and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. App Store Translation: English (U.S.)

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OneTouch Reveal app reviews

  • Great App Simple to use 5/5

    By willywoo28
    I rate it high as I am 1 yr diabetic and finally have an app to go with a paired meter.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By mmckj gma
    This has been a great tool for helping me manage my Type 2 diabetes. It is easy to use and sync. I record things that happen in my day to track stress and exercise as well as eating habits also. Easy to look back and review.
  • One touch verio flex 3/5

    By HarryJ46
    The last one touch I used had a place that told you your average for one week, two weeks and one month Why doesn’t this one do that?
  • The One Touch Reveal 5/5

    By J. K. H.
    Love this app. So nice to have all results in one place. I love the no write logbook. When my doctor wants to see my blood sugar counts I open the reveal and he can see all my results in this one app.
  • One touch verio flex #1 5/5

    By 504 Tee
    It is superior quality and performance
  • Information 3/5

    By Buddydoney
    Either I do not understand how it works or it does not give very much information or accurate information
  • First time using 3/5

    By TheGeeGirl
    I really like the convenience. This are two promlems: First, I just started using my meter and there are readings dated November 2018. Second, the battery is almost dead. This leads me to believe this is a used meter.
  • GREAT APP EXCEPT...., 5/5

    By silver surfer 159
    Is there a way were the app can go straight to log in with “ TOUCH I.D. “ instead of always going to the “ COUNTRY , AGREEMENT “ then log in . It would be much quicker.... BUT I STILL LOVE THIS APP ...
  • Life saver literally 5/5

    By MoCheze
    This app is user friendly and provides motivation to track blood sugars.
  • Nice meter 5/5

    By hammer forge
    The strips are reasonably inexpensive. The eternal is compact and the Bluetooth feature is great. I didn’t like the lancets. I used a device called ACCU-CHECK it’s pricks your finger and you don’t know it As of now I would highly recommend this Meter
  • Best App eve 5/5

    By jaryto
    Prior to this meter I was carrying around an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my sugars. I know it stores on the meter but not the same. This particular one verioflex has an app and keeps track . I just love- Just perfect for my needs and ... does keep your A1c averages. Highly recommend.
  • App 1/5

    By Silver coast dork
    Do not use this application. Every time they decide to update the application you have to delete and download the application again. If they want to help users or patients they should stop trying to help us by not trying to improve an application that is already working.
  • Great tool 5/5

    By SoCalDodgersFan53
    Since using this meter, I am able to truly assess my readings better! Also my doctor has a very good idea as to how my readings are affective my overall health.
  • Doesn’t work on IPhone XR 4/5

    By Pjs all
    Worked great on my IPhone 7, but won’t pair with the IPhone XR. Tried several times.
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Circa68
    This is a very convenient app when couple with my meter. Love it!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Paulo R Lopes
  • Crap 1/5

    By merl.crepsjr
    The data of sync is stored not the data of the reading. This totally throws your numbers off as the date need to be the reading date. Also, has a hard time syncing with latest version of iPhone software. Still need loads of work before I would switch.
  • One Touch - Great App 5/5

    By 3forever
    Easy to use and sync with iPhone. Send reports to Dr. Keeps me on track every day with my Type I I Diabetes.
  • Not perfect 3/5

    By abh2m
    I want to like the app but I don’t like that you can’t delete a reading. I usually recheck if I get a higher number than expected, but then it counts against me twice in the patterns. There needs to be a retesting option.
  • Flawed experience this is no typo 1/5

    By IslandDogPNW
    Had to change from 4 to 1 star. Unfortunately based on conversation with support, the app will not allow editing of A1C test result once entered. A small typo can ruin all averages, and deliver false results in the “Comparinator” feature. Of course if correct data is entered, no problem. But app and web sync will NOT allow deletion or edit of bad or inaccurate data. Developer solution is to delete the app, reinstall with ZERO data. So you would lose all the readings from past 3 months or longer which is what the A1C uses to generate averages. Hope this changes. It’s seems like a HUGE OVERSITE on behalf of dev team.
  • iOS updates 5/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    Nice app. Occasionally there’s a problem with an update. So far 12.1.3 is working as it should. Thank you to the developers for staying on top on things.
  • Nice meter 5/5

    By handseorth
    Just started using this meter really like it
  • Not. Connecting 1/5

    By mlb20031969
    I have the iPhone XS Max keeps saying it’s syncing but nothing happening is their a software issue with the app?? Use to work on my phone
  • First user 3/5

    By Yellow Rose 1958
    I like what I see so far but have not been able to figure out how to set it to the correct date.
  • Works well but no delete function 1/5

    By POG 1
    UPDATE Absolutely NOT accurate !! My BS has bounced 30 points on this meter with no changes. I have literally sat at my desk, tested, reloaded the machine and tested again and got a different reading. There is no way this is true to form. I emailed customer service and they refused to reply. ************************ I’ve been using this app for almost a month. It works pretty seamlessly with my vera flex meter. However we used the meter to test my wife’s glucose and her readings synced to my app. I was told by customer service there is no way to delete an individual reading and that I would have to delete all of my information. This is a preposterous and unacceptable design flaw.
  • Love it 5/5

    By tljenkins27
    I love that it communicates with my phone where it logs my results
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Shageki_26
    Very easy to use, simple sync keeps everything in order.
  • Can’t delete items 2/5

    By :(---
    Everything is good until you calibrate the device and the test goes into your averages.
  • Good app 4/5

    By RorySten
    Very good app with my iPad Mini 4, I haven’t figured out how to get my fingerprint to sign on instead of keying the password, otherwise very intuitive.
  • Review of OneTouch 5/5

    By Skunk1927
    Accurate and very easy to use.
  • Can’t delete entries 1/5

    By Marathon_1
    Family members wanted to test Blood sugar levels tested but I can’t remove Family members results so it’s affecting my averages
  • Not dependable app 1/5

    By Irshad4you
    Number disappeared automatically Doesn’t stay stored Very undependable
  • One Touch Verio Flex 4/5

    By Living Aloha
    One Touch Verio Flex - I got this glucose meter for it’s Bluetooth feature. I like the feel and size. The display, fonts and symbols are large enough to view clearly. With only 3 buttons to operate the device, it’s function is pretty straightforward. The app is decent but it could use some tweaking and added features. Always room for improvements. Since I’m a new user I want to keep track of my insulin doses so keeping count of my injections would be great. Being able to add notes is also comes in handy. You are limited to how much data you enter into your notes but the space is not bad. For me, I would like a bit more space but if I run out of space I find myself writing in shortcut style or using acronyms. Saving your entries is simple and easy. But it’s so easy you could easily overwrite what you wrote or loss data. I would prefer a check or lock system to avoid making any mistakes. I don’t think you can charge the unit. When the battery loses its charge you simply need to replace the battery. The port on the meter is actually used for connecting to a PC only. Not used for charging the meter. For $20 I think it’s a great value. I just hope they promptly improve upon the app itself. It will make the user experience great!
  • The best meters! 5/5

    By fooberdu
    I have tried 3 other brands. Dario, Relion, Acutouch. I use One Touch because they are more reliable and accurate. I have tested the results vs my doctors readings. Nearly the same. The others, not so much!
  • My DOCTOR doesn’t like it! Won’t use it! 1/5

    By Patient, but...
    I like the app. except for one thing, MY DOCTOR doesn’t like it and won’t use it! He told me he would like to see the daily trends connected with lines. That way he can follow the lines and see at a glance where the trends are going. This was a big disappointment for me because I liked putting in all the different data on a given event to remind me what may have caused a LOW or HIGH. I hope you can add this change in a future update! Thanks.
  • I don’t see a lot that can be done on here 1/5

    By Kenny Bramlage
    Not much here now I need an app for food planning
  • Upgrade 4.0 no Good-Here's how to go back 1/5

    By jllshaw
    Upgrade made meter sync for iOS 10 not to work. Why would they do this? iOS 10 is not that old and many people have not upgraded to 11 or higher because many programs I and they use and love (especially health programs) would be lost forever and that is why I still have an iPhone 6. I called and they told me you needed iOS 11 or greater but if you check it says in the specs that iOS 10 is the minimum (They now have changed it to say os 11). What problem would it have been to keep sync with iOS 10 in the app. None I know of as I have many things that use sync or Bluetooth yet they still work with these items that are even with lower than iOS 10 of which I have many. This action is unforgivable and I will be changing meters. Sad though since I have used their meters for years. I noticed a lot of reviews saying they could no longer sync after the last update and when the company responded they said it would be fixed on Nov7 (we shall see) but they failed to tell people they must now be using iOS 11 or greater and I bet for a lot of people this is the reason. This is so dishonest for them not to disclose this. There is a way to go back to the previous version. Close the app completely and uninstall it. Then go to the App Store and close it completely and reopen so that one touch is no longer in the update list. Then under the updates at the top is purchases. Click on this and scroll through your previous purchases and find the one touch app and depending on when you first acquired it i- it will show the version you downloaded (for me 3.9) download it from there and it will be that version. It will then be in the update list but do not do it. Mine now works fine as it did before the 4.0 update.
  • One touch 5/5

    By Oil pipe
    Great tester and app.
  • Not able to change the country when I edit my profile 1/5

    By dhdudbcjd. xjdus
    I don’t have an option to change the country when I edit the profile. I moved from US to Canada and I continue to get the readings in mg. I called your customer service as well and they were helpless. This doesn’t make any sense, very poorly designed system and the apps. Thinking of switching over to some other devices, even though this device was purchased from Canada. This is such a stupid app am not able to use a nick name, anything I type it says ‘already taken’.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By CHIBI'59
    Was working fine and then I updated the app and now it will not sync with the meter. Crashes a lot also touch screen login doesn’t work, you need to enter password each time
  • No Landscape Mode 2/5

    By Rodrite
    I like the the past One Touch meters had to be used via USB cable on my Laptop. Using via Bluetooth on iPad is great! However while there is an “iPad Version” it has to be used in portrait mode on the iPad. Everyone i personally know that uses this app has iPad covers that fold out and the iPad props in landscape layout. And they all have the same complaint. Just wonder how hard it is to update the app for that feature. This is one of only 2 apps on my iPad that won’t rotate...crazy???!!!???
  • Main page does not reveal exercise data 5/5

    By Milobium
    Main page shows exercise goals but does not connect to my Fitbit data or apple exercise data
  • “OK” app 3/5

    By F_AM
    I’m tempted to just ignore the Bluetooth features of my meter and manually add BG’s into another app. This app lacks a few features, in particular an active insulin calculator. That feature would be useful to prevent insulin stacking and to assess risk of taking corrections. In general I would like to enter far more information, such as detailed meal intake, and to see these things at a glance. There is another app that does a lot of this.
  • One Touch App 3/5

    By tizcrazy
    A reading of 144 “before” meal shows up red. If I change to “after” it changes to green, which is backwards. The meter is difficult to sync. I deleted & reinstalled the app. All previous readings now show w/out any related info like “before/after” or accompanying notes. Looks like a new meter is in my future. I can’t pair my meter. I can’t transfer data from the meter to my iPhone. The iPhone bluetooth is on & the icon shows on the meter.
  • The near perfect meter. 4/5

    By Diablo Grande Gordo
    This meter is near perfect! The one thing that would make it better? An Apple Watch App that by wearing the watch it takes a reading from your skin and transmits the data to the monitor.
  • Needs more. 4/5

    By conchcracker
    I love that I don’t have to enter my blood glucose manually,but would like to add blood pressure and weight. It would be nice if it would allow other Bluetooth gear like weight scales and pressure cuffs to sync in also.
  • One touch rocks 5/5

    By BobinRedding
    I've been using the one touch system for over a year now. One touch has helped me make decisions about food choices and it has been an encouraging assistant to do the right thing. I haven’t had to replace the battery the whole time. It syncs easily with my iPhone and iPad.
  • Forces agreement to use YOUR info 1/5

    By RedDragonTim
    Installation & initial setup requires that you agree to let OneTouch use your data. There is no way to cancel & still use the app. I PAID for this meter - I should be able to make use of it without enriching the database of a medical company. It’s okay though- the meter still will not connect & sync with my iPhone reliably.
  • Why I like my One Touch 5/5

    By Ding Gal
    I like my OneTouch touch because it’s easy to use for me every day and keep the recording for weeks at a time to show my doctor. It’s a quick efficient easy to use way to keep up with my glucose. I also enjoy reading the information that it sends me from time to time. I’m very disappointed that my Humana Medicare advantage plan will no longer honor OneTouch. I like the durable case that comes with it. I’d do easy to travel with. Ding Gal

OneTouch Reveal app comments

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